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4 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introducton

    • 2. Render Settings

    • 3. AO and GI

    • 4. Illumanite Plugins

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About This Class


Rendering is a very important and tough phase of 3D Computer Graphic, Taking a great render for a 3D Scene sometimes take days to configure different parameters like Lights, AO, GI , Reflections, Refractions and much more.

In this Class we will talk about Cinema 4D Render settings in general and also we will discuss about Amaibnet occlusion and Global Illumination and Also how to achieve a Fast global illumination by using a Free plugin that put  different lights into our scene and create a fast Global illumination for a perfect and realistic render from Cinema 4D .

If you are ready ? let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introducton: Hey, guys infiltrated from polygon motion and welcome to this class. In this class we will talk about reindeer sittings in cinema 40 which were in the sittings you have to use for a perfect render on. Also, we will talk about some of the effects in the render engine off cinema for you, like global animation and Miami Inclusion. What are them? We will define them on how to use them in cinema 40. And also we will talk about freep lagging that allows you to create fake global elimination by policing like into different position on. And that will makes your render very faster than the default mode of cinema 40. So if you really let's get started. 2. Render Settings: okay before going in, tipped off our class and talk about a different other at topics like a Munich allusion, Global elimination and so on. Let's happen over You to some of the General PIRA mentors off Render sitting in cinema. Four. Ian Talk about them. So in general, most of the three D software's like Treaty Max or Maya. Our cinema Fourie itself on a different other. Ah, grab a tree. Graphic Softwares has several play. Gins has a range or engine as 1/3 party vendor engine. If you didn't know about part of render engines, toured Barry render engines or as our plan ins, that allows a treaty application to render the scene more reality and more beautiful than its integrated ah render engine. For example, in treaty max if we cancer because Treaty Max has on a different discount line, read Durer and a mental radio Orender. That mentoring is also good but needs a lots of settings, lots off works, lots of manual things to achieve a very basic seen so and so Ah, so for this we have different really plug ins ranges that allows has to create a very complex It rained were seen and render it very simply like very for treaty. Max and V rays available for Maya Treaty Maxon Cinema Fourie We have Arnold Renderers in Cinema Fourie, we have Oakton renderers on different other Rangers but these render engines that I have mentioned are very famous and very popular. I don't want to go in depth of the syringe oranges because they are very because you're very advanced and they need a specific class to talk about some parameters and some off grey things. But normally when we talk about cinema four, even we are in cinema 40. If you consider just in our 40 and the default render engine off, CNN 40 is great. It's simply grade because at the house has to create to achieve, for example, ambient occlusion, global elimination, different other physical properties like dipped a filled like realistic shadows and multiples and these other stuff that makes the integrated Orender engine of cinema 40 very powerful than any other. A soft errors in my opinion. So in here in this class okay, in here in this class we will talk about the apartment off Ah, default render engines And 40 if I go to this setting. You see that? A bunch of sitting we have. For example, we have output saved that most of them. Maybe that most of you guys maybe know about all of them. For example, you can save your, um, files. You could have multi pass you have. And here and here leasing You have options. And it's tour school, team render and different Our parliament were sold in renderers. If we see we have a ah, dropped. Unless that, um, it's it's called a standard physical, softer open jail ardor and sign mint. So when we install a Turk party planning has a render engine during the engine, the planning is will be located in half dip, lagging the surprise black and will be available in here. For example, if we solve very very will be available in hair on, you can just select it on you. Render your scene via very our turf Parliament rangers. So at the normal, more if you don't have dipped a felt. If if you don't have any physical effects in camera or anythings, well ah, use standard. So I understand their in a standard. There's lots of options. For example, we have output that most of you guys know about them. You just put your vision, height, your pixel, your units of measure man. There there are some presets for film and print and these other staff we have their overregulation, Andi and the locker issue to lock the aspect ratio of that. The image revelation that we've mentioned we have render region retrying that we can crop