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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1.Everything is Made Of Shapes

    • 3. Painting Rudolph

    • 4. A Reindeer Is Ready

    • 5. Drawing Foxes

    • 6. Painting A Fox

    • 7. Finishing The Fox

    • 8. Drawing Penguins

    • 9. Adding Features

    • 10. End

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About This Class


Christmas is near. Why not take a quick illustration class to teach you how to illustrate your own gift cards. Print out cute Christmas animals painted by you onto Christmas gift cards for loved ones. In this class you will learn how to draw and paint Christmas themed animals .These animals are cute, cuddly and adorable. Using watercolors, I will demonstrate how easy it is to draw the shapes and add expressions. 

What You Will Need:

*Watercolor set

*Watercolor Paper

*Paint Brushes

*Pencil and Eraser

Don't forget to upload your versions and share with the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible


Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed easy ways of painting and drawing portraits. Making it possible for anyone to start painting portraits today. 

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is Sharon, and in this class I am going to show you how to draw these cute Christmas animals that you can cast for an apply on T gift cards and Christmas cards. But also this class is a very easy exercise to doing a spare time. I am going to teach you how to easily drawer thes animals, had to paint the features and animate them so they look cute and allies, which brushes breast sizes and our strokes of the best. And this is a very easy class for beginners. So if you're just still starting out to water colors, you can definitely follow along in this class to Where's she going to need as a set of water colors, about three sizes, different sizes of brushes, clean water, some watercolor paper, pencil and an eraser. And let's get started guys. 2. 1.Everything is Made Of Shapes: using Victor's. I just want to easily show you how you can draw the reindeer. So if you can see the shape is sort of like a rounded flat has a rounded flat top and that comes in down to the bottom in a slight points and then on the side, you goingto add ears and new ears. They're gonna be shaped like who leaves every time you draw. Ah, creature an animal table. Whatever it is, it is made up of shapes. So by breaking and Dolphy, I want you to be able to clearly see the shapes that go into creating the reindeer heads. See, have your ears and then you have your neck and it's pretty white. And then I am going to place a circle for way. I'm going to place my nose and my mouth. I'm gonna place all that in that circle. Just a circle is every perfect. He put it right to the bottom. And then, as you can see on the size and you end up having the eyes on the cheeks, animated cheek, so to speak, I'm going to just show you through drawing. So the top of the head is a rounded flats shape, and then it comes round to the center, the bottom slightly in the sights, points and the circle that has nose in the mouth from there. That's where you're going to draw two lines that go up and the curve into the ears. And in those spaces I'll have the I and the cheek. I promise you, it's really easy when you break it down into shapes. When you break the whole illustration into shapes, it's so much easier to draw. So have the circle here inside the circle. I'm gonna have a very simple nose and my mouth and my nose is just sort of shaped like him , surrounded at the top here and then also the bottom. So sort off like a bean, I guess, is the best shape to use. And I wanted Teoh add a scarf to keep my reindeer warm and at the top of the heads, I added some horns and is just you control what ever does have to be perfect and this is it . So let's start painting 3. Painting Rudolph: I'm going to start painting the for with a brown, a dark brown, and the technique that I'm using for pretty much all of the illustrations in this class is that I'm going to be mixing my paints with a lot off water. So it's very important that you used would a color paper or heavy waited paper that can absorb that water because I want to have that effect. And if you don't, if you prefer something more solid, you can use less water. But for this lesson is going to be using a lot of water. I'm gonna blend it all out. I wanted to look very war tree, and this effect works really well with the medium sized brush. So let's say you have a small medium and large, so you gonna use your small brush for like the eyes and then a medium brush she going to use pretty much for everything else. The large one truly is dependent on how big your drawing is. If you're drawing, it's big, but you can use large brush. But for overall for this illustration, just gonna be using a medium brush on the brush them. Using it is pony hair, and I like it a lot because it's absorbs the water really well and everything paints easily . So I'm just gonna paint in the painting that years and then I'm gonna move on to the horns on and how I drew these. I just do a thick stem. Just think of plants and it was the best way to think about. I just think off plants like a plant stem and I rounded ends and the horns optional. You can add them or not at the moment. Them small whatever you want to do. But don't worried too much. If yours don't look like how my look