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Choir Resources for Practising at Home: 5 great ways to support choirs and choir masters

teacher avatar Singing Coach, Singing Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create your Workflow

    • 3. Register with Google

    • 4. Create Google Infrastructure

    • 5. Choir Member Sync

    • 6. Intro to WeVideo

    • 7. Create Recordings

    • 8. How to use a Zoom recorder

    • 9. Sync Two Tracks

    • 10. Syncing Your Vocal Tracks

    • 11. Add Video

    • 12. Populate your Google Drive

    • 13. Sync WeVideo with other accounts

    • 14. Extract Mp3 from Video

    • 15. Course Summary and Thank You

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About This Class


This is for all of the people out there who are working hard and running choirs. 

Our Guide will show you how to create high-quality useful practice resources for your amateur choir.  

The materials we create together will be easy for your pupils to use, and more importantly, we will set it up so it is easy for them to access.

I am going to use my recent experience of working with one of my choirs.

Initially I found it difficult to find a way to create resources.  It was also difficult to know how to use them, how to limit access to just those who I wanted to see them,but also make them easy to access.

With this course, I introduce you to some great pieces of equipment that are high quality and very efficent.  The two pieces of equipment will cost you approximately £120; but once you set them up you can use them for all of your choir projects.  Your Return on Investment (ROI) is great as they will last for years and can be used multiple times.

You, the Choir Master, are always in control of what is distributed, to whom, and when.  

Using the methods I describe to you, even those in your choir who aren't great at reading sheet music will be able to improve their musicianship within a few weeks.

This Class is for people like me:  Choir Masters of Amateur and Professional choirs who want to make it easier for choir members to practice at home.

I will show you 5 great ways to create helpful resources for your Choir, and a FREE way to host those resources, which can be accessed by your choir members at any time.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Singing Coach

