Choir Resources for Practising at Home: 5 great ways to support choirs and choir masters | Jayne Norrie Singing Coach | Skillshare

Choir Resources for Practising at Home: 5 great ways to support choirs and choir masters

Jayne Norrie Singing Coach, Vocal Coach, Full Stack Web Dev Coder

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15 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create your Workflow

    • 3. Register with Google

    • 4. Create Google Infrastructure

    • 5. Choir Member Sync

    • 6. Intro to WeVideo

    • 7. Create Recordings

    • 8. How to use a Zoom recorder

    • 9. Sync Two Tracks

    • 10. Syncing Your Vocal Tracks

    • 11. Add Video

    • 12. Populate your Google Drive

    • 13. Sync WeVideo with other accounts

    • 14. Extract Mp3 from Video

    • 15. Course Summary and Thank You


About This Class


This is for all of the people out there who are working hard and running choirs. 

Our Guide will show you how to create high-quality useful practice resources for your amateur choir.  

The materials we create together will be easy for your pupils to use, and more importantly, we will set it up so it is easy for them to access.

I am going to use my recent experience of working with one of my choirs.

Initially I found it difficult to find a way to create resources.  It was also difficult to know how to use them, how to limit access to just those who I wanted to see them,but also make them easy to access.

With this course, I introduce you to some great pieces of equipment that are high quality and very efficent.  The two pieces of equipment will cost you approximately £120; but once you set them up you can use them for all of your choir projects.  Your Return on Investment (ROI) is great as they will last for years and can be used multiple times.

You, the Choir Master, are always in control of what is distributed, to whom, and when.  

Using the methods I describe to you, even those in your choir who aren't great at reading sheet music will be able to improve their musicianship within a few weeks.

This Class is for people like me:  Choir Masters of Amateur and Professional choirs who want to make it easier for choir members to practice at home.

I will show you 5 great ways to create helpful resources for your Choir, and a FREE way to host those resources, which can be accessed by your choir members at any time.