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    • 1. Get ready!

    • 2. Any skillshare course start video

    • 3. 233

    • 4. 666

    • 5. 520

    • 6. 250

    • 7. 2

    • 8. 不三不四

    • 9. "Bro"

    • 10. Brothers and sisters

    • 11. Tough girl

    • 12. Dear, dearest

    • 13. A hot girl

    • 14. Stupid, silly

    • 15. You silly

    • 16. Bugger off!

    • 17. I support …

    • 18. Gangster

    • 19. To release someone’s pigeons

    • 20. To dance awkwardly

    • 21. To have no shame

    • 22. To get someone drunk

    • 23. Paparazzi lit. a group of dogs

    • 24. Cockroach lit. little strong

    • 25. To fiddle with

    • 26. To be fashionable

    • 27. To eat vinegar?

    • 28. To spank the horse’s butt

    • 29. Don’t be fooled

    • 30. To pay lip service

    • 31. To rub a fish

    • 32. Internet trolls

    • 33. To have a beef

    • 34. To confront

    • 35. To annoy

    • 36. Let the roasting begin!

    • 37. Not a chance!

    • 38. A spineless person

    • 39. Under my nose…

    • 40. To flirt with electricity

    • 41. To flirt (harsh)

    • 42. To take a plane

    • 43. To step on two boats

    • 44. Not interested

    • 45. Way too….!

    • 46. Outrageous!

    • 47. Epic fail

    • 48. I’m speechless

    • 49. You can you up

    • 50. Being good-looking

    • 51. To brag lit. to blow a cow

    • 52. Satisfying, nice

    • 53. Soo cool!

    • 54. God, perfect man

    • 55. White, rich, beautiful (Miss Perfect)

    • 56. Nouveau riche

    • 57. Cute lit. young sprout

    • 58. Soooo sad!

    • 59. An ugly person

    • 60. Drama queen

    • 61. Seeking out trouble

    • 62. Unfaithful

    • 63. Salty pig hands…

    • 64. A greasy old man

    • 65. Dominant wife lit. tiger man

    • 66. A rascal

    • 67. Too young, too simple/naive

    • 68. Old driver

    • 69. A slick person

    • 70. Vegetable bird

    • 71. Foreigner lit. old ghost

    • 72. Rich second generation

    • 73. To buy on sb’s behalf

    • 74. Single (slang)

    • 75. Angry youth

    • 76. P*n*s

    • 77. Younger brother/sister etc

    • 78. Loser

    • 79. Stop right there, Mr. 18+

    • 80. Still still 18+

    • 81. Still still still 18+

    • 82. Still still still still 18+

    • 83. Still still still still still 18+

    • 84. Still still still still still still 18+

    • 85. Any skillshare course end video

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About This Class

All the Chinese Slang in one comprehensive slang. Everything from cute terms to the dirty ones, all up-to-date

Here, Stephie and Felix will go through the entire range of Chinese slang along with some tips and tricks and how (and not) to use them. The first lesson is suitable for beginners whereas the rest requires a basic understanding of the Chinese language.

Want to learn Chinese quickly, effectively, and enjoyably?


We're so convinced you'll love this course so before you pay we're giving you this 2-hour introduction course free of charge Links to advanced courses in the last lecture.



Chinese is the most logical language there is and we hope to demonstrate to the world how to successfully navigate it. Through the ancient system of using pictograms, two words with separate meanings can join to form entirely new words. For example, learn the word for electricity (电), then add brain (脑) and you get a computer (electric-brain). Replace the brain with stairs (梯) and you get an elevator (electric-stairs). 话 means speech and 'electric-speech' means telephone. Chinese is a clearly structured, logical language, and it is this logic that makes the learning experience feel like a puzzle that anyone can solve. 


This course offers a unique approach to learning Chinese, developed by learners for learners.

  • This course is the best way to learn Chinese, with hundreds of hours of video, which incorporate short, concise tutorials and real-life situations to clearly explain Chinese and demonstrate how to use Mandarin Chinese correctly in everyday life.

  • Join thousands of students who have successfully learned to read, write, speak, and communicate fluently in Mandarin Chinese.

  • As students progress through this course, their language skills improve quickly by applying, connecting, and building upon their newly acquired language skills.

  • After completing the beginner's Chinese course you’ll have a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking, and communicating in Chinese upon which to build and improve.

  • As your skills grow you can study the Intermediate Courses, HSK Courses, the Pronunciation Course, and more the Advanced Courses, all of which are available in this app.

Our Story

  • We were founded in 2014 by foreigners who had struggled to learn Mandarin Chinese the conventional way. Together this group of learners built and developed a unique course that is clearly structured with a ‘building block methodology’, providing insights, explanations, and learning tips to help students to quickly learn and understand Chinese, and easily remember Chinese characters.

  • Studying Chinese with this course you’ll also experience China’s fascinating culture through real-world videos from the streets of China. These videos provide valuable insights into China's language, people, history, and rich culture, supporting students’ language development and providing them a window to the world of 21st Century China.

So whether you wish to learn Chinese for travel, work, business, study or simply to make friends and gain new experiences, This is the perfect course for you!

