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Chinese for Beginners--All you need to know about Chinese

teacher avatar Chinese Polly, Languages with Polly

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

40 Lessons (4h 8m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Greetings

    • 3. Lesson 2: How are you?

    • 4. Lesson 3: Pinyin

    • 5. Lesson 4: Pronunciation tips Part 1

    • 6. Lesson 4.5: All about the 'e'

    • 7. Lesson 5: Introduce yourself Part 1

    • 8. Lesson 6: Introduce yourself Part 2

    • 9. Lesson 7: Introduce yourself Part 3

    • 10. Lesson 7.5: Family

    • 11. Lesson 8: Personal Pronoun

    • 12. Lesson 9: Possessive Pronoun

    • 13. Lesson 10: 6 Essential words

    • 14. Lesson 11: Nice to meet you

    • 15. Lesson 12: What & Who

    • 16. Lesson 13: Where? Part 1

    • 17. Lesson 14: Where? Part 2

    • 18. Lesson 15: Where are you going? Part 1

    • 19. Lesson 16: Where are you going? Part 2

    • 20. Lesson 17: What are you doing?

    • 21. Lesson 18: Where do you live?

    • 22. Lesson 19: When?

    • 23. Lesson 20: What day is today?

    • 24. Lesson 21: When is your birthday?

    • 25. Lesson 22: When will you do something?

    • 26. Lesson 23: Festivals

    • 27. Lesson 24: What time is it?

    • 28. Lesson 25: What time do you do something?

    • 29. Lesson 26: How is something?

    • 30. Lesson 27: How have you been?

    • 31. Lesson 28: How to do something?

    • 32. Lesson 29: Ask for directions Part 1

    • 33. Lesson 30: Ask for directions Part 2

    • 34. Lesson 31: Are you able to?

    • 35. Lesson 32: Can you do this?

    • 36. Lesson 33: How much/ How many?

    • 37. Lesson 34: What do you like?

    • 38. Lesson 35: I love you

    • 39. Lesson 36: I want this one

    • 40. Lesson 37: I think/ I wish/ I miss

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About This Class

Chinese lessons for beginners who want to learn and understand the basic of Chinese language

This class will start with building listening and speaking skills

Followed by reading and writing step-by-step

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chinese Polly

Languages with Polly


Hey guys, I'm Polly. I am fluent in Thai, English and Chinese, and my passion is to share them with you :)

Thanks for following and watching my videos, it means a lot, I really appreciate it.

Facts about me:

-Native Thai Speaker

-Been speaking English and Chinese since 3 years old

-Growing up multi-lingual & multi-cultural

-Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand

-Bachelor's degree from a Top University in Beijing, China (World Top 30)

-Master's degree at a Top University in Europe (World Top 50)

-Passed HSK 6 and the highest level of HSKK with high score

-Online/Offline Chinese, English and Math tutor for 8 years domestically and internationally.

