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Choosing fonts for different occasions

teacher avatar Gabriel Ortolan, Illustrator & Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (3h 5m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Reading type

    • 3. Comics type

    • 4. Funny/Childish type

    • 5. Elegant type

    • 6. Extravagant type

    • 7. Formal type

    • 8. Color combinations that are appropriate for reading

    • 9. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is about how to choose fonts, but in a more practical way for different occasions. Here we are choose fonts, discard, see which turns out to be better for the occasion, see which fits the composition and so on. I talk about, again, reassuring, how every font leaves an impression. The occasions are the following:

- Reading;

- Comics;

- Funny / Childish;

- Elegant;

- Extravagant;

- Formal.

And, for last, I will talk about which are the colors that should be used for the best reading of the text, both background and letter, always giving you examples of everything that I do, alright? So, time to begin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: Hi everybody. How are you doing? My name is Gabriel and owns project how when the choose fonts for different occasions, but more in a practical way. And what are those occasions? I wanna help you choosing fonts for reading, for comics. For when you need a more funny or more childish type. For when you need to demonstrate elegance. For when you need a more extravagant type, and for when you need a more formal when R, You will also include some backgrounds to show you which callers were best when they are together. The objective is not stay only in theoretical concepts, but the more practical can help you to get some layouts. Raiding into situations that I just told you bought. This class is meant for artists, lead to health problems when the topic is choosing a font for certain occasions, soap, let's do it. 2. Reading type: Before anything else, I'd like to thank everybody in that had the left me feedback on previous class that I gave you tips and spoke a little bit about formed. The ones that had left me feedback. One that more actionable class with more examples and stuff. So that's what I'm going to try and provide to you, own this class. Ok. So that's why I didn't repair anything at all. Because we're going to begin from scratch. So the first situation that comes to mind when we're talking about formed is reading. Gain that obvious? Don't you think a font is meant to be read? But there are some occasions, Dad, depending on the font, the reading can become tedious and boring and mainly tiring, null. Imagine printing newspaper or even book, we thought to do proper font that you would only get you fired. So which are those forms that are more suitable for an adult reading? Most likely. They'll ones with serif and debt are Leto we stemmed continuations over here, connecting one end to another beginning, allowing the reading to flow, especially when you are talking about pages and pages of text. As examples of Serif fonts, I will provide some, but few free to peak wherever you font you want, because there is no rule here for picking one font over another. So my favorite for UV, for examples, in starts with Times New Roman. Let's put it here. I would try to do a0 to own the next visuals as well. Century peribulbar book and find a new. Again, there is nothing wrong in trying and became a different font. But I feel more comfortable choosing their one off those for. Quickly. Let's write some text. And I will repeat it four times and each fault will be apply it once. So Let's meet again. This is just, and some of the text will look like when you be serif font. For making the R0, for making the reading. Let's repeat it a few times, but first I want to change the size of it. Let's copy this first paragraph a few times over. This is just an example. So let's make it brief. First, it's times the Roman, the second century. And the third is the fourth. He's already on Colombia. Let's make it even smaller. Size is fine. So you can see that each font has basically and some are more compressed than others. But is, is just an example. Next, you want to put the d theory aside. And we'll make the layout of two pages of a book. Now, there is nothing wrong in using Illustrator to do so as an example. Because there isn't much easier and faster way to do so to handle all the text. And that way is called our Adobe InDesign. It's perfect for when you have to make layout of a book or a newspaper or anything like that, because it has tools, it has resources. It has every thing that you make your life much easier. But as is not to desktop kids is not the theme of this video. How to handle InDesign or make a new layout of book. This is not important. What is important here? For you to learn how to peak a font that you make the reading much easier. So without further ado, let's do it. So our MOOC is going to be divided into chapters. And just so you could understand, what I am doing, these Lane made away is temporary. It's going to divide the left Beach from the one on the right, and even Beach from art beach. Alright. So you can see that the book is open. Book is spread out. Okay? So before we begin properly, I want to choose a random number for a size of the pages. One hundred and twenty, one hundred and fifty millimeter by 220 millimeters. I'm going to name it new chapter. And I'm willing to create another part that is going to be our beach right next to it. And and chapter. So we have one even beach, and that's going to be the end of a chapter. And the next page, the one on the right is going to be the beginning of a new chapter and it's going to be