how they were seeing that it's not Ah, I think, has I think is also important for has we have film aspect and pissed pixel aspect that it's defined over pixel aspect ratio for HDTV, for film, for cinema, for anamorphic lenses or any other staff in hand. Panavision most off them on their pixel aspect is that Ah, what kind of fix last week you want, for example, if you reign the rate for ah film, you can define the film aspect itself in here or pixel aspect. If you, um, put it on cinema of put it on a screen or in T on TV's and these other stuff, you can put your pixel aspect ratio in here your frame rate, your frame range, um, which frames you want render and from in these other stuff that we don't want to talk about to manage, because they are very simple. All of the ah, my, for the users know about them, because these these are very basics. And the first step that you want to learn in this number four years they render sitting, because when you create something, you need to reign the route that, um, we have saved that these are some chicks bought a chick box in here that when you take on the's chicks about chick box, it means that those settings will be affected on the render on the final render out. So, for example, if I to save on you see that they inhale it Kenbrell ows the location of my file deformed at the depth channel. The Alfa Challenge. If you want to inspire Mincy or the data ring or any other render settings the color profile of your file like it's rgb old linear if you want, or you can also choose for load from bonito any, um, color. Provide that your monitor is, um on that will be, um, affected on used by their en route, but sitting so in how we have compositing Project file If you don't know about a compositing project file, is that it's a cool thing about here, for he's a cool future incident for you that we will that is available. For example, if you do a visual effects and you have, um, tracking information, you have some pines to a track and rotoscoping in these other staff or compositing at three D objects in a to de played. It's very good future for you if you're using aftereffect or new new car Emotional digital fusion. These are compositing Softwares, for example. Imagine you'll use off after FIC when you choose that and click on Save Our include the data on all of the, um, files and data that we haven't seen before. E If we check on them, all of them are saved in a project file off after effect. Very cool. Yeah, it is. It's very simple. For example, if you saved your project in ah, in here, ABC, Andi, after you after you were renters after you were into completed, you can ah, you have access to the T to the raw image and raw Orender off your seen on also a project that when you open the project via aftereffect. All of the multi pass options, all of the ranger settings on all the things that you have created in sin and 40 will be available on aftereffect. Are any other compositing? Ah, application that is listed in here and that is very cool. For example, you need the position data off an object. For example, In here, that position will be available for you on after effect or another compositing project files. So and that is the cool thing about in here. And also if you if you check on the multi pass, the multi pass image will be available in here that where you want to save your multiple image or farm it off the multi pass. If you don't know about a multi pass multi pass. A rendering allows you to render individual passes off your scene for his On what? What what? What we call a past past is the different layers off your seen What? I mean. I mean that, for example, if in a scene you have a reflection, you have shadow, you have, I mean, inclusion. All of them are separated, Leah, that in final output Cinema four d will combine ah these layers and and create for you a final output. But when you choose multi pass, you have access and access to different passes. Has an image file, for example, for a reflection you have a different image file for I mean inclusion. You have different sets off, Ah, image file that you can control it and choose it and and create and modify it without going ah to to your scene and render it again and again. So that is a cool thing about compositing with multi pass, okay? And we have anti leasing dad and he leasing is that is a kind of clean dad, and it is a kind of filtering technique that ah used for rendering most of the ages or or picks elation or these other stuff will be, ah will be clear it with anti leasing. That is very cool. Did you have to use it on? We have some other options. For example, transparency, reflection if you want to use or Blair nous or, for example, the cool thing in here is a render h u D. It should years. They're all the Graham user interface displaying for example, these areas weaken added some. All the grounds off frame raid. We can have some names and these are the name of the project on. If you trick on this on the final output, you see that it's you d and all the grams and on your final out. But that is very, very good for typing in these other staff. So these are some different options. For example, you can change the rate threshold and raid depth