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Chocolate Cupcake Christmas Tree Display

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 01 Intro video

    • 2. 02 Preparing the pans and preheating the oven

    • 3. 03 Measuring the ingredients for the cupcakes

    • 4. 04 Batter Up Making the batter

    • 5. 05 Filling the pans and baking the cupcakes

    • 6. 06 Making the Cream cheese buttercream

    • 7. 07 Frosting the cupcakes

    • 8. 08 piping the chocolate on top

    • 9. 09 Adding the decorations to the tree

    • 10. 10 Setting up the Cupcake Display

    • 11. 11 Final thoughts

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About This Class

We will be making a centerpiece for your Christmas party that can double as the dessert.  In this class you will learn the basics in making a chocolate cake batter.  We will use the batter to make chocolate cupcakes for our Christmas tree display.  

I will teach you how to make a cream cheese buttercream to decorate the top of the cupcakes.  With our buttercream we will use a decorating tip to frost the top of the cupcakes to look like branches of an evergreen tree.  To bring out the branch detail we will embellish each cupcake with melting chocolate that is piped onto the cupcake.

Every Christmas tree needs decorations.  I will show you some easy decorations for your tree.  We will finish the class showing you how to display the cupcakes to make a Christmas tree.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nadine.

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1. 01 Intro video: Hi. Welcome to my kitchen. My name is native, and today our class will focus on making cupcakes from scratch. Throughout this class, I will teach you how to make a chocolate Christmas tree cupcake. We will begin by going to the steps and then making the batter filling the cupcake liners and baking way will next going to making our delicious cream cheese crust. I will show you how to France. The cupcakes, using a decorator's tip that will help make a cupcake treat way, will move on to melting chocolate wafers so that we can add more detail and define our tree branches with chocolates. I will show you help pipe chocolate to make those detailed branches next way, Move on to decorating cupcakes with ordinance and, of course, the stone. After we have decorating cupcakes, I will show you how to display case so that you have your I am a self. I have loved baking most of my life. Over 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to make cakes for special locations, using online classes, video tapes and with lots and lots of practice. I have my skin with my skills at the level that I felt was profession. I started advertising to make cakes for others. I continued making cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. For several years. When my husband got a job offer in New York City, we moved here and I closed my home base cake making business. Now in New York, I am turning my skills to teaching, and I believe skill share is the perfect form to teach what I have learned for cake decorating. This class is aimed at the home baker that wants to learn how to make cupcakes from scratch . The skills you learn in this class will help you as you make other types. Or by the end of this class, you won't be able to make cupcakes from different way your first lesson. 2. 02 Preparing the pans and preheating the oven: before we even start pre heating the oven, we want to take the items out of the fridge that need to come through temperature. I've already taken out the 1.5 cups better on the four eggs. They're coming to room temperature now. I need to set the temperature on the oven to 350 degrees. It can take up to 10 minutes to preheat an oven, so we want to start pretty even it before we start mixing the batter. The next step is to get our pantry because these are cupcakes. The practice really quite easy. We need to do desperate one cap cake liner in to each of the holes of our cupcake tune. It's a Z Z is that I have started out by Jets doing 24 cupcakes because that's what £2 worth ISS I may find. I have enough batter that I need to make a few more to pulling out another pan. What I might not quite get 24. We'll see as we make the way 3. 03 Measuring the ingredients for the cupcakes: we're going to mix our cocoa with boiling water. So the first thing we want to do while the water's coming to a boil is to measure out the cocoa. Klein need one cup of cocoa. I'm going to just move the cocoa into this cup. Now I want to just make sure it's level by taking my spatula and I go back. Then I bring it forward. Our water has come to a boy. We're going to measure into this cup 1.5 cups of boiling water. We're gonna put this concho into that modern I'm gonna start. We needed that water to be boiling so that it would be hot enough to dissolve the chocolate , which is chemist service for a few minutes until that chocolate is dissolved into it. We do this first because we want this chocolate to cool and not be boiling when we added to our batter. As you can