an odd beach, right? But let's set the Where are you going to put your text? I guess he's fine. Soap. I wanted to make even the left, left barter and right barter. By going to put in the middle. And I'm going to make it the top barter is smaller in size, then the bottom one. So you can put the name of the story and the number of the page below it. Alright, so I'm gonna copy that over here. And so let's begin by applying the, by making the layout of the page with new, the new chapter in it. So basically where I'm going to do is some typing similar to what I did earlier. This is just an example of how the text would look like when you choose a serif font for making the dean STI or I'm gonna put a comma over here and I'm going to call B a few times over. Like this. And I'm also going to choose to open the Paragraph Benno, and unaligned it. Or better justify it. And not choose to eliminate their ego. And now I'm going to copy a few times over. It's doable. So I'm going to low or eat where the text begins. So what could write chapter two in it? But leaves. This is fine. And instead of times new roman, I believe we're going to use d and c as a five line paragraph. Turn it into six lines paragraph. That is because not all the fonts will have the same size in our, this same leading. But that is a topic that you will go in a few seconds. Before. I'm gonna to increase the size of it. 12 is the minimal accepted. You can go with 11, but that is the least of the least acceptable. That is fine. And we are going to increase the leading. And what is the leading? I'm gonna change up more visible color. And. Not like this. It's the, the space left between the base lines. So it's basically this size of the font increased a few points. What happens when you, when you low number? We don't want that. We want true. So it's fine. So fro now one D E space is 17 points away from each other. And it's another thing that helps. Another aspect of it, a text that helps for reading, that makes their reading easier. I'm going to try true. So we doesn't have excess off text lying around. That is squat Ds plus sign was indicating for me copy and paste. And maybe we can do one more. There you go. And another thing that we will help you read batter is no. When did next paragraph comes? And we just need to add a tab to it. So it really helped their reading. And just assume that the beach before that came in before it has the, the rest of the text. And continue from this point onward. And there So we're going to choose a different type of font or no serif font. Because I think that it's a good, good complimentary to the Serif font. And I'm going to choose it to write chapter two, the number of pages and the name of the story. So I'm going to provide you some examples. Again, there is no need to follow me and feel free to pick whatever the form to debt you want or they're defaulted debt you will find that suits you the most. So I'm gonna change it to condemn ARRA. Not change it but apply it in Hama. And for last, only three xs impulse this time agency, FB, children's see me. Again. These are just some examples. There just needs to follow it. But these are the defaults that I think that we'll just somewhere because in both of that, the fonts that you will combine and mix with the serif fonts, a non serif font. This time, I'm gonna choose the agents FB tool do their writing. I'm going to change it to boat 18. Little more and check out her channel. For the name of this story. There is no need to do that and should do it boat. And we can, we can shrink the size of the font. Let's make it a story of a night that's put up just like that. And let's write it in a number of pages as well. So you remember that is the Cs on an even number. So 20. And let's, let's put the 16, I guess. And as an odd number, 21. And for the last one that just to make a line, draw a line between separating the name of the chapter and the beginning of the text. There is no need to do the it should do it. But like true, true. And tried it. Let's align key object. And there you go. Lower. Okay? And let's add it true here as well. And then align to key object that's made up of and not to make you So PQ. So I believe it's done. Our first situation where you have to peek. Fall into debt will make your life. When reading easier. What does make oh, a book or a newspaper readable? What does facilitate or make the reading easier? I believe among all, there are three factors. The size of the font, the leading, this size of deleting, and mentally the, the type of the font, especially if you choose a serif font. So that's it. That's our first situation. 3. Comics type: Another form to that is I use it for reading the comics type, but it doesn't need it the serif. Because if you're making delay out of a beach for a comic book, you can't feel it with the next. Otherwise, it would be a normal book without any space for the illustrations at o. Therefore, do either ability is not so important. So which font would you pick for a speech bubble? And the explanation that usually appear on the top left of a comics. Something like these. You would assume. Teen light. Well, depend, depends. So much of the comments that you're trying to make. But I think in general, it has everything that a comic Stipe needs. It's not so formal. There's stems, doesn't have the same weight as we can see on the t here. And H. Because this this part is thinner than that one. But it still has a baseline, street baseline. So let's put it aside for now. Now, let's take a look at this example. What do you think of the writing? What are the impressions that it leaves? Well, at least to me, the writing doesn't leave an impression of seriousness because it doesn't have I Street baseline and doesn't