Christmas Treats: Melted Snowman Peppermint Bark | Allison Sattgast | Skillshare

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Christmas Treats: Melted Snowman Peppermint Bark

teacher avatar Allison Sattgast, DIY Whiz

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Snowman Nose

    • 4. Snowman Hat

    • 5. Arms, Buttons, and Eyes

    • 6. Peppermint Bark Base

    • 7. Build Snowmen!

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About This Class

This is a fun project for parties and handmade gifts! You're sure to get a double take when people see these fancy melted snowmen, but making them is actually fast and doesn't require too many supplies — and you'll love how cool an effect you get for the time you put in!

Be sure to check the class project for supplies and a list of ideas for materials to use.

I would love to see your snowmen in the gallery!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Allison Sattgast

DIY Whiz


I'm a DIY girl who loves to try new things. I create and cook and design -- it's more fun that way!

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1. Intro: Welcome to the melted Snowman Peppermint bark class. This is a fun and easy project. In fact, you may even find that it takes more time to hunt up the supplies you're going to use, then actually make it. This project is perfect for parties, for gifts, just for fun, and it's also tasty. So let's move on to the next video and talk about the supplies that you're going to use to create this project. 2. Materials: this project doesn't require very much in the way of supplies for the base. You'll need some white chocolate chips or white making chips, some peppermint extract, and then for the decorations. You'll want really an assortment of things, and you can get a little creative here. Look on the class info page for possible options I'm using for the snowmen hats, many reasons or roll owes and some chocolate gold coins that I got from Trader Joe's. This larger size is the common one, and I'll pair that with Breezes. Then I've got a smaller one that will pair with the role owes for the nose is I'm going to cut up in shape Starburst candy. But any similar orange can you would work then for the eyes in buttons. I'm going for many M and M's, though there also a number of options you can do there. Then the last time I'm going to use his pencil sticks. Of course, those are easy to find anywhere, so let's get creative. I'm gonna start with making my snowman noses 3. Snowman Nose: So here we have a couple of starburst orange to Candy's. There are a number of ways you can make a snowman knows. However, this allows a fair amount of flexibility. I'm gonna dio Let's take this and divided into four pieces. Start by cutting it in half, and then I'm going to cut that half diagonally and that will give me the start. A basic shape. I could also cut smaller go for a fairly large no use my fingers shape that into roughly a carrot shape and that looks just a little too long. So cut off the end, soften the edges a little bit and there you have it. One shape snowman knows, so this six times be done. 4. Snowman Hat: Now that my nose is air created, I'm going to move on to creating the hats. My hat brims are from gold coins, so I'm just going to take off 1/2 and then I'm going to cut them in hand. I think it makes them a little less likely to shatter if I do that while the bottom still on and there's half a brim there. So I repeat that for all of my Koreans. All right, now I'm going to cut up the rollers and the reasons. So looking at this, I want in effect, that's about like that. So I'm going to cut these twice, wants to get a thinner section. Then I'm going to thin down the other one, and it looks like that one didn't survive very well. Way had extras, for there's a second. Yeah, carefully and get just a little carving off that so that it's fairly thin. Aiming to have these Look at that right handshake. Here we go. I'm pretty happy with that. So there's three six hands total. Open up some reasons these required double care because of crumbly. They are do a gentle song. Motion started down through this. We're looking at that It is pretty darn good 5. Arms, Buttons, and Eyes: So now that I have my hats and my nose is sorted out, the last item is to deal with the eyes, the buttons in the arms and also the simplest. So for each snowman I intend to build, I'm going to do to Brown's for the eyes and then three matching colors. So, for example, three greens. Finally, I'm gonna take one pretzel stick and break it in half. So here I am with enough hats, noses, buttons, eyes and arms for six snowmen. 6. Peppermint Bark Base: I'm going to use a double boiler to melt my chips. So in that case, I need a double boiler and a pan with a little bit of water in the bottom, but not enough to touch it. Take my bag of chips. This is an 11.5 ounce bag or 326 grands. Now I'm going to put that on stove under about medium heat and stir it with a spoon. I won't and the peppermint extract until the very end. I'm going to put in half a teaspoon, and once it's all melted and the extract is in and mixed in, I'm going to take these. And poor. This is parchment paper, which can handle the heat and cookie tins, so I'm gonna go ahead and start the stove going. Of course, if you would prefer using the microwave to melt your chips, that is always an option as well. You can. I'm sure find some good quality instructions on the Internet for that. I think it's in some ways easier to manage the double boiler. But of course, if you don't have a double boiler than the microwave, maybe easier. So it's been a couple of minutes. Things were starting to heat up just a little bit. So now I need to pay a little bit more attention to it. I don't need to start every second, but it is good to keep things moving, even in a double boiler. All right. Things have come along nicely. This is really pretty much fully melted. The last few little holdout lumps have gone, and it's nice and liquid, so I don't want to delay to one of this. Boy. I want to grab my peppermint extract and get going. When this hits the chocolate, it's going to make things kind of difficult, so I'm gonna have to stir pretty rapidly. All right, here goes government. Some of that peppermint will probably burn off, but that's all right. I did put a fair amount in. Okay. And there we go. The heat is off. I'm gonna move that there. And here I have a cloth. Very important. A double boiler works by steam. So you do have to be careful about moisture on the bottom. So I'm just going to set this on the cloth, that moisture off so that it doesn't drip down the side and into what I'm trying to do, so I'm aims files, kind of like pancakes. I'm going to do three per pan. They don't have to be perfectly even. I'm going to smooth them down later. So that's most of my chocolate. I have made a little bit of a mess on that very last. That's all right. Final step is to take the pans and shake from that. That's going to make nice, smooth puddles. I place him for a part so that they would not touch. In fact, right now they look very much like pancakes. So finally, I'm going to let you sit for a moment. I don't want to put the chocolate and such in them while they're just piping hot. I'm hoping that if I could cool them down just a little bit, though, still hold the chocolate and all of that, but not melt all over 7. Build Snowmen!: I've given these melted snowman a couple of minutes to cool them just a little bit. All right? So first I'm going to take ahead, stick it kind of cock I You do have a little bit of freedom to move it around now. Three buttons, a couple of eyes for the eyes. I'm trying to put them so that the M is not visible. But of course it's up to you can't two arms the rollers air going to be basically the same . Just gonna put them together a couple of eyes. Once you've finished laying out your snowmen, place them in a cool, safe place to fully harden up and get ready to eat. It does take a little time, but if you stick them in your feezer, they'll actually hardened really fast. So it's up to you where you stick him. But just make sure you give them enough time so that when you lift them, they don't just booze. And there you go melted snowmen. Christmas treats