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Class 1: Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online

teacher avatar Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Class 1: Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online -Series Overview

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About This Class

In This Class Series You’ll Discover a Variety of Ways to Market Your Classes Online

This class is Class #1 in the series. In this class you'll get an overview of what you'll learn in the other classes in the series.

Get ready to create a multi-pronged marketing campaign. It’s Important to market your classes on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways,

  • Class 2: Market Your Classes via Skillshare
  • Class 3: Market Your Classes via Your Blog
  • Class 4: Market Your Classes via Your Book
  • Class 5: Market Your Classes via Pinterest
  • Class 6: Market Your Classes via the Social Networks
  • Class 7: Market Your Classes via Audio

What Students Are Saying (From the Reviews of This Class)

"D'vorah is a wonderful teacher and her advice really works. I know that from past experience. She takes the most complicated processes and turns them into simple step by step actions that anyone can do."
- Margaret Reece

"his class gives you a taste for D'vorah's upcoming classes, and now I'm hungry for more! More than just an overview or introduction, D'vorah's class provides a springboard for ideas, encouraging me to feel free to explore as I wait (impatiently!) for her next class in the series."
- Donna K. Fitch

"Beyond being an overview of a series, this class is a great case study for course development, presentation layout, branding, and best of all, repurposing within a specialty. I'm going to study these aspects as I watch it again and follow the template."
- Jaye Tee Solomon



Meet Your Teacher

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Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at:

