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Cinema 4D : Motion Tracking and Compositing

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Motion Tracking 1

    • 3. Motion Tracking Overview

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About This Class


Motion Tracking and Compositing is one of those important tasks and processes of creating Visual FX into a Movie or any footage. 

There are lots of software that allows us to track and solve camera and import data from these software to a composting or 3d software like Cinema 4d or After Effect but the process of doing is a little bit time consuming in some low budget projects. In this case, Maxon company has integrated Motion Tracking features into latest versions of Cinema 4D that allows us to Track and Solve camera directly into Cinema 4d without investing on other Tracking Softwares.

In this class we will use Motion Tracking feature of Cinema 4d to track and solve camera of a scene and we will add a 3d Text into our scene and we will lighten up our scene by HDRI Lighting technique for realistic render and as a final touch, we will do some compositing on After Effect as well .

If you are ready ,let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hey guys. A trade from Polly in Motion and welcome to disk lass. In this class we will talk about a very nice features of cinema, Fourie called motion tracking wheel track of footage on also, we will create a camera on solving that camera that Mac's are seen using this features of cinema for you. And also we will talk about how to create hdr I lighting to match our object over 20 object to over life footage. So if you didn't know about this feature of Cinema 40 or you're new into tracking and also aim visual fix, this class would be a perfect tries for you. If you're reading, let's get a start. 2. Motion Tracking 1: So let's get a start and work with the motion track of futures off cinema Fourie. So if you're using a latest version of cinema for you might seen this features that are at it into menu bar called Motion tracker and Motion Tracker has, ah, lots of perimeters, Dad, we will talk about them in this class. So before going to motion Tracker is Teoh it's ever seen. And if you're gonna create in this class, you see that it's not too complex bad. It's a very nice composition off a treaty text into, ah, real life foot. The steel leads are lots of things to do for for better result and for better compositing bad has a starring pine. It is very good. It's looking very nice at the grains. Shadows did it over colors. It's match with the scene that we have in here, and that is very cool. I just simply, um, took a render are from Singaporean, deny, just complicit, with some built in effects. In our terrific that will make something like this. You see that it is not a video footage, it says a single frame because of lack of time because of lack of time. I just ring around this a single frame by I will show you if I go to my project Well built this kind of seeing that you see in him it's a little bit hey via But if I played this all of those grates and the ground on all the rural scene of the cinema for e file that I haven't here is matched where full footage, our ground is exactly the same. Pint has our footage and tracking pints are, um, all over my video. And also it's really fit my into my video and that is very cool. You see that all of the things are perfectly set up on We don't use any other party playing in. All of them are just added Ah, with motion tracker and I have created lots of projects, lots of example scenes using motion tracker and just is a kind of experiment that I have when I, firstly using motion tracker like doesn't have very nice scene that I added some rigid body simulation into a real life footage. You see that? It s so cool. It me change this to Adul on if I played is you see that it's very, very nice of rigid body simulation that interacts with the footage, and the footage itself has a lots of shaking is, and it's perfectly track. And here, and you see that these edges and and these balls are falling are from the age is on. It's a kind of projecting my having by using, uh, before any futurist called Motion Tracker and Weaken build a lots of things by using this feature. So let's get a star on gem to add an Al, just create a new project for this on Let's start with Motion Tracker, I'm going to motion tracker and slicked motion tracker itself. Once you click on Motion Tracker, all of the scenes are disappeared, the greats are going off to the screen, and all of things are a kind of blind. But it's not blank. There is a steel. We have some great bad. We have to introduce our footage into motion tracker for father process. If I go to footage, it's like my footage, um, in footage. I'm just selecting this footage. I just record this with my iPhone sex on. That is very cool that M v U A city friend per second. It's HD TV Onda. Also, all the things are set up. I know all the, um deals about this video. And if you have videos from other and resources are from a camera, it is very good to edit it on premier or Arab aftereffects Adam after effect and then explore it out on ah and pouring in. Cinema four In here I have I have this ah footage that you can also download it from the project file and click open once you collect Open now and now you see that are 40. Just pop up to, um are seen. And if I scripted a timeline, you see that? Ah, all the things that perfect, Andi, The first thing first is that I don't want to track all of these frames. I just need as something like, um 80 