Singing Coach


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is Jane Carmichael Nori. I'm a full time professional singing teacher and Aberdeen and I'm also studying for my masters and vocal music at the University of our Burdine. I'm a cover musician for the big Noise project and Tory on Mosul. Choirmaster for the show weren't Please quiet. Today we're going to talk about my course on skill share, which is to create practice resources for your choir is very important as a choirmaster that you feel comfortable with. Creating these resources is important to remember with a choir that you have people that have different levels of musicianship in different levels of confidence with their music performance and as a choirmaster, you need to be flexible and be able to provide the resources for people of all different levels in your choir. You may want to provide resources for a skilled and pulpy musician, So part of that would be created multi leered backing tracks on video so they can see how the different parts of the voices of the choir interact with each other and taken AMC. The release ships between them but is on the other side. You may have people that are less confidence in last expedience with music performance. So you also want to create resources for them and to help them feel confident with this rehearsing for drilling whatever time they have spare. Whether that's general, be better time in the lunch, break it, work off the house sometime for your home, or even if there didn't our morning commute, and they want to download onto their phone and practice. It's important as a choirmaster that you can provide resources for all the people in your choir and for all levels of time that they have available. Whether that's 10 minutes or I never orm or if you don't provide these type of resources, especially for people who don't feel confident with reading sheet music or they don't feel confident with them their picture awareness and remembering which notes that should be, we should they should be singing in their vocal part. What happens is that people, especially when the Lord levels of musicianship in their first started they can get de motivated, and it could be very unlikely they've had the chance to practice at home just because they don't know where to begin, and they don't want to learn mistakes, just to be, have to unlearn them when they get to the rehearsal. And, of course, today is or focusing in on different options, especially for people that prefer to learn by ear and to give them a chance to it to learn a swells. The people that are also very skilled in can remember pitches from one rehearsal to the next. We're going to provide you the choirmaster, but there, step by step gate and how to create these resources, the things that I'm using today, that they don't cost an awful law, and I have selected thes through trial and error. I myself, I'm not particularly good with working with them old you editing software or video editing software. So I've created this course in mind. For someone like me, the thing that I want to concentrate on is improving the musicianship of my choir. I don't have a lot of time and a lot of free time to dedicate myself to learn, and a whole host of sweet of different bits of software are found. Ones are good for somebody that knows what we want to do some basic editing tasks, and that's all they need to do. A lot of these things that don't cost the earth but they can create are a really good return on investment for your choir. The good thing about these resources as well is that they're permanent. You can use them for over and over again with your choir, different iterations of different choirs that you're working with, really looking forward to getting started. 2. Create your Workflow: Hi, everyone. You may be wondering why bin stand in front of war wardrobe, blissful time. That's because we're going to create a workflow forward ideas and for the creation of her at home resources. So the first time ready to consider is going to be creating some files were to start from the bottom here and work up in the first time. When you think about is who's gonna host these files? And my recommendation is to use Google Drive. And that's where a couple of reasons a lot people already familiar with Google, even if they haven't bean him, registered with them yet. It's a very reliable and trustworthy company most people will have used, Um, and if they haven't, will be very familiar with, um, I'm just gonna do a little symbol on here, and this has started off. So the nice thing we need to think about is ambar begun to put on Google Drive so I could have just could have drier broil or box up here that a couple of different options that you could do in terms of creating an infrastructure for a Google drive because you're going to be making audiophiles at some point, and that's going to be based on individual voice parts. There's a temptation there to create folders based on, like one FISA partners, one of the old tools, once the tenders and all that kind of thing. But what I would recommend is actually creating folders based on the song. So why not be working on is done in the river to pray. So we're going to make a folder and just call it Riveter. Something like that. And then the folder here we're going to what's actually like inside the folder. But what the folded in particular we want to think it. But the who can access it in the permissions on the suitable that levels of permissions for a Google drive that people can either just read and few that the files are inside the folders. They can have permission to Adam. So say France is a normal choir. Members of your choir, I would say for them for them they should just be able to read thumb. That's a little bit like a mind map in there, doing little symbols for reading things, and if those any other people that help you with the choir in terms of administrators or something, I think they should be given permission to add it if they want. Does that look like a copper board? Uh huh. You get the idea anyway, And so the days part, it's a thinking. But if those people that help you with your rehearsals, if there's people like piano accompanists or anything like that, that maybe help you referee parasols maybe not necessary with the performance. But, you know, keep them up to date. You may also want to give them permission to edit as well. So they set that up. We're going to look at the full did itself, the folder for River and there. We have a couple of different options when it comes this as well, and the first day we will have in terms of the contents of her folder are the audio files that will have. So they just do like a music note for this particular piece down in the river to pre it is a spot, a little and tanner piece, so I'm just going to do a little most music notes if representing each focal part for just night. So they have caught individual care audio files for each focal part. The next time we're going to do once we call these old off audio files is to put them all together. Inter Video will have a video and doesn't have particularly interesting, and things to see is more like just wallpaper, if you will. And it's not really anything particularly interesting, but that's not the part to solve it. The real purpose behind it is to hear the relationships between the different parts. So let's see if we can amalgamate into them and tell one video. That's all the tracks Gordon took and a one video. We put them all together, but from there, once we've got our bees can video, what we do is actually split them into three individual videos, and I'll show you the moments so half the individual videos coming from there and what we've done But these videos is that each order you will track its tell within each video, but we've Vonette populated, um, so say, for instance, for the soprano video. All of the different tracks are there, but we've raised the supply Channel one. The volume is slightly higher than the other voices in the track so that it's easier for the soprano voices to follow on. The same also goes for the old tool on the tanner so that we've got a can basic work floor . What we're trying to do today, going from the Google drive up until Clinton infrastructure for the old permissions going up to wasn't and say this folder and what we're going to create. So I love to see your different work flows. Everyone. If you could take a little corkscrew inshore a full two or something, that would be amazing. Thank you. 3. Register with Google: hi. Everyone work until the cat a registered with Google Drive. And this is really important part of saving up quite resources for your choir. People trust Google. Even the people there aren't that Internet and Tech savvy this feel quite confident of? The perception is the Google is really trustworthy and reliable. Quite rightly so. The good thing about registered for Google and for Google Drive is that it's free, which is great. And there's also the fact that both people have already registered but Google. But they may be just don't know about this particular section of it and haven't utilized it . If you don't do this, guys sharing resources will be a case of email tennis, looking at junk mail and spam cannot filling up people's expound folders, but also and people aren't going to appreciate it if they have quite low download speeds. And if you're standing in line large files with, um, it's not gonna be good, so the first thing you need to do is go to a kevin dot google dot com, and you can start saying in up with this idea here I would just swarm a little out order and here and what we do start put it in your details here. So I'm just gonna start doing that, and I would have to come up with some of the details and things. One of the features