Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with rings | Alexey Brin | Skillshare

Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with rings

Alexey Brin, Motion designer

Cinema 4D and Redshift: Creating looping animation with rings

Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. 00 - Overview

    • 2. 01 - Set base loop animation

    • 3. 02 - Building Composition

    • 4. 03 - Light and Materials

    • 5. 04 - Render Settings

    • 6. 05 - Adding Silver Speckles

    • 7. 06 - Tweaking Animation

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About This Class


In this class we`ll use Cinema 4D (R19) and explore how to create loopable animation (bulding geometry, setting animation, lighting) and render it with Redshift .

Used Software: Cinema 4D (R19 Studio) and Redshift for rendering (but you can use any render engine for this class)

Meet Your Teacher

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Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. 00 - Overview: in the short class, I'll show you how creates small loop herbal animation and render it with red Shift will cover up techniques that allow us to build simple animation without crossing elements. Set up the materials using based percents and, well, look inter settings optimization to get clear noise free render and now on the screen, you'll see the results you'll get in the end off these class, so let's start. 2. 01 - Set base loop animation: Let's start to build our composition. We'll start from the Taurus. You'd be thin. Taurus 10. That's duplicate. Rotate said it. Maybe to 1 50 It extra thick. Move these things to the outside, Create new and move it to the center off our element. So this is our site. We need to say the animation, it's very Z are going T. O s key Interpellation mode Project cancellation. Lena, I am the proper value 3 16 and we have some stop in night frame so we can go and remove this frame. Yes, it works. Great Duplicate. And now we have crossing and there are few Marian's how to manage this thing. I go to animation. Short track, Go to petition. Be showing this line going to constant offset. Repeat, offset. Repeat and extend this. So we have to see our range preview and these black lives that goes and repeat our elements Animation. I think it works quite well and out duplicate these element going toe animation were our second free. And move this thing maybe two 30 frames and placate one more don't to break this election. So if we extend this thing, you'll see that our all key frames are selected and move it to 60. Now I can go back to 89 and now we have loop animation. Now when the bees is ready, will have to continue our work with building and finishing the scene. 3. 02 - Building Composition: for me, it's much easier to build the scene after I find proper composition. So let's start. But before I select or us and raise the segment here and maybe here just to have smooth janitor, then I'll build maybe a some basic shapes. And I think five 300 Radio 200 to the bottom. And I'll have to be sure. So I don't have crossing with tourists, for example, like this, and I have enough height now. It's not enough. I put it to know algae. So to be able to manage this thing further like these maybe cylinder like these across up tradition, Sigmund's type, maybe to train you. I like round digits. It's quite basic now. L creed camera going toe is a metric I like is a metric and I think Instagram likes is a metric said maybe toe note higher resolution. And now I face the problem that oh, uh, elements are not very visible. So I these camera here duplicate. Just check go toe, maybe perspective, set toe portrait and trying to find another angle for our composition, for example, like something like this. Maybe not perfectly is a metric, but we don't have much sleeping off our rings just to see here So we can, of course, said like this. Maybe these These will work. So maybe 135 millimeters, almost almost as I want. Yes, like this. And I need a background. So I'll create the cylinder with no caps sliced, I'll read eat to 90 degrees or 100 like this from the ground going toe shift. We going to you and up these tinted border. Call it just to be sure everything is black, that is out our frame. Let's check these kind of look. This is not good, because we have very frontal view of always segment of our circle and it not clearly visible. Let me find the angle pretty nice, then Now I can add some details. Let me go and set bottom. I use algae for grouping this thing, going to cylinder and go into caps with cabs, but feel it shrink down. Radio's maybe five extent radios. Oh, I keep radios the same, and I duplicate, and now they're cylinder. After I made the ceiling the inside I know I can make a lot of spheres inside. Move them to the bottom and would to the top and minus 175 just to be a very precise. It doesn't work well because we need toe up some spheres to these level this. Check the bottom and I'd like to add some extra detail. I going duplicate this Kloner. I delete everything, did me closed these things except bottoms. Fears select these cylinder going without to Bullen and cut off. I was fears and I extend their radius a bit just a bit now, in sealing the in caps, I app the signals. So we have lower effect over our blimp. Create a single object, high new edges and then going toe Kelowna. And on it Now we don't see the gap, but it's here and I think it adds some details toe our seem after everything is buildup, we can go and said the lighting 4. 03 - Light and Materials: so small tweaks in Berlin, we're going toe up or with segments just to have Cleo and it just you'll see and the goal and select atmospheres up Sigmund's. And now I think we can start toe work with materials. These lesson is more about animation, so we'll use some preset in red shift that helps us to work with our game entry. L create some metal use corpora, for example. That's rename corpora gold. So just using the presets and just plastic, we use plastic, for example, just white. For now. What I want toe use this Kloner ring with gold in Other than meant with corpora. Let's use LG for corporate. I use one material for them. Ad for world Extra roughness for copper maybe at some what? Yes, kind of like these and and other elements output to plastic. Right? But not wide. Maybe this bright blue with some roughness here and with no roughness, maybe dark blue for their back. Let's check out that my own No good. Let's speak up this color. Just these works much better for me. I create some they re a light, for example. At the top, I add some brute force just to have some light bones. Just one. Put it to the top. Yes, we have these smooth flight 10. Yes, that's what I want to have. Look, render to cover one. Create some more lights at this side here. Extent, readers off our element. Big round Tilmant. Maybe it so with Carver. Our light side one. Let's it's you just to see where it strike at the left said back toe white, too. We have this speckle er here made three going and create opposite