frames and click OK, and also in here if you have your limbs profile if you use any types of planes, are violent fisheye or anything else, you can just simply use your lens profiling here. But since I don't have ah, I didn't use any Ellen's. I just feel it. Leave this Blunk and in resembling. It's the quality of the playback and quality of your video. Inside of the 40 seen if I increase it up, you see that my video is getting too sharp and it's good. It's good to have the Maura re sampling, but from my project because it's I do need a lot of details. I'm just going with 50 person and in film, as speakers, you can change your aspect reef you off your film and video footage and also you can select from these presets. And also the important part is that from which frame, after which frame you want to Ah, track your footage on and hey, I just want to start from zero up to 80 for him per second and click OK in Brian's. I can adjust the prices on me Ah footage. But it's good toe. Put it in default more and enjoyment and shoma disable in, enable their more in hand also keep foreground. If I on this, I didn't If I took on this, I'm not able to see what is going on on the back of this footage. But if I took off this I see all of my are often it's it's good to have this disabled and also creed bag around object that we will talk about it in the next lesson. That it's creating a Bagram object for has that we will, ah, use it as a prediction map are each year I'm mapping or these kind of stuff. So that is from footage. How can we track now? Things are from footage from settings, but if I go to two D tracking, we have two kinds of things. The automatic tracking and mantle tracking if you need. Ah, very low details. Tracking a very What should I see? A very brief tracking and it's a kind of automatic tracking, and you just put all the process all the task for, ah, motion tracker features and hand that sealed before he just does all of those things for you. And you didn't know need to introduce a pines for tracking or anything else that you can do it on my panel tracking that we'll talk about it. But the cool thing about automatic tracking is that it doesn't need any model doing phase. It just all, um, said I was saying before, Ian, you can you have to just click on out of track and all the things are set out for you. I'm here. Just you can, um, introduced a number of tracks. How many tracks you want? 11 members off tracks. And here, and also the meaning is spacing between targets and points that I will leave them into the fall more on. So when I click on at a track, you see that all of these dots are appeared that do you know, perfectly track, But it just for one frames and it's steel. So I just lied at a track on and click on this at the track and wait for a moment. So once the tracking was finished, So now tracking was finished and you see a bunch of points and dot in here that all of them are representing has a track targets, and all of them are stacked into one place off your footage. You see that when I grabbed a time one C that these lines and these pots of representing did motion patters of thes tracks and animation off them like this so you can just simply select all of them or one of them on right collecting you can insert a key key from and hair or trim the track you can also do. You can insert individual key and create the user crack hair. It is very cool if I click on user track. You see that Ah, points created on the exact same frame on on the exact frame. And if I go to mammal tracking, you see that I have a ah, tracking here that's called a manimal on. Ah, I can simply slick this on click on model track, and it will track my, uh, pines, the point that have slipped it into exact seem things that I have like this on. If I go to A despite that that the cameras goes off from there from the mainframes and from the main area and Origen, the tracking will release itself on That's not working out. So it might. It's very good to don't use model tracking in case off some a plane attracting or to t tracking and that you need for X and y. But in most of the cases, automatic tracking is good. It's very fine on health you to create amazing things. So once you're tracking is finished now we want thes pints entreaty. If I go to motion tracker on, check off their we buy camera. You see, we don't have anything. Ah, in our three d scenes. So we want to see those pines that we have achieved. Ah, what tracker in tow Treaty Pine Because they were seen his treaty. We our world, this treaty. We need these points to be entreaty in the exact same position off, for example, in the exact same position off this bad. And pay our this box and here or anything else in and you were seen. So for this we need something called counter solving are we can also counter tracking treaty counter tracking an outfit that we have We can solve it in here in motion tracker Full sole once I click in here, So wait until the finishing off the process So and we will continue our work on this project in the mix. Listen 3. Motion Tracking Overview: So let's continue our war. Can you see that my ah solving was finished? And now I have does circles in exact same. If I pull up the motion tracker usually that I have a souls camera. If I unchecked a camera view by camera, you see that these points are now in to really position bad. That is what we want for for a tree camera tracking to putting our object into are seen in treating mode. They're very, very, perfectly matched. What ever seen so And also these circles are at it into are seeing their representing the treaty