see, that chocolate is melted in whatever set this aside on. We may stir it every few minutes to make sure the chocolate stays mixed in and does not start to solidify. But we're just gonna let this sit now and cool while we measure the other ingredients. Next we're going to sift the flour and measure it out. You want to make sure that you're using a cake? Flour? It doesn't need to be this brand, but it does need to be a cake. Flour. We're just gonna pour the king flower into our Since then, all we do is we just kind of where you can pattern like this, which I find takes to play well or I like to entry Stir it, scraping the bottom. I find that, as you can see, helps the flower come out faster. I'm gonna do this. Still have quite a bit of flour in the bowl because I need 3.5 cups flour total. That's gonna take a while to get that much flour. We're ready now to measure the flower with the flower. We need 3.5 cups. We're going to start by sparing in. We don't want to scoop it because I had a compact the flower. So we're gonna spoon in to our cup till it's overflowing flower. Then I'm gonna go back and forward like that. That's one cup. I'm ready to put that into this bull Get a measure out the other 2.5 cups. I sifted more flour than we need, so I'll be putting some back into the container with the flower. But I wanted to make sure that I had an easy time. Get it out 3.5 cups, so I wanted to sift more than I need it. You always want to sift before you measure, or you might not have the right amount of flour. There's are 3.5 cups flour. Next, we want to measure the sugar. The shooter is a lot easier to major than the foul for the sugar. I can just scoop into this cup. If this were a bigger container, I could extra scoop the cup down in there and then I level it off. That's one. Want to fourth two, and then the fourth is smalling up. I just get down in there and scoop it out and then level it. There's are two in the fourth cups sugar. Next, we want to measure the baking soda and the salt. Both of them take one teaspoon with the bacon Saadiq. I just stick it down in there level it off and I'm gonna put them both in the same container because they get added at the same time. Salt. I just poured in there and then dumping. Next we have the vanilla with the vanilla. We want one tablespoon. Just major that out and dump it in there. As you remember, I already checked the eggs out to come to room temperature, and I had to check the button out. One thing I do want to do with the butter is I want to open it up before it gets too soft. It is starting to get a little bit soft, cause it's been out for Well, I'm gonna open all three of them. But I gotta pick them all on the same one so that when I'm ready to add it, I can just pick it up and add it like that. With all of our ingredients measured out, the next thing we want to do is get it set up and make the batter. Let's move on to our next lesson of making 4. 04 Batter Up Making the batter: We're ready now to start making the battle. We're in a crack. The eggs into this bowl. Um, I usually cracking by just hitting them against each other with the last take. I don't have a name to hit against, so I did it against the side of the boat. At this point, you're gonna want to check and make sure there are no eggshells in there. Next, we want to add about 1/4 of this chocolate. I'm gonna get one more stir. And this, by the time the chocolate melted and the water was in, has come up to two cups. So I want to get this down to about 1.5. This is also cooled quite a bit. I also want to add the vanilla to this. Now, I'm just gonna slightly risk this to get the egg speaking. You don't want to see any more eggs. You want to see justice chocolate and mixed yanks of their the mixed in. So you don't see any a parts. We're ready now to mix all of the ingredients in our stand mixer. You will notice I have everything like up in the order. I'm going to be putting them in. It makes it easier that way. First thing I want to do is put all the dry ingredients in there. The salts, the baking soda flower and the sugar. We're now gonna turn this on too low for about 30 seconds to a minute until everything is well blended. We just want to make it so you can't tell where the sugar and the flour everything, Because it's all mixed together. We're now ready to add the butter and the rest of the cocoa mixture that we did not put him with the eggs. So I'm just going to pick this three different spots of the boat. It is sad, so it will mix in quickly. Give this one, laster. Dump it It We're now in a mix this on low until everything is blended in. With that blended in. We're now gonna turn the stand mixer up to a medium speed, and we're gonna blend it for a minute and 1/2. This will build up the structure of the cake. Okay. I'm gonna time this. Let it go for a minute and one. This is next for a minute and 1/2 now, before I had the next ingredient, Which is that egg and chocolate mixture. I want to scrape down my bowl. I'm now gonna have this mixture in three different portions, and I'm gonna mix it for 20 seconds after each