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Chinese pronunciation

teacher avatar Felix Lattman, Chinese Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

58 Lessons (2h 33m)
    • 1. 1.1 How to study this course

    • 2. Important advice

    • 3. First consonants- ”b-p-m-f-d-t-n-l-g-h”

    • 4. Difficult consonants ”j-q-x”

    • 5. Difficult consonants ”s-z-c-sh-zh-ch”

    • 6. Tongue Twisters ”40 is 40”

    • 7. Difficult consonants ”r vs l”

    • 8. Odd pronunciations ”y-w”

    • 9. First vowels- ”a-o-e-i”

    • 10. Common mistakes ”u” vs ”ü”

    • 11. Diphthongs- ”ai-ei”

    • 12. ”ui-iu”

    • 13. ”ie-ei-ao-ou”

    • 14. ”üe-er”

    • 15. ”an-en”

    • 16. ”in-un-ün”

    • 17. ”ang-eng-ing-ong”

    • 18. Combining vowels and consonants -a

    • 19. ”o”

    • 20. ”e”

    • 21. ”i”

    • 22. ”e,er”

    • 23. ”ai”

    • 24. ”ei”

    • 25. ”ao”

    • 26. ”ou”

    • 27. ”o,uo”

    • 28. ”an”

    • 29. ”ang”

    • 30. ”en”

    • 31. ”eng”

    • 32. ”ong”

    • 33. ”in”

    • 34. ”ing”

    • 35. ”i” - si, zi, ci, shi, zhi, chi, ri Difficult!

    • 36. ”ji-qi-chi-xi-shi-ci-si” Difficult

    • 37. ”ia”

    • 38. ”ao” & ”xiao vs shao”

    • 39. ”ie”

    • 40. ”iu,ou”

    • 41. ”ian,yan”

    • 42. ”iang” & ”xiang vs shang”

    • 43. ”iong”

    • 44. ”u”

    • 45. ”u” or ”ü”

    • 46. ”ue”

    • 47. ”un” or ”ün”

    • 48. ”uan”

    • 49. ”uan,uang”, ”chuan-chuang” & ”zhuan-zhuang”

    • 50. ”chuan vs quan vs chuang and similar sounds

    • 51. ”un” vs ”uan”

    • 52. 'ua'

    • 53. ”uai”

    • 54. ”ui”

    • 55. Tricky sounds

    • 56. Different dialects and what to pay attention

    • 57. You’re awesome!!!

    • 58. Summary

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About This Class

A comprehensive course of Chinese pronunciation, including, tips, visual examples, common mistakes and more

Here Ann and Felix will go through the entire range of pronunciation in the Chinese language. Using visual keys, useful tips and ways to practice you'll get mistaken for Chinese after passing this course. Each video name also indicates what's being taught so you can go to a specific video if you're looking for something.

About the Course and DominoChinese

We are the first foreign-run Chinese (Mandarin) teaching company in China with a completely new approach to teaching Chinese. Our courses are constructed by foreigners for foreigners, and also include the wide experience of our Chinese teachers.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts upon which you can easily build your Chinese language learning. By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct a simple conversation in Chinese with basic expressions, as well as the relevant reading and writing skills.

Chinese is the most logical language there is and we hope to demonstrate to the world how to successfully navigate it. Through the ancient system of using pictograms, two words with separate meanings can join to form entirely new words. For example, learn the word for electricity (电), then add brain (脑) and you get computer (electric-brain). Replace brain with stairs (梯) and you get elevator (electric-stairs). 话 means speech and 'electric-speech' means telephone. Chinese is a clearly structured, logical language, and it is this logic that makes the learning experience feel like a puzzle that anyone can solve.

We teach entirely through videos, where we first explain concepts and then show them in practice through dialogues with strangers on the street. Videos are shortened down to 1-5 minutes and to make sure you are paying attention we will give you quizzes between the videos based on what you have just learned. Pass it and move on to learn about the next concept.

When you sign up we will also give you our coursebook that helps you review everything you learn much easier.

Your instructor in this course is Felix Lattman, who founded Domino Chinese in Guangzhou, China, after spending some years in the city and teaching himself Chinese. To him, Chinese made a lot more sense than it is generally credited with, and so he realised this language of 1.3 billion people should be very easy to learn as long as it is taught in the right way. In 2013, he started teaching Chinese to foreigners and within 3 months all of his students could converse in Chinese.

With Felix's approach to teaching Chinese combined with the other Chinese teachers' experience in the company, we hope to improve Chinese teaching everywhere in the world and make it fun, logical and much more like "a walk in the park" for anyone!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felix Lattman