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1. Course Introduction: Hey guys, Welcome to my shuttle. Is Chinese with Polly? When I miss Polly, I'm have Thai and Chinese. Why do you have to learn Chinese with me? Well, I graduated from a top university in China and now I'm doing my second musters in the top university in Europe. So I guess I'm fine with both English and Chinese. And most importantly, Afghan certificates for issues Case six and diess level off issues KK since I was 18. If you don't know what is it? Just K Well, just case stands for Hannu shaping culture wishes Chinese proficiency Test s cake. It is the speaking test. Now let's take a look. What you gonna learn from discourse? You might wonder whether Discourse was said you're not well. This course doesn't require any background. No, listen, Chinese. So it means we start from zero. But if it goes some background, no less. You're so welcome to join cause to you might be able to learn something new for me, more or less. And this course is made for beginners. And I have to be very clear about this. During the whole course, you learned of a caps and some daily life grammar. Statehood used to start a basic conversation with the Chinese, and this course will cover out of all gifts. For is just K one and some extra words that might be useful for you in the future. Now the most important thing. ISS. What would it get from discourse? After finishing the whole course, you be able to understand and respond to the basic conversation in Chinese. At the beginning, you learn how to greet people and asked how to doing. Followed by Pianin was just one of the most important elements in Chinese language. After that, you learn how to introduce yourself to others. How do you use pronouns? Some essential words for daily life, including how gas and answer questions. Like what? Where, when? Why, who? How and many more, even how to ask for directions. Apart from debt, you learn how to use words like love, want, think or which. But in off the course, you be able to have some simple conversation with the locals. And also you know how to pin works and does it for today. If you're interested, placed on, hesitate to join me and thanks for watching my video. I ever see you there on my course. Haven't I say bye 2. Lesson 1: Greetings: lesson one. Learn how to greet in Chinese There are quite several ways to agree someone in Chinese. First, you can start with Ni Hall, Ni Hao Ni Hall. Wish means Hello, The word knee means you and then the word hall means good. So it's like you're good, you're good. Then this Hello, you might wonder, is me and how? And they're both third tone. Why you pronounce the whole word as knee hall, not knee hole. Well, there is a road to remember there. When the third tone comes together, the first syllable should be pronounced. Asked the second tone. So it's Ni Hall. Me? How the second way to say hello is didn't Hall? I mean how I mean how, which is more firmer and more polite. Anyhow, you have said in how to your T shirt professors someone so did, and you are people you're meeting for the first time to show some more respect. The word I mean name also means you, but in a very formal and polite since. But it doesn't mean that a word Ni hao Ihsan polite it just more casual and more general. There are also some other ways, agreed people based on the time of the day. Remember the word hall from earlier? It means good. So in the morning was say sell Xiang Hall So Shung Hall So some hall for a good morning The word south Shung, Zoe's son means morning in the afternoon was say show how she uh Well, how show you how means good afternoon The word shallow means afternoon. Do you notice something yet? Us right show and then how the word Oh, and how are both the third tone? So remember to rule when the third tone comes together the first syllable would be pronounced as a second tone. So it's and then haul. So the whole word is Xiao Wu. How that's right. And into the evening you could say one Shung hall, one Shung hall where Sung Hall means good evening and word why Shung Waas sung means evening now The last word for today side she in Sye Jin sites in means see you again or see you get letter or by the word se Sigh means again And then Jen CNN means to see or to meet . So thanks for washing my video And that's it for now. Bye 3. Lesson 2: How are you?: listen to How are you? One hope one whole. Well, hope means greetings. After a previous lesson, you have already learned how to greet people in Chinese. How about asking some further questions? Like, how are you? You can say Ni Homa Ni Homa Ni Homa. Which means how are you or literally are you good? Remember the rule Knee and hall are both of their tone. Show us Ni hall me home, huh? And the word ma it just something to add at the end of the sentence to make that sentence. The question the other way to ask is I mean Homa, if you already start using mean to the person you're talking to so your question would be nine Homa, Nen, Homa Nein, Homa, which also means how are you but in a very, very polite and formal way. If so much asking you Ni Homa or Nine Homa how to reply to debt. Well, there are several ways to reply to those questions. If you're feeling good, you can say Walton Hall. Wharton. How Wharton? How wish me is. I'm very good. What war means I And then home, hon means very remember to rule Hung and hall or both. Third tone. So is Hon Hall Hall. If you also notice war and home Barroso both of their sound. So is one hall. Also correct. One hall or Walton Hall? Just two separated third tone so you can say both one hall or Walton Hall. Both ways are correct. If you're feeling not that good. Not that bad. You can say a bump on E pan pan he bun bun means so. So if you're not that good, you can say Wutai Hall, Moutai Hall, Wutai Hall. It means not so good. The word bouquet Borte means no. So the word boom boo means no or not. And the word tie Thai means to, since you already know the word good, How to say Too good? That's correct. Tie hole tied hall. If you might wonder the word bull and then tight, why is Borte well again? There is rude to remember. Here you were a bull, followed by any other syllable. With the fourth sound. The word bull will be pronounced as bull, so it's would tie boo tie. Well, that's it for today. Thanks for washing my videos and then besides them for now and see you again on my next lesson. Stay June by 4. Lesson 3: Pinyin: lesson three Pinion piers is so much what this opinion, the word pin pin means to spell, and a word in yin means sound. So pinion is the phonetic writing method, using Roman eyes alphabet to spell the word and who use pinning well in China mainland people you're spending to spell the words. You can see how to be a looks like from the table on the left in sight. It doesn't look so much different from the English alphabet, is it? But a pronunciation is quite different on the other site in Taiwan and some others people use Julian Julian, as shown in table on the right hand site. Wish looks more like the lines connected together, which is a bit more complicated than peen Pierre your summer young. Why did your in the opinion Do you know how many Chinese correct er's are there in total? Any guess? Well, the answer is more than 85,000. That's a lot right. Handsome. Hence means Shoney's corrector. The word hen, huh? Refers to Hun Dennis E or hunch all. It could also refer to Han Ethnic Group or Hansel. The word So Mies corrector or a letter well Can you really shine his correct er's and memorize all of them. 85,000 all by heart? The answer is no. I cannot do that either. But with opinion, you know how literacy pronounced. So no worry for effects about opinion P. Unconscious off three components. Concerns vowels and tones Like in many other languages. There are 23 consonants in Chinese opinion and 24 vowels and faux tones show move some some means concerns in more in more in well means vowels, some dill, some dio some deal means tones. Now let's take a look at some more some more concerns and place. Repeat after me. Let's start with the 1st 1 Uh, poor buh uh, sounds totally different from English, be it Sounds more like the Spanish P poor and then poor. Cool, huh? Poor more, More more. Four, four, four, 2 p.m. f sound exactly the same as in English. And now here. Uh uh Ah, this one doesn't sound like D in English. Sounds more like tea in Spanish. Uh, and then now here to, uh to Teoh. No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, here we have Good, uh, good sounds a little like English G, but a little stronger. Good. Now here. Cool. Uh huh. Cool. Uh huh. Uh, uh huh. Sounds a bit like the English word. Her without the are. And now here De t t Sounds a little like the word g A little like that. And now here she she she sounds so much like the English word. She like ssg. She she And now here. See? See. See? Okay, let's move on to this role a bit more complicated. True. You're sure. And here. Sure, sure, sure. As in the word true fund. As you might have heard. Wish means to eat. And now here. Sure, sure, sure. As in the word lotion. Los. Which means teacher in Chinese now here. Ju Yeah, Yeah, it sounds a bit in between. Like, between are and why sound, But you don't have to roll your tongue that much like Drew. And now here, Uh uh uh. I've been here, so and now. So So, uh so So, actually, the history and these three sounds a bit similar, but not really sure. Sure, sure do. For so So did you hear a difference? Okay, Now here. Yeah, e yeah. and here Oh, oh, oh, Both of them are a little special consumers because e is the e from the vows also from the pool in the vowels. So when you want to say or you want to start a word E you cannot just put the HVO alone. So you have to put the why this one and then the I So it's e san 40 w Oh, which is the you in Chinese when you want to spell the word Oh, you have to put the w first before you Now let's move on to your in more You're more beans falls There are three types of good Moul the started with bunions removed Done you more The word done means CEO So Italian move means single vows Now place Repeat after me. Uh, uh uh uh uh uh e e Oh, uh mm ah servos Uh oh e oh, sounds pretty close as the vows in Spanish on a letter e sounds pretty close to the French e and then you sounds a bit morally except the same vote in German, but quite stronger. You? Yeah. Okay, now let's move on to for years Moved full year in more form is double So though vows firm by two of the single vowels, for example, Here we have Ah, and e So I e and we have I I Okay, now here a a Hey, way, way, way Okay. Here Oh, oh oh oh oh oh Ill ill ill IHS Yeah IHS yeah, yeah, yeah And then are, uh are sounds a bit like the er sound in the word monster are now let's move on to be you more bu More work be means knows So when you try to pronounce being wool you'll feel the sound through your nose, for example. On on um, do you feel that funny on Funny in, In, In. Okay, one, one, one. Well, we're in. No, Um um um um um um you you you, um um um do you see You remember the letter? Why? And w the letter? Why pronounce us e e and then to w Oh. Do you know how to count in Chinese? A little. You might have heard toward E, which means one how to spell the word e. Well, you have to use the little why here and then followed by the vowel e And then does e the last thing for today? Shung dill Some g o means tones in Chinese language we have for Jones. Let's start. What? Uh Uh Uh Oh. Please repeat after me. Uh uh uh Oh. Again. Uh uh uh oh, that their sound might be a little confusing to you, isn't it? Uh, first, you have to go lower and then go up higher at the end. Uh ah. Uh, okay. Please repeat after me again. Uh uh. Ah, uh again, Uh uh uh uh. One more time. Uh uh uh uh. Last time. Uh uh uh Ah. Well done. Well, does it for today she has to for washing my videos. And ciencia means thank you. She issue serious here. So that's it for now. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Have a nice day. Bye. 5. Lesson 4: Pronunciation tips Part 1: listen for pronunciation tips for here. Yeah, and really, today we'll be for guessing on how to pronounce their vowels. Ah, and then yeah. And then then let's start with you. Have a recommend saying the word you and we together really fast. You way. You a delivery here. Did you get that? Try to make it fast. You were? No. And then, yeah, I would recommend saying the word you and way together really fast. You were You were you? Yeah. Can you do that? You were? Yeah. And then the last one. Then I recommend saying the word you and win together really fast. You, when you were in your you when you and drink That's it for today. And I hope my tips can help you to pronounce a word or a devout was correctly And since you for washing my videos and cited for now I hope to see you again on my next lesson by 6. Lesson 4.5: All about the 'e': listen for point Fife all about t E. Do you still remember what I told you last time? About four years more if you have to after single vowel than your move like this. Now you have, uh, and e So you have I. And here you have all and e so o e. So it's Oy. Maybe you might have wondered. Yeah, uh, and e how can it be pronounced as a or here is E. And, uh, how could it be ear even now, let's find out. Back in the days when I was still first grader, I went to time in a school for six years and there wasn't open in table where it has 700 move or a single vows. So it was like, uh uh uh, yeah e Oh. Mm. You wanna was missing. Here is pronounced s Ah. Do you see the difference? Uh uh uh Ah, so let's come back to this table. So now do you see here it's not, uh, instead is a so no is a and e so and e a source? A a Okay, you get it. And now here we have he and air. So we have here? Yeah. And now here. Yes, you and then a So is yeah. Yeah, that's it for today. Thanks to washing my videos. And I hope you learned something new today. So damn for now. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson that young. 7. Lesson 5: Introduce yourself Part 1: less than five. Introduce yourself Part one. There are so many ways to introduce yourself, but he's a sways to start by telling your name how to say my name is in Chinese. You can say what? So what? Ill what Jo followed by your name? For example, What's your funding bill? What self ramping being means? My name is from Ping Ping, and I guess you know who write. Sin soon means family name and meal mute Mies name War, War means I. And then Joe Geo means to call. So what sell literally is I am called, and in this case, fun is a family name. And then beeping is the name because Chinese people usually would put their family name first, followed by their name. And now you can continue telling your age. You can say Watson, Ian War, Tinian. Well, Jr full about your age and then slowly se so it means I am something years old this year. Jinyan. I didn t n means this year and see se means years old. So, for example, you can say what didn't in sensuously, what didn't in sensuously, it means I am 30 years old this year, And don't worry we could I learn how to count in Chinese? Well, you may be able to tell your age You have to learn how to count in Chinese first shorts. Sure. Shourd's means numbers Please repeat after me. E are son Mm Lou, See by Teoh through one more time E Oh said so. Oh, you she But it's your whole sure Well done then how to say I am 18 years old How to say 18 18 iss 10 and eight suis super Shuba So I am 18 years old is wash bassie Then how about I am 18 years old? This year was Indian She passed what's in insure past Then how about 28? You have to have two first and then times 10 and then plus eight Syphilis are a shuba or a shuba Okay then how about 38? You should have had it already. That's right. So Shuba, son Shiva Then how about 57? That's correct. Or sissy or sissy? Since you're already learned how to tell your name Now it's time to ask people's name You can start with needs Oshima needs Alshammar needs El Shama means what's your name? chamomile sama means what you can ask needs us trauma to almost everybody people from your age or your fellow stones. But it wouldn't be so appropriate to use it for your professor or somebody that's loaded. And you another way to ask is needs Are shimamine needs l Shimamine needs l shimamine. The word means minx means name. So actually, it's also what's your name? The other way to ask somebody's name is I mean, question mean question. I mean question. It also means what's your name, but in a very, very formal and polite way. This to remember the words mean if you're ready to start your singing with that person. So when you couldn't ask that person's name, you should say Nein, Kwesi I mean question. So what's your show? So what's your show? So what CIA show means? Self introduction. Apart from the phrase what? So there are also some other ways to tell your name. For example, if you're being asked, neither means it's El Shama. Need the means? It's El Shama. You can just directly say what the means. It's so what? The meat's Joe, What that means That sell followed by your name start Mees. My name is and the word the is usually used in the possessive pronoun. For example, What the means? My. So what that means means my name. The other way to tell your name is just go by your family name, for example. You can say what? Sing war scene war soon Full about your family name. If you are being asked in question increasing, you're going to say WASI for by your family name, for example, or seeing one or sing one. So it means my family name is one. So sure. So sure. So sure means age since your roller and how to sew your Asian learned how to count already . So how about asking people's age? Do you use this ways? Need thes See need C suite needs a sweet means. How are you? And the word ce si means how much or how many you can ask needs you sweet to almost everybody around you that the same age or quite similar or younger than you. But you should not really ask this kind of question to people who loaded and you. So for those people, you can say Mendota Nen, Toyota Nen, Toyota it means how are you? But in a very formal and polite way. And the word door door means much or many or how and in this case, it will be how and the means big, large or owt. And in this case, it would be old. So what? That is how old So same way. If you want to answer, how are you? You just say wall full by your age and then see it means I am something You're sewed so I can say while our shoes Cicely What? Our shoes, Sissy. Guess how I am well destined for today. Thanks for washing my videos. And I really hope you enjoy. My lesson is ideal for now. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson by 8. Lesson 6: Introduce yourself Part 2: Lesson six introduced yourself part two Yes, young, just young, Just young. It means hometown. How? Just someone where you're from. You can start with nation a legion ni shumin Al even ni soon leave in shoe should is the verb to be and word Now he Nolly means where and work Jen Gen means man, human or a person. So the whole question nationality gin literally means you're a person from where? So this question is actually for guessing on the person, not the place. So here's a B A In English, we would say I am American, but in Chinese, it would be I am America man or I am America person and literally that you didn't hear wrong. So you put the name of the country or the city or even a continent your from full of by the word Jen and that's it. If the question contains the word then then your answer should also have to work. Drin A DNs. Well, the second wage ask iss knee light. So now he the like. So now he ni lights a valley means Where do you come from? The word lights of nights means come from and this question is only focusing on the place, not a person. So you can just say the name of the place without saying a word. Gin together. What iss Nishi Knock Warren nation a Georgian ni shannaq Warren. It means which country are you from? The word not nah means which and the word war war me, his country. So this question specifically asked the country of from no cities or places you're from. It's more like asking your nationality. But please keep in mind there stood a work Drin in this question. So you're also should have the work, then a swell. So how to reply Georgia's questions? If some was asking you Mission allusion Nation Al Erian. So there are at least three ways to respond to that question. For example, you can start with washer war. Sure, here it means I am. I am followed by the city of from And in this case, New Year New. Yeah, which means New York and then full about a word gin. Gen Washington you'll hear in It means I am a New Yorker. The second way is you have your country name already. For example, the war, the war it's Germany. So how say I am German? You have again What should war should I am? And then the name of the country, the war, the war and then word Gen So well should the Georgian, it means I am German. The third way to say it is your continent. So again you have Washoe War should and then the continent you're from. And in this case Oh dro Oh Joe Wish me is Europe and then fall about a word gin So wash Oh , Joran Wash Oh, Joran, it means I am a Europan. So how about Asia? Okay. Yeah, Joe. Yeah, True. What? So yeah, you're in. What? So Yeah. Elron. Okay, How about Africa? Fatal Fado Wasa Feijoo Lron Washington Federal Rin. Okay, How about Australia? Outro our dro So wash our Children. Okay, So if you've been asking you the lights and that he the light Sonali where do you come from ? So your answer is war lights war lights full of I'd place your from for example, your country The war, the war. So war lights at the war means I come from Germany. Apart from that, you can also say war lights a New Year war lights in new here It means I come from New York . You can also say war life Kodro, war lights Kodro Then how about somebody's asking you? Ni should not working. Ni should not organ That's correct. You have no choice. You have to say what soo followed by the country you're from and then the ward red And that's the only way to answer to that question. To be able to ask her those questions, you have to at least know the name of your countries in Chinese and I honestly don't know why do have to translate everything but I think it will be fun. So let me guess the name of the countries and please don't be sad of your countries are not on there gonna leave to come and down below and I'll tell your Chinese name off your country's so no worries and I'm really sorry, but I can only think of the countries have been or people I've met from those countries. So let's begin. May gua make war. Where is it? America. Okay, Next One more seeker more seeker. Some were really close Mexico. OK, Jonah Janet, that Canada Okay, in war E Waugh, England Where is it? England. That's right. Okay, the next one. So Golan Su Gurland Scotland. Okay, the next one. Ireland. Ireland! Ireland! Okay, out. Ali! Yeah, O malley. Yeah. Australia. Okay, the next one Pretty close. I mean, the name out. Clearly out. Clearly. Austria. Okay, Cincy Lang. Since you land since Phelan and Al Falih is pretty close CNC roundness New Zealand okay. And then moved back to Yeah, Joe Asia Rubin Gruban Japan. Okay, Hunger, war, hand war. That's Korea. Okay, the next one. This one is something in between. Not that Asian Order of Europe. How old was Oh, was Is Russia okay? And this one in two in two. I guess this one is pretty easy, right? India? Okay, the next one. This is the country where I'm from Tig War. Tig War. Do you know where it iss Is Thailand Okay, somewhere Really close to Thailand? Yeah, you and then Vietnam. Okay. And then Lau war la wa blouse. Okay. And here, GM foods. I Sam Poor J is Cambodia and come back again to Ojul Europe. See Bunia. See Banya. Can you guess Espana? Yes, Spain. Okay. Seela. Seela this grease. Okay. Here, Puto. Yah! Port! Howya Portuguese. Okay, the next one, It badly it Valley. I think this one is pretty simple, isn't it? Italy. Okay. And here, Fob War. Far War France. Okay, its neighbor. The war. The war. Germany. Okay, Somewhere in between be leash. Be Lisa Belgium. Okay. Also its neighbour Poland Holan, Hollande. And here, Rysher Roost. Swiss Lynn. Okay, the next one crudity in Great the I think this one is pretty hard to guess This Sweden. Okay. And here, also Nordic countries. Uh, Furlan. Funland is Finland. Okay? The other one. Norway. Norway, This Norway. Okay. And here to a federal None say none. Say South Africa. Okay, another one. Calm I long calm. My long This Cameroon. Okay, the other one, Morlock More lager is Morocco. Okay? Now to South America, I continue. Ah, grunting iss Argentina. Okay, the next one, bean Ben, Who is Beirut? Okay. And the next one, Cuba. Cuba is Cuba. And how to say Latinos. It's lahm Asian lam Asian. Okay, I guess now you can answer to the question Knee Shin acquisition. Your answer could be washed should full about your country and then work Jen and okay, the word Georgia. What? Yeah, means country. And that's it for today. Thanks. Washing my videos and album enjoyment. Listen, and please don't forget Joe coming down below your country's name. If it was not on there, I will be really happy to help you out. So that Jim, by 9. Lesson 7: Introduce yourself Part 3: Lesson seven. Introduce yourself. Part three. You got to you. You got to Yeah, two means family. If you want to get to know them some more, you can ask something about their family. For example, if you want to ask, do you have any brother or sister? You can say Neo Hsiung BT, um, Emma Neo Hsiung Pitt's um Emma Neil shown being tear maim A. The word shall deal, Shaun T means brothers odor one and younger one and GM may see in May means sisters older and younger one also. And if you don't have any, you can say, well, mayo Well, maybe. Oh, well, mayo means I don't have the word Meo means don't have so only the word yo means to have if you have some. For example, if you have two younger brothers and one younger sister, you could say, why only uncle deity who, eager may may war your younger deity, her You command me. Why, oh younger deity. Her ego may May the word yo as a set is to have, and the word young young means to as you already learned a number, you might have wondered why it's not Argo instead of little good. Well, if the number two followed by the classifier, it has to be Leon, not are. And the word, huh? Who means aunt and the work Go good is a general classifier for people or objects. Jury So remembered word human man or a person? That's right, Jen Gen did not to say to people. That's right, Young Curren. Young Curren. Just remember that Always young before the classifier it is too young girl Young, Go. Yeah, Good. Two people. Then how about three son Baron, son Barron, Then have a one. You, Karen, you couldn't. Okay, the word, did you? The means younger brother and a word May May May. May means younger sister. Now let's take a look at another family member. So no war if you get there. Well, to be able to answer this question, you have to learn more about family members. Let's start with your parents for more home full means parents, both of them. Bob. Wow! Papa means Dad! Mama! Mama! Mama means mom. And guess where Edward full moon came from. Foshan for Shin full, she means father and the word more shin motion motion means mother So word Full move. Come from Foshan and motion. Okay How about a brother? Good girl? Go, go! Good! Good! Since your already learned how to use opinion so I would really kindly ask you just spell it with opinion. Good, Good. How would it be? Okay and then out of sister did Zia CIA JIA JIA is you Then How about younger brother? You already know it Big d big deal they do Okay How about younger sister May May Main May May May Okay, now it would be a bit more complicated Or maybe not just a bit A lot In the Chinese language we have Teoh separate the deaths I and Mom site So that site you have Gugu Oh, cool Google and Google Is your dad Sister elder or younger? Both of them can be Google. Okay, and then? Sure So So Sure, sure. So that is your Datz younger brother And here blah, blah book. Look, is your dad not a brother? So actually there are both uncles but a little different. This oneness your desk You have a brother and this one is your death at a brother, Okay? And now it's your desk That Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is your grandpa from your death site and then 99 99 99 is your desk, Mom? So it's Grandma from your death site. Okay, now let's move on to your mom site here first. Let's start with I e i You I You eyes your mother's elder or younger sister. Both of them can also be called Aggie. And then todo so Joel Teoh, Jew Joe is your monks brothers elder and younger and actually uncle from your mom site. So it's a little different from your desk. I So it's like one wordless. And here is your mom's dad. So it's why go? Why go? Why go? Okay. And then your moms, moms. Why Poor wipe law? Why poor? Okay, okay, now again. Here Shout is high. It flew Hyatt's Hi, It's blue. So it could be either male or a female just in general. But if you want to be more specific than that you can say are the all right flu earth's wish means son. And then if you have a daughter you can say new or ni are new, are okay How about grandson? So for soon? For soon. Okay, it's grandson. And then how about granddaughter son? Soon Suny. Okay. And then again, this is the grandson from your mom site. Why soon, Flu. Why soon? For why soon? Food. Okay. And then granddaughter from your mom site. Why soon? Why soon? Why, sonny? Okay. Didn't know. Just a word. Why? Why? It means external or outside, so day. Think of it as like, okay, if it's from your mom size like this from the family from the outside. Yet as my son's with weird, but yeah, so is why go wipe war. Why? Since Why soon You saw us from human sight. Apparently. And then word new New, if you might notice. No. Just knew these female. So you have Sunni. And then New Yorker. Okay, so now you already know everyone in the family. Then it's time to answer the question. Neosho, the gym. Emma Neil shall be Thiam Emma. Neil, Shaun T T. Um, Emma. What if you have three of the sisters How to say that? That's correct, Royal son. Good. See Aguila? Why? Oh, Sunday Deity Warrior's son. Good. See it? That's right. In a place. Fill in the tones as well. Okay, Nice How about I have one daughter brother? That's right. Why you you go. Go, go War, you ego Go Well, you e go, go go A bit Complicated, right you go, Go, go. Ok, get it. Um how about this war? Your younger Tia JIA who ego may May while you're young could see Ajay who you could may May. What does it mean? Desk correct. Have two other sisters and one younger sister. Okay. Or you can be more specific with a question. For example, New York Kadima Neo Fatima Neo did Emma. It means Do you have any younger brothers? So, for example, if you have life, you can say That's correct, boy. Oh! Oh, God. Did you war you Didi War yoga deity? That's a lot, huh? And please fill in the blank. I want to know if you know it or not. And how about I don't have any younger brother? How to say that does correct. Well, Mayo, did you war? Male deity. Okay, um how about I don't have any younger sister how to say that? That's right. Well, may or may, May or may or May may. Okay, Well, just it for today. thanks for washing my videos. And I hope you enjoy my list in. And I'm gonna ask you for one more time. Neosho deity. And Mama asked me, please. Okay, then doesn't. For now. And I hope to see you again on the next lesson. By 10. Lesson 7.5: Family : This is 7.5 family to family. And this is my drawing of a family tree, a typical Asian family for at least a typical Chinese family. So this is bop, bop, bop, bop. And then Mamma, Mamma. So as dad and mom, when luma fall in love, then they have wall wall me, myself and I. Let's take a look back there. Yea, yea. And then 9999. So when 99 fall in love, then to have baba, baba and are goo, goo, goo, goo d ions could be older or younger than do dat. And su su. Su su, his younger brother, Burpo. Burpo, his older brother. And here y, y and y pool. Why pool? So when y o y pool fall in love, then they have Mamma, Mamma, and Er Yi. Yi It could be outer sister or younger sister of your mom. And to Joe. Joe, Joe could be older or younger brother. So apart from wall, you might have some siblings like z. Z it addresses sir glue, glue. Elder brother, be the be the younger brother and or May younger sister. Now let's take a look on the desk site. First one. Is grandpa, your desk dat end 99. 9a. Your desk mum, grandma. Ball, ball. Ball. Ball means uncle. So as his elder brother. And then baba. Baba is him Dad. And then his younger brother. True Shu. Fu Su, also uncle but younger. Goo, goo. Goo goal is his sister. Could be older or younger. So. And now let's move to the monocyte. First one. Why? Why? Why Google is Grandpa? So her dad? And why a pool? Why pool is her mum? Grandma from one site? Zu Jiu. Xue Jue Juju is uncle, could be older or younger than her. And then my mama is her mom and her sister. And it could be her elder sister or a younger sister. Both. Fine. Both. Call iii. Now let's move on to the keystone. The first one, Heights. Heights. Heights means shelled or children. If you want to be more specific about descenders, Earth's means, son and our daughter. And in your family, there is good, good, good, good. Eta, brother and sister. The younger brother and younger sister. Then how about calcium? You have the word Biao, b o, followed by any of these people. For example, the Gaussian boy. Oh didn't you? It could be BL. Bl. Okay. If it's a girl and knew that it could be be be out. Okay. If it's a boy and younger than you, then is B, B? B, B, OK. What if younger and girl then is BL may be out. Okay. So Biao, Good. The B I'll make. All of them are your cow skins. And destiny for today. If I'm washing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next less than half and I say bye. 11. Lesson 8: Personal Pronoun: Listen eight personal per noon Green Channel dates Gentian diet So wrench young bites means personal pronoun. Let's sir What the first person? Well, war war means I And then the second person Me, me, me means you Just remember the work mean new that can also be the second person pronoun but more polite. Okay, How about 1/3 person? Ka time? Three of them are pronounced as ta but they are written differently. So is he She it respectively. Okay then how about a plural? The plural firm off I s woman Whoa man Woman! So it's we and then Neema Ni Month Neema means you. You guys in proof Okay then Tommen Timerman time and means they But it's specifically means day asked Male So it's like a group of male. It's called Timerman. Okay, How about a group of females? It would be time and also but written differently. So this time it's male And then this one is female And then the last time toman also a day but it would refer to animals or objects. So these per now followed by the word month Month will make it plural. I got him into something from earlier. A bit more. If you have a group of mixed Jenner's, you can still use the first time in toman that initially will be used for male group meal. But if you have a group of males and females together, you can still use that first Hammond. Okay, remember that. And now let's move on to a new topic. If you have a now singler now followed by the word month mud, that's gonna make it plural. Okay, So if you have to work love shoe Lo Sha, which means teacher singler and then by adding the word month low, Shuman means t shirts. Now, if you have Russia, then you gotta have shish Um, sure, so So she Eshelman means students multiple. Okay, So now if you have the word total shit total sheer, which means a fellow student or classmate. So by adding a workman total, Sherman means fellow students were classmates. So now here Ponyo. Ponyo means a friend. So, by adding the word month palm Yuman, Paul Newman means friends. So I guess you cannot leave without your Peng. Yeoman, right? Do you still remember to work? Shout from the listen from the family That's right, Heitzler. Heitzler means a shout. So hide someone. Heitzmann means Children. Remember the word for man? Human or person? Dad asked Drin. Okay, so German gentlemen means people. Then how about animals? The woman, The woman? Oh Mies animal Singler So by adding the workmen make it plural. Okay? And dasa for today. Thanks for washing my videos with those tree A showman. So I ever see you again On the next lesson. That's him by 12. Lesson 9: Possessive Pronoun: Lesson nine. Possessive Bruno. True. That true True. That's the possessive pronoun. Well, let's start with single firm. Remember the word. What? The water from sentence. What the means that Joe remember that. Okay, if you're only half water, then it means mine. If you we have Nida Nita Dennis yours If you only have to. First Tato cap, then it's hiss the second