addition. We're scared again. Poor? Doesn't have to be. Exactly. What do you think is 1/3 of it in there? And then we're gonna build up the structure by Nixon it for 20 seconds. We're going to pour the nest, What's left? And except for 20 seconds, we're gonna pour the rest of this in now. And I'm gonna use the West to scrape out any that's still left in again. We want to do this for 20 seconds. Our cake batter is ready. I'm gonna scrape this down again, and I'm gonna scrape across the bottom and I'm gonna try to take off Peter as much as I can . A good baker always wants to check their batter to make sure they didn't leave anything out . I'm just gonna take this. I run my finger on it and taste it and it tastes like everything is there. So now we're ready to fail our cupcake 5. 05 Filling the pans and baking the cupcakes: we're ready to fill the cupcake pans. I like to use an ice cream scoop because it gives me a more measured equal amount for each cupcake. What ideo is I feel lash cream, scoop up, bring it to the cupcake tin and fill it up. You wanted to be at least halfway full. It can be a school as 2/3 the way full. I'm gonna continue to do this until I have my cupcake to You feel yours up too, and we'll be back when we're done with the cupcake tins full. I want to just kind of clean up the batter that I got outside. You don't have to clean it up, but if you don't because it's not that much batter, it will start to smell and burn. And I don't like the smell of burning cupcakes when it's really not the cupcakes burning, but that extra batter. So I like to just clean up the extra batter. The other thing you want to do at this point is look and see if any of the cupcakes look like it's too small or has too much, and you can adjust it now going to do the same with this pan cleanup at excess batter again . I want to look and see if any of these cupcakes look like they might be a little bit lack when I look this one. Yeah. Looks like it could use a little bit more. I'm just gonna add a tiny bit to the ones that not quite a size I want them to be. And it really is your choice. As I said, you wanted at least half, like, full all the way up to 2/3 of the way for I have enough batter left that I will probably get at least another 12 cupcakes out of it. So while these ones are baking, I will feel another muffin tin up with the rest of the battle. We're gonna bake these in the oven. That has preheated to 350 degrees. The rack is in the middle position. They're gonna bake for 15 to 20 minutes. We won't check them before we take them out to make sure they're done. So we'll be back at the end of the bacon time to show you what we do. That timer has just got off on cupcakes. Let's take a look and see if they're ready. We want to check them before we take them out. So just carefully pull them out. And I want to stick my cake tester. Or you can use a toothpick in that highest peak and pull it out. And as you look at it, it is completely dry. That means the cupcakes are ready. We're gonna pull these out, and then I'm gonna stick my last pan 11 cupcakes today with the cupcakes done, we now want them to cool on a cooling rack to let it completely quote I don't really want them to cool in the pan. They can call that for a minute. It you, but not longer than that. It's really easy. All we want to do is take these dump the Met, and then we want to quickly make sure that all turned right side up. Would you have him All right side up. You can arrange him on one back, so that will have the other rack for the other cupcake. We're gonna do the same with these cupcakes. We're just going Teoh Dumpem correctly turn them right side up. We now we're gonna let these cool completely. I'll be back to show you how to do the frosting in our next lesson. After these cold 6. 06 Making the Cream cheese buttercream: cupcakes have cooled, and we are now ready to make the frosting for the cupcakes. This frosting is the decorators buttercream, but it is a cream cheese butter cream, so it tastes so much better. This recipe calls for butter, which gives it flavor and shortening, which gives it stability. The first thing we need to do is to cream the butter, the shortening and the cream cheese. I'm going to add the better the cream cheese and the shortening to the bull. I check the butter and the cream cheese out of the fridge a while ago so that they could come to room temperature. We're now going to beat this till they're all cream together, because this was a room to I didnt really take that to cream it together. We're now going Teoh one tablespoon of vanilla. The recipe says to put the salt and the sugar together. But what I like to do is I like to just measure the salt. I'm pretty dim. Just measure out 1/2 teaspoon When making frosting. You want to use the unsalted better and then at the salt, too. You know exactly how much salt is going in as far as the powdered sugar goes, it calls for £2 of powdered sugar. This bag is a £2 bag. So I know this is exactly how much money. I don't need to measure it. I don't need to weigh it because they already did