Cinema 4D and After Effects: Creating Looping Animation with Spirals | Alexey Brin | Skillshare

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Cinema 4D and After Effects: Creating Looping Animation with Spirals

teacher avatar Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. 00 - Overview

    • 2. 01 - Bulding Base Geometry

    • 3. 02 - Setting the Scene Animation

    • 4. 03 - Materials, Lights, Adding Small Spheres

    • 5. 04 - Render Settings

    • 6. 05 - Finishing scene, Render, Looping

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About This Class


In this class we`ll use Cinema 4D (R19) and After Effects to explore how to create animation of spheres rolling into tubes (bulding geometry, setting dynamic, fixing it, lighting) and render it with Redshift. Than we use After Effects for creating loop from our render sequence.

Used Software: Cinema 4D (R19 Studio) and Redshift for rendering (but you can use any render engine for this class)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. 00 - Overview: hello in the short class, I'll show you how we can use seem for the rigid body dynamics for creating fears animation rolling into the cemetery. Then we go into wretched settings to find balance between speed and noise. After that, we render out and input into after her eggs for creating looping animation from our sequence on the screen, you can see the result, and if you're interested in and I hope, Iraq, let's start to explore these projects. 2. 01 - Bulding Base Geometry: before start. I wanted to change my settings. I pick up a red shift Render said square cream ratio maybe over aims and Red Chief, I were sent to the foretell settings and these He's where we start. Then I quit. Alex, I create Fuck Change the entangled minus 1 80 Reorient hell ICS maybe Make it high, Multiply by two and and angle create sweep arc hell ICS and make arc even smaller. Going to sweep with have over tune here disable banking Everything goes right. This may be radius even smaller. Then I create close or freeze more soup there and instead off aiding subdivision I add thickness. So we have beautiful bones here, then creates fear. I create McGriff. Kloner put fear to Kloner makes here with smaller radius Go to clone a go to object and pick up our Hellickson and instead off cloning from start to end, I will shrink down it. So we have start he be a 90 degrees. Oh, I think this is percent. I decrease the number off fears Now I create rigid body simulation tech individual elements All this same, but collide everybody for our closer phase. We changed door static manage because we have these guiding in. So for proper dynamic simulation, that's plate and they goes and 90 frames, it's not enough. Maybe 300. Yes, they goes pretty well. I select them. Decrease, maybe balance at some friction. In here we extend a bit stuck. And now we have the same the lands or distance between our fears. We can go to offset variation and change it. So head some random but avoid intersection, maybe decrease of the quantity. And this is our base element. Put it here. And I think it works pretty well with have disputation. That's where I stop this first class. I mean lesson and we start to build our composition. 3. 02 - Setting the Scene Animation: we can rename this thing to base. And now I want Teoh change some composition. I want to duplicate this thing to the side and rotate. 01 80 degrees And we see that we build something like chain. But we have toe check. Can our spheres passed through and we see that it goes and have some issues in some places we can fix. Reasoning is going to clone a and maybe decrease radius for a check. Hope these works great. No, I can take our base renamed to side one duplicate. Go to our Helocs and risque lit. It's like symmetry and move. He do this site these hip to 60 and these to 62. And now we have some symmetry. We can move this thing maybe to the side of it, because we have Intersection 70 70 and recheck our animation. These good work. Yes. All our elements are passing almost freely. We can add a few more frames. We can go to our cloth, so freeze decrease in one. I think to make this a bit. Pena? Yes. I think one should work. Create camera. I'd like to position it had been center with no angle in age and find these. It's, um, focal and and we have these symmetry like butterfly wings and these looks pretty much that I want. So we have one twist and these kind off wings. Let's check animation. They goes, they don't cross sound falls out. And now we can go and select all these tags. Decreased bounce 10 maybe even 25 And let's see what it gives to us. We have some problems here and here. Can we go now? Try to go to dynamics expert. Increased tips, but frame And maybe in general we can decrease our gravity so it don't push so much first to the bottom, our German tree. And these will not raise so high speed. And we have some problems. And this is where we need to go and sold these Maybe real use some forces, for example, for Angola damping it should slowly, uh, rotation speed and it goes very good. We have some issues, but this is in the end, so we can use some trick. We can up, uh, cameras. So we don't see these bottom that defect raise up and go a damping, maybe even to 40. I would like to remember that in Project Settings Project in general, I decreased gravity, maybe 400. And let's recheck. It goes very good. And we have some problems on the second spiral. And no, we don't have enough frames. But both wished a past perfectly. So I think we found out the proper settings for our dynamic. And we can use these s final extent formal frames, and then we go toe our render settings and said some simple materials to the objects. 