have the same drawing for a deceased ladder as we can see here on the T's. And another example here. One t is different from the other. Now I don't know which formed ease it, but I can suggest you a similar one. And that similar one. Kristen, I see. I'm going to try to write to disable the text, but using Kristin. So let's leave it aside for resistance and write down. True. So I really wanted to pursue that. So let's increase deleting your viewpoints. And very cool. So let's put that aside for now. And use formed true, true, right? Explanation. That usually comes seeing you. It's the first thing that you see on a frame. So let's pretend that this is a frame. Let's put so much explanation like later dot-dot-dot. And let's do it like this and increase the size of it, as well as the deleting. And let's put some color selection. And finally, let's put some older color that it doesn't need to be like this. Because it's the important thing here is choosing a foam. Tibet is going to be well on comics. So I'm going to do it very quickly. Whereas this is fine. So what can you get or if adequate, from the writing over here? Well, at least to me, it gives the feeling that the sensation that do all the ladders are floating. Because you don't get straight baseline among them. You also do not care. They will default and do not care. If an ladder is suppose to be bigger than order. Let's take this syllable here. D is supposed to be bigger than the, than the u, but it's not. There's also no we straight the, the I that is supposed to be easy to do. It has a curve slightly to the left. And the ladder Dad, I find most trait. Is this t. It feels like almost the font. Kerstin doesn't care about the rules, but make no mistake. I'll font made for conics. Deal has to be readable and legible. So wait a minute, there's a difference between readable and legible. Yes, there is. A font is legible when the difference between the ladders are significant enough. So you will don't confuse and m with. And that is the most notorious example because it's too easy to make. And I am from and, and you just have to add one more, like. So, coming back to our example, I've seen no major problems in different being legible. Maybe the letter that they find most problematic is the H. That looks like almost an and if today's stem for DES, left side would be dollar, that would hurt anybody. So bot that salt. And a formed is readable when you don't need to make any effort during the reading tree spot the difference between the letters or even identified the letter. They're really, comes naturally easily. Now, backtrack example, again. You can read, when I zoom out, I believe that is this is the most of zoom out. Then it can give you. Because we started to confuse the b with N, O or maybe, as I said, and age with an N. See. But aside from that, I don't think teres major problems. So our font are creased and font is both legible and readable. Now, I would like to show you, just to give you some examples. I'm going to put the legible fonts on the left over here. And they're readable fonts on the right over here. So that's the most neutral ladder or font. Should do it to, to come and read a mole. Now, let's go with the symbols. Got to go. Coherent, new, new. And finally, for simple, you knew first CT, Roman. And as far readable faults, we have the same old Times New Roman. Let's see where dunno and forward lasts. Speak Cambria. So I believe just far examples of off each that fonts that are legible. Cooper Black Century Gothic, cohere, new, and university Roman. And four examples of the fonts that, uh, find readable. Times New Roman, cada, dia, Verdana, and Columbia. Now, there are some folks that are not legible nor readable. And I'm going to provide you some more examples. And I'm going to prove to you with one little sentence. Why is that? Why I think they are not legible nor are readable. Di course CVA. I'm gonna do it like this. These brush, brush and t, t0. And finally, free, free hand. Pretty Jesus Christ. He's a t five. So what can you find among dose except maybe for the mono type course CVA. But they Yao seem to connect the letters. Just as we were writing. And exemple though diff sentence that I'm going to give as an example is should prove my point. Only to prove my point. I have had some sh sh. Ferocious script is, is me. And this is free hand towards left. So what see when I look at this sentence that I just wrote, first of all, being demoed, that type of course, CVA, I believe these eye over here is out of place, in my opinion because it doesn't have a consistency. It will look like some other font that we just move to static. So just by this letter, you will, they will find their lack of consistency and excluded from the categories that either legible or readable. Does one, i gives me the creeps, just true comment. But because like I two you can see over here but it isn't, it doesn't phew like, for example, when I look at it, at t and uses lacking a continuation of the town i. But in this Jew, I find problems just with the first letter 2s1 over here. Let's zoom in. For instance. What happens to these ones? These combinations of letter, the W, handy I, at least in here, you have a distance of connect on another. And these two looks like an H. But does it look I can be I don't know. That's looked like a B to me. And Dead is supposed to be an a. I really don't know. I think among all me straw is the worst. Among do examples that I gave to you. Mistra is absolutely the worst. And here again, we have a problem with the connecting. Because all do we have here where she script and you'd have the decency to connect. But it lacks consistency. With no adults. The w and your y, the v and the e, that lacks consistency here. Chu. And