Cinema 4D and Redhisft: Creating detailed surface without UV-unwrap | Alexey Brin | Skillshare

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Cinema 4D and Redhisft: Creating detailed surface without UV-unwrap

teacher avatar Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. 01 - Building Geometry

    • 3. 02 - Building Geometry

    • 4. 03 - Camera and Lighting

    • 5. 04 - Texture Preparing

    • 6. 05 - Texture Preparing

    • 7. 06 - Texture Proportions

    • 8. 07 - Making Alpha Texture

    • 9. 08 - Making Bump Texture

    • 10. 09 - Making Emission Texture and Render

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About This Class


In this class with 9 lessons showing simple technique that can help you add extra details without using modelling tools, only with textures (alpha, bump, emission). No plugin needed to complete this class (except Redshift Renderer)

Free plugin for After Effects workflow - FxConsole

Software: Cinema 4D (R19), After Effects (CC 2018) and Redshift Renderer (2.6.44) 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. Overview: in these serious you'll get knowledge for creating round Complex, seen with highly detailed elements. Ah, and when the in red shift it covers how you can work without UV how to find propose own, how to use no plug in the workflow and how to manage pro proportions. How to draw elements segments in all that stuff and to get very professional looking element, so leads diving and start to work with cinema four D. All is done in sinfully are 19 but you can use any version you have. 2. 01 - Building Geometry: at the beginning will create Sam Germany. I have basic set up. So renderers standard I changed toe red shift. I don't change any settings. Mean samples in four mark samples 16 and everything is set by default. So we need to create German tree. And then we'll use some tweaks to get you ve and then toe work with these Yuri in after effects and go back to cinema and apply to create some complex look without modern E. Let's start from this grich. I use middle button for zooming the report. I use front you pen and I create South Thing like this and clothes. I start at the beginning and I need so my point to be set in 00 I go to the position it's 00 apply, and nothing happens because selected is anchor point anchor point. I need to be set on to the 000 Had the world center ID is a Billy and being in point mode, select Point said 00 Apply to zoom in and zoom out. I use scroll I'll and Middle Mouse to Pan Siddiq, these zero on the Greek. I mean, why select both of them, and we see that size in why excess and Z X is is zero. That's great. So kind of like these I want at some smooth elements. Select with holding shift this point this point this this this so I can select all points. Contra late, right click chancer the fourth settings, and you'll see if I hold left mouse button and move it. I can change the strength of these Che offering, and I need very small rounding and get basic shape. Now I use X Truth moves playing too extreme. We see everything was works great. I mean mouse click for zooming out and middle mouse for painting out and left mouse for navigation and create some extrusion, maybe 500. And I want to create small size small elements at the site I duplicate with holding control . You'll see that we have mouse and plus go to point mode, right click, create outline, create new object and shrink down a bit. And we have explains in explain and these basic I select in the spine, holding out and extrude holding e for move, shortcut. Move our element to the site so you'll see that we can arrange this thing here and holding control. And when z x is and shift, we have these quantities moving. So we have basic shape kind of leg, please. I select them both. I mean, these three elements and I have some center anchor point al G, and it's not in the center. So I have to manage these by hand. I create new and we have 12345 squares. So we moved here. These will be 2.5 kind of like this and I go to McGriff. Kelowna would here extent counts for six and change these elements from p. Why two p set or I mean Z So we have a little step gap between like these and then I create so cool extent radios select our corner out. G create no double click. I mean, element, go to the former's splaying rub and go to circle and you'll see that everything works very strange. I can change excess and nothing works. But Z worked great. But we don't have enough elements segments so have proper deformation. We go to display and lines what lines but ah, hot hidden line. Then we go to our extra. It was like these first and the big one so extort big. And you have sub division and we can get some subdivisions. I think so, too. Should works great. Yes, we have these settings. Great. And maybe I shrink down. Scale of radios go displaying plus Z. Mine is easy. No plus Z relegation and banking for property Rotation 180. This we get our segment. Right, So we can add some and elements to this site. For example, 12 go to extrusion with big name multiplied by two. And we have very smooth site. But sometimes we can get some not very good segmentation. We'll try to get to the circle, go to uniform, you'll see that we have string lines. And would you play my four? And we have very soft lines, so our basic element is almost ready. 