that really like about this is that people can use their cutting email address if they prefer. That's a really good option for people in their quiet. Maybe don't feel Internet and text hobby. And it would be just a Pfaff for them to have to remember a second email address. So stick with the one that they already are a were off. I'm just gonna use one of my dresses here. Number just go to quickly put in some of the details here. I'm just I'm making this up as a go along. So so you can see some of the things that we do here and thankfully is already selected. Unites Kingdom location. They were quick to next at who see my passwords don't much. We'll come up with the privacy in terms. This is important for you to look at this and go through all I've already looked at it. So we click. Agree is a verify your email address and the thing. I also like that. This is that you can verify online via a whole meal if you've got a whole Mellick aide or an Internet email account, or you can ask to receive a link. So I want to receive a link on the for Go back to me email here, you'll see that is coming. Google your meal gratification. I mean, if you click on the link that you will get when you click on that link email address verified. So what we're going to deny is ghoul up to this corner up here. The thing was a bet. Truckee about Google. To be honest, is that a lot of their length or maybe hidden up in the corners, Extreme left and stream extreme or right hand side of the screen. So we're going to go in sign and now, and that's good to account. So this is a lower one, not just raged with not going to put in my password. I was already populated it from being in before. I am so no, I'm just gonna sign in well, like you to do. No, guys is set up your Google account and please let me know if you have any problems. This is what you'll see when you first come into your Google account. The thing that I really like this there's lots of different facilities and Google, if you go up to these little squares, appeared in the corner. They're pretty much there all the time. Click on that and then you see, when there's a big list of different things are associate with Google. Is your Google account there? And Gmail under thin? Thing that you're most concerned about is Dr. So when I click on Google Drive and I'll take you to that part of your account, then there's a pdf there to assure you how to get started. You got 15 gigs free. Isn't that great? That's more than enough to help you manage your choir. So the next. But you guys were going to create an infrastructure for her Google drive. See you then 4. Create Google Infrastructure: Hi, Everyone broken 68. The infrastructure for order. Google Drive name. We're just picking up exactly where we left off just for their new Google drive a folder. I'm going to create folders. We're going to create permissions as well. This is absolutely fatal for easy shading off your resources that you're going to create everyone. It's important that we also share by song the key think that helps with their learning and the most has seen the relationships between all the vocal parts. So she hadn't by song is really important compared to shit and by voice part so they can understand whether fit into the bigger picture. It's absolutely vital if I don't do those guys. Shaving your resources is just gonna be a huge Pfaff. You're gonna have to do email tennis. You're not going to get the results. You're one. If you do it by folder is so easy. So burgers going to go for it? Name. So here we are in our My Dr Google drive thing. The first thing we do is go over to left hand side here and look at this big red button says new gonna click on that on create a folder. Let's give this a name so that the song that I'm working on just know is done in the river to pre. So I'm just going to put that in just night. But over the river There we go and we just go to press on the create button there. This is super easy, folks. You would be surprised at how easy is so. Here we are. We've got a folder in our drawing thing here on It's So Easy. King late for AM creative folders for your choir. You could create several folders based on songs. Let's just create another one new and then fold it again. A piece of a much the working on one of my choirs of the Moon is hello by Adele. There's another folder ready for you and have clicked or not to de select it. Let's go back into the folder, Done that ever to play. Oh, we're going to do there is just click on it once to select it, and then a couple of little icons come up in the corner here. So we're going to go over to this Little Paris in on has got plus side beside them. That's our shading icon. If you click on that, they're making create permissions. So a person that started to remember you have two options with the resources that you have in the folder, and that's to aid or to view. So an ordinary member, I think, give them permission just if you it. So you start off. We're just putting in their email address, and I've got a little Yahoo account. One that I'm going to use for just nine and then we can do is just press a top orders groove to the select thing here and Effie click on that. Now comes a little a man you hear can edit or can view. So we're going to collect goingto lore. One there can view. Let's click on that great little featured about this at the bottom. Here is you can add to not ever gets helpful, so people know it's definitely you, so you can mention something like or high can't wait. Teoh. See you next week and remember to bring your cake. Adult. It could be anything, so I'm just gonna send a little message to myself, and then once you're finished with sending your little note, the A list could turn to that bottom, but in there and click send. This is a real reminder to show you anyone who has access to that email address will have access to that Google drive facilities that your shading So you just click. Yes, but you don't need somebody because it's a security emails. It would be fine. And then that's it. Won a re. I'm going to go into the car who can't know so you can see from the other end. What the personal See, this is what an ordinary member of your choir will see and you send out these emails. You've got little folder here showing this is the things that you shared with, um, and their little message of the bottom here. And then they've got the option to open up and to see that the fails of the folder that you shared with, um so let's go back to Google drive. So this time we still got todo never to pre selected so we can go over tour. She had icon again. Let's click on that this time we're going, Teoh, sip in an email address. Let's put my in one for just night, but this time we're going to keep it as can aided. This could be somebody that's in the committee of your choir, the piano accompanist and like that you would like permissions. Could be an intent that's helping you to manage the choir. Could be anyone. We're just could put in a little message here. It could be a little remainder of what they're going to practice next week. It could be anything. It'll remember to bring sponsorship money. Whatever you need. This is the great thing about it, and then we're going to click on Send Let's Send that night. This is a great thing about Google driver when it's so easy to manage all the resources that you're going to have on there. And so the next time there's click on our full, the doctor donated ever to pray under going to double click. This is where you're going to create your files and put them into This is why I really like Google Drive, because when you put they files Inter folder, the permissions have exactly the same for each comparison that has access to that folder. You don't have to worry about people being able to see one thing and not the other. Thanks, everyone hope that was helpful 5. Choir Member Sync: have you wanna wait to give you a quick fit? You're just to show you what it's like on the other side as a choir member. So remember when we were at dinner permissions and creating infrastructure for their Google drive who were sending masters to require members to say in high, This is the link we were shitting all over stuff. Well, this is what it looks like going the audit into everyone. I've made a little example. You Bill, you might see the full the bed should before done in the river to pre and put a little message. So people do this. You have to remember to bring our pencils of water. So what, you're quite a member should do you condone talk through this with them if you like, as well is to click on open. So let's just click on that. Just know, and that's going to take it to your Google drive thing. And it looks quite block, doesn't it? This is why E, I thought would be good to talk through it because, to be honest, the sinking things together, if you don't familiar with that, you might get bit lost a bit confused. The important thing to remember with this is to go up to the right hand corner here. See this bit babe? I mentioned before. But it's a Google hides a little buttons up in the extreme left and extreme light so your coin members have to click on Add to drive and it's been attitude by Dr Is Great. And there were only two Click that kind of seam button again. It's not change no from add to drive to open in Dr. So you click that for a second time. That is contrary director to you. Don't Google drive, and this is the folder that's being shared with you. Let's empty. Just know, because we haven't put innocent in it yet, But that's it. No sink to your drive. I've loved into my own user day for Google privacy. If I go to the bit here, this is shared with me on the left hand side. That's the folder done. Didn't ever to pray. That's the folder recreated before, and people can double click on that, and then you will see the files here that's permanently sink with that years or name now. So it doesn't matter how many files you add to that fool. Do you take away from that folder all of the resources that you put in there? We'll always be automatically syncs with the people that you shared it with. Thanks, everyone. So I think you're J Action Step for this video is to help your choir members if they get stuck. You know what buttons that they have to click. You know what procedures that they have to go through? Thanks, everyone. 