and reflection there than these others have been. Here. You have extra scope. It's to re script thick need for a treaty and colleague calculating for treaty glasses and these other staff you have team render that if you have. If you're working with ah, team renders Orender at ah team, you can just ah have a cache file off. I mean, inclusion, too. Simplify your ah pipeline. And also we have monitoring all over override If we can override a Montreal toe in a specific, um, object that would have going and changing their actual natural. So these are the render options and also we have effects like I mean occlusion that we'll talk about a global elimination. We have dipped a filled We have lens distortion, object glow s Cajun tune and different our effects that, um in this class, we will talk about it specifically in global elimination. A Munich allusion. Bad you can please around with these FX because they are very easy to use and they don't need any other things. But you can just experiment with these staff and play with the valleys and these out of things to know what s physically D does in him. So in multi pass, we have different passes. For example, which passes you want to render rgb in age speculator Shadow reflection Any other, um, passes that you won't that does exist on your scene will be ah ah added to multi person you can render out and you can also add all of them in one click. So we have a ranger sitting that you condone change and save your render presets and in here or copy them and then render as we talk. For example, if you if I jump to physical at the other categories and promise will be available in hand physical that in physical, you see that some of the physical phenomena like dipped if l'd. If you have in our seen our camera or you have motion floor, we can adjust it. And, hey, I of the sampler on the quality of the adapter felt in motion blur the subdivision off them and these other staff and physical that it's not a fake. For example, if you ask dip to fill, it is not. It will be not fake dipped, a filled or any kind of effect. It's measured very precisely, very Alice sitting in very good in physical. So in, ah, other render options right like soft Europan jail or our beer Open jail. You can use open Jill Graphic Library, too, to make you render Are Are there open yield? It's not very important or sign man that you can use. Assignment is that is a software that allows you to manage you, rendering rendering options that gives you this ability to manage a very large project. If you have or working with in sign hman, you see that you have quality to have global elimination and these other cell. So that is a very sharp over you two day render standing, but most of the time in very simple project. Insulin. Fourie. We will use a standard with physical. We don't use any other off them. If you have to apari engine, we can use it by hyper I personal in most of the time, I use standard than physical and I go back and four with them on. That is very cool for me, and that is very good. So that is a cool. Uh, Okay. That is a sharp over you in the mix. Listen, we'll talk about a two effects. That is very, very important. And very, um, good to use in your scene that makes your seem very realistic on very nice. 3. AO and GI: okay. And this? Listen, let's talk about I mean inclusion and global elimination that we have seen that in here I mean inclusion and global elimination. So before going to these parameters, I don't want to talk about all of them because some of them are important. Some of them are not for using, but we'll talk about it in generally. Let's ah, and here I have some examples off. I mean inclusion and global elimination. In here, you see that a three different image and how we have a one m age a second and the TERT the first image. You see that without I'm inclusion. You see, it has a very direct lighting. It has shadows, but it doesn't look so reality. In real war. Objects are not, um, acting like that's our There's not such a a reaction off the objects in front of delight. For example, if deal when delight when the sunlight is trying to an object, it will shining two different ages differently. For example, and thes areas shadows will be different. Ah, in realistic in the zero will be, ah more shadow. We will have more shadows and how may be less and these other on these kind of the stuff that is called Amina Collusion I'm Inclusion is is ah ah metal or an experiment that create realistic, um, effect off self shadowing and shining off lied differently into different parts off a three d object. So that is very complex, I think as I as it's very simple, but it's you don't have to memorize it if definition just know the effect. Often I mean occlusion what it does. You see that they are. We don't have any ambient occlusion in here. We have a Munich collusion, just a Munich allusion at the final image. We have this Ah, shadow that that's comes from Batic. Lie on. I mean collusion. Mix it up into final out. When you see that it is a little bit and you see that it is very beautiful than this or this, you see that combination of them with them? Inclusion in the direct and shadow dark shadow off the light will be good and very realistic. So that is from Amin inclusion in global elimination. If we talk about global when we talk about global elimination, there is two terms. 