and then for inside the ear I'm gonna paint with a darker brown. And I just added a little bit of black to this brown just to make it much darker than the for that we have just picked it and she concedes, very rewards. Tree I'm using and a generous amount off water. And I'm just blending and I'm sweeping and it's just very soft and easy, and it has to just easily move across the page. If it's not, then you're not adding a lot of water, so just go back in and get some water and try to have variations. As you can see at the bottom here, it's darker, and then it moves up to the point off the ear and it becomes lighter, as in tone. Paint the whole inside of the ear. One Doc Brown, have some life areas in dark areas and then I'm moving onto the nose and mouth area. We're gonna fill that in, and then after was most gonna fill in the neck in those of the areas that are brown. And you don't have to use the same tone of brown that I've used. You can even use a brown that is a bit more chest nutty. You can add a little bit off. Read to you, Brown. That would be a pretty interesting turn to use. This is an illustration not too realistic. Picture 4. A Reindeer Is Ready: now for the insides where the eyes and the cheeks are. I'm gonna paint that with a a pink. It's sort of like a move pink, which basically means like a purplish pink color that I'm going to be using. I mean, I'm gonna paint inside around the eyes and around cheeks. So for the cheeks, I've just done these 3/4 circles, and that's just to give it that cute sea touch to make the illustration look more and made said's and more appealing visually and now for the cheeks. And I'm using a darker, a darker shade off that pink that I've just been using, and for here you can use whatever you want to mean. Your cheeks could be like a a rosy orange. Or it could even be a more paler or white to cream. Here, I should say creamier pink Mrs Waken, sort off, deviate and design your own reindeer, so to speak. However you want to do it, just experiments. Have fun with its. This is a fun, easy illustration. Just remember, you know, just don't make it too realistic. So use colors that are just obits more richer and brighter, and then, for the nose definitely want to fill in. That knows, with a little bit of pink. And now I'm going to do the mouth and it's very, very easy. I just paint a straight line down a short, straight line and then these two curved lines that meet in the middle so simple with a dark brown and using the same color for the eyes and the eyes of these tiny oval dot sort of speak make that's keep them small. And now I'm gonna move onto the scarf, and I have decided to match my scarf with some with the pink areas that I have on the head and with scar from ghost gonna add a lot of water to it. I wanted to be very watery. I'm just gonna spread that out. Oh, across the scarf. So now that we're actually coming to the end of this very, very easy illustration, it's gonna go over the points to remember when you arm painting your so for the effect at a lot off war to be very generous with the awards her and it spreads across you illustration have variations in tones and shadings. Some places air darker than others, so it's watery, with different areas off light and dark 5. Drawing Foxes: okay. I want to just quickly show you how to draw the fox head to draw your vertical horizontal line, the meats in the middle. And then over here on the right side, I'm going to have my ear that is shaped like a leaf, just like with the rain to your ear. And then I am going to draw my head, and my head is sort of shaped like a balloon at the top. It is rounded and it comes and meets and a points like home. One of those comments balloons in cartoons and the points is in line with the center and also with the ear doesn't have to be exact, minus out exact, just roughly drawn. And they will have the inside of the ear. And then I am going to ads and its hat and adding a had to animate the fox so it's not so realistic. It's a very easy slouchy hats. And then over here I'll have the tail and the tail is shaped like a flame and you think of a fire flame. And then here I'm gonna have the center, and it's like a giant hill that goes up in up like there's a valley in between and where the valley is is where I'm going to place my nose and my smile. I'm gonna have my P shaped eyes And if you can see where the nose is kinda meets the middle off the head when I have my rounded cheeks, my little dots, those circles, I should say sorry. So it's almost in line with the nose, the nose and the bottom off the heads. And then remember, with the ear around where the middle is. The eyes make sure the online and those Kik circles, but the smile is slightly tilted. So here it goes, up and in like, two hills that meets in a valley and make sure they level beyond the same level position. And this is how it would look when you've cleaned it all up. Be easy about it and take your time 6. Painting A Fox: Now we're gonna paying tower Fox heads and I'm gonna paints mine with a bright reds that will have a little bit of orange in its again. My paint is very watery, and it's spreading across pretty easily. And I'm using a medium sized brush. Be generous with the amount of pain a month off water that you are adding to your paint. So should have, like this swoosh swoosh! In effect when you painting across the page so that the water colored spreads all over the illustration so