Chinese Teacher


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1. 1.1 How to study this course: you guys mining Felix from Domino. Chinese. Oh, guys, Many was an M from Donley Changed Geo. Wonderful. And hey there. Camera to result. Hi. Hi. You guys over there? So what we want to do in this course is teacher pronunciation. Yes. So we'll go through all the different organizations in Chinese that you'll ever find Also break down and tell you a few tips and tricks and also the comment. Most common mistake that people usually make or you can watch the videos. We'll go through the main course wherever you feels like you need local help in terms off the pronunciation. Exactly. And that's it. We do everything else to say. Let's get side. I hope you're excited as excited us as may be a good 2. Important advice: so welcome to this very, very intriguing course. Hope you'll find it a such now. First things first. We, regardless of your Chinese level, will break things down as we see fit simply on Chinese house. Every character, if you didn't know it, already will explain it now. Every character, just one syllable. Can you give us an example off France's war Me power? Yeah, those are just one syllable each, and that's one basically a word or a character you can call it. So if you feel like sometimes words sound like tongue twisters. That's just because there many characters together. But every character on its own is actually super short. Just one syllable to make sure you get that one syllable right, and then you just you just have another character with another syllable. So our approach A here is we break down the pronunciation for each character individually, instead, off a teacher. Long words or long sentence? Exactly. Yeah, on a few tips and tricks here, we want you to do a three step method here that we can call it Step one lacing capital. So, yeah, whenever you hear it and you think it's a bit difficult. You listen carefully. Okay? Don't speak to listen. And Step two is then to try and say but ST really slowly. Step three is Once you get it, you start repeating the pronunciation, fastening faster into you. Got it? So we can do an example with like total tour, which is taxi on. That one is usually quite tricky. It's one of the tricky ones in this pronunciation courses up. So first you listen. Have a listen to so sure. Good. So you listen and you repeated as slowly as you want. Truell Tool trust. So you really like, really isolate the different work, the different characters. But true torch are towards Or church or the church or the child all of a sudden. You're quite good at it. Yeah, fantastic. So, no, this course can actually start now. We'll describe how your mouth is supposed to be moving when you pronounce these things on. Well, also, with the use of our camera to here, we can zoom in a little bit. You're gonna see you because of how our mouth moves. Like true soldier. I think that's close in office. Perfect. Okay, s So you can You can get a close up and you can try and imitate that yourself is are also want you to picture yourself also actually go physically to a mirror mirror if you struggle with something and look at your own mouth and how you pronounce it, because I think that's really, really useful. 3. First consonants- ”b-p-m-f-d-t-n-l-g-h”: I will make a very almost scented Chinese t seven. This is a key couple have way. Okay, shake it. Is that people? It's pointed out. So you know, that's a long intro for it. For a fairly short class, please enjoy some 19. It is very much I'll see you so quickly about how this course is set up. Now we'll start with continents and then we'll move on to vaal. So we'll break them down separately. And then ultimately what we'll do is when we're ready with both. When we're done and prepared with both will put them together. That is Chinese for you, ladies and gentlemen. So for me as the Chinese will we learn a pronunciation or you called opinion at school. What we do is we learn the customer first and learned of a vow and we'll put them together like blend them together. I'll give you example here, for instance, This constant is a pronounce s pull and this vow is pronounces are so poor are blend them together will be far back for ah, but for ah bah See how I blended the two sound together yet this is a happy worse. That's how Chinese people would learn. Andi, I think they've come up with a good way already. So let's just recreate excellent eso. We'll start now with all the constants will go through all the difficult ones and let's start like this. So in total, this 23 air different constants in Chinese here that will combine a different ways. We start with B Andi note that we pronounce every time Chinese people and we will do the same thing every time they pronounce them, where they will go with the or sound at the end. Just because we always need evolved like all sound. So it's be goes into blow bore. Excellent. And we're doing this with the first home. Mind you, there are tones, therefore different tones in Chinese. But our philosophy around that is that you don't there many people who have given up, actually just because tones are so difficult and they just thought they had to learn them perfectly to start with. But no one's perfect. When they start with the language, you become perfect with the language. So the more you learn, the better your tones will start sounding as our I've never met a foreigner doesn't speak really, really good Chinese without having fantastic tones as well. So don't worry about the tones at this point. You were getting better. Naturally. Exactly. Exactly. Also will go through the toads in the course. Okay, for be way. Say, pull what I bought simply and then we can move on to another continent. These are quite simple. They just register constants as we're used to them being now we're going with Pea pur Poor Paula. Fantastic. Know that we're always doing the first tone. Already talked about the tone. We're just doing the first tone because it's easier than only other tone. Really? And it makes us it sticks there. So is Paul. We don't change anything. We just have to pay attention to the sound and not that knows exactly. And then we have m and that will be more war war. So that was m. And now we're going with F 4444 and then we've got D. But this is actually not door. It doesn't matter at all how Chinese people pronounce it. So long as you hear the d sound. That's important. You don't say door here. You say the This is very, very well just how you do it. It's nowhere. Check spewing all weird Our peace Nowhere. Don't listen to Felix way have tea. 222 Fantastic! And no, no, no. And we have out pronounce s Le Bleu and G not G, but good on. Does it actually mean Song is a cook? Cool case car. Have h Major Chronister, huh? Wonderful. 4. Difficult consonants ”j-q-x”: and then we have J. And this one's important, actually. See, See, See, Cenote were, like on the tip of the tongue. Here we go. T t t. Hopefully we get a nice little zoom up off on here. The Kentucky. And now we with the remaining ones is going to be quite tricky. Okay, so we have tea and no, it's kill. So that is C C T. Know you like you're freezing mouth. Let it air out. C t t. We can show you little mouth here on how it's done in a little visual of it. T t t you want to spit out little Bill air here and downwards? T t does a and now we have an X, and this is quite important. I find this one. This one is super common because you when you say CSU like thank you, yeah, you need to be able to pronounce the X. That is why when when I say she s you too. So one, they think Oh, while you're Chinese is so good they say to me, I said, Well, thank you. It's just taken me a few years. Eso Yeah. If you get your tones correct than you Good on your print. Convince people that you're fantastic and sheer. She is a very good chance to practice this. OK, Ok, so it's a prognostic. See? See. See that? Such It's not like like she said it Z like if you say But you moved to the top of your didn't tip of your tongue here to the top of your mouth. Use a Okay, so I think actually X and two are very so very similar. But it's just that X It stays and cute. Spits it out, I think. Almost. Yeah. Wherever Cure C c for access. See, supposing both actions happen here like in the mouth. It's okay right here, right here. 5. Difficult consonants ”s-z-c-sh-zh-ch”: excellent. And now we have three in a row now and then we're going to add ages on top of that. So we have s and that's just excellent. OK, technique. So, like a snake. But that's that's actually quite e easy. But when you get another one, then you might start confusing them. So the next one is zed, and that one is like, like almost like a D J or D said you can imagine, like you're supposed to vibrate a little bit. So I say s you say says then so is okay, So you print you don't spit anything out. That's important, cause that's what we're going to do with the next letter. However, you just stop. Here you go, ze perfect. And now moving on to the 3rd 1 And these thes three ones are super important and that you get right because they're very common mistakes for foreigners. It when they speak Johnny's. So the next wise see your prognostic. Okay, so you might go, but this sounds like what we've already studied. But let's just start in comparing it to s Zedd. And now see OK, s Z. Yeah, see? So it's almost like s is just that here. You just containing everything where it is on the tip of your tongue. But you're still keeping it inside Where? So I just imagine you spitting. Actually, you're about to spit it out and then would see you actually spit it up. Finally very similar to a Q. In that way, just like like X and then with the Q it coast, it goes t you hear a cheer sound That's big. What happens when you open up your mouth and it comes out? That's the same difference with Zed and see So So I tend to use my fourth tone a little bit too much. You should just be that you stay consistent with the first Now comes to another three constants. It's actually not freaky. I wouldn't say tricky, but it's just you put h at the end off S C and Z change the sound. Uh, what happens? What happens? Yeah, if we know the fundamentals between eso es and so if you know that, then you're completely okay with this because now you just make out of age. Means you go further back in your mouth. You can imagine. Let's have a listen also, you have to really a town If the road you're talking. Yes. Sorry. Ok, let's see. Ask h is okay, so go would like So I say yes. You say a s h so so sure. Okay. Accident. And now that food You would be your s o can you hear? It's the same start. But then we're just making it deeper sounding and more rolling with your tongue a little bit with h coming into action. Okay, so let's go back to s. No, it's so on then on. And now German, we spit it out. So so becomes so. Chair. Exactly. So it becomes again if you know the fundamentals it sees just at an age, make it more deep, throated like that. And you have to really time. That's the decimals important. Yeah, exactly. Have to roll your tongue. Because in the lettering on our major main course, we were talking about the difference between how people speak in northern part of China vs the southern part of China. There's something people in the South are struggling with us. The h at the end. They have difficult to row their town. Exactly. Exactly. So they don't like to do that 6. Tongue Twisters ”40 is 40”: so that's all we have about that. But before we move on, I just want to tell you how to say 14 and four and 10 everything. There's a tent. Every time there's a 10 or a four involved in Chinese, it'll sound it would be a tongue twister if you say it quick enough. So four is and 10 is sure. So the tone with the forests on the tone with the tennis. Sure, So it goes up if we can ignore that for another, because that's old focusing on. Instead, it's so, like just a S. I becoming in a sure as H eyes HRD in age, and now it's interesting because four in Chinese is just four. Tennis is 10. But if you say 14 sure, so it's 10 plus four. I think this one of the reasons why Chinese people are so good at math, because there it's such a simple structure to their own language that is easier 100 them to understand it. Do you know that in friends you have to say, I know it's a When's next 36. It's like five month by six, something like that. I don't remember exactly high higher. Long was get really complicated. So yeah, they're so if you're French and you're stuck with maths, I think that's because of your language. And Chinese people just made it simple, So blame it on that. Yeah. Sorry. That's why we're so good at math. Now we get good opinion is all okay. Now, give you another example. Is 40 have 40 within before in the top in the beginning and then 10. So it's four tens. Basically, Yeah. So would be sure. Exactly. So don't worry about know exactly understanding what we're saying here. So you the idea is just to follow along and be able to being able to tell the difference. Okay? Because this is super super important. Now we get so sure if we flip it, it's 10 4 So it's 14. Okay, so it should. Exactly. And then the word to be is sure. OK, so to be sure and 10 is she just a bit of a tone different there? Nothing really, major. And then this is when the tongue twister starts. Four is 4 10 is 10. 14 14 40 Is 40 doing trying to contest? Yes, we have soup. And then that is four so social. It's actually very difficult because I never say for is for Instead, I usually just say 44 eso I tend to get it wrong here. So should andan 10 is much easier. Sure, she just age age Shh, shh shh. 14. Okay. Yeah, that's a good thing comes Teoh. So sure, sure. So, sure, 40 is 40 and I want to finish up with a solution. Should Doesn't slow soothe the whole thing. Okay. Okay. One, she says she exit E g. Oh, yeah. Practice at home. So we can if we can do it. Yeah, So that way you can practice in numbers, but you can also get get a use, get used to s and S and H And if you know that already then said and said in agency and see an agent quite easy. Just aren't on as well. Excellent. And it's a tongue. Twisters will impress a little Chinese people. Yeah, but 7. Difficult consonants ”r vs l”: Okay, now we've got our and that is quite tricky. Yeah, very tricky. We don't grow on Tom s craziest Spanish people. Dio don't be Spanish. Tried a Spanish with Chinese. Yeah. This is an action. Very tricky and simple at the same time. A Prague master. So, yeah, it's almost like your mouth can't really pronounce the whole thing. It sounds like that. It sounds like you're getting there, but you're not really then. But if you if that's how you feel, then you're perfect. Okay, So it's not our on day one and beyond what either special will be l like Do not. It is not It's not. It's Yeah, it's in the middle. It's in the middle. You, Tom, little bit. And you, you keep your tongue like on actually quite fun. Science. I know here is if you go to some provinces, correct me if I'm wrong if you go to the province in China and they'll tell their 10 to because it's quite difficult to pronounce it like like like we just don't hear with not difficult. But some people just don't want to do it because it's a bit cumbersome. So instead they just go with an L instead or it sounds very much like an L to me at least. So it would be like your would be It's hot instead. Issues a okay. Yeah, but its OK, so I would actually take I deserve. I usually tell my students. And what I think we should tell you students is up is if you struck me with this, then if anything, don't make it into an R. Make it into an L instead. Because it sounds much better. Two sides in 10 whole look instead at Indian. How do you agree? Yeah, I'm glad you agree. 