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  Felix Lattman 

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Felix Lattman

Chinese Teacher


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1. Get ready!: And hello. Fairly good. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. So this is what Steffi and the rest you can tell yourself. I am just setting a fixed guess. File's Nestle off Sudan. Thank you. Were doing in this course, what we're doing is we're teaching slump. So to make it more authentic, we brought on a steffi. A cut will pick them up in a second. You can enjoy this. Okay? So this course will be started and so this course will be slung, will start. You see, they'll all go more, more and more difficult or go through also categorize the course. It will start with like numbers. It basically means that you just have to know the numbers to know these slang expressions. Then we'll move on to like, actually there's so many words for this guy. Not actually for the equivalent for the female gender. But there's a whole segment for that. And then we'll move on to titles will have, will have if you've swear words and some above 18 watts as odd. And there's a lot to look forward to all in all I think I think we're ready to start. You already know how to read a whole lot. Career. 2. Any skillshare course start video: Hello there, my name is Felix and I'm the founder of domino Chinese. Now you probably know me already if you study any of my previous courses. Now, just a quick little tip for you is to go to class info. Or you can see, I think it's projects and resources in that you have many, many, many different links, links to different courses here on skill share. Also, there's a link to different material that you should download in order to give yourself the best conditions to learn Chinese now and to study this course, There's also a link to a free month with full access on our website. You can sign up now and make sure that you do that and you can use the coupon code later on, but just make sure that you sign up now and you can enjoy the free month with full access later on. That's all I have to say in this video. Just make sure that you go to Class info and click all the links there. And I'm sure you'll be very, very happy. Bye for now. 3. 233: So we're going to start this lung cause with numbers and numbers in Chinese that can be useful slung. The reason for that being that sound the same as a number, also sound the same as something else, which usually means something either good or bad. So they saw using numbers just simply as slung. Then we just start with this one I think, to 3.3.3 artisans and said, do you want to tell them the story behind it? It's interesting because the actually was a cold for emoji on the popular Chinese forum caught monk who want. So people will use that to represent the code Brixton emoji that is laughing out loud and nothing really, really hard. Kinda equivalent of L0, L1 in English. And learn all three. Use. The louder you are laughing. Ziegler that very Thank you. So you can write by Samsung and you can also write du, that's the shortest one. And yes, there's a shortage and the longest you can writers like 3333. Because that as I limit was if you like 31, maybe just the side of your screen, I guess the size of your screen is delimited. Yeah. So not this guy, just the size of your screen is the limits are some, some stuff using a guys don't write ha ha in Chinese years right? Past Alsace, Alsace, Alsace-Lorraine. 4. 666: Do you know what this means? When I did this with my hand? It means very good. Yeah. Why, how, how, and why? Because at this is pronounced like six number six. And this is, by the way, if you don't know the numbers in Chinese is super good codes. You have ers on your and then you just show the numbers of 2-10 on one finger and one finger. And so yeah, number six is this. And it sounds like what, you know, and other character, which is like yes, which means smooth. So again, now smooth as something very auspicious is something very good. And you don't want to say once you want to say it. And it's three times, at least three zones. So you can say it's newly earlier to someone, and that means smooth, but it doesn't really mean smooth. It means with the normal. Yeah, yeah. So if I say yearly or by vacuum or I do like this and say you really ought to someone. It means you awesome. Yeah, awesome. So this is actually the first time that's FV helps me record. And you've never been on camera. So I would say, and you should say is, well, you should all comment null and say, If you think she has little yo-yo, she is. I think you are usually not this Leoni early on. Well, you can do like this. This is w, but like a harsher. So next one is, this is easy one because he means by buying, it basically sounds like byline. So we usually use it on Internet or using your mobile phone into a friend you want to say bye-bye, you can just type in Bubba. It's easier. Just 88. So you are 66688. You know. That was a very short video, guys. But it's, yeah, it's, doesn't mean it's less useful, nevertheless, useful. So 88, and we'll see in the next video, 88 would be baba. But that's not actually in England. 5. 520: Okay, and the next one now is learning shed here. Yes, it means why? Why we're saying this is because wiling means what will I0 R? So it sounds if I say the slung, you say that there's proper one, Y need whirling. So you're whirling sounds very similar as in number 502. Sounds similar to say it again. Well, I need THE what way or what early. Thank you. Thank you. So that's it, guys. You can actually type that it's a bit lazy but it's still slowing any works? Yes, very useful. Dating. Yeah. Well, you know, very silly. I think you will just type if you want to know. So we just type, I love you. You don't go. Number, number, number. And it makes it makes the 20th of May a festival like goes. Yeah. Yeah, because many days fall on the numbers of good things and bad things. So in this case, you have whirling which is May the 20th. 20th wireline. And yes, so in this case you have what happens on May the 20th by our president, by rows. Take her to the cinema. Make sure you do all of those things. You'll keep enough if kidding. It's not the turkey or early and it was in the next video. 6. 250: Now in this video we're going to talk about a, where are my 250? With that, it means like EDA or, or more on our emanating person j logistic. It has something to do with a thousand and then you divide that up because it's not fully adequate, so it's 500 instead, and then does the old term for it. But now nowadays is just half of that because it's not even that small anymore. So we've made it half of half. So that's 250 reduced. Very reduced. So yeah, 250 and when to use it and how should you use it? It's described that you used to describe a person like jigger into, into r by two, a good tension. You've got o by war he is truly a 250. So our Bible. So I buy one. 7. 2: So now we're going to talk about a very commonly used word aren't too. But he means, in this case, in things being stupid or being silly, being funny, being ridiculous. In acute way. You can be art together with our bodies. And that's a good memory like this. Yes. We ultimately don't be such a to I think it has to do with because number one is the best, comes first and the number two is, is sort of second place. A bit silly and stupid. Yes, don't care. So number are number or you can just call someone who aren't aren't. Integrins and art. And also no tier guys, whenever we go through an example and it's, and it's an adjective, you can say Nihon are on the fatal, are any adverb like very or extremely or anything like that? You can think of the type that you can also say yes, but you can also say which we do all the time. We say ne negligence. And are you generate this you this person literally then you this person, So are you. But that's something super common. So we had in the previous video, we had like for instance, you are solely on LEO need Jaeger and Leo, Leo neat agar. And so that's how you say something that's very, it's very common to say an integrand has said in the last day, fantastic. Wonderful. So yeah. It's not that good. Q 8. 不三不四: So this one we've searched for a little bit difficult to find. It's basically not number one, it's not number two, but it's somewhere, not three and not four either. So the meaning is actually dubious or shading. And what is an attorney's boost them. Poisson booths. And that means literally no theory, no four, no three, no force. So you're not because we've just talked about what the number one obviously means. You're good. There'll be Ululu. Number two means you'll be silly or stupid. Number three or four now, like US, dubious and shady or somewhere there in the background. That's how I imagine it as well. At least we can say ne Tibetan, like we talked about in the last video. Whenever you describe suddenly you say la samples. Samples. I love this word, it's wonderful. Yes. You can also say the trend, the percents. So dressed up like Shadi and not properly enough like yeah. Yeah. Perfect fish. Aha. 9. "Bro": Hello there and we're back. New clones and new day actually mutate. So we'll be doing titles note, very exciting indeed, what you can call people, names, you can call people, polite things you can call people and such and such. So we can start, and by the way, you'll notice here that we have a lot of time and showers in big and small. We worked with a lot with that in Chinese here. You want to go ahead and do the first one. Well first, we'll talk about a word like that, which means this. Number one, the alpha. The alpha one and degrees. Yes, there's always a law that whatever's being loved, I don't know, but law band is more like the boss, like in a business. You know, he's the one who pays all the salaries. He's he always the businessmen. That is why business-related and luck. I don't have to business-related. It could be in an organization or just lies on the informal. So that's lambda. Yeah. So just in this video, Phoenix is the log. No, of course. I'm on this note. There's all there's another die. If we put D2 dust together, we get what? We get. That like we say xi dot dot, which is our sitting ping, our precedent, which is the biggest La Di in the country, or the alpha amongst alphas lifestyle xi dot, dot, dot, dot. If you're watching, hi, digital fans were very big yet we're fans or msort anybody, the difference? Very good. Guess we have one more word for you. When we do like law or also she dug up. Then we can also like when you talk to your bras, there's another term is always really useful. Yes. Murmur, murmur rose. So you can't say gunman? Gunman. Yeah. Not really. That's where that's where we had no tier how it's written like Goldman, but then you can also just add a, well, you should little her as well there, which is what they do appear in the north wind shy. It's not north or not. So you say Governor Gomer, like bro bureaus literally. Brothers? Yes. Literally. Yeah. It's quite nice. Aig Omer. And we're actually governmentally and commercial via oboe choices. Sometimes very useful, very good. So now you can say La Dao Zai grimmer, where if you meet the loudest or the low, then you can say she done that. Yeah. Okay. Next video, guys all start air. So now we're done. The next video, we'll go through the song with Shao as well. And I hope you find that exciting. 10. Brothers and sisters: This video guys, we have three words for you and not with dot. In this case, it's actually going to be shell, shell. And the other end of the spectrum, please. The first one is this shell dy, which means I'm contrary to law down, which is a bigger brother. This is the smaller brother. Either group. Hmm. Yeah. So you could literally be your younger brother as all? Yeah. Could literally VIA brother and but it doesn't have to be an actual brother. Yeah. Yeah. Just someone you know, someone who's a little bit tiny. I think you're going to sell the informal little brother at all. Then we can move on and say shelled Jia. It actually means miss, like we have Ms. Chen miss one or miss something you can call someone Chaldea. But, but always a buyer. Unfortunately, we develop another meaning for the Sharjah, which unfortunately would you call it prostitute or someone, you know, escort him. So maybe be careful when you call someone Sharjah in China because some lady, some woman, they do mind. I'm so yeah, just wants you to call them instead or you think you think are the main Yeah. I was always complement that. And if they're a bit too old, you can say, I think I saw you shouldn't quite nicely, I actually see a new shoe works were evident and they're mainly the quite young. And I, if they're old enough, but it's, I always feel a bit awkward about saying IE because they are old enough to save as well. I insulted. I just go with mainly away and then I can oh, but I'm old. They say no, you are my main, your urine mainly just beautiful. Anyway, so that Sharjah here, many of our students also asked us, I will say they think that you can not use the algebra. Yes, you very much can, however, be a bit to be a bit cautious about it. Because yes, it could also mean prostitute and that's why it's in this course and have been slang for. And lastly, we have another one, shell, like a young bloke kit or a teenager. You can call them shut. So you have you taken our course, you'll notice that if you put it at the end of something, it can make anything into an known even though we might not be a noun to start with. So we can, for instance, kiss a need your, that will Palmer. You should upon. There we go. So Pang, adjective but pundit, fat. So yeah, punt. And so we can do the same thing with shout neon, neon punk. And you feel you've got puns in the Fieger sounds fantastic. I hope you enjoyed that video. 30. 11. Tough girl: Okay, this video now we're going to go through strong people, like not like independent and independent people simply, what is it? Hands handles like a straw man. Your real men? Yeah. Yes. So there's one there's just the hum from honey or Chinese people like the Han Chinese people. Somehow they came to be like the epitome of strong people. Yes. So then you say, if you just say humphrey would stop me, that's a strong man, industrial man. So it's weird because you don't, if it just refer to a man, you don't have to say anything. You just say hands-on. Masculine man, very masculine minds as in what would you describe the masculine man in Chinese or in China's are masculine Chinese man, what would he do? Well, he'll be here has dignity. Physically strong, mentally also very strong, has dignity and very responsible and takes care of his people, know me or hands. Judging a 100. Very good and the female equivalent would be new handler? Yes. So if you are new Hangzhou than you are a very strong woman that sometime maybe a bit masculine. That has weird, yeah. If you're so independent, Please don't get offended here. People who families I guess, or people who just want equality in the, Well, yeah, when you have, when females in Chinese here and the Chinese language might do, which is a language that is not created today. So maybe you changed the language. People obey if it was. Anyways, you have ladies independence enough, then she also become somewhat of a man which is built quite a bit sexist. Yeah. No no offense, please. We just teach him, but just this is just what people say. Yeah. So you have a hunter and hunted, wonderful nature that needs are disregarded. I'm a strong woman ballot. I don't think I'm masculine. Okay. So you know all the way of them, not masculine enough. One thing to bear in mind is when you say heads, you don't say Eco hands or you weigh hands. He always say ETL hands. So you say like leafy Sri Lanka, no. Leaf actually tell a hands-on how, but those are two good words for you. Yes. 12. Dear, dearest: Now this next term is something originally, it was usually used towards your lover or the one you love, which would be tonight. That love, love basically would be here, darling. But then during the story, why? Yeah, I know, yeah, actually came from the popular shopping site with Taobao. So when the customer service staff talked to their clients on top of it, they always start with Jean either she either need my donkey dollar, Mia, CI and up to new foods are quiet. But, but later on people just seeing, starting in a short way Ting Ting everywhere syndrome. And I have my own personal connection with this because I think or association this. I think it's so annoying when cars are usually contact them because I'm annoyed about some flag. Why Harvard arrived jackets, Mohammed tower and they like chin, need Tanisha chin. Oh, that makes me a little bit happy. Do you feel like you're making up a nice exhibits polite? I feel like it's arrogance. So if you feel the same thing that I did, please don't feel that that's their intention. They bring fend friendly. They're trying to be as friendly as possible. Yeah. So yet seen is something like all the time. You can fight it to your friends or chin. Do this. Chin Do you wanna go ahead and do this? So popular now, very popular. 