6. Intro to WeVideo: hi, everyone living with a creative deliver or do attracts with assumed recorder. Andrabi uploaded it onto a Google drive now because we've created the infrastructure, but I didn't I We're going to create resource number four, which is a multi layered video. Andi, for this when you to sign up, Teoh. Something that I highly recommend and that is re video, and I'm just loved onto the can. A front page there. We video dot com and I have searched for a long time to try and find something that isn't overly complicated. Some video edit in hardware or software. I wasn't really that bothered about what it was as long as it did what I needed it to do. And that was to do some basic editing things and put in little captions and things. Normally, I would say that actually, the YouTube, the YouTube video editor, it's all right if you just want the trend things. But that wasn't quite all that wanted to dio it. Put in little captions and things to make it clear what advice that was given to people. If you don't sign up for this, everybody feel free to find another video editor. But this is my personal recommendation and it's for people like me. They do want to make a nice video. They wanted to be clean, easy to understand. It doesn't have to be overly fancy. But dont want tohave to invest an awful lot of money either. A lot of these with you editing packages are very complicated to take a long time to perfect and to get to know well. But they also required investment of hundreds of pounds. Good thing I like, but we video. And this is what I'm with You sure you just name Ah, food Go up to sign up just up in the corner here. I'm just gonna click on that in this little drop down menu recommends a signing up for a business one. You control you of the comparison In a moment when I click on business, it's all the boat and what limits you have This is quite a reasonable price. Everyone unlimited's in that $69 for a year F and we video to be very reliable. A service never had any problems with them Not being able to log in and like that are things not work in. It's always been very reliable. In that sense, $69 is quite a reasonable price for video editing software when you consider that some other packages can cost four or $500. If it's girl during a little bit here, we could do the comparison of late What you get for that money. The things that appeal to be is that you have unlimited a published videos and things that he can unlimited storage, but also the options to publish your videos in high quality. I think that is a good investment for that kind of money. I've already signed up for re video, and so your action step for this everyone is to sign up to we video on. I'm going to see you on the other side on. We're going to create resource number four. Thanks, everyone 7. Create Recordings: Hi, everyone improvement to look now into getting into the specifics of probably recorded resources. I've used this piece turn to the river to pre and quite a well known piece. It's from the film. Will Brother Red, aren't they? It's really good piece for a nominee require that want to have more experience of singing in harmony. It's a soprano, a little and Tanner's with piano accompaniment. There's lots of great things that l over but this piece, because people baby part of it there but familiar with it, that helps a little bit as well. There's quite a minimal piano will come to him and so great for people in like me. I'm not particularly good with a piano. To be honest with you, I can vamp a little bit. But the great thing about this piece is that is not too challenging in just a bit get by. But it is also really good for require that you're trying to encourage to feel confident with harmonies. You don't want to have our really dense and can a thickly leaved in piano accompaniment because it makes people lazy and people rely on the piano to get the tone chiming. You don't want that to happen. Having a very sparse accompaniment is actually good for your quiet and make some more card makes them work with their years. This is a porta potty for the 71 for dead to them to play in. For Danny, of the songs you're going to use with your choir is important office that we relaxed our temples. It makes it easier for people to learn and to get used to read in sheet music if they're not very familiar with it. You don't want your at home resources to be exactly the same, is what you were doing. Your be good rehearsals that can be deep, well motivated from a lot of people, especially for people that land by a route. The pace will simply just be too quick for them, and they'll become really disheartened with it. I love a good forget, but this piece it is quite easy to get hold of a copy. I bought this from an online music store, and it cost me two patents to get one of these copies, so it's really affordable, and I can appreciate how expensive it can be to purchase sheet music for Quite or sometimes this one is a good piece and doesn't cost the earth either. So let's get back to her first point there. Everyone, a bit relaxing temples you may have noticed up in the corner. There is's Temple moderately in Tuesday and minimus 66. But I gotta make mention with me. Just name that's quite a quick pace isn't set. That's pertinent to 44 So if I was going to sing the first barfi, it's give me an example as I went down to the river to pray, studying about that good away. That's pretty quick device. I don't think I would do that for a concert. It seems a bit quick to me, but even more importantly, for atom resources, you don't want your pieces. Your recordings that you do to be the same speed is what you're going to perform because of the people that will need a slower pace of learning everyone. It's important that you giveth, Um, in the time, just the process. Everything that's happening in this special for amateur choirs. You'll just need that in time for people to get used to it. No, I have changed the natural and don't Teoh 90 beats per minute. So that would be for four Ford again, off settle more leisurely this time. That's ideal speed. The embassy. That's how I recorded this piece. Make sure you have these relaxed temples so that people can depend to this whenever they like is not going to be too challenging, but will help them get the lee of the line for the score to go as less all your really want him from. These are whole resources people who see the relationships between the different voices. I'm going to sing this bit night for you as I went down to the river to pay studying about that good away so that cannot base is going to be approachable for a lot more people is based on that a temple, which is 90 beats per minute. The first thing we should do is create melody tracks. But using the piano people either a work best by less than to the piano, singing with the Melody lane and singing their melody, laying with the piano. Or they work better with heat and voice to give them the two options. First of all, the the plan the piano, not the piano accompaniment, but just playing along with the match in, um with the Maliti line, using the piano for each voice part and help it an example here. So the next one we were going to do the same could have recorded the malady lying. But this time with the voice on a put on the example heat as well way FARC resources Bergen to use with her sheet music. Is Teoh his voice with piano accompaniment? Yeah, so from this everyone ever been to do is Uppal Lord all these resources and then put them want or Google Drive. 8. How to use a Zoom recorder: hi, everyone at least to introduce SITIO, an important piece of equipment they will need for creating acquire resources. And that is the same recorder. And you can pick one of these up for about £60 on their great. I use it for recording resources for my private people's uninformed acquire. My husband uses it. He's a hoping musician. He plays bass guitar, and he uses it for grip recordings for the rehearsals, for when the band wants to listen back. Teoh, how they be performance in the rehearsals is really good. Eight in Paris, The title A piece of kit. I'm just gonna grab it here. So you see my hand coming a big hand him. I'm gonna lift up intrigue because there's a little screen bit at the bottom there. So it is really good You can screw into tripods and things that that is designed to be put in the middle of the room. Then it can is really good. Actually, it leveling all the different signs is coming from all around it and getting a nice, even sound. The great thing boats is Well, if we tried over to the side here, it was a good man. You here in play features, but all you need to do for switching on is famous. All total appreciate done to see Let red light is Come on there. Building up the SD card and then you're ready to go. You complete it into the satins. Seven short of the total profit here. I usually just keep on that 1st 1 here and massively steady with China. We've got a sick and other features. A two channel four channel that's more for But like I mentioned before, my husband's band rehearsals and stuff. But you're going to have some common basis from one direction. So you're going to be all right. This slip over to site here again, and when the important aspects of