4. 03 - Materials, Lights, Adding Small Spheres: I create redshift render view Doug to the side. Let's play. I look at the camera and maybe find some frames with our series. I think these might work. And let's sit some BCE material, maybe something orange with some roughness and maybe seal with some roughness. I go to the search bottom and put this people's fears right click apply double click here for updating hypia and preview. Now we have some basic element. I want to it maybe a playing the ground orientation. Put it below. Maybe it's some another color, for example. The red for this for for the center and one with no reflection. I think maybe a light blue should work for the big round. I think this looks nice now We'll have to create. They relate. Some noise could come into microphone. This is our GPU under load. I create one side light extended Decrease me before 30. All these too much up too strong. 10 maybe five. No. 10. And now we have very straight speculator would go to Ray decrease glossy amount Maybe to these or we can disable it. But I keep it and I have to create the opposite color move plane for a bit big A light. It couldn't dissect our plane with almost same settings but low intensity. So we have right at one side and with lower brightness in another. And I'm moving maybe to the bottom. So it has some changes from left. One, move this thing maybe into front. Yes, we have right here. Maybe up. So I think this pretty much that I want from lighting here. And I tried to create one more a relight on. Just rotate this thing tonight degrees and make toe plate four softer Right in this scene maybe a 0.5. This might work And one more trick. I tried to add Rob elimination, for example Boot force. We have some light bones in dark areas And maybe the 2nd 1 like this and one more drink For now, I can go to the left light And I think we can disable speculum now we'll keep it one. And for the base I duplicate Kloner, let me pause this going to the first frame Smaller, our radius maybe to 10 or even 50. We disable off said disable offset variation and increased count. What it gives to us and degree stop positions so they don't into sect that we add extra fears in one tube. Let's play. I know they intersect, but should works now should one is good. Who decrease? I will start degrees cont Decrease increase, Stop degrees count. Let's play. They in dissect Maybe in 95 96 5 Maybe a count to five. And yes, that goes. I want to add some extra small spheres between these big one. So clone a small duplicate and now we can use offset to add in front front these big one and few more. Maybe between now I have to decrease count too. 90 eight. I've set to zero. So why you should see 99? They have some dissection now. Good Off said minus five here. And I think we can put one here. Boring six. Let's check. Yes, it works nice and we're on all our small elements. Now, if we could play, we can see that we have extra spheres here. You did some variation and our Santa Twist element now looks a bit different then our side once and we have different speed off our elements that passing through our scene we have these little tail here, I don't want to see it and move a beat upper. Just not to waste time for rendering extra frames. Next lesson was start toe plea with Renda settings optimization. 5. 04 - Render Settings: Now we have to deal with render setting so our animation will take note. Much time I go and start our render view, going to symbols will start to use and see buckets. Now I goto system going to bark, rendering bucket size 64 Disable brute force. And let's that I up our industry. Eddings, for example 64. It doesn't affect much. We have some dark areas and the point off our settings is that we have not much white zones where white. It means there are a lot off noise, a lot off samples need for these area to be cleared. I usually crank up maybe twice. Well, maybe even higher. So this is my basic things and we can check our regular and we see that some zones are very clear and some steel have a lot of noise. That's why we're using these samples mode. I think we have relative problems. We shadows. So we're going to ah, sample overrides or you can go toe area light and to use their symbols here. But I prefer to use global samples override and I go toe light and said it maybe 1000 and see that our image began to look more doctor. And if we go, our regular will see that there are a lot of improvement in the zone. 10 seconds. Let me up these twice. So 9 45 we have toe investigate in how much more time we can get with this settings. I think one second is good enough for much clearly result. No, we're going to optimization decrease reflection. Maybe two decrease refraction to zero. We don't have refraction here. And transparency. If you use a previous version off red shift, you don't have transparency. You can degrees