8. Odd pronunciations ”y-w”: Okay, now we only have two constant's left. Next one is why e Now if you just look at the letter or the vowel like I is pronounced E, but it can't be written on its own Eso In these cases, Chinese just adds why. OK, and the rule is for most characters. You need to put a constant there. There are exceptions, like hungry like Oh yeah. Or like are where you only years of house just like that on. Therefore, you would add the white because there's actually consider continent in Chinese. We'll talk more about why later on and you'll be given loads and loads of examples then is up. Now let's move on to W Yeah, Debbio apron asked. Uh, doesn't sound that we put in the beginning of something. For instance, we have the character or just a DiVall a like Ah, yes. So we're prism together and blend this on together would be ah wa uh, wa Fantastic. Now we can do the same thing with I just want to remind you of the white case that we just did so or why continent would you state So ah is on its own. Put them together with the why would sound like e Uh, yeah, excellent way. Uh, why we have? Yeah. And what, by the way, to help you remember these ones easier? Yeah, is a duck and the wise a frog? A frog? Wonderful. So with that, a duck and with the with the frog will leave all the constants behind us. Now, that is a very important thing. All these continents are super important. So if you feel like you're struggling with some, please go back and practice a little bit. Have a look at how it looks when on says it when I say it, have a listen state a few times to yourself in the mirror, trying really study how this sounds in the next video we're going to continue with the house actually is relatively easy. 9. First vowels- ”a-o-e-i”: Okay, so now we have the vowel part of the course, and then once we don't with of elves who put them together and we'll start speaking in Chinese to each other. And that will be very exciting. Okay, first we start with the 1st 1 a k a. The pronounce toe. Uh oh. Excellent. Very well pronounced in. The next one is just over. That is pronounced or or or Okay, Mark, like wrong. Oh, make a rock ship of the mouth all the next one here is quite tricky. If you just look at it, it's not that tricky. But it's tricky because it sounds different in English. Letter E in English. Sounds like E, but in Chinese, it sounds like therefore, it's much easier if you're French. Now, if you speak French talked about French earlier with numbers. But now we're talking about you guys again because you say freezes. Jim. A pen, as in my name is and then you have, like, e and French turns into the same thing in Chinese. Uh, yes. Okay. So hungry would be fourth song. I'm so I'm So are you Are you owe to? Yeah, very, very. Both. So uh, fantastic On, for instance, when we liked earlier on with earlier with the hot that was Your guys are together with eat . Yeah, so that's particularly difficult, actually, because our is difficult. It's also depicted uncles, right? The next one is Ah, letter I I e wonderful. So so far these valves have been able to we can use them on its own on its own and say and say characters with them and make them into characters. But e just that I cant we cant do that instead No doing what we do So we put a customs before I If you remember we mentioned a why in a previous video input why and I together that's e fantastic. So that sounds exactly the same E is just that we can't right eye on its own. Exactly. That's a common mistake. You might go. You might look at it and go Oh, but it sounds like an I e selections, right? And I and then you go. But something missing are is usually the wind missing and by the way, he is also number one in Chinese 10. Common mistakes ”u” vs ”ü”: Okay, The next one is a letter you pronounced it. Oh, whoa, That's quite easy, actually. But as we move on, we can add the next one, which is the armload like a you with a normal out that we have from from German. We have that one this one in mind you. If you're writing with a keyboard, it's just a V. Yeah, okay. Just be so pronounce, I say, Oh, and you say V that nothing. Can you hear that? So if again now, if actually speak French is quite easy. I've never realized how easy this were French. You guys outside, It's almost evening now. Or is it evening? Soon the moon, It comes out on moon in French. Is Lanyon have the same sound. So if you speak friends, you're good to go actually here. And this is another one of those that foreigners get mixed up with a lot. They either could completely forget to write the V on the keyboard, and they just turn into you instead. And that's a completely different words. For instance, Lou is road this road on Happy out You. Yeah, and if you want to write green, it's live And then the V thing or their own lots in the so or something like a lot of foreigners had, like, trouble pronouncing you, right? Yes, exactly. I've heard that was all many foreigners go with instead of law new. And they like to court the court in between the and you Just make sure you get that one right. Go around pointing at green streets. Okay, there's a musical Green Street hooligans say that in Chinese. You good to go. So look so Green Street. You know, they say that many times You good to go. Another exam hole is the character newish means woman woman, which is the worst. It doesn't fit your manly voice. Thank you very much. Okay, So you envy pronounced it? Yeah, yeah, on If you say instead because many, many off students then they go Oh, how do I write woman and his right No one would know all the time. Is that a union you Because they never Because they always forget to Many of them actually tend to forget to put the V there So just right you instead new means like hard working. It can also be slave actually, so not that enslave. And women have anything in common. It's all they just happen to sound very similar. So please don't say that. Perfect. So now is that all ended you and we've done that good to quit. 11. Diphthongs- ”ai-ei”: okay, The falling about so Livermore on events. So the same. Then the wife's would just mention it because it's gonna be two ladders to get It's called a diff thong. Actually, yeah. Calling gift on when you have, like, one sound and turning into know the sound like many English sounds are like that already. If you haven't thought it like, you don't just have our or you have a and that's a that's e And I together gets 1/5. Yeah, yeah. So the 1st 1 would be the letter a and I in front Asta I I And if you say I it means Lou No . Yeah, Working with my use. Yeah, I is love, So I never forget that. Also I It's a sound that we Swedish people make me here when I weigh Want your way I Okay, so become Swedish Get hit a lot and then you'll be able to practice your I character. Excellent. Moving onto also another one with a e i at the end here. So it's I first, but now we put it in the beginning instead of a So it's I And now it's a sounds like a letter a. Yeah, just like a B c. Do that alphabet later on. By the way, we can combine our first little continent with vowel here. Now, already, we can say way, way, because when Chinese people pick up their phone, it's quite useless and thing to say because it doesn't mean anything. No, it's like Hello, in that way, way. But then when you say, Oh, wait. Yeah, but the during conversation you want to say, Yeah, yeah, yeah, way. But also, when you pick up the phone, I go on, pick up the phone, I'm calling you. It's a bakery in a good way. It's Felix. Did you hear? That's away? Is means hello. But then you always in? Yeah, afterwards. So it's quite useless character, But yes, you like it, I can tell. 12. ”ui-iu”: and now it's actually quite annoying, Cumbersome. And I think I owe I would almost argue Not necessary way have a But now we have Wait, wait, So that sounds exactly like the one that I was just talking about. But if you say like, if you say the word shade like who or a gay like to give, then you use the 1st 1 that a e i A but now using ways to go down a little bit way. And that is when you want to say like like leg twe twe or like ghost. So here you go down a little bit more. So it's a away and 20. Fantastic. And that's really all there is about that. This is not super necessary. If you master the a a already, then this is good and it's OK now if we flip the the honor of you and I you I together is way and we flipped It becomes I you, you, you you you fantastic example is Geo Joe. She always nine hopefully were able to tell that that was a J fantastic Jill. So if you if you could do that one and you're good to go and then later on, we'll just starting more continents and begin to other continents, like adding a Q would bake it into chill accident and actually ball. And that's the word that we have at the end of every sports, because they all are different things in sports, usually. Oh, interesting. 13. ”ie-ei-ao-ou”: Okay, now we have i e you know, e I pron eyes a flipped It pronounces Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah So at the end of the course will say yeah, yeah, so you dropped just right there Like I eat But you can also just right Why e and that is pronounced the same then however, that is a character on its own And yet could mean like years, which is coconuts. Coconut? Yes, yes, Fantastic. The next one is a oh, pronostica Oh, this is actually a character on its own. It's like a I could covered Like a blanket that you can use Yeah Oh, not go Oh, super useful when you say the word to want something young Yeah, that's Oh, perfect And night we have Oh, you So now it's 00 M G Oh, my God! Oh! Oh, Just about many times. Oh, quite funny, actually. Oh, you just turned into that 14. ”üe-er”: perfect. And now I'm moving onto this this on larger You together with an E And that is Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. And that is it in its own. If you had a wind the beginning, we usually have to others all. Then you remember its Yeah, Yeah. Would mean London. The moon. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Fantastic. Also, another common mistake appears here where you have German before. Another difficult one. Is it like you with an arm lot? And that adding an e turns into Yeah, you that we have you We have year? Yes. Correct. Okay. The next wise e r the prognosis toe are, uh uh, uh Perfect. Actually, we have her door. I just tall are means year. The year Yeah. On also are is number two back to so e r. We can already count a little bit now and worth mentioning. Here's all this is just the letter e turns into Oh, but if we are e r is not Earth Instead, it's our her. So if you remove the arm would be like which is not really evolve on its own. Yeah, perfect. Just wanted to point that out for you there. Okay, so for instance, you have hunger, We just Oh, and you have to, Which is are so you can say to hungry people you Let's go with Ergo, even though we should say young Good for people to know that is not Argo Uh 15. ”an-en”: in the next vow is the most important of all this. Well off all the valves will have learned this one, this one Definitely most important. Why you have to remember that one. Okay, this one. Yeah. Yeah, this one. Because that's how you pronounce my name. McCain. It's a m pronounces on Uh huh. That's my name. My chest names on. I'm so proud of your name, That's what Let's practice my name. Felix. Three legs. Are we having fun? It's important. Important tickets. How important the law. Let's move the next one e and run out. Um, uh, yeah, it's quite good, actually, because when you say, like, yes, yes, I concur. I agree with you that you just love their sons noise that grunts. Yeah, we use a lot, especially on the fall. Like, if you're trying to like telling me something, I feel rewarded. I don't want really response Teoh a conversation full with it. So get just want to remind you on its own, many count many, many volunteer can be used as characters, but that doesn't mean that you cannot still aren't confidence in the beginning. Exactly. So do that like Anissa character on its own. But gun is also a character with just G in the beginning. Yeah, exactly. We're doing more practice later and tell you how to combine accustomed and evolve together . That's important, exciting part of the course. 16. ”in-un-ün”: now we have when I am in engine their son. Exactly. Same as in English in think Say it's just that we have a tone here. You say I'm een in my house. I mean miles in my house. It is not very difficult, Atal, if you had a wide sounds exactly the same gene becomes. First of all, it becomes dying. Like to print out or cloudy? Yeah, in 10 carry. Go down. Very good. Tony says No, no. OK, moving on that. We have this 111 That's really weird when I've never isolated it as such, because this is not a word on its own. 111 e just sounds similar, like a w h e and win when you're going, Teoh one. When I think it is helpful, but nothing in the beginning. Just you go straight for the own Orania on one. Perfect just to give you because that sounds so awkward. Just need to give them a continent with it. So, for instance, Watson quit. You can say I'm very tired and now use them whole build one Who's next round next round? Yes, we have a fantastic No. If we take the on light again And we put that instead of the one it becomes you You you self means we had aches. Where in dollars past. Pass out? Yeah, you know Oh, told her again You you or mention hands off our title or is there a question? Turns the time out, Father. So before we had one and now we just have Yoon and suggest competitors to all go with which one you're going to go with. I'm gonna go with you. I'll go with you know, golden. Okay? You I say you say eyes. Can I hear own OK, we're sorry about this. You don't have to pay for this. I am actually. Really Thank you. 17. ”ang-eng-ing-ong”: Now we have another four abouts left door. They all have three letters. So they're ready? Vaguely. You know, even vowels in this case, because it's followed in the beginning, and then we finish up with n g like nasal sound. Okay, let's begin with the 1st 1 Make sure N g um um s O if you skip the G, it's on. Yeah, if you put G. That's, um can I hear on and get a hair hung? Um um um I think I got it right, you say? And I think they can I think be Oh, okay, that's hung. And then and now it's e n g instead of i a n g. It's hung. No, it's young. Um um s o e and is a new piggy. No, no, z's on. No, no, no. You put g and you Amazing. Um fantastic. Wait for the next one. And now we have ing and that is what many people might think. Oh, but this is an e. So I should say being but no, no, no, that's I eso we have in in in you young when you walk into a story se quien you Why here Why in Guanyin? Ryan Gosling, please welcome in please welcome in Perfect now finally were at the last stepping stone and that is Oh, yeah, Jean Jeremy would be easy. So you think that they're sticker on me? This is very easy. Yeah. Oh, long along a sign of relief because we're done with that and that Hopefully you can use this now as a reference point when you go back through the cause and you go Oh, I need a bit of this. Just search for that in our domina dictionary and you're know how to pronounce it right? In a way. So great. Now we can actually move on in this video now and will start and giving you for the first time now consistently. And what is it? Continents together with our house 18. Combining vowels and consonants -a: Okay. Perfect. So now we're just going to move on one by one with a vole, and then are all the different continents to it? Yeah. Okay, so the 1st 1 is Ah. Ah, very good at singing. Very adept about. Okay. And then good to read it to you. And if there's something in particular difficult about it something that is a common mistake between people that people make will point that out is all. And then lastly, before we move on to the next pronunciation to, then we will We will also give you a little story. A short little sentence that uses a lot of the same pronunciation. Same some great. Next. So I'm gonna raid and the physics were read out to me. Let's start. Uh huh. Uh huh. I feel like I can't see very bad. My mom? No. Uh uh. Gago Cocker, huh? Saw shot show. John John. Trauma. Sorry, guys. We just realized we had to add a few words, so it will re record this. Just the whole sentence. Now instead. Good luck. Out. Bob. Pa. Ma. Uh huh. Uh, LA. Got, huh? Uh huh. Uh huh. Shop one. Enough about that. that usually stuck mostly just served so that you can hear it many, many times. You can also hear the different pronunciation. I suggest that you at this point now close your ice. Andi, listen to it again and try to write down which one it is you're saying and you can post the video, you open up your eyes and then you will see which pronunciation were saying. You go. I have that 10 it's not the one that I was thinking about. That's a really good exercise that we recommend that you do know. Excellent. Louis Ford. I'm gonna read a sentence that could things. A lot of the sun were just toe practice. Okay, Listen carefully. What about Mama? Now that Gorgon See, while her child Hood cafe. What? My high pap. That Xiangyu. Very good can also read it. You go ahead. I go a bit faster than what? The Baba Mama Alien Gurin. She on her chocolate cafe warm A hi part that show Very good press. Mention it. I'm thinking that was it. And I'm thinking we should finish there and see in the next video 19. ”o”: Okay, now we're moving on on. In order for us to be able to make one video very specific and to the point, we just want to do one pronunciation power video. So that means one dull per video and then with different pronunciation. Okay, so you can practice that then later on in the course towards the end will break down, do some difficult parts is all but the difficult parts that most have been over. We mentioned okay in the beginning, in the beginning of the course. Anyways, let's move on. And I think my what's doesn't really cut it. So we'll just here under this remember, I can do the story or poor poor war for yes, it actually stopped it, which is quite interesting. We don't have more, more more pronunciations with this. With a spelling, there is one, however, way you say, like core. There's no que here but cord they would up. You can't say k o. You have to k u o correct. And that's just the thing with Chinese that you have to accept. We'll go through that later on. It's very soon actually. So there will be only four combinations here you go with those sentence, then? Yeah. You could say what? The poor, poor shoot for Schengen. My mother, your mother and lawyer is a Washington Shannon from fortune. Fantastic. So you have poor, poor, poor. You have four. Fantastic. Any of what is in mind Perfect. 