easy. If you can see it just moves really easily a lacrosse. So I'm gonna paint with this color on the top parts off the heads, the ears, the tail and then I have pores at the bottom over there. And then I just with my illustration of just added little pores. So it looks as if the foxes sitting at a table you don't have to add that in you can actually leave that out of the illustration was still look pretty cool. So let's move on to the tail. And as you can see, the tail is it looks like a flame, and I put a little curl at the ends, the bottom parts off the tail is going to be reds and in the top part is going to be a brown. So I just divided it with these waves. You know, those really easy you waves that you would draw when you like kids when you're drawing water. So that's time divided the two parts of the tail. So it's gonna fill in the tail, and then I will move on to the pause and the little next site, like so. 7. Finishing The Fox: for the inside. I'm gonna paint it with a light brown this brown. I created it by adding in my senate brown with white, and I'm gonna paint inside the rest off the fox head and inside the the ear from the tail. So again very watery all across for the little knows I'm gonna paint that with a dog brown and the nose is shaped like a rounded triangle. I'm just going to outline the edges and then l paint the inside with a little bit more water. So you want to illustrate one of those cute button noses for our fox? Do you want to always keep in mind these cute features to add see illustration. Usually, what makes these cute features other pink circles for cheeks on the sides, and when you have these tiny little eyes and then you give them the animals human features like raised eyebrows or a smirk that I'm going to be added onto the fox right over here, this cute. It's smart smile as if it has a secret, so to speak. And believe it or not, the position of a smile does affect the overall expression off the face and then I have my eyes and then the cheeks to make them look you and more cute and animated. So I This is actually my first phase of painting, which means after this is over, all of this is dried up. I'm gonna go back in and just redefine certain areas, redefine corners or just a little bit of more paint here and there. But I just want to show you overall how to paint it first before I go back and again. And here I'm going to be painting in those markings. And this is just to add detail to the fox head. And then the eyebrows with a dark brown and the pretty wide or thick and raised, insulted, I should say. So you want to have these raised eyebrows and then I blended in with water. I'm gonna paint the knits hats with a bright orange, vory watery. Then it's hats. Chimay could sloughed she and I add to the little pump home at the end, off the hats for the pomp home. Make the movement off the pain to come from the bottom, going up to top off the pump home. So most of the paint in detail will be at the bottom where it meets the rest of the hats. And then it goes up and have made the palm form just a more intense reds than the rest of the hats to make it stand out more. And then this is the finished result. I went back in and edible paint. More details. It's all about building and layering, but keeping it a watery. 8. Drawing Penguins: Now we're gonna draw penguins, rounded top, quite wides, and it goes in and out, kind of like the top office told Shaker and then in the middle of the hero and have a little slaps. So rounds and in round in and outs and you have the arms as if they seated on a table in the middle and gonna have my nose. It's gonna drawer horizontal vertical lines that you can have an idea of where everything is positioned in the centre. I'm gonna have my nose and it's flatter on the top, and it comes in rounded like a triangle and on the sides I'm gonna have my tiny little eyes . It's gonna fix that. And then I'm gonna have my cheeks, small little circles and I'm going to divide the nose or the beak, I should say in half on, and I am going toe adds a knits. Floppy hats for the center penguin. I think that's so keep the top off the heads pretty rounded, and then it curves in where the neck would be and that sort of marks with the arms begin the flaps, the flappy arms and then on the left side I'm gonna have a smaller penguin around the top, comes in and out for the arms, and then you have the beak in the center and is divided with a line in the middle of a top in the bottom and then for the eyes going to keep them close. So just thes upside down use. And I'm going to add a scarf to the little penguin, a very wavy scarf and then another little penguin on the right sides se of the big pink win with his little friends on each side of him. Same thing around a top in the most gonna adds, um, Flappy arms to the little other Pinguin. Just fixing that. Think of my positions rights so goes in and then I'm gonna add some headphones. Did this Pinguin toe animates. It's in the middle of here. You're gonna have the beak right here and then little eyes so's rounded like a soul shaker goes in and then it comes out around. It's just remember to keep that rounded over here also. Then you have those arms that also rounded at the tip and they folded in all of them, a folded in as if they seated at a table and then you have those cheeks in the middle you have knows that is shaped like a triangle. But then you divide it again. And then for here, the