Onley reflection 9 43 with hi samples in light. I think this is beautiful optimization. Now we go to Jay and set brute force and brute force and a lot of samples we need here, for example 5 20 and you'll see that we immediately have these beautiful Warren Shin red bounds. But now we can get some noise And now we have to investigate. How much time will it cost for us to apply these effect almost in 1.5 times slowly. That's why I use sometimes brute force in the Radiance Point cloud. Let's check 12 2nd and Sometimes you can use even radiance cash for seen and get much more improvement, but it can provide sound flickering aiding seconds. And now we have toe make test for free. Carefree. But I'll keep brute force. And if you use R TX cards, sometimes you can get improvement with these settings to be set up to enable. So we have 12 seconds enabled optics rt for R TX cards and let's check had 12 seconds. And now we can have, I think, some improvement. 11 seconds. That's great. And now the final step used to said bucket rendering size to the big one. Now I want to point that sometimes the bigger bucket provides no acceleration. But now we have to try this and we had 11 seconds. And now we have seven seconds almost no time with big buckets with party for our ticks cards with small reflection and no transparency infraction with brute force in radius putting cloud. I didn't go to the settings and I keep everything by default and on Lee I do is raised samples in light and you unify it simply. This is it. So we could render for this stuff and input in after effects for creating loop from these no loop animation 6. 05 - Finishing scene, Render, Looping: in previous video, I said that we start to render and I hope that you didn't start and begin to watch this video because I saw anything across of German three. And now we have to peek. They're left one side and move it. Maybe fuel pick sauce or some I don't know what the dimension of it. A few millimeters to the site. I know it ruins our perfect symmetry, but I think it's better to have no symmetry but don't see these cross. And I think two or three millimeters without, uh, German during the section will not be very visible during this information. And one of my think we're going to mod Project dynamic cash and big these things After Beacon, we can easily navigate for our timeline and to see what frames we don't need to render 1st 47 frames. We don't need to render. We'll see if I love this. We don't see any balls on even 50 frames. Yes, we have some movement. 47 frames don't need to surrender. And at the end, I think we can and our rendering here. So I know that some bulls can be visible him, But we can focused on the right side with these element and here we go. We shrink our animation for almost 80 frames here and 47 at the start at 127 frames. I think my mathematic is right, so it's very fast. But I already rendered the whole time range. So I go in after effects. And don't be a surprised that I render everything out because they said I render out all dreams. So now I have to dream this. Think, for example, 40 frames at the start and a few frames in the end, I think even like these. No, I would like to split this layer paid split and now I have to create a loop. How can I do this? I lowering their capacity and pick up the frame where, uh, metal balls are not intersecting. So we have these bulls going down and these bulls going from top, and I think this is a pretty nice point. Let's rearrange these thing because these fears are going from the top, and for me, it's logically to have this layer above and we have to do one small tweak. We're going toe use mask entering this composition. And I agreed a mask that follow, uh, serious like these with small fear. The ring vertical for avoiding sharp edge masking. Sometimes it can happen and off course I have to move my mask to the bottom and much, huh? To have these extra information. Thank you for him. This thing here and here. Check. So my mask should be in place where we have these spheres in this scene, I think even like this. So we have this fear already insane? Yes, 100% capacity. And then we continue toe overly. I was seen with this simple animation. And then, of course, we have our frame to be fully field with top there. And now we can preview this thing and check our looking animation. I found out that we have some issue with whirling. Let me show you. We have semi transparent wolf. Oh, uh, old fears and what we can do with this thing is going to this frame to ed a mask point and mask these out and then by frame would have to navigate the position of this point to have no the semi transparent effect. So I think of these kind of tweak in a mask. I hope everything looks perfectly and we have these better now. Infinite loop, herbal animation, simple tricks but help you to create and to loop animation that in three d have no loop mask. Could help you, Teoh shrink time in getting you affect them without much time because you can use after effects for these small compositing and achieving proper effect. Thank you for attending this class, and I think that the streak with masking will help you in different situations to save your a lot of time cause working to D much faster than working in three D Thank you once again and have a nice day.