Choosing your portfolio as a web freelancer: Focus on what matters | Evan Kimbrell | Skillshare

Choosing your portfolio as a web freelancer: Focus on what matters

Evan Kimbrell, Director at Sprintkick

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class!

    • 2. First thing to do

    • 3. Building portfolios upfront

    • 4. Tricks to grow your portfolio faster

    • 5. Thoughts about portfolios

    • 6. Finding free work with Catchafire

    • 7. Keep the learning going


About This Class

A lot of people struggle with their portfolios and it's no wonder because let's face it - building your official portfolio sits low on the procrastination list (see what I did there) - somewhere between updating your iTunes library and cleaning out the basement. Getting started can be a total pain in the -

Your portfolio is the eye to your bank account balance. We want to make sure that you're maximizing what you've got while minimizing that gap between amateur and established.

Maybe you already have a portfolio or maybe you've got nothin'. You might have too many portfolio items or you might have too little. Regardless, this class will help you choose the best way to build and choose those items from a client perspective. You'll be given a basic framework for how to understand your portfolio along with growth hacks and other strategies - and yes, there are strategies to this seemingly easy yet awful thing. Let's get it over with, shall we? 

What you'll learn:

  • Tips and hacks for growing your portfolio faster
  • What clients look for
  • Common mistakes people make
  • How to find free work to add to your portfolio

What you'll do:

You're going to play (constructive) critic by scouting for portfolios that need improvement. If you want to scout for impressive portfolios instead that's fine too. Browsing through portfolios will help you brainstorm how you want yours to look, feel, what to include, how to format etc. It also helps to check out the competition.