1st 1 is Derek Lining that art elimination on the 2nd 1 is in dire gliding on indirect illumination. What is that? A gliding. Direct lighting is the direct shining off the off the light into an African in here. You see that the light is coming from this side directly to the object on the shadow is created in here. So there is no any bouncing is there was no any indirect lighting from these areas. Just we have, like in one direction. And that is also reality. Because in the real world, we don't have ah did dark liked on Lee dired like we have direct lighting, direct elimination. I'm indirect Illumination has well together makes the, uh this image. You see that debt? Our direct light is coming from this site. This in the our Danek light is coming from this side. You see that the shadows appear on the entire glide That has come from the bounds of For example, when this lightest interest, when when the slightest in tracked with this wall, this wall will ah bounds delight into different race in in this parts In this part in this , um um angle and also the light will be bounced toe from this angle This on these angles, and it will ah effect to the actual actual object itself. On it will affect you there environment, for example, in she death, some lighting in here. And that is very, very beautiful on you. See, and lots off animations. And in also, um, treaty scenes that they will use global elimination, and most of them argues a Munich lotion and global animation to give a sense of realism to their works. So that is from global elimination on from ambient occlusion. Hope you ah, guys gave the sense off it. And what a Daz is specifically on. Why we gonna use day? I mean, inclusion and global in our nation and our scene. So that is from our deflation lists. Um ah. Creative in cinema Fourie itself I saw in half if I open my, uh okay. And here I have ivory. Ah, simple. Seen off some a McGruff objects like these, um, plateau Nixon else's fewer and also some, um, Red bull energy can in here. And if I all off this you see, Dad, we have these red bull counts. That is very, very nice. And also, if pictured in a very good way. So let's go to our camera and without global elimination. If I go to settings and off the immune a collision and global elimination, let's see what it looks. You see that it is not so good. It's not so reality if you see some of them in the shadows in here because our background is very, very light in a in a very minimal color. But our objects are not looking, um, in the same way, because it gives the audience a sense of, ah different difference or a space between the, um, object itself in the barren. We don't want this kind of effect. We want some shadows between these two. Object, for example. In in here he stooped to objects or near, um, near roti chatter on the infield board are when we talk. When we see in reward, when two objects comes into near off each other. Ah, alongside it will be that the two objects will create a very simple shadows on surface off each higher. And that is the physic phenomenons off a real world on. We want to apply that into our three d seen here. So for this If I go to render sitting and Adam inclusion Now watch this. If I zoom in a little bit on take Orender, you see that our renderers goes a little bit slower bar in some areas we will find. If I zoom in, you see that it creates a very nice differentiated between these staff. So if I jumped in here, it's me. You see that? And how we have a very nice ah, in traction shadow are, um, inclusion. If I off this take a render, you see that we don't have it. But when I check on this, you see that we have a very nice in traction shadows and lights and here that's makes are seen so realistic on so good. When you have multiple objects that interact with each other, you'll see the effect more accurately and more than this scene. So, uh, if I goto ham inclusion, you see that we have a color which colors off our musical when you want the black. Or maybe you change the color. You can change the accuracy off the a Munich allusion to sample the quality of a Munich allusion itself on also derail and how many How much I'm inclusion. You want the contra stuff it or you can use a sky environment. If you have ah, skylight object, you can just use the environment of describe your perfect day immune inclusion. You have Valerie transparency. If you work in transparency more or you have an Alfa, you have self shadowing only and just for objects that have the self shadowing option enable Ah, um, on their properties, the inclusion will effect on also inver direction that you can enver the direction off the , um, inclusion. If I took on this Go in here, let me find some closed object. You see that the direction off the A Munich Ocean will just invert it into different direction. So if I check off this, she now they accurate direction here. So I personally, I'm using I mean a collusion in almost every scene because it create a very nice looking for my projects on you guys. Also, every command to use at Munich allusion and