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Cinema 4D (R20+) and Redshift: Inflate Morphing

teacher avatar Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Base setup

    • 3. Variating forms

    • 4. Creating scene

    • 5. Dynamic

    • 6. Final Tweaks and Rendering

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About This Class

In this class we`ll use Cinema 4D (R20) basic dynamic tools and mograph clonner for creating inflate morphing effect. Final render will be done with help of Redshift.

Used Software: Cinema 4D (R20 Studio) and Redshift for rendering (but you can use any render engine for this class)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. Overview: in the short class, I'll show you how to greet a shape morphing close effect will build the German tree morphing effect were at lights, set up Renda, find the proper settings and render vesting out now on screen Theme result of this class. If you like the animation, let's start to explore all things which are connected with these effect. 2. Base setup: greed This morphing attacked. We have to pray, built our shapes and I'll show you the prince. We have, Ah, phase one shape, for example. Like here I going and show there their frame. We can, ed. I feel it. The second cube will be almost no field. And we agreed Kelowna with one element, Put Cube to these one and keep wan to this one. Now we'll create and you mcgruff Kelowna with a blend mode and put our blend elements to here. No, let's duplicate onto the three on it, of course, and you'll see that now. We have these blending effect from zero to this one, and all we have to do is going to create it clean, effective with no position scale, rotation. Just modify clone like this If we agreed fl off after women with, we'll get our morphine. Simple as it is. Let me close these things. So a to be blend a today. Now we have to create a few more shapes for our further effect 3. Variating forms: I will use their pre meat blend and copied control. C control V In this new Michael it height and with out click, I hide all elements inside the height. New. I put these blend here just disabled for faster processing. Equate to pyramid. But here do it here at segments and adds verify quits Verify Put it below one pyramid strength to 100. For now, I want to play with radios so all our fears will be the same 100. You see, the same American is able Kelowna and hide. I duplicate with control Drag, disable strength so we can chicken. It's like inflating. Ready? Steady. Go. This is the second element working duplicate disabled. Put it in to hide. So we hit a This is cube visas. Oh, uh, if you're a mint, one more, I will peak capsule. Put it here. Reince verify Controlled wreck here. Strength to zero. Let's move it. Inflate. Add one more thing that we disabled this team by these Did this pyramid 100? Yes and no as a mean and create this bush, the former put it under the capsule and above this verify. But this one and I would like to set it like minus maybe 80. Create something like this. Put it here, maybe decrease it. Find the balance going here with control dreck. Create this one and this one. So we have this element I add to rare inch with this thing here with control duplicate to that capsule. And here we have to create zero strength and in capsule, I think we can add a lot of signals here, for example, maybe in 96 to have the smooth or maybe twice. I think spirited ends then kept segments and maybe a few interpretation. So we have put in detail element. Let's on height, this and blend. Let's check would be get see a sphere sphere. So we have three elements of that Morse Inter, the same CIA. And then and I think we're ready. Skeptical, and we're ready to go further and create our animation 4. Creating scene: Now we're going to date this hide without Children Enable our blends A B A going to set count to one and great. Want more, more? Graph Kelowna. We're going to set to Gregory zero and I think for step should be 200 because we have C s with radios off 100 put it. And yes, now we have these elements disable plane for now, Going to display, negotiating going to corner and said Teoh random, it's is there for us t o makes them extended Going and prepare for Instagram feel aspect 0.8 and I think like this And maybe these type of resolution values create camera set it directly above zero in X Z and zero invitation just to look straight down 50 should be okay with focal And what we have to do is to morph. I was objects We can go toe arlena field and change it to Shader field load noise If we up with contrast, we can see that we can more But now they morph identically similar dangerously So we have Teoh change the space I think to the world and we have some random in morphine one. I think we have to try, for example, lay going to scale and head scale. I think 0.3 should be okay when our brightens is very low. We have small spheres that not intersecting I think we can even