20. ”e”: this one is, uh mind you, We mentioned this earlier already. This is quite difficult. Many people make mistakes here. They turn e into E instead. Okay. Please don't. Uh OK, so it starts with, uh, which is just hungry. OK, the next one, the older brother, all the other ones will go the first time that we have and we have more. We have dull core. No. Lo go. Uh huh. Uh huh. So sure. Uh huh. You're and then we actually good. I almost pronounced they really like a job because we've been talking about being hot along here, haven't we? So I want you to focus and we have, especially the last one here, which is hot war. Your mentioned it before, but this is super important. Please pay attention, Joe. Great. I'm going to read a sentence warp. You sure? True. So sure. Mama. We catch a deer war function. Children are hook. Look what it there ensure how house you see? Mm. Well read you had a lot of in that text. I certainly did. Now one thing that I just want to point up if you want to read these two characters on, Sure It's true until it is eso we have again now we working with C and C h. So it's so or it's true. They pronounce with same tones. They're very similar on, isn't it? Is in the years old, so they tend to be quite difficult here. Yeah, but states you're a tongue and see only you don't roll your town. Exactly, So pay attention to that and you are good to go great. 21. ”i”: next one is e e before e Okay, so, so true. True? Sure, sure. Exactly. Very, very well right. I know eso What's important here is one thing that I tend to that I've noticed that's foreigners tend to be like but there's no I in it. It just sounds like you're pronouncing the letter. Like, for instance, like it just sounds like you're saying Yes, but know this. So if you just sound like that, so then you are including the I in there. In the end, silver instance means in them before or so means death. And that's why they don't have any fourth floors in China Cousins, because they're superstitious about it, okay. And then we also have We just had a juror in another video. And now we have you, and that's super important that we practice with his own. So this just sounds like you're trying to pronounce the letter R, But then you're actually able to squeeze in while you do while you're doing it. And I was also exactly two letters. Fantastic. Now we can read Watch doninger the shoe E Temple Tragos doing great. Thank you. And you're welcome. And try Teoh I tried to read that to yourself a few times. You don't have to know the whole centers of what it means to see if you can practice. If you can pronounce it properly. Fantastic, great. 22. ”e,er”: are already done that in the earlier video and it's actually very simple because it doesn't have any combination was constant. So it's unless you know how to pronounce that you are. You're good to go. Exactly exactly. So you have friends in the centres, We can go straight to the centre to be What art is it? Sugar guard? The our doer hunker I Okay, that's interesting. Take Earth's take A are So what's interesting here is that our commutes on its own, But we're also putting at the end of like ruin, which makes it into Garza. This is a Northern dilute talk more about dialects at the end of this course, which is fairly soon actually where it's called the Aqua, and it means that you odd, it almost sounds like a pirate accent. Are you under at the end of everything in Chinese, you will put our sand on certain wars. One easy rule for that is there are many exceptions, but you can just any time isn't on at the end, like Jen means person. There's an end there, So you put, then you don't pronounce the end you pronounce like an orange that gyre you still write in Gen. But then you just add an R at the end. Joe. The other one would be like hman, which be door gates to something. If you are a was sound like a murmur murmur. Fantastic. So those are just a few examples that we plenty, plenty more. But if you go through the course, you'll be told about there's s well. 23. ”ai”: Now we're going to go through I ai ai sant Don't know already here with balls, but now we want to add constantly, constantly. Start off it. Let's start with bye bye, pie. My die tie Night lie guy Sky high di tie Sigh Gee, I try shy. Okay? We also have to re record this one. So that's why the setting has changed a little bit. Good luck. Bye. Pie. My Dai Pai Ni lai chi chi High thigh tie sigh dry chai shy. Why again? Just a reminder. This might be boring to listen to, but it's actually quite entertaining on super useful. If you close your eyes, listen, pause and go That was set h i a or a I That was on. Say it again. Say when one of those guy s o g a I Wow. Oh, on your turn Your turn. Here we go. We go, Chai A remarkable It's like you've already done this course when they were doing right now is remarkable. Be off my feet. Great. Okay, now we say Bye. Tour water nine Hunt. I die told may assumption my humble don't share hype. I get that title. Ali, you get tripe. Edel. Quite fantastic. Was that good? Great. 24. ”ei”: Okay. And now we're going to work with a a Hey, hey. You wanna go ahead? OK, let's rate bay pay May Se Day. Hey, Nay, Les day. Okay. Hey, they Shea, this is also re record. Sorry about. Like I said, I'm not I'm sorry, but let's go. Bay pay may say they pay Nay lay gay que hay day J shea way Shea as another way of saying shray, Which means who? That's probably the only character I know that is pronounced attache. Yeah, so yeah, not too useful. Book saying shape is very useful in coming. So now a little story for you here. I can read it. What? May, May Humph! A day Jan Fe danced with Tom May pick up called book Only that rhymes and it sounds wonderful. Yeah, nothing peculiar about that. I think lay is probably the most common one here. Lay just tired Les Les Like what? What we are now way just had food. But we really want to finish this course. So we came back. Although it's ah sen Lindsey Della, it's 10. 30. May my dilemma pushing you may may so by I'm pretty tired, but I think like feelings is even more tired than me because he blew from suede and directly to China today and only stop for two hours Se is to fly. Fly? Yeah, face only fainting can fade out on war. 25. ”ao”: Okay. And now we're going into Oh, wow. Okay, again here will have, like, Tall and Sol and Sol. So just close your eyes sometimes. And just look at the screen then and go. Oh, that's the one I was guessing for. Okay, go for it. I'm great. Bow Pau. Mile Dow. Pau. Now Lau. Go cow. How so? How so How? Joe Charl shall riel. That's a lot on. As I heard you say, those there's a lot of those that are very, very common. Yeah, they're coming. I think I was really common allowing in every almost every language. Yeah, especially in ancient languages. No, you have even like alcohol. You said gull call, which doesn't mean anything. But if you because their goal call means university entering the one that's returnees Person to the bone. Fantastic. I can read the little dialogue here together with Oh, I don't think this particularly difficult in any way, but it's important that we hear it. Okay. Bottom Alfond Hunk Sealand Ultra Paul Bandana Control. Talaba counseled her. Bobo Shannon died. How? Cheats. How you pay top shall call. Oh, there. You enjoy that. 30 26. ”ou”: Okay, Next. Now we have old Oh, okay. Oh, soul is opal woeful? What's the name of the Chinese by company? 004 There we go there. Invested a lot a lap way. Just unjust. Told me that there on the edge off See bankruptcy There's a lot of investment going into everything in China, but especially bikes. And and now there seems to be only sold one sole survivor and Victor in this race here anyways, all full is one. And now we're going to go with all police. Good luck. Poem Moe Foe Dough told. No, no go Cho ho! So so so Joe tro show No fantastic city very much. That was really useful on one thing that we think we should pay attention Here, Here is your job is has the our son, but also together with Oh, it just I think it's one of those that you can tell like, Oh, he's a foreigner if you pronounce it because it's very still mispronounce. And also Joel means meat meat. So I don't eat meat friends. And so I would have to use this a lot if you're vegetarian. This is one of those one of those where they can get you and go. Oh, he's a foreigner. Okay, so real job. No friends will know what would shoot up. I don't need meat, OK, but let's go with them or far more advanced centers and up. You should see a polder see 100. All four door has your uncle who holds so that information is in the next video, but we have more and mold this is Take it taking oh, you or you owe and flipping them and either pronouncing like oh, or like or and that's super important. We'll talk more about that in the next video, however. 27. ”o,uo”: so yeah, we have what we have. Poor we have more. We have four on board or the Bobo Bobo for football coach sounds those are with or just a Oh, but if you want to keep that pronunciation just for I don't know what reason Chinese has decided that if you want to use other letters without saying with those same vowels, you have to add it. You have to make the owing to you. Oh, OK. But they pronounced exactly the same. So if I say war, it spells like this. If I say door, it's felt like this. So that's one or door and here before we move on now I want to point out a very important thing. We have a mistake that I used to make so much during my first period of study, Chinese here was D u O was pronounced door and D o u was pronounced dole, but it always got them mixed up. When I've ever whenever I looked, opinion would be like I can't remember which one is so always guessed for it. But then later on, I forced myself to have to find a way to remember this by So there's no when you are. You are. No. But whenever these proceed with the old whenever the ball with the first letter, then the whole word sounds like Oh, Okay. So, like, dole or mo or coal or low? Then you here, That's ou and there. Oh, starts. And then for that reason, it's Oh, if you flip it over the duo, then it's or instead Canada different. Great. Yeah, I think I think they can. Excellent. So that's a very important difference that I just want to point out there. And now I think we're ready for I'm here. Yeah, I'm gonna Dempster the higher pronounce your door tour, nor lure core core. Wow, Go for so true or true or sure Raw. Thank you very much. Very much. And so you had all on just above it. We heard. Oh, just in the video above the one the previous video we have Oh, so we have Oh, and or? And it's very important that we put next to each other so we can tell them apart easily. So the main thing is door and dull. Wonderful. It actually have some locks now the only do. And though for instance, assets you chose sure, and asked H o years show both super common. Yeah, we have core and coal. We have Hort hole. We have, um, law and low your andro. There's so many, so many, so many. But yet but thought means many or much Orlock basically and door means all of them. So they mean very similar things and they sound and they look super similar is all. That's why I think we can start by differentiating them, too. And they were good to go. Great. Okay, So a sense with this would be like, What? Doris Young Teufel And it sort or sure in guy, it's all true. Turn. Look. So he kneeing guy a shortfall act brow woman tried tiny the core media 28. ”an”: Let's move to the next one. The most special one off all of aus um Felix. Felix the legs. Okay, great Ban pan Mine Fun, then pen none. Come Gun hunt then 10. Stan John Chung Shun Run. That was difficult again. Remember if you if you have, If you aren't already doing it, close your eyes and go. Oh, So that was that one, I guess. Oh, yeah. And then you guessed it right or not. Fantastic. That one. Not really anything difficult with that, but for make sure Andrew and Triple really talked about that. So if you struggle with that, go back in the course now the sense would be like e bom Pantsil Kosher. Amanda Me Tasha cancel ice sheet has shaped sons handle Iran Should Jon's younger, fantastic great Terry Weiss Mud's 29. ”ang”: So now we've just been doing on and now we want to just added little G at the end here. And then you make the sound off. Um uh okay, let's see, uh bomb pong Mom Fun. Deng, come no long go Come Fun So tongue some drunk chung shown wrong. Does it make your time to read the ladies? Yeah, very well done. So just just tell the difference here between, um Hung, you have Teoh be really cowboy and distinguished The two sounds because it could be really different things Questions z a n pronostica Then I forced on 10. It means you're awesome. But if you put a G at the end, that would be down. Means your dirty well like dirty Like if you're saying you had don I mean you're dirty. You're saying you had said that means you're awesome You know it's very different So use those two words to differentiate between these two things You've got to different You talked Got to useful words is what to go along that fantastic quit I'm really sense now Walton Palm Yuko you bum! Would them same a new monitor show hope beyond Guan Walk down New York com We are Go a counter. Go. How? Open on sure. Honjo, Maddie. For Donna. How something or junk I guinea can shankar around. But sure, Gate war. Fantastic. Thank you. 30. ”en”: and night was done, AnAnd hung, and now it's E n instead. So it's remembers, Not n. It's and then on and fantastic take away Been pen men sin. No gun can home, then 10. Stine Gen When Fantastic. Also, when I write out these ones that you read out loud, I try to intentionally write them in random order so that you don't see any patterns in them. So you can just practice them spontaneous and naturally like that. So I hope you're repeating after whenever is saying something fantastic. Now the sentence that goes along with that would be something like, You want to be that a little bit like sugar pens Attending. Call Hammer Ferson gun like you're now Matija Chanson Sean Shin Shot Shula McCaughrean Ali Fantastic thing. 31. ”eng”: Let's move to the next one. It's e M Plaza G at the end is not its own. Okay, Bum punk Mom Phone dum pum No lung gong come hung some tongue Some Gen. Chen Xin young one Fantastic. Was that difficult? It's quite difficult s Oh, I think I think that's very natural, actually, because you have the for instance s done and then that isn't turns into dung And it's just a very, very time Little thing that's just adds DJ there and it's easy to miss out owners up. Yeah, yeah. Wonderful. So one thing that I want I want to point up here Is that for instance, just like I said here, if we take Gen, which means riel and the other one could be like junk, which means correct or something authentic way can actually putting together make a word out of it. They turned up, I think something genuine or something authentic and say that worked to yourself a few times so you can practice John and jump on jump. If you can do that word, you're good to go. And you're fantastic at Chinese in this pronunciation least, yes, Gen. John each other Kurt, Your gender. Your name? John. Authentic use. Useful, Useful. Really useful. Yeah. And yet before we move on, let's just do a little sentence here. What? The polio she Mongolian woman dunked on the south's income poor and shred home Junkin for Chong cleans and go Show me, Buck, Wait! We are learning on Landy. We are Lati. Please don't. Yeah. Wonderful. So that's a really nice sentence, too. And I saw another sentence here. Leave face shirt, 10 Children and hunt. Uh huh. I think that's true. Pass it. I think I wrote that and then hope that I would just slip it in there. She did, which No way. Don't have to explain all the meetings because there's so many words in this course that you're not supposed to know. Just practice the pronunciation, Nancy Hunt. Other ways. We just mean strong, masculine man. Not so hot 32. ”ong”: Okay, now we've done hung with them on. Now we have wrong. Wrong? Yeah, which just goes on. But it's It's very understandable if you're saying best he's worse than leaving City very much. No, but that's because you never say on and we have to say it now for the only and the last time ever. But you when we side in confidence, then it makes sense of Dong and Pong and long like we're going to do now. So take it away on. Great. Okay. Don't call no long. Um, comb home. So song So strong. Traum. Rome. Fantastic. Great. Okay. I really sensed Kaunda, don't you? An art home had packed on your true tongue. P Anchondo Shareholder. Sony Eat How morrow around a long transition matter. Your daughter? Very, very drunk. Wonderful. So that's basically it with N G. However, we have one more to go. We'll do that in the next video is very, very exciting. 