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Cinema 4d - Looping abstract animation for instagram

teacher avatar Tarik Khabouiz, Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Scene Setup and animation

    • 3. Lightning and texturing the scene

    • 4. Post production in After effect

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About This Class

Hey Guys,

In this course we go through how to create a looping photo real 3D abstract animation in Cinema 4d .

Cinema 4d - After effect 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tarik Khabouiz

Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX


3D Generalist, 3D/2D motion designer, VFX

I am a 3D & 2D motion designer, 3D generalist with over 10 years of experience, recently nominated for Guilt award for my work in the movies industry.


I worked with some of the biggest names in the industry suck as Sky , HBO , BeinSports,Google,etc...


Specialties: Cinema ... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey, guys, Thank you for joining. We have an awesome class for you today. An instagram side render creating abstract coring animation or see the images you can export both off. A lot of them we go, we will go through some a graph. Animation will use the reformers and then we'll go through some lightning materials extra in, Then we render. Then we will jumped after effect to do some posts. Production. Okay, so let's go. 2. Scene Setup and animation: Okay, guys. So let's start with the project station. So Contra de, If he s making 25 we go to the Render city in Onda. We make the frame rate the same Onda, we make it full HD 10 80. Good. Let's are some frame to the timeline here. So it is. I'd like 120. Good on, Get sore with creating our shape. So let's create a cylinder and give it, like in the radius Here the objects 100 here Let's give it like 1000 200. It's remark with its here to see the whole cylinder on for the high Sigmund's. We go with 20 I think is good. This show here. The lions like this. We can see what's going on so you can see the lines now. So you see, so 20 on rotation with Stop with tree three is good for no officer that we could we would change. It's of course So while Holden, why clicking the object here holding shift button. We come here to the formers and we selected twists. So which will be the like? The child of the cylinder come to angle on 360 will be nice like this. Okay, hold the insolent clicks selected. See under again on the way out in shifts. Come here to depend the former. And we want to make sure that the band is after the twists like this is one of our fixes on 360 again. Okay, so then select the cylinder whole shift The former's bent the former on Make sure that they've been the former is officer the twisted form like this It will not affect the twist one. So in the bendy former objects here on let's make the strings to 360 Like this is what we lexical like this Okay, looks good. We won't. Okay, so for the animation this Sunday made the cylinder make sure to select the cylinder RG to make it in all outside of unknown here. And let's bring this boat off this here like this we wanted, like this likenesses will most affect the cylinder while animation select. Ah, the cylinder. Go to the coordinates in the rotation. Here on you See here you can only may just like with animation, this one. Okay, so make it likes to make a key frame. Let's back to zero zero here. Key frame 130 on. Let's give it nine channel like this would have a loop. It's weird loop in the animation that's select this and see what's going on. Okay, so while here in the timeline control a civics, both key frames, right, click and select the more to linear like this is will not slow down. So let's play again on you go for the dinner Party s so like this is slope now. Okay, so next up, it's creating more graph. Kloner Onda Uh, the sphere print this Phiri look not a problem, but it is just too we can see on Let's make exploring this fear And we need the object to clue into self The objects here will bring the cylinder. Okay, so first off service sits in the corner. Let's change the mode here to object and just drag. You'll sit under here. All right, so it would be like this sort of this fear scale it down a little bit. Okay, back to the cloner. Come to the here to the distribution. That's select edge. And as you can see, it's not like filled right now. Okay. Selector cylinder would fix this right now. Like the cylinder on odd subdivision. Once of the vision, the former So the fusion surface to the cylinder and directly back to the cloner on track this rocket cylinder, this of division like this, it would be tense. We would have all this fear here. Like Millis. Make sure this fears are more smaller like this. We will not have a lot of spheres. And for this it division less. Bring the division to edit it to one. This one on for the rental. 22 back to the spheres on Let's hits play and see. Nice, Sweet. Okay, so this is it for the our animation. We need to and you can play here for for the cylinder. You can play with the rotation signals as you want, so you can see if we give it, like eight, it would look more interest in even more six. I think it's better. Yeah, the sick of the line. Here. Let's go back to the gold, Children. I'm bum. It looks good. Okay, guys, this still toe. Let's latex Children like this. Then we can under it. Let's go Okay, guys. So let's keep our environment. So it's creates Cube. Let's go to the view and bring Kill here. I think it's here. Just let's make this part like 20. And here it's try like 2000 by 2000 by 2000. Okay, we think it's good for our shape here. Maybe even bigger switch when it doesn't. Yeah, things like this is good. Exactly. Okay, let's create our grid. So this duplicates are cube here. Bring it here like this forward. It's very good. The lines again to C o R. Sign's Let's give it to the second plane. Cuba is given, like 15 by 15 15 Onda. We come here to the receives the Autumn Array to create the great on We Drug Cube here on here Is the arrays Okay, like this, we would