it is what you see on the right hand side here, the make gain, it's important everyone, when you're doing with Accordions, don't be tempted to just plonk us on top of the piano and forget its it because all you hear in your recordings is just piano. So the best thing for the I phoned is the pitcher on a music, sons or pitcher on a tripod that puts it in between your voice on the piano, that airplane, the helping times are being straddling and Mike stand with the zoom recorder on it in between my legs. Well, it did the recordings and trying to play the piano well, I've got this makes standing movie. I didn't say that recording was a glamorous pursuit is really not. And but it gets the results that you want. So let's go back and make again. This is a port apart, for this is the change your gain for B when I'm doing the recordings I picked roughly halfway. So between five and six, and that's enough for a, um, a voice to be picked up in for it to be haired and because you don't want to put up too high, cause then it will start clipping. And that's what all the things that I change and keep on the stereo thing. It just again on three much. I'm ready to go. So the really great thing about this everyone is It's so easy to get started. All you need to do to start recording as press a little red button here, and that's already record in something. You can see the levels left and right there as I'm talking is going up and down and to stop . We just press again. That's it's even onto the SD card, and that's already again the thing that are real life Buddhism recorder as well. You don't have to worry about naming different files or anything. It's just start and stop and the you notice were now free again will be a press that it comes up with the number for the recording. There wasn't 61. I know it's went to number 62. You don't have to worry about any of these details you gets. Create the recordings that you want and you come on here. But although at least it on and then stop again his brilliant So guys to tide over day. And this is just assure you how you would sink this with your computer. So return over No, till laughed on site here. So this is a great thing, because if you have ah, poor thing a phone many Jack, you can plug its transit recorder, which is good. Eight. You can also play back some of the things of through that in a minute. I think that concerned about those for a second there. Computer is the bit that bought in the mini USB, and you give cover our cable with your soon recorder secret connector. Yet many USB to the computer. And then I'll come up m and sick with your computer, actually, different files. If he wants to play back some of your recordings, flip it, but crime heat again. But there's a little bit of the plate. This is like a little notch. We have to press in, press in the way he isn't that easy and don't know if you've maybe heard much of that will help to stop him. Press again to stop, I guess Went straight on to the next one. The thanks. Everyone in this want to have it get familiar with your zoom record. Never is your turn to start making recordings. I just want to go through this route quick about em. What, to show you what happens when you can use it recorder to your desktop. So what you did is they give him to come to a little cable of many USB to USB. We connect the mini USB and two years in recorder that just at the sight of it. If your face is the debt with the front of the room is on the left hand side. Then we're going to connect the USB into your day Stop. And I'm just gonna do this just now. And then there's a little selection thing. Any organism recorder, it comes up with us being a selection either SD card reader Or do you guys? So you press SD card reader used the little selection things for the right hand side is press that in and here we call it ST up with your computer and these were the pills are in the room recorder. So for this, you had to double click on stand you. Then if you look at Folder one, chances are most of your fails. We're going to be in there, and here we are. This is all the different zoom recordings that we've got here, and they're all individually numbered. And there you can also notice it on while fails or waiver where we call them. There's lots of different a AP sword biden that will help you to convey errant the world fails to MP, please, if you need to, then you put your components were created. Bolte leered backing tracks for order on for video fails with Jordan These air a great resources on the one guys that we're going to do, though, is the ball together and Teoh resource the before, which is the multi leered video. So your take away for this everyone, How would expect a bit with your seven recorder? Start record didn't first resource, which is the Melby likely by P. Otto. The second Resource, which is a melody recorded with voice Third Resorts which is the focal partners. The piano a comfortable and then we can put melted together to resource the before. Thanks everyone. 9. Sync Two Tracks: you wonder what did just go over a little bit, but how to adjust in vocal tracks in order to sink? So the first thing I would do everyone is going to our zoom. It's no. We call their three Ordeal protects here, listens to make lots and lots and lots, cause the thing is about the tenor part, remember, that was an order. Dual track three that comes into a little into the shift, that cross. And this is a thing of this everyone. And why, like we video, it can shift things. But we're going to be concentrating Justin the interaction between The Sopranos and the old rules. Just night. Remember I was seeing to your boat and sink one track a time. So start with The Sopranos, and then we'll see if we can think the altar with The Sopranos. So we're going to zoom back in again, a move. Just use this later thing here. And if we scroll across Arthur, a bonus grow right to the beginning of the track. I am. I'm good to try and show, you know, a little bit of the audio, See if you can hear her sink his so that we have two guys go right to the beginning again, so of scrolling and right to the close to the front. And I probably seem a little bit more as well to so little, But okay, let's go back to the front again so that these who tracks we went too far. I actually And so what we need to do is find what I would do is find where the soprano start singing because the Metro Man comes in for the first couple of beats. So let's play it again. We'll go back to the beginning. We'll find interesting about this. Everyone is. You can see how the sound waves change when the voices come in. You see the least the bets here I'm just could call them lumps cause gonna give any other way to describe them. Look for these lumps when you're sinking everyone, these are a godsend. And since this is where the Voiko parts or for starting, I'm going to bookmark this what you do. Everyone, If you're one Teoh put little but barking something Go up to this green top here. Let's go. Put it back a little bit. We hear they were going to use this plus sign. That's one there. Click on that. We can have the bookmark and I'm just gonna put Soprano or something. And there is a title. And then that little ordered bit is helpful when you're trying to sink different parts, cause if it's the start of a new phrase or something, that could be a good place for you to try and sink all the voices together. So what I'm going to try and do is adjust the auto part and you remember chickens like just grab it like it did there to click on it the vocal part. And then it would change. The 100 could move it left to right, Ken, Nothing. And if you go up to the timeline here and you can click on any part of the timeline and then your little green cars will come back and it'll start playing from there, that's a mention on The Sun didn't quite well in sync, so I'm going to go a little bit further along and see if weaken here when The Sopranos and Old was coming together. So there we go, folks. Us. A soprano on the cool side of the altar. Focal parts pretty much know anything. Um, so the thing is, with that is your dad the third voice and so adding the 10 hour later on the Turner doesn't really doing until halfway through the song. But I thought it would be important for you as your during the sinking things. Teoh know that you can move the parts around the left and right. We could also move them up and down if you can. If you want to do that, you cannot bookmarks and make it easier. I use the zoom in and zoom er really important, guys. It's really helpful to see the shapes that these tracks have made. Andi. There's a really good empty vacation where you can see where the voices air singing together makes it easier to find where they're going to sit together and stuff a swell em. A contribution class project was to use the files that I have put onto my class and unused them to play around with illness, even get the voices to sink together. Then you can try it with your own stuff as well. The zoom recordings that you've used. You can use the voice recordings with the just Imagine, um, you can use the ones with piano accompaniment. I always make sure that I have the Metrodome being used in all of my recordings just because it makes it easier to sink everything together. So your next step is to start creating. Uh, I'm thinking audio tracks off your own recordings, and then the next one, I'm going to assume that you've done that and I'm gonna have on my tracks all sink together , and I'm going to show you how we add or video. Thanks, everyone. 