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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. About this class

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Colour palette

    • 4. Practicing elements of the wreath

    • 5. Painting wreath - Part I

    • 6. Painting wreath - Part II

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

This Christmas season come learn with me how to paint easy Christmas watercolour wreath. The class is simplified to paint wreath in just few simple steps. The class includes - 

  • a colour palette lesson 
  • a practice session 
  • final class project

If you are interested in buying the art philosophy product from India, you can visit thestore .


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. About this class : It's the most beautiful time off the year because Christmas is here and I've come over it, or seasonal watercolor class, where you will be learning how to paint a Christmas watercolor vrede and less than 15 minutes. This class is perfect if you're looking to give your friends and family something hand made by you because handmade gives are very pressures all the time. And if you don't know me yet, I'm decant a Syria from limitless art. A watercolor artist, you can know more about me on my profile on school shirt and on to check out other classes that I'm preaching on skill share. In this class, you will learn how to pick a color palette for Christmas wreath quickly, which will be followed by a quick practice session where you learn how to paint all the elements off the weeds that by step after, which we'll be painting all feed. You can then frame the Christmas read and then make it as a beautiful hanging in your own house or just gifted to your loved ones. Or you can meet special Christmas hand me watercolor card with a lovely note inside. It will make a very special Christmas card. Read your gifts or you can just make a tiny Christmas tag like this. Let's get started on painting the Christmas watercolor read. But before we get started, I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And thank you so much for supporting my classes throughout the year. And I'm so excited to teach Monia classes in the next year. 2. Materials required : Let's quickly look into the materials that will be needing to paint our Christmas free today. You don't necessarily need to have all the materials that I'm showing. Just anything that you have with you should completely be fine. You would need a watercolor people if you're planning to paint, Oh, greeting card with the Christmas return it. You can just take a watercolor paper and fold it into two halves like that so you can have a space to write something inside on. I'll be using those prima watercolor people part to be painting the free. Today it is a lovely take shirt paper, which is 300 GSM and cold pressed. And for the colors you will need something which has Lord of Green Colors. I'm using the latest confection from the art philosophy, which has some beautiful colors, like greens and other Kahlo's. It's a very worst style palette, which goes with almost any team that you want to paint with. And if you're interested in buying this, you can use my code on the art philosophy left side toe, by where you would get 15% discount and the fear from India. You can also buy these from me, a levelling in the about section off the class where you can find more information and next you would need around Russia. I'm using the Princeton size six heritage brush, which is known, and it is just perfect and versatile enough to bean 10 and take strokes. And you will also need to glasses off Clearwater. Usually, I used to use only one, but recently I've started using to judge. You will also need a circular object to draw the outline for the read. And lastly, you would need some paper. Tubal stood up off the excess paint or water wild painting, and that's all. Let's begin painting our Christmas breed. 3. Colour palette : in this lesson will be picking the color palette that will be painting the Christmas freed bit. If you have taken my previous classes, you will know that my rent heard off walking ISS always to pick all color palette for us before I paint anything because it makes painting so much easier and simpler. So the color palette for painting the Christmas freed will contain Lord of Different Varieties off green. If you don't have these greens that I have on my palate, you can always makes green, yellow and blue and different proportions to get a variety off green shades. I'm just using the direct colors because I already have some, so the color palette will contain light shades and dark shades off green. So when you paint the read, they'll be like Lord off Leo's and look more filled. I'm also adding some venta green shades to this color palette because it will look more interesting because it's winter season now. 6 to 7 different shades off green will be ideal for our Christmas read, and I think this is a lot of different shades of green, and we'll move into the brown color. Next. I'll be using two shades of brown. One is knives, woody brown, chocolate brown color, and another one will be orangish brown. So even my painting the twigs, the twigs will have some color contacts and look nicer to see. And the last color on this color palette would be a bright cherry red with which we are going to paint the bodies and the feet. And with this we have a perfect color palette, which gives you all the Christmas wipes. 4. Practicing elements of the wreath: in this lesson will be practicing some off the elements that will be painting, and the read 1st 1 is going to be different types off leaves. We will be following loose brush strokes throughout the class today, and we'll just practice some loose brushstroke leaves like this. Oh, these leaves or not, the exact ones like either the screws or the Ford leaves, which is used in the read, just like a representation off those leaves in a loose tile, which has 10 and long lives. If you have taken my previous classes on skill share, painting leaves would be easier because I would have thought you the brush strokes. Even if not, you can just practice some Lou strokes like this, and I'm sure you will get it in sometimes with practice. The last one that I painted is a similar one off these Is that the 3rd 1 that have been to this more narrow, which can be used in the sides, are in the coves off every toe, fill some gaps and the broader ones can be used, so fill those center off the lead. Besides, Pinking believes, I'm also going to show you the layering technique like this one, like a painted or darker shade off leave. And now I'm leering and filling the gaps with a lighter shade of green so you can also do this. Wise will say you can paint a lighter shade of green first on and then paint leave branch with or docker shit however you're comfortable with. But make sure that the previously ER is dried before you add the next Leo. And you can practice some more leaves until you are okay and confident enough to pain for the final class project. And the next one is going to be over. Very popular. Leaf just called us the holy leaf, which is widely used in Christmas ornaments, and I'm just going to teach a very simple way to paint that without any sketching. First, just paint an outline off the Tony edges like this. I'm just keeping few Tony