3. 02 - Building Geometry: we continue toe work and create our base mess. So I'd like to go to Splain, disable cloners, plan rap circle and want it some more height. So I select this top elements and was selecting. Moved to or should cut e saved left mouse and select access. Then shift And we have this thing But we have some problems. We don't select these points of control Z selection Onley select visible elements, he said toe off, we're select. Select Why Exes Shift, move and beat high. Yes. Now we select circle algae and this Sammy symmetry put our element there. Go to these group Go to sentry go and move Semi sentry in these change excess So we have some these things We have some wrong symmetry but we can select our circle Move it tuck, withhold achieved or without And we have these complex shape and they would toe add some segments Maybe here we go to tube extend this to cower our elements at some signals multiply before I'd like to set 800 and soon 80 just to have clear digits. It's not the way it works, so you can set any digits here, shrink down have you seen 47? 90 Go to slice slice, maybe two 44 degrees. Create cloner. Move to there. Create radio. Select proper plain shrink radios to zero. And, for example, at some clones. So eight works fine. We have little gap and I duplicate this with control. Go to tube in the radios said to smaller one, maybe 3 53 40 Extend high called display ago shading. And we have these composition now. I'd like to go mode Project in four project in four, but project control de go to K Interrelation said Lena. So every key frame are going to create Will be Lena. Create some camera. Go to you from it. I'll and Middle Mouse to move right Click here for a teat. I changed focal length to 24 just to create this more broadcast look wide angle. Get our have you like this? Shrink down high like these? Maybe it's some extra depth. Go here more like this. So this is, ah, elements to create some complexity and seen. Maybe moved it down and I think should work nice so everything is create. Let's rename this corner outside cloning inside and next step will create some maybe a draft lighting and bays materials 4. 03 - Camera and Lighting: we have camera is set, elements said, And let's create no move it here. All elements create, for example, were date. Some small animation, like it controlled the go to key into relation. I see we have lian tribulation. Go to zero frame. We're data bit to heat to see our segment fully visible. 15 and maybe a. Some tradition for the next segment like this. So very small and subtle animation. It's not look, but its OK for us for getting our smoke test. Now we go and check that we have red shift. I'll set my examples maybe 2 46 just to have a better quality in our preview, Go to Red Shift, Richie friend er view play, Doc This thing. Oh, wrong. Ducking this kind of stuff, I create to material very simple material, and this time, so maybe dark blue base and we have side elements and site site. The doctor and grid's base coat are Kelowna in cycle outside, you'll see and these extrude elements, but you'll see that we have similar materials almost everywhere besides extremely so right click to play. And this is not very handy. Just when you have a lot off duplication for material, and I'll check this thing. I go and said everything too dark and then go our material and apply to bake. So this should be deleted. So very simple set up. So I have only two material bulls. And if I want to check or to change them, it's very handy set up now. We have very sharp edges, and I go toe these no go and ed round corner overall bumping. Put that some strength. For example. 10 and you'll see a little smoothing here. Its two matches it one at some samples and go to base and trying to copy Select control Sea bass control be overall bump input smoothing full edges. Now I have to add some lights. So it creed, I realized, duplicated, duplicated. I think three should works and start with feeling top light. But look, the camera rotate Select top view, right click for maximize view. Rotate Set intensity toe one, Move it up. Extend. We have these Pickler going to base had some roughness courtside at smaller roughness. So we have these different borders, uh, speculum moving. Maybe here because our mean view angle going to hear Let me play this thing a bit. This that's great. We highlighting these edges some smoke Here. Go and shrink down a 0.6. This is tough. You going to the side ID like toe Work with different colors just to see where these light hits read. One very white. Move it here. So it's like backlight. Move it up back! I think something like this and maybe Why, David? And this is side back one more. And here I said it Teoh. Maybe green one. Well, that that front Extend. Yes, it is great. Maybe a move it to the obit. Yes. Edging Highlighting. I think these works great. Anglesey. We have white light, red and green. So this is front light. I'll go back and said Me too, right? Why? And the front is too. Hi, baby. It's very Saddleback Light should be resettled to So maybe three top eight. So kind of base lighting. Maybe Bay said maybe the doctor kind of like this and let's go. And in the next lesson will start to find how to manage the texture without you ve met ing 5. 