have cool environments. That's smooth. Our Cuban other array, it would likely here to century. It's to make the design more interesting here this center that's press, play and see or looks good last thing to do. This creates for year on bring this fear to center. So if you can see here, you can bring it. They tied this square in the middle and give it more signal to Oh, on the Stratus and our looks good and we are ready to put some materials on lightning, then let's render it. 3. Lightning and texturing the scene: Okay, guys, let's put some light here so I would use the richest has Ah, I run the engine. You can use Vera or Arnold Octonal. Anything. Just follow this, um, put of the same step and he will be there. So light, it's Richie Flight on that will use the demise here. I would go so dumb up here already. Was Ash there? I would use this one. Okay, let's bring the red shift if they are under review. Is it? Um this is and this is what we have. It is what we have here. So it's tweak it a little bit. So let's go to General. I would add a little bit off lightning here on while clicking this'll model. Good. Okay. So I will just put the lights in the central like this. I can turn my eyes, dear, I when we see different colors, different shades for lightning. I think this one here, this measure looks clean. Okay, so let's put some materials. I think this is good for rendering for the for the lightning. We see later if we have to at some light or not. Okay, so we will use this marble material here you can use any materially want, you know when you call or anything. So this marble material I have here has, like, diffuse color here on the reflection mop on the grossness mop and then the normal up are you used this so it would put it in Cuba in the background, As you can see here. And I will put it in this fear. Andi, I will put it in the cinnamon. It is all right for the few years and for the grid. I will create good material, so create material. Double click. I would use the presets in the materials. I would use the gold one. There we go. And look here and I will drop the material to the great to the autumn array. Here we go Conceal shine Easy's and I will bring it to clones. Here we come. So for the for the clones, for this fears, you can see it's too much Chinese littering the region here and see So we've put it like that region and render See here everything looks right. But this spheres is too much. Well, it's almost reflection. So what? I will do it. I will keep the first gold, I would duplicate it. Control de Ah, it's copy and eighties best. So we'll have another version off the gold. I will double click on its and there will come to the reflection roughness on were add more roughness to this, like 50 05 I think is good and I will drag it So here, because you can see for this for years. But for the autumn array will add reflexive for so here we don't have is you can see here you don't have a lot of reflection in the spheres. Okay, so let's week the light a little bit so selected dominates Andi, just tear this. We can see dumb lights here and rotation on. Let's rotate litowitz, You will see it looked as well, love. I think maybe this one is good. I will add more in the exposure for sake. Off the notice is too much. Just to see. It's better. Okay, I think it's good. Destroyer in the region again. Nice. Okay, all looks good. Now we need to add more samples and the light in the render sitting to make it more clean. So what we do comes to normalize here would add more samples to its for the light. So 64 let's add like 512 and we'll come to the render season. Let's stop this run under here cause if they're under 16 in Red Shift so who is redshift basics? I would I want to hear. Sample making minimum was 64 for Digeo. Use brute forcing to the to the two engines. Number of joy bounces put. Always turn between 10 and 13. He's whatever he wants, forcing them. Number of a raise, but a phrase. And now we should have clean picture weightless, Nick. It's more bigger and though, huh? As you see here it looks Killian. So is this preparing to this friend a full image? So it's closed. This will go to the runner. Sitting output would put something for Instagram legs, for example. But put it like this. More square square one. This bring it. They are here and see if we are in with anger. Here we go, but it's more. Yeah, just a camera. Think it's good like this. Let's save. Save it on. It's Coolpix two under sitting would save it. So as BNG and let's hit her under. Okay, guys, it is the finished image looks Canyon looks good. Ah, need little bit. Needs some tweaks in after effects to make it look much better. So this is just a still image, as you can see here, that's what you can do if you put a year. So if you want to export animation because I really create the animation or invasion is there is already here. So you just output puts all frames here and you're really good ready to go toe to surrender the whole animation. So let's go to after the after effect to some post production on get it done. 4. Post production in After effect: Okay, guys. So here we are in after effects. Let's bring Orender. Of course you come regular animation. If you're under it as an animation just minutes as a seal like this, we can do it first. So we're lunatics to create composition with it. I will make its hairs fits. Are you so it looks good. I was so creates closing they will go to layer. A new layer will create adjustment there. I would put some curves here on the really What's in shadows here on break some highlights . Okay, that's good. Then I would sharpen effects. I would give it amounts. If you can see when they are discharged, princes cities will look more reflective here. Zero You see here, if you would like 12 or something looks more more interesting. I think it's good you don't need a lot off two X Hear things already Looks fine. Okay, guys, here is the final image. I hope you like. It's time has come for me to thank you for your time. I upload the class every week Here. Be sure to follow me and, as always, say, creative