I'm not even going to comment on the eye. That looks like a nine. Just got MAC reality. What's nine through 80 is like this. So I may leave. There is no reason to meet peak among the numbers. But wow, this is it. Neither of these four examples are legible and readable. And I and, but even I have proof. Prove to you that we've just one sentence that homeless, legible and readable concepts go down pretty quickly. Now, diaries, one less doc that I want to discuss with you about being legible and readable. I believe one topic, one characteristic, one parameter doesn't exclude the other. You wouldn't go as far. I wouldn't risk that for a phone to to be readable, he first had to be legible. But I can see that these four examples here are both legible as well. And for a font to be legible, heat has to be readable. Not at all. Take where black, for example. It's legible because the difference between the letters are use. Noticeable. But it's not readable because it's Alito Chu, far-fetched, I believe. And they could do university Roman over here is. It is legible, but it's not readable at all because I believe it's a fancy tool, the extrema. So all I can say that is that one characteristic, whether is legible or readable, doesn't exclude the other. There are some phones that are both, that are fonts. That is only one, have only one characteristic. And I left for last date, onomatopoeia, right? That is the imitation of sounds. Take for example, this formed over here. B, z approvingly and saying that wrong. But D is formed. Bending on the sound would fit fairly well. On is seen, especially if it is an annoying sound because of the, the inconsistency and lack of pattern. Let's copy that and take Z and T, but not these dy, this T, capitalize it. So you can see the top of the letter E. That eat is thicker than the one owned tea. That even begins to UC, not as thick as the E, But begins and goals get He's getting thinner and thinner into it's barely visible. C. So what do I propose? That Chou draw each letter for two reasons. One, daddies and onomatopoeia. It's not supposed to appear every frame. So you wouldn't have so much work to do so. And tool, you'll have much more control over. It seems it's part of the drawing, like the ones you can see here. So give it a try and drop it like the way you want. And you can include it aspired off the drawing. The drawing over here, the illustration. And so that's it. 4. Funny/Childish type: Next, let's get out of the pages of a book or a comic book and blamed something more fun. Xiaowei, let's make the layout of an invitation to the birthday party of a child or right? So which font would you normally use to write? My third birthday party? I believe is something like this. Perhaps. Liquorice string BR this is turnings. I could yeah. But only if I didn't give any more information about the place and the time and do address and so on. If I my intention was true. Right. And just debt just put that in the foundation. I could pick this fault. No problem. But a invitation needs those informations. So let's check if I apply it at the same font for all the text that I'm playing to place here. And again, this is just an example that I peak on the internet. Tone was true. Saturday, June fifth. One began. Three over three. For last phone number 5551234. Hi guys. This is fine. And let's change the size of it. And we need to put here Let's put the date before the time and make it small information. It's not so relevant. We can't put on its smaller and well, I guess the mind to it as equal true Zen deck sample. Put each phrase off one way. Third birthday party tries to celebrate. The, I believe it's good way. Effect are great way to divide the information that you think that's most relevant. Let's try something like JS. There you go. Let's lower the DD. Probably evolve to something like that. Now, I want to break apart d's. So I'm gonna try true. Well, and alright. So we can have more free than true to increase the number. And four last November, I wasn't a true BB here. 110. So k information up for Bob. And just for the sake of it, I'm going to put a margin over the year and affect I'm gonna create a non-elderly are beneath it. Back ground. And we're going to be able to do it. Right. There you go. As much a color for that I can manage. And let's change the color here as well. I promise it's the last thing they're going to mass with its beak and orange. Shrink it and treat those as well. Because we don't want anything else. Jumping on your face. Just want to make it relevant. Do use these bard of invitation, these writing of the invitation. And that one top. Let's put d a few points. So let's put that aside for now. There you go. Well, you know what? I'm going to put an alkaline induce, induce rectangle over here that is serving me as the background. Six is fine and ongoing. Chew. Dashed line. Let's put a higher number than 12. It like when you are something, I'm going to go and change the color of it. Black k's. Let's pick purple, I guess. And let's put heat as well. Something that looks similar to do. Pink over here. But low, low end colonised over Google. That's right. So I guess this is fine. And I'm one separate eat each information. Let's see if but we would change that as well. And these orange right here should do with the outline. And I'm going to call these cold over here and place it here. So it should turn orange. One over here, I guess. So, there you go. Colorful. Maybe true colorful. Invitation to do boy or girl 30 birthday party. So I could send it for all the guests. And if at least one person will read until the end without any problems whatsoever, I would be amazed. This is the problem when you peak one formed Mare is suppose to be funny. For every