13. A hot girl: Okay, in this video, we're going to learn different terms for people like you, a girl. So yeah, we'll start with the first Wien's law, which means a hot girl, hot girl area track the very hot. It's funny because law means hot. Yes. As in if you eat something, it's very spicy. Icsi. So just like in English where you call something hot, spicy, you can also call people hot, as in not just by cBot and a hot chick. Hace hot guy. Yeah. And the majors comes from Little Sister? Yes. Cues. It's usually a made to sounds more like she's I don't know, younger, younger, I guess, young female and GO TO different genes. There would be like, oh, she's a bit wiser than that. That's not too sexy. Sexy these days. And it's called, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Anyways, that's sort of how the world came about, why it's maybe not to you if you ever wonder. But now, I think we can move on and go with that Jiang nose on Chinese is also like really good looking, like really decent. Jiang, Jiang being like accurate or correct the former jordan domain, domain, you can say jazzy atomos or lucky and very talented girl. And the third term is just because we like to use English or at least English words. Or in some case just let us do this. So in this case we just write m, m, m, m, not the M&M so that you can eat, but MM, That you can think or attractive. So these are ways it, yeah, it means may make like a beautiful girl and it's short for a beautiful grow. Mm, MM. But it's not youngest, younger sister is not mainly No, it's on me, me, me, me. So the first May is beautiful and I were up. There we go. So that if a woman, so it's actually quite funny because you have like for women, you can use three terms in Chinese characters that all start with M and L. May you have mate as in Little Sister, maize and beautiful? Yeah. You have me as an eyebrow. Eyebrows. So just pay attention to that. So if you said causal on May, then you don't even have to know the tone. You'll be accurate anyway and get something right. Fantastic. So then you can say m, m, or you can say the other wants to love me or give me good luck and enjoy those ones. Hopefully you get called either one of them because they're all pretty and beautiful. 14. Stupid, silly: Hello guys and welcome back. This part of our slang cause which we hope you're enjoying thoroughly is just called swear words, but not just wow words it called, yeah, cubes were words which you can use them in an acute week. Exactly. So they're not really called swear words to Q 1's. Yeah. Exactly. It's first of all, it will take words that end with a very common one, which is egg, that we can start with. Our actual damages means egg, but it's also something cute to call an idiot. Yeah, someone's full. So first of all, we can just call someone Ben, and that just means stupid, no, stupid or silly, like neon, but i on the husband, but that's Q actually. Although terms and just say like, you're intellectually disabled, another bright, they're not very bright. There's other terms for that. Therefore, if you just take button, it's quite Q. But that's barely even slang anymore we have done now. And that's quite interesting. Dan is like Anant described person who's like a full idiots. But in a kind of cute way. Exactly. Yeah, it's, it's quite funny here because Ben is an adjective and German. If you've taken our course, you've learned that we haven't still in Chinese, which makes, very often make, makes adjectives into nouns. For instance, you say Shao, its little, Zai Pang, it's fun. And if you say it's just means a fats or a small person, little teenagers on foot. Now, if you want to make that into a more slang term, you can put a done instead of the zoo. So instead of bandwidth is an adjective. You can say neon or in the assure you got that. Wonderful. So take the done instead and make things into notes. Okay. And we'll continue with that. We have White Like Me. Hmm, why? And that means you're broken but no more than means at buds, attic, evil and bad, you're bad, bad, bad. So then we can say Newham white. But you can also say Me Shri, go quite that, white that, and that's cuteness. Sometimes depends on how you use it by Cookie queued. What was the last time you used the word widen maybe to my ex boyfriend using your high dot. And lastly, guys with a done, we have this term which is one bar that will probably be a bigger, bad PR, bad person, bigger batter, backwards. It's still quite cute, though. Can be sometimes, yeah. Yes. Yeah. So qua Q What would literally be king, King eight curriculum ATE eggs. I've not to have any idea why. No, me neither. Let's just ignore it and not trying to explain that one, but that is quite funny actually, my auntie cause her son one by omega S. Good. 15. You silly: Ok, so we're doing slang here and cute slang that SO cute swear words. And we'll just done in the previous video. Now in this video we're going to go ahead and do with Jude hall. Yeah. So drilled hole is as well pick Hit pig had literally a very cute term. You can imagine this is not offensive in any way. You can just call someone. Are you good? That would hold. True. And you'll notice now is are we have about one to 33 times in total with the toy at the end. So Paul, just your head just means that you yeah. You idiot you silly1. Silly head. Yes, silly idea, we get silly. Had wakes English as only good tool. You can use any good drilled hole. Drilled hole in Egypt are truthful. Yeah, fantastic. And moving on, we can say, and this is actually one of my favorites, one of the first ones that I learnt as quite easy as well. And you got whole nega, need good poll. So we skip the knee. Should you got hole is just an abbreviation for yeah, it's like knee. Good. Top. Note that Chinese does that a lot. If there is an adjective, you can just say naught. If there's, so, if there's a noun, you can just say nega, and then you can say whatever it is. It is very colloquial, but it's very common. So nega tall Niigata Holmes, I mean, like can, can, can kinda get haul wagons and new kinds of mechanics. Or, or if you tell me something is really awesome, like this movie is graded again, ha ha ha ha. I don't just I don't agree. I'll be like, oh, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, you can say Niigata hold, but you can also start using it like say a statement and then say good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's really useful as well. So either nega tall or how come get whole. Or if I give you food, article an archer to go in and out from the Sun, you're tall idea in the box. Okay, wonderful. So that's how you can use these different terms. So we can put anything in the gut Hall at the end, but we can also put anything in them, put good coffee. Is this one here. P. And say, I do want to give me an example. Like similar to what we just said. Like when you when you when you say a statement and I don't I don't agree and I can use that to sort of express that. Exactly. Yeah, do it again, Harlem Mao and there will be like omega p i lemongrass. Slightly, a bit cruder than previous one. Exactly. Has to do with but talk as in book. Hopefully you can censor that went out. Yeah. So yeah, if you don't agree with somebody is to say, good pole or a guppies. And there'll be very impressed. But you'd be in presence of a giant foreigner came up to you to use that word army. If we are very close friends, if we're not, I guess lady offended and you get offended with with a PM at all? Yeah. It's like so you should only use it with someone that you trust and someone who get that. So be careful. Be careful. I don't use these terms alone. Yeah, just make sure you're careful about these things to tread the waters lightly. 16. Bugger off!: Wonderful. And now we have cult which actually means to, to lean on some didn't depend. Yeah, yeah, but it doesn't mean that at all in this case. Here, it's what color to it to express like wow or something like, you know, it's an exclamation. Exclamation. And later on, this part of the course is still cute slang words, acute swear words. But then we have an actual swear word, which is f, c, k, and for that one that's pronounced at the end. So I think this is just a light version of lattice-like version. So this one is accepted anyways, intercepted and it's like saying, bummer, what calculus. Okay? So don't think of it like meaning I lean on something. Just, it just simply means that n. Okay, so, so that was the first one in this video. The second word is, well, let's see if we can use this to start with. It's all. You look a bit. Children today. Steffi ha flare, gun. Piss off. Literally roll away. Yes. But literally roll away role. Yeah. Good. So it's very funny whenever I tried to say good as something rolled away, everyone starts laughing because I can only think of getaway or as Andiswa word, but it's very cute actually, isn't it? Sometime between friends? Yeah, the NICU. So either just good, really good. Cousera, Alibaba. Now the last word in this video is, we've mentioned earlier, which means your butts. But now it's not know. Now x actually is thought, yeah, you'll also be farts, which has found the, so it could mean you frumpy, you fought, but it also means you're seeing bullshit, you speaking bullshit. This is just all the beaches in the world. It sends the wrong word there. Bush and your world. Yes, funky. War. Barbaro finishes CDA Danny to dharma felt, you know, I would have seen gloom and growing and growing and wonderful. So that was the last word of this video and the last word on this segment of this course as well, which is called QT swear words. For this section, these cues wet words, just make sure that you only use that with very close friends. Because if you use it with strangers or in a business environment, there are not superclasses, so just, just reminder, friendly, friendly reminder, friendly reminder, but that's going to warm, gentle reminder. I've noticed that when you're ever in a business setting, you'd never ever use land of Anytime. It's kind of risky. And then we have an even I've enlisted later on with harsh slang, which and which when cute slime doesn't even work at business meeting. Let's not talk about the heart-lung. Wonderful. See you next video. 17. I support …: This parts of its lung cause it's going to be expressions. And we've divided these expressions up into like daily things or negative or positive label expressions. And we'll just start with the ones we can use in our daily life. Ok, so the first one here would be like, there's an expression which is nots languages is jail de la CIO, as in fill up the tank and add more oil. But it literally means that you can use it for your call, but also means Come on. Yeah, but you can also come on like you shout, you cheer on someone in a slang way, which would be way summit, that call measurement. And what is called a Chinese word. Now it's English words like making a phone call. This could be number six, but it could also be that you're calling zone. So weird, I sort of hit this work because I don't understand it. You call for zone one, which means like you support someone or you speak high up somewhere, you're highly recommend someone or something. Could you something. So you see Chinese loves to use English words will have plenty more examples throughout this entire course and we've already had some. Yes. So you have way as enforce on one. Yeah. And then you say, Well, let's put in, let's say Steffi, we all support Cephei Wyman way. That's DefCon. We Steffi dot-com. So call, so if and if you know it's all ready to make a phone call is dark, they are hot. So they think that call and should work. Just took the damn hot made. That is when English word and the rest was just the same. But then all of a sudden this became slang for, I support you any way without calmer. We'd had that Conte woman doing oh, wait, I'm not clear. We'd had that car. And note here that call is like not core and not with a British or an American or any type of accent. It's just supposed to be caught. Yeah, I mean, like call, call, call your heart. It almost sounds like a Chinese world, but it's first tongues for dystonia, coal. Coal. And so it's, again, I don't fancy there's way too much Ripley's not using it because it's common. Yeah, yeah, it's like continents, very common, very common. So again, go ahead there and support people. 