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Class 1: Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online -Series Overview: hello and welcome to fun ways to market your classes on line. Today's class is class number one from the fun ways to market your classes online class Siri's And as part of our training here today, I'm going to share with you how this turned into a class. Siri's from originally being planned is one class. I'm Devora Lansky, best selling author and course creation specialists, and in this class, Siri's, you'll discover a variety of ways to market your classes online. So here's what we'll cover in this first class in this Siri's. First of all, you'll see that the first bullet point says Class two. That's because the class year in is Class Number one And here's the thing. When I first started planning this class, I thought it would be one class. But as I began developing the content, I realized that it was a Siri's with seven classes. So here today we're gonna be going through class number one, and Class number one is an overview off what you can look forward to in this Siri's. Now, as you're creating your own class content, you may want to create an introductory video or a class overview video. Because your students convey, you can easily view that first video whether there enrolled on skill share or not, and it often lets people know if they want to dive further and take your full class. So in this introductory class, you're going to be discovering, ah, variety of ways to market. This is an overview class of what you can expect in the Siri's, so we are currently in class number one. In Class Number two, we're going to learn about how to market your classes via skill share. In Class three. You'll learn how to market your classes, the your block, and then we'll go on and you'll learn how to market your classes via your book. The A Pinterest, via the social networks and via audio. And the reason I decided to turn each of these topic areas into a full class versus a section of a single class is so that we could really dive deep in each area and so that the content would be even more valuable to you. So here are the class covers, which you can look forward to seeing in this class. Siri's and I'm hoping that you're getting ideas or, as you go along, that idea spark for you for creating your own class. Siri's one of the reasons you want to mark your classes in a variety of ways. You can create a multi pronged marketing campaign, and that way you're reaching people in a lot of different areas. Some of the same people will see you across the platforms, and it will really help you increase your visibility, your credibility and your class enrollments when they refer to the Internet as the World Wide Web. If you envision a Web where you have the threads going for one place to another, your marketing can be seen that way. So you're weaving a marketing web by creating a presence on a variety of different platforms, and in this series, we're going to touch on ah, lot of those. So what we're gonna do now is I'm going to dive in briefly and share with you an overview of what you can expect in each class in this series. So again, we are currently in class number one. What you can look forward to in the next class class number two of the Siri's is you will learn how to market your classes via skill share. And then this is pretty exciting because there are a lot of built in marketing funnels that you can tap into. We're going to really dive deep in this class. So here's an overview on skill share. You can grow your visibility and your credibility because you have the opportunity to reach a huge number of students on skill share. The more people that view and review your classes, the more students will discover you getting seen on skill. Share can also help you to grow your overall business and exponentially increased your visibility and your income. Because you'll be exposed to new audiences and leaders in new circles who are related to your topic area. You can also grow your income with your skill. Share class in a variety of ways, and here are the two most popular. The first is with premium referrals when you refer people that you know as students or his teachers to skill share, using your referral link and in the class number to all be going in depth, how to locate your referral link and much, much more. But the essence is when you share your referral link. When someone signs up through your link, you'll receive $10 for each person who signs up through your link and skill share currently pays out on the 16th of each month, so that's a great way to boost your income from an additional source. They also pay you based on the number of minutes your students watch your classes. So when you're just getting started and have one class, what will happen is those students will be emailed by skill share to let them know when you have your next class. So you're second class will have even more students, and it will grow exponentially and so you can watch your income grow exponentially. While you're continuing to create classes and continuing to market your classes and then tapping into the skill share, marketing avenues will help you also really expand your reach and grow your class attendance, which will help you to grow your income. So in this class you'll learn how to get seen on skill share in this class number two, which I'm describing now because skill share provides you with a wide variety of class marketing opportunities. So here are just a few of the marketing activities will explore. In that quest, you'll discover ways to connect with your students to create a loyal following. You'll learn how to become known for your expertise by making the most of your teacher profile on. We go in depth on that topic and you'll discover why increasing your class reviews from your students can boost your visibility. So in class number two, marketing your class via skill share, you'll learn how to gain a lot of exposure on a platform where there are a lot of students looking toe, learn more. And so by spreading your message and connecting your marketing messages so that they attract your ideal students, you'll create a win win situation where you'll grow as a teacher, you'll gain exposure, you'll grow your income and you'll be helping a lot of people along the way. So think about the possibilities is pretty exciting from there. We go on to Class three in this series, where you'll learn how to mark your classes via your blogged. Imagine your blog's as a hub of a wheel because your blawg could be the hub of your online world. You can let your blog's speak for you. It can shine the light on your expertise. It can shine the light on testimonials from students and leaders in your field, and it could be a place to invite your audience and shine the light on your brilliance. Here are some of the marketing activities will explore in this class and again, this is class three. In the series, you'll learn how to get people to your block. You'll discover how to promote your classes from your block and you'll discover ways to enhance your credibility with action packed blogged posts. So in Class Three in this series, you can get ready to develop your online hub and a role more students in your classes from your block. So wherever you're blogging is at whether it needs to be updated or if it's all up to date , you'll learn how to streamline and enhance your block to be able to make the most of this powerful online hub and use it as a marketing channel to your classes. Next, we move on to Class number four in this series, where you'll learn how to market your classes via your book and you can benefit from the content in this class, whether or not you have a published book yet, because your book is the perfect vehicle for marketing your classes. People are already reading the content because they're interested in the topic area, so why not lead them to your classes? And in this class class Number four. In our fun ways to market your classes online, Siri's you'll learn how to harness the power of your book or your future book as you market your classes to your ideal