edges because it's a smaller leaf. Depending on the size of the leave, you can add more edges. And once I'm done with the Outland, I'm just going to fill it with the pain, and you can always correct the shape off the leaf, and it is still but and to bring in more color contrast in the leave. I'm just going to dub the excess paint from the center of the leaf so it looks like those center is little light and its stock at the edges. Even try painting few more leaves and practice painting different sizes off these leaves as well. And once it's tried, you can add the center stem that the doctor green or maybe or dark share of brown, and not necessarily you need to. You paint only these leaves you can also add, though usually leaves that we paint and the read if you wish toe or any other leaves that you have painted before, you can completely feel free to add them and create a read off your own. Next would be painting some Berries, which is very simple. I've just begged the red color. I'm just painting. Simple circled. The first type off Berries that were painting right now will be used for the major part off the read, and the 2nd 1 which I'm going to teach, will be used as Phil owes, which will be used in between the leaves and the twigs and to make the first type off. Very look more interesting. Just drop some brown culo, which brings a little off color and contrast in the body and doesn't make it look very plain for those smaller Berries. Now it's going to be a group off small grounds or cluster of small circles like this, not Perfecto. It can just be like some blind up shape, which looks like circles, and I'm just going to paint few and then, after painting off your Benjamin, just going to add some branches to it with brown culo. So it looks like a bunch off smaller Berries, which look very cute, and the sides or the fellows and towards the last part of this class will be painting some branches or twigs. It's just very simple to paint it, just like few continues lines in different shapes. It like broken lines. You can call it us, and you can probably add some calls to it and ready it with 10 and take O strokes. It's so hard to explain how to do this, but I think like it just like a combination off different types of strokes in different directions, and also when you add a different color to it. I think it becomes more interesting to look at it. So I think you can just absorb carbon painting these tiny branches or twigs. You can also try painting, some to accept critically if you want to practice some branches. I think that would make it more easier if you haven't painted twigs before. But I think they should be easier to, because it just a cluster off different lines in different directions. And it shouldn't be hard off for you to paint, even if you're painting for the first time and next. Still, just add some smaller Berries like this on the twigs, and that's all we are done with the Elements lesson for the read. 5. Painting wreath - Part I: in this. Listen, we'll be painting the first half off the Christmas read, which will be the twigs and the bottom leaves. Practicing the elements well is going to make painting this freed so much easier. And I think we have done that in our previous lesson. So this becomes very easy and simple. So first we begin painting with the bigs. You can decide where you want to paint that makes either you can have it on the top part off your read, or maybe even the side part over each other apart. You want it, Toby, and you can also decide how you wondered begs to be. Either you want them to be take or 10 and wanted to make it look very filled or make it look minimal. It's totally up to you on what you want to paint, but and what you personally like. And I'm just like filling little Mort breaks because I like it to be little filled on the top part, and after painting the twigs, you can add some Berries generally, like how we practice. You can just balance it on both the sides and make sure that you don't over the war. Add varies throughout the legs. Just leave some gaps in between an ad to make it look more night. So after painting, the twigs and Berries will move on toe paint leaves now for the lives of plan the bottom part off the re to have the bigger Berries and the holy leaves. So I'll be painting the phyllo leaves in those sides like this and violent painting. I'm just going toe, make so many different shades off green and keep painting the same types off leaves and different sizes. You can see how loosely on painting, thes and just filling the gaps. And also you can decide on those size off the leaves that you want to paint. For example, if you're painting on a smaller piece of paper, and if you wanted to look more detailed than you can paint even more smaller leaves so it looks like more filled and very intricate. And if you're painting on a larger sheet off paper, and if you wanted to be very loose and free flowing, I think you can just pain larger brush strokes with different shades of green, so look more pretty when it is framed and I'm just adding some wintergreen Carlos and the sides. And with this, we're almost done painting the part one off the Christmas read. In the next lesson, we'll paint the other half. 6. Painting wreath - Part II: in the final part of the reed will be painting the holy leaves and though Berries in the bottom, and also add some finishing touches to the read. I'm just painting some holy leaves like these. I decided to paint the leaves first on both the sides and then pain the Berries in the center. But you can also do wise was, if you find it more comfortable by painting some larger bodies in the center and then go about painting the leaves with which a word your comfortable. You can go ahead with that myth, or you can also paint. The leaves were different shades of green, if you wish. Toe ah from don painting with few leaves. I'm just going to paint some Berries in the center like these, and then after painting, the Berries are again. Add more leaves wherever I feel is required, and you can also try to paint different types off leaves. The filler leaves if you want to paint in between the holy lives, too, - and once you're done adding the leaves and when you feel satisfied, you can add final touches to the read by painting some smaller Berries and between the leaves and for the final touches off read. You can just add some twigs and between the leaves and some detailing on the Berries to make it look more realistic. And there we go. We have our Christmas cortical of read ready. 7. Final thoughts : thank you so much for watching my claws. I really hope that you enjoyed painting this Christmas. Read in a very short time, and you can gift this in different trees like you can get the painting just framed and give it to your loved ones. Or just hang it in your wall behind the Christmas tree or anywhere else where you feel is right. Or you can make a Christmas card like days, which will go with the hundreds and note inside. And I'll just be perfect for the Christmas gifts that you're bought already. Or you can just make a cute little tag like this, which will just be perfect on the gifts, too. And that's all I really hope you enjoyed. Akin. If you did, please leave a review, because I would really appreciate your reviews in the class and once again, Merry Christmas and happy New yo See you in the next year. But by