04 - Texture Preparing: So as we use extreme elements in their perimeter, we can't work with you. So I select this extrude control. See you seeing I have pre camera crater here. I can delete this. I don't this either. Contrave And now I go to Bpu, he added, And you will see we have some you ve But we can try to quit you Texture for example 103,000 1000 k Select image layer create you Beamish layer. This will create black and white this white lanes and I'll Senegalese image so safe texture s and input these file in tow aftereffects. I go to create new composition Quantrill Key. Extend this in four times, then transform and feed to camp. And I have these, um, elements. Now I have to find what segments are good for me. So I create just simple shapes These I have to hide the stroke. So no stroke. One shape. Then I have. And now that then and now the shape just to avoid creating shape in one layer, I heat and and select our layers. So here Yeah, yeah, and maybe like here and will greet different colors. Control a select and change colors. Read then orange, then green, bluish. And these kind off these color. And maybe it's something like this and I'll sit like these files. I use plague in a fixed console, provide a link, and we have these safe to PNG. And then I'll import these things too. Seymour, 40. In cinema foodie, I go toe startup layout. I mean, start up. Go to base material. Goat Eddie graph texture cilic List, sir Fees, school toe General. And our texture is safe near our project. So I don't have to base texture p in June and you don't find these The texture cause these files is not saved properly. So I copy this texture control. See, close these thing create note here or maybe just bay zones PNG in texture You'll see it loaded up. Go to surface and parsing texture and you'll see that we have our zones for textural and we need orange and blue ish zones Onley and we have some treek So we Hi, this extra it We have not good elements here. I'd like to go and at side and C one. This is for Camp One control and duplicate you too. So our texture is only applied to our elements, so I need on the orange and blue ish zones. 6. 05 - Texture Preparing: when the color that was on, we see what elements, what segments we have toe work with. I like to work with this orange. Pull a gun, maybe some green, blue and purple and low. Let's go back to after a thank and leave only the zone to be properly skilled. Image orange, green, blue, purple So going to hear. And so, like orange, orange green. Who in purple I'll go him. I'll sick all of them. Control out. Shift home, Not working, Controlled home to measure in complaint. Then I go and move it more properly. This is not very, um, technically perfect technique, but it works very nice. So these white lines is our chance heard zones Trafford angle. So we have to match our zones between them and go here and w for scaling for showing some perimeters. He's 40 year 16 400 and six and here should be 128 most played by four. So 496 we go to align vertically strength I mean vertical airline. So these segment should be right of the composition we've go to other signalling you on select these linking control the you two times, Contrave You two times and lean controversy and real. And these these thing, this thing and this thing go to blue 100. So do you for more, please and digit and move it to the site. Great. Help! Oh, it's 116. Great digit. Maybe a. Okay, now we go to these elements. Quantrill, See these Zone one zone to Zone three zone. And this is not very handy for me to work in this vertical. And I rotate these 19 line W It has 416 height for 16. Go here. You'll see that everything should work bad. We were Tate rearrange. They're green. So really it Eat all of them Mine's ninea. So go here Pretty 90 degrees. Realign you 176 176 the same here. 90 the line you 160 160 and realign least thing green here. White, purple. Well, I mean blue. Let me change this 90 line you 108. 30 Oh, 108 130 high. So moved here. And this purple Do this site? No, I received this texture and we'll check in cinema how it placed So we have to avoid these battle zones almost everywhere. Beat in these orange thing. So I received and we go back to cinema. In cinema, we go to our dicks trim. I have new name based on correct. Utterly reload. And you'll see we have orange, green, blue and these purple Helaman everything is ready to go for painting. Uh huh. Bump, Alfa or everyone you want all these texture. 7. 06 - Texture Proportions: after we found proper zone with we have and height, we have to find the proportion and to check ive our circle will be the circle in cinema, Freddie. So we create shape helps to double click Go to you, you sighs 46 16 It's some letter. Maybe it could be flipped the line. Now we have here Better one. Go to zone two Shrink Elaine, Elaine than zone three. Scale up Airline going for shrink down the line Now we have four Ah, in soco And let's check and see him off. Woody, we go displaying Grew up enable it go outside the camera or we go to the top View off the cloner and check our region and you'll see that we have processing texture and then we have some problems. ISAF lived and it has wrong proportion. We go to our interview, he'd play zu mean and we have to find their proportion. I see that almost