students. Having a book demonstrates that you know your topic. You're seen as an expert in your field, so some of the marketing activities will explore in this class are, ah, variety of print and digital book formats that you can use ways to position your marketing messages in your book on how to create a marketing page that encourages people to take action and this glasses for you if you have a published book or if you'd like to learn how to easily publish your content in book format, so that's class number four in the series. Let's talk now about class number five in the Siri's, where you'll learn how to market your classes via Pinterest. This is actually one of my favorite ways to market because it's a lot of fun. So if you like color and design and playing with images, you're gonna love this class. And if you do not know yet how toe work with online images, you'll learn that in this class I'm gonna show you an easy free way to create your marketing images for Pinterest. Promoting your classes on Pinterest can promote your presence and increase your class registrations. People on Pinterest are looking for things to click on on topics they're interested in, so it's a fantastic way to gain exposure to future students and leaders in your field. Pinterest is not only an effective marketing channel, it's fun to participate in, and it can really boost your visibility and get traffic to your classes. Here are some of the marketing activities will explore in this class. You'll learn how to set up virtual cork boards. They're called Pinterest boards over on Pinterest, but I'm using the visual of a virtual court board so that you can have that image in your mind and we'll learn how you can create them so that they attract your ideal students. You'll discover ways to connect with leaders in your niche who will go on to help promote you. Because on Pinterest, one of the common activities is for Pinter's. That's what they call people who pin Pinter's to promote one another. So why not have your content pinned by and re penned by people who are interesting? Your topic area? So that could be a way that you can gain exposure to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands off potential students, and you'll learn how to create clickable Pinterest images so that when your potential students click on them, they lied to your classes. So here's an example of a pin that I created for one of my classes, and I'd like you to imagine an image of one of your classes and have it viewed by lots of people over on Pinterest, and you'll learn all about that in this class in the Siri's. All right, two more classes to share in this series or currently, seven classes in the Siri's. I anticipate there may be more, but right now I'm going to be sharing with you. The 1st 7 in the series moving on to class number six in the fun ways to market your classes online class Siri's You'll learn how to market your classes via the social networks . How would you like to get noticed for your topic across the wide variety of social networks ? Well, that could be a little bit tricky, because with so much going on, you might wonder, How do I get noticed by the exact people who are interested in my classes? And we'll explore that in this class in the Siri's. And here are some of the marketing activities will explore which social networks are best for marketing your classes, how to gain visibility and become known for your expertise and types of content that you can share that will get noticed. So get ready to connect with people who are interested in what you have to share in class number six in this Siri's. And then finally, today, I'm going to share with you one more class in the Siri's, and that's Class number seven, where you'll learn how to market your classes via audio. When you let people hear your voice, they're going to connect with you. They're going to feel like they know you and it's going to really short cut the getting to know you journey, because when people hear your voice, they connect with you. And when you're interviewed by leaders and podcasters in your field, you're given the thumbs up, and that increases the know like and trust factor. So when people listen to a podcast there, oftentimes there because they know the podcast host. And so when the podcast host have guests, what that does is it shows that your A okay your gave your given the stamp of approval and that can really, as I mentioned, shortcut the getting to know you journey. And here are some of the marketing activities will explore. In this class. You'll discover ways to connect with interview host, find out how to maximize your opportunities via interviews and learn how to grow your email list and your class registrations. So get excited because if you are in experience online speaker or if you've never been involved with online speaking, you're gonna learn a lot in this class. When I first started growing my online classes and promoting my books in 2000 and seven, I started with online speaking, and since that time I've produced nine online tele summits, and I've participated in hundreds of online interviews and tele seminars and podcast. So I have a lot to share on this topic to help you get over your jitters as well as make the most of your online speaking opportunities. So I think you'll really enjoy this class. So all of the marketing activities discussed today in this introductory class of the Siri's , which intrigue you the most, take that idea now, as we dive into your class project, scroll down to the Class project section of this class just below the class videos. You'll see a section where you can submit your class project, and there are a variety of reasons for participating in class projects. One is that it will help you retain what you learn. Another is. It will help you connect with other students and with the teachers. And when your students participate in the class project, you'll have a chance to connect with your students. And what happens is people can click through when they see a class project they can click through. And if they like what you've created, they'll discover more about you and more about your classes. So here's your class project for this class. Based on what you learned in this class, please share. What will it mean to you to get your classes noticed by new students? What would that be like? What would that mean for you and, if possible, please include an image of you or an image related to your class project. If you don't have one, you can get a public domain image at a site such as picks obey dot com. And here are a few next steps to help you benefit even more from what you learned today. Check out our other course creation and marketing classes on this channel. You'll discover how to create classes based on your knowledge or expertise. You'll find out how to get noticed by your ideal audience, and you'll discover ways to take action as you grow your business by sharing your brilliance. Have one exploring and here's the URL so that you can easily access my teaching channel Moving forward. Share your brilliance dot com forward slash skill share, and I'd like to thank you so much for taking this class and invite you to please leave a review. Your class review would be gratefully appreciated. Where you'll find it is once you view a few of the videos you'll see at the top of the page that image you see that image in the middle of the screen. You'll see that above the videos, and you can click through and leave a brief review. And this will be wonderful because it will be helpful to me, because I will get to know what you found helpful. It will be helpful to you because you'll get noticed by the reviews you leave, and it will be helpful for our future students. As they explore classes on topics they're interested in. They'll let them know whether a class is something that they should pursue or not. So thank you in advance. I'd be so grateful, and you may also enjoy the other classes on our teaching channel. Again, the topics are on class creation and class marketing, So I want to thank you again for being here today, and until our next class, I'd like to wish you much continued success