33. ”in”: wonderful. So now we're going to move on to I like I n. And then ultimately we're going to have i n g zero ing we're going to start with just in in union. It should be taken away on being pew. Mean, Mean, lean Dean seem sin. So one thing that we need to notice here is that so far we've had our and hung an unknown earn hung, and those ones have not really. They can't they can't really go. They are not really a good fit with J or Q or X. But now it's softer sounds like E. And then they're very welcome to join the joint joined during the much again. So now for the first time in the wild, here we saw Jay, we saw cute and we saw X J, then being teen team. And also you've got seen. Now this is quite cute because t me circuits, and it's also like slang for like, dear you'll see it. I think it's quite annoying, but it's just because I don't understand Chinese enough. I feel sometimes because it's so I I feel like it's so intimate when you say chin to someone like deer, but they write it all the time. When you talk to someone like Oh, dear, um, I have an explanation for that. It actually starts. Found Talbot all, which is the trans version of the eBay. If you consider s Olin Tab, all those customer service is really important because the chance of people a chance customers like to ask a lot of questions that bother products before the purchasing. So when they talk to the customer service, the customer service, I want to be more friendly, where I could more close to you and just another. So they call the customer Chennai. The what seemed a za way to approach for the customer. So this become really phenomenal on how ball and autumn sad and all the people start talking to that talking like that. And so it's not deny anymore. But it's like it's not really the people think you're so close to the most intimate it just the way experience that they want to be friends with you. They're trying to be friendly, and they don't build trying to, like, seduce you become your lover boy, love a girl. Just very nice way saying that So we have seen. Now you can practice with that one in the last one is shin sin. Shin singers means hardship ago with hearty act Heart or New York is a new heart will be seen sin. Wonderful. Okay, Our read a sentence John Ward union has sent in gold or helping me? Maybe an Indian had wash it. Mean generally high has it needs only higher. I need only mention the men's hide behind. 34. ”ing”: now let's move, Teoh I N g. How way Just in. And now we have you eating You were depends of its being. What if it's king or if it's something else? But make sure you hear the little Jian Lee and then you take it away on you. Real pew. Me? Um Damn que meal Leo, you see Young, fantastic, fatal heart Teen shellfish on the your eso We just hard now is previous video We had team tension and now we're deciding a G at the end because we still keep this sounds now because they're I makes it simple. A makes it like, neat and light on the tongue so we can pronounce J in the Q and this X with these ones. So we have Jing Ting friends and from baiting where we're sitting right now. Sitting by the way means Capital City Before, when China was too large and a bit not this structured, you'd call baiting the northern capital. You also have a southern capital to govern that part of the country which would be men mantes or non means South and bay means north actually So Northern Capital, southern capital. Now there's only one left We should rename baiting to like, daunting middle capital for the middle for everything Anyways, enough about that We have Ting, we have Ching I think it was a teaching. That's quite nice Yeah Please either please isn't you treat someone or it Thank you Acts for favor and you want to say please changing Do this for matching Excellent Just like saying Please go ahead and do this Ching Ching, Kiss me Ching Walk away Ching, do whatever you want Ching Read them out of the window Well stop Shing in this Quite funny Because Shing, when we say stars we say sinks And then we also have the gorilla Which is what? Since you So it's the exact same thing and the characters look you can look at the character will start start here or start actually sorry and guerrilla here they look super similar Sound exactly the same on both have double double like the republic repetition There's all that was seen Quite funny. Yeah um the sentence goes like this Linda with that pin Pancho naming by selling against Zuma Pasha image intra her union Julie book Reach your hunting. Oh, I know he Oh, teens. There we go! Jing Jing, jeans high. Brilliant! Quinn's not not much really to talk about here except that we have Jane Ting and Ching and Shing and then remove it with remove the G There you can do with do without the do you do with the G So did until tin until sing seal. 35. ”i” - si, zi, ci, shi, zhi, chi, ri Difficult!: Okay, We are all sets ago. Welcome to you. Welcome on on. We'll start this one off with E. OK, It's just a simple east. I liken I so we can start with pronouncing Well, number one e e Ok, And then what be p me the key e Lee D t c Wonderful. Thank you very much. But there's one thing that I wanna point out because we previously seen something very important were previously seen e Like we've seen the eye together with like, for instance, s I or C I resent. I also s agency agents and set age. But then if we pronounce s I, then it's for instance. And so that's the same same I letter that we get here. But in this case, it's actually pronounced e and B and T and the knee. Remember? E And now you pronounce s I So you're saying so So just isolate. It s it sounds very awkward. And now it's e b. And now you say yours can hear the difference, then so minus e and us is e be wonderful. So I hope you can tell the difference that that's really important. Even though the boat to spell with I. It's very important that you be, but that you're able to tell the difference. And that's probably why many foreigners asked me or village or get this one wrong at least . So then they say, See, see bananas See? No, it's business. And I very much understand how that mistake comes about because it's e b t knee and see. But you know, if it s or see your said or actually are as well, we don't say g, we say so That's the same. So we have on this part of the spectrum. We have all the ones with it, all the other ones. But here we have and also sure fantastic and man never noticed. Supporters has traveling. You know that it's on. It's something that we know. We need to pay attention to teach Chinese so hard. But now Pete ce trou ble how leads you that shanty home? How? See when Schumi fan beat the girl the whole show get That's very, very good. Thank you very much. Sorry, guys, If the focus was a little bit off on that video way, have you enjoy the contents just as much. Either way, 36. ”ji-qi-chi-xi-shi-ci-si” Difficult: Okay, So now we actually have, like, previously we had you and sure And then we added on also in the course Later on, we added in like J and J and X and Q. And now we're going to do all of those sounds together here. But they explain, owns a little bit differently and pay attention to that. This happens one more time is what were the same. Vowel becomes pronounced that something completely different not completely live, but or a bit different marginally different. So we'll talk about that now. A little bit. For instance, we have Jay. So that's it's not a it's d d the okay. But then if I go with tea and then you go with Go with this one, for instance. Sure, Can you guess what? That oneness. Sure, it's ch ch. And then I go with t t in these ones. Now we're pointing them up because they are very similar sounding, and that's why it's important for you to being being be able to tell them apart. Sure, and I do t t Can you tell the difference? You're saying ch and I'm saying Q t can you see yours yours is much more here. Like back in the throats back in the mud because Ariel might calm Very good on minds t here , Teoh cha cha cha. Maybe if you say chatter out, are you able to plants it perfectly? OK, so we have to see there and then just adding on from the CI. It's almost like you if it's an exits que without sound. So it just she she said she turned into she now and that's X I she and, uh, I ch I would be sure. Sure. So that's quite similar results. Yeah, sure. Here. Just like sure and then And then we have now she she so do us A to my douceur. She she sounds like I'm trying to convince you to say she I have to tell the difference almost like she said. But then if you she is like, you know, if you almost almost had a lisp almost and you, like you're always have to put in the top of your top of your mouth. Then you would have an X to go with, like the English English, you say? Yeah, so that's quite easy. S and S h they're very similar to English sounds, but the X is where it gets complicated. And the key with Greg complicate so English would have the sounds that you make do the C H and s age cheer. And then it's she unsound is quite familiar to English. Mine is not going to be. So do a C C h, Sure. And then is she with cute essential Be sure And then it's she with expert excuse instead. So pay attention to those that's very important. And just just to make sure that we can remove the age now and do the sea and just the S Yeah, wonderful. And then it see And she I'm just going with the same thing all over again or Teoh to practice. Keep repeating it and you got it exactly. Yeah. So we can friends to give you a word. Here we go seven ist she and to eat is what share So we can go with seven people eating at sea Gourgeon True Don't see Seeger and true we can just see true That's why I want to pay attention to its true one were sentenced to demonstrated the point off difference of the other side, and we have just mission. Let's go war handsy Quantrill's teacher. It's a non interested Drew. Try and say, That's a very small Penis. Have done that. Okay, Wonderful. Um, Wonderful. Thank you. And good luck. 37. ”ia”: Now we have the the ER Jahre sounds with I a okay and adding that together with many, many things now yet I A's It's two vowels together in one. So it's a diff thong that we mentioned before means that you it's not just one son. It's two sons through the word. Okay, so it's going we can start with. Yeah, Yeah. Which actually means, uh, Doc. Doc. You imagine that in an earlier video? Uh, Kolya is big pay. Peking duck. That's something that you might have to eat if you come to China. You don't have to. I know you have your free you you have with you. She should have the choice way have? Yeah, and then we can move on with. Yeah, yeah. Uh uh, Fantastic. That's actually is not too many of these eyes because it's fairly weird and funny. Pronunciation tr and Shar Jr means family or home house shy is not very common, but it's shy guys, but is much more important. However, you still need to be able to pronounce it, because if you can pronounce Q, then you're good to go with this sound as well. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to pronounce this wonderful. Okay, Mr Rader sentence. What's exactly the transept Sison got Kobe Tatchell? Yeah. Put Sandra, um, that even excited. 38. ”ao” & ”xiao vs shao”: night. We're moving onto a 0000! Trucks Award is very important. And you would have seen them picking out the meat very, very early in the course. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, together with y So Yeah. Or young? Yeah. Meaning to want to do something to also like to need it supik Super useful. Because when you when you start when you when you feel like you've mastered this word so many things you realize you can do with it cause it means to take up in time Like to 90 Yala. You guys out or you can say it way out. Find that could mean I want to eat food. I need to be food or well, tall And that means I'm going to go on me I'm about very, very useful indeed. Okay, let's see. Out of combinations here, B how Piao meal dio Pio No, Leo Dio so, so very good. So there's a reason why we just did the Shah and this. Yeah, because now we're just adding all instead of our is off. Yeah, wearing yellow. Okay, So with the India, we had like and see all and then the previous video we have. Uh, so if you could must that John John, Monsieur, then just Yeah, yeah, I have. And yeah. So I go with you go with you know, when I go without, though, Uh huh. So shot on you want to tell what shell means sums to love, like so into dio Okay, Wonderful. You can also say don't love So that's really young again That would practice with the same pronunciation we all show I made her laugh. Okay, let's really sentence. What the about year pyung l homme Yotel young loan. Each is sound now, Sally who? Well, why are Della Oh, no. Fantastic. Very well written. Red also, I just want to mention here that we have I have a cut here in Sweden here and sweet it in the Veyron. Sweet time and turning on Jenna called shell shell. Uh, not not little. Little move will be little little, but it's early morning. Early morning is quite cute, I think. And then my roommate, she says she says many times you said shall shall instead Oh, shower shop. Can you understand? That s h A Oh, yeah. So we have again We have the difference between you go s age and I go x Yeah shall show and I say CEO because you have the s age. You're already sheer so you can't other she y'all because that sounds really difficult to add in either. But if you if you just say the X, then you can add the i s so trump pronouns Echo S h with IRS all that doesn't work, so that doesn't work. So you know, you're pronouncing it incorrectly and therefore it just turns into show instead s o many people, Swedish. Many times my Swedish friends will pronounce my car as shall because they they go with S h because that's what they used to. And then they can't pronounce the A I simply instead it should be. And then I can go. And so I can actually say ciao. Because I'm only here, so I need to add, and I see Okay, she If you can pronounce the word see, then you got to go actually see, and then you just that she oh shall show shall show. Wonderful. And now faster. Elizabeth is our, uh shall shell shell shell. So just pay attention to that people and especially Swedish People who know me also thes things that can easily be confused because they mean very similar, very similar meaning. Sometimes we have, for instance, a character here That means that I show some a little free. Since this cat is small judges stout mall. Little, very little shall means like feel. Yes. So now it's an asset. Shall few off something something less Julia, the Mulhern shop There is a very fuel cats. Exactly. So if you switch the sentence, Julie, the mall shall to see all. Then it becomes the cup. Here is very small or the cut here is very feel their fuckups. There's a little car. So you do with few. And I do with little Xiao and I go with the flow and the whole centers now. Yeah, Julie the mouth and shall Julie the Mojon show. Okay, show front 39. ”ie”: the next while we're moving Teoh Uh, sound, but we've actually done the ER like ER nor on its own. But now it's actually year sliding and I before it So it's years and years and yet and yet OK, we can start with just their character cause yet you don't want If there's a why already you can't add an I unless that's the word e friends you can't Year would not be why i e but all the other ones will be i e. Here's just why e Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah. Beer Pierre Mere dear tear near Leah Dear tear seer Tusk Fantastic CC Very much I'd consider let's go with the most common one which would be probably it most mean both means to write but sheer with 1/4 tone It means thank you very much. Okay, the sentence goes be a goal. I Julie your shoe year Crimea whore Antalya Treat Mbaye Coachella says any junior 40. ”iu,ou”: previously on time. No Chinese. We did a year year and now we're going with a similar sound. Its yield. Okay, so it's still you can hear the so it's an eye and then it's not here. It's use a yield, OK, And then, if you remember, if we have a why we can't really put it. I there because of why already pronounced like exactly. And also it's oh, it's your was in your That's the 1st 1 You should be able to guess how it's how it's spelled because old, um before we talked about or and old if it's all its you