Chocolate Wonder - How to Make Delicious Chocolates | Iiro Kontio | Skillshare

Chocolate Wonder - How to Make Delicious Chocolates

Iiro Kontio

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Four categories of ingredients

    • 3. Ingredients for the recipe

    • 4. Recipe in making

    • 5. Three most common mistakes

    • 6. Three reasons to try it out!

    • 7. !BONUS! Chocolate covered nuts

    • 8. Thanks, Gift & Class Project


About This Class


In this class I'll share with you simple method of making Delicious & Healthy chocolates at your home.

With 10 years of experience I'll share with you valuable knowledge and tips, so you can easily succeed in making these chocolates.

Also you get one of my favourite recipes and all you need to know to make it yourself.

Top of that you'll learn basic consept of how to get creative and start to build up your own chocolate recipes. (For inspiration you can download "best ingredients to use" PDF file from the Class Project section)

As a BONUS lesson you learn how to make chocolate covered nuts, berries etc.

Enjoy the class and get ready to make chocolate of your life! :)

Chocolate recipe:

50g Cold prosessed coconut oil

50g Cacao butter

25 g (4 tbsp) Cacao powder

30 g (5 tbsp) Carob powder

20 g (3 tbsp) Raw cane/coconut sugar

½ tsp Ground vanilla bean powder

Pintch Unrefined sea salt

(Fresh ginger and dates)

Music credit: Iiro Kontio





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