Christmas 3D card. | Irina Podolyak | Skillshare
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    • Christmass will come soon!

    • Christmass tree.

    • Decor.

    • The card is ready!


About This Class

December is already coming!

Let's get ready for Christmas! Congratulate your friends a beautiful Christmas 3D card. You can enjoy making this card with children!

A little amount of materials you need and you are free to improvise!

I’ll guide you in this fun and easy class. You will like the beautiful result!

You are welcome!





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Irina Podolyak

Silk ribbon embroidery

Head of the embroidery studio Cvetpolana.

We develop our own silk ribbon embroidery sets.   My whole family helps in the production  process. More than 10 years I am teaching silk ribbon embroidery,

September 2012. published the book " Silk ribbon embroidery. Amazing projects".

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Good luck!

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