position off those data. Those, um, points that are near to the camera on we can also on and off these circles in the display of motion tracker. If I go to options. Ah, option. All reconstruction and display against simply you're down to radios off them. So, on ultra reconstruction, we can change our souls load from full treaty reconstruction to playing a track and Notre plane that I wouldn't want to talk about just for understanding of you. Ah, I want to say that if you want a complete pretty every construction in treaty solving camera, you have to put this in full treaty reconoce traction. And if you won't just plain attract our track a one place of your scene not the whole not the wall par you have to put in Plano tracking our Nola Pan like this. But in the scene, I I need a full treated reconstruction it in hand Focal lean. You can also change some of the camera settings, like focal lanes like sensor size. If you know on also you can rand treaty silver from this reconoce traction on better. Same like this fossil solve in here in motion tracking futures. You can also do it in here, so now that we have ah, our scene, said APP. If I create an object, for example, for instance, if I create a cube, you see that the Cuba's is a is a giant key hoop and it is very large. If I skillet down this, you see that it's just disappearing firm. They camp because it's not in a perfect position, and our world position is not sit out into these points. How could we get that? How can we get right of that? And how can we sold that problem? so simply once you have all of your track indeed in solving camera simply if I right click in the most tracker and go to motion tracker tags, we have a bunch of attacks that help has to ah, Paula shopper scene and create a good pints and good tracking information and and matched a camera to Racine. So the 1st 1 is the camera orientation can concentrate that change or camera orientation according to the scene camera. So I don't want to talk about this because we have some useful other constrain like victors that will help. Has on ah, too much to orientation. The 1st 1 is Damascus Constant train. If I, um ah, at this ah, attack into overseen you see that a mask is created around my pines and here into my scene . And if I change this, you see that it just Moscow does. Tracking data's that you do need or maybe you have a corrector. You have a character that our actor that just passing through the street and you don't want to try that. You just simply, um, masked him out on the cool thing about this mask. Is that when you when you scrapped a timeline you can on when you change the pine. It just already key framed. And you don't have to create a key from for those plants. And that is very cool if you have some um um asking task in some masking work. So Ah, once I at the plain of concentrating, you see that this triangle shape is appear on my tracking Ah, Arizona into my scene that allows has to introduce overground ah into see him. For he died just perfect match off the overall treaty seen into her Ah, video in here. So once you have this triangle shape, simply put them into your tracking data pines. And, for example, just put one pines and hand other pints somewhere in here and you cheated once I put all off them The's, um, tracker targets are appealing hand. That means that we just painted used those pines has a ground on also in axes. You can simply choose which accesses that and for example, we just just choose X axis. And now if I play this, you see that that ah triangle cheapest completely stack angel ground. We can simply create a creative plan for this and you see that bad plan is stacked into her scene and that is very cool. Weaken, lead to playing and all. She could do a bunch of other things or change your pines for one pint to another point. What I would worrying about that matching problem or some IRA things. And here you see that it's completely stack. I can change the axis off your scene like this, or maybe see you see that? Okay, it's it's from our plane in concert. It's very important to have that. And, uh, let's talk about emotion. Track attack position. Constant trained now, once you put your position constant trained in somewhere. If your video. Now, if I create a the object on simply scale it down, you see that your objects as creating from that point that you've introduced on that is very cool. It's still we have. We don't have a perfect match you've ever seen because we don't see the perfect perspective . Views and any others are that we'll fix that with motion track attack weight or concentrate on what What to concentrate. Daz is just some simply ah, match your perspective on your cameras from the video into your three d scene. For example, You see that we have, ah, line in here that once I changed IP lines in, for example, into the spines and introduce the points off our tracking. Ah, but it's like this me being hand. Now If I play this, you see that it's not completely stacked because our plan is not so good. Maybe has changed those points in these points on slick despite put it in here Maybe very good. And in here we have the length. Where is delinked off this areas that we don't know just put it in an unknown and the access that we don't want to define that on. Once I change that, you see, that's now it's completely stack. You have to find a perfect match off your seen. So so after adding those Witters. And now if I add a boxing ham scaled down, you see that the result? This is kind of good, but it's not a steel perfect. We have to match the prospective off this scene into