Cisco CCNA iOS Administration Labs | Keith Gebhardt | Skillshare
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27 Videos (5h 18m)
    • Welcome

    • Cisco iOS Introduction

    • Installing Packet Tracer

    • IOS Boot Sequence

    • Navigating Cisco iOS

    • Navigating File Systems

    • Setting Up the Lab

    • Router | Base Configurations

    • Router | Base Configurations - Usernames & SSH

    • Router | Base Configurations - Interfaces

    • Configuring All Routers

    • Switch | Base Configurations

    • Switch | VLANS & Interfaces

    • Configuring All Switches

    • BONUS | Routing Introduction

    • BONUS | Understanding Core Routing

    • BONUS | Default Routing

    • BONUS | Static Routing

    • BONUS | Dynamic Routing

    • BONUS | Configuring RIPv2

    • BONUS | Configuring RIPv2 Default Originate

    • Implementing NTP

    • Implementing DNS

    • Implementing TFTP

    • Implementing SYSLOG

    • Implmenting DHCP

    • Performing Password Recovery


About This Class

Welcome to Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching iOS Administrative Labs Course

In this course you learn all the necessary skills directly related to Cisco's CCNA Exam curriculum and for the real industry. This course is designed so you can be engaged, and follow along with the FREE WORKBOOK step-by-step so you have a complete understanding of all the topics and in a more complex network setting.

We will build a network topology together, step-by-step which then we will discuss and implement many different administrative configurations on the network.

You will learn many topics over the course of 5 hours!

  • Router Base / Administrative Configurations
  • Switch Base / Administrative Configurations
  • Basic VLAN and Interface Configurations
  • Core Routing w/ RIPv2, Static Routes, and Default Routes
  • Configuring NTP Server
  • Configuring DNS Server
  • Configuring TFTP Server
  • Configuring DHCP Router and Server
  • Configuring SYSLOG Server
  • Implementing Backup / Restore 
  • Implementing Password Recover

Join the STUDENTS that LEARN and SUCCEED (Reviews are from all of my courses)!

★★★★★   Keith has an engaging teaching style that held my attention very well. I appreciated the practice subnetting questions and the 'cheat sheet' that he provides at the end. I would definitely recommend this course and this instructor - in fact I've already bought another course from him!

★★★★★  I took this as a standalone course to better understand subnetting in general as an IT generalist, as opposed to working towards my CCNA. Really helped me wrap my head around the process, and the exercises do a great job of reinforcing the learning. Time well spent!.

★★★★★  Love the way Keith teaches. He phrases concepts in a manner that is easy to follow and understand!

★★★★★ I have really enjoyed going through this course It is a really good tutorial. I have enjoyed it so much I have already signed up to another one of Keith's courses.I have even started saying the phrase bada bing bada boom as I practice the labs.

How YOU will LEARN!

This course requires you to be engaged! I teach this course as if you were in an actual classroom environment!

I use whiteboard styled teaching, occasionally some slides, and most importantly LABS to teach this course.

The course expects you to be engaged, taking notes and writing down information as i teach it. Study the information I tell you is important for your exams and work on the labs with me! LEARN BY DOING!

This course will give you the necessary skills to take with you to continue your Cisco CCNA Studies, and for real world networking environments in the work place.

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Keith Gebhardt

Network Engineer - Bootcamp Instructor

Hello everyone, Im Keith and I have been working in the IT industry for a little over 10 years now, working for both small companies and large fortune 500 companies. Working for a variety of companies in different industries has allowed me to gain a great insight on the important roles and responsibilities in the networking industry. Being in IT is a fun, but at times, challenging career. Technology is always evolving so it is important to stay well educated in many of IT's domains so you can...

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