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Christmas Piano Songs: Silent Night

teacher avatar Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Silent night intro

    • 2. Silent Night -Right Hand-

    • 3. Silent Night -Left Hand-

    • 4. Silent Night -Both Hands-

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About This Class

Would you like to play christmas songs at the piano? In this class you will learn to play "Silent Night", a beautiful christmas carol that will help you to improve your musical reading at the piano.

You will be guided in the best practices of playing piano, learning to play each hand separately first and then together. You can download the sheet music so you can practice offline after have watched the videos.

Join this class and start preparing for the holidays today.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator



Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days.

 My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music students, if you are a beginner or a advanced student I am pretty sure that you will find a class that can help you in your music journey, you will find classes basically about piano, music theory, ear training and education.





Here are the links to my classes:


        Piano Technique 101 #1   - The 7 Min Routine - See full profile

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1. Silent night intro: Hi. Welcome to this class in this last drug going to learn how to play Silent Night, Al Japan. This is part of the Christmas piano songs Siris on. You're going to learn not only how to play this beautiful Christmas, Carol, but you're going to improve your music reading. You're going to prove your piano playing and you're really going to have phone Clip it playing this beautiful song. I'm preparing for the holidays. My name is Insula. Sonya. I'm going to be your instructor in this class and I going to guy do step by step in how to play this song at the piano, playing first your right hand in your left hand, gold hands at the same time. In order to really understand what are your reading and not only have so much front but improved your piano playing Thank you pollen e part of your musical journey and welcome 2. Silent Night -Right Hand- : Let's learn how to play Silent Night. This is a very popular and beautiful traditional Carol, so let's start playing the right hand. I really recommend you to go over the notes named the notes, and really, did you make sure to practices several times reading the notes before? Start playing this off course because this is a very popular song. You won't have any problem actually recognizing the melody and playing without mistakes. Just don't play too fast Gold urine pace and analyze even that you know the song. Analyze the notes so you can really play this in the correct way. What I'm going to do as you can see the match off the ship. Music. Well, this peace is divided in six prices. You have six prices, and I'm going to teach you how to play phrase by phrase. So it's going to be really easy to understand, and you can organized your study. You can go to your study routine and play maybe phrase by phrase that will help you a lot. Well, I'm going to begin right here with a G note, and I want to use my finger number three. It's very important. Always to follow the same fingering In that way, you're muscles are going to memorize all the moment movements on is going to be easier showing one to the right. Here I have Jean thinking on the e note I looked at It lasts three beats. So Jean Dany name on to tree And this is so I can meanie phrase and you must repeat this twice. And this is going to be the first price The tree gene, maybe me and this is the first price. Now the second phrase do you need to make a change? Change your fingers So be careful with the fingering Maybe you can try your own fingering but I really recommend you to try the one that I'm suggesting to you right here before make you any change. So being right here with the other The note with my finger number five I'm going to play being B B c c. I think that's why I playing denote with my finger number five. In that way I can play the whole phrase without any change. I'm going to play the second Freis again re re re treats c c more time being to tree C c gene. I'm going to play the 1st 2 phrases, Gene, maybe me treat means they're being making me tributes. Then being 3323 c c gene this artist 1st 2 phrases now good news, ther phrase and the fourth phrase phrase number 23 and four are the same. So it's going to make this easier. We're going to play right here. The name note with my finger number treat. This is important. A a c M e g going to play this one more time They a c b a gene Beijing I'm sorry is that you know the last 11 more time a J c b a mean aging me tries because the Ford phrase is the same. Now I'm going to play phrase 12 tram for no way. Now let's play the fifth praise and number five for praise number fights. I want to play right here. Does Dino with my finger number tree in the other way, I can and will be able to play the the F B ring. See? Okay, if you follow this finger figuring you won't have any problem being the f the green C B There's this phrase number five now The last phrase I'm going to change again. I'm going to play right here. The see? No in my finger Number five and going to place 52 and one. Ready, C g. Seen Jean me and now pay attention. You're going to play the Gino with your finger number five So you may need to do this movement C b jean every scene to play one more time. The last Frey C three C Now I'm going to play phrase number five and six b b f The greens c e Change your fingers. Seeing me again, Jean, be seen recommend you going phrase by phrase abd your own place at your own pace. I'm sorry before trying to play the whole songs going to play the whole song, remember? Watch how I'm changing my fingering Jean 18 me to tree gene changing tea tree change and I leave my hand at That's a hold silent night song in the next video to show you how to play the left 3. Silent Night -Left Hand- : Now let's learn how to play the left hand in this song. Silent Night is a very popular and beautiful traditional Carol Christmas Carol. Well, something that makes it really easy to play. This song with your left hand is that you only need to learn three positions and you actually are learning to play this art records because you are playing three notes at the same time. So I'm going to I showed you the first position. Actually, you're going to play, see major court, but notes seeing me so learned a note saying You need to play them at the same time and each rhythmical figure lasts three beats because we have a doctor half note. So what you can do is to play this four times, for example, and they play one note after another, and this is the first position. The second position you're going to place the G major corporate you need to play. I mean, the being the engines play this four times, for example, and then play mean gene the green several times. Then you can play again. Seem a now, but third position is going to be the F major court, so you need to play a scene A on this art, that three positions that you need to learn to play. This the left hand of the song. So I really recommend you to play several times this. I recommend you this first position playing with five tree. I want this tree fingers, then the same fingers playing in them being the G finger stream 53 and one. And when you play the third position, seen it on a journey can play finger number 5 to 1 practices, combining the three positions before playing both hands at the same time. That and that's what we're going to learn the next. 4. Silent Night -Both Hands- : Let's learn how to play Silent Night playing both hands at the same time. Remember that it's really important that do at this point do need to have practiced several times each hand before playing both hands at the same time. So you won't have really any problems, so you need to play a little bit faster. Uh, then the speed that you are going to play both cancer at the same time. That's very important. So let's learn this phrase by phrase. And in the same the first phrase Do you only need to play right here? The first position scene. So you just need to play this and you need to hold. You're each corner right here. Three beats because you don't have any silence. So any arrest June, just hold each of the whole measure your left hand. So I'm going to play Rachel year. We figure number tree and I play Wal Mart. I recommend you to play the note. Not so loud. So you need to play this more piano, so that will really help you. It's going to sound more music off this good. Now, the second phrase do you need to play right here. Finger number five and share position right here. So you will play. I think this position. Then I go back to the first procedure. The play the second price again. Remember? Right here, finishing a very south soft volume. Then I'm going to play the first on second phrase phrase, remember that the third and fourth phrase are the same. So this makes really more easy. It's gonna feature. So we're going to play seeing if a this is the third change and write a no. So I go back to my first position here again. Now let's go to the fifth phrase on Going to play right here, B g. And right here. Finger number three one more time. I changed to see ET one less time to 50 Phrase. Come on now, the last phrase You have to pay attention here because you know you are going to change here the same time you're going to change, right? Dean? This position. So I recommend you to play this practice. This change exactly what I just did. One more time thing. Then you can continue to play phrase number five and six. We Oh, wait, wait to play the whole song. - Remember , Go at your pace. Practice each hand separately, phrase by phrase before playing both hands together and then go again. Phrase by phrase. Don't play too fast. Actually, this is a very tender and sweet song, and you don't need to play this too fast. So it's a very calm song. And if you have any question, remember that you can post your question. I I will be very, very happy to help you and go at your own pace and have fun playing this beautiful song called Silent Night.