you were seen. So that is from a Munich allusion. You can also use cash file if you have some a V arrange for you. Just save a cache file and flush it on. Then the urine there will be so faster. So now if I add a global elimination to the scene on there's a lot of power mentors. If I check on this, sorry If I take the render, you see that the overall environment is getting a more rider on its kind of give a sense of re Allegiant or work now global elimination just bouncing different light. So maybe you might ask that in here we don't have any light. Uh, what kind of bouncing it has which light bombs? The default bounce that we have never seen is bouncing to different parts of this object. So in normal mode, we have a different different light in every scene. For example, in here we don't have any like or we didn't have any, um, like, in hand, but in no bad. Ah, there was a light, almost never seen that. We don't see that on cinema, for he used that has ah, in global elimination to bounds most of the time. Maybe in your project, you don't have the does that light, or you can just have to create a lie to, um to to get global elimination effect. For example, if I add alive in here pine like maybe on let me go in this fee pores and put put it in here in this direction very nice and also good light and also maybe create discolor and also dip lick eight this life in a different direction in here and also another light franc of it. Very nice. And make this white make the other light coming in here Me sky enough things and now it's a very simple three point lighting. If I now take Orender, you see that global elimination is very evey effect. At the first, it's it's ah rendered the global elimination map and then the century combined the passes with each other and give you the final render. That's look very awesome on very good in this pint. So ah, global elimination. Mammy inclusion. Make your seen. Ah, so hey, viewer and so slower at in the default mode on in the next Listen, I will talk about freep LaGon that create a fake global elimination by using off light. Ah, that that makes your seen very faster. And you can take your render. Ah, pretty much with the same result without ah adding global elevation in the render sitting just put you just on the ah flag in that cultural matin here that I've just tricked off and the little next listen, we'll talk about it that how Illuminati create a fake global animation by using offline and placing light into different positions. So now let's go to render, sitting and talk about global animation settings and how we have presets, different presets that you can use that we have interview a preview and interior high. If you have a interviewer rendering or architectural rendering or home or anything else, you can use this interior or even use exterior. If you have physical, a sky or it's your image or you have object was realization different proper precepts we have. You can also changed a primary meters and second dream to limited if you want to ah, choose both of them both off their everything's cache file. Um, you can use it to engine with each other to create a more realistic global elimination, and also some of them are not so important. We have cash file that you can you save the global animation cache file. You have different other options offer if election cost X if you have or glass mirror optimization, if you have glasses, can optimize them that reflection of them. In here you have a radiance cash that you can smooth it out or creating akala refinement and these other stuff that I've in a lots of simple, um, seen just adding this global emission awning. This, with the default parameters, will just create a very nice result for you guys. So that is from I mean, inclusion and global elimination. We talked to match. I hope it was not born for you, but in the next listen and we'll talk about Illmatic wagons That helps you to create fake global animation very fastly by placing lights into different position. 4. Illumanite Plugins: Now let's talk about the Illuminati, Freep, LaGon at the first. How to download this free. Pliant In here in this side, my motion graphics dot tv You can search for the Illuminati on you can find and download If you go and now you'll find it'll matter. You see that? Ah, it's the creator off this black in this website on you see that different examples off along 90 planning that creates fiqh, a global information else in here Enterprise. There's no price you can download it, and here are you can. If you enjoy it, you can just doing it for their creator on once. You down with that and go to your maxim. Um, free a folder on your A program file and in library in browser pays their illuminati dot life 40 in here, all our living in sin up. Just close this on in our seen Let me later lights and ham and also go to render sitting and off the global elimination just at a Munich lotion. I also keep in mind that element out he is just working for a global elimination and a little bit of five Munich allusion, but it will be good to Adam Inclusion. You're seen as separately. Just be off a global elimination. So and all should lead this element Anti Did I have had in here on now? Simply