one letter works fine in purple zone. The other elements are very high, but not very white. So let's play with it in after ethics, we have to sleep, transform horizontal and add some extra with so maybe 1 18 and received the texture in cinema foodie. We have to reload texture. We have protesting status, and I think it works well. We go to there prospective. I think it's kind off round, almost round. Yeah, we see here the same problem. The are Let me off and hide with lt left. Click. So going back to after effects and had extra with here and now we have to compensate with shrinking down the composition. It's very simple. We have 1 80 so we're going to hear and divide by 1 80 The right 1.8 white, 1.8. It's very single. We have two multiplied by 100 divide but 1 80 than you percentage, and it's very handy. Just divide by 1.8 because it's just meth. So if we have, for example, one point six in scale, it would be caused if we have here 160 So simple proportion. Let's receive it and recheck Before final conclusion, we came to cinema and zoom. We have a big dicks chairs, and I think it's works great at the top, pretty much it. Now we on oh, our elements planning WABC. Lana extrude extrude. And now we can face a new problem. You'll see that we have there. I'm proportion are in our blue field. This is caused Ah, of our feet Splain inspire up modifying Let me check to keep lab And that way have some issue that we have a big gap Now we can fix it Very simple. You go here in cloning, disables playing rap, go to the site extended for example in twice And then we have all these elements have some validation and move it Maybe two one is very strong Position has and know of 11 and other We have to put some extra 10 maybe 20 points. So we just extend our site elements because our extraordinary should be with fix it movement and with let's on everything and we check Yes, we have steal the gap but here we can of 11 German tree the extent of these Get up here by moving on position Z excess like this And this moment Yep, here at some extra step and we have very good position and a good proportion of our elements. So the next step we're ready to paint our MEPs in channels diffuse, for example, but not diffuse. I think we use Bump and Alfa and maybe luminous 8. 07 - Making Alpha Texture: after we build up all our proportion, right? We have to go to the next phase, which I can call design, and you have to design our elements and tow work with these segments. Let's start from Alfa. I'll rename it. Oh, I'm sorry. Wrong language often and I had some A for Alfa, and it's very simple technique. So everything which this white is clear and what is black has holes, so we have to build black and white texture. Now let's start from these besides Zone two and zone for I come here, they can hide all these create new solid and at some cutoffs I pick black collar go and un select few. But at some stroke, very thin stroke. I'll create something like lets me zoom in and like these and to the site like this I hold shift during these Operation toe have the strength line. Of course, you can see that something goes wrong and readjust for example, these line and these line I think these one and retire I'm with with arrow keys. It's OK now. I go to feel no, I cap, he's cut off, maybe disabled stroke for now because I build mean zone at some, for example black dot Here, of course, you can go and show rule is control and are and use these lines. But for this tutorial, I'll skip this step and do not very perfect alignment. Yeah, I have these and I would like to add there Symmetry duplicate or two up. Go to transform three presentable transform flip vertical and lubricate these stuff. I was square and the same thing. Sleep. Horizontal sleep Vertical. Oh, sleep vertical. Yeah, we have this thing done very simple. And add some maybe something like these in this in here. But I should recall, er elements just to separate them and something like this texture Alfa, you will have this thing and would like to create sound thing for for the green Zone And I We'll get this top element and duplicate to the Zone two. But before I hide all our layers create new solid change feel Collett white control we control de transform Poor is on Tal Transform sleep vertical and Elaine to the bottom and aligned to the top. So kind of like this and I'll shrink this going to mental holding shift a rookie holding selecting points holding shift air. Okay, a smaller. So we have to his own radio and to we have to design more. So going to the orange, the same technique seen workflow and I'll create something like these things. And I want to show you some tricks. Feel with black Let me hide this title safe zone at some cut off here. Like I think like this is able feel It's, um, with and the big one here head feels. And now I create Yulia. Call it mural and add mural effect on going to switches. Set This layer is adjustment. And just for date I n degrees and not maybe 90. So we have to put it to the center of our composition. Going to control key and or going here. Divide by two and you'll see that we can create. Let me check Something goes wrong. Yes, zero and we have Our composition has been flipped and mirrored. Going to bend to holding shift. Move it up and move this element to the bottom so it will be