Cinema 4D (R20+) and Redshift: Gold spikes on organic surface | Alexey Brin | Skillshare

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Cinema 4D (R20+) and Redshift: Gold spikes on organic surface

teacher avatar Alexey Brin, Motion designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Base animation

    • 3. Lights, Materials

    • 4. Tweaking Spikes

    • 5. Camera setup overview

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About This Class

In this class I`ll show how to use Cinema 4D Fields for controlling displacement and blending materials. We will use Redshift for render our result.

Software: Cinema 4D (R20), Redshift Renderer 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexey Brin

Motion designer


I`m motion designer with about 8+ years work expierence. I like create both simple and complex scenes with technology scene. Now i`m a Shutterstock contributor and post cinema 4d and after effects tutorials in russian in my blog.

I got a lot of messages from english speaking audience about my tutorials, so i`d like to try (even my English is not very good) to share my knowledges via Skillshare.

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1. Overview: in this class. We're going to use cinema for the two called Fields for building dynamic critics map and using for blending red shift materials on screen. You see the result this place like it was start. 2. Base animation: let's start building our effect from CIA, which will be displaced with some simple noise. So we dropped here with change visualisation, two lines and constant sheeting increasing the number of segments. Maybe changed toe something with regular grid display. So maybe 1 80 going to noise set animations. But to one analyst, Lee, Now we have these in mission. We're heading extra skill duplicate once again, one more displacement with be global scale and lower animation speed. So we have more complex. Morphin was set period to six and agrees one frame because we have 30 FPs and going toe. Another displays going toe, period six and we have lovable animation. And now we have to convert. I was fear toe polygonal model because we need to have Vertex map Now we're going so create and pathetic Smith we have to go to original selection. Select said Vertex raid zero and we have our critic Smith. Now we're going to use fields first of wall will greed share the graph Shada field with noise and we need to get our spike zones for example at peak dense lowering the clip. So we have these zones and we create one more display, sir. Let me name it. Spikes going to effects that takes map and dropping our buttocks map here. And I would have these specs. Now we need to goto our field in Crete. Some growing effect. We're ed another shade of field with nice. Maybe a more interest like these. I am extending global scale going to field, going to maybe sub strict. Oh, I mean, so way have some zones free off spikes. Now we'll create one more field called Circle Field and I selected and we see that where it connect. I was here. We have 100 week. We're going to frame zero. Create a key frame. 10 there. Same. So we don't connect toe our sheer maybe up a bit for one frame, we need to push our medics map to 100%. And now, instead of having freeze, the going is said these mode from none to grow. Let me disable this thing and it works. Now we're going and put our freeze to top and you'll see that it blows all hours atop away . That's why we have to manage and find the proper blending mode. Sub strapped is not good multiply. It looks great and mean. I think looks great. Let's be and we have our spikes started to grow. Now, in freeze, you have to go to radius and extended. Now we'll see. We have our spikes. Maybe we can find lower radius for smaller growing, adding, for example, delay with spring effect. It bring this popping effect off our spikes and slow it down. I think this is what we need. Let me create camera in front with zero value except see exes. And now we have something working. This is our base it up, So let's dive in into materials. 3. Lights, Materials: So let's start to play with material and before I start ill, disabled these delayed effects. So we have no delay in report and can navigate with these elements. I pick up red shift, Brenda said. These resolution for vertical video because it's easier for me to work in these resolution on my desktop. I'm going create rich if trend of you and create a few layers lights, a real light at the top. So very simple. Why it's it up. Maybe three dancer, too. Maybe put it down and one at the bottom so it big lights our Jim to end decrease. Ah, the intensity I was Stop is ready. Um, and I create material single material in red shift and let's play with it. I duplicate one more material said to gold. I use preset ads and roughness, and we need Matt Derail Blender. But you're a blender. The next 1st 1 2nd 1 and Vertex map Note, they're feels is a powerful tool, and we easily can drag and drop our made primate that X map for displacement interministerial bender. So we'll get this golden spikes now we have to play with red shift desolation so smooth it instead, off adding subdivisions of face. I think we can decrease maybe 23 and a displacement. I think we will use it going toe close to all material. Let's investigate what we kept here and let's at ramp note for recovering our re arranging the zone of our metrics map. We can push this white Elijah influence of athletics map like this. Add some roughness. I think too much is not good. We lost these Golding reflection. I think this looks nice and let's play with base material. I create bump, so I mean layer, let's delete this layer mask and let's teach some materials for good. Detailed sir face, I use nice. I disabled these for now. I going to maybe turbulence. Yes, turbulence works well. And my logic is to create