10. Syncing Your Vocal Tracks: Hi. Everyone know that you have indigency into we video. We're going to go into it. Am I going to create resource number four, which is our multilayered video? And this would be super helpful for your choir members everyone, and it helps him get familiar with the whole piece that you're learning on. Ho Il fits together with the different voice parts, the relationships between them and have the old interact. It's really great for those two learned by ear so they can see how everything fits in a few . Well, that's a problem with affairs. People that don't really read sheet music that well, they're going to struggle to see how it all fits in to remember at all. If you go, guys was gonna happen. Is it the You'll take up motive you rehearsal time going over basic stuff that you can easily cover with these multiple views, you'll be going over things I entries and queues and helping people feel confident about what's happening, and all of that can be done with them looking at these things out home. So let's just go from the very beginning. We're going to log into re video ever bits put up to go into the corner here, up to log in. I've set up my can't already is a risk. I click on log in and it's going to remember my details. You've got lots of different options. You can log in with Google and Facebook and stuff. I've looked in with my email, so I'm just gonna quit Logan and what we're gonna do. Everyone is create a video from scratch. So let's log in and this is our hub. You could see that have already creatives for some of the videos for you today on. So what we're going to do is going to create new just this big bit in the middle here. Let's click on that. And so for this one, we're going to click on Project because we're going to be add in lots of different things. We're going to be adding the audio that we've created with the soon recorder, and then we're going to be using some of the A re videos, library of fee videos and things like that to put it all together. So if you click on Project and then we click on next, let's give it a title So for this one member robbers looking at dented, that ever to pray. So I just put a title as river for just night on. And then we got different options of this cooperation, options and things as well. If you want to share it with people that are members of your quiet or people that administrators, I'm going to click on a personal for just a night on. Then we click on next. This is some of the different M pieces of video is in order that already have a library off . May we've in your current, but I'm just gonna bypass it that just name and click on next because I want to do it completely from scratch, so you'll be creating the pieces in the exact same way as I am. So we click on next and thats has created or projects and I would go to the top, create video. We're loading up their tornare and here we go. This is a very start over hab thing here, and I should mention that we have two options for we video. If we go up to the left hand side here, see these little horizontal lines? Good click on that. This two billion views that you can have for the videos that you're creating work only in the call storyboard mood and is quite helpful if you just have one. But video, you don't have to interpret into any order you went to. But if you want to have more complex options, you need to go into a different mood, which is Timeline would. So we click on our horizontal lines. Go then the drop down menu. Find timeline mode here, and we're going to click on that. That's has changed to a different mood, and you see you in the left hand side here. We've got more options for adding or doing video tracks. That's the things that we need for their first part. So no, we're going to do Neier is Add things. Intermedia Library, Tonto. Our project here we're going to do go up to upload here, upload media up in the right hand side, and they were going to select pieces that were going toe I'd on terror video, so let's click on the Braves to select. There's also some options here, but you can synch it with execs. Sting fails. He have maybe when your Google driver your dropbox So that's quite a handy little feature. But I've gotten my fails on the dare stop. So I'm gonna quit Rose to select. I go onto my desktop and we have three fails here. I'm just going to select those. So we cannot below with, um and put it into a folder of my media on. Then we click on upload because their ordeal fails. It won't take very long at all to upload the other going quite quickly and that's them done . So been to do just click on that angst here in the corner to close that. And if you click on Teoh Box here, my media, this is already list in some of the files I have on you can scroll then lots of different files that we've got here. I think they're listed alphabetically, but you'll see here in the middle these air the file I just uploaded singing all to part the dip located because I've already had them uploaded by way to show you how to do it. Hurt up would fails. You have. So firstly, we're going to do everyone revert to name our projects up in a corner Neymar video. So let's click on that bit. This isn't untitled video. It was going to click on that one's I'm going to rename the video. Oh, disagree. Name that river because we have a project. Name is River. Then the video is gonna be Cold River as well and repress. Okay, it's even completed them. We could just press okay for that as well. So firstly, we're going to do everyone we're going to add or do your tracks. And so the 1st 1 but I'm going to pick is the singing soprano part over Do is we just grab a media. You know, my hand is holding over one of the things that's a singing soprano part. We're just click on it on drag it, dying to one of her ordeal trucks here, put it near the front there just let go, and that will add that one to are a tracks here, which is really, really handy. Um, so if I just play that so you can heat it, we're going to press plea up in this corner here, and I think that's interesting because you could see the sine waves here that's sending kits and the littlest girl thing is going quite quickly, isn't it? Was a feature in bottom here, but weaken, plus or minus. We consume owners who made. So we're going to click one Zuma for just now. They regard us a bit better. The thing I like about re video is Bella's that you can see these little soon we've patterns and that comes in really handy. Even we're trying to sync all the trucks together. So let's go back to the beginning. If we go to the little icon here, will take you right to the very beginning again, which is great fun. And so the next thing they're going to dio never We got our first tribe. We're going to see weaken sink somewhere all their trucks one to the year. So let's go. Going to the extreme right hand side is cold and a little bit. We can click and drag that down outside the second track. So foreign Donen that ever to pray Second voice that comes in is the altos. So this time this is this. The same thing that we did before will be friend or track. We quickly on it dragged down into the order track. So let's go up to singing a little part on Just couldn't click a few times you can see what it is. Your idol turns into a little hand or click on it and drag it down Teoh. Or do you want to The fact that there's just no everyone is quintessence thickest, our total noise. The problem with this, everyone does the It takes a long time to sink all of the A. The tracks together is of ever five. To be honest, it takes about Time is a bit monotonous, but and this is where the zoom feature comes in really handy. So if we go back into this, a lordly hand corn again the same, we're going to just assume to be. Zoom in, and as we click that a couple of times, you'll see that it becomes we've patterns, become more visible, so makes it easier to try and sink the two tracks together and a little think about that as well. A. It makes it easier to see when something's happening. You can see where the voices air singing and having the Metrodome there makes it easier as well to eventually sink it together. So this is your first part off. It puts in a video together, is actually dealing with the audio tracks and sinking them together. So let's have all three parties together. Name And so what we have to do we need to add to know what your track. We go into the left time so you'd hear no less little plus icon at the side here. We're going to click on that and I'll give you the option or video audio track. We're gonna click one I know with your track. We just call the audio feed for just now. That's fine. And click OK if we scroll down onto the right hand side here again. You see, we've got the third door to your track here waiting for us, and that's where the tanners we're going to live. It's the same thing again. We find our one of our trucks, a singing tenor part these air the trunk, see creative ifthere's on recorder. You click on that. Drag it then, and we just put it all of the beginning. Just night. Even the language tenor part. It's slightly short, darker. There just started out halfway because That's when the tenors come in for this particular piece, and so we'll have to move that track at some point them. There's other handy features with This is Well, then, that you can adjust the volume. This is what the Slater's Air Force everyone, these ones here, you can change a volume. Am clicking on that little button slides and up Undine. We also have the option. Teoh. If you click on the little certain daikon commute, attract calculate when you own Muted remembers a sentence that you had on previously. So it's good for working around with trucks in When I put this one together has started with the soprano part because that's it, the part that sings longest on. Then I added the autos, and so I would recommend for this when you were trying to adjust your saddens. This mute, the A 10 or part for just night work with thinking, is the planners in the all tal's on. Then you