bigger. Cut off. Let me add some square here. Move it Bottom to the mural, you know, and B to the site and this is our top cutoffs. Let me we arrange it the table stroke and I think predinner Yeah, well, we going right and the bottom at the top. I think this layer I don't use naming for now, but I recover it. And I think it helps the picket feel with white going to initial Blaine's and add these lines going back to feel sitting white, maybe going to date initial lines duplicate were dating 90 degrees and shrink this thing to 50 15. And we have this, uh, stuff. There are some issues here, this symmetry issue. We can go to the the shape layer and maybe moving to the side just to create this kind of line. Then we can create offset with me. Try these. Would it be to the insight? Yes, and we have Perfect. Does something going wrong with this cash? But it's okay and will use same design elements. So greedy Leah fuel with white create some cut offs outside who like this feel to black greed. Julia Mirror, I'm going to switch is adjustment layer Miro dividing by two in weeks white. Now we have symmetry. Rick color the layer and all layers beneath below the mural will be flipped. So now we can hold this thing and start toe work with new elements and put it down, Rick Kahler just to group them. And to understand what this heaven going to our zone Number one duplicate is set up going here. Duplicate. Add a few at initial lands that have said we said offset for now moving to the up and here will create bigger blocks 40 40 and bring down their size. Use a bit offset. And I think it works. That's, um, over lean for these line. Oh, that start from the center like this. This this this Sam moving to the left said these white. So we have these complex cut off and maybe this thing up and left Going to texture works. Great. I'd like to put here some maybe Louima elements. So for now, I create some zone for it going to strokes it black disable feel going to Miro. And now I put it below purple just to have some symmetry here. Maybe shrink down for 10 and I paint in these layer these boredom symmetry element. So we have some not perfect symmetry, but I think it works nice for for us. Ready rating. And if we cut off this way, you know that everything will full because we need some white elements. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Just toe hold all these compositions. So we're going said Toe Dwight, when down to the mural and something toe hold these top level Maybe at this site select move and at some extra thick selecting down. And I think I will Alfa use pretty ready. Maybe some at the bottom or we can keep it. So this is our design. And let's save these and going to cinema four D for checking. Let me arrange these to the side, Going to texture and replace our base zone with texture off of PNG You'll see you get here and we loaded this to their overall no pastor layer and connect our material node without foot and you'll see we'll get there within right cutoffs and let me off camera. We have ready, accurate. I can name this modeling free structure and at the base of it we can draw some luminess element and we have some on symmetry thing. We can go toe our element duplicate our new going and repack it with Elgin one again and sleep it in eggs. Texas. Oh, I think that maybe Eakes let me check. Sprang up. I'd like to have that deal. Is this? Oh, I see the problem. I'd like to sleep our composition, but I think I can't do this. Maybe duplicate. Yes, we have going to not peaks. What? Um I z minus one going back to our Kelowna. Now you'll see that we have let me check fix clones. Yes, we have these symmetry. When we use fix clone, it ignores all these two information we have made. So we're going two on this plan drop. And we have very different symmetry in our design on everything. And we'll go back to our Dexter in picks. One thing this should be inverted so dots can't fly in the air. So here. And we have to feel these with white. I can create first things with only feeling not messing with feel stroke and other thing and zone. Here we have same problem. And here is it fuel with black and feel with white. So just in God of this thing, now it looks more properly and we'll go back to the scene. My animal Check it in cinema were real old Orender. And yes, we have beautiful perforated Sigmund's some cutoffs and a lot off speaks for our maybe luminous or bump work. 9. 08 - Making Bump Texture: after Alfa Mask is ready will create additional maps and let's start from the bump mapping and what is bump mapping? Let me duplicate. For example, hes on one so bump be zone while this is Ah, Gray. Why dark texture? Where white over this thing is extruding to the up of the black to the bottom, and the zero level with no extrusion or deformation is great. So we change, uh, base shape, layer to the great value. And let's check what we have here. We have this thing and I'd like to create a little information control. Shift a toe on select dolares right above these segment, and I'll create maybe in something more dark than great. 25. Remove stroke. We're really our dark elements, and we have these darts and I'll create their seem color bumping over here going back to mural. And this is what it looks like. And we have some elements at the site, and I'll cover them with simple, great block and but not great, but higher than 15. Example. 