18. Gangster: Another thing you can use in your daily life now is hood. Hood, hood. So what it actually means to make something big, something budget that's not slung. However, if it's slang, how would we use it then I will use as a verb and being like messier Ron hanging around for example, like hanging around the street lighting, nothing all hanging out, hanger-on in someone's house at a friend's house, hoods that had yeah. So almost like because Chinese, how's the world war one, which is to play. So it sounds really awkward. Always translate things to like, do you want to come over and play? And I think in that case we have our savior, which is one. So do you want to come over and a little bit. So terms for this could be like when is my hood is you're so yeah. So the question would be Ni Hui Zai Na. Where do you usually hang out? Where do you usually hang around? And you would answer within some area, nauseam non-zero. And you see yellow because I wouldn't my hood is below. I'll walk Lindsay, Mandy below. So that's my hurt you or heard is cheating. We like to different sides of a very nervous like West Side did. Wonderful. We've just done on different sides of the seat waving HE does not as hood and using coordinates quite funny as well. We have a little slang term for someone who hangs out about a lot. Yeah. Like conflict or self-hood. Yeah. So first of all, it would just be someone who hangs out to LA. So this term has come about and become more, more like a person who, what does it do? Nothing. Terrible mess around Nano street or day getting to troubles, gain to Joe. Yeah, I think I think we all know what that means yet. And there's all this always one of little neighborhood. So either Cancun or self-aware, which one would you use? So what? Yes. Yeah. Wonderful. So take this Yao etching time. I who whom that Eddie, he he always messes about or hangs about over here. Yeah. Very good. 19. To release someone’s pigeons: This term is funny. Very useful theory are useful a bit inexplicable, but let's go for it. So do you remember our data we booked yesterday, you didn't come white, forgot convenience or did you let the pigeons go again? You always let the pigeons go so annoying. Next time you can do that to me, I'm so happy. Really sold a pigeon next time? Yes. Why? We don't know why it's pigeons. But to really literally than to release pigeons, mean to stand so on up to Xn knowledge base on someone to bail us. I want excellent appointment. Yeah. So we have a date. We're going to meet a friend, dinner, anything you Fung and they you need to Fung who's pigeon? I could be anywhere. It could be me, ukulele, so on. So on. Yeah. Oh, so well, who's Selim is like a just came up. Everyone knew someone was access to me. So yeah, let's go with cylinder. And so it would say, We would say Fung Shihuang and they use a dot like his pigeons or just Shihuang good, final goods. Goods that photo longer, Debussy, funny goods. And I'm very sure on the sources, Janzen and Misha Funds someone's good for. Very, very useful. Yes. 20. To dance awkwardly: Okay, so in this video, we're going to go through one of my favorites actually. And it's something that is awkward as what Ganga, Ganga, wonderful gang up and with awkward. Now, anything that would do is awkward. But what we do is put, put in particular now is that we were chatting, charting, which is Liao. Liao. So we do then is we actually take whatever you do if it's awkward. It's, it's either actually the most common ones are to awkwardly chats or accorded dense, awkwardly duns. You can probably picture that in front of V-naught. Yes. So we have first of all, if we talk, then you take the Ganga and you dig the gun, got in the water. Oh, we're missing that. I Karla galliard. Yeah. Very, very awkward because we have to do this. Wonderful. And then if I stand up, go exactly. So yeah, you get these ones will push you one guy who had a ticket and needs they go. Yeah, it's very funny actually not just tell early Archean anymore now it's actually garlic or go yes, for dance or chat in awkward way, in an awkward moment, please start using that one and tell us the last time you felt like you saw when you experience the rebuild gallium or gala yourself. 21. To have no shame: Okay guys, in this video we're going to go through something that is quite interesting. It doesn't only exist in our culture, actually exist very much so in Chinese culture as well. And literally we use the same word we use. Face can literally means fake face, but figuratively could also mean respect. Yeah. Yeah. So what do we do them? We say Julian Dooley and so dealings do means to lose, also likely to lose possession of something. And in this case, you just means you dropped it. Gill and then Lian means your face. Yes. So I think this is one of my favorite things about languages when Not just words mean the same, but also they culturally mean the same in a figurative way. That's quite interesting. I love that actually. So we have dual. Yeah, yeah. So I can use in a sentence, our audience, our triangles tall should be attend theatre. I thought until they are. So you can depart. So you can just explain something. You can end it with like OK, unduly or it's an TVM. Yeah. But I realized that this is even more important in China and in Japan, like image apart, like if you lose a war, you didn't have to do that. And we Chinese closer to that than we are to that. So respect and losing face as something that's important in two important, why this is very important. It's not even slang anymore, it's just cultural, cultural terms. Now, we can say Leanne, but we can also use it as a net. Mimi and yeah, so men would just be a, What is it just, just so aside, we can learn to prepositions you like Li Mian, Wo Men, Lai Mian, yeoman. You can use these to say different places. But now we can use it to say they just your faces also means face. So where you said there was no man's land, that is actually the word say phase. And then we can say me, me, me, me, and it's like Julian. Yeah. Yeah. We can also know if you want someone to look better, good like I say, you say good things about me, please. Do you know how shy? Jenny Sancho, gay man. Tony again. So you either Mamie answer or you Delia, but you can also just sit, give solemn yeah. Because it makes them look anions. Make them utopia until doing our culture. Yeah, so gave me wonderful. So we have those three times so far, but there's a fourth term as well, but we think you should probably know by this point then its holy, holy im here. So hope that thick kick. And in the end we just went through face to face skin. Skin. So thick face skin. As in you. You talk basically, yeah, like fixed king in English, thick skin. So you don't let a lot of things disturb you. You don't get affected very easily. Don't get disturbed very easily. So, yeah, it's difficult why we imagined in this mode and because we are talking about phase, like How is important. But some people, they just have fixed gain. They're not worried about losing face. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it also can mean less than one. Doesn't know, someone doesn't know how to behave properly and doesn't worry about upsetting people. So it's kind of related. Also, what you're noticing here is the expression is wholly MP. Well, you can do is, you can decipher that and you can look at it and say Liam pee hole. So you're only appears in your face, a hero you face skin is very hot. Yes, it's very ethic so you can just flip it around as soon that so long as you know what parts of the world it is. Well part of the expression. What is, you can play around with as much as you want. And you, Jordan, you Dudley, MPI, homo, center hook measure, measure, measure, measure, measure. What has you could give me a hammer. You had some daughter, Yang hunt. Hunt. You had. 22. To get someone drunk: Hey guys, and we are going through slang and not just lamba like daily slangs, daily expressions that we can use. This one is, one, is 11 means fill up something with liquid usually won't do your Kingsley one tree. Yeah, so fill up water in this or you can also fill up alcohol and this glass. Plotinus who still feel up alcohol with a person? Yeah. So if you get someone trunk, you can say one, say today as in Yeah, I've gotten drunk. So then you can either say Apache shape B, shake Wednesday. Ok. So what we want to do here is if we get someone drunk, we need to use the bond. That's super useful, most common ones. So we would say Felix bar Steffi concern for instance. And that's how we can use it like that. Or boil up bow or Guanzi. That's wonderful. Now, if you've gotten drunk by someone, you friends, for instance, how would you say? So again, Wang Shang Bei warp Holyoke. Well, yes. So you say what pay someone Kanzi law was pay will pay based Steffi Felix based African Zola. He got so drunk by her, her, on her, according our initiative, she got drunk. She got him drunk. Fantastic. So that's quanta isn't to fill up and then getting drunk. Very nice expression. And especially if you're hanging a bore. 23. Paparazzi lit. a group of dogs: Okay guys, if you've heard of the term new tie, which is cowboy, yeah. Xy means a bloke. And so this term now as well as Gotye goods, I like literally that dog, dog, dog handler. It's quite weird, but this is a Popper Otzi like dogs can be a bit, yeah, almost like a pathology of people following people don't care for their own alike in their own integrity. Yeah. 24. Cockroach lit. little strong: Now to say cockroach in Chinese is a tunnel. That's quite difficult word to know, and it's only used when you say Congress, both of those characters almost. So instead, there's another term which I find particularly useful, which is cell tower, shall town. So little stronger. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And a name and you know, the story behind this, you just told me the story behind it came from movies. You guys know dosing, She is a very, very famous code. Hong Kong movie style movies are very influential in the nineties. We, one of the movies that there was this cockroach and he named the cockroach shouts hump, and it became really famous. So everybody starts, started calling cockroaches cell tower. Like a cute nickname for cockroaches exactly. You'll notice that I, AS many countries. In many countries you have slang coming up from movies and TV shows. But particularly so in Chinese, I feel like they just listen to what celebrity say and they go, okay, that's Langdon. Let's make that into a popular contemporary term. Yeah. So yeah, shall town, small, Strong, and everyone knows what it means. So I'll tell you it's like a name like show me show me your toe on Shark Tank. Yeah. It's an end. But in this case everyone understands that. Yeah, young people knows that. Young people, young, wonderful. So he did a juggler or its Charlestown. Yeah, fantastic. 25. To fiddle with: Okay guys, so we have a good time for you here. If you don't know how to play with something and we don't know which word to use, light to fiddle with some food, then what should you do? Python. Pandas means a tray. Yeah, or like, or like a place, I guess. Here's a picture of a pun or a panther. Or you can use it as a measure. Where does art, so you could just say EPA and give we pump. But now PAN is also a verb. So Lew, Could you play with her? I could play with a cat. The cat? Yeah. Again, play with the camera. So you would then say time, Egypt, Jamal, Japan, degrees Yangzi. Yeah, so Ponzi due to Mao, which is why as you noticed and what would you do if you come with Ashanti? Play work per play around with the, you know, try they are functions you survived by Accessories, goods. So that's play around or fiddle with, yeah, if you play around or not, play around, not fiddle around with the capital. If you play around with the OB pun and if you also you can pan with a person. Yeah. And what would that one was actually the person you'll be like that. We can ask, for example, if Felix make me angry and I'm going to causing trouble, programming to travel situations are Villa Panza. Panza. Yes, we are polar tail and we uphold. Wonderful. So those are different words that we can use together. What those were different times and locations will weaken as PAN. Pan is super easy to remember because just a tree under you to play around with the plate, I guess. And that's how you can interpret it to be, to play around with, to mess with. So either with a cat, with a comma to fiddle, which was with someone, that means mess around. Yeah, very useful actually. 26. To be fashionable: Okay guys, so if you follow fashion in Chinese, when China, in Chinese you would say Dang Shu Mark. Yeah. So we can start by breaking it down and saying Sumo, which would be fashion, fashion or fashionable. So Agency, or it could be translated to a number most of the time it's just an adjective. But now what we're doing is we're gun in diamonds wants to chase off foreign oil to choose action. Yeah, hopefully you know the word chase already has in gun because it means a lot of things. You Dang Shi Jiao Gan Shi Jian. I'm I'm hurried on time as in I, I'm short, I'm short on time. Complete cavity like IMO, I need to run on the road because I need to catch the plane. So whenever you say catched yet gang, but now you can make gun. Would Schumann consumer facing the fashion? Yeah, I follow the trends which you can clearly tell the consumer needs, whether it's that you wake and Shuman. I claimed I could say negative or reconstruct the hobbyist turbine cancer multiverse remarks about Syria. 27. To eat vinegar?: Okay guys, this is what I'm favorite parts of the slang cause we have food now. There's three in particular, a particularly useful mental terms that we have here. I find it very innovative how, how opportunities came about these words. Anyways, we have, we are either soy sauce or vinegar automata. And those mean very different things. So we as though without jungle that John, you're basically means like this is now my business, nonnumeric business. And just here too. Passer-by. Yeah. I'm not trespassing on. I'm just walking by by by walking by and his mommy. So I think it came about when, again on the TV show, someone walked into the set and then they asked is What are you doing? Oh sorry. I'm just I'm just adding soy sauce here. Don't don't care for me license. It wasn't only interview was always the reporters were asking questions. Would, you know, people on the street? And, uh, one of this guy, when they asked him questions, he was just like, oh, I don't know. I'm just like, you know, just getting some soy sauce. Again. And the Chinese people were looking at that and they went lots. Chinese slang became like a mean mortal. So that's wonderful. So you can say washer Da Jiang, your doctor, what you are or what you should do. What I yeah, I'm just here to not do anything. It's all fantastic. Now, we have that. We also have chisel. I love that one, nothing. Yeah. The next two ones are going to be with I-T should saw as Interleaved vinegar. You can imagine the face when you eat vinegars. And that's also the face that you pull whenever someone jealous you jealous. Yeah. Yeah. I'm always tell us because then every anytime it steffi talks to a guy, if he has like eating vinegar, not a good feeling. Ok, so what didn't do? Polyadenylated should sort through up to chelate. Yes, get jealous. Fantastic. Now, that's jealous soap reactions or websites or Tanenbaum's Struts till you go. What's the last 10404? Wonderful term. E TOFEL. Yeah, to eat tofu. And it's okay, so TOEFL, you have to think of truth and first, as in AC soft, so innocent and it's easy to play around with. And that please don't get offended. It's also how you can think of women if you are asked them sorted. Again, I don't want to offend anyone at all. Yeah. Yeah, young females. Okay. So innocent, naive guards, I guess. So what you do then is you say eat someone's tofu. And that means take advantage of someone. Exactly. So this is not a very good one at all. Yeah. Please please never have to use this word. So yeah, you have to choose. If let's not eat yours, let's true PAR that offer and then this is just an anonymous person. What should target offer? What does that mean? I take advantage of him or her. Him or her exactly. It's usually quite is usually in a sexual way. Does that awkward anyways? And that's why we've finished with that one cuz yeah, nothing fun on that node. So what we have is, we have three times here in this video, we have either to not have anything to do with this whole getting jealous. Yeah. And we have shipped off to the awful, which is let's not even try. Fantastic. Those are three terms that I think, well to at least are very useful. 