light, maybe bigger. That there at the top site to maybe a bit closer. Well, I want to have different light strength with sites. So the left I want to be a more brighter five. Let's increase now. I think it looks much better, but now we don't see pretty much difference between gold and Copa. Let's going in check for example Silver preset. No good of the medium. Yes, its roughness. If we up roughness very, very high, we don't see on will lose their metallic look for barbering. So I want to find South Thing in between maybe like this and we have these very strength speak Elice. We'll fix it later. So now I think it works, Ed. One more dark blue element apply here we go to at a medium. Let me play with orphans here. You'll see it's not meddle, but it's rare. Duck Andi saying in between should work well. Now we have beautiful rotation with our German tree not intersecting and I think not intersecting at the bottom. So the same. To begin background. Let's face our problem with Spiegler and tried to fix with red shift camera. We're going to exposure in a boat enabled, and here we have these low exposure slider. It was said. It toe very low will see that this white goes and said Teoh, not so bright. But now I want to find would area light brings that thing, and this is a real light at the top, and we can go to raise, switch and try to lower the glossy. You'll see that if we lower this thing, it almost disappear when zero. So we now can remove these tech and play with these glossy slider. That's why I love branches because you can tune very subtle and very gentle. Every element he believes it. Some hew to the left and small warmish to the right. Let's go to the next chapter toe, find proper sampling for these seen and maybe render it out. 5. 04 - Render Settings: to find proper something. We're going to the sample smote going to system and said Bucket rendered maybe to 64 just to have faster updating off appear and let's start from our settings House said this toe for 128 brute force up to five. 20. This is the basic set up, so I usually use these for my settings for maybe socials. Now I going toe up to me ization We don't have refraction transparency. If you use not Richie FTA version three point and etcetera, you'll have to lower their just reflection. You don't have the transparency so like this because we have only wanted to maybe reflection and we don't need toe waste our GPU toe calculate additional reflections. Now we go toe our lights into their samples, derail light and said maybe to 1024 the key off our settings years to remove all these white areas, we need to have these great areas. So now the white shows that there are a lot of simple is going here, so maybe we can try to go in tow materials. We have geeks. This is a slow animation. If you have powerful Japie again. Keep like these. I'll go and set to back one. Let me show you what it brings to you. So, Backman camp a different, Another reflection. And you can play with this to have better optimization. But now I can stick with Judy X going back to our symbols. We'll see that we have here a lot off White Zone. And I think this is a reflection. We're going to reflection and said to 1000 24. You'll see that everything goes to gray failure. So up a bit, almost perfect. So of course you can Up and up the settings beat higher, higher, but it takes a lot of time to render. So now, with four seconds, I will keep with basics atop and in two seconds, I'll up maybe 2 1000 doesn't affect much to run the time so we can render this thing and we'll check our noise level, I think. Nice. Here we have some noisy reflection because off higher roughness. So it up a bit doesn't affect much. I keep maybe 2000 and lower our adaptive Aero three shoulder, three seconds. That's chick over samples. We don't have white here. is almost. I think these settings doesn't require a lot off Render time. I use two cards with 2008 e t I. And I think you can have some much more time render. If so, you can lower the samples twice, so you'll see that if we said toe one 1024 it brings us almost in two seconds. Toe three seconds. What's playmate, too? Three seconds. And don't forget to set big market size. Sometimes it approves. Ran the time. Everything is ready here and our samples is ready so we can render these things out. 6. 05 - Adding Silver Speckles: I almost heat ran the bottom and a found that our brings could not work this way because they will fall down. We have to move these things above these ring. And of course, this should be done before render but and before cloning. But we have quiet procedural setting so we can tweak this thing very fast. Way I think. 130. Let's go to the first cream, zoom in and just move this thing here as we have everything in no object, we don't lose our animation. And our animation is said to know object. And now we have good rotation. I want to add some flakes so I create new material with preset silver. Shrink down, lower their roughness I'll create. See for dear shadow noise, Dexter, raise the resolution. Connective texture to serve face doesn't work Well. Now go to another. Maybe these kind off set up work much better. Raise up contrast, I think to maximum I want to have on Lee black and white stripes. It takes a lot of time toe recalculate. Yes, kind of like these 20 waiting for progressive rendering for better responding. Now we have low clip toe cut these elements. I don't want to have so much white elements. And I said this to maybe cubic 40 year Lo clip. Yes. Very, very subtle effect. Now we'll take material blender and blend our materials there. Base layer, layer one player, one glint, and we'll get these Why and dark zones. Now I up a bit stale, maybe to 18 just to have much elements here and shrink down locally. And now we can render this thing out. 7. 06 - Tweaking Animation: I found out that we have very linear animation and we can improve this thing by adding some acceleration. For me, it's easier toe work with single element. So I control C control of the and and will go to the first frame Allergy to you element going to s object show f cker select of these points with control e going too easy up our tendons to each other. So it's like slow down and first falling. And I quit new and I now can rotate this thing toe minus 90 degrees. And I think it's more realistic than it was. And we can work with this thing in our sin going toe our composition. I did it. These three control view Move it to claw honoring check. I think it's quite nice I duplicate middle mouse click just to have, uh, animation extended. Maybe two 30 frames. Duplicate middle miles. Click. Move it to a 60 frames so we'll have this proper offsetting off frames. 60 89. So it's check 123 123 And this is pretty simple. And I think this is more realistic than we have in. In previous version, of course, it have two full down because it can't stick with this circle. But for animation, I think these works much better of then animation with lenient Supremes. Now that's all I want to share with you. And thank you for watching these video.