Todd the tired, the Dennis hers And the last time the Todd the then does it's ok is you have what the and then a full by now certainly is my something. For example What? The house What? The lotion. It means my T shirt. How about need the need the and then now said meas your something. So since you are learning with me now, maybe I can say what she need the loss What you need the last. What does it mean? That's right. I am your a T shirt. Okay. Do you agree? Okay. For example need the purpose need the baba It means you're a dat. And now let's move on to the first Pat Kata and then followed by now it means hiss. Something, for example, taught the Heitzler half the heights of it means his child and the second path. And then now it means her something. For example, Todd, the nine I car the 99 It means her grandmother. Okay. And the last Tato Carta. And then followed by denounce. And then it means it's something. For example, Todd the mouth Todd the mouth. Then it means it's hair. So this might refer to a dog or a cat. Pathum Oh, is hitter. Okay, Now let's take a look at a plural firm. If you have a woman, the woman the other than this hours Neiman the Neiman tha Dennis yours, but multiple. Okay, then the first time and the time on the menace there's mail, remember? Or mixed dinner. Okay. And then the second time, and the Tom. And, uh then it's there's female. And then the last time and the time and the is there's animals or objects. Okay. And same thing if you have will menthe followed by now. Enemies, hours, something. No, not ours. Ours Something. Ok, then For example, Warm and Alosha Woman The Laotian Well, month Alosha It means our teacher and Ni Manta full right now. Then it's your something. But you're in this case Multiple, for example. I can say what should Neiman Dosha. What should Neiman the love I am your T shirt, all of you. Okay, so another example Neiman told she Neiman the toll share, it means your classmate then the first talent, though. Time on the then. Now it means there and may. Okay. For example comment The Ponyo common thought Peng you it means their friend. Okay. And the second time in the time and though full right now and then this their feminine, for example. Time month on 99 Common tonight. Nine. It means there, grandma. Okay. And the last time on the common thought. And then now it means they're something. For example, time in the mouth, Tom of the mouth. So this means their hair. So in this case, it might be several dogs or cats in general. OK? Yeah, the way. A chance to work the iss, you have a subject and then the word the in the middle. And then the now which could be someone or something. For example, Bob at the papa. Okay. You see, the last papa is the noun. And then the first papa is the subject. So if you have to subject and in the work the and then two now that it means someone's something or someone so Bob. But the papa means desk that and guess who it is. That's Curt is Yeah. Yeah, OK, the next one, love should the height flu? No, shoot the heist. So hides isn't now or something. Or someone that love Sha owes No, literally owns but possesses. Okay, so Lao should the heights of means teachers child the next one share some of the full moon . Sure. A shelf full moon. It means students parents So full is denounced here and share some is the subject. Okay, now here. Go through Mao go on my own. So it means dog's hair if you can see Actually, it's not so much different from the English. The word the is just the apostrophe s here. So go means Doc. And then Mao means hair. So go the Mau means dog's hair. Okay. And then total shit the amount total share the mouth Total shirt. The moe means the classmates cat Tom sure means classmate and then Moe means cat. Okay, then how about the classmates stopped dat skirt talking shit. The goal talking Shit! The goal. Okay, now here. Yeah. Yet the Earth's yet the earth's it means grandmas, son. So who is it? Yeah, actually, it could be your dad. It could be your uncle. So it could be papa or shoes are poor, poor. OK, well done and does it for today. Thanks for washing my videos. And I hope to see her get on my next Listen, Jim, by 13. Lesson 10: 6 Essential words: Listen 10 6 essential words J We're gonna learn a simple song to have you memorized out of six. Essential worse in Chinese Cool go means so. And this song was created by my primary school teacher and sadly chest pass away for a long time ago. And the lyrics translated by me Polly. So let's go. Good, sir, Goods means lyrics. Please repeat after me. Sentence by sentence. When I meet you, I say me how Then when you leave, I say it's That's in Thank you. I say CSU, It's no big deal. Espoo, cause she Sorry history bushy Sorry, it's Do it, Bushie. Many quest. See, It's never mind. Okay, one more time. When I meet you, I say Ni hao Then when you leave I said Hi, Jim. Thank you. I say CSU, It's no big deal. It's because she Sorry story. Bushy sorry story. Bushy many Quincy is Never mind. So do you understand now what it means when I'm in us anyhow certainly is. Hello, Ni Hao means hello. And then when you leave, I say it's a gym by. See you again. If somebody did something good to you, you can say CSU she issue, Okay? And if somebody say, See, I said to you, You can also say because she because she means it's no big deal or my pleasure. And if you're just something wrong, you can say, Do it, Bushie. Do it, Bushie. Okay. And if it's this matter or a never mind, you can say make one c make Wannsee. Okay. Actually, apart from the word Ni Hao, there are so many ways to say hello or to greet somebody. For example, if you have a subject here and then feel about a word how that means hello to somebody. For example, if it made a teacher, you can say no. Sure how lo show it means Hello, Tischer. And then if a teacher is standing in front of the class and try to greet everybody, he or she can say tones Human. How tongues German Hall. It means hello. Faux students or classmates here or here? She could say share someone Hall, share someone Hol. Okay. How about your family member? Yeah, You say yeah. Hall? Yeah, how it means Hello, Grandpa. You just say that when you meet him, okay? Yeah. Hope? Yes. Apart from that, he didn't use the name of the person you're talking to or in person. You're one agreed and then followed by the word How, then it means hello to that person, for example. Bullion Hole about in how? Guess responding. He had asked me. Amaze. Hello, Polly. And that's my Chinese name and some other ways to say it here. Usually, Chinese people would say their family name first. So if you have their family name and then it's a guy you just say CNN show serious. So serious song, then fell about a word. How that means Hello, sir. Or Mister something. For example. If a guy with a family name Lee Li, then you can say the search on how lease initial hope it means. Hello, Mr Lee. Okay. What if this lady again you have to family name first and then the word New suit New, sir. And then the work. How then, Amis? Hello, madam. Or a lady? Something. For example, A lady with a family name? Joel. Joe. Then you could say I don't know how, Tony. Sure how that it means. Hello, Madam Joe. Okay. Also another woman, but slightly younger soothsaying family name followed by the word sheltie. It shields here. Search is someone that a little younger than issue or a lot younger than you should. And then the work How denim is. Hello, miss something, For example, Like a girl or a younger woman with a family name. One One. Then you can say one CEO tear hall, one silt earhole. Then it maize. Hello, Miss Warm. Ok, remember, apart from the word side in narrow so other ways to say goodbye, for example you have to time, period that you're gonna meet each other again. So followed by word Jim Gin. Then it means see you. At what time? For example? I mean tens in. I mean, Tim 10. It means See you tomorrow. The work mean 10 Maine Tan means tomorrow. Then how about see you in the afternoon? You can say CEO. It's in Sao Zin. Sell me is the afternoon that? How about see you soon? E Hauritz in e words in e where it's in. Okay then, people. She is not the only way to say sorry. Usually where would use global she when you do something like terribly wrong like really serious, you will say three pushy, But usually most people would say, Well, how you slip for how he's and this word is really convenient. You can use it for almost every situation. For example, if you go on the subway and then you step on somebody speed, you can say hello. How are you? Or if you want to ask somebody like the directions, you can start with blowing. And in this case, it would be Excuse me. Okay. And the most polite sorry would be bullshit. Haotian, this word is really polite. You can say it to like the person that voted in you or somebody you respect. And apart from a Quincy, make one C Still we have May won t may won t The work won t miss problem. So maybe you won t means no problem. Okay. And then, boy Outzen boy Outzen boy out. It means doesn't matter. So make was see may won t But we don't see you can use all of them well destined for today , sister, for washing my videos and sets its in Shazza means next time. So see you next time Saturday And by 14. Lesson 11: Nice to meet you: Listen 11. Nice to meet you. If you may, someone knew how to say nice to meet you. Well, the simplest way is hung housing Ransom me on Go Singh runs in me huh? Ghosting rushing me It means necessary You happens to you or glad to meet you The word housing goes scene means happy or a wet And the word friendship ranch means to know how to use work Ghosting girls See for example sentir one go see Sinti and one housing It means today I'm happy, Very happy How do you sort ranch You can say what Boris and me War breasts And me It means I don't know you You could also say nearest Utama need Racha Thoma It means do you know her ? Okay. And the more formal and polite way to say nice to meet you is hung cows in resin in hand housing ranson in on grousing resin in Remember the word mean if you're already starting with me and how then you can say Hegazy mentioning radiant Okay. And the other word is singly Shing who it is what is very special is polite and his professional. So you're going to say Shing which everybody and then they think you're Chinese is good. You can try. Well, that's it for today, Cecil, for washing my videos. And I was, say, hunger housing Renson me or hung housing Reston Human. It means nice to meet you or nice to meet all of you so it doesn't for now. Obviously you get on my next lesson. SATs It's him by 15. Lesson 12: What & Who: listen trough what and who so no should know shall not means. What do you still remember? Need a means of Jochem up? I need the means to tell Chamot. What does it mean? That's correct. What is your name? Okay. What else can it be used for? For example, Joseph, So much justice. So much justice among means. What is this? And the word job? Job means this. For example. You can say juggler Drogo means this one. And this word is really useful. If you go to China and you go to a restaurant with a menu that you cannot understand a thing again this point at a picture and say duh go or will you go? What means I and then the word? Yeah, yo, it means to want and then drug law. So why outrigger? Okay, And then the work Joe Gourgeon jiggered in sugar in means this person. So you see someone and you don't know the name. You get us refer to that person, asked yoga room trigger in. Which means this person okay. And how about debt? No, no, no. Then have a What is that? National send money. No sistema nasa. Some mom. Okay and, for example, some logic. How to say that one. That's right. Now go no good, No good. So you can also say why you're no good. Well, you will not go, which means I want that one. So place remembered a word drunker and not go. It's really useful. Then had to say that person Ne Karun, not the run, not a room. Then I said, that child, that's right, not the high flu. Another Heizo. OK, well done. Se se se means who? For example, you could ask nieces, say nieces say Nisa Shea, it means who are you but not that polite? If you want to be more polite, you can say knish in that way, New soon, that way. News. In that way it means pouring you, but in a very formal and polite way. And usually when you pick up the phone, you'll say way. Noo Shin! That way it means hello, like Chris calling instead of who are you? It's not so polite, right? So the word not not means which just like nation AC were in. Remember that now war means witch country now way means wish, person and a word wait is a classifier for people, but in a very respectful way. Okay. How do you sort? No, for example, No go. No good, No go means wish. One. Then How about wish Person? You just say not good now that we're in. Not good. Okay. How she used to work. Wait, wait. You can say see. Wait. Do you weigh? See you wait Means how many people but in a very polite and formal way. For example, if you go to the restaurant, the weather would ask you see, you wait. Which means how many people then? How to say to two people That's correct. Young way young way or you can say younger and no girl. Okay, so? So you wait and see Eguren have the same meaning. But see you Wait. It's more formal and polite. So tea garden See, Gurin means how many people also but less polite. But it doesn't minutes route. Well, does it for today See civil washing my videos. And I hope you enjoyed my listen answer. You get on my next lesson. Chess is him by 16. Lesson 13: Where? Part 1: less than 13. Where part one Now he now I Need Noddy or Now are now are now our means where both of them are the same. For example, you can ask needs I 90 me zayn Ali Need Zion. Ali means where you You can replace the word noddy with NAR so you can say needs right now are needs in our it's the same The word sai that means to be in or to be at or to be somewhere so you can reply. What's our job be? What's I travel E. What's I totally these. I am here The word What's I What's I followed by place? Then it means I am in Or I at somewhere the word Javy journey Johnny or Jar? Sure Dar have to say meaning it means here so you can replace the word journey with dark. So is what's that jar? What's I turn then? How about there, Molly? Now you Nolly or now? No, no. So you can say pattern on e or cat on our It means he's there. And please be careful. The word now you Nolly or not, means they're but a word. Where is Nolly and now, so don't really get confused by that is now our and no now you. Now he is different. And the word really I mean you. It means in or inside something or somewhere. And the word why? Why means out or outside somewhere? And the word Lehman Lehman means insight and the word Why men? Why man means outside. For example, you can say what's ideally What's I telly? What's idea? Ali means I am at home or up in the house. So if you die something the place and then Lee, it means Europe in somewhere. The other example is what's highly men. What's I mean, what's highly men. It means I am insight, but didn't really specifically set insight where so you can say what Tiley man, But you cannot say what's idly So if you want to say up in sight, the only way to say that is what I lied, man. So actually safer. The word why and why, man, She and men, she and men Xinmin means front and home. Yet home here, home in use, beck or behind. So how does he have a position off something or someone? Well, you have to subject. And then word sai full about a place, someone or something. And then the position. If you have to work, say, followed by to place someone or something and then Xinmin, she and men, then it means in front of something. Or somewhere, for example. Well, illustrious. Your xinmin. Well, disastrous. Yoshi and men. What's I stress ocean? It means I'm in front of the school. And word she s l means school. Okay, If you have to work, say so I and then something. Someone or somewhere and then home yet home in bed it means behind something. We're somewhere Or someone. For example. Tots on the home, in carts, on the home in past I need home in It means he's behind you. Now if you have the words I and then someone somewhere or something and then Lehman Lee men , that means inside of something Or somewhere, for example, Did it I found there, Lehman, See a chance. I found nearly man. See, it's it's I found really mean it. It means they resist arrest inside a restaurant and work Fanta funded mused restaurant If you have to work, sigh full about a place someone or something. And then why? I mean why, man? Then it means outside of something. Or somewhere, for example. Why ports like Julia? Why men? Why ports? I call you my man. Why ports I call your women. It means the grandma from your mom's side is at the outside of the park. So the word golden Golden means public park ready for it? A small test. The Liska started Commons. Finally, Tom. And finally, where are they? They're in front of the house. How to say that? That's correct. Homicides. Yashin. Men Common side Josh and men Common side Yashin. Man. Okay, well done. The next one talent. Finally, he Totten Ali. Well, his insight. How to say that. That's right, Kat. Signing in house. I mean, tights. Highly men. Well done, then How about this one? Tots. I 90 cod. Finally, that's correct. Pats I home in pats I home in. Okay, then how about this person? Children? Zayn Ali deodorant. Finally inside. How to say that? Descartes parts I Lehman House. I came in Okay, knuckler inside knowledge. He nugget inside. Now me. Where is that person outside How to say that? That's correct. Number inside white man nectarines. I want me an earth patch on my immune pat side. Let me and also fine. Well done. Well, that's it for today, sister, for washing my video. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Shot. Cynthia Schatz Amis Next time. So 70 on by. 17. Lesson 14: Where? Part 2: listen for a scene where part two used to remember or less lesson has held the position off someone or something. Let's continue if you have to work. So I feel about a place and then show me in that it means on or until off something, for example, Nap. In short, I true, it's a some here Knappen Schultz I true, it's a some year now been Shourd's I Drew. It's a some you. It means that book is on the table to work button, but it's a classifier for books. So has a this book happen? Happen then how to say one book? Even? Sure, even Sure. Okay, then how about you? Young men? Shoe young men show. Then how about those two books now? Young for sure Now young men sure sort of word sure means book and a word. Georgia draughts means table. So I full about a place and then she immune that it means below or under something. For example, theater. That's who showed saying It's a sham, you beauty that so shows I eat the salmon. They did that so shorts I eat the salmon. It means younger brothers football. It is under the chair, the word social. So you show means for Bo as a sport or the ball you kick and a word ease. Pizza means share. If you have to work, say, fall about a place. And then so a peon. That means on the left hand side of or on the left side of something. For example, how the chards I was sure, gents. LaPierre Tada shirts. I was sure done to appear. How the shirts I washer gents European. It means his car is on the left hand side of the train station and the word Show me his car and the word whoosh Arjun, who are sure John May's train station and the word shorts OSHA shoots. OSHA means taxi. So if it this car is sure it was Taxi is truths. OSHA. And if it's train Dennis Waukesha. Okay, if you have to work, sigh full about a place and then utopian that it means under right hand side off or on the right side. Off something, for example, Bob. But so outside the GOP in Papa. So it's on yo peon, Bob, but so what? Sign Ethiopian. It means that cyst on your right hand site or that's is on the right hand side. A few and the word so so means to sit. So I fall about a place. And then the word Jones and Jones an enemies in the middle of something or somewhere. For example, they had inside woman Johnson, David Side Woman Jones in they think by a woman Johnson. It means younger brother is in the middle of us. If you have the words I full about a place and then punk been pumpin, didn't mean besides or a next to, for example, Yulo. Sutyagin's any pongpen you lawsuit chance Any pumpin, Lula should turn tiny pumpin. It means tissue. Leo is standing next to you and the word John John means just add if you have the work. So I followed by the place and then doing me in do your men didn't mean opposite to for example Come and see, I just hunt. Doing men comes as I should trump blaming. How about that? I should jump mean it means their house is opposite to the market and the word should, huh? She's hung means market in general. If you want to say fresh market, you can say size shoes hung, science shoes hung okay, And the word sai It's high means vegetables, earth dish type of food. For example. Today you cooked like Hominy dishes on the table. Deke out I d outside of me is how many dishes Or it could be Christine, for example. You can say drunk. What's high drew? What's high? So it means like Chinese food, Chinese cuisine and a word should say Schultz I it means greens for vegetables and word shriek. War shriek. War means for it, and row dro means meat. Truro, Juro, it's pork zero zero. It's chicken and then new row, New row, this beef. Let's take a quick review. Show me in. Schauman means on top off or both. Sam Yoon Shamin means below, under or down below. So a pin. So opinion means left site. Jones in Joel Zia Minutes Middle and yeop In Yobi, it means right side hum been peng been means to decide for next to William in doing man means opposite site. Are you ready for a small test? Let's get started. No sample short. Zayn Ali. No sample shooter. Now where are those three books? That's correct. Not simple suits I drew. It's a some in Oregon to say that I some in or draw It's a song. Me in. Okay, next one So short So I know you so showed Sign on me. Where is the football? That's correct. Socials I draw. It's a salmon. You're just Bamyan. Or so I drew. It's a sham, Ian. All fine. Okay, the next one. Do you remember how to say the work car? That's right. Uh, sure, Then my question is sure it's finally charge. Finally, where is the car At which site of delays? Okay, that's correct. Shot outside. So European chance I'd still been or side. So a pin. All right, so it's soap in. Both of them are fine. Okay, How about here? My question is, which site is the driver's seat? And here is on the right side. How to say on the right side. So you being so you been OK? That's correct. The remote a word Kit Hyatt's Hi. It's OK then. My question is not the heights inside. Now he another heights that So now he dass correct. So, Jones Ian So I joltin or side having some 10. So I haven't drawn tin or another Hyatt's side having Joltin. Okay, That's right. How about this picture like, where they going from here to here is like they're trying to cross to? Yeah, the opposite site. How to say that. So a man. Three men. That's correct. Well done. Dasa for today, sister, for rushing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Shots offend by 18. Lesson 15: Where are you going? Part 1: Listen 15. Where are you going? Part one. If you have the subject and the verb shoot Sure, which means to go and then the place. Then it means someone is going somewhere or someone goes somewhere. And I have to be clear about one thing In Chinese languish. There is no verb transition like in many other languages. So the only way to notice is the time period keyword For example. If you say Nishi Nolly Ni Shing Ali, that means where you going or where do you go? But if you have the word so or 10 So a 10 which means yesterday and then at it in a sentence needs. Or Tian Xin Ali needs or tension Ali. Dead inmates. Where did you go yesterday? Because you already have the work, Swanton. So you know is past tense. Another example Mean 10. I mean 10 which means tomorrow. So if you ask name until she mean mean Shenxin Ali, then it means Where will you go tomorrow? So you already have to work mean 10. Then you know it's the future tense and that's how it worked. And one word extract. It's in 10. It's in tan means today. Okay, Well, where can you go? Sure. So sure. So school Xiang, the in shall be in store or shop. You? Yeah, hospital. I guess you don't want to go there, but it's quite important. Funk one from Kwon Restaurant for sure. Done. Horcher done Train station Dan, you good bien Union cinema Drug war Drunk War China Pi one tie one Taiwan show gun show Gone Hung Go Ripping Jube in Japan. Hunger, war, hunger, war Korea, South Korea. So for example, you can say what shoes? Trousseau? Washoe? Sure. So that means I'm going to school or I go to school. Sure, sure, Bob, I sure something that's going to the store or that goes to the store? Yeah, sure. Drunk War? Yeah, sure. Drug war in his grandpa is going to share or Grandpa goes to China. Do not to say I go to a restaurant. That's correct. What? Sure Fun Guan What? She found Guan. Then how about he goes to the hospital? That's correct. Passion You has she Egan? Okay then how about while it is going to the cinema? That's correct. Mama should be an union Mama should Then you again. Well done subject and the word she sure and then other work, aunt or object. Then it means someone is going to do something. For example, Mama Shoe might say Mama, she might say, Mama, she might say It means Mom's going to buy groceries. The work might sigh my tie. My site means to buy groceries and the word my my means to buy And the word my my means to sell. Don't get confused. My, my, my, my okay did issue my year full. She it's issued my here for see addition my here full. It means her sister is going to buy clothes. The word you fool, ive full miss clothes. The word don't see, don't see means things for stuff. So if you don't know what you're gonna buy, you're going to say she might don't see she might don't see. So it's like I'm just gonna go and grab something. I don't know what they're not to say. Go to sew clothes, but a sister is going to sell clothes. Dass skirt. See attention. My here for see? It's extra. My fearful. The addition. My here. Full. Okay, well done. Next one, Tasha Shonka. Cashiers shall go, Tasha Shoko It means she's going to sing a song. Chango Shonka means to sing a song. The word Chung Chung is avert means to sing And then the word go good means so So Chanaka means to sing a song And till tell whole means to dance Okay, The next one Yeah, sure. True fun. Yeah, Yeah, sure, sure fun. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure fun it maize Grandpa is going to eat the word True fun means to eat true is a verb to eat And then the word fun means rice or foot So shoe fun True fun means to eat food or just to eat Ok, the last one, Bob. I should be on you, Pop, I should feel you Papa should feel you. It means dass going fishing. The word tell you Blu means to fish the word you you means fit. Remember the word meat How to say fish meat? That's correct. Euro year. Oh, okay. Well done. If you have the subject and then shoot again full about a place and then other were ants for object that it means someone is going somewhere to do something. For example, share some shish issue some cook share some, shift yourself some cooked She is so she she is so some cook. It means the student goes to school to study or unsteadiness going to school to study And the word Shung cook Shanon Cook means to study a school The next one Pasha Consular Sampan Tashi Gunson Some plan cash goes so sampan It means he goes to work at a company or is going to work at a company. And the word consular Colsa means company and the word some fun Shankman means to go to work. The last one Mama should shall show might say Mama shit shall show. Might say Mama should shall show my side. It means Mom goes to a supermarket, get to buy groceries or Mom's going to supermarket to buy groceries. And the word xiaoshu shall should shall should mean supermarket the word so child means super And the word should comes from the word shoes Hung says Hung. Wish me this market. So if the word child me is super, do you remember the word man or a human or person? Then how to say Superman Children shower in Children. Then it's Superman. Well, that's it for today. Thanks for washing my videos. I hope to see you get on my next lesson. Sets of them by 19. Lesson 16: Where are you going? Part 2: listen. 16. Where you going? Part two. Now you have to subject, and then transportation means and a word shoot full about a place that means someone is going somewhere by some transportation bees, for example, parts or should. So sure she in hats or food social. She it means she's taking a captured hospital and a word Shoels OSHA means taxis to remember and never saw so means to sit. But in this case, so full of our transportation means it means to take the transportation or to go buy a debt transportation, for example. So sure, so Sha means to sit in the car, to be a passenger of the car or to go by car. So what you are so watch our means to take a train. Okay, the next one. Mom occasional should Danu Mama can show should be any union. It means Mom's driving to the cinema and a word Kisha Akasha means to drive a car. Shaw is a car, and chi is a burp here, but normally the verb chi would mean open and work one means to close. For example, if you have a door hman money, how say open the door Kaiman Kaiman. Then how about close the door? One woman, one woman. OK, but in this case, Cardassia means to drive a car. So So Joshua means to sit in a current of a passenger. And you're not driving but Kisha Kai show. It means you're driving yourself there. Okay, the last one cancel. Lucia shares hot solutions. Your so it means he's walking to school or his going to school by foot and a word so rule. So rule means to walk or to go on foot and divert so so means to walk and the word rule through means street or road. First you have a subject, and then transportation means and the work truthful about a place on verb and or object. It means someone is going somewhere by some transportation means to do something. For example, Todd's were food social, she you and campaign card. So should social she'ii and campaign. It means she's taking a cab to the hospital to see the doctor and the word camping. Camping used to see the doctor, and what kind of person would go there to see the doctor is being grin being then the patient, and why being grin has to go there because there are some been show jumping means to be sick and whom they're gonna meet their Isham. You show the doctor Okay, The occasional sure sums hung my year for the occasion. Entry sons How my year for it means her sister's driving to the shopping mall to buy clothes and word some shong Shan's hung means shopping mall. The nice one. Hi, it's a month. So Lucious, she shall Shankar height the month so louche She a cell Shankar. It means Children or kids are walking to school to study. Remember the word Sean Cook. Shanon Cook means to study. That's it for today. She s two for Washington videos and I hope to see you get on my next listen. Schatz is young by 20. Lesson 17: What are you doing?: Listen 17. What are you doing to work? So I followed by Vir equals two vert i n g so side fell by verb and object. Then it means doing something. For example Needs, Iet, social needs I saw Shamma need side social. It means what are you doing? And a word saw so means to do You can also reply What's I shoe one From what I should want fun What's I sure want fun? It means I am eating dinner and work shoes Sure missed to eat And the word fun Fun means rice birth foot Then how to say lunch or phone or from the word from so and then fun So you have all fun lunch Then how about breakfast? Can you guess how to set a word? Morning So some double shung So breakfast is how fun So how fun. So from the word dachshund and then fun So it's all fun this breakfast Okay. How to specious Washing TV house I can't be a shoot pats I can t a shoot pats I can't be a shoot. Come con means to watch look, see birth read And the word there should There should means television or a TV used to remember how to say the word book. That's correct. Shoe shoe. So if you want to say she's reading a book, How to say that That's right, House I can. True hot I can true. Okay, The next one. Yeah, I see your sin. Yeah, I see a sin. Yeah, it's actually a soon it means grand buys writing a letter and divert. See it, she means to write And the word sin. Shin Mi's litter. See you soon. I used to write a letter used to remember the word Chinese characters. Hansel, Hansel. Then I'll say, Grant biased writing Chinese characters. That's correct. Yeah, yes, I see Hunt food. Yeah, I see a Hansel. Okay, the last one, it's I should tell It's I should, too. It's a sure until it makes younger Brother is sleeping and avert. She dio she Joe, we used to sleep. That's it for today. Face washing their videos and I never see you again on my next listen says it's young by 21. Lesson 18: Where do you live?: Listen, 18. Where do you live? How? Just someone Where do you live? In Chinese. You can say need truth sign, Ali. Need truth sign. Ali. Need truth sign, Ali. The word Jew TSA truths That means to live in or into Leave that well. How? Chanced er det. First you have to subject. And then the word truths full about a place that means someone lifts in or relief set somewhere. So you're also could be the country you live in, or the city, or even something really specific. Like your mom's house. So for example, what? Drew Tsai? FARC war war truths. I FARC war. It means I live in France. So you can substitute a word Fuck war with any other country he live in. For example, if you live in America, you can say what truths I make war. What truth? I make war. Okay, Rumah Mode Award, Germany. If you're from Germany, you can say what truth side the war. What truth? Cyber war. Okay, well, you know. So tell your city for example. Are you truth? I Polly, I truth I parlay. It means the ant from the month site. I live in Paris and the word Bali. Molly. Miss Paris. So here you can substitute a word I e with Wall. Or anybody else said you want to talk about and then you can also Cepsa, Jude Word Bali with the city you live in, for example, I live in Beijing. I can also say what truths I painting. What truth I painting Or if you live in New York, you can also say what truths I New Year. What truths? I knew you New Year iss New York. Yeah. Okay. Uh, the other way is Targutai Mama's? Yeah, Yeah, Jules I Mamata Meas He lives in Mom's house. So it's really specific how to say I live in Dad's house. That's correct. What truths? I pop it. Yeah, What truths I pervert. Yeah. Okay, now you can be even more specific than that. Remember that we have Floren deposition in Chinese. So for example, Knuckle Heights Truths I sure shall. Three million Naka Heights. The truth. I should say all three men. It means that kid lives at the opposite side of the school. Remember the word doing me in doing me in means the opposite site or opposite to. But how to say I live behind the school. That's right. What truth says she is your home in war truths? I shouldn't say Ah, home in Okay. And here you could also say the street did you live in, for example, What? Todo truth financing, Lou? Well, till Joe Truth financing, Lou, it means my uncle lives in Nanjing Road. So you put the name of the street A road here in front of the word blue Lou Demi's Road or a street, remember? Okay. For example, I live in drawn once one wrote how to say that I live in drum ones. One wrote, That's right. What true tile Drunk went too low. What truths? I drunk went to Lou. Okay. And now even more specific. One C o t truth I Woman tap champion Wang Show t truth I woman t up hump in. It means Miss One lives next to our house. Remember the word Pompey in punk Been muse next to then how to say Mr. Lee lives at the opposite site off our house. Mr. Lee Live said the opposite side of our house Lee Seon song truths I woman cr doing me in leash here sung truths I woman sat to Imean Well done and dusted for today. She s two for washing my videos and I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Shazza 10 by 22. Lesson 19: When?: Listen 19 when should CNN shoots in? Should CNN means time from a show. Show us your ho. Some also means when and a word show. So also means time. So let's start with today, Tim. Tim. So today is? I didn't hear. I didn't hear. Then how about tomorrow? I mean 10. I mean 10 and then the day after tomorrow Ho 10 ho 10. Okay, how about yesterday? So Or 10 so Or 10 today? A little further back today before yesterday Shenton Shanty in. Okay, now do year Neon Neon This year's Jinyan Jinyan. Okay, then next year is mini in Bring me in. And then the following years hone Ian Honea in. Okay. And how about