eyes closed. Really simple. First I'm going to erase Is lights Lee over the pencil? Very likely so that I can still see the shape. But it's pretty light before a painting top. And I'm painting with this stone. I believe with a lot of what I'm going to start by painting the arms and for the penguins. I'm not gonna paint the whole heads. So for this one, we're gonna paint on the in the arms and a little bit on the top and on the sides and then in the middle of the heads. Unlike what? Treated with the reindeer and the fox. We're gonna leave that clear, and I'm gonna paint the top top off the heads. Just a little area that's showing right below the knits hats and you're patting with brush on the page just softly patting rather than strokes of streaks in a sightly, blotchy way. And then I paints likely on the sides over here. So we're leaving the center. Absolutely clear and unpainted, and I'm gonna follow the same on the smaller penguins. I'm going to paint on the top off the heads and on the sides and the arms and make sure that the, um the top it looks is if it is bleeding into the rest of the heads. 9. Adding Features: let's add some color to the cheeks. I'm going to use this purple pink again for their cheeks. You can use something more Flushed and Rosie A And I just started by first applying a little bit more off the paint and I'm gonna go back in with a watery brush and blended out . And here I am, using my small brush, my small sized brush and then off to the beaks and I'm gonna paint those with an orange, a reddish orange, very watery, Gonna fill in the triangular shape. So I first start by just filling it in with a watery base. And then later on, I'll go back in and I will define the middle off the beak and the nose Minniti the the little one speak. And if you look at the penguins, they all have, like, a different expression just by the eyes through different eyes. So if you want to change the expression off, your penguins just focus on the eyes. Either open them up close thumb. I'm gonna go in and refine the lines off the beaks, the top and the middle. And then I add those two little dots on the top for the nose, like so Very simple. It's gonna finish off the little ones. Arms. I realized I had forgotten to fill that in, so I'm gonna fill that in. 10. End: I'm gonna raise the more before I continue painting. He do it. Really likely. So you can still see the markings off your off your drawings. It's still went to the pencil to come through the paint so much So this little one over here has headphones just to make it more funky. Andi animates hoods, adding some headphones, something that you could add. Aside from headphones, I would say you could also add glasses like those big round glasses. I would look really cool. Then I just plant that end with a lot of awards all around. So the key to making these creatures and animated and cute is to add human characteristics to them. Human character, six oo human features that makes them more acute since more appealing. Now we're gonna move on to the scarf off the medium sized penguin, and I'm going to make the scarfs striped, and I'm gonna use pretty much the same colors as I used for the headphones. Me use a light green and a darker green. I'm gonna paints that in Okay. And now for the hats than its hats. I'm going to fill that in with a purple and then hats is a floppy shape and it points up at the side off the penguins heads. I'm going to make that also pretty watery. And now for the eyes, the's small beady eyes. I am painting in with a black and I'm keeping them small. If you wanted, like big eyes, what she would do is you would draw a bigger circle around thes small eyes and then you would not fill in the bigger circle. You fill it in with whites, and that would give the impression of bigger eyes all my ice to be these tiny little beady eyes. I'm adding a little bit of Doc Brown to the eyes, mixing that in with the black and you leave little areas in the eyes unpainted. It makes the eyes look more like eyes rather than just these Doc brown circles in the head . So again, while I'm doing this, let me just go over specific points to remember when you're painting your penguins first name. When you're painting the for, you want to painted in a very watery, blotchy sort of technique, way nuts define the lines at all. Secondly, you wanna focus on the features on the expressions, and how you add those expressions is in the eyes over here. I'm just adding some blue dots, sort of like snow just to add some feature suit. And this is the result. Thank you so much for taking part in this class Very easy class. Be easy about it. It's not meant to be a serious class if you don't get it the first time. If you don't get the illustration of drawing right the first time, it's OK. Illustration of drawing right the first time. It's OK. Just show another one. So I see you've done your drawings. What she would do is you would transfer your drones into for the shop. Just clean out the the areas around your painting, and then you can print the sun's cards so easily. And if you draw your own fox or reindeer or penguins, please upload and share with the rest of the class. I really do enjoy seeing how other people interpret what I have taught and how they illustrate the own versions off the class. I absolutely enjoyed that. So if you do, please share it. Thank you so much and take care, guys. Oh yes, one more thing. Merry Merry Christmas