that when they packaged it. I am gonna add it very slowly to the creamed butters and cream cheese because powdered sugar has a tendency to fly all over the place. I just want a poor little bit him. You can see it's not a whole on in and I'm gonna put it on low because I don't want that sugar flying up. I'm now gonna more sugar and let that Mitzi conceded. It's getting a little bit deaths as the powdered sugar's have enough now in and support that got mixed in again. I have Peter's on Lo, and even with a low, it's kicking up a death store. I just keep doing this until I have the whole bag in with the pound cheaper all next in. I'm now going to turn it up to whip it up. As you look at it, that's very thick. We don't want it that thick the reason the recipe just says milk is because you don't know how much you're gonna add. You're gonna add just a little bit at a time till you get this frosting to the right consistency. I'm going to dump just a little bit of milk in there and then turn that on and I watch it and see it's starting to separate a little bit from the beta, which means it's softening up. I want to scrape everything down before and more milk as I scrape it down. I can kind of judge how close it is to be in ready, and it's pretty close. I didn't add a little bit more milk, but not a whole lot, because since I'm using this to decorate and I'm not to spread into on, I don't want it to running. I'm gonna add just a little bit more milk, and I can always add more if that's not enough, and I'm going to run this just a little bit longer to mix that milk. It now looks like and see what the consistency is. That's a pretty good consistency for frosting, my one and just a little bit more milk. But with that milk. I'm also going to add the green food coloring on Grant pit. Just a few drops off this in there and I can add more, but I can't take it out and I'm gonna add just a tiny bit more bilk. Let's mix it up as you look at that, it is kind of light still, So I'm gonna add a few more drops and see what that does Now I want to scrape it all down, scrape down the sides because there's still a little bit of what kind of hanging on the sides. It was great that all into it do one more little mix to get all of it to be green. And I'm gonna add just a tiny bit more green. I would like my green to be just a little bit darker. I'm gonna add a brown to it. I only want one drop and not a very big drop. Squeeze it carefully and there's a drop of brown as can be just enough to dark enough, given more than kind instead of so as you see, that dark ended up just a little bit. And there's our buttercream for the froth 7. 07 Frosting the cupcakes: we're now ready to print the butter cream in a bag and show you just how to decorate the cupcakes. I am not quite sure yet which tip I want to use for the decorating of the top of the kicks . So I'm gonna experiment with three different tips and see which one I like best. The first thing I need to dio with my bag as I need to cut the tip of it off so that I can fit this end of the coupling inside the bag. And I want that to come out side of the plastic, which it iss. Well, I'm going to start with with this tip right here under this one off first and then screw on the other half of the coupling. Now I need to feel my back to fill my bag. I'm going to stick it in this tall container and turned back down over the outside, and I'm just gonna pick some fasting in here. Um, I wanted her shit down. Then I pulled the sites up, bring it out of the cup. I twist this and I squeeze until I get frosting coming out to decide which tip I want to use. I'm gonna do though, on this parchment paper. So what? This one? I'm just gonna squeeze and let go. Please, let go. That is one possibility for doing it. I kind of like the look of that. Let's see what another one looks like. This is the next tip. I'm gonna try. It's kind of a closed star. Let's see what this one looks like. So this one I would squeeze now, this one I like because it gives it more depth. This one's kind of flat. This one gives it more depth. Thinker, like this one better. Let's try to 3rd 1 It's an open star. So this is what the 3rd 1 looks like. Let's try a couple with that. I don't see a whole lot of difference between these, So I think I'm going to stick with this one. Just because it's already on one of the cupcakes is going to be that top cupcake that has a star on it. So we're gonna do this one different than the other cupcakes. Let me show you how we're gonna do that, Cupcake. With this cupcake, I'm gonna start at the center. I know. Squeeze and come out, squeeze and come out, squeeze and come out, squeeze and come out. You'll notice this some spaces there. And that's okay. Because I can go back and feel those spaces in yet. I will have the top, the cupcake completely full squeeze and come out now. I'm just gonna look, I can see I need another one right there. Another one right there. And there's the top of my cupcake. The other cupcakes because they're going to go around the tree. I'm just going to start and bring it in. So I'm just gonna go across. But I kind of want to have the point. And that's how I'm going to do the others. Let me show you with one more. I just start with the point here and bring it across. Started that same point, bring it at an angle. Same point. Bring it out of angle. I want to do that same point. Go in the middle, same point, go in the middle seven point, go down side the same point for downside. Same point downside. And down the site. I'm gonna continue to do that with all the other cupcakes. Do yours and that I will be back when minor done to show you how way 8. 