last year? She union she union she union Okay. And a year before that Shenyin she onion lo chips to remember it's in is usually depressants. So it's Indian and didn't hear Jinyan didn't hear Okay, and I mean, is something in the future a little so mini in next year and I mean 10 tomorrow. Yeah, Hope ho is even after that. So ho 10 ho 10. The day after tomorrow and Hoen Ian hone in means to follow a year and something really far back. She in? Remember the word Xinmin? She had men means before right or in front. So Shantia chinned here the day before yesterday and Shenyin she onion means the year before or two years before this year But last year and yesterday is different. So just remember that yesterday's floaty in and she union is last year she union and sortie in so is different here. Then about the time she didn't say Sansa means now and so show morning, we already learned that. Remember shampoo? How? Dongxiang Hall. They're all the same. And then drumroll strong, strong walk, Miss Noon. And she, uh, show? Sure. Well, news afternoon. Just like shall. Well, how good afternoon and bung One young one means at night fault And one song one shung means evening or night. So what shall Hall? Good evening. But if you want to say good night, you can say one. Um one. Um Okay. Roommate award. Shung she, uh Drum, Show me and show me And don't tear, Remember? Okay. How did so to date in Chinese? Well, we start with the year month and then today So let's stir with a year Me in neon on the difference between Chinese and English and Chinese. We say the digit one by one. So this year is Arlene, Arlene, Ian, Arlene, Arlene, Ian and Ling Ling means zero just to remember darling are Linnean. So how about Xun Ian? She union We just learned. That's correct. Early each union early each union. Okay, then how about Minion early? Our union early. Our union. Well done. Well, now let's talk about a month again. We just used a number and then feel about a word. Yeah, from 1 to 12 shows from January to December. So Yeah. Are you son? You're so Yeah. Oh, yeah. Do you hear She, uh, by your Joe? Yeah, So Yeah. See you And sure, you okay? And day we can say both How or you. So you just put the date first and then followed by how or room for example today e how e how or you even Okay. And then let's assume Miss 2020 and January. So now is Erling are Linnean? Yeah, You How or Erling Arlen Yin you ear this workbook way. So it's fine. So for a day to use at a number and then how or you? So what day is today? Can you please tell me? Well done And that's it for today. She has said for washing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Sets issued by 23. Lesson 20: What day is today?: lesson. Truancy. What days Today? What is today? I didn't Yasushi Tiu. It's intense sushi, etc. The word since she or Joe or lead by can use to express the days of the week lister with since she Monday. So it just a word seems she and then the number from 1 to 6. So you have Monday to Saturday and Sunday is a bit special. So let's start with sushi and then see she are see, she's son. So she's so sushi war sushi Lou seems she tear or seeing sheer for Sunday. It's a bit special. And the word sushi, droll and leave by themselves, mean weak and the word lead by cause after Judah word, since she and so has exactly the same meaning. So you can also say the body lead by our lead by son lead by slow leave my womb Lee by Lou Lead by Children or lead by real. The word Joe can also be years. So it is Joey Door Joe, son Josue. So, Joel, you and Joe really only George. Okay. And how to say one week? You already have all this word for week. So one week, by using the word seeing she had to say that you go sing She you go sing she okay then how about you? Janka sing she young cursing she okay remember the word lead by is exactly the same as the word seems she So how to say two weeks with the word lead by desperate young Call me by young colony by the uncle lead by Okay, but the word Joe is a bit different. The word Joe doesn't need any classifier So if you want to say one week you just say e droll You drove Then how about two young tro young troll? Okay. Did not to say last week. I'm gonna tell you, Shankar Shango Shangqiu means last something and she are good. Shocker means next. Something show last week is Shango. She is she Shankar Singh? She Sango sing she Or if you want to use the word lead by you could also say Shonka lead by shonka lead by. But if you want to use the word Joe, remember? Just be careful. Is Sandra Oh, Shandra. Oh, no need for classifier. You don't have to put a word good for that. Okay. And how about this week drama seems she droga Seems she struggle Sushi. Okay, then how about using the word lead by? Took a leap by. Took a lead by Okay, then how about Joe George? All Joel? Okay. How about next week? See how the sing she show the sing she or shackle he by she actually by Or shad Roe shod roll Okay, then it's time for a question. You guys sing she your TTN you go sing she your TTN It means how many days air there in a week you go sing she one week remember? Yo has see how much or how Maney and then 10 day So your answers she 10 she 10 7 days Okay . Also the work tiene doesn't in any classifier You don't have to put go So just she TN ok And from the last lesson you have already learned a word month then how to say last month? That's right Shankar Year Suncor Year Shankar, you okay? How about next month Desperate Chicago You Chicago You okay then Another question. You go your your TTN you go your your t tear. Just assume there 30 days Ok, you go your your son shootin you go. Your your son should here. Okay, then how about Eager Year? Your take her Since she you go your Utica sing She deaths, right? You hear your single Since she you go your your super scene. She There are four weeks in a month. Then how about Indian your tick a year Indian, your Zika year. How many months are there in a year? That's right. Indian. Yo, shark a you in in your shark ou well done. Oh, and the word tear 10 means day sky or even heaven. So is like Well, a lot of people like facing something a little surprising that to say Tienda is like, Oh my God, That's it for today, Sister, for washing my videos. I don't ever see you again on my next lesson. Schatz is young by 24. Lesson 21: When is your birthday?: Lesson 21. When it's your birthday, Juni Sundry Quietly, truly singer. Quietly, Juni Surgery inquired. Truism drew quietly. What song is that? It's the Happy Birthday song. So today we're gonna learn about birthday. Yeah, June through Means. Which and the word knee is you. So basically, it's like Wish you a happy birthday. Well, let's get started. Two word summary showroom is birthday. So from a song shall require Isla means Have a birthday. The word quiet lomis happy. But before you can say that, you have to learn how to ask when it's your birthday. Neither Summers is so much the whole. Neither Summers is so much hope your answer could pay some days in a week like what the summer should thought. Yet my birthday was yesterday. How to say today it's my birthday. That's right. Didn't hear sort of some route or didn't hear? Sure, some good. You can also be more specific, since your already learned how just out to date we can add your birth month and your birth date. If my birthday is June 26. What the summer soluna are Salou here? What the summers in New Year are Salou here Then how about you? Me? The seller is just so much the whole. Can you please tell me? Does great. You can also add a year. Remember habit of the year. You read them one by one. Let's assume is 1998? That's right. It Jo Jo. Banyan. You too, Joe Banyan that How about I ask you the the summers? A. Since you Tiu, neither summers have seen she see. Can you reply to that? To celebrate your birthday? You need a cake, right? How to say cake in Chinese is done. Go. Don't go. Don't go. Then have a birthday cake. You already know the work. Birthday Dass. Correct summary. Don't go sugar. Thank Go. Sure you don't go. It is birthday cake. Then how about balloons? Is she show? See show, See? Sure. Just remember the word. So show. Which means football. The word show, Miss Ball. And the word she means air. So air ball? What a stat. Yes, balloons she show. How about a precedent? You will the u the u and dust it for today. She s you for washing my videos. And if today's your birthday, I would say Joni Shannon require low and I hope to see you again on my next video. So sets its in. Haven't I stayed by? 25. Lesson 22: When will you do something?: Let's some trying to chew. When will you do something? If you have the subject and then so much the whole full about activity. It means when does someone do something? For example, Nisa Marshall case here needs so much The whole case here, it means when does your school start the work? Kai's sure Kaiser Means started a school or a start of this semester. Something obviously took Istria Sun JIA Fundora. Maybe a holiday or holidays for to have a holiday May may show a show function May made sure. Marshal Funk jacket these when it's younger sister on holidays. Okay. Bye Bye Summer. So sure something, Papa. So much so sure. Somebody mais when a staff going to work The word shank by Shunk bun Miss to go to work. Then how about to study? Do you still remember? Sounds here, shall Sheer Did have to ask. When are you going to study me So much? The whole Sure Since year New So much. All sure sounds here. Okay, then how about to travel? Leo, New York? Well, most summer. So should you. Woman Summer show? Sure. New York When are we going to travel? Well, how Jaster artist questions You have the subject. And then time or a time period and then activity. If someone asking you Nissan the showcase here, then you can say what do you sure do, Keisha? What? So you're sure, Kisha? I start or in my school starts at 12 September. You can replace a date with any other date. How about May May show Michelle Fund? Yeah. How do you reply to that? For example, May may see other. Seems she's son. Thank you. May may see other things. She's son Phung Dac in Miss Number sisters having a holiday on next Wednesday. Just remember the work Shackle Shock Room is next. Celibacy. She moves next week. So Circle Sushi's son Miss next Wednesday. Then how about next Friday? Saga Sushi walk Sagasti she wore. Okay, Bob, I mean tens out So sure something, Bob. I mean tens are some Sure somebody It means tomorrow. Dad will go to work in the morning or tomorrow morning. Dad will go to work. Woman cerca. You should thank you. Woman circle. Yeah, she hung cool. Yo, you may as well go to Korea to travel next month. That's it for today. She s a for washing my videos and I obviously you get on my next lesson sets it there. Haven't I stayed by? 26. Lesson 23: Festivals: Lesson 23. First of ALS she is See if you see every means Festival house. Ask when it's the festival. Well, you have to put a festival first and then she'll show Mr Hope. For example, we afterward u n done to you, you can't see you wishes International New Year. And what is it? Because if you want to say the word Shenyin, Shenyin, Sydney in which this new Year But in China, they already assumed that Simeon is Chinese New Year. So if you want to make sure it's the first general you ever say you dont is that but you can add work. Drug war before sin. Yin Yang was Indian. Drug was Cindy and then it's Chinese New Year. Literally. The Naj ask one has Chinese New Year drunk was in the interests of Russia. Washington Actually, it's different every of useless to use to lunar calendar. So you have to answer my question. You invent CSX, said Mr Ho Ho. So remember how to go to date you and Dante. Is she your usual intensity? You? That's right. The next one she Children's here, she knew didn't see year, she guarantee. What is it with Rose. It's Valentine's the Word Children. She even means lover. So Lover Festival. Then it's Valentine's how to ask when it's spelling ties. Shingen's uses so much hope she didn't see a system. So can you please tell me that's right? She ignorance? Yes, you are. Yes, You Slim She renunciation are precious Liu Ok, the next one. Full words year four words year full. What's here? What is it? A rapid with the hat this Easter. Okay, How to ask when it's Easter Fulwood Zsuzsa Misha Hall Full words Nasution Machine Okay on this one. Gun Unti year Gun guns here Gun unti here and that's Thanksgiving. How to ask when it's Thanksgiving Gun Ho Gun Hunde, Issue some asshole. Okay, The last one show guns here show. Thank you. Show pants here. What is it? So the clause is Christmas? Okay? Had asked when it's Christmas? Some pansy issues from a show Chopin CSU Samosa ho can replace some of that Dass, right? Schengen cso Sure you are sure you she opens? Yes. You sure you are sure? Sure are sure. Ok, And who is it? Show by lower in show large in Shumpert. Lauren toward Lauren means? Oh, man. So Sanchis an old man. So Yes, sure, Lauren. Okay. Do you still remember how to say Happy birthday from our last lesson shall require little desperate. But how to say Happy New Year, Shin Yeon quietly, or you and Dante A Quite look there. How about heavy Valentine's? She rinse your quiet look. How about Happy Easter? Four words here Quietly then Happy Thanksgiving Gun un's here quietly. But how about Merry Christmas Show? Benzia Quiet Le Ok, well done and dusted for today. I hope you enjoy my lesson and thanks washing my videos and I hope to see you would get on my next Listen. Stephenson happened. I stay by. 27. Lesson 24: What time is it?: lesson 24. What time is it? CD in Cdn. See, Indian means what time? The word The end. The end means o'clock or point this. Remember how to count? How to say 2.3 Arthuis, son. Okay, then how about 1.5? That's right. India New. But how about 1.7 ET and she okay, But not to say 30 clock, Cynthia. Okay, then how about you, Young Seon? Ok, How to say what? Time it sit down. Well, you could say since I see Thea, she tried tt a lot since I teeth Ian month. Okay, the word le means already show. It's like What time is it already or what time is it now? Okay. The word fun bun means half the word fun, fun or fun drunk fun drunk means minute And the word you cook, you call me 1/4. So how to say knows a 30 in the morning since I should thought some poppy in but center should sell Xiang patty and bun Okay then how about now? Is 3 50 in the afternoon Since I should sell Sandton will shift since I should sell was sent people Schiff in. Okay, then how about now? It's 1/4 past nine. Certainly. I should do their Nico, since I should do you cook, Are you ready for a smartest? Let's begin since I teeth Ian, This is so mis Fife dust. Right, Woody. And with the end. Okay, then about 5 15 Well, there you cook. What did he cook or what? Their shoe often would then shoot them. Okay, how about this one? Since I TV, I love assume Miss 1 30 in the afternoon. Dass, right? Shall we eat then? Bun? So even bun or so? Even son Shiffrin also Fine. Okay, how about this one? Unless assume miss six in the morning. How to say that? That's right. South some Luthi in. So shall Luthi in. Okay, how about this one? Since that city in let's say it's for 30 Scythian Band. That's right. What is this? 4:30 a.m. You know, we have to work link Shin LinkedIn for early morning. So basically is like from midnight until before six. Then it's still LinkedIn. So how about this? That's right, Lucien City and Bun, Lincoln City and Bun. Okay, How about this one? Let's say is 9 30 in the morning, so shouldn't duty and fun. Okay, One of us at night. That's right. One shown to again Bun was shown to then bun. Okay, How about here? What time is it? See, That's it. You know when shall she be an orphan? One Shanxi being cool. Fun. OK, how about this one should side Scythian. That's right. So either and you could or shall we eat there? Sure Fun. Ok, how about this one? Sure. The bun sheriff and bun or shirt in some shoe fun. How to say the word Noon Strong, cool, drunk or so? Actually you can also say drunk will shortly and fun. Ok, how about this one? Dass right Shell was sent here, so show often she was sent their social fun or cell was Cynthia son could also Fine. How about this one? Dass? Right Link Shin Avian Minchin et in. Okay. How about this one? That's right. Blink Shin sent in our shoe. Fun. Mingshan sent. There are Schiff in. Okay. How about this one? She then Schaefer she is the in chief. And okay, how about this one in the morning? How shown she this the shoot. So I'm Sean sheep. This so shoof in well done does it for today, sister, for washing my videos. And since I did the I'm not Can you please tell me? Okay. And I have a seal get on my next lesson shots, etc. And haven't I say bye? 28. Lesson 25: What time do you do something?: lesson 25. What time do you do something? How did you ask? What time are you doing something? Well, first have to subject and then see a DEA full about a verb and or object, for example. Needs even sure. Sure. Why men needs you. Didn't show. She went. Men needs Eby, and sure, sure. When men it means. What time are you going outside? The word. Sure, Sure, sure sure means to go out. So remember why man means outside. But how about insight, Lehman? Okay, then how, Janice, For that you get substituted work, Cynthia, with the time that you were going out, and then you should replace the word knee with war. That's right. So how to say, I'm going out at six. That's correct. One Luthi and shoe. Sure. Why? I'm in war. Luthi and shoe. She went men. Okay. Another example was sent in. Shoot. Fallon Show was something that she Thailand show. I got to play basketball at 30 clock. Fallon. Sure, Beilun shul means to play basketball. But now to say I go to school at 7 30 in the morning. What are some? She didn't Bunches stray. So what's all Shanxi in Bunches. Sure. So Okay, the next one Power shunk by the weed. Yeah, Palin shop about the Queen's. Yeah, it means he returns home at 8 p.m. The word Widjaja queasy means to return home. Didn't have to ask. What time are you coming home or what time are you returning home? How to say that? Does correct. Needs it then. Wheat. Yeah, needs you then. Which, uh okay needs union regia. Okay, the next 19 I see a young girl and she hush high 990 young and Sri. Ha ha! In these grandma goes to drink tea at two. PM in the afternoon. Maybe nine. I should inquiry and I guess the word, huh? Huh Means to drink and then chop HR is t and then cafe Cafe means coffee. So char cafe. Okay, take coffee and then Nice. Ha! Nice hot milk tea or a bubble tea or Tapio go. Whatever. Recall that. Okay. Sri Sri iss water. Just normal water. Okay. And then Could look. Could little is cooler and then changer changer as oranges. How to say I go to drink coffee at three in the afternoon deaths, right? What sells Sunday and she hook cafe. What's cell was something She hook half a well done. If you want to be more specific in that, you can add today. Here. Didn't here. I didn't hear is today, remember? So needs intends. You didn't She strong needs interiors, Ethan. And she's strong. The word she's wrong. Used to wake up, so needs intensive and she's wrong. What does it mean? Destroyed? What time did you wake up? Today? So please tell me the truth. Okay? My answer. Chris Watson. Tea and happy. And she's strong. What's intent? Happy. And she's strong. What time was set? Is eight Okay, now the following question is need So won t There shouldn t o need so won t in ST tail do word to a one. So one means last night because from floor 10 and one shun So it's a slow one Then how about tonight? How to say that soon? One soon one. Soon one is tonight. So one is last night. Okay. And a word she tell Sure. It still means to sleep so need so one tedious shapes up. What does it mean? What time did you sleep? Last night? Please tell me the truth. Okay, Master is what So? And shady in Banshee itself. What? So And she didn't bash it till what time was that? Shaved in a bun is 11. 