Oh, if it's all, then it's Oh, you OK? And now we just add We can't at all on its own. We need we need to add a little wine the beginning there. So yo, yo yo Common. It means to have a there is a stop like, Do you have any meat here? Do you have any Germany t left your mail truck? Mayo meal trial? Your Tyco Della Oh, no, I've Scott's plenty. So you can you keep going? You can start with this one. Okay, you meal deal. New Leo deal till Sil Ciencia goes Salado Sherlund July Anti lonely You could toder Shows your yoga home. You can, you know young. Fantastic. So practice this one. You can go with the zoo. Actually, two numbers here we have little, which is number six. We have Joel, which is number nine is also practice with those ones. If you could nail this pronunciation good to go. And again, if you're struggling with any of the any of the continents have gone through that already in the course. We'll go through that a little bit later on a SAARC just to make sure that the one really tricky ones that you get those wonderful. Now we want to talk a little bit here briefly about yo yo and Oh, because these are two different two different characters. So they're both the both of both words, and they're both Yeah, they're both legit words. Festival. If we remove that, Why, it's just all Oh, and all friends, old role, Europe cultural. And then while? But how does it sound if you are? Do you add other way? You If you put a while over there, Yeah, so you owe and you go with you owe you owe, you know. Oh Oh, no. Okay, so you hopefully you can tell the difference day we have. And again my yours was Yeol You in means excellent or awesome. Like you're better than other people like you. You you talked about the area in the courses are on. And then all would just be Europe like old troll troll. Fantastic, isn't it? Uh, well, that 41. ”ian,yan”: we've just done like, uh oh. We've also done year so we can start with just yen yen yen could be this smoke smoke cigarettes is Oh, yeah, that's the same with wonderful. And we can move on from there other now that you can't like. I've said repeated times repeatedly. No, you can't add why with I. So unless it's e so then you can't say yen like why I am should be just the why exactly. But all the other ones are going to be like that. So yen, the next one is going to be like bien We can say friends Bien means aside. So if you're gonna go, like, trippy and this side or not, be in this that side over there or over here, right side, left side. All of those are going to have bn on and take it from there being peon me in TN nian lian d n c n c n Fantastic! Great. She in ocean is money. Really? All the money is in the world. Fantastic. Eso that that we go with 10 now. Fantastic. Please read this one and we're going to talk about money and actually war. Hodgins are Guardia. Miley, Go! Mian Bao! Yes, sir. Hot can champion many Endo your condori Mac Laurin Dando See one true high your cynical way . Wonderful. If you have any questions, letters, no. 42. ”iang” & ”xiang vs shang”: now continue with Y. In the beginning, it's not yen its young. So was a GF and yeah, so no tear. Yes, you might think. Well, the end then just at a G. So it's yang. But no, it's not Yang. It's just the A actually changes a little bit. So if it's n, it's yen. But if it's G at the end, it's young. So the a becomes uncle of air. Okay, it's a tiny bit of difference day if you need that one. Just allergy at the and you're good to go so young. For instance, young sons like you're a young person from English, Young is the opposite of old. But take it away on young, young, young, young, young, young, young Fantastic. So again, now, the first word we have. Why a But then because we skip the why and we just put a constant under the constant there instead. Then we have to add it. I because if it didn't have an eye, then it would be like friends is Neon would be like Nung, which is not this one. Young, young, young tongues young, Wonderful. Okay, so I just want to quickly mention here We have a young young and young J Q and X, and they're usually these sounds often come together and I just want to point. There's up to remember earlier in this course if you watched it and we had my cat called shell Shock be able to pronounce that. Then you get to this one is up Yes, y'all or CEO Then every odd n g instead become so young. Fantastic. We have friends. Is the word to think is once you think we're to want to want something of value So that's super important that you get If you can pronounce my cat's name or just say the word little then you're good to go with this on a zombie. OK, cat, your cat see in the next video Okay. No, I haven't read the sentence yet. Read it then. Young See young, the young in town drunk home sound to Jianqiang Young How could young surely hope so Now the last thing here is that I just want to mention it's the same problem here that might occur to you pronouncing the X I or before we had CEO turning into shall almost because S H is easy to pronounce. But I still want to point this out near out here because you know that they had the city Shanghai Shung Okay, And then if we do that with an X, we could do shut. Okay? Young Xiang's young sham. Wonderful. So if you can tell the difference there I have an ex but also what? Or and sorry and I young and you have Sean S h A N g. You don't go down anywhere. Yeah, that's why I know I know this law foreign. And so when the mash in that city shot should go so that is easy on its own. But just because you may be poor foreigners have studied the X I too much They get influenced negatively that case. So Shah high And we Kim who sell young shot Hemmings to think about Shanghai Young Sean. Hi. Fantastic. Make that sentence. Do you say that sends it a few times to yourself and you? Good to go. I think with this Let's make sure you nail it. Let us know if you nail it 43. ”iong”: Okay. Not much to say about this one is pretty straightforward. It's on. Oh, but again, that's not a sound. If you want to make it into a song, you cannot. Why, for instance? Yeah, You're young, you're young. Except you will have another three combination with O N G At the end. They are June Chung. Sean. Fantastic. Thes are quite funny. Actually, Young would be like to use something. You can say we won't cut your Bruce yet. Like there's no need to do this. Oh, no, no, thank you. As in welcoming you. Welcome. Or you welcome. No pleasure. My pleasure. But you can also say young and young is a very funny characters. Yeah, certain with a certain all It looks like a face that's so sad. Like to compare the character on. And I was young and he's embarrassing or embarrassed s so you can just write that character and it will look like you're embarrassed but also actually mean it. You have a song which is poor Help way have shown which would be a show booth. Yes, Actually, it means boob. I think that's the funny is when we convey Jumbo. Okay, the Senate's goes like path Schum, her young get then she hadn't shown. That's a very good sentence. Eso we had way had shown there. It's showing isn't as it is import fantastic. 44. ”u”: OK, moving on that. We have you simply you You okay? Uh, see. Full pool move full. Do know blew. Cool. Cool. Who to so so true? True shoe rule. Fantastic. So very high. Is it really all the way? Very well. Read. I think one thing that we want to note here is that there's a lot simply and that's because it's a very simple signs. Just so there's a lot of different sons with it. However, you might have noticed that we didn't write the Q or the X or the J. That's because they'll be in the next video. We'll talk more about that in a bit, but sometimes change. Vowels changed. Just like what? We'll talk about that message back second basically. So I got carried away there. And one thing we want to mention is always how we have from before we had Or like what, for instance, that I and now we have all on we can say, which means five on. I remember I didn't have ah, good enough of a teacher. I didn't have a teacher, so I had to figure this one out on my own, and no one pointed out what I did wrong did you said it's wrong? And what? When we were supposed to practice 12345 I just had 1234 I 1234 I 1234 I all the time I kiss is a one was confusing to foreigners. Yeah, was super confusing. So please don't make my mistakes. Okay, let's repeat it a few times. Yeah, s so I go with I You say five. OK. What? What? No. What? What? What? What? Good. So, er Sansa, What to please don't make that mistake. Let's let us let us have another reads another Pathan C one trio will book one which is so , Trudeau for what will happen. How her new be packed found the Georgia fantastic. 45. ”u” or ”ü”: wonderful. In this video we will cover you, which would actually didn't previous video. But in this case, you comes with just a few other continents. And that means will change the Sunday little bit so that it will not be you anymore. Like before it. Before it was like so or true or true or true. Let's put it with an experience is like you can't say Sure, sure. Again, you mouth is not formed to say X and like X and use Sure sure sounds really weird. You can't say so. But that s then she sounds really whip. So instead, now the U turns into a You were the only with a known lot. Okay. Or just V on your keyboard here. So not sure How is it pronounced on she shoe? There we finally go. Sounds a lot better. Shoo, shoo! Fantastic. So now we'll have shoot. So in this case, some characters brazenly the on loud, but some character or sorry, some vault. He will be written with a normal out, but someone should be written with a U and that is particularly now that is C t she because they're like their friends and they stick together and they never leave each other's side. Andi, if one thing up is to one of them, happens to all of them. Think about that. Think like that with the X. Q J. OK, so let's just go with Q or J. Q X and the to you, but it turns into you sound like a home that sound okay. T she due to shoes. So it's e a fantastic note. The difference here between that and so you need to be able to tell the difference between those two. Excellent. There's actually one more without on loads you can't say why and you and pronounce it like you are really weird. So instead it your friends, we have fish. Thank you. Send and tongue you you true, we'll put you on official. Are you okay? So now we have those. And now we just have to characters that are written to sounds that are written with the arm lots and that's those are the only two ones they're written with. A normal exactly their knee. Fantastic. So this is the only two ones. Just pay attention to that, and because there's only two, there's such few amount to such a few Not little number of them that. And that's probably why people confused him a lot. So we have you and new yet? Andi, If you say with that, then I'll add the then I'll say it with the U instead, you can tell them apart. And by the way, and yeah, start with. No, you wonderful. Nor could mean what could know me or know, Willie, we can say, like, hard working on new means. Woman you mentioned earlier before? Yeah, As a hardworking woman. Be Hunley. Donu. Wonderful. So tell those two apart and very calm. Mistake here that people is that people don't know how to write women. So they just right, even the word slave, which is super awkward on or the word hardworking. Okay. And the next one with l l now is Lou Lou. And for me, the most common there would be mine would be Look, for instance, road or streets here for me would be great. New. Yeah. So rain. Uh, look, we can say yeah. Going really green rope it into so that if you can say that you're good to go, you never have to worry about this again. If you make the mistake where you don't know how to how to write woman or green than this is the video, you should be looking out. Yeah, exactly. And now we have a sentence to enjoy us all new. And don't she Daoyu? Yes. You might sing the statue. She's OK. Perfect. I think we can move on to the next one now. We talked about the differences and the difficulties about this one already. 46. ”ue”: And now this video. Now we're going to keep talking about June. What we having previously? Video We had you You send them all over the place. Now it's you sound, but together with an years old. Yeah, that goes she. So again, go back to the last video, for instance. Should we give up? Would shoot. You just did not shoe shoe. And then you're to reassure issue Air Sheer would, for instance, be to study something. But it also means a lot of exactly in English. It means to learn is up. We think the difference between learn and study is quite important because But if you think of it's quite important, is quite interesting it because if you think of it, studying is not is not implying that you learning anything but learning is just the fact of learning. But the Chinese just thought, Well, let's make that into one word. There are ways to tell them apart, like sheer What was your weight Like? I learned this part by study, and there's also share would be like shit cashier like imitators up. Yeah, I do this year. What, Joe imitate me. It's quite interesting. It's the exact same character and they all mean the same thing. I can't get super important or interesting. Not important. Interesting. Okay, so just on sheer. And that's an interest here. And I let you read the three other ones. Go. Remember if you in the previous video were able to mail you're sounds now is just year. Okay, take it away. Yeah, Yeah. Ne Julia cheer Share fatal. Let's right to send his now You don't know Alosha. What reading two year fantastic sounded fantastic. I already talked about the difficult things there. So this video is done. 47. ”un” or ”ün”: Okay, So we in the previous video, we had, like, Year and Cheer and Shia. And before that, we even had just you, like new and two and two and so on. And so now we have that one. But then with an end at the end is up. Okay, So do you wanna do you want to read some of them for us in Chin Shen? Perfect. So not too many sounds. Here is just the J Q and X, but also with a Why, like we can usually do it as well. Okay, the most common one would form. Would you say this? You and you? And they are very common for you. It could be you end out like could pass out. We're had it for June. Could be like military. Yeah, Trio June June. That's very good Way can also go with that shouldn't second tension. That would be a group of something I can reach out. You have groups? Eso that's a good one. Wonderful. So let's let's just read a sentence with that note How it's just like the reasons we have. True, but now or two. And now we have tune shoe turns into Xun Onder What else? Shoot as Inter June. So if you can If you are able to manage if you will to master the previous ones that this one's thes one should be years old. Okay, enjoy the sentence. I think in your hand door what Baba should drink the don't should Gulshan War water Quint. My, my supine. Trenchant! Wonderful. So one thing that I wanted us to mention to note there was how we said you said quintas up . We're going to mention that in the next videos. All very, very interesting indeed. Because that's also a you sound or une but its comes with o instead of eun. OK, because we're doing the normal out sounds still. Okay, so yeah, even though we're not actually showing the online or writing them out, this is actually all on lots. Still there. It's like what we do with the homeless. Earlier we turned off with the GTC. Exactly. Exactly. Just take it off. You would think that kind. Just add the on lower to make it easier for everyone. But no, this is the way it is simply wonderful. And with that, I think we mentioned the most important parts of that video there. The next video will move on with very similar sound and will enjoy that in the next video. 