single letter, the reading would get tiring and confusing. And we've oldest curves that are making a few d. So let's change it that here curls m0 T. Basically, the same idea applies to these new formed. It still has curves. And do reading would get, would easily get you're tired. But I chose this formed to replace the old one because of their sensation that it give. It still looks funny, but has a space inside the latter than the other one did not have forced some letters. It gives us the sensation, at least to me, that we can finally breathe. And we are no longer trapped inside of it. Like you would amaze or something. And besides, it helps you, it helps to recognize reach ladder. You are reading. Because let me just demonstrate beacon again, liquorice. And typing and o and e to the r, choose similar. There is almost no difference among the n. And then extremely important because we are evaluating, analyzing, use this font legible or not. Now, let me choose another font for all the information that he's left. Here. Market sorrow day. Oh, let me change. Is green. Centres as well. Just see if you get any better. Market saturday. Well, that did. So. I'm going to enlarge it. There is a problem with the numbers, but I guess the only thing I have to do is I'll make them bigger. I guess. Maybe this 16 is enough. And very goal, much, much better known to think. In invitations like this, it wise to peak at least two phones. One more funny or childish for the beak celebration, and one more sober, but also not kind of not so perfect for the rest of the informations. And if you need to put more text that surpasses Chu, lines, it's wise to peak are more readable phone to like verdana or accompany out. And one day you is enough for the message onward. So what are these fonts that we chose? Our Demi, MY first eats a child, party. Second, I don't need to dress soul formal. And third, it's okay if I get there 130 PM, for example, and not arrive on the time that is written on the invitation. But we'll talk more about that in the next two videos. 5. Elegant type: Now let's do the opposite. Let's choose an elegant font for our wedding invitation. Let me put the whole text here. And assuming that that a lot of the information is going to be equal to du, birthday party. Where is it? What time is it, and so on. Let's choose 26. True. Moves. There. Let me just adjust the art bard. If a thinner when that tree tree Homer triggered there with their families. True? Sure. Dry day change, exchange. She marriage. Bob's Saturday night. True? Shouldn't be saying choose choose the throw. Reception. That's fine. I probably don't need to do exemple anymore. So let's put that aside for now. So I ask again, we won't daddies and feet for our wedding invitation, would you choose? But our lovely something like debt. Oh, Script. Script. Let's enlarge and the name of the. Engage. And here we go. Again. It would be interesting for you to peek at least two phones, one far to the name of the engaged and one for the rest of the information. Let me let me see. Transient parole for burrow. One could EEG once told me that this font crushing Pro was the most elegant formed he knew. And I gotta say, I don't agree with that, although I have use it for other situations. So I'm not feeling the Koestler because it's true. Can barely read. And Alito, true inclined it. Let me see if there is a better option. Eduardo, script I2C. That's Butch, better. Yeah, much better. Data through our crypt. Dc. Now, let us make a few adjust demands. I believe I'm going to decrease the sounds of it just a few points. K. Invite you to share it in their drawing as the exchange marriage file's name is okay. I think it's not so important. This is in part and so on going to increase the leading. Maybe 235. Yeah. It's true PM. Perfect. And I'm going to change it like maybe like this. I'm gonna cut and paste. And then I'm going to do this as well. So I have the names of the engaged for free apart from each other. And I'm gonna change it is likely to left and it isn't going to move to the right and decrease the size of its I guess the disease. Perfect as I believe it can be. The reasons that I change it for the Guardian was because in the same size, it had the sure. Film stems and was a little chewing plane. And the other one, if we, if you see here, is a size of 5390, it's almost double. So it is one you can read. And at the same time, the inclination that the dot, so drastic. And at least in my opinion. Now, I would like to bring back the topic that I was discussing with you in the end of the previous video. And that was what is the message that the fonts chosen are trying to transmit? And let's just forget for a minute that he's a wedding. So if you ask me and asked, I'm not suppose to go dressed the way I want the elegance of the fonts chosen. And not to mention the paper in which the invitation was sprint. It own told me that. He told me that I should go dressed elegantly and Mark formal for Amara formal occasion. It's also telling me that I should not only not to be late, but come before arrived before the in the printed location. Before the established. Our. That's what I meant in the previous class, that each font leaves an impression. Each font tries to communicate something, truly leave a message. It's a completely opposite message. Then birthday party. But it's telling me the same thing. B, at the date at the d's hour at the displays for us to celebrate something. 