30 on one, right? One also means late. So, hon, one is for late. When you're hungry, you can ask your friend Woman See this? Your shoe fun woman See then sure. Shoe fun do word Sure sure means to eat And then fun fun means food or rice. So woman teeth issues shoe fun. What doesn't mean? What time are we going to eat? Ok, let's assume we're going to eat at a PM How to say that? That's correct. Woman one Sham Poppaea. Sure, sure fun. We'll move on shot by the and Sure, Sure. Fun. Ok, but how about movie woman? Did she continue? Woman See there She can't hear you being this movie. Okay. How about three in the afternoon to say that woman CEO was simple. Should continue Woman cell was something she continue. Okay, Another one tomans et elijah Me Thailand's Eat the ally Johnnie Sue. Remember the word Joni Johnny means here and the word lie lie means to come so common TD Elijah Me? It means, what time are they coming here? Okay, how about here? Naming Kinsey the away life naming. He didn't see the away leg me means you can see the away like the word way is to return. And then lie means to come so way lemons to return or to come back. But how about tomorrow? I come back at 10. 30. Dust, right. Warming 10 should get bank. Well, we'll meet here. Shoot. And we're like, Okay, that's it for today. Just for washing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson set. Since then. Have a nice day. Bye. 29. Lesson 26: How is something?: Listen 26. How is something? If you want to ask him once opinion about something or someone, you can put something or someone, and then suddenly you some young. Then it means how is something generally asked for opinion? Or how about something? Or what about something As suggestion, for example, Todd's let me young Todd some young could be. How is he, like generally asked for your opinion or just a suggestion leg? How about him? For example? Judge and you foot some young judge in your foot. Some young, it means. How is this clothes? Or how about its growth like you didn't try it on another one? Joe Fundy Handsome young Joel fund Handsome Young means. How is this restaurant is a good it's a bad or or it could be a suggestion. Like, How about this restaurant? Another one like a sheer shield, some young No, this tree assailed some young. It means, How is that school? So is it good? Is it bad? Or it could be a suggestion like habit of school. If you really care about people's opinion, you can directly ask them, What do you think or how do you feel about something or someone. So first you have the subject. And then Jeddah Jetta. Jeremy's to think or to feel someone or something. Some young, for example. I need you that hard. Some young. I need you. The tots on the young. What do you think about him, or how do you feel about him? Is he good? Is he bad? Do you like him? Another one needs your the job in suits on me. Young needs another job and shoot some young. What do you think about this? Book isn't good. You like it? Would you recommend it to me? Is it worth reading? Or the last one? Each other? Another enzyme young, each other ne currents and me Young. It means, What do you think about that person? Is he good? Is he bad? Deal like him or her? Does it for today? Seems to for washing my video. And I hope to see you get on. My next lesson sets a 3.5 and I say bye 30. Lesson 27: How have you been?: Listen, trying to seven. How have you been? Needs written. Some young need sweets in sanmiya Half you be lately. The word. So it's in means lately. Recently. Now Jay's or distaste. Do you remember how to answer that? If you're good, you can say one. How one How usually out of manners your aspect. Nina. Nina. How about you? Or a new So someone and then? No. Then it means How about someone? For example? Panel Panna. How about him? Or how about her? If he or she is good Teoh then he or she was say, Well, yeah. And how well you and how war. Yeah, and how I'm very good to or I'm also very good. So you have the subject, and then you get the enemy's someone is also or someone is something to, for example, tie you and haul, pal. You whole his go to or she's good to. Apart from debt, you can't ask a further question like nephew Muna. Any fool, Muna New for Mona. How about your parents? Are they good? If the answer is, there are good too. Then you can say common yet and how common year and how common year hall. They're also very good. Or you can be more specific in that. You can say Turman Year Golden. How Turman. Yet Golden Hall Common yet Golden Hall. Which means they're all very good to. So it means both of your parents are all good. The word, though, miss all so subject. And then so. But usually it would be more than one person, so at least it's too. For example, woman thought on how we're all good or well hurt had told him how me and him are all good or me and her are. Oh, good. Okay, But if somebody asking the formal to it in some young, any formal to didn't send me on it is disturbed with that question again to say permanent. Bowen. How time and Bolton Hall? They're all very good. Both of your parents. One thing to be careful. Yeah, And then, though yet Oh, you cannot switch to place. Yeah, it's always going to come first and then so OK, if you have a subject and then yeah, that means someone is also, for example, what you should warriors should. Why, you should means me too. Well, yes. You'll see why you should, Lucy. I'm also 16 years old. Tie it. Sure, you bun Drin tire? Sure 100. Who saw sort of Japanese? JJ, it's a sham cook. See, it's a It's a shank cooked out of sisters. Also study If you have a subject and then bow, there's gotta be someone actually born in one person like we they me and him. Me and her dad and mom, for example. Did they remain me those sexually drunk? Or did they homemade made those young should drug war? What does it mean? Younger brother and younger sister are all wanting to go to China. Certainly is like did both want it. Powerful model should make Warren powerful Motoshima make origin. His parents Earl Americans woman, social inquiry and woman. So she in Gordon Where? All British or where? All English? Well, yeah. Association while your association Well, your toes you share some. We both her students? Yeah, means both, as I say. Meaning as a young girl. Yeah. Good. Yeah, Well, yeah, or Talia also finds like we both Or day both. And that's it for today. Thanks for washing my videos. And I hope to see you get on my next lesson. Seth it then Haven't I say bye 31. Lesson 28: How to do something?: Let's centrally eight. How to do something Suddenly Thumma, followed by verb and our object that means had to do something. For example, some mature send mature some at Salamis how to do, for example, breath out teats and mature breath out heats and mature just about teeth. Ahmad's Omi's How did you this question, or how to solve this problem? I mean, like problem in the exams or homework. The word about is a classifier for the word t wish means question or problem. Another example. Just outside some mature outsides and mature just outside some mature. It means how to cook this dish the word. How can also be a classifier for food, like just about high means like this? Ditch the Mitzel. Some that's all. Some mezzo means how to walk or how to go somewhere, just like just for a direction. Wish we will learn in the next lesson. It's on mature. Some assure means how to say, for example, to get slew your hundreds and mature junkets. Young, hundreds and mature means how to say this word in Chinese, so that means word or vocabulary. Schelzig, Schultz, Schultz Amis, New word or New vocabulary. Some Mascia that, Monsieur. So Macia means how to write. For example, True. That suits and Mascia chicken suits. And Macia how to write this letter and dusted for today. Thanks. Watching my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Santa Half and I stay by. 32. Lesson 29: Ask for directions Part 1: lesson 29 us for directions. Part one. Well, no. Well, no. What? Mommy's trust for directions. If you want to go somewhere But you don't know how you could ask Shen Winnie's Yeah, shoot full About a place sunlit soul. She would be Sammy's. May I ask Sure, somewhere it's a my soul. How to go somewhere. So she went Isha shoes. Somewhere it's amid. Soul may ask how to go somewhere. If you want to be more polite, you could add the word. But how? He's well, How easy means Excuse me Ching One issue shoe followed by the place some months old. But how is she? Way shot? She's somewhere. It's amid soul. For example, she won Isha shrieking, hung from its old chin When Isha Sheen hangs Limit soul May I ask how to go to? We're set The bank in Hung in Hung means bank. Where else can we go? Speed Here, John did hear Subway station Woman should did hear gentle, so much Woman should be here. Turn social! Where are we doing there? So are the a tier. So what? The tea it to take subway. Then how to go to dressed up how to say that Ching, When you sure she comptel gentle Mitzel ching will You sure should come tell gentle metal and woman should come tell Jen Social woman should come tell John So Sharma, you can ask me that so I can tell That's right to take the bus Tu Shu quan Tu shu Quan Lavery should hung shoot hung canteen Finally your should hung can ask me Just give us some examples. Burka debate Desperate She is show and consular. Okay, where is can we go? Carpeting Cafe 18 Cuff it and woman should cuff 18 social What are we doing there at a cafe ? Who? Cafe Ho Cafe To drink coffee, Of course. Another example. Well how is she? Was sure she did hear Transom Mitzel? What does it mean? He kissed me. They asked how to go to the subway station. Then how about how to go to the library? Dust right. She weighs Yeah, Should who? So quantum? It's all Or how he's Xingu Asia Shoot to sue Consummate. So now it's time for some new words It really function So it drew unction So e drew on Shen Sole means go straight. Why? Why or drunk John to turn show how to set your left. So why so quiet or so what? Run. So what? Drunk. And how about your right? You? Why? You know why Or your drunk your drunk? All fine. How about you turn the out whole? The out whole the out whole about So though means to arrive shoot a little coal should for loophole Crossroad Why is called shoes the loophole Should this Chinese character Xiu Xiu means 10 Remember? So they think the crossroads look exactly like the Chinese character Shoe C shoe. So it's shoots the loophole. And that's how you remember And here homely Hm homely. Hm. Traffic light home and are the color. So I'm a tell you Home blue Some home is red and then re is green and some means light So basically right, Like rely So is traffic light How about yellow? Hung Hung her Oh, hung. And then the second tone one me, me Mutar. Calmly, calmly Kilometer John Ho Jen Hope drowned homies And then $2 $2 then already arrive. Now it's time for a real world situation And excuse my drumming skill. I really don't know how so I just draw it on the paper. I hope you don't money so let's get started at we start from home and then to the cinema. Let's learn some extra caps. Hope Home is after Earth later. So I Siamese once more So how do you ask how to go to the cinema? Shin Ra, A shot should get in your ransom It's all okay. First star from home What would be the first move does right? E true functions old he drew unction. So for how far? E by me eat by me, Remember by Miss 100 And then what's next? Heat by me Hope and then turn left So he buy me hope so a drunk or eat by me Hope so Why? Okay, now already it's oak y What's next? No So you drew one schnitzel Sigh you true unction So go straight once more for how far? That's right. So Bio Schumi And then And then what? So by ocean me hope to power so by Yoshimi Ho to Saola after 450 meter Then you arrived Show now how to say you're no. I am in front of the cinema How to say that. Do you still remember what's idea in you and Shannon? What's I think in your and shipment? Then how about the cinema is in front of me then in your inside Washington? That's right. How did you go to school from home and now is to bike with the bike. So she Shaw So the Shing Shaw means bicycle and verb is she she's Listen, Sha she see you shop means to ride a bicycle show. Let's get started. Let's start from home And then what is to first move it Drew unction So e true unction. So for how far? Best right young by me. And then what next? Turn right. That's right. Young by me Hope your why or young by me. Hope you're drunk. Okay. Now already your drunk And then was next Zaia True Unction So XIII drew luncheon Sold for how? For given by me And then what? Young by me ho to power Young by me whole to Tora on how to say the school is in front of you. Sure shell time You showed me in Sure Sell Tiny Schoeneman. Okay, how to say right a bike to school. She It's a shame Shot Ploughshares. So she is a nursing shot. How serious? You okay, industy for today. She issue for washing my videos and obviously you get on my next video. It's a part too, so stay June by. 33. Lesson 30: Ask for directions Part 2: Listen 30 us for directions. Part two. How did you go to the bank? Some location. Machine hung. How to drive to the bank? As you can see, you cannot directly park at the bank. So that's why we have a parking lot. Teen charged Hung team charge hung means parking lot. So let's start at home was the first move. That's right. Each you unction so e true function. So for how far? Desperate Young by me. And then what? Turn right young by me. Hope you're drunk. Okay, We already you'd run and what's next? So I eat Drew unction So? So I e true unction so And then now we arrive at a school. How? Sure So And then turn left Now she is your hope So what? Drunk or young? By me? Hope thou Sure so So what? Trying Okay. How we already So what? John? Okay. What next? I e true options old So I e true unction soul And then that's right. It by Ohsumi ho How Where is it? That's right. Shoots a loophole. Sure it's a little coal Crushed wrote And then what? That's right. Turn right it by me. Hope now should say a little cold. You're drunk. Okay, now we already healed. Run! What next? That's right, Sayyed Drew Unction. So? So I e true unction. So for how far sent by Ohsumi HOA Bao What is it? Holy hm? Home little And then what? What's the next move? Sent by ocean Me ho How home rhythm. Your drunk. Okay, already You're drunk. What next? That's right. I e true action. So So I eat Drew option. So for how far? That's right, he by will show me hope. And then what? So what? Trying Okay, already it's or trying. What's next? Right? Hold site. You drew unction. So for a holds i e true unction sold for how far it by me hope to saola it by me. Hope to Fowler, Where is the parking lot now? Tim, charge hands. I need she and men Ping charge hunts. I knew Xinmin. The parking lettuce in front of you. Okay, since you're already had parking What? How to say debate is opposite you Desk, right. You know how it's I need three million in hundreds. I need to women. Let's assume that there is the road you can cross here so you can park your car here and then cross the road to de emphasised site. So you can say Go my luth out Three men for my bloomie's to cross the road. And then the outgoing men means to the opposite site. So coma loot out three me and two out in hunger. Oh, my loot out. Three million. 