Choosing a safe, secure password manager? Check out my personal favourite. It's free! | Wolf Matejek | Skillshare

Choosing a safe, secure password manager? Check out my personal favourite. It's free!

Wolf Matejek, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

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    • How to mange your passwords for free - My personal password manager recommendation

    • Is this the best free password manager around? Simple, secure and free!


About This Class

Everyone knows how important safe and secure passwords are. And with so many different user accounts we all have, remembering all those different passwords can be a real headache.

So the solution is to have access to a safe and secure password manager application, which stores all this information securely, while allowing you to manage all the data simply and easily.

Many people will have heard of KeePass or Robo, and they are very popular. But there is another option out there, which is not only free to use, but also offers secure password data storage with bank-level encryption.

In this class I introduce you to my preferred password manager application, which it is, how to get your own copy of it plus an overview of the capabilites of the application.

Please note, that I am in no way related to the software makers, nor do i receive any financial consideration for promoting their product.

Why not join me on this class to see if my personal choice will work for you and your password management requirements?





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Wolf Matejek

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

Wolf has for more than a decade been helping passionate people like yourself, in building their own successful and profitable service businesses.

He states his reasons for wanting to help people to be the best they can, as: "You are the person that inspires me to use my business coaching, mentoring and training skills in making your business a success."

As a trainer Wolf has travelled across the world, delivering programmes on a diversity of subjects including soft-skills, motiv...

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