28. To spank the horse’s butt: Helium and hello, and hello camera tourism. Let's not ignore you. And so this part is slang. And this part of the slang causes tips and tricks, tips and tricks. So things that can get you places in life. If you know some of these words, they're good ones on the streets is, or you can call it my street Chinese, I guess happened starting with, if I'm rich, you would like to obviously. But what that bothers me. So today we just mean leg takeaway is this XI the thigh? So you want to hug my thigh? Which is, well, it should be like basically piggyback. Piggy matches your resource or power to my benefit. Exactly. So if I'm rich or if I'm famous, you want to hang around me so you can, you can get some exposure basically. So that is pod outweigh that someone's stack hoax almost died. And you need to Meli hire. Well beta3. Well bygone era, wonderful. And so that is about outweigh excellent and using Bardot way, we also have a second word. Again, if you're, if I'm your boss, let's say you're my boss and my boss. What do I need to do to make you happy? So literally then pi my p is pi is either to take a photo but also like slat. So slab or to beat, to slap a little bit. Mrp would mean a horse's bottom, a horse's bottom very, very correctly informally, sadness. So PyMOL P is yet to hit to beat the horses button. Yeah, but it just means to sack off for Turkey's ask. Ok. So now we have two expressions here. We have badhealth way or we have what? Pymol. Exactly. And both are used if you want to like rice in rank. So you want to get maximum exposure or something. Very good PyMOL p's. So use by the way, that we just have an abbreviation for it, which is PMP, PMP fear and internet. Yeah, you can just write p and p and everyone knows what you're talking about. We are Palmer PyMOL p. So whenever you compliments or one, someone else is very likely to just say your pen, OK? Yeah. Wonderful. Those are two words for you. If you feel like you want to, again, rise in the ranks or suck up to so on. Good luck. 29. Don’t be fooled: Okay, this next video is actually originally colo is the word. And originally it was like a sequence of movements like martial arts or like your dance. In short, actually in Chinese then he will sure like that little martial arts form. And this then was tolerated. But then later on in the slang term, it actually just means all of trickery. Yeah. Or your your foul ways of doing something. Okay. So it's not cleaned waste, it's dirty ways basically. So yeah, I think you just came up with a very good example of like you'd be a tableau will use it as a verb, yeah, use as a virtual style with, for instance, if I use u here, as, I don't know, we have a model shoots and you come over and I say, Oh, I'm not going to watch it. I say, I'm not going to pay you. I'm gonna, I'm gonna give you exposure and fame and experience roots. I would, I would guys. And as a model I'll be Lai Ni Bu Tololwa. Know what you're doing, you know, don't give me that. That's not the right way to do things exactly. So yeah, perfect. Powders means a thing or a way and Luminoso. Streets or all away as often, yeah. Yeah. So this becomes a routine. So it can be used as a routine, but also in this case when it slung, it means either as a verb or a noun. And I could trickery, don't trick me basically. And you can also, so you can say b, a total war. But you can also say, for instance, if you see something and you're about to be tricked by it, I go no, no, no, no. Gigo, Garbage, political Gone Girl, subtotal, doorstop, total toggle. And therefore you should not trust this. And so yeah, we have another sentence which is Gen Shang was it really showed me how to Idiot Jungian shiny and Tabu or sincerity and less, less, less total. Yeah, very good word. I love it. Do you love it? I love it. I use all the time. Make sure you don't get any tableau. The tableau method. 30. To pay lip service: Stephanie to nominal what receding being seeded other Zama, Charlotte, Joseph, Joseph, warrior plus emission. That shot it accident. The character is funny. First time I saw it was like but this is Yao. Yao isn't to ones. You should probably know what this one also be character if you haven't loves it, go to our course. Not less than the other course. And then shroud looks like or Shuang looks like this. And it means like I just used the I said something that was preposterous and you said, well, I mean, it's like your shower trowel, don't trick me. Don't trick me or don't play, don't. Yeah. I don't I don't get fooled. A city basically. Now you can use it to just say if someone's joking, you don't, don't joke with me like this, but you can also do like to deceive or to cheat, so on. So if someone comes up to you and be like, for instance, there's tea ceremonies here in Beijing, especially in Shanghai and Beijing it where they trick foreigners and they combine and then all of us and they take their money by doing different things. And then these people, they, we can say that they Schleiden, they also cheat and deceive people as odd. So you can indicate a bourgeois, they follow. Please tell embarrassing. You could say ticker n2 where Schroeder. And that would be like disposal. We can always say things but he can never actually do the things. And that's just a term for this. But they actually, but that's just a way to explain this in a longer sentence. But there's a word for this. Tragic yeah, truss API. So again, shrine like we just did Shroud was to false or one. Yeah. And but in this case, you fall somewhere with your mouth, which is usually the way for full so but yeah, you're it's ap. Ap means your, your lips. Yeah, cuz the lip, again, Chinese and Soviet here because it's just lip where it's, what is it, the mouth. Sketching? The mouth skin is just your is your lips. Ok. So then it basically like talking slickly to someone or to pay lip service to them, say things that you will do by not actually following through with them. Can you give us an example? Which I do EPR, shorthand and Dragon daughter. She's a woman. Female being blades hotel. So there we go. That was shot API, wonderful. Okay, so we have another term using this shot. Now we're going to teach you one more time. It's the third time in this video. And it's like life. He means what? He means, someone who doesn't keep his commitment. The department's commitment, yes. Someone who doesn't doesn't follow through yet. So it's quite similar to the previous term. But for instance, give us an example. They're meaningful, Your Majesty, the iPhone and you say, oh, she lives here. So you told me you were going to do it. You definitely did. And now you just don't do it. So, so I would like to do some to just be indifferent to things and not follow through with us. And so yeah. And then you want to make this into a verb. So will you just said was not just like P, but you said, oh yeah, Charlotte, fly like perfect. So now we've made this into a verb because like he's not very okay. So let's, let's trace back here. We've got shot, which just means two, deceit someone will deceive, sorry. And then we can say, and what does it means? Lay some ongoing talks. It doesn't do anything, doesn't follow through. And very similar then, but someone who does activate indifferent would be valid for life here. Fantastic, quite complicated terms, but I think very useful if you, if you find yourself in that situation. Well, obviously, interval. We just realized this. Once we were creating this course, we will be realized. But now going through this, there's an entire section here of just like sucking up to your boss, holding his law. Trickery to deceive someone, to act shamelessly or in different. And these are just negative terms. It's like if you come to China now, one other thing to be careful make what might be good for us on a quote from a cultural viewpoint to come here. And nobody's times because then you'll be equipped to defend yourself. Funny, weird. 31. To rub a fish: Okay guys, the term here is to literally them to touch official to rob a fish. Yeah. More, more, more. And this actually, well, I moved onto jobs now in this video, I'm going to call a jobs with a few more words. And yeah, so what's the term there is more you and it means, means touched a fish. But that literally, figuratively like being lazy. Being lazy. When we say someone some burn more means he's doing something unrelated to work while working moms over workplace. You can think of it like you're sitting by the river, you trying to catch fish. It's not thing productive. It's all You just said that it was difficult to do as well. It's not productive, particularly. So Maurya. So what he said there was this sample centers was shot by, shot them all you somebody Tito and more. Lazy on the job. Exactly. A wonderful little. So, so if you know the one which is not too difficult, especially now if you know more which means to pet a stroke, then you know this word now, Mali, pterygoid one to be lazy on the job. Okay, wonderful. And we are onto jobs here and talking about job terms. And there's another funny one. And I think you've explained this typically just a second ago. Yes. You already excellent. Yeah. Well, I'll do the literal explanation or the literal translation would be tall fried and then Yo-Yo would be squid. So a fried squids buttons, and that actually now means to be fired, but please tell us why. So when you stir fry squared, it's going to roll it up, right? If you ever tried hitting up squid, you will roll it up. So what does it mean being fired is because like previously, if you work for an employer, for example, if you work in a restaurant and the employer or giving you provide you with accommodations, you have probably at least a bed and you are bringing your own blanket and killed and Dunant and everything and your other belongings there. And when you get fired, you have to roll it up or your blankets in your your your denied at him with all your belongings there, you have to leave. So basically this rolling up action is what they were talking about when he talks about stir-frying. So that's why because it'll help you understand. Men and I could have Livingston. Yeah, it's the same actually looks like when you roll up your belongings and you walk away. Looks the same as when you fly a squid. It's quite interesting and funny. So watch out for fried squids. And if you ever want to give you job, we have another one. No. If you don't want to get fired, you better not be a a inside ghost. Yes, Negro, 10kg weight. So that is a mole equals yes, I want to corrupt On the inside me. Well, I think that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Yeah. Goals from the inside. Yet nearly. So this is known and you say Tasha got negro or just all were mentally or Negro, Day will material neglect k. Now the last term that we want to teach you something, first of all, it's useful in the second one is actually slang, so it's 2x, 2x x2 times here the terms. The first one is, we're going to talk about two term by their same pronunciation. First one is, she holds true. In this case, three is tax. So surely Ho is after-tax show r2 is income. So SRE whole showroom, after-tax income. That's pretty straightforward. There's another SRE whole showroom and where that the SRY is being sleep. So to income after sleep means the income that you don't have to do anything was basically passive income. Passes really Coleman You have passive income? Yeah. So anything that I do is usually while sleeping and that's what I weight the most money, shareholder showroom, fantastic. Passive income. And those were all the job terms that we think are useful and also the slang. Slang. Now let's go through them again. It's either rubbing your fish, have more means to be lazy, or you can tell your U and that would be to be fired five because it looks like you wrap up your belongings. Anyway, an insight ghost, tango makes sense. And the last one was, say, household. Well, first of all, it's after-tax income. And then the second one would be after sleep income, passive income, Fantastic. Good luck and enjoy those expressions. 32. Internet trolls: Hello there and welcome back to some online terms. It's slang, but in this case it's more online terms that we'll ever, the slang term is an online town, but these are especially ones that you can use online. Okay. So first of all, we can say Jim Panza, temperature, and this temperature is just two keyboards bought. And then the shadows, like a warrior, warrior. So in English you have this term. Yeah, I think English, we have keyboard. Somebody work. We're taxed other people online. Yeah. Hiding behind their screens. Yeah. I keyboard. We're never heard of that. You just told me I'm I yeah. Or you would just be a troll basically. So I want to trolls you online. And yeah, isn't annoying person in the comment section basically. So that is a jumpin Xia, wonderful. Now, you can say that the other term that we're going to teach you is it's quite funny. House the word in it, but it's not actually impolite or anything like that. Original term was wacko sure. Walker, Sure. So virtually there, no speech can't say or nothing to talk about today, exactly nothing to say. But then they thought, well, first of all, what are hot and full of very similar sounds in Chinese, they think at least. And so they matter very much mixed them up. And in some Providence, I know that they just say food instead of watts. Yeah, yeah. It makes these two pronunciations all the time. And so I want, so like, here's a wiser flower they would say are far, far, far, far, sounds very silly anyway. So now you can solve, understand that they mix up F and H. So in this case, all Wacker sharp becomes all flock as it sounds like for kinda middle. So instead you just read in Wall. Fuck, sure. People do that sometimes online. So you don't really say it, just write it and Libby, quite funny, I would say yeah. Wonderful. And moving on to the next one. So yeah. So used as one whenever you don't have anything to say fuck, sure. As a joke. As a job. Yeah. So the next term we're going to talk about is called I'm being run. It's a short form for a sentence which is leeches are harping notion we're not being mayor from one. Okay. So law, however, forever being male trauma like it did indeed doesn't have any it doesn't have any. Law, is like bloody use doesn't have any goods. So young would be used. You could just say the sense without LIN, But it's funny or it would LAN and Luan would be actually a for that in the penis part of this course. Venus segue, powerless segments of this course. And then Luoyang would be like, It's like bloody like actually doesn't have any use Niger useless. And that's useless, but it's funny. So this term was so common. Jar being mayor for MLA, you know, I'd be measurable. So he said it so many times that will happen to sell people shorten into three characters. So you'll note here that it's nothing to use it as a US lessens the opposite are useful as opposed to the previous bit word that we had, which was nothing to say. So it's like nothing to talk about it and now it's nothing to use. Wonderful. So that is also a very, very good one, or the last one we're going to talk about is also a short form for a sentence. And it's called Chung-hee won, which stands for Tertullian Joe, who are generally one quick one. And that is people, yeah, knows how play, they know how to play, but play in Chinese, if you come across this word before, you probably know that one can mean anything. Yeah, a lot of things like hang out or play with the toy, play with your kids. I don't know to be at a party as old as the minimum of these things. So it sounds a bit silly when we translate to English all the time to play. And I do want to come over and play at my house later today. Anyways, the expression goes, yeah, city people can play. Yeah, brilliant city people could know how to party. So let's make that shorter. And again, turned away one, training correctors Chihuahua, do you think is true? A lot of cases, law cases, when not to when normal to learn. Normally. They come here, we are more entertained and here in the city. So that's probably what they would say as well. Not just that the people can play play, but that the city is much more entertaining and a search, yeah. And therefore, therefore, this is a very common expression. Peop, people usually come to the biggest cities to foot. Fantastic. So let's walk you through these four expressions. Note, first of all, there's a keyboard or a troll. Yeah, Jim Panza, jumpin shell. Wonderful. And where we have I don't have anything to say. I don't have any news. Culture. I'm sorry. I have something to say. Sorry, sorry, I made you say that. And then the next one which is useless, Iran being ramping Yuan once a village. And then it's city people, country people enroll, people call me and they go all the way to theta. 