a sink the tanners later on. So everyone your task for just night and ah Tibby Eyes with you is going to be a total. Pfaff is to sync all of the parts together This is why it's important to record within mention room so the year people's will hear the beat in the feel more comfortable with it, but also helps you have a sink in the tracks as well. 11. Add Video: hi, everyone. And they were going to go into the bit where we add the video onto her vocal tracks. And what you're sure you heard to this egg? It was a super easy going on from the last video of making the assumption that you managed to get your tracks in line. Remember, you're not alone with us. I've given you and part of her a creating the course. Projects have given you recorded, and 50 fails I've created. So before you start making your own recordings, you can just practice and sink in the voices together. When you add the videos and create these videos, guys is like the icing on the cake. It is a secret source for motivating people, especially people that land by year because normally amateur choirs and choir masters, they don't cater for those kind of people. So creating these new resources opens up a whole new world for your choir and another great by a creative pathway for people, especially lose it. Don't feel confident, really. Reason. Sheet music on the prefer to learn by year if you don't guys, honestly, the rehearsals are going to be late inefficient. There you gun they're going to be peppered with equities and questions. All that could have been avoided on the road going to eat into your your time at your re hassle. So I want to show you what I've been doing of done the same thing of our faster you guys to do. And that was take a single. The vocal tracks together. Do you see in this true screen here have created one of the little book smart. Remember I mentioned before that they're quite handy. Just so you conceive important places in your song. Thus was the little reference mark for sinking the three tracks together, and I grabbed my little it. So if you just click onto that and we're going to go back a little bit because of late kid to hear this is what will certainly like when you sink all the trunks together. - Hey , folks, is that's pretty good when you put it all together, doesn't it? That's a great end result, and they were going to create a resource number four at in the video. You'll be amazed at her easy. This is guys, So if you scroll back up Louis and Teoh the top of her bits. You will see in the corner here that something we haven't used yet, Which is the video attracts. Yeah, but you open a new project and we view it pretty much insists that you have at least one video track open. Um, so when they were going, Teoh em populated with video. And this is the thing I like about revealed us that it has royalty free am musically can use and also a royalty free video. So before we go into her video thing, I think we should just zoom. It's remember a little icon corner here, but we consume it. And not just so you can see it makes it easier for place in the video together as you consume. An awful law is and see like that. That will do fine. So they were going to go into a different part of re video. And this time we're going to go up to her things here. You ever if you highlight, um, we've got a graphics and go audio transitions and tanks. A few different things we haven't used yet. Everyone. But please feel free to experiment Adam onto your videos. If you like So this time we're going to look a graphics on This is some of the different video choices that you can have. Like I said before, everyone this stuff isn't fancy is basically just wallpaper. And if I click on one eloquently this little one, this is I'm strike background here. I'm just going to play. That's and you can see what it looks like when you get a little preview. The Scient here is like, no, ask this great beauty looks all right And so they never going Tol stop that I was stops itself Us Fine. Okay, so what we can do was be your little Han thing is come up over the square there. So we're going to select that and just click on it and drag it. And then we go to the front of our video thing there and just put it right at the very beginning. So it looks tiny because it is just a little section of video. This m doesn't isn't very long, but what we can do is peacefully repeats it to cover the entire video. So we're going to do is when we go over a little bit video there you see have the icon has changed into little Adel's or pointing horizontally. So we're gonna do is click on Louise Oddo's and then just drag it across So it covers the entire detail of your video of your audio track Saudi. And that's it. The virtual you guys ever go right to the very beginning track. I'm just gonna go into this icon here and click on that so that you're ready. Beginning And this is your video just could assure you the first bit so that you haven't Everyone have created resource. Number four riches are the duel with a multilayered backing tracks. The great thing with this is that you can create project over and over again, and you can play a boat with the levels on the side. Here. You know the green bars. This is our volume of set at the moment, so that sopranos are quite loud compared to the old was in the tanners. But then you can create the video over and over again, just playing about the level. So say, for instance, if it was a soprano version of this video, you put this a panel truck up, I and you diminish a levels of the old tool in the tanner and make a specific video just for the supply channel. So their voice, their part stands there a little bit more, but they can see how it interacts with the different relationships of the different vocal parts. It is really helpful and fight over to rename this. Ever go up to the top? There is gonna click that I just put in River for dinner, the average of three. And then I'll just rate in Soprano part, so they may know, and it's even that is completed. So what would you know if we go up to finish, we can click on finish Video, and then we have lots of different destinations is one of the great things. But we even do a swell guys, is that you can upload it straight onto different features like you've got things here like YouTube, and you've also got Google Drive is the one that we're most concerned with at the moment, so we're de select your trip. Just a click on Google Drive five already connected my currents, and that's the one been mentioned before nose the upper Google Drive account. Let's go straight into a folder as created when you connect the count's re video creates a folder within your Google drive. And so I'm gonna put so like, this is a high quality and then we'll make a change. The satin. So that is going to be private. So we just click on it once and it changed the private. And then what we do is click on finish video and that's you finished. Everyone lets you could eat is your first video is going to be on bloated to your Google drive. And in the next video we're going to do is a I assure you, Hotel Up, Lord and Teoh move the different things that were You want them? The take away from this. Everyone is. Once you've sink your audio files, I'd like you to add a video. It doesn't need to be the same. One is me could see their then the less things there lots of different choices for graphics you might have ah one maybe almost called color coded by color for supplying a when fertile toe one for tenor, whatever way you think would be the best for your choir. Now you could finish your video and then I'll show you how to upload it. Thanks, everyone 12. Populate your Google Drive: Everyone knows that we've finished our video. We've connected. Are we Would you account with her Google Drive if we go into our Google driver can't night ? That's what I've done here. You'll see that as we video folder has been created. So what we need to do know is popularly our folder done in that ever to pray with all of the resources that we've created so far. So we're going to is double click on the B video folder and we see the video that we created is here and then we're going to do just click on it once. And then it's on my corns and choices that would come up here so we can click on war actions here, click on that and then begin select move, too. So we're going to slight that there, and this will give me a list of the different folders and things that you've got in your Google drive. So this is showing the existent folder that is in that moment. So what we need to do is click on back so that little corner there and I will show you the other gonna folders that we have in our Google Drive. So our destination is that folded under to praise or we're just going to click on that and then we go down to the bottom here and click on Move on. This, given your little warning here, remembers ever remained in new that you'll be shading the file with people that you've given permissions to don't in the river to play. But that's good, because that's exactly what we're wanting to do. So we compress okay, and that's it moved so ever going too good to do now is going to her Google drive. I am, too, the view where we see all of the folders. So if we go up the top here and click on my drive and not a sure you'll the folders here so we're going to select or a folder done and that over to pray, we're going to double click on that. And they received The effort is already there, and that's the soprano part we worked on. So let's gonna add the audio parts that we were working on. Remember we had a different the facilities. We hade the melody with the piano, and we also had the melody played with the voice. And then we also had the voice recorded with piano accompaniment. So we're going toe Adul of those name, but we need