2100. Okay, well, do you know how far in Toto that we came from home to here? To parking? What? And I guess that's right. It calmly ik only equally one kilometer. Exactly. If you don't know how to drive, do you see any other option? Come Trojan. So you can also so control machine hung So control Sheen hung to take the bus to the bank. Okay, dusted for today She said for washing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson Shattered and half and I say bye 34. Lesson 31: Are you able to?: 31. Are you able to do something known? Known? No means can or to be able to follow the verb ends or object that it means can, or to be able to do something. For example, Nino, true Lama, Nino true lama can iss by C. The other way to ask this question is Ni Neng Bu Neng Shuo Hua? Ni Neng Bu Neng Shuo law can a spicy or not, or actually it has the same meaning. The word true means to eat, law means spicy. If you want to use known and then followed by verb and object, you have to add the word at the end. But if you decide to use the word known, unknown and then verb and object, you don't have to add the word at the end. No need for that. If you get a spicy, you will say 1em true law. 1em true law. Then if it cannot be spicy, how to say what Bu Neng Bu Neng Chu law. Okay. Can you write in Chinese? Can you tell me doing work? The word fun means help. So bong someone do something. So basically it's like an English helps someone do something. How to say can you help me drive to the hospital? How to say that? Thus correct. Kai-shek, MDMA, Nino, Mama was since I know shuffled Mamma. Mamma was since I don't shuffle, I'ma Mom, can I eat now? As the distance hence feels more like transfer permission or more Ehrlich is afoot ready or do I have to wait for you so that I can start to eat? Fun? Fun means food. But if you want to be more specific, MY FUN means rice. Because sometimes fun can also mean Rice to, but if you want to be really specific use of Word me, fun, okay. Baba, what I'm Swedes al-Umma. Baba suites al-Umma. Dad, can I sleep? So it's more like the data's yelling or doing something loud. So the kids ass like kinda plays requires so that I can sleep or dao, the case would be like, Am I allowed to go to sleep now because it's late? Means to sleep. Fuel, cell heights among Poonam, tool shall hides among tool. Kits can drink alcohol. Or more likely, they are not allowed to drink alcohol. That's why they cannot, because the law say they cannot do 0 to alcohol. P2. P2 beer ingested for today, CSE for washing my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Says it's yeah, have fun. I say bye. 35. Lesson 32: Can you do this?: Listen to, can you do this? How to ask, can you do something? Well, first you have to subject, and then who he means can, followed by verb and object. And then Ma, for example, the soma, the widths or Shama, the Sharma. What can you do? In case you wonder, what's the difference between H20 and known? Well, who is more like something that you learn until you Hooray. So it's like the ability to do something because you learned, for example, the Mamma, Mamma, Mamma, who can your mom cook? So as high, high means to cook. So you also have to learn how to cook right until you can cook. Another example, The Baba who trauma, the Baba who it kind of trauma. Can your DAD, DR. Of course, before he can drive, he asked to learn like go to driving school and then Baba Zoho psychiatry. And then he can already dr. D the way Thailand Shamma did the talents. You can your younger brother play basketball? Or it can younger brother play basketball? Tao Lun Shuo means to play basketball. Lunch show is basketball. Back means to hit. So basically, most of the sports that you have to use your hand to hit, then it's gotta be bat. And then something, for example, that I show, baptize show to play volleyball. You use your hand to write. Taiwan show. Show. Show means to play tennis. Even though you don't really directly use your hand to hit a tennis ball, but still you use your hand to play, right? Another one by ping-pong show. Now a ping-pong show to play table tennis. So ping-pong show means table tennis or a ping-pong. Miao Shu Dai You emotional. Dynamo show means to play badminton. Now here, THE social T2 show TD social means to play football. Social means football, remember, and the word means to kick. So when you play football, you have to use your feed or food to kick. Dennis Tito, show. The other one, Yo, Yo. Yo, Yo. Yo Yong means to swim. Okay. What else we can ask? Jeo Hui Shuo Hua Numa. Who saw 100? Um-uh, um-uh. Can grandpa speaks Chinese? Well, if he can, you can say Yahoo is shorthand. You, you knew what if he cannot? That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Bu Hui Shuo Han Yu. Yeah, but then how about other languages? Yahu, su, Enuma. Yahya who saw Enuma means English. Cpi. Cpi. You see Punya Spanish. Phi phi phi unit. French. Though you though you means German. Port. How yeah, you put how yeah, you put how? Yeah, you party case. Italy. Italy. It's Allyn. Now, how just her artist Christians. You first have the subject and then wait, and then followed by verb and object. Then it means someone can do something. For example, while while I can cook. Well, whose Shuo Han Yu Wo Hui Shuo Han unit or well whose short-term when? Well, whose short-run when? It means I can speak Chinese. But actually they're both correct. But I personally prefer Han Yu. Han Yu, How do you is more like the language you speak, but Dongguan J1 is more or like the characters that you write or read. So I rather say, well, who saw her new? But nowadays people keep saying, well, we saw drawn when also. So I guess both phi now means to speak. Tin. Tin means to listen to, to read. What can you read? Ooh, ooh, I can read, of course, Gradebook. C. C means to write. To draw a picture, to sing a song, remember to dance, to play piano, to play guitar. The tool. The tool tab will yield the tool he can use to map. Or he know how to. Yong means to use the tool means Map. Apart from that, he could also say, you can use like some per gram or system software or whatever, for example. Well, who you'll pay them. Then I can use Python or MATLAB or whatever. And that's it for today, CSE for watching my videos while he saw Han Yu Ni Hui Shuo summer you, you can you answer that? I can speak Chinese. What can you speak? Thus? Cool. Half an eye say, and see you next time. Bye. 36. Lesson 33: How much/ How many?: Listen 33. How much, how many? Duo Shao means, how much or how many do word means much, many or a lot. The word Shao, Shao, little or feel. But when thought comes together, then it means how much or how many. If you wanna go shopping in China. This is the phrase that you must know. Those Archean torso Sheehan, bush Gaussian means how much money. So basically it's like, how much is this or how much is something. Shin. Shin means money. For example, one of the most useful phrases, target Gaussian. Gaussian. How much does this cost? The word drug. Drug o means this one, DC, remember, and now glue. Now good news, that one. So if you don't know what it is in Chinese, then you just say drug glue or not good. Okay. And then when the vendor answer your back also to question this $59. So that was said a number first and then question, why Shun quiesce to classifier for money and Shin is the money itself. How about Chinese currency? Is Renminbi? Renminbi, renminbi or RMB. But a unit of RMB is yen yen un. So instead of a question, you can also say oseul yen. Then how about 120 yen? How to say that? Thus write eight by RC, by RC or by our sub-question E by R. So question, or you can just say, are so quiet. Eat by RC. Ok. How much money do you have? Nieto shall Sheehan? What if you don't have money? How to say that? Mid-ocean? May ocean, remember the word may, yo don't have. But if you want to say I am rich or I am very rich, you can also say one notion. One your Sheehan. Do you remember the word which means very cell, very and then your shin? Like I vary half money. So basically it means I'm rich. Then how about time? The time we say should Xin soon? So those South Sudan means how much time? For example, if you want to ask, how much time did you spend, you can say New South Sudan, Nuwa Latour, South Sudan. Nuwa Latour associates in the word as a verb, it means to spend time or money, but as a noun, it means flower. When you put the word luh after the verb, it means that verb already happened. So why LA means like already spent. So how much time did you spend? If you want to say I spent 2.5 hours, how to say that? We'll while I'm Leon. Okay. Then how about I spent two years to learn Chinese? Will while John, when we'll draw one. Then how about 1.5 year? While, while, while, while it drawn Wen? Now let's talk about a weight. Flu shots in push out sin. So tin, tin is the unit of the weight in China. So once in equals to half a kilogram. For example, Joe quite row to row two. So sin how much or how many Jin this mid way. Let us assume this for, for kilograms then how to say in Chinese? That's right. But actually there is also the word for kilograms, but still most people use the word sin before a kilogram. There is. If you said a word contin, they still can understand you. Torso run means how many people? For example, sooty Assange your torso. The word means world or earth. So how many people are there on Earth, or how many people are there in the world? But usually would followed by the word sum, ok. The answer is some Yoshi's, San Eden. Some Yoshi's and San region. There are 7.3 billion people in the world. The word E, E equals to 100 million. So if you want to say 1 billion in Chinese, then is e. E, Okay? Do you know how many people are there in China? Even there are 1.4 billion people in China. That's a lot rate. So basically it's like already 1 fifth of the world's population. Now let's learn something about a fraction. 1 fifth is 2v. So we put the number below first. And then fungi, fungi, and then E, E to number both. So infantry is 1 fifth. Then how about 1 third? Do you know how to say that? Thus write some infantry, some fungi. So as opposite to English or any other languages. Both we call it fun. But the one below, we call it fun, more, fun more. Do you know how to say 100% by pi? By two pi. So how about percent? By, by, by fungi and then followed by the number, for example, by country, by country, then it means 1%. Then how about 20-30 percent? How to say that? Does right? By fungi versus son, by fungi or system. Okay. Then how about 31%? Thus correct? By, essentially by fungicides see well-done desert for today, CSE for watching my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson, sets its n by. 37. Lesson 34: What do you like?: Listen 32. What do you like? C1. C1. C1 is the verb to like. How just someone? What do you like? Well, you have a subject and then c one sigma ni xihuan shenme. Ni xihuan shenme, what do you like? Then have among mama see once a month, mama C. Then how about dad? Baba see once a month? Baba xihuan shenme, mom. Okay. Tasks you want SHA-1 mom tells us, what does he like? Pasi one more. What is more to assure a motorbike? Matryoshka. This you remember the word bicycle thus? Okay. How to ask whom do you like? First you have the subject, and then she one. Followed by the word, say this or I remember a word, say, it means who or whom. So nice C1, say nice C1, say whom do you like? Waze on Josie and lewin Was. I like J show. Do you know who sat? Is a really famous singer back then when I was still a teenager, I would say. So you can try to find a song is really good. How to ask someone, what do you like to do? First you have a subject and then C1. So a cinema. For example, ni xihuan zuo shenme. Ni xihuan zuo shenme Mom, what do you like to do? Some map tasks. What does she like to do? Then? Have a mum. Mamma, Mamma, Mamma C. Then how about Grandpa? Yeah. How about little Susser? Sh'ma Sh'ma. Test1, yoyo. Test C1, yo-yo. She likes to swim. How to ask? Do you like to do something? You first have a subject and then see one followed by the activity, someone or even something. And then, for example. Nice C1, Shou Xi Ci, Shang Kusama. Nice C1. Choose Yourself sarcoma. What does it mean? Does right? Do you like to go to school to study? Was your answer? Okay. Tessie, one should pass you when she does she like to go shopping? The word Go, go. Go shopping. Tessie, one coma. Tasks you one coma. Does he like dogs? Is a adopt person. Then have our cat. Task Task1, mama, DOC, remember, Mau, Mau, miss kat, goal. Goal, Ms. dog, C1. C1, someone or something, then it means to like someone or something. If so, it's asking you these sequence, say nice sequence, say then you can answer. Was he was C1a. I like her. Then how about this c one sigma ni xihuan shenme mode here. So it could be anything from something, animals shopping or anything. Was C, one goal was you will see one goal. I like dogs. Or was he was he won more torsion. Remember, I like motorcycles. What if you don't like something? While both c one and then followed by something that you don't like. Or someone May push one Mau Mau, universe, a third decimal like cats. Okay. Then how to ask d like cat, nice, C1, moma, Nessie. Okay. And C1. C1, followed by verb and, or object, or just activity that it means to like to do something. For example, was C12, Sue, was C12. Sue, I like to read books. Baba, C1, D again. Papa, C1, continuing. That likes to watch movies there now to say that likes to watch TV. Do you remember the word TV? Thus write Baba, C1 condenser, Papa, c1, x2. Okay. How does a mom likes to watch series? Mama c1 times c1 container should to the word the assertTrue means TV series. Okay. A123. A123, bore. Grandpa likes to eat farts. Really healthy rate. Then let us say Grandma likes to drink tea. C1, C1, C1, C0, C1 Shou Xi ICL. Younger brother doesn't like to go to school. Does differ today, CSF or watching my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson sets is the and a half and I say bye. 38. Lesson 35: I love you: Listen 35, love, love. It can be both a noun and verb, followed by someone or something. It means you love someone or something. For example, will I need? I need means I love you. If you go to China and you say, well, I draw, I draw. What? That would be really happy to hear that. Well, I Baba, Baba, Baba, I love Dad. Didn't have, among others is going to be jealous. Does right? What? I Mamma. Mamma. Okay. How about he doesn't love you? Will I need tap? Will I need I need to. How about he loves you so much? I need okay? Just like the word C1, followed by verb and object means love to something. For example, whose ha, ha, grandpa loves to drink tea? What if grandpa loved to drink coffee? How to say that? Thus write coffee. Cafe, mama, mama, pink or mom loves to eat apples. Apples. Just to remember the word for it. That's right. Okay. I13 thin, now. I1 t, And now younger brother loves to play computer. The word 11 is the verb to play, and then now the unknown means computer. There's still remember how to say the word TV. That's right. The ensue. The ensue. So both bn now and the issue did both have to use the and wishes electricity. The word null from the E1_l means brain. So there now is like electric brain. So as computer, the seals, Xiang Shuo Ta Li, CEO shampoo I shoe law. Mr. Lee doesn't love to eat spicy. What if Misery loves to eat spicy? The sewage from Sheila leasing some ICU law and justice for today, CSF for watching my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson, CCCI half and I say bye. 39. Lesson 36: I want this one: Let's see 36. I want this. First you have to subject. And the new word, yell. Yell means 1D, followed by object, that it means someone was something or someone. Now I'm going to tell you the most useful sentence to use in China. What do you go shopping or at a restaurant? You don't know what it is, then you can just say, well, yeah, Joe Guo Wo Yao, I won this. Well, yeah, oh no clue what ya know, i1 debt. Okay. That's really convenient. For example, while young meet the I. Well, yeah, i i one your love. Sounds romantic, Right? Well, young. Well, you'll need the shifts in, I wonder a time because I just love this not going to be enough. When time is not enough. Pow, pow. Now soup up bow. I want a new bag for needy. Soon. Soon means new. And then Bob bow means back. If the person you're asking, not gonna buy your new back, then because this ask What yo need the shin? Well, yo need the shin. I one your money. And then if that person is not giving it to you, you can say, well, yeah, me the mean, the mean, I wonder a life. The word mean means life. If someone yell, meet the Ming Dan, you're dead. War. Well, Yao Si Xiang Wo, I want a new life. The word sum means life. The life you live. All of this, I'm just joking. Don't really save that. Ok. Just learned a word and how to say joking or getting k1. So k1 cell. One cell means getting to work like open. And then one means to play just like one thing now. And then cl. Cl means to smile or laugh. So I just kind of went cell. How does say someone wants to do something? First you have a subject and then followed by verb and or object. For example, Wo Yao Shuo. Wo Yao talent show means I want to play basketball there now to say, I want to go swimming. Thus write Wo Yao Shi, Yao Shi Du You see, remember any other sports? If you want, you can go back to our last lesson. Alpha_1. Alpha_n, younger sister wants to eat breakfast. At what time? You're going to eat cell phone usually does, right? So Xiang Dao Shang Yao shoots alpha_1, alpha_n. Ok. Then Do you know how to say lunch in Chinese? Fun. Fun. Okay. Then are what time or around when you have to eat all fun. Thus, drawn. Drawn. Drawn all means noon. So Jiu Yao Shuo Fan drew Yao Shuo fun. Okay, then how about dinner? One fun. One fun. While Shang Yao Shi Xiang Yao Shi Yao Shuo Yo Yo, elder brother wants to go travel. How about elder brother? Once you go to China to travel? This, remember how to say that? Dust right? Google Yao Shuo Zhong Guo Yi Fu Yi Fu, a resistor. Once you buy clothes. Then how about new clothes? You already know the word nil, which is sin. Thus write z as z0. All my sin. By Sidney full. Okay. I want to drink Babu T. Do you want some? The alpha and I had to ask, what do you want to do? Ni Yao Ma. Ni Yao. Ok. How about what do you want to eat? Ni Yao Shuo. Ni Yao Shou some Mom. How about what do you want to buy? My Sh'ma. How about what do you want to see or read? Does right? Ni Yao consumer. And thus the for today CSF for watching my videos. And I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Says a z and a half and I say bye. 40. Lesson 37: I think/ I wish/ I miss: Less than 37. I think. I wish, or I miss some, some, some means to think to which bird to miss someone. Or something. For example, was Sang Ni was some neat means. I miss view or I think a few. How about I miss my dad? Was somewhat baba. Baba. Okay. Then how by mom was cell will Mama Mama? I missed her or I think of her knee. Means he misses you. Are he thinks of you? How about he doesn't miss you? Taboos Shang Ni, Ta Bu Xiang Ni. Okay. How about I miss home? Okay. Apart from that, use the word some, ozone means two which are strongly one-to-two something or desire. For example, was some true role. Was some Cheryl means I want to eat meat more than the word yao is like really, really want or like really desire. How about I want to eat fruit or I which to eat farts? Was some shoes. Was some true three equal. Actually the word shang, morally really attached to your feeling deep down. Yo, yo. He wishes to go to Korea to travel. Some shoe yo-yo. Today I want to go swimming. Then how about today I want to go shopping day. So remember that word? Does read, what's Indian stem should go? What didn't handsome shoo go. Tasks Yang my Sunni full task Chiang Mai, Sunni full. She wants to buy new clothes. Then how about he wants to buy a new car? Thus, right? Then how about new murder by my sin? And thus refers today, since if I'm washing my videos and I hope to see you on my next lesson, senses in half and I say bye.