our original seen an original footage . At this time we can use the motion tracker tax camera orientation, concentrating that a weakened change the orientation off devil seen without losing juice at the track. Information by camera, Concert by camera orientation. Concentrate, Tack in here. So before going before working with that, let me go to motion tracker Andi. Choose Keep in foreground because we want to see that there The object itself on our agreed to match the orientation of the camera Once you at this now we can change the orientation of the camera like this on by using offer Tae shin tools. Simply eyeball this on matched foreground. Added the ground. Sorry. With these lines, maybe, Maybe just neat these lines on Put this into a place that match are seen. So, bearer, been that like this I think that is good. So maybe a little bit pushing and matching this with these values? Yeah, that is cool. Now you see that our seniors perfectly matched. And when I play this, you see that just completely perfect. A stack into the scene on once. You Ah, sure, uh, in it. And you're not able to edit bad at gain when you want to change some problems. For example, in here you have to lead this tack. All of those changes are, um, remain. Ah, remained and just are are camera orientation. And now you can change it like this. You see that? The fight. Maybe it's a little larger. You see that if I with the motion tracking or keep foreground very nice. So our tracking is finished and we have a very nice seen eso. Now it's greed, our fixed and talking about how to composite this and how to used at maybe go to McGruff and creating more text. And for mo text, I want to type pretty text on may be change default of it There's something, like maybe, and this phone, um good for a little bit bold version of thes phones like this one. Yeah, that's cool. So you see that are, ah, fixing, right? Wrong direction, Weaken Simply Just place it in hand and rotate it like this. Ah, 118th is perfect. Uh, skillet, don a little bit put in here, and you see that is completely stacking our ground. If I play this, you see that it's very good and very nice. So I just created my fixed and go to Multex and maybe handsome dipped in ham on If I take a rendering she Nanning just to text because we didn't create our Bagram knowledge than once I create that. Just see that came to your render resolved so her for for lightning. I want to. So for lighting it is very good to use this by around matter y'all and use it as an HDR I map to lighting. I've ever seem to match the fixed what you're seeing lighting. So before going into that, I want to just fix these issue with the prospective, just simply lead the orientation concentration and at another one. And now let's off this and match our scenes. Motion cracking is a little bit. What should I say? It's It needs a lot of time to get a very perfect result in motion tracking. Sometimes it works very good, sometimes not. You have to find a perfect match in here for this, and I think it's giving now so and keep it in background on Now we have it. You should. It's a little bit slow because we created our background. So for lining, let's go for a technique culture g R. I mapping for each year I mapping, I have to create a sky on Just go to for a tie and at a compositing tack we don't want to see the exact map offer sky We just want to ah, are in how we just want the affect of those lightings and does and luminess channel data into our text object in tour object in our treaty seen so and here I want to check off the scene by captain and you see that it's disappeared on in here. You see that we have our seen ah, map and material Just simply old control and duplicate on Go to hey and maybe change the name to issue awry. And one thing Keep in mind that if you have ah, the HD Orion panna Roma Ah, image off your environment. It is very good to use Dad has a HDR I'm a but in here Since I don't have the panel Romy banner froma image off this scene I can use this map has an issue or I maps if I just copy this shader on pasted in our eliminates Channel Peace shooter And now we have to just make this a little bit wider because if you are a map are most of time are so bright Also, I finally bit more that a school and now we have reached er I environment map and simply I just put this to over sky and once I take a render, you see that now it's late to bed girded in didn't before on if I go to our render sitting and change their render from a standard to physical And also add some Munich collusion Andi as some global elimination and in global Imation changey presets to exterior. Each year I map image and if I now take Orender, I'll run the result. But he viewer and slower bad steel. We have those lining from our scene so we see a little bit off these, um a sampling issues that we can fix it later on on. Also, we need a plane in him that weaken Simply create a floor in here and you see that there are Fuller's temple at least tacked into our scene. And what I'm going to do in here is simply copy coming from here. Just hold control and put it into floor and in floor. Good is no four Attack on in compositing choose composite with background on. Now if I take Orender so you see that we don't see the plane itself. The plane and the Bagram is completely complicit for each hotter we see these contact shadows and conference shadows in here. That looks very, very nice. Look at these lining setups and look at these thes thes compositing with each. All right, that is the benefit off compositing with BTR Ryan lining with teach to you. All right, that