Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with triangles | Alexey Brin | Skillshare

Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with triangles

Alexey Brin, Motion designer

Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with triangles

Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 00 - Overview

    • 2. 01 - Creating Base Loop

    • 3. 02 - Building Scene and Set Camera

    • 4. 03 - Materials, Light, Render Settings

    • 5. 04 - Finishing Materials

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About This Class


In this class we`ll use Cinema 4D (R19) and explore how to create loopable animation (bulding geometry, setting animation, lighting) and render it with Redshift .

Used Software: Cinema 4D (R19 Studio) and Redshift for rendering.

Meet Your Teacher

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Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. 00 - Overview: in this short class, I'll show you how to create a triangle moving animation with simple shapes and will cover how to use red shift to render this thing. Of course, you can use another render engine, but achieved contains interesting note that can be connected with McGriff, Shader and allow you to instantly recover. Use him were simple animation, but it's looping. I'll show you what settings I use for render. You can see the results on the screen, and after these listen, you can create same stuff, so let's start. 2. 01 - Creating Base Loop : Let's start to build our geometry and I go and pick up inside shape, said three Pity small triangle holding out. I'll click on Extrude said to five duplicate extrude but not extra on the inside boots. Play by two. Put it to extra to 10 and this will be Medio and a small one smoke. I have to arrange in the front. I want to twice our timeline range, and now you'll see that we have temblor. I'm from 0 to 100 taking. If we go to our industry, Eddings will see that we have 181 free. I don't need this next one, and I'll spring down toe 179 just to have clear 180 frames. It's connected with thing that we have framed number zero a start. One not frame one. So 178 timeline range gives us 180 frames. I want to put these things s close as they can into this sharp angle. Fix this point inside the frame. I'll move it vertically up as close as they can. I think we don't need their precise position here because the camera will be far enough so we don't see maybe these little gap like this 50 and going toe our first frame Control C control. If we select our element will see that we have this kind off animation. We have straight lines because I press it up interpellation into Lena. Now I want to manage the speed over this thing I going to or smoke element consoles shift. Delete this thing this name hit to peel, right Click animation show If Curve select all these things and set it to Eazy E's Who will have these graphic? And we have some acceleration. It's like this thing and extend these tickets. Be sure not to overhead them for put into lower because you'll ruin that path line. So if you did this, just zero line with this bottom. How I go here a bit zero like this. So we have some animation speed up. I select this position. And after I select this in a tribute panel, we'll see some settings. I go and said to repeat one time so we'll have this animation off course. You'll see ghost elements here if you see this. You did everything right. I'd like to repeat this thing with one single trick. I going to put how old medium into? No, I created, you know, for small. Going to zero frame. You put it here. Now I duplicate these thing with control drag. Big One Big said it too. 200 and move it back. Legacies. And now I'd like to put our s into me and repeat the same animation. But for these large element, I'll start from the bottom click 90 frames goes up and not like this nuts. 90 but 60 then 120 it goes. And going back now with, like this thing his Lena animation going toe accords called shift left click Rightly compete animation Show of curve Select All points said them Teoh. Easy. So like this thing extent, check zero tendons angle like this. You can create something not similar with this thing, but so when it moves, you have this in a moment. The small one goes very slowly but inside and twice your range, and the medium goes even slowly. Then the small one and you'll have these kind off recursive animation. So our German tree is ready. And now we'll set up the scene 3. 02 - Building Scene and Set Camera: we're going toe our beak element. It, Sam looks toward to is 20 for me. Before you, we can color this thing. Maybe two, three different ones just to keep them more visible like this. We'll pick and you know, said toe triangle would here create Kloner. Put it here. ID like toe. Rotate this thing a bit, honey kun pattern and we can try. Maybe toe have set this thing here we can see tomorrow. Clearing Let's go back. Maybe at some gap between them. Just maybe one and lp canoe Kloner and rotate this thing to 90 degrees 180. I'm sorry. Just sleep it and feel these gap. So I'm here maybe 200. Pretty perfectly. No, if we could play will have these animation. Now we go to cloner, select them red instances, maybe shrink down, pick up a camera going to settings said square, so it will be ready for instagram offering down settings just for faster. Brenda going Teoh is, um it with camera? Find our elements or you can select them and put this blue herro. Now we see how much elements we need. Zoom in. I going to display with lines Oh, not good. Maybe he didn't line. Yes, These kind of animation said that Kelowna and Ed Shader the factor. Or if you're in federation, maybe Shada Field going to position disable scale, disable caller mode and find the proper access Z hop on down. Could be 15 going to shading, noise going Teoh animation Speed, maybe two. And look, period, we have 180 frames. It's six seconds and now we have animation and vertical movement Up and down. Fring down information. Speak to one head no value and select them more Graph defector Random. Anything set to zero, but not busy excess. So I add more random to eat. And this way we add these extra extrude and we need some more going to Big Select and Ed, maybe 40 and 40. So we don't have any holes to create triangles. One celebrities going here create instance would toe cloner one just toe set only in one place and we'll have the immediate response in another duplicate instance and I great. Maybe three of them select instance and move it to corner. So we have 123 We're going to Kloner, not toe rotate it rate but random will select with middle click on Triangle one will see all these key frames and ID like and to arrange them, for example, go and select all the small elements and I'll have to keep this thing straight. And these arrange two new frames. Now we're going toe, maybe triangle to going to select the small one. Arrange to another side just few frames. So we have a small random here and we can go toe medium and move it to the site, either. And, for example, Triangle three. I don't want to change the small one. I just want to arrange these medio, and now we'll start to create preview and you'll see that even it looks very similar. It has variation, and there's some delays in animation if you have opinion to would even larger. So I mean, the larger the random you want toe produce. You have to move these key frames to bigger difference from the basics it up. So I keep it like this. It's preaching nice and result I want to achieve 4. 