75 going back to mu, and this is how it looks. I duplicate texture alfa and call it texture, bump and we have the iso were paid this be zone and shape layer colored too 50% in brightness. So it should be great And I will not work heart with all the settlements because they are highly detailed And a lot of details in the small size will not be very stylish, I think so. I'll get zone number three and work with this. So call this be zone three and it some bumping with these segment, of course, moving to the mural. And after I create the zone one, I need only a few players I can delete whole with unused. Thank you. Let me check entire than the gray should be maybe 16 and create same column layer had a bottom so very simple composition people, I think select wrong one and base should be 50% great in Brighton's Oh, and when she clear here, texture Alfa to manage this thing either. So we have one shape not below the neuro, So texture bump be zone three select an invisible other zones and save these two thing and reload in cinema even cinema four d we goto material Of course it will be reload automatically. Good basic this is alpha duplicate bump. And when we use off a bomb or something like this, this awful to ever it. Any gamma correction was said. Come over right, enable one So our image will not be transferred to Lena workflow. This should bump going here. Texture, Alfa texture, bump. And now we have some issue with round corners, and we need to have and round corners and bumping. Go to bump a bump map, connect them. Bump blender Basin. Put player one player zero and legless, and you'll see that nothing will happen because blend with in bum player zero. He's zero going to add some and you'll see. Let me zoom in that we have some details. There were subtle, but we need them, and what we can do is Teoh. Use our bump man in roughness and you'll see we have some changes. But before roughness, we'll create cooler constant with our base color copy based reuse composite note. So bump these Let me disabled reflection for now, color composite, diffuse re arrange it caller constant So everything will be back to the blue like this. Our texture going to blend color. And we'll use, for example, heavily. Oh, maybe multiply and we have some collaboration. Let me solo on Lee this note. You'll see that we have color variation, and I'd like to That's some more strength to it. I using ramp texture going to blend color This is kind off recovering note. So if we input our texture and he said to I'll turn source, we can remap and you'll see that we have more contrast Carla. So just navigating this ramp controls. So I'd like to read something like these going here. We have dark seen, but anyway, we have some color variation, something start toe work in more dark, and something is going to be more brighter. Let me, at some brightness, total color to see clearly our difference. And, for example, if I use red, you'll see how it and if I said to read, you'll see how it remember with our bump mapping. But I will go back to our blue channel. We're back to camera. You'll see Aunt, let's manage roughness. I use ramp color going to output reset to default and how it works in the white. We have maximum roughness 100% and at the dock we have no roughness, a toll. So I'd like to have a little roughness at black instead of like So I add some maybe 10 value remap. Oh, I select wrong one. This Tim, you'll seem, and not 100% roughness, but about maybe 60. So it has very subtle difference. We'll arrange naps, Coconuts, I forget there every time. How is a name and connect out virus material. And these ramp goes to reflection. Rothen's and you'll see that we have different kind of reflection and tens too small, maybe 30 and maybe 75. Let me check 20 this. We have more glass look surface and some with high roughness. That meat rare inch our notes so it will be more clear, invisible how it works. Zoom out samples. Who's here? Reflection here, I hope I said to you. Let me move it to the bottom. This bump gram for reflection color, and you'll see when you create these kind of tree, you'll see that one texture is controlling a lot of stuff, and this is pretty final result, so we can add some, maybe a shiny buttons or emission layers 10. 09 - Making Emission Texture and Render: one misstep is kindof luminous, so we can add some may be shining bottoms animation kind of stuff, and I'll duplicate our texture. Alfa equated in mission. Then I'd like toe put buttons at the center. Not everyone and not everywhere. It's not a Christmas tree, but some may be small elements. And I use I think zone three guests I duplicated is on three. And call this the Zone three from the nation. And we have beautiful places for our blinking segments. So I create simple shape and creates straight line. For example, I use right going here and now I can use wit, for example, and maybe south in blinking. Yeah, of course. You can use rulers control and change. Check these position to be perfectly. It's up to you how to manage this name. I just for this tutorial I doing not very perfect. And one more element here, move it up with air. Okey to have a straight line and these elements ready to go and one maybe element will have