Cisco CCNA: Vlans, Access-list & NAT Bonus Material!

Lazaro Diaz, Cisco & Microsoft Instructor

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13 Lessons (2h 52m)
    • 1. The design of the lab and the key concepts covered

    • 2. Server IP Configurations

    • 3. VLAN Creation & Assignment

    • 4. Router House Keeping Configuration

    • 5. Inter-Vlan Communication & IP Helper

    • 6. Interface Configuration & Ripv2

    • 7. Standard Access-List & Configuration

    • 8. Extended Access-List & Configuration

    • 9. Types of NAT

    • 10. How NAT Works

    • 11. Configuring NAT Overload (PAT)

    • 12. Verification of Connectivity

    • 13. Backing Up to TFTP


About This Class

This course is almost 3 hours in length and will cover several aspects of the CCNA certification. Topics covered in this course will include; IP configuration, Vlan and Inter-Vlan communication, the use of the IP Helper-Address, Access-List (both extended and standard), the NAT protocol and backing up the startup-configurations to a TFTP server.
This course is very different from the rest because It's the beginning of a new way of teaching using Smart Board Technology. (We've come along way from the traditional Whiteboard).
This is a fun & interactive course that will give you the knowledge to master these subjects and prepare you for the CCNA certification. (..and yes, I said fun!)
Everyone will be able to follow along with the CISCO Packet Tracer because I have included a link in the course so you can download it for FREE.
The course will also show students advanced configurations of the Cisco Packet Tracer Server components, DHCP, DNS and HTTP. Students will acquire and have a better understanding of the topics covered to guide them towards the CCNA or CCNAX certification.
This course is primarily hands on using the Cisco Packet Tracer with some lectures using the NEW & Improved Smart Board Technology. This type of course is most helpful, not only for the CCNA, but also for real world implementation of networks.
Handouts and labs will be available to facilitate learning and practice.
Once the student finishes the course they will be comfortable with IP configurations, Vlans, Access-lists, and Router configuration. It will also help them in preparing for the CCNA certification so they can have an advantage and pass the exam…also, for those already in the field, it will help them to better understand the use of the topics covered so they can implement it in their prospective networks.
(Please always check the ANNOUNCEMENTS section for new updates and events, since I am always letting you guys know of my newest and latest endeavors!)