6. Extravagant type: Now let's change the subject a lot and tried to pick an extravagant font. And that combined with what I know, salt, let's try and make a burner that is announcing our advertising. A circus show. Shall we? The same information about the place and the hours. There's a show going on. We're going to have to use here. But we could add more information like the date the sucrose is coming down and enterprise because we have more space to work with than the last one. Then probably put some illustration like in the middle. But first, let's import these example and create another layer back ground, ground. And let's pick this one. And let's try and make weekly illustration here. Just like dough. Just like the one we have here. That's not what we want. So let's let's first call be it. And reflected. Rays. That's much button. And there you go. That's combined with these. Finer and nuts, trying not to leave. So if we can town to Brown and forward rulers. And I think that's good. So we have an illustration in the medial little dao, but almost in the middle. Like that. Maybe its better. We like these much better. So I guess this is it. If flags getting away, I might consider a, a raising it. But we will see. So remember that my indentation is only De Chu how to peak phones. Let's pick our real and let Sqoop be. Amazing. Amazing. Show. Like true, this same of color that they illustration and the frame. Cuz law has a guess. Yes. 9.5, $3. If we were to just set up. So go these one off here. So at the end, I'm going to try. I don't even going to bother brood cows. I depending on the phone to debt QB choose, you may or may not have bolt in it. So not the gunna bold anything. And beginning to think that I'm going choo. Whose whole striation here. So I can make the title True. Little lines is coming for our town. Sort of gorillas Vegas. I could also do that like this. Non-survey egos. But p here, smaller, total like this. We're going to use over here. Just a little while. And for last date. 16 of true. Okay. Yeah, I guess it's fine. The font is gonna, is gonna change. Marine treat queries. That's okay. But I like I really even run it like that. And list 16. 100. Probably. Diaries. What I'm doing here, it's always tough time because we change the font. I'm gonna change it because well, inch banner. Only if I didn't. Coming for your tone. Yeah. Much better. Much better. Because one ie formation was obviously a continuation of that title. So think it's bad in the way, and let's make it bigger. So cool. Las Vegas coming for a DOM. Tickets sold at the entrance there. So this same old question. Which font would you choose a four-day advertisement of a circular? We have few options. Right here. For example, roles would STD. It's a Fanta debt. I think it would fit very well into burner. So there are a few rules to be fueled in. And what I mean by that is that in the previous examples, you either had bought a book or received the invitation for something, right? 40 comic book or in the book, yes. You had a choice, but it was mine dimension. Call over the insight and not Nicole over. So presuming that it was a gift from someone, alright. And someone that mod dv by dq over and you didn't have access and short insight of a debulk disdain, you have to call the app, then shun the interest of the public. Well, these writing over here, and together with the illustration, they are already doing that. Now, I have the interest of the public, right? That one less, that's one less thing to worry about. I have to show the information that's right here and invite the people that's right here. For that, you may use another formed because the attention is already caught. So these is no longer an issue. That is choose for example, let me make just a few adjustments here so we can tell, come along tomorrow, do you? But it is strong font as you can see. And Alito condensed. So I think I changed my mind as usual because dS is going to be larger I1 to distribute larger than the rest of the information. So the first thing, I would like to make the frame almost true, the edge of the page of the Benner. And we will see on bolt illustration. But let's for now focus only on the text. 2d art board. Move up as well. And as well move. And not so much. Let's make inviting beaker and these as well. Let's move. Let's move up. I believe I'm going to have to change it. Normally, I don't do that. But this is just an example. So I believe I can do that. So you could move up and fueled it of flooded with text with another font. But first let's make the adjustments that are left. I, you want to diminish, decrease the leading and increase just the phone. Just none number. So we can align with June with the word low. I think 140. That's good. All right. Let's try to make the same that we did the date. That's right. And let's increase the size. I believe I'm going to make the same size. Both date and entry. So and that's fine. I think I'm going to move up just the legal Mar duds Thracian so we can have space for all our text. There you go. The hour. I'm going to cut these hold BM Because I don't think it's going to align the baseline data over here. I don't think it's going to and line it up. So you rather do that manual D and increase the number a few times. A few points. So that perfect. Grew. Go up until Mar and I went to let's see, I want to make it even larger. And the name of this circus. And just so it doesn't feel like we have plenty of empty space here. I'm gonna do like these. Envelope distort, mate with Warp. I'm going to do and arc upper. And I'm going to review it and then go now. Abandoned do all plus z. It's not so much, you know, opposite effect. Let's try to make it even larger. Or yes. Result. Sim, barn like learn by thinking, that's fine. Let's decrease the font size a little bit. Let's go up a few points. And I think that's perfect. So we have the font debt he's calling the interest of the public. Alongside with do illustration, we have the information that are very visible and other