08 piping the chocolate on top: I've decorated all of the tops of the cupcakes like I showed you. We're now gonna melt. Oh, some coating chocolate to put accents on the cupcakes To do that, we're just in the dump. About half the package into this cup. I will get a cricket at 70% power for one minute in the mike away. After that, we will stir it until it is melted. So let's melt this in the mike away, and then I'll show you what we do. We have to smell to down. We're now gonna put it in a piping bag so that we can pipe. The needles were not coming anything off of the tip yet. There were just going to stick this in that same cylinder that we stop the bag in for the ballot and we're just gonna pour melting chocolate in there on. We're gonna put himself We just want to cut a small smith at the tip of this. So I'm just going Teoh do a very small cut, and then what we're gonna do? Yes, we're gonna go squeeze it. Well, that's a little bit small enough. We're just going to squeeze and go back and forth like that. But we're gonna do it on the cup kicks. So here's my cupcake, and I'm gonna start up here and I'm just going to do a few needles like that. It just gives a little bit more depth to our cupcake. So I'm gonna continue to do that. Tell all the cupcakes are done. Now, remember, I do have this one. That's the top one. So this one is gonna probably have a little bit more cause I'm gonna bring it down all the way around from the top. Go ahead and do that for all the cupcakes. And then we'll show you how to finish decorating the cupcakes by putting the ornaments and the strong. 9. 09 Adding the decorations to the tree: I put the accent darker color on the trees with the melting chocolate. We're now ready to decorate it. Our tree is gonna have one star top and then ornaments on the others. What? I'm getting used to the star on top. If I have this chocolate star, I couldn't wrap it, but then it would be Brown and I wanted to be gold. So I think you whoever ends up getting this cupcake could easily take the star. I'm just going to stick the star right there on top and to make sure that it stays up. I have a little bit of this chocolate left, so I put some chocolate on that star and then stick it on. That chocolate is going to make the star stay up once it dries. The other decorations I have are these six. Let's and they're gonna be a ornaments. I'm not gonna put any on this one. It's just gonna have to start. But on the other months, it's gonna take it crit three or four or whatever. Whatever feels good on each of the cupcakes. There are lots of things you could Jews for the ornaments. You could use em announce Skittles. I like the sickle. It's because their actual balls. So you go ahead and decorate yours. You may have other type of candy. You choose how to do yours. Then we'll get back together to show how to display our cupcakes. 10. 10 Setting up the Cupcake Display: There are many tree stands out there that you can use to put your cupcakes on. I found a fairly basic one on Amazon that's called home basics. I know Wilton makes one, and there are other companies that make him too. Whatever brand tree said you have, go ahead and put it together. Harris. Mine All assemble. All I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the cupcakes and this pointy part. It's going to go to the insight and my cupcake will lean out just a little bit. I'm gonna go ahead and do that all the way around. I'm starting at the bottom and then I'll work my way up to the top. This true stand holds 23 cupcakes. They have some that make hope 13 some that hold even a lot more. So you have to decide how big of a tree stand you want. I'm almost done putting the cup kicks on. And of course I want my top cupcake to be the one with the stars. Here's the complete victory and I still have some cupcakes left. So if I wanted Teoh, I could put them around the bottom to extend the cup victory. Here is my extended Christmas tree made from cupcakes 11. 11 Final thoughts: today we learned have to make it out ingredients and to the family. We learn how to fill the cupcake liners and to bake them. Wait made cream cheese frosting on. Then I showed you how to use a tip to decorate the tops of cupcakes. Thoughtless What way? By melty some dark green chocolate wafers. Way the stairs. So this looks like a Christmas tree. I showed you how to display. I see your Christmas tree. Please remember to post your finished project into the class. See you in our next class for modern kitchen to yours, Have you Thank you.