03 - Materials, Light, Render Settings: no white going and select. I would be doing elements renting to extrude. Now we can select our lead once and pulled them lower, so 10 should works Well, I just want to have more extrude on these big elements. After these manipulations, I'd like to create few materials. I'll stick with maybe a three colors I use maybe a there one and blue as we pre set up you Styler render. I will play this with out drug. Maybe one wary right? I select all of them and go to roughness. It's, um extra roughness. Now I can creates a really going to settings. Maybe said brute force for right, the Randa, maybe a but force here, going to wretched rent of you said and looked camera I have to repeat just to have some So apply Ting Oh, move it of the top. Of course, lowering their intense to multiply Maybe two extent the skill we'll get some reflections and let me at this read our closeness Maybe more brighter Add more so light like this and playing with roughness in blue at some roughness too. So we'll have different roughness on different materials and no, I want to move a relight higher enough. So with covers only half off I was seen. I have duplicate tow opposite side readied. It gets backlight with lowering intestinal to play just toe like this thing but not Woolite . And create one more light from state up and maybe scent of these thing Skillet Change this shape to discuss, able to play by two. So we have these kind off center element. Not very good for me and we'll try and go to medium going to steps. Introduce filling cap here. Three steps and small radius maybe one point point five 0.5. And now yes, would get the spectacular So big, same stuff. Maybe 31 We won. Yes, we'll get here. Speak colors and we have small with 3.5 3.5 small elements. Small caps. Think the sliding is not. We're good and we can create something more suitable. So here relate. I'll try to use maybe even lower lights. So here one. Yes, we have these shadows life. It's big. Yes, we have some *** Alers and create one bigger to another side. It's were handed to work with GOP renders because the hypia looks rare. Fantastic. And you can manage old things very fast. Yes, we'll have. We have these speak colors. Just arrange. Yes, I think kind of like this. I'll change maybe two more pink. Decrease the strength off going to blue one and said it to Rio blue and white. Just to be the white. Too much it over bright. We'll see here of the dates clearly enough, we can check our when the settings were easy. Very handed. Gist your samples. Oh, I'm sorry. Samples. I go into system said to back it may be to four days. 64. How did this? Not very good lights, but we have these. Maybe round will check how it works going. Turia lights said samples. Maybe 2 500 Now we'll get these white gray look and there more white. You have the more samples you need in this area. So I up our samples and you'll see that we have very good looking image. And now I think we have toe up the boot for samples. Maybe Like this? Yes. These areas is not wide toe. Sometimes I just up a bit and mark symbols and will have nothing pretty much not noisy image going to set to 20 56 Heat Wenda and a little check are what render settings. You'll see that I had another crawler variation, but I think of these one looks better and you'll see it almost. No, it's free. One more treat. I'd like to bring some variation toe with these seen and will get this thing in next. I think we can name bonus listen. 5. 04 - Finishing Materials : I want to show you the new type of calorie I going and set. And you note color used data. I use objects. And here I use more Griff cooler. Just gonna Kia update. It's white. We have shader for position and now I select our Kloner effect. Shea Defector shading nice at controls and you'll see we have some whites. I agree things and up I was killed. I mean contrast. And we have dark and white. Let me show you. We need some darks to maybe to you. I think you should works well. We're going here into our material. We use ramp, we put our color note into ramp and here we can remap our noise So we have the dark one of the gray one light, gray and white. We have this color. We create Color Constant Corp. You paste and will peak the color composite note with overlay and put it directly to defuse . So now we'll have our colors mapped with more Griff Keller and you'll see that now we have these creation. I don't want to have this straight variation and that's why I go and said Maybe great. Here 30 and maybe 90 or even maybe 60. So slight variation. If we have pure agree, for example, like this, it doesn't affect toe our colors. So we have to create maybe a 15 minutes 10. I mean 15 minus 10 and 50 plus 10. These slight variation in color. I think that these subtle elements will give interesting look even more subtle. Maybe 45 to 55. It's almost invisible, or you can use even directly more of color with Remember by radiant preset, and it can gives you very strange look. You'll see that there is no the zone, and you can add some noise amount. Or you can the placated in the rules just to introduce new colors. You can work with these with preset, or you can use based color with ramping and let me go to our settings with ramp that remember that colors that goes from more Griff color and blended with core constant. So it was said to green you'll get green with dark and maybe brighter elements. That was the last bonus lesson, and I hope you'll find this class not only short but informative for you. Big thank you for your attention and have a nice day