informations as well about the circus. Now, I believe walmart formed. That we will end up here. But let me peek. I read 0030, I believe it's fine to make what composes DO show. And I'm going to type in what composes the show. Clowns. Trump bees are Mei, Jie, Xiang, famers, line Jones. And I'm a div, that's fine. Let's call p that one more time. But I forgot debt was these leading absurd here? Let's make alto, but do mean SHE LED and copy and paste. And I'm going to leave it like this because we're going to choose another fault yet. I'm not their phone. And that fault is better. Std vector S V D S. And and for sure I'm going to have true increases the size of it. Like 40 maybe and increases the lady answered, well, 25-year thinks better. And let's Phew. It undoes the embargo, enters the left border and right martyr. Because I can remember anymore of that, composes a circus. Clowns. B's, trapeze, artist's, day mers. Yeah. Let's call it the same over here. Yeah. And much more. I'm going to unbelieving, going to lead to the clowns because was smaller. And it doesn't get too near do bargainers. Yeah, it's fine. And and evade it. Along we fit. And finally, along with fit. Let's see what else I believed and it's fine. So I believe our bender, it's fine. It's complete. Because it has a font that is extravagant, that these rows it would SDG. And he's calling a danger. And together with industry day evils, attrition over here, we have fonts that inform the people like the day today at this circus. These are IV down our data entry. The wired it tickets are sold and so on. And a few more. Text. And daddies do play bu, and you'll have fonts that specify which composes the show, which is Booch, STD. 7. Formal type: Now let's make one final layout that I propose to beat your resume may would like that. Yes. Then great. Usually is chosen phones more sober and formal. To do this kind of document. As usual, let's speak one font, 40 titles and one font for the text. But let me warn you that for this team, There's a lot of fonts to choose from, including some that were chosen in other layouts that we made are ready. So let me put that people put all the fonts of that. I believe our feet for a raise with me here. First. And then I would like to see how they work. Alright. Let's begin with ADB. In back Times, New Roman version, burrow. And finally, done. So. These are the choices that I chose to work with. So let me speak. First, formed four diodes. The titles. Can the body. Let me put first the fonts that I, I believe our feet for the diode's up here and down here. I then our feet for, I believe our feet forward it text back. And let's try the homo and the verdana for the text and the Homa for titles. But not this kind of DES, bold one. So here comes the hard choice. I think I'm gonna use due by. But I may change my mind and user to Homer. Bold and very dullness seems to be. I think I'm going to use condom DBT for the text as much as alike times. Then let's change it to size to a far. And I'm gonna use a generic model of CV. Just an example. As an example. I'm going to put here. But I don't think I will type all this disinformation. I'm gonna I believe I'm going to filter out a lot of the information that I type it in here. Let's begin by locking action and doing first. And Smith. So I'm going to put contact and put some new changes do value far if font-size experience periods. A cation. Kim, why else? Location, skills, I guess, kills and language. For chess. We try to align it basically the same way that this model true to the left. While the text itself is going to appear more in the middle. And let's be, let's jump to the text itself. We want choose a font smaller than the than the titles. I also like to use online, like this. Choose separate categories, but above the category, not like this. So what is the current address selection and the top of it? Yeah. A little aside to do it, right? And I'm going to leave it like this for null. There is more space for experience. So let's see. True. 14 to 15 experience. So bone Bayes nursing at down down hospital. And we're going to type what she did their outpatient and inpatient service. Okay. Now, I'm going to I like to emphasize the ear and the dispersant ECT. And I'm going to call it. And they said a few times, I'm going to copy. And if I don't have enough free space is true fueled the other categories. I'm going to just shrink. The size of the letter. D is a person was full of energy. And it happened between 1618. And she now direct and Sue or revise, CAN ace or right. And Omar. I think it's fine. Now. A space left for education. It's called P as well. 1617 to 19. And for the same university, she got the degree. Cuz that's going to be a fun one. Dressing and care. And I don't know. To put it in the same text. Monitoring mothers, Fido signs, mall, need TO. And Fordist. But language is banned niche. And our gaze Portugese and frame not a H at time a true make little lines to divide it. So I'm going to do, we'd like this. And mind true. Arc barked. And like this. It's funny because it doesn't allow me to to align it by the base line. So what I'm gonna do is try to align by the eye. And these whole title. So I'm gonna draw a line for lot that is true. Selection. Yeah. And one more thing. And it reissues, rushes through number. Often nurse can get down to the way in the hence. Yet we want to do it is for the ratios to nurse as well. And that's it. I'm gonna try to do something different over here. Online should try too. And I'm not the one true friend. She going to basically do the same over here. And Florida Frank Shang going to do it like this. Oh, right. So so it's a nice touch. Far, far to the level, I believe the person passing each language. So there is one less thing you should do. It's true online. Property. There you go. Well, you're not failing. These. Use the phone to appropriate for the right phone to to to apply doom, the categories and name of the person that's tried to home. So impact, get out and Chow home again. Homa and boat. While some much better. That's a much better choice. But we want, as do the home. I use a large font. Or you want to own 38, maybe. 