Choosing the Right Performance Metrics for Your Business | Seth Weidman | Skillshare

Choosing the Right Performance Metrics for Your Business

Seth Weidman, Data Scientist, tech thought leader.

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8 Videos (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. About the Instructor

    • 3. The Startup Stage

    • 4. The Fast Growth Stage

    • 5. Diagnosing Slowing Growth

    • 6. Funnel Metrics

    • 7. Funnel Metrics Example

    • 8. Closing Thoughts


About This Class

If you use data to make decisions about an organization - whether you're a business analyst working for a company, the CEO of your own company, or an investor evaluating companies - this class is for you. 

All organizations, from small businesses to huge corporations - are drowning in data, from classic metrics such as what revenues or profits were last quarter to more "modern" metrics like which pages on your website customers are visiting.

In this class, we'll walk through the example of a fictional company that sells clothes online - My Clothing Reviews Inc. - and walk through what metrics are most important to them at each stage of their growth. 

Then, for your class project, you'll look at an EdTech company who is looking to grow its business in a similar market.

These examples will draw directly on what I've seen working deeply within similar companies. I hope you come away from this course less intimidated by diving into the numbers to see how companies are doing! 





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Seth Weidman

Data Scientist, tech thought leader.

I'm Seth Weidman. I'm a data scientist and a thought leader who writes about the intersection of business, education technology, and machine learning/AI.

I currently work full time as a Senior Data Scientist at Metis, teaching in the immersive data science program. Aside from that, I speak on data science topics at local Chicago Meetups and national conferences such as ODSC, consult for and invest in startups, and write about the aforementioned topics on Medium.

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