here. I think we can do it. All this stuff, your cell phone. Oh, I select wrong one, I think Yes, like all these things going to move this everything bill over the mural except these Big one or all of them. And let's make some animation. Kentucky with 90 frames. And where is our beak element? I'm going to set this two year old move it up, not using now. And I'll create simple capacity animation so kind of like 0 100 zero. And I'll create some variation and maybe duplicate. Or I can use cult right bracket duplicate Quantrill right bracket and have this kind off drinking. And after using these, if you and we're inch in another way, so kind of like this Contra shift right key toe have stepped with 10 frames and like these , like this and we have this big element, I'll use fractal nice Ian Block Norris type complex. Is it? Zero high contrast and you'll see that we have some kind off looks and very simple animation, like from 00 maybe two 1 80 It's very slow. So maybe one it's chick. Yes, we have some animation, and I dislike Ah, these white I shrink down the brightness. Oh, I see that these looks much better and you'll see that we don't get pure white and I'll add some levels and move this. Stop input White. Maybe 21 20. I'll go back to our she players and change field too white, and this is kind of a mission layer, I said. So we go to texture mission. We replace a Zone three with the zone and said to everything to black so kind off stuff and let me change what goes wrong. Everything goes right so we have to duration. Getting down to 90. This is our animation, and I'll render it in image sequence. For example, PNG. After loading the texture, I go to animation. Go to Loop said Detect frames 89 frames. We connect these with our Let me surface and you'll see that we have these blinking elements and how toe add this to our emission. Let me at rump note. I'll tell you why I use this. Rearranged it to the bottom cooler to the ramp overall emission color connect and nothing works we go to overall an emission wait should be set to one, maybe two. Or maybe it's like up to you and you'll get this blinking effect. It's very saddle, as I said, and we have toe, Get our free. So one you're seeing rate and why use ramp, note and texture? I said to come over 81 because I can load any preset to re color these emission snow and we have some problems and we'll fix these. I'll show you. So there Black he has no emission. And if I change our recovering, for example to green, Black will have old texture is green. That's not what we need, but we can go to maybe some great segment in you'll see color. We can add some media orange, Let me said here and find where orange take place, we said in the relation to none and everything works in step mode. So if you have seen him a foodie, our 20 or more elder when you are, you have to set inflation to step and you'll get the proper the same result. So hear how it looks and I'll add led so that for field were achieved, Camera okay, enabled maybe 10 10 speak the focus point like here. Um, maybe here and I will calculate the animation so you can see what we achieved. But before it, I can I have to go Output said all frames and it's ready to go while my thing I'd like toe tell you so if you want to add additional texture, for example, for awfulness, let me show you with noise. So I have to add more variation. I create. Maybe no 0.5 zero. Yes, kind of like this. Some may be contrast, and we have our reflection. Roughness. We'll have to do the same thing we did with collar will use Call composite or another note . So for two textures, we can use Carla Composite Blend and go to reflection roughness, and you'll see that we'll have, ah, our bump mapping, working with mixing, let me show you and bumping, mating and noise making. So this is very fainting and you can combine this thing now we have very dark color. Let me, I said, Maybe brighter and you'll see that we have let me create more contrast noise. You'll see that we have some different variation here. They meet. Check this texture once again. It's very subtle, but if I zoom out, you can see that there are some distortion at the edges in the roughness. But here, here, like, yeah, so this noise can add you some extra detail or if you have some scratches, texture, you can manage this thing up with all this stuff. Just using these color composite. Now I will keep on Lee bump mapping going back to constant return. Our dark blue going to camera. Okay, is on. Let's up samples, maybe two 256. And if your family with red shift you have tow add more samples toe have no noise. And if you use both care more of time, you have to add the sample samples, Max to produce clean result. You don't need to use sample overwrites or other stuff. I don't use J. So 20 256 goto all frames Renda and we'll check what animation we get in thes after these process. So 1/2 on over animation had random and I'll show you how it looks. So it blinking. We have random Ah, I mean, we have complex roughness, we have our details and everything works great. So you'll see that very, very simple technique and you can use it for detailing your elements which are based on extrude segments. And I hope these serious will help you to produce more complex stuff and raise up your work level. Thank you for watching