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Cinema 4D : Create a Low Poly Fan and Animation

teacher avatar Muhammad Umer N.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Cinema 4D Interface Tour

    • 3. Create Fan Lower Body

    • 4. Create Fan Upper Body

    • 5. Create Wings of Fan

    • 6. Create Material and Render Setting

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About This Class

Cinema 4D no doubt is a best 3D tool for learning. It is used in animation , 3d modeling , motion graphics and game design.

In this Cinema 4D Class, I will teach you step by step guide of a fan modeling and animation, so whether you are beginnerĀ  orĀ  do not haveĀ  prior knowledge of 3D software before, then this class is perfect for you. All you need a computer and passion for learning

What do you need for this course:-

1.A Computer And Cinema 4D any version (R13-R22)

2.Basic Knowledge of computer

3.Passion for Learning

I hope you will enjoy this class

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Muhammad Umer.I have done my Bachelors in Software Engineering  and now working as a full time game developer for past 3.5 years. I am founder of GlistenSoftz mobile game company.

I have worked with almost each technology but found Game development and motion graphic as the most interesting field and I am still Learning Game development. As it is a vast field and learning is a never ending process, Because i was once a beginner and i am well aware of problems that most beginners face and one thing is for sure I am very good at explaining things.

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1. Course Introduction: A slowly come everyone, My name is Muhammad former. And in this class we are going to create a Superman fan and emission in cinema 4D. So without wasting any time, let's get started. 2. Cinema 4D Interface Tour: Welcome to the first lesson. If you are using Cinema 4D four plus time, I will show you how you can move at all of the Cinema 4D. First of all, if you want to ban the banner on with our just hold on Alt key and most middle mouse button. You can ban the word pen if you want to orbit around the world. Just whole loan, again, Alt key and moles left key. And if you want to zoom in or zoom out, hold on Alt key and most reside. If you want to place primitive objects, you can use these objects. And similarly, if you want to use the farmers called cloners, you can use these to far render setting. We can use these, these three buttons. And for camera, we can use Chase and for light, we will use this. Similarly, if you want to add the edge E, phase are vertices of an object. First, you have to select Make editable pen. From here you can select the fees, edges and vertices. The object which would be pleased inward will be appear here. And the property, the delivering who dared object will be here. So I will not go in depth for each object. So we will stick to the, our main project, which is Fen animation. So in next lecture, we will start creating our first, our lower part up Poet fan. See you in next lecture. 3. Create Fan Lower Body: Welcome back. In this lecture, we will create the lower body of our fan. And for these, we are going to create a cube. You just, you can hold the left mouse key and select up cue. Guys, if you want to change the size. The properties in our liver and blue objects are basically three. You can scale it. You can rotate the object, and you can move the object. You can use these three keys are functions, how you can simply select the object and change the values. I've even used the optimal values. You can use values of your own. So I will change its value x to a 100, and y in both 15 centimeter and z equal to 0 50 centimeter. Now, next thing I'm going to create a deformer, that is Pepper, and make the temperature love Q. And select the fit to parent. As you can see, the Tepper adopt the shape of its parent and change it to string 2 minus 3. Perfect. Basically the tamper shot the cut the edges off of objects, it attached. Now, next thing. Hold down control and make a copy of, sorry, Control Z, select Cube and make a copy of cube. Believed their temper, and set its value to 010265. And just please The above the other queue. Perfect. Now, again, make a copy of this cube and just place it on the queue one. Before we proceed, just select that cube one and select filtered and change its radius. Filler treasured stew. And also subdivision 2. Here you did not see the subdivisions. The reason is that I did not select that garage hearing times. Here you can see the line. Similarly select this and change its fair do 22, and also select filtered changes value to both. Perfect. Now select this cube and make a copy of this cube and change its value to 150. And z value is equal to 150. And just purchase it through. Little over and place it on. Here. Perfect. These values are not fixed. You can use the value of your own choice. Not again, select this cube and make a copy of this and no change its value to 50 and 50. Guys, if you notice, I'm only changing the value of x. X is n, z axes. Now please this and just like here, you can switch and there can, there you can see just like this. Perfect. Now, again, select the skew and make a copy of this cube. Now this time, change the value of x to 20 and c into t and y equal to 200. So on which we will please the example Fan. Perfect. Now we are going to create buttons for our fan. So simply select this cube and make a copy and null set its value to 15, 15 and the value equal to 90. And just place it on. Just like. And you can see we have George's, these MGS little bit, change its failure to 0 and make a little bit. Now, make a copy of this and this. Perfect. Now as you can see, the lower body of our Fen, his created. Before we wrap up this lecture, create a null object and select all the cubes and make a chart of non-life object. In next lecture, we will create the upper body of our fan. So see you in next lecture. 