go to file and load object precinct in the Illuminati. Click on this. Once you click, you see a bunch of shapes and here that all of these shapes are a single light on DA. Once you click in here, you see different parameters that we'll talk about it now. Okay, In a reduce we have, we can change the reduce off the overall shape off these lights. Also, if I chained us, you see that we can please this l'Atlantique into different areas of her object You being here. And also, if I put to reduce out like this Elysian Complexity, you get out of more lights. If I change, you see that like this. And it's very good if you have more light to your gum. Global animation in your scene will be, ah, good quality. And you can, um, take a very nice called. So for example, let's imagine we add this this much of lights and also you can trust, show object on when we When I choose show object You see that this kind of geometry is appear on what? What does it mean? It means that simply the Illuminati plugging is placing the lights into Vertex off this object in another way if you if we say the lights are placing in a object more in the Vertex off the object that allows the semaphore e to render and put lights into different position off the object that on this kind of technique create a fake global indignation there were seen. So then here I will don't want to see the object and also in intensity ever. Now let me and just take a very sharp render in here Now if I take a render, you see that and sell a tip it fast before and the default global animation bad It's not too fast. Why? Because we have too much of light. For example, if I go to eliminate and ah just make the completion like this on take Orender married have that global elimination. Ah, very um simply and very fast. You see that we have it and if I all think I'm inclusion should it's very fasters. Three more faster on like this. So if I go to other prominent parameters, you can change the intensity of it like this. If I take the render, you see that if the delights just affecting mawr and we have inner angles to control the inner angle of lights in outer langurs In here we have colors for example, giving the lights at source color, for example maybe this color with, ah, just color. If I think the render you see that those lights are affected also, we can choose the intensity. We have these kinds of things. Also, we can put it in different areas. They see those lights, colors that makes our scene so reality and so good in low texture, recon load Anything shorter than putting down the line and ah, in shadow map you can choose then, um, the the quality off the shadows that are cast it by thes lights by Illuminati lights, for example, has very low. Maybe l changes 2000 by thousands. Now we'll have have a re nice result. So in how we can change the density, density, simpler values and by by us off the shadows in these lights and also we have seen by camera . You can just just, um, put this to seen by camera and lights will see by the camera itself. Now, for example, in here we have a background. But if I delete the background and go to eliminate E Now you see that with a background, those ah Byron's were created in the normal mode for me on if I change the color in here, maybe like this. Now, if I take the render, you see that without any bathroom that have created deal Matty, just create a kind of background that's integrated on DSI on Look, very, um composited already with, ah, this lights. Because at these colors that you've created for, ah, this bag around here it is simply effect to the color of light itself also, and that is very cool as a free plug in. It helps your law. While you're working on your project on while you working a simple project like this most of the time, most of most of the time, when we use, uh, when we create a simple motion graphic project doesn't need to have more details or things it had. It has to be a very just clean look or elegant. Look, we can use element anti like this. And also you can in ham an object. You can also choose your own object. For example, if I created a box can simply tell Matty and put your box in here and those light will cast it according to the Vertex off those box. If I put this box in here, make the little bit larger on, but then hand on off that visibility. You see that those are just created like that box that we have in the verdicts off the box . Very nice like this. We have different results. I'm leaving this on Google Amenity and put this back very nice. Little had this. Okay, Um okay, that's all from an altar weaken. Choose the scene by reflection or if you have reflection there, the colorful affect reflection on scene by G I that when you're at the global elimination, the different global animation seen at 40. So that is from Illuminati. And I think that is very cool. Okay, that is from El Natty in a global elimination ammunition occlusion and some of the render sitting in stem A 40 hope you guys enjoy from this class. And don't forget to check out other Republican motion classes on a scale share. And if you and dry put your comments and reviews at to the description blow off this glass , my name is issue share and see you guys next time.