33. To have a beef: Okay guys, this part of the cause is if you've got lots of testosterone and this might be good for you. Or if you just want to keep away from any, any arguments for confrontations, you should use. There are about three expressions that we're going to go through. Okay, we start with silver. So that's a verb and it means to beef? Yeah, to fight. To have a beef with someone, to have a beef bane? Yeah. Basically. So we could say i these two people are are coming up. Okay. So first of all is Tom inside. So they are briefing with each other. We add another and the other one was like pumping your SLA like our nother opposite, narrow upward it again. Now they're doing it again and we'll see, yeah. And then what you can say is you can actually say case law. Case law. And that would be to start yeah, they start a fight or flight. So it sounds very much I have trouble pronouncing this one because I'm so uses encase shoe. And this one sounds like a shrew, but it means to start a fight. Yeah, Basically case Shu De cashes caches, but you can just say case cylinder instead. So timing cash, Tamil younger Yochai's slow up. Should I do wanna say that? I don't want to say a, b. B as you can eat this. Or you can add little p at the end, which I've covered in the penis or genital section of the course. It means yes, the female genital. Yeah. And yeah, you can get the oneness that would see. And then you can either say slip or you can say simply that it means the same thing now, yeah, I having a fight with someone, having five really violent fight. Very violent and fighting. Wonderful. So still spill up. Fantastic in or don't enjoy, pleased, have to enjoy these things. 34. To confront: Okay guys, the next slide now is going to be what is it like? Confront with someone? Confront. Yes. All come from First of all, let's see how to use it. Yeah. Yeah. So you can do a solid, dreamy and we're not sure exactly what bat. Yeah. It's excellent. Yeah. Now that's interesting because you can say I weigh someone. Yeah. But if you've gone through our cause in Chinese, for instance, you've, you've probably noticed that there's a character, which is correct. But that also means to face someone. So mama, they wash or Mama do well. In this case, you can use play as a preposition to say to me basically, and they using the exact same place. And that it means to someone, so in but yet then you need to add a verb. But however, if you pronounce it like a two way, like Dude, instead, you don't need a vote because it's already a verb on its own. It means to confront that you put a sink underneath that doing exactly at different character. So yeah, that's another character. But it's interesting because the characters are so similar as he is the day and he used the youre doing that we're talking about. So very similar as well. So yeah, if you look at the character now that we're not going through Kansas law in this course, but it's quite interesting to look at actually it's correct and hot. And it's basically when you, when you feel like in principle you should, this is not correct then because your heart is yeah, where your heart is, correct. Then you should confront soul. Yeah, because there's like an emotion there. Yeah, I think it makes all the sense in the world. Needs AD or mail, do a high del about doing any but changes early on. 35. To annoy: Okay, this next term is also when you talk about fighting, it's none. It means provoke or annoy someone. Exactly. Yeah. So it's quite interesting because hot, It sounds like hot, almost hot. So maybe if you get, if you get annoyed these lists because it's so hot. So you can imagine, I'm so hot, don't provoke me. Yeah. Python and I'll tell you a little bleating. Wonderful. So just like Duan, like we did in the previous, the previous word, both can just spoke are verbs, and both are very useful words, especially as they have to do with fighting. And they're just one character. So very stern number. Okay. So visual below are clearly Dell was a graffiti fate humble talent. 36. Let the roasting begin!: Hello guys. And we've moved through a lot of things with the slung cause. And now we're going to go into the negative part. The negative part slants. Yeah, we've noticed many times already that a lot of slang is negative. Unfortunately, however, we just made an entire section about this as well. We thought this might be easier. Okay? So we can start with something that is very common on line. Now, you can see a lot of videos are made about this and what is taught hot, cold, hot. And it means, means complaining. Yeah, but it's also actually the way to say to reversed, so on. To roast, to reverse the person there tools out. Yeah. So it's shown. Yeah. So we have the same show. You other sanctuary in the West End was we have in the western world where yeah, you grow so well, yeah, today is the big roaster, Donald Trump for instance. And then it's towards Hall, who is a TV show. Yeah, so we can use this one as a noun. For instance, we can say neither told Hollywood. Well team not ordered so dot, dot less than. And another useful thing you can do it with tools. How would be to complain about someone watching antennas, which are taught how is our law than Obama? So don't complain about me anymore in English, but not to other word about in Chinese. You just say beer taught holes. You have holes how or please don't complain about me, anyone to being my best excellence. And the tool by the way, is to throw up yeah. To spit. To spit. Yeah. Yeah. And that's how it is something that I I I've never used this word because I barely know how to use or what it means. And he's like a groove, like a groove like that. Or a tremors or actually something that. But again, it's not very important like that, but if you want to, you can decipher it like that. However, just remember it as total and you're good to go. 37. Not a chance!: Now this next term is useful and very easy to understand. Actually it has two characters that you've hopefully learned. Actually. It's, she'll see this show and cellulose. Yeah. Yes. So to rest and then like rest your thoughts. Rest your thoughts. Quit your thoughts about something. Yeah. Yeah. So what it means here is like you don't even think about something, like you won't get it. Yeah. Or like in your dream you have is a light. So you say she'll Xiang and then you say what the thing is. Yeah. Okay. So for instance, the easiest thing would be like, I don't think that you could ever walk away. Shows shoving Newtown Leica, shooter Leica or something else would be like if I come to you and I want money, I don't know that's yet another Chen. So first of all, show Xiang. So you and your thoughts and your dreams. You think you can come here and talk more drone and Archean, get some money from me. Only weakly. Turkey analogy. Now HOBr, now was, was Unilever. Anyways, that is sure Xiang and that means in your dreams, while there's a similar wines caught me Mart, which means Norway. So I want money. They might just say MIMO, MIMO. Now it means no way. Basically we can just translate to new way. But then if you already know some Chinese, you might know that. But there's another way to say No way, which is me bumper. But for the difference here is may bump eyes. I'd like to do it. Yeah. Yeah. But it's impossible to do it. It's impossible to do it as opposed to MIMO, which would just be literally that no gates. I'm not giving you any gates. No. It's basically impossible. Yeah. No way you can do this. Yeah. This one was more like no, I don't want to do it from main memory. And you also don't using the sentence, you use it independently just on its own, on its own. So say the sentence and then lemur. So Neil, go watch me my memor. Meanwhile, no way we can go on and say no way at all. Like literally no doors. No doors. And exactly one over there. 38. A spineless person: Kill it, we ice and we're moving on with slang and in particular non-negative slang. And in very particular, we have, or in particular, in particular, we have lunch, which means like messy, like rotten, right here we can call food like lung if it's rotten. But lung Crosby corrupt. First of all, we have tons of, at the end, what does that? It's like adding literary means. A bunch of things, messy bunch of things. But also, in this case, it could mean like the situation. Yeah, men situation. So if you leave a place and it's just a messy situation that you haven't cleaned up properly, the physically, literally, figuratively whatever you'd like, It's called a tanzer. So now the idea is that you don't really say just tons of the land handle lumped hands-on, lead times. So a rotten situation, like a bass situation, messy situation. So yeah, you can see in any movie, someone after has to clean up the cleaner and then the cleaners, the Coleman or just a social antenna. Sorceries or sorceries, or you can use that term when you clean up a table, like I call HER shortage. And accordingly, you can also use it to clean up like a situation, Mike, a figurative saturation. So now what we're saying is, yeah, Galois, I'll say it again please. Social untangle, social London's fantastic, so sure, sure is not what you have to say, but lung cancer, this is what you'd have to get. Very good. Okay. Now we've got that one, and now there's another one with London as well. There's actually two more, but let's go for the second 1, first at lunch. And then what that means like wasted, wasted, really wasted. So sorry if you don't know it's already drunk. Drunk. So it doesn't it's not really slang, but if you say LIN, So I think classifies epslon. Yeah. And it would be so rotten Lee Yeah. Wasted. Wasted Exactly. It's supposed to drink. We've got the next level of it which is wasted Exactly. So LAN three previous was lung tons and now it's Lun say the last word now is quite interesting actually and very easy to understand. Longhorn, law Horan, so good person or a person and then La, Land. Rotten guy. But yeah, it's not the easiest thing in the world to understand. What does it mean? Well, it means a person who has good person, but it's too good almost. And it's like doesn't have any principles, does know how to say no. So it's like, you know, like person who's too good? Yeah. Almost like spineless person. Yeah. Like he doesn't know how to say node basically, you probably know one of those. So might, you might be one of those. Then you can call yourself a LAN Harlan. And it's quite good actually. Because hotter you can't just go out and talk to yourself and you call yourself a lot. In that case, you could just go a step further and go to lunch. And mp will go. He's got some self distance and humor and he knows Chinese slang. Yeah, this guy, nice guy. Fantastic. Those are three times guys that we think are particularly helpful if you, first of all, if you loved the word lung, but also if you want to describe things without getting fantastic. 39. Under my nose…: Okay, one more. What we have here for daily life is if, if anything happens right in front of you, the expression in English would be like right in front of men. In Chinese, it will be yet PDSA. And that will literally be MPI would be I let islet. So Yenn again, Yan I p you are scanning? Yes. Yeah. Anything anything with the word skipping, it seems to be quite easy to understand. Anything in Chinese should be quite easy to understand actually, EMP and then it's the shell which would be underneath underneath my eyes. Yeah. Yeah. The Saudi salvia, these are the meaning low and then Shonda. So these are yam PDSA. So if someone steals something in front of him or would you say total Yan PDSA? Total. Yeah. So you don't want to say it's home or you can say tire, tomboy input, BAM, PDSA or Tiwi and PDSA right here. And then you can say whatever the verb is. Well, I don't know if you have a girlfriend or if we're together and then someone else walks up right in front to me. He was flirting with my girlfriend and we're shock. Kiki shot I shot when you polio. Now, that's how I feel about that. So beware guys, even though we're not together. Okay, so that's the MPD shall think of your own little examples of situations where you think you can use the word GMP, the shot, and hit us up. Comments below. Their lobbying and PTs are all That's a good one to be lazy on the job. But right in front of that alpha. Plus, please don't. 40. To flirt with electricity: Hello there and welcome back to this line. Cause not just lung anymore now, it's an interesting one. Flirting, flirting. So yes, there's a lot of things that are common in our day-to-day life yet is to come up with slang terms related to these ones. So flighting is a particularly common one is odd or go through a few now, please enjoy this firstname, which is fun. Fun. They're literally than to put on to release like electricity. Electricity. Yet someone, I love this expression, if you think of it, you'd release your electricity in, let it, let it flow and let them be impressed by you. So it means, it means to try to attract someone not to flow is somewhat exactly. And you would use it just like it's a mutual activity. So you'd be like war, gun, part organ, Steffi, fun data founded or be like water. So you walk into a funder or war trade-off on there. Let's create an atmosphere here so that she gets attracted to me or give us a long sentence with it, which I go out to. Well, she did have on the end, or hedonic Nietzsche 10x to magnitude. Okay. But that's okay, I guess for the sake of this video, know otherwise. Funded, try and start using that guys. It's very impressive, I think. Yes. 41. To flirt (harsh): Okay, wonderful. So the previous word was funding, which is quite cute and cool at I think. However, this next one is not that queue anymore. Now it's Paul in your Ponyo. So first of all, we can decipher it and see power is to like sulk in somebody to soak. You can use your pulse SRE as into steam water when you want to fill up tea or something. And then, so that's pulse, so to soak in it. And the idea is that you soak in what? Girls and girls unfortunately, so noted that this term is only used for US AS male, male. The Neo is what? A young girl, a chick exactly the younger. So you can't really say Neo. You would say, what would you say sound. You'll see how new and also adding a little early and your yarn is known. So this would be a chick, yeah, yeah. So it's got quite a useful thing to say actually, and newer and newer You can also say, but if we use it now together, as in to Pono, u, what will happens? Yeah, you kind of play with girls. You play regards Euro. Yeah. You hang out with them, you solve. Yeah, you're a bit Du Shi I would play around with it in the negative. Yeah. So the previous word was funny and which is quite nice just to flirt with them, which is very innocent. But upon you, if you ever used that, it's quite negative. So don't use a view going to do something. Maybe it, maybe you'd use it to say, oh my friend a always goes up late and he does that thing where he tries to pick up women and he's really sleazy. Yeah. So that's part neil, please use it humbly. 