to do is go over to the left hand side if we click on you. And then we concluded from that drop their menu, this light fail upload from here and went to go onto my desktop. Okay, see a lot of the recorder's off done earlier on, but I have named them destroyed. Could remember which one which one is which. So what? It referred to the ability that z ability of the peace but played by piano. I'm going to see the sig That's it was the ultimate Roman voice with maybe a like a rudimentary baselines of it could here, where the cards are the written and then the 3rd 1 which was the voice with Metro but also with the piano accompaniment but playing quietly glow dynamic. So we're going to dio click or the 1st 1 You know that thing he could do. The computer reek, press the shift key and they could go to the border. It all select all of, um and then record into the bottom open and the All Star uploaded all those files for you. And the great thing about this everyone. Is that What do you populate your folder with? The new fails the people that have the permissions to look out That folder donated over to praise in this instance. It will be over your choir members. They'll be able to see that as soon as it's uploaded. And that's a great thing about it When you make changes, is thanked straight away. Well, I think that you would need to do is maybe give people that remained in the next time you see them all of uploaded. All of the things they're in Iasi can going to see them straight away. That that's all that you need to do. So your take away for this one, everyone is just upload into everything into the full dough. We made Elliot on with all the permissions. Thanks 13. Sync WeVideo with other accounts: hi. Everyone wants to go briefly over high, we would think. Are we video accounts with a little tent such as YouTube and Google Drive? So if you go into your re video, a candidacy had been working in some with May a files that I've been working on for the course. If we go up to the top right hand side of this little Paris and not peer, I'm going to click on that one. So we'll give you a drop down menu, and this is Manager Karen. So let's click on that on that is our A panel where we have all these different places you see here we have video destinations, unless one of things every lake of it re video and makes the make it really easy to sink with a lot of different things. And so previously I have connected my YouTube account on do also have a drop box as well, which is great when you can sink all the different things like that. So the thing we're going to do today is Google Drive, and you see the 3rd 1 died in there. So if we just go over to connect and a little pop up window will come up. I'm already registered into my Google driver karent, and I'll give you a list here, love permissions that they're going to ask for. And if you're happy with thousands, you well done to the bottom. Click on Hello and that's it. Successfully sink now. So any time everyone, if you're went to finish a video and remember the options, it has to sink with different things. You click on the icon for YouTube or Google Driver, wherever all you need to do is simply click on Google drying on. A version of your video will be automatically uploaded onto your Google driver can. Isn't that neat. It saves a lot of time in the long run rather than having to download and upload again. So your reaction step for today is to sink all your different accounts, make it you're a your shading over your fails as painfully and as efficient as possible. Thank you 14. Extract Mp3 from Video: hi, everyone, Where we're going to do now You're going to create resource number five, which is creating an audio track based on that great video you've just made now where you can see on our screen. We're on our Google drive here, and that's going to be important. We can look at that in a moment. And what like you to do on your computer? If you go up, Teoh, create new top or something, and of the I'm using Google Crume, there's a website that I found is really useful in it. Same extracts the audio from any MP four videos, and that's all you need to do to create this audio track. We're going to go. Teoh is on line dash or do dash converter dot com. You can see on the top here, and we just press enter and the thing that I really like, But this is that you can give permission to sync with your Google drive, which is great so you don't have to ball it a boat and fainting your fails downloading it to your computer than uploading again onto one of these online things. So let's just place on our Google drive icon here, and that's gonna ask you for permissions so this little thing will come up with a drug you up to talk? Pierce. You can see the whole thing that Shoni that's asking permission to view your files into your content. If you could go into the bottom here and click alot. No, I was going to come up with the Faizi half on your Google drive, and the family we want to click is the one video file that we have unfolded in the moments . And that's the soprano part we made for Donen that ever to pray. If we select that and then we just click select at the bottom there as well, then we've got some lots of different options about them. What we could do in terms of quality is already marked. MP flee here, but you have lots of different options. For if this particular phrase that you're looking for I always find MP threes are the best ones to choose. Because even if the people are using landmarks and things like that, they usually have a built in NBC converter anyway. So is probably one of the most friendly or do no do tapes are failed. Type Saudi. Make it easier for everyone to hear. Make it compatible with everyone's computers and smartphones. So if you also got options in terms off audio quality and I'll probably just put it at the best one because I think how your quality it would be the better and then we just go down to the bottom and click convert I was gonna do that night. I love a super quick, wasn't it? So we need to do noses. Click on that Done, Lord dear, and then it's going tobe would into your computer. Oh, go and t your downloads file. So let's go back up to the top here with her Google drive. Nope, up in the corner. So I slipped back into a Google drive there, and we're going to click on the folder for dining that ever to pray. This double click on that and then we're going to do is upload this ordeal fail so we go to new Remember we did this before. And when the drop down menu we click, fail upload. This time we're gonna have so finder downloads folder. This will take a little well, because we just added a new thing unless I failed there. The MP three file for that video track. We can select that and then click on open, and that's that. I've loaded onto year folder there. So there you have everyone number got five different resources for you to provide to your choir and the thing that I love a bit the last two ones, which is the multi leered or do off a video and also extracting audio file. From that, it's gonna be so much easier for the people that learned by rote to understand not only what their vocal part is, but the relationships between all the vocal parts and where they fit into all. You'd be surprised everyone, how important that is. People really need to understand the structure of a song on order to feel that confidence that they can just go for it when it comes to performance time. And so what does your action steps for? This one has to go on to the website. Let me assure you again all the sorry online dash audio dash converter dot com sync that with your Google drying and create your first MP three file. Thanks, everyone 15. Course Summary and Thank You: and this is a somebody off our course and I just to go over all the things we've covered and are five ways to create at home resources for your choir. I hope that you find the course useful on that. You're going to apply your things that we've learned today into the running over a choir. The list is kind of Slade down here and see if we can go through our it comes. So when somebody the first class it come was on the start of the core. So ask you, create a class project, and that was to create a workflow. So you had a clear idea in your mind of the permissions and things, and they had to stay up when we were going to create our Google dry. Second part of that is another cost project that was further down the line. When we go to the video was Teoh use this audio tracks I supplied and the course to use them to practice sinking the voices together and other parts of her course. It also looked ahead to register with Google and create the necessary infrastructure working from the work floor that we created earlier on, and from that looking at the other side, which was Teoh give you a gate and how choir members could go through Google registration, seeing it from the other end. So you understood what process that they had to go through. We looked at how to use re video on DSM recorders. I had to sink vocal tracks and upload recordings as well. And from there, once we practice a couple times to get all the vocal tracks together and your zoom recordings all uploaded onto your computer and everything we learned total going to re video sync the tracks and add video on the top, then extract an MP three file from that. And I did your Google drive and then finally hurt to add all of her files onto the Google drive, ready to be shared with her choir members. This is just a little thing to say. Thank you very much. Everyone has been an honor and a pleasure to do this course. I hope you found it useful. If it all you're in stock for in any way, please feel free to contact me, Jane. That music is our 42 dot co dot UK. I'm more than happy to help you through it. Thanks. Nay,