48. ”uan”: okay. In the previous video, we did like you n but with a normal at sounds like Eun were a tune or June or Xun. Now we're doing your you But then within a n instead ruin. And now it was really important. Here is this is Yeah, it's really weird, isn't it? Because rung, Andi, Andi Luan don't actually belong anywhere else because there are they are is only these two ones that I pronounce with l. U is not l on lots. It's l you and are you a Drew and Lou, if you paid attention before you know that R and l can both bring up be pronounced with just simple you so rule and Lou And then adding a a n would make it into Ruan Orlon. So if I say those two, then you say you can say the other ones. Ok, ok, sure. You in Drin Chin Shen Luan Ron, I think you definitely tell the difference. Just the difference is only just the U. But it's a major major difference. Yes, wonderful compared to what it would have taught in the previous video, which is a U. N. With the omelet, it can be very difficult for some furnace. I noticed, Like a tranq and true. Yeah, they remember. I was trying to tell all of my friend and they just have this difficulty to pronounce it. It just do you have to practice practice? Yeah. Fact again. Don't go directly for the U. N. Started like you and then we'll start with you. You and then you can go with you in. Just go with one sound up ice Try. I select this sounds start simple. I want to do something like this is what I do that when I learned peeing when I was a kid like e u on you And like, you separate the different Do you love you? Because why you a right you on you? It's got hold of that house. I think it definitely does. Cause anyone can pronounce you. Yeah, You do it with me. You, uh um yeah, yeah. So yeah, that works with anyone. Just diffuse. Isolate them. Then you can also identify the problem much easier. Eso please isolate and we're good to Fantastic. Now let's just let's just compare a few words here that will help you set things apart and Also, if you learn these words, you can practice these years off. So the first I would be like Choon Chun would be a group of something and with the same tone more than a instead. Would be trend means arf. It s so the whole group would be trenchant way practice. Yeah. So practice with that trenches and trend is a very good word. For instance Trample Like what? I want everything. If you go into any one place and they go, what do you want? Tremble, tremble. I want everything fantastic and not with the same thing. We go with yen yen. Then you and I are fantastic yen or u n fantastic on Ben, We have smokes or we have wrong. No, no army actually round, actually order. Maybe it's pronounces exactly friends with okay on Ben we have. So if you want to buy smokes or cigarettes way on my yen bushel, you shout How much money? How much are it? Is so you can also this thes cigarettes are one year in jail. Yen u n Joe yen U N tractors like that and you? Fantastic. Okay, Now the next one would be like John or we can hear you say trying under John eso John would be like Teoh Be like to infect something or someone. Or if you put a year there, we rule and right Mrs Means should be stopped Means soft. Yeah, just like in my heart way have a lost one, which is and then adding an a would be one low under one. Perfect. So I'll go with Lewin and you go with. Perfect. Now I could say I want Means what? Lyman's messy private and learn names to our deal. Yeah, well, how long, Jake Tyler. Perfect. Okay, so now we have a sense with all of these, please enjoy realigning. You should dream fact social wash under you which in wo Wonderful, very much. 49. ”uan,uang”, ”chuan-chuang” & ”zhuan-zhuang”: okay. Night. We are moving on to something very important here. We just got Did you en onder or first time? The U. N and Sharon and June and Suren and etcetera, etcetera. Now we're doing that same thing, but adding a G at the end of this particularly difficult. And I know that a lot of people have been struggling with this one, So please pay all the attention in the world. OK, listen one Guang Kwong Hong drunk Strong way read that three types gets I'd forgotten Junkins of drawn. That's the first difference we want to tell apart here. And it's easy if we just skip the you and just make that into our lungs only because that's something we recognise. So I think this is the best tip here to give you eso. If we say, like, for instance, junk so young and the yachting and you would be wrong, perfect, young and strong, Perfect and then the next thing that is really important here that we people usually make mistakes is by not adding the G or I'll removing the Jeep or not making it sound like it's omitted or removed. So I'll go without you. You go. Yeah. OK, join drunk. And then I would say drunk drunk. And the other mistake that people make here is that they keep the A in the same way. Which is not really what you should do here. A changes a little bit. So if I skip the NGO the and you just get the end is all, then mind be first of all, without with it would be 11 And there would be one while What yours would be. Where? So yours is. Where the at the a Almost a zero. Where? Where? Where's my where's mine? Just still keys keeps going with while While What? Where? Where? Where? What? Okay, so now we build it up slowly. Where? Where in the end? When One. Okay. And then you cannot judge INBio. I'm drooling. Perfect. One drunk. And the mind would be, uh, wah wah in an n g 11 and then beginning. Drunk, drunk, drunk. Fantastic. Great. That is actually really difficult to teach now. We don't have to record this one. Fantastic. Now that's no, actually, it's okay. So we have boat each one and we have We have bad trauma. Wonderful and to get onto something, you can say, Sean. Okay, so, Sean, tro be to get on the bus. I want to get on the vehicle. Whatever vehicle transportation you're using, then we can say go on the get on the boat as well. We'll get on the bed, which would be actually to to have sex. So it's a really different meaning. Or actually, just to go to the bazaar if you're alone. Okay? If you're not to their dirty. Okay. So I would just be saying I'm going Teoh, get on the boat and you are going to say Go to the bad, You dirty, dirty go. OK, so first off, we isolate the sounds. So we have, For instance, if I go with ago, when now you go with N g at the end. So, first of all, mine doesn't have a G At the end of my a a turns into a little bit different. So 111 So it's 111 Okay, guys. Boat. So I would say h one. And now you can do yours. Shoe arch. 111 Perfect. And now it's really difficult because I have to say mine without getting confused by you. So one trun one traunch, one strong. Okay, So tiny, tiny difference here that will tell the different the world apart from the from from having sex with a boat and just having sex or or be on a boat. Okay. And now adding shun So Santa Santa Santa, I don't wanna have sex with the guys are going to get on a boat and you show strong. I just won't go sleep. No. And nobody wants to have sex with your Felix. Hopefully Comptel there's a partner. Okay, let's go with I got withdrew and true and you go with Gentry. But the G sound. Okay, so first time here with drum drum could be like to focus You could say drunk. And in this scene drugs scene drash Indian transit media. So, like, pay attention concentrating that this thing drum and then And we have drunk means to pretend perfect Drunk. Perfect. So drunk, strong. Okay, Perfect. And so the most common mistake is true and true Would like drunk and drunk and 21 and Traum perfect. But now there's actually the s h as well, which is not very common. It all. If we say without the G, it'll be sh one like that, Schwann, which is like to tie something up basically. Okay, Shawn. And but then you have Shong Shami's double or pair off. It's very years for very, very useful. So yeah, on the tie up, the to tie up the two boats may be sure how you're strong trend. It sounds awkward to say, but yes, very, very good sentence for you that Okay, now I'm gonna give you guys a sentence. Want conch, Wanda? Guanciale trunk show. You show me in jail. Fantastic. Okay, that's it. With this video really seeing the next one? 50. ”chuan vs quan vs chuang and similar sounds: Okay. We already covered all the words in this video so far, but it's it's really important that we can point the money okay for years up. So it's John. Or first I'm Joanne Xuan Trinh. But then you have trend and then you have now, um boat. How would you say that? Traunch one second tone. Okay, so I say, Let's go with the second Tonia. I say churn 20 trench one, But beautiful. So I remember Mike goes with Q so it's to choose. Exactly. Choose sound Chew arm two on for me, Save us shoe lunch one lunch one. Yes, but the difference here is really the beginning. Like sure use a because I say the sun it's impossible for me she she And then it would sound where he's use a True to Wenchuan. Yeah, and I se Teoh church. Okay, so two and troop true. True in trying Perfect. I just wanted to point that out And now Chuan Chuan and you say it again trying and then I'm going to finish up with strong Ok, which is a bet. Okay, so these are three things Onda we can start with the whole that would shun and then trun and then trunk. And you want to go to go first? Yeah, Chen one strong. Perfect. Hopefully you can tell the difference. There does three or super difficult to tell apart. Do you think so, too? It's very difficult. Haven have problems pronouncing s Oh, yeah. My other tip is Teoh to speak quickly. It's not cheating, but when you speak quickly, you leave less to the margins between your pronunciations between the sounds here so people aren't able to tell less to less tell apart where you what you're saying wrong. So when you're able to speak quickly like a native, fantastic. That's the second tip because everyone struggles when it speaks slowly, and it's much easier to tell the pot issues. So the 1st 1 speak slowly so you can isolate and identify your problems. The next one. Speak quickly so that people can't tell apart your issues. Uh, okay. And with that, I just want to read a sentence. Now, together with Chan and one and 21 Good look on passion. So you on your way, Chip met the chance you and they had a strong shot that it had a chip fat. That's very good. Very good indeed. Other woman She into shoot, Let's see each other in the next video. 51. ”un” vs ”uan”: Okay, I think we're literally passed The most difficult part of this course. Now this video is going to compare the U. But then the you with an end at the end is up. For instance, if we have d you do. But now it's do you end? And that will be doing perfect like talk t you and with the men 22 perfect. So let's go back then. We have do or do first a do 12 twin. That is fairly weird, because it's not just that we Arden end, but tune sounds really would like two and two and then adding an end will be doing tone. It sounds really weird. So instead of you changed a little bit as well, it turns into a Yoon Eun toon Toon toon 20. When I don't want to read, all of these are good when doing twin loon. When Quinn, when twin twin soon join Schwinn, Schwinn Rin ruin perfect ruin. Sounds like it looks like run second. Theo, you know, the other thing that I want to point out is that all the other ones will go with you. But then we have the beginning, which is What e. M When? Yeah. So when we have W It's not one. It's simply spent like one, but it doesn't send sound exactly the same. One. Doing one doing perfect. Hopefully, you can tell those apart there before we talk about anything difficult within this. Let's just read a sentence first. Good luck and enjoy on since I don't know when. Sami in quite in control. Shoe question. Dosha syndrome censorship. Trinity in surrender shrimps. See my mother. Fantastic. Okay, there's one thing that you wanted to point out here, which I think is very valid. A difference between Drew and and a draw. And we'll write withdrawn already as into it means to twist something we before said one. And that means to focus drawn CN. Okay, John, and not be like to switch over to transfer. You can drunk Shin, which means to switch lines on the Metro. You can drunks yen. That means to transfer money in drunk, a lot of fix. Fantastic Joe and John and a Jew in Okay, True. And but we can use this would say anything that is perfect. Like while you're Chinese. Really? Standard means you Chinese really good. While 101 read it. Fantastic! True, Andrew and Drew went through and hear the difference. I can hear it. That's a very common mistake that many foreigners make OK and moving on from the drone. Going with CH instead, there will be 20 or here. Actually it's true in If it's the first tone, it's twin Ken in the spring. Perfect. By the way, Twin wanna met. Differentiate that between tune as all tune with acute chin You know the U turns into a home love then true Yeah tune truncheon True! Fantastic! And yet we have June as all June June, June, June All of those are why? Sounds like you like with the normal out we have a little We are a few words here. How to say a group Trinh Hard to say spring tricky in How does a army gene so repeat those words to yourself? Andi, you'll be good. Sick 52. 'ua': okay, We've already done a lot in this course. We've done most of the of the difficult things results. So now we just have a few easy ones left I think it's our but wow Okay, A already worked with that pronunciation. Actually, when we went with one or Guang or Kwong or Cognac Strong long as all the schlong Yeah, he would be much more easier. Yeah, let's see. Juan Quad dra Sure. Fantastic! That's it. No more sounds So pay attention If you If you remember how to do their 1111 you just remove their N g and you good to ago actually with this one So Guang would be Gua Kwong would be quiet etcetera etcetera Ok, let's hear the sentence Woman made kendo Yosh Raya Charger Mounting about Singleton Quite young Sequential Sequa Fantastic season range 53. ”uai”: Okay, now we just had Wah Wah. But now we have Why. Okay, So you a eyes. Three vowels in one word s So we start with what's was Why, Kwai, Why dry try? Sure. I very, very good. So there's a few very common ones. They're like the ones would dry and try are very, very rare. Try. We mean shadow for Tom means handsome. Thank you very much. Okay. And quite would mean quick, quickly, quickly. Quiet. Also over those or measure word for you know what that we use for money. For money For why? And be quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Perfect. So that one is a very good one. Here comes the sentence. Good luck, Wang Yang. Yo, you go Wider question. Quite to a war pack Tried a war would strike down a lot. Oh, no, your stride dollar Fantastic. That's it from this sense is nothing really to point out. Let us know if you have any issues with this one, and we will be happy to help you out 54. ”ui”: fantastic Know of actually reached basically the last one. There's one time with the word left that is on its own and pretty unique in weird But this is the last one. You you really have to pay all the attention in the world's okay, So we have instead of why It's way now Okay, wait So you I you I way here goes do a twe quay quay way to a sway Sway Dre Trae Sri Ray. Fantastic Ray, by the way, is Radian. So Sweden, it's actually were. I think that's a really weird one, actually. And then way, Ray Ray. Great. It sounds like he was trying to say the name Ray like Ray Allen is a basketball player, Ray. But you just you just don't really get that with the pronunciations. You say, Ray Ray Allen. Ray Gray rename. Okay. And also Sweden is raid the end. So we had to make sure that I got that one done right pretty early then because I am from Radian. Okay. Radio. Okay. Here The sentence wish a marked between should acquaint Your hodo should take her treat her shadows A radiant ST John huddled of radiant retail fantastic. And I don't think there's anything really difficult about this ray way, way, way, maybe just pay a bit of extra attention to the race. Yeah, they are, because so far we haven't to have too much asked. But this is actually where the Arkan could come back. It's not that common, though, but it's Stephanie important that you get this one right. Fantastic. Let's see if you have any question. 55. Tricky sounds: Okay, the last part of this course now is actually just going to take the most difficult was that I find foreigners have to pronounce. And we put them together and make it more difficult for you. Everything's for you. Ok. So please enjoy. We'll go through step-by-step if translate him, and that will give you build time to pronounce them. Also remember now the tip to pronouncing things properly and clearly as first, just listen. Secondly, step two then is repeated very, very slowly so you can isolate all the words. Step three is to say it's faster, faster, faster and faster and faster and still you until you start sounding like an annoying and Native person has just knowing filmic. It's been fantastic. Okay. So see if you can pronounce these ones. Yeah. So true so true to her is just toxicity and source to take so to take a taxi, thoughtful adult who also means to sit? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Fantastic. And the next one is 14 years. 