4. Create Fan Upper Body: Welcome back. In this lecture, we are going to create the upper body of our fan. So are these, select a cylinder clear to splendor and change its y value to 90. Bring it up here and change its height. As you can see, radius. And you can also change its height and just bring it here and adjust the size accordingly before these, select these and remove it, fill it. So you can just control Z, select the cylinder and chairs, bring it here just a little bit and you can just increase, it's just like this. Perfect. Now, duplicate this cylinder and just bring increase in size. And now create an atom array and make the deal cylinder the chair love her, Tom Marie. Here you can see. Now select cylinder and change its rotation to 18. And select antimatter and change it studious to 2. Here you can see just select a slender and increase its size. A little bit. Also increase their size and height. And spit to. Here you can see just met the ring to this. Perfect. Now again, make a copy of this cylinder and bring it to forward degrees. It's clearly yes. And also it height. So we can further digested. Now, select the cabs, select filtered and change it to two. And also if you want to decrease their segments like that and just bring it outward. Now again, make a copy of these and decrease its size and also height and adjusted accordingly. The perfect. Now select the cylinder and make a copy of this. First of all, uncheck the Philadelphian. And here you can see, make it 10, now increase its height and chest weren't as exit. Which will basically connect the which will hold on the wings off of a fan. If you make it thin, just slip this. Perfect. Now, we want to create also button above here. So select these, make a copy of this and bring it out. And just bring it here. And rotate it to 0 degree. And just bring it here. And also make a copy of before making a copy and just move it here. Make a copy and just decrease its size and the height. And bring it to downward. And select these hold on shift and this, and make a copy of this just again, cold on control and make a copy. And again holdover from top. Perfect. So here you can see the base model of our fan is created. If you want to increase its size, you can engage their size. In next lecture, we will create the wings of our fan. Just like before. Before wrapping up the lecture, just clear dan Null Object and select all the cylinders including ordered and shipped to inspect, going to make a chair love none. That's it for this lecture. In next lecture, we will clear the, See you in next lecture. 5. Create Wings of Fan: Welcome back. In this lecture, we are going to clear the wings of our fan. So far this select the rectangle. And guys before we proceed, just go to this option view port. So loop and tears Viewport Solo Single. But before pressing this, you should select the rectangle. Its mean there. It will hide all other objects except with the object which you have selected. So I have selected the rectangle effectively. You can see all of the objects are hidden. Now, tangent plane to z. And snack this scale and just decrease its size. As you can see, it degrees equally Control Z. If you want to change it to sided to just select that option. Perfect. Now make it editable and select our dis-ease. And just had these region to region, just right-click and select Create point. Just like this point. And better letter to test this point. Perfect. Now select the rectangle selection and just select these and these little, again, select this and make a little change. It's just like perfect. Now, create, exclude and make the rectangle supply in the Journal of x crude. Select the X group and select object and change its small rainbow 0 in blue. For now. Decrees are just as span size, just like this. Perfect. Now create a null object and make the extraordinary LA, null object. Now, before we proceed, select a neighbor and just magnet. And right-click and select children's. And again that click the Connect objects, delete. Perfect. Now, next thing, what we are going to do, Control and just, just kowtow. Before we proceed, just uncheck this and uncheck this null. Here we rotate our data to 90 degree. Now again, select these and enables snapping and edge vertices. Null select and just bring it to. And here you can see it will automatically snapped up. Hedge. Perfect. Now, go to MoGraph and create a colonial and make this null, which contain the excluded and sublime and colonial. Just select this cloner and just again bring it here and it will adjust. And here you can see colonial and non-monetary product equal period. Now make null tree Journal of colonial. Here you can see. And just uncheck this and rotate it. Just control Z, select a low note and just Control Z and X value to 90 degree. Perfect. Now, change, it's more linear to radial. Here you can see n degrees comes to three and change B into X, z and just decrease its size. Perfect. Here you can see the fan. The wings of our fan is hard created. Now you can decrease your size. So we can have just the things according. Now select, Just and select and bring the fan here. And bring it to here. And just adds this fan, these points to adjust here. And just, just bring it here. Now, you can select skin and decrease the size of them, pings. And also a few chest. Just to you again, if you want to make things like this. And here you can see if you want to increase the size, just make it just a big. So these will not collide with the Justice and make them thin. Perfect. So next thing we want to animate the fan, just change its frame to be. And I am going to show you a quick way to animate this. Just select that colonial. Go to MoGraph, select the effector, go to time. Select time, go to parameters. Here you can see rotations. If I press Play, you can see the wing of a man caught start rotating. If you want to increase the rotation, just change to a complete circle. Just press play. As you can see, the fan is rotating. Means offender or 13. Perfect. So that's it for this lecture in next lecture. And we will create the medallion far about fan. And we will also see some render setting for our fan. See you in next lecture. 6. Create Material and Render Setting: Welcome back. In this lecture, we are going to create a material for our fan. I will not give you material in detail, a values, just simple color. Select these and change wor to 39, 66, and 200. Four. Perfect, and select the reflectance. Now create another material. And double-click on this and change its value to 0 for 16 and 16. 16 and 16. Perfect. Now, biota new material and double-click on this and change its value for one or 2451. For. Now again, create a new material and double-click on this and change its value to 19, 19, 6464. Perfect. Now, hold on Alt and just drag this material too warm these, and just this. Perfect. Now, select these and clear DOM this and this. Okay? No. Select on this and on fan. And this. And also select these and just this. And for these buttons, just select Perfect. So guys, here, the mean tutorial. We wrap up our class, just click on this. Before we finish dark loss. Just go to this link on this render settings. And here you can see the basic if you select the output and if you want to 12, render it into full HD, so select this. And otherwise, if you want to only select this. Similarly, after selecting this, just selecting this, go to C and V or you want to save your file, collect, select on this. And from here you can change your types of file you want to, if you want to export into a JPEG, you can select, and if you want to export an MP4, you can select this. Perfect. So I hope you have learned much in this from this class. See you in future glasses till then. Take care. Bye-bye.