42. To take a plane: And on that note now we just have Ponyo and now we have our me buy me bar. Could mean many things but base handling handling, I'll clean with. Yeah. And then again, there were me, which we've talked about before in the course, made just a girl, basically a chicken, a gal. Balmy would still like to hang out with woman play with woman. You had to play with them and by me or polynomial, Tableau. Yeah, same thing. And also, it's quite weird that these, these always quite awkward that these expressions are directed towards women like medical. Use these words and that case, but weird. And okay, so we've got that one, and now we are moving on to a fourth one, which is basically the same thing, but also we get back to innocence now because this is quite nice actually. Yes, that's not bad, bad thing. What is it then? Bash, bash on. Let's look briefly at these two characters. Because I like to do that. And I think it's important as Sean especially is not really used on its own. Do you ever would you use shannon Another word? Not so much. Let's not do that then. If we also again prosaic and then sort of means what does it mean? Means like connect with something. Connected with something, yeah. Yeah. It's also the same data that you use when you're, you can either say darker or use a doctrine means the same thing. To get on, to get on in on something, a taxi, or a plane. You can also say anything must thus dof AD. And note here, we need to mention this other slang now because we're going with dark. If you say isn't to hit it, for instance, your Duffy, then you get on the airplane and but if you do it with a hit airplane, Do you want to take it everywhere? Then it means you hit something, a male thing, and then it shoots outs and then then we never talk about that. I guess. That's a funny one that you just need to know about. It's not apart of this flooding part of this course, but anyways, I think as necessary. So again, defuse a daft idea just means that take the airplane every day. Barf idiom is something completely different if you keep this same data from before and thus Shun and knowledges means, means to talk to a stranger or to pick up someone exactly like, you know, because somewhere in the, in the borrowers to fly as long as it flew to flood. So let's just call that to flux. So what's the difference between funding and dash? Dash n is more like you approach a stranger or funding and doesn't have to be stranger. You could be someone you already know. Just let, let a spot, but that's fun. More. Musab implies the action of light going off to someone, yeah, and starting a conversation, strike in a conversation with someone you fantastic. So those are four terms. Goes funding and then we can go with Doushantuo. There are four flirting and then the two other ones which are bit more harsh, our Ponyo, balmy. Excellent, fantastic. Please use those wisely. 43. To step on two boats: Okay, we're talking about flirting. And so this next one I was naturally when you flooded, when you're flirting, boy, you're already with someone they knew. Good, and then you then it's not good. Well, first of all, it's not good, but also the word is caught YOU while you. So outside, which literally means like an outside encounter. Yeah. So we can use for like UDL or UTEP. Msin. I bumped into I saw someone. Yeah. Okay. And Y would be outside, you know, outside encounter. But if you have this now by the way, what does it mean? It means an affair, you having an affair and effect. So you can say, what does this usually used for mayor, I guess. Yeah. So yeah, we're the knob on your way. Your YOU law. So we pass it. So what we need to notice here is that the Haas it to your white wire is just a noun. But if you wanted to make it into an action, we want to put it in a sentence usually your way. Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Please. Please know Excellent. And we're not done yet. Unfortunately, we have a lot of ways to say to have an affair in Chinese here. That was the first one, the first hours of four actually, the next one is quite interesting to split something. How would you say that? Keychain S0 P0, PK. So you want to split this into two parts. So I'll just say I'd have Kitano. But harpy Tony, I've been fantastic to parts to Hoff's. Excellent. So you can do that. I know wherever you are in a fruit stall, you want to buy something at your local grocery store or anything. And wonderful. So that p means to split something. And what you can do is you could actually split your legs and that means to go into a split. Yeah. So like gymnasts would do, it's going to split. And what will that be? A dao will be cheating. P2, P3. So it means both things actually, it's a very awkward, isn't it? Yeah. So yeah, if you just use as a gymnastic sense in a gymnastics and it's completely fine for the exact same word. The more literally than just also means to split your legs to zone. To be in the fair yeah. To be cheating. So please don't please only split your legs if you gymnast otherwise, don't even think about it. Now, we want to solve, Look at the difference between your one and this one. Pathway to sort your way is like almost always use it for marriage. So you only your way you when you are married. But if you're not married and you're cheating on your panel, you can say P2, P3, exactly. So we'll go through two more experiments. Actually, we're not done just yet. And all of them except your YOU YOU strictly marriage? Yeah. All the other ones are usually just way they can be used in both cases, I guess. Yes. Okay. Now, the next one is quite interesting actually, if you know the character is very easy. Just go for it. Gel. Gel tasks. So you step on, yeah, step on two boats to boats. You're here with one foot and here we want for and you can tell what this means. Like, you know, having a relationship with two people at the same time. Our voters really nice Steffi. But like I found this boat as our look. It's got like new colors and and and she she treats me well. And you saw SELC memory. Josh's Josh's fantastic. I think when we're done with this entire cause, your goal and our goal with you should be to try and use as and think of a situation. Every time we're in a situation trying, try and use a slang term because there's enough to go around directly there. Okay. Now the last one is what? Two-way? Two-way. It means going out of the truck, you out of your way. So we'll just be rails like yeah, real real soon. And all trucks yeah. Yeah. For you. You can say, yeah, tiers indeed here that here is an iron and here would be the railway strike. But here you take the gray, you go out of it because the grey is your ordinary roots as in your marriage or your governed by for anywhere you shouldn't. But if you go out of it, it's two-way and his wine, it's also cheating, cheating so much cheating. This is if I have, however, is a verb art because truly means to God. Okay, so wonderful. Now we actually have 44 different terms to set to describe cheesy. Which one would you say is the most common way? Yeah, I'd say toolbars are really the most common. One. Is your favorite. Quite sad. I quite enjoy the yes, I'm not enjoying anything. Anyways, hopefully I'm done this. Let us know if you have guys comment below and let us know which one you find the most interesting is, well, we're happy to hear. 44. Not interested: Hello you guys, me, stuffy here. And this part of the course is called like exclamations. Yeah. Yes. So we'll be going through different things. Obviously that you can exclaims, self-explanatory. Whereas they will hear here will be like, oh buzz off. Or it could also be like, if you saw good, go ahead and do yourself. Well, what else do we have? We have like this one. I'm not impressed, so I'm not I'm not first basically, expressions like that is what you have to look forward to. The first one we want to introduce you to is an expression called booker. Well, it's interesting because gamma means having a code. It's like a sickness, but no gamma has nothing to do with that. It means indifferent about something or not feeling something. Exactly. Not feelings of anything. That's very funny. Yeah. So you can say I'm not interested in Felix water if Felix Catmull, Bergamo, it's quite interesting. The proper way to say, well, what do you think music was injured? But now you can also say what? Gamma, gamma or I'm not feeling this movie. And what did it again become IS NOT just people meeting, shooting, come out and took away. Okay, and in the previous workbook on Mao, it could be a person, but it can also be about movies of things. Now if these things are not great, then we would say daddy puts out the d is actually the body's like different pronunciation. Yeah, sometimes, in the old days though, was always pronounced like D. But then now is just duck is, is easier. And then I don't really know what Done means. Dina psi means how like oh yeah, how like not to have no as in some way you say. Yeah, sorry, I actually didn't alone. But the other is in not how not hiring? Not yeah, not great. Exactly like the expression put them me upwards. And so in the in this case, it's just put the ADA put them young, if you know that expression, yeah, puts out. So we can say our current data discourses the greatest single shoot him to the other. The geodetic rational being Karima. Did that. The outputs are the, sorry. Yeah, so that's how you can use it. You can just express it whenever you want. It's just like the more textbooks sample or textbook expression. Like put aha, aha, not that great, simulated, wonderful puts the A-A-B-A. 45. Way too….!: Wonderful. And before we give you more objectives here, we want to give you like an adverb, which is how good something. So like a very, and in this case it's what Thomas, Bob Allah. So this killing the infant, basically going all the way that it kills the inventors of. But it doesn't necessarily been killed. It is, you know, that before we can say like us or us or, or just like it's so hot. Barber actually is like I'm calling myself baba. Yeah, it's like yes or I mean, times like to hop you in this case like I'm baby, because you're innocent and your weeks of a bubble. Yeah. So now this, just like we explained there with like us, it doesn't mean to die, just means so much they feel like you're about to diamond. And now the expression can be like, oh, you scared me so much. I Would you say that? Now we can say shafts ababaa. We can also say like I'm so hungry. Ababaa. I'm happy. Touches the ball, ball collisions. Bubble. Sounds a bit with them. We did around. Yeah, happy, happy, I'm so happy. This little kid, cute guy to die. Yeah, perfect. So those are different ways you can use that something, something bubble, very useful term Indeed. 46. Outrageous!: Okay guys, so this next word is what's leap? Leap or very common word? Yeah, preposterous are what are outrageous operators? Let's just use it straight away. We can say, generally should tally Pula. Highly, highly full terms of highly politely polar, quite funny, outrageous. So much of something or so preposterous outrageous. Now, I think we can understand this word as well. Li means like away or faraway. Yeah, so like we can use it whenever we talk about distances or Illini Jiang, continual lineage. Okay? Julie also like distance, the working distance or lead K is not perfect. Now Poor's Lord from coal Puja. Yeah, poor here I think in basically means like how things should be normal. Yeah, I can know malady her, but here sort of like a wave from numerical human beings. Not normal, Exactly, exactly fantastic. So you've got leap for like direct and that's how you should use it. And you just shut up equal Coahuila live for if you go and buy something and they asked for us for a very decrease price, you VI, this is Tammy puller, highly polar to know. Okay guys, it's quite interesting that we have. And this very similar to our previous word, which isn't me poor. Yeah. No, it's meaning. But different word. Yeah. Yeah. So literally try can be used as an as an as an action to just say to put like to stretch, stretch, stretch something out like open this thing, trunk Opera something, open it up and use H Hirschman. Okay, fantastic. Now in English you can also say like if something is, something is unbelievable, it's like a stretch. Or you're stretching, man, you're stretching this psalm believes until our Java Stretch. Yeah, yeah, also like outrageous, very similar to liberal, then you would say to Apache, hateful or country. Yeah, it's also the same as lipid-like. It's outrageous, is unbelievable. It's a stretch basis. Control. The characters. If you want to know that has to stop and then a hand. So your hands stop something and then you stop pulling it off, I guess. Yeah. I think that makes sense. Touch. So for continuing this word turn up, we can get another one. Imagine you're just having a very good example. It's like you're trying to run very, very fast and someone is pulling your leg from behind, stop you from running fast. Exactly. So they're hindering you. If you ever feel like you are dragged down by someone, yeah, then you should say, let's say you drag me down. Okay. So Steffi, to me the whole way that the Steffi Felix, Don Holt way. So hardware's the buckling or mind. Yeah. So this means you hinder me. You pull me down. Yeah, exactly. So let's do it in another centers and they say, well, I want to record a 100 videos a day where you want to record on new videos. But I'm, I'm, I feel sick. Bodies that are what all the morula turned me the hardware lush when you hold her feet on hot by is that Tony Hall Twitter app? Feel better. Somebody awesome here. 47. Epic fail: Now this next thing is just something you can shout out if you fail, but usually epically, Yeah, so what's the total pop guy? Put guy. You tried to sound Cantonese is because this is a Cantonese terminal is again to these terminology Lehman's, Yeah, so they speak aloud Cantonese in Southern China. Therefore, it down there and slang and some of it makes it all the way up to the north away. Yeah, mainstream Chinese. So this is one of them in Cantonese food Sun-like pop guy bought gay and in in Chinese now, Paul would be like, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Pulled tier four would be like to fall like Schreiber. And then you have guy would mean Street GASGAS. So poor guy would mean to fall on the street. Yeah, pretty much fully asteroid. And it's very embarrassing. And you can imagine when you do that, you'd be like, oh no. Did anyone see me? You tried to get opportunities possible and just keep walking and nothing happened. And so in China, if you say this, then you would say put your remaindering. Yeah, so this is interesting, is OK, because we can't actually say puts here and it's not as common. No. So you can say both. Yeah, but stick to pool guy. If an a is better, more authentic, much more authentic. So yeah, if you ever see something fail, you go to again, put guys who gorilla, fantastic. Please enjoy the usage of that word we just gave you. And don't fail with it. And don't fail us. 48. I’m speechless: Wonderful. Now we have a term which is, I'm drunk, which would be, let's say is just to be drunk. But if I go look at me, look at me and I run around the house ten times and I just do weird things like smell this soils. And what was there we go. Please enjoy warrior should taylor. Yeah. It literally means like, I'm drunk, undrawn killer. Usually we use it to say that I'm speechless. Like what can I say? Something weird is happening? I don't know how to go about this. How to approach least thinking, where should warrior should say, basically he's drunk and I feel the same almost I guess. So you should say year should say low. It's, you'd need to take your word by word or character by character, weight. It should say that. Okay, excellent. So when would you use this way then? I think last week because the weather in Shanghai has been rainy and cloudy for two months. And the word I wear should flow electrical, hedgehog, proton. So say whatever you want, say that is preposterous like something super weird. You don't know what to do about it. You say, oh yeah, Fantastic, fantastic. 