3036 ever leave? Yeah. 36, which obviously does match the baseline of the address. But there's no problem. We will fix that. And you have much better, much better. I usually like true. True phones that are not similar to one another, like become the body and they impact. But at the time, I didn't feel like I was working because it was so dense, so heavy. You did it them feet. Maybe. For one title. For example, if I wrote ends myth, just that in impact, you wouldn't, you wouldn't make so much difference. Let's see. That's the difference. In fact, I don't know which is better. But as I said, that I would choose just true fonts, 140 titles, M1. Far. Next, I'm going to stick with it and choose Dao Homer over impact. But it's a real nice combination. I think. Immediately agree with that. But I think it's a good combination of letters. And we have our CV or resume, including you can use for model. As far you know, you're doing your own resume. Right? So I believe we get true. And often the data I'm going to make, and that's it. 8. Color combinations that are appropriate for reading: For last, I would like to show you some color combinations with the background that are best for reading. So I would try to put some text to hear. But let's first change position and extend. Because we shouldn't need it. I guess this is fine. Is it is just and x o of how color cones be shown can or in favor are, ruin. The reading. Far. Good. Nothing too fancy. This is just an example of how a color combination can work in favor or ruin the reading for good. I guess this is fine. Let's copy and place and copy and place. This. Good fit upon wire. By the way, there is so much color combinations and I'm not even considering the gradients, but of these ones that I put here are considered the best of them. All right, so feel free to pick one or another and to try new combinations that work best for you. All right? Don't be afraid to experiment. Now comes the tricky part, because I want to pick one between one grey, between the white and the black. Because DES is fine. And over here, this time, I'm going to choose white. Farther back ground. This is the time over here that you begin to have problems with reading because the prevalent color, he's the gray and these 0s, the white. So you can see that in this zone, you can read with no problem. But as we begin to zoom out, it almost begins to disappear. And these because it permanent color is David Gray doesn't. So i would be one darker tone for this particular situation. Something like that. You can notice something that all the scholars have a like. It's the contrast that makes us read better. Without it. We're doomed. Because if I put, for example, choose. Let's make another, another sample here. And this one over here. It's good. You can read this. But if d is blue. Turned out to be, for example, of a greenish tone, almost yellow. Over here. Got to desist. Awful does is barely readable. So keep that in mind when you choose combinations with the background because there has to be contrast. Are there rise, it won't work. All right. And a few other tips that I have to give to you. It's ds1 is time we don't need that are large. And our debarred place for the love of God. Don't put text on both. Any peak or a image or icon that you had to draw in to head up your beneath the detail text. Please don't. Don't. Because let's pick one tiny phrase over here. I'm gonna copy that and paste. And you can increase for the size that you want. And to decide that you want that to, that's two is going to ruin it for you. The reading. It's too. It's do, won't work at all. The reading because they're, they're font has Dios, and I'm not even considering true complicated font. In fact, let's change it to L. That is the most clean font that I, I, I think there is. Because AS font, as true has to have details as the same as the image that even Mark de IOS. And that even didn't work with watermarks. Because I can put it, but the reading is not it's not gonna be as legible. So what do I propose? We threw half? Issue must have a picture in the background. Choose a font that is not so complicated. And a color, a preview color, a prevalent color, like these ones over here are that one. And put it text there in the corner. Because if you put right in the middle, it just wouldn't work. If they're reading, won't work. Nothing, we work. But you feel beak due fuel must have an image as background. Peak. Prevalent color like this one are these blue over a year or even this kind of light blue? You put the text above it. It can be depending on the image, but the text can be even in the corners as these example or beyond middle. Please do not use a photo image. Drawing as the background. And you feel must have it became prevalent color to put the text. I'm both right. And with that, we come to the end of our class. And I hope it helps you fro now one, And thank you for watching. 9. Summing it up: So to sum it up, all the layouts for the occasions that we have done. There were pages of a book for the reading type, speech bubble, for the comics type. Childish bird, the party invitation for the phenotype, wedding, invitation for the arrogant type, circus advertisement for the extravagant type, and reasonably for the formal title. And a few color combinations with background. So that's it. Okay.