scaled down. But when our share the field that the extent the animation timeline Powell brightness let me find the value so minus 40 start to effect minus 43 and I think in 90 should be okay. Where should find how will brightness two more full of and the last one 50 He's covering total oh elements play great but now it looks more complex and we have FPs drop down. What we came to do is going back negotiating lines and degrees, for example, in our capsule signals, I use dividing by two. And this should speed up writing by two again speed up our animation. Yeah, pretty fast. That's great. Some plain and put it below power object. I disabled session extent our Kelowna with you more elements just to cover our screen and it said random defector just to ed Aberration in tow. Rotation option. You'll see. Everything looks similar because this is this year. Let me show you. We have some errors but everything Israeli. Some off elements are rough, but we can extend the segments now It looks ready for our further steps. 5. Dynamic: Now we have to add some dynamic. We're going to play random. Let's drop here Lane and with it, quite a body go into Kelowna. And I would like to add many early overtax because Capsule has colonics in zones and we have to send it to moving mesh for proper calculation. Now we can plate and before I do that, I decrease maybe into for Foster preview. Let's play. And now we see that something strange going on. I think this is connected Toshio Field because it said Teoh World going toe frame zero you'll see it. It's something goes wrong here, going to nose extent our global scale and played. And yes, they inflate. But then they start once again to move. Let me play again. Yes, inflating and deflating Pretty nice. This effect I do like now we're going to our tex going to force and said force position and follow radius So our cloners will try to keep their position. They will be interacting, moving each other but trying to keep, then going to Parametric, maybe increase 2.4 And these one I do like so inflate, inflate, inflate. Yes, we're going to up Uh quantity going Teoh Moat Project Project Project Project. Project No. Two dynamic cash and make all these stuff. Now we can chicken. It's still playing. Not very first. Inflating. Pushing? Yes. Is it Kartik? But this is effect. I want off course. We have some giggling and I think we console this thing with Angela and Lena denting Going back to cash. Rick, cash it. But before I goto our pyramid decreasing segments very low value. For example six going to our capsule, decreasing by three very low rest and tradition does everything and going to project and make it once again you'll see that now I don't even have to pause the record. We'll see that playback is very fast and smooth And now we can check what we get. Much small, sir and less jigen. But this one should be 0% going in degrees. Our brightens maybe to minus 50 going next project. And now you see, we don't have any information to bake. So sometimes we have these baking dynamic simulation Progress bar and get no cash. Maybe these time will get more luck and everything will be cached immediately. Let's chicken waiting for few more seconds and it's almost done play. And yes, we have some things going on. One more thing I want to add is going to follow. And we have these. Let me find delay. Just smooth the animation control deem. I forgot to handle this thing at the start, so make once more very first baking with lower segments off our German tree. So be sure you decrease everything before bacon. Check the animation much smoother, morphing and looks great. This is the animation I've want to get. Now we're ready to share this thing out. 6. Final Tweaks and Rendering: our animation is ready so it starts with slow down by then gather the speed and a steel would like Toa play a little bit with it. So I want maybe to decrease brightens and then because we have some giggling effect, I want toe spread elements. Or maybe we can go toe our cash and maybe a I think we can did it this thing because as we test, it doesn't speed up anything we're going to force. Follow position. Maybe 25 Well, invitation to five at them thing maybe Like this going back and you'll see the same speed. These is the aspect I rarely can't understand of the point of this baking in tow Cinema? Yes, like this. And then we're going back, maybe to brightness and I decrease it back. Maybe two. 25. So we have something in 1 80 frames. It's pushing up. One thing I sure will increase the performance is lowering the elements we can see maybe seven and nine or even eight. Yes, it pretty much to cover our screen. Or we can zoom in in decrees one small you save it nous bushing and almost no jiggling. Maybe going to random to be twice limitation. And I think we can decrease Follow position to two and tradition to to. And now we can play. And yes, they trying to keep their position But following to a spread of it these we have