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Choose Must: Learning from the Paths of Others

Elle Luna, Artist, Designer & Author

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Making Your Mentor Tree

    • 3. Identifying Your Mentors

    • 4. Categorizing Your Mentors

    • 5. Creating Your Mentor Tree

    • 6. How I Use My Mentor Tree

    • 7. Using Your Mentor Tree in Your Work

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Project Description

Form a list of dream mentors — the people that inspire your passion.


Your assignment is to come up with a dream list of mentors. Think of the people that inspire you from today or the past, living or part of history, who have done work that you admire. Do a little bit of research to learn about their challenges and successes. This is a great opportunity to think about what motivates you and who you learn from — digging into who inspires you and why will give you clarity about your own pursuits.

If you want to take this exercise a step further: find, print, and hang their photos in a place you see everyday. Try a wall in your workspace. Then, as you work, you can consult your wall with questions, comments, ideas – anything that needs a resolution. Your mentor tree will become a resource to inspire you and help you get unstuck, whatever challenges you may face.



Share your list of mentors in the project gallery, and tell us why they inspire you! If you want to include photos, links, videos, books — feel free! Let yourself be inspired to identify and share what really helps you do what you do, and how you engage with it.

Also, be sure to use the projects of others to grow your dream list and expand your Mentor Tree.



Be sure to check out me other classes in the Choose Must series, Choose Must: Hands-On Exercises to Pursue Your Passion, and Drawing Dreams: An Illustration Exercise to Find Your Passion.



Credit: Image above, and Introduction cover photo: Anna-Alexia Basile

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