fuel noise layers. Let me add, Led to lay one color enabled, Really. And I extend this overall scale and it will small I wanna know is here and I decrease the strength. I just want to have a small value for layer one and one more layer, maybe four late to the same logic. But really all there Lee and it adds too much strength. I will use small value and now I create Kohler Constant caller, constant and composite note blend. And to the surface, I change composite mode to multiply. These will allow us to use external composite note for coloring and keeping these bump turning with color. I think something great. Let's connect it to diffuse, I think pretty nyse and we load how a cola Leah to the bump map and tow our arrest material bomp input. And maybe we can increase this roughness maybe like this. And let's zoom in to play with our bump decreasing maybe the strength of our reflection or maybe increasing the bomb strength. Maybe two. Yes, we have these me crest structures long here I think force too much three. And let's tried to use displacement. Note with the same the rest color layer. So you'll see we have once a tap and then just recovering and reusing for difference inputs , displacement. I think these looks much be interesting. Now we can change our material, toe our blend material and now we'll get our gold spikes. But they still have these bump in our displace note. We have these enable order bomb mapping, letting disable it and our gold. We'll keep of that roughness, the base roughness in material and lose all these bumping. Let me go to our bump map and maybe decreased the strength to to No. Three. And let's play with our small details, maybe extend them. I think it's too much so something in between now we're going back to our camera to look what we can't. This is our bottom layer and this is our top. And I think I will decrease the glass. It effectiveness maybe 1/2 the top and the bottom. This is our bees set up. I think we can play with this place. And if you add the beat, that may check big numbers. Oh, I think these looks nice. These is their result off our playing with materials in red shifting. Using these verdicts map for our animation. Let's calculate the animation and we'll see what result would have 4. Tweaking Spikes: is with See you at the start. Off our video, we have these nod Great element. And I would like toa work with it. But before I'd like toe tweak our main knows mean noise size maybe I want to increase it. So we have larger chunks. Maybe 75. Yes, it looks more organic. Let me try to work. And Teoh loaded toe the roughness just playing with the ramp note. And now we have these different zones. Where have 100% of roughness? Let me with this white to the left and we'll see the the black zones Looks almost no rough . It's like glossing Let me up this thing up. Maybe 2 15 And let's find the balance. Yes, I think these looks more organic ing interesting. And maybe add Carla to reflection. Maybe some ring. No, not too much like this. We're going toe our CIA. We disable all animation in X and Z position and all the scale on this petition I use holding, control shift and left click. So left click adding key frame controls shift, remove And in fields I add delay back before render that be disabled for foster preview and I put atmosphere to the back. Let me check. Will it start to grow our spikes? Maybe a bit more? Yes. And let's see, Going back to zero frame going toe up there. Delay loading our render view. We'll see. Does it hide our goat element? Where, uh, our spikes, I think Here it comes. And that's plate and everything looks nice. We have these gold element gold start inflation at the back and all spikes to you coming from the top and from the side. And I think these looks very organic. I use maybe some default samples, settings. We can check it going to a samples mode. And if why did much? We have to crank their simple smacks. So we'll have lower their white zones, for example. We can check. So maybe this is perfection and we have toe up it, I think not very high settings. But maybe we have to play with these light. These will get us and beautiful image. Maybe up our reflection and decrease may be diffused. Toe lower, very. Let me render this thing corn frame, maybe in high resolution and check the quality. I don't see a lot of noise and I think these render savings showed works fine. And we have this spikes, these organic look and these what we trying to achieve? 5. Camera setup overview: after we agreed and finish the animation, add few cameras with stage control over them and that would have zooming, Then close up and then third camera. I'll try to at a few details. I disabled delayed select hours fear going to polygons, right click and suddenly white once again. So we have a little additional polygon greed. And maybe it brings a few more places for extra spikes. Maybe you go to share the field. Let me rename it to Maybe Spike's going Teoh Global Scale. Maybe decrease it a bit. Yes, we have a lot of spikes. Big one, Small one and maybe up. Lower click. And yes, this is result I want to achieve at the end and maybe a I degrees focal length just not to cut the sites off our CIA. Maybe what is seven And now I should trend of the animation going to the first train going Teoh on our delay. Let me show you the sentence. I keep everything the same. I add camera attack with depth of field. So I have to increase the ISS. Simple Smacks. Let me check the other settings, I think works nice. We're going maybe to optimization and we don't have refraction here. And transparency weaken. Decrease them and maybe we can degrees reflection maybe 23 So going toe output going toe all frames and render. Now we have our render being complete. Let's check the animation. I think this looks pretty organic and very wobbly as a one cope, you like this result and have a nice day.