every dynamic here. Maybe we can add Samah. Maybe these will help. I'm not sure, but let me just make a quick test. Doesn't affect much Still jiggling so popping Damn thing this is there not interesting part when we trying t o find, uh, settings And yes, we can go to corner You may be changed the seed because toe Alex capsules by standing near to each other I think these type off Yes, let's keep this thing Now we have to go to pyramid extent the segments maybe 36 going back toe capsule extent into 323 into four and two just to have smooth elements And now you can extend an extent for better quality. But I keep something in between because where most l autumn in performance, especially in to start and it starts toe moving slowly and slowly. It's easy for us toe render all our elements. We start to build. They're lighting. So I quit. One glide here in praise it duplicate with control Direct. Where did with, uh extended. Now this is the bottom one. Decrees there intensity going to top one. Maybe it's nothing like these. And I going to create which shift friend of you This is just my report with only a move attributes to the right and the small growth here and nothing fancy. That's why I'm not talking about customizing you this time should play red shift. We're going to basic, maybe 20 to grant of six samples going to Jay. And we have a lot of dark zones, so one primary engine should fix it. Now we have to create materials I'll keep Where's something simple, like white and highly diffused. Be pure white. Maybe like this going toe up, maybe intensity, maybe to 10. Too much life for we kept overblown here, going toe our camera Red shift, camera exposure. Former right, enabled. And you'll see that these hello exposure we can disable these blown out. I will keep almost default settings. So we have bright zones, maybe extend it print of life. And now I would like to create want more. But you really We were simple values. One more material with duck and Mary, a little ruffins. And now I can use nice for marks on noise. It's up to you connect his face going to Al Qaeda, Going to coordinates or color. I want to create only, like, dots or something. Turbulence? Yes, we have these dots and I will have to play with this minimum value. A lot of that's and highly contrast. For example, five, I need 55 going to coordinates and scale up too much. Maybe 25. No, like this going back and put their mean maybe 2.3 and max 2.35 Close. Multiply by two since five. Yes, Very small dots, maybe 55. No, we have to mix them one material 2nd 20 rial and blend color and you'll see that we have these elements points on our elements. I think we can check the quality so just should render a lot of noise. We're going to our samples going to system, but it rendering said to a 64 just to have faster preview going to Joe and I think we can twice joy and in tow optimization weaken decrease reflection to two. We have no reflection of transparency combined to going back to basics and go away and go and go on. Go on, go into a simple overwrites We could only lie to you so we can multiply by very huge value Disabled brute force for now critically can render this thing heading. But for his back Yes, it add some noise, but I think it's a k we can up aware Simple Max. Maybe two, 5 12 Now we can go into our regular mode And But I think these we can use with Allah. Maybe noise reduction plaguing. But before we can check Baltimore option we have here. This is the previous test that would have preparing, of course, pretty noisy. And we kept If you have a red shift three forint and higher 3.8, I think we can use ultimate example E he tried Teoh net profit sampling values basing or these adaptive roar through show so we can check. We have 36 seconds. You can check the quality. I think it lasts noisier. That's great. And we have Teoh wait for the render time the same so Yes, we have nice here and no less noisy in the zone. And one more. If you have Arctic's cards, we can check. Does it improve our render time or not? So I just click it. We have 34 seconds and though this one all this test that takes a lot of time. But if r TX will improve, our rendering was saved a lot of time in tow, rendering our final sequence said it four seconds and now we'll get two seconds. And now one metric was set our bucket size too. 200 to 26 And this is the last time we sent our scene to render and be sure that to check back its size affecting off rendering. And sometimes you can overflow the memory of your cart. So be careful with this saying and do test before sending to farm or two final render almost done and 30 seconds we have 10% improvements. So now we can, oh, set toe all frames, render this thing. Are you stuck gins for example, G beg or TIF? We don't have l for here, and this is the result. We're gonna upload me between Instagram or toe any another account, so I'll send this thing to render and we'll see what result of animation we have in this class.