I hire a commanding you to do this in a shit off, using some some different light of cinema four e so we can mix thin we teach at all. For example, if you want to ah, light up these areas of your fix, you can simply at a lights also in here and put it somewhere in these areas. And also you can ah, on the shadow. Maybe on every shadow fight. Just take Orender. So you see that we just, um, mixed wish to your eye map is your relighting with our lighting, whatever lights in hand and I were seen, so that is very, very cool. So that is from motion tracking and use it at all of those things are perfectly sit up and mashed into our scene and Brady for compositing, for outer compositing. An athletic. So now if you want to take a Rendall just from this element mystics and these shadows, you can do it in a lot of different ways. But in normal mode, if you want to take a render, these planes will just it's shown have on your scene like this and that it's not so cool. If you want to go straight forward from sin and foreign and take Orender, it will be good for image or anything else. But if you want to ah, just rained of this element. With this shadows, you can go. We can go for other steps like there is a sheet of cold shadow catcher. If I go to materials and sheer, there was a sheet called Shadow Catcher, Dad. And when I apply this to our floor in him ah, what it does it just, Ah, renter out dis element with the shadows from the plane, but not the actual plane itself. It just take the shadows and am unit collusion off this plane. Ah, with this element on and gives you disability to composite that into outer, um, Softwares. And for using that. And we have to Ah, Glee diss compositing attack. I'm just add this shadow catcher toe are full. Now, if I take Orender if I could to Global mission for just just testing out on take Orender from this You see this? Ah, black plane. But the cool thing is that it disappear into your render viewer. If you see the final output, you will get justice element with the shadow. Uh and I mean inclusion from displaying. So for instance, let's export, um this frame maybe just off on day global elimination and also ah bleat the bag ground. Very nice on take a render them safe on into maybe open x x, x er XDR and Alcatel straight Alfa and save it somewhere. I think I ever seen frame one frame to on Now if I take to render, just wait until the render is completed So now that I have take the render off the fixed and the Bagram itself also if I goto ah after fit just create a new project or you can do it for on photo shop If you want to do it on a steel image, but I want to use a terrific if I open that Ah, this one and this one just import them and put the frame a one hour background into new composition. Now you see that we have our image and now and poor of frame, that is our text. You see that we just gave the shadows and the element itself very out the background without anything else in here. So now I can work on our compositing task. So the first thing is that just rode a scope D's this Ah, this element from the scene and and I'm asked him out and duplicate that and put it above mystics on just mask out like this. Ah, the same thing you can do for the video. A bar on the video. You have to track this mosque and keep from it frame by frame to match their ah did have seen in hair. You see that? And maybe just make a little bit fitness to give the little bit fairness like that Trees Okay, on also Now it's told with compositing Just the first thing that I want to do is much grain to match the green. Ah, and a nice off the scene with this element. So just put the match green to our fixed. Let's meet rename this Ruto Andi BG background and it's like they were text in here. It's ah, just creating a very bath resolve. But we'll fix that final outfit and tweak a little bit. We don't want this type of greens. We just need a little bear not to match on. Just choose your night. NiSource Liar from our Bijie uh, sex. Now you see that we have the same mild of her, but it's a little bit higher. Very nice. So maybe alittle bit fit. Ah, blurriness. Fosler There were text l a to bed because when we see this element from our scene, it's a little bit Ah, just blackness giving its very good or maybe a little bit lower, Very nice. And also, let's add some some level and just try to match it to never seen we have ah, lots of way to compensate days we can eyeball it Israel and also, um, at some curve, maybe. And on read that some consulates prokom this and see and I'm using colorist a for collar grading and put it into our overall compound. And here I just want to use shadow put shell like this and just tweak it. The overall scene highlight we have if you want to put tie lighting and also can handsome vignette yeah, for cinematic looking Oh, so my light get some I liked in half of this on in shadows introduce shadows and just simply brightened up the scene and maybe lower that we need a little bit. Now we have a very nice ah greeting. And it can also just put this into our into ah, on adjustment, Leah. And if I good here on cath this and pieced it into a jasmine liar now see the result before and after. Very good. There is a lot of way to compensate this. There is a lot of way to make this scene perfect. So that was from motion tracking in cinema four e and alittle bit compositing, uh, in after for hope you guys enjoy from this class, don't forget to put to review in the description below off this class on also check out other polygon motion classes on a scale cheer mining is that you share your aunt's you guys next time