Choosing the Perfect Website Domain for Your Business

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Keyword Basics

    • 2. Keyword Types

    • 3. Branded Keywords

    • 4. Locating and Purchasing (Godaddy)

    • 5. Blue Host Purchases

    • 6. Tranferring Hosts


About This Class

To maximize search engine-referred traffic, it is important to locate and secure SEO friendly domain names which accurately describe your products and services.

Ideally, webmasters should strike a balance between finding a catchy, unique, brand-friendly domain name and having a domain that contains keywords they are trying to target. The benefit of a keyword-rich domain is two-fold. First, the domain name itself is a ranking factor that the engines consider when calculating ranking order.

Second, having relevant keywords in a domain name is beneficial because the domain name is the text that other Internet users will use as anchor text when linking. Since keywords in anchor text are an important ranking factor, having these keywords in a domain name can have a positive impact on ranking.

This course teaches students how to find and deploy SEO friendly domain names so join us today!