14? Yeah. That's a difficult as all that's working with the ship. Okay. And then we have bicycle. And that would be yeah, bike tour. So it's using the thrill and the Xing X and then at the end, so this ensure three difficult pronunciations all in one. And they all stick very far away from each other. So it's the same choice, particularly difficult, See if you can pronounce that one. And the C shows yen. Yen CBO was Acts shows SH, Yeah, but because you show your very difficult and an agenda at the end just so what else in the mouth, okay, it's a bit difficult to see usual TM fantastic. Toy shouts yen, yen. Yeah, door shouts Fantastic as in how much money we have door shell or shall Porsche Chun. What I would like to tell you here is that with the use of tones at this one, I've found out is, I found is particularly useful if you just know the tones in God door Chaldean tore out. So I've started saying thoughts here. And there are really say that, yeah, it's okay, it's okay. People in northern devoutly doors and doors him. And that's just yeah. Just a little nice little tip for you there. Yeah. Okay. The next one, Shang Huan, Xiang Zhuang, where it a covered that in the previous video. Just to be clear, we have Shang Guan, which is to go on the boat without the G. With G, It's gone bad. Slash having sexy time one. Yeah, I'm twang Chuang trend. So just make sure you get that one night we're moving onto, which means Day, but it also is the slang for getting onto bandwidth, so on actually. And then, but we can also say hot. A difference like that. The position of your tongue is little bit different. You open up your mouth a little bit. We have book because it o You can't say without opening up. So fantastic, could lower down. And then we have, is in hungry. But what's interesting is if you say which is number two here. And then we would be an, okay, our sound at the end. Yeah. So note here that the Earth's on changes. It's not it's a r, r. So if you isolate it and remove the r from r, it will be up. But the EE Just as a zone like on its own, it sounds like puh snip that place. And now another one that I find particularly common amongst the foreigners is that it's, it sounds awkward to make y into its own consonant, its own what? Therefore, they say clay. Clay meaning to like two can do something like memory being allowed to do something. Can I do this with climber? And then many foreigners just blend the two words. So it would be like k, k, and also they don't like to say caret. So they say k, k, k, k, k, or some, some are better not so we'll say k, k, k, k, k, k either way, and make them into 21 to two sons. Pause a little bit and to make the ISA, there's a close curly. Perfect. Okay, the next one, what true, true, true fan. I find this very difficult, true? Che you have x0, x1, and then they have to choose q sound, true, true, true, true. True, true would shoot very difficult actually, when as she C-H and the queue. Yeah. Yeah. And then we come back to the CHR CHO again Fan. True too, true, Fen? Yeah, I tried to just say true, true, true. True, true, true. True, true, true. True, true, true. That's actually very difficult. Yeah. Okay. Next one is not the most difficult one, but it's a very common one. So you need to make sure you get it is boundaries don't know. Or to know something truly fantastic, to know something about tones here we have inches. Ah-ha. Yeah, so minds Chinese and Korean. So just about the tone here, it gets very awkward. To start with a hun, just sounds like an awkward went to pronounce. But then actually if it's a fourth tone, then it's from the Han Chinese people. And if it's one is from Korea, yeah, so Han Chinese people actually not the Han, but just shine in general now. So honey, Chinese, honey, korean. So my fourth term and your second TO Hanyu, Han Yu. And also it's very awkward as well because that's why you with a third. So Credit Valley even Sounds like a word. Make sure you must have that one, ok, so that once they've got the next one is also about the tone. It's gore. Ok, may I remember I struggled so much with this because it's very awkward to make the third third time, and second and tall enough to each other. Yeah. And I would just want to say Mei Guo, Mei Guo, Wo Mei Guo, As I said. And it was super difficult to accept that it was men make war. Yeah, I find typically to a lot of my American friends because every time they say what she may Goryeo, sake, I'm from him and I can here there was a male or female to male gotten me. Because it sounds awkward to save money because then it sounds like you're ending on a third tone there and numbness its versus anything else, but it's actually just in the middle of the word May make water from elsewhere to students who are from the US. You guys listen. Yeah. Okay. The next one is her Sri. Sri, her SRE, fairly difficult pronunciations but very commonly used together, hashrate, to drink, to drink, water, water. Hirsch, right? You know, you heard her Mao Zedong, money. Okay. Next one. Yeah, I'll end this shot. Oh, yeah. So remember the pronunciation difficulties here or the differences between x i and SSH and then Al Cl and shot. I'll see Alan Shuang shall means little and shall means a few or a little. Yeah. So cats, a small cut will be ml ice shell or we can say Malcolm, you shot a few katz. Yeah, there are few counts. A fantastic night. There's another way which hopefully you'll never happen to you. It's to resign, suture. Fairly awkward. I think it's warming hailed situ. How about and how traditional fund. Okay, wonderful. Now, moving on to the next one, this is true. And if you must have this untrue, then I would suggest that you go with tradition and not each and each SHA-1 is they mean basically the same thing they both mean before by just definitely recommend that you say choose one instead, I've realized what, since I was like, oh, I can pronounce this word, they will make mice or Chinese sound much better to say to change that reads him. Okay, so 2m, meaning before. Yeah, sure, it's him to tell what bourgeoisie gov Boyd and talking about Shen Zai like before and now knows what, since I'm Shinzen, since fantastic, know much we'll talk about here. Just shed and please make sure you get to foretold, which was a bit awkward as sends out, great, the next ones, some young cyclists, young film, so particularly difficult is differentiating thus x and the ESM times. Just like, yeah, just like with small and few Here we have sijang. Fantastic. Make sure you get o. And if you can't pronounce the guy is because you're not saying the x clearly. Just think of it like that. Perfect. Okay, now we have Sichuan type Sutra as Trump organs. So Tron programs, you have to make a line. So trend dish to make love, spicy food that so yes, a transhiatal trunks high would be trained with a CH and then just a C at the end Sichuan time. Make sure you get okay. Now we have and again as the SH and the C x sound together in Shanxi adds a pair of shoes. Song asset, which is very, very good. Okay, now we have certain and zhang, OK. So adding a G at the end or not adding a G. So ten ton means authentic or rail. Chen Jiang. So for instance, beautiful woman. She believes about just its agenda. Tissue ginger and the hind, New Georgia. But I don't know any, so ignore that. Okay, and now we have again the difference between x and SH. I just want to make sure we really get this one done. We have to think about Shanghai or to miss it. Miss the Shanghai. Xiang Shang Hai. Fantastic. Determines there as all. Now, we have something really difficult for you here. It's to eat seven stick. Where's sticks? That sticks. Okay. Yeah. But the barbecue pins with a barbecue stakes here, Tuan basically as the 14 it of what? Of chicken wings to the width set c, c. So c q, c, d, j. Sanjay, and say it again. I get to see trends. You should see trans here. The, I didn't get it. Yeah, it's actually really difficult. And next OneNote is working with the lighter sounds here. Let's see. Eats. One time, you can eat four of something. It's fantastic. Very good because you have to traverse your, your age or your S. You have zed you see as a very, very good. So you have S, you have zed, you have c here. However, some of them come with age as well, but that doesn't really matter. What's important is that we can tell them apart. Fantastic. Okay, now we have the most difficult of one for you at the end. Here at trend pads, Huang Shang, Schwann tremble Dutch, typical pronounced dollar. And if you don't do this, your Chinese is fantastic already. So in the spring, he, he on the beds, where's all the skirts? Yeah, it's really weird. It wouldn't end parts. I Tong Xiang Guan term Buddha Shinzen, fantastic kit. It's really difficult to see if you can get that one. Yeah. And that was it, guys. Hopefully you are able to pronounce those. We'll write them out like little, tiny little if you're on a website, like tiny little mp3 and things that you can just click and you can hear the pronunciation, isolate them and try and try and mimic it. Yeah, I just want to say like the other examples we mentioned are very difficulty if you can't get right now, don't, don't be so upset about salvage and go back to the main course. And after learning a few words and I find people even living in China for a couple of years but still having trouble with those words he so it's just good practice, but there's absolutely no pressure of you, you, you, you find these possible code at this point. You also know, I just think it's a good test or testament to how much I need to know and make sure you get these ones. We can guarantee you that you, your Chinese will be yeah, wow, you're like a wow, it would be an allow other people, all of them, not wonderful. Let us know how much you were able to while the people. And thank you for now. 56. Different dialects and what to pay attention: Okay, guys. So the last thing we want to do now is just talk a little bit about the difference between South and North China, the dialects there in between s so that you can tell them apart will be easier. First of all, I'd like to tell you guys and share a little bit of fact with you on because I thought when I was living in the north, initial young I was staying in and I was going to move down south and everyone up north said, No, no, no, no. That they can't speak Chinese. That is, in Mandarin, the one that I wanted to learn. So I thought, Oh, I can't move there. But then ultimately, I ended up moving there, and everything worked out completely fine. They speak Mandarin everywhere. In China. Yeah, Yeah, some with dialects. And that's what we're going to talk about. But that's completely fine. Eso Yeah, go whatever you want. If you do, if you're in China, you'll be learning Chinese. On top of that, I think you know nothing. Part of China. A lot of people they speak their own Daleks too. But there that lets very similar to mentoring, just like slightly slightly different in terms of pronunciation can still understand it. But when people moved to south there they have their own Dallas too. But they're not less are, like, way different. And the man Goring. So will you go to stop that? You're probably gonna find it when they speak Mandarin. It's not Ask standard as to the people in the Not yeah, So let's look today in the different places where you can see Oh, so this is with the difference. This is the difference. Okay, First of all, we have are flying. Yeah, People put our at almost, but not every almost every words where you can bring since when you give an example in the video. But it's like a men least war. But they would pit put are the enemy murder, murder or again as people? And if you add our would be her gen your and admin emerge weird. But actually how we do it, you can also in officially call it the pirate tax and the pilots island, because it just sounds like there are everywhere. And no, even when they're supposed to be in our they just sound like ER, it's difficult to pinpoint. We can probably show you a clip here where you just let's listen to a clip here with a Southerner. And now with a Northerner murder, you can tell the norther here, he says. A lot more sentences in general sounds a lot more, Uh, like it's swinging about a little bit with this now. I talked to my friend one time. I think the Earth are lying or something. Sounds a little like a Boston accent. You guys speaker from Boston like, is more one? Yeah, Okay, now with this Italian we have this, like airplane means your other art on the tone as a tone almost now, you can also tell that apart by in the South I noticed that that they don't like to say her too much, so they would even avoid saying our or not, Which means where were there. Instead, that would say, Na na na na the or early Just because it's easier said, replacing the our with an L instead, and that's much more common south. Now you'll find out, yeah, another difference. Have fun. Like in the southern part of China, people find it difficult to roll their tongue, for instance. Sure or sure What? Sure they would have Just products. Agassi. Yeah. So any time we are the age like S h age was that age, then in the south, they would not really pay attention to that age. There was still some make it sound like it. Like it didn't have an H. Yeah. So this is 10 the number 10 in the north shirt and in the south, and you would be on sure would be. And so, lastly, here a little bit about the pride. I'm noticed that northerners pride themselves a lot, and much of it comes from the languages like, Oh, we speak with with a far superior accent and therefore, we're a bit proud of it, and they look down also sort of somewhat on. Southerners were not being like pure in that sense. Would you say that? No, e, I never experienced that because I think one reason why I like you probably That's just my own observation. Crimea with wrong. Because in the Trump Wise Aiken Spring Festival gala, where they all the people watching this TV show called Spring Festival Gala. And in that a show like minutes. Millions of people watch that show. But on that issue would have this comedy going on, right? And the other comedy from northern part of China And when they have any characters, like come from Norman Seldin, part of China, and they wouldn't make home for their accent all the time. Yeah, so is kind of greatest. This sister types type for transit. People like you start something you can't speak, man. We went very well. But now I think all the others they another case, went to go to school, and they have proper education to himself from angering. So I think it's getting better and better. Kids in the South. You can't really see a difference, but it's only the older people with strong accent you probably would find if coach on the standard. Yeah, it's almost like the difference between if you know anyone in Birmingham, it's you have to make fun of every time they talk, even though they're not stupid. People is taking the language. You're speaking that dialect, but it's just that it sounds funny, so you have to make fun of it. Inevitably, same thing with the southerners in China, so no hard feelings towards anyone, just educational content for everyone. Wonderful. And that's a I think that is the main differently north and South in terms off accents and how they sound. And now you'll know where you are or you'll know who it is you're talking to. If you hear someone talking, yeah, fantastic. 57. You’re awesome!!!: wonderful guys. That's it from this cause. Actually, we hope you enjoyed it thoroughly. Sorry. There was a part there in the middle. Super awkward where I forgot to. I didn't forget. I just didn't do it properly enough. We record record this cause over the over the course of one day. Almost so, Yeah. It's inevitable that we have a few mistakes. Slipped it slipping every now and then. We're enjoyed all it. Although, yeah, hold. It helps. Yeah. So let us know if you feel like there's anything missing from this course, we certainly feel like there shouldn't be any. We've gone through this thoroughly enough now. And remember, you can always come back to specific parts of this course and go. I'm struggling with this now in particular. Then we'll probably find search for that in our dominant dictionary and will stay directly straight to the video where you have to learn that part. Yeah. Great. Wonderful. Good work on and then wave and moved. AIDS 58. Summary: Hey, guys, I just want to say thank you. As in siesta for making it through this entire course you've been, huh? You've been very good. Now, hopefully your pronunciation has improved a lot. Or at least you have the tools to improve your pronunciation. Now to actually learn Chinese. How would you do that, then? If you don't know it already, if you don't have a way already very much suggest sticking with us. A domino Chinese stairs and up. There's a website is up. There's survival cause there's more advanced course academic cause. And there's even levels. 1 to 24 has a lot of levels. Each level is about 10 hours long, so finishing those levels would actually make you academic in Chinese. How would I know that? What? Because you can pass H is capable five. And that's an academic exam. Fantastic. I cut it short there. Thank you very much for watching you go to our website. Now if you fancy or you can actually stick to this website where there are still ever one and two on a survival course and perhaps a bit, Maura's Well, if you look fantastic, share share for taking the course well done for taking the course, and I hope to see you again in a day