49. You can you up: Okay, this next term now as I'm sitting here and I'm doing my job, but I'm very happy with my job. But I'm like, Are you should do this and you should do that. No, no. And then ultimately I'd say in using the wrong missing era, which would be if you can, that you should do it. Yeah, if you can't, then you should do it. So literally niche in Michigan as a new ok. Then you shunt, then you get up here and do it. Get up and do it. Yeah. So if you think you're so good at it, go ahead and do yourself classically, but don't talk with other people's doing it. Yeah, that's actually good as I'll then talk and then to stop because I'm doing my job. So in this initial is a very good expression. If someone comes up and they think they are good at something, a do it yourself, them. Yeah. Yeah, guy. So time to comment negatively on these videos unless you think you can do them better yourself. That click and you see neutron, nice in Iraq. We also Jumpin Jack. Don't be a keyboard warrior or a trial. And you see nice rumba. All the trolls sue the seeing sun. Yeah, and you've got this word now, which is, this is in Chinese, but you love English. Isn't actually I, we made a very English versions called You Can you up. So you literally missing Zhang is You Can you up, you also have an elongated word of it. And he seemed you shall pushing ABB. Ha and if it's not okay, then BB don't be, Yeah, if you can't do it and don't, don't blah, blah, when other people's hinges in English, we say bla, bla in Chinese. Who's a, BB? Bb, which not so much. Yeah, talk to much. So again, Ni Shi Ni Shang, You can stop there or you can move on and say pushing baby dosing if it's not okay, if if you know, okay, I give you realize you're not capable than BBB, then don't blah, blah. Yes, don't talk so much about it. And I think that's an expression is really useful in cool, yeah, like people use it a lot, especially at work. And so this is one of those. If you don't know a word of English or Chinese or allies, you can convince people that your Chinese is excellent because you've learned to in Chinese. Maybe even though you didn't know it and then you come back from Chinese to English. And Chinese people have realized When you say like Jiangsu Kayla, If you say Jiangsu Kayla, it's like almost better than saying John's, you holler at some so much more casual sometimes if you speak Chinese, but with English words, they're going to be very impressed. It's like you've gone the route, but then you come back cuz you know so much. Same thing with this. So even if you don't have any Chinese, you can still say, You Can you up and then no candle BB. Remember that guys? You can, you know, can tell BP. No, no BB. 50. Being good-looking: He knew voice. And this part of the course is going to be what we're going to teach you. A bunch of slaves that can use to describe things or people. Yes, and all of it will be positive. So it will be so much positive energy all over the place. Now, we'll start with something quite complicated. Quite useful though. It's got yen, yen. And this just means like I literally means the appearance value or yen can mean collar like yen, so the yen, but it doesn't only mean cholera also means look where appearance and then drew means cladding constant value, that is, so the value via the level or the value of your appearance, your attractiveness. Yeah, so super fit, superficial term Hurley talks about. What's interesting then is, instead of saying someone is shires always ME looking, knowing. Now instead you can say Yangzhou Gulp. So you say the level of this personal value of this person's appearances is high. Go is like appearance, score their life. So if you've ever gone grow, got grown boards of SRE and how current the mean and we start with this one instead. Yeah. And also you can describe things with, for example, this hotel do that job again, a young girl home goals in a tanking depends highly engine and gotten that. Yeah, it's very useful and also quite cool because it's a fairly, fairly new word. That's very new word and it's very important, you know, people are like good looking things. They'd like to share Susan and doing other. Also, if you would describe something that is not that pretty, not that aesthetically pleasing, you could just say again, just entered Dean, joke Malala. So it's quite a nice, nice. It's, even though, even though it's slide has quite a nice and eloquent way of putting things. So start using Enter. And it will be very impressed. Yes. 51. To brag lit. to blow a cow: Now in this next video, we're going to go through a few adjectives. And they'll just mostly be one characters. So that'll be crazy. One character 1's. So basically you can say Tahoe, but you cannot say chow hall. Which one would you say is, oh, childhood is better than Teilhard? Yeah. Yeah, good. So so you can say you can throw them around as much as you want. And not just hope but time. Tau, Kayla, don't come to the table. But now we also have tau and we can just replace any adjectives with child. Note that we don't say look at the Dewey Charles something. No, no. We just say tall hot tub and nothing else. It's prevalent. Now, Let's do let's do call a Chinese Cal. New York. New York doing so, yeah, fit on Cl2. So neo means Calgary, also Islam for awesomeness or us awesome. So you're awesome would be Nihon. Yeah. And can you Yeah. If you see a cow and you think this cow is awesome, ruby to didn't your, on your in your, than your fate on neodymium new HIV. Hiv. Never say to obviously. But I also tried to ask, I tried to sort of come up with understand why it's new and not another mandible. But understand if you're in India because yeah, they have a different viewpoint of the view knows in different ways. But here y would be Neil. And I guess maybe it's because cows are big and strong animal, very strong. Like you. I think I'll go hit. My goal is that they stop saying cows and starting Felix instead. Okay, so now if you want to say that you're super awesome, how do you set up Chongyang, Chongyang, Chongyang, Chongyang, Chongyang Georgia tissue. Ok. Now what is nil? We can say no. And on its own, sharp nu, nu, nu, nu, nu to anything you can say of this beef is so good new Dylan neural has new, new usually has to do with something you do and not a taste, I guess. Yeah. It's like outstanding. Excellent. Yeah. Okay. And now moving on, we have new and we have to do what is this? The blower to blow is actually push way. And so it can use it as a vertices to blue, yellow. But you can put it together like you just did and say, train your, so you blow someone and say that they are awesome, awesome. So this is to boast, toast, to talk good about someone to brag based, yeah, and yeah, if you've come across Chinese before, if you've done little bit, researchers studying, you'll know that Chinese likes to use verb and the noun analog just to make sure that everyone understands which verb you're talking about. So true can mean a lot of things. But then, OK, now we know a talking about because you're saying fun at the untrue font and now there's no doubt, true fuck, because fun means Rice. When you run, use a PO and you say boo At the end result. So that means R1 and then run steps until Tiao, jump will means dancing. And then we know that the jump means to duns. And now the example is trade, which just means to blow. But if you blow, what is it? A curl? Then it means that you bragging, boasting. And you can also say, if if I go to me and a haunted them, which we'll have, we'll train your latrine eula. So yeah, train you're like that's fantastic and that's how you use it. So yeah, blow the cows who are now imagine sort of know the CAL train, you train you. 52. Satisfying, nice: Now we have a new character here, and it means satisfying or you did something and you feel happy now, yeah, Swank, Shuang. And it looks like this, which I find quite funny. It looks funny. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And then there's the big x there almost as R. So again Satisfying. So do you want to find an example for them? They tell you that how Sharma day, thanks to that hotshot. So you do an activity like you eat food or cashflow or you just he played football, which was the first example we played football. Any heated is caught it and it was so satisfying. Passionately. Shot, shot, shot. Fantastic. So yeah, just funny little sound Schwann and funny looking character and a very useful little word, diaries. And now we have another one. It's got gorging. It's a similar meaning as Sean, like or means to pass or to experience. Ying means that addiction, it's like your addiction. Has he satisfied so tightly? For example, if you are a person who is, who really loves playing basketball and you haven't played for a long time. And one time, when you get to play a really good game of basketball, you'd be like, pigweed LA, TI, goin, fantastic going, Yeah, means it's something, actually, if it's not slang anymore, it could also be in just addicted something is addictive, buoyant, you'd like you've got onto it and now you are addicted. But in that same way, because it's so nice, it's very entertaining and it's slang for pleasing. So you have Sean, you have goin, they both sort of mean the same thing. And it's up to, you know, which one you prefer. Either you want to go the easy route and just go Shuang because it's easier pronounced to pronounce an easy to remember. But if you feel like, oh, let's make it harder. Go with Goggin. Not one's quite nice as yes, nice little Judaism away. Going to haha the shopping, it's going Guam idea. And I do Hey, go yes. 53. Soo cool!: Wonderful. So far we've done like satisfying and we've done boosting for like awesomeness. But now we're just going with cool, straight up. Cool. Just means cool. Yeah. And the Chinese were they just took it's like you didn't have a word to say. Cool. Yeah, and so I just took the English where it came from English. So it is Google argued is that basically there's a website called your coop. Yoke. Like outstanding or excellent coolness. Yeah. It's a video site. Yeah, just like YouTube. And they thought, OK, let's try make it similar to YouTube sounding at least you. That's good because you always a character that means our outstanding. Yeah. And then cool means cool. So your cool is the name of that website. So just say cool. If you don't have anything better to say, cool, cool. So take cooler, Kula. Fantastic. And if you say like cool, play called love, then it sounds like you're saying cool at the end almost because he linked, look as cool. So every time you say cool, you can say Thai cooler and it sounds like you're saying type and then the word cool Hall. Hey, cooler. Yes. Type, color. 54. God, perfect man: Hey guys, in this video now we're moving onto like Britain, us and how we can describe people as in like there. There were very gracious and they're beautiful. So we can't say new Shang or non Sheng. And that just means a girl or a boy. Yeah. And then the term Now that we've come up with or we didn't, but Chinese, you and others is what musician have indention. Fantastic. So it sounds very similar to Shang, But you're saying Shen second tone? Exactly. And I'm saying first term. Yeah. Yeah. And also without without the g, We can skip mine because we already know what mind means. But yours, yours comes from experience or like a god, I could go, Yeah, yeah. So if you, if you wanna talk about gods in China, you need to know if you're talking about many gods, so you're talking about one God. And so if it's a Huang-di, which means God, the God, then it's usually about Christianity, fuzzy SHA-1, that it could be about spirits or it could be about Nike onset gods as all. Perfect. Okay, a little bit about not just, okay, let's get back to this then. Soup some super similar. And if you describe a person as a Shun, yeah, you basically is like and you look up to him or her and he's let D represent attractiveness, beauty or power or something to hook up to was very, very good. So first of all, we can use SHA-1 to just describe some honest, excellently good at something. Yes. Okay. Why he liked he codes so well, Paschen dash and yeah, it's a big, big SHA-1. But if we move on now we come back to the original example. We can explain. We can just say that this person is Romney's shun these xi's ago. But if we say take us, you gotta touch eager mission, then it's a goddess. She's, I got as she was the prettiest one in the class. Everyone wants to be, all the boys wanted data and you get it. And similarly, we would have touching a non Sheng managing mentioned, yes. Is a boy or he is actually mention. Yeah. So there's a lot of boys in the class, but that, there's a lot of none Xiang in the class, but there's only one notion. Yeah, yeah, you get, it's the same plot for boys instead. So yes, start using those and you'll be very up-to-date with Chinese slang. 55. White, rich, beautiful (Miss Perfect): So in the previous video, we described Shun like a goddess, but like a really attractive, nice, or nice person. And so now we're moving on to what is this one, Celsius, which literally then would be literally will be a little fresh meat. So you sort of have this expression in English as well. I think clearly, I don't, I'm not sure I've been here for too long. I'm not sure if I just said it too many times in English. Yeah. Little fresh meets. No, you probably don't. Like millimeter, you can call it. But lamb meat would just mean that someone is young. I really loved media, but shall general, it does not exactly the same thing because he was, you know, just means someone who is really what is it? Yan'an attractive guy? Yeah. It's always a guy. It's always a guy is yeah. So if you with an old, older guy, you break up with him and now you found yourself. So I'm gonna, well josh. Excellent. So again, it might sound like you're like you're new on the market or you're unexperienced some lambda, it just means you're hot and so it's a good term. Ordinal sociology era was a good time. Now we also have two other good terms that describe Chinese values. I think today woman, yeah, man or woman's. We can start with a MAN. Dolphin shred, golf wish, right? So we take three adjectives the most, three, the three most important adjuncts, and make them into a word. Yes. Rich, handsome, tall, rich, and handsome. That's all we need to be, guys. Don't do anything else in the northern or at least not. What am I? I'm not that tall. I'm in China. I'm quite tall for hopefully try. I don't know when I shave. Ok, Gulf wish right? Governor, I told rich and handsome, malicious atone for a most attractive on the market. Okay, so that's for us, but we don't need you to be particularly tall. But what's important, however, is that you're white. Firstly, there's first gains. And then the other thing that remains from men is rich, still needs to be rich, but we require that for both genders. And then you need to be beautiful. So we are trying a new are made me. So I am Corfu SRA and you are baffle me, sat up a little bit so I look a goal at least. Cough wish I said again, tofu shy and biofilm. Excellent. So yeah, explained to describe yourself or other people as Corfu biofilm may also sell cereal. And you'll be again up today, which only Islam, you'll be very impressive. 56. Nouveau riche: Now when you are that can describe people is to how, to, how, so we'll talk about this later on when we get to negative things. But two, it has to do with Grunt. And that's where it comes from. But if it's used as slang, you can just say he did. Yeah. Like I don't have a good taste law. Very outdated. Yeah. Yeah. That is true. And that just means yeah. Outdated your unfashionable. Yeah. But then what the next word in this case with this character and His word is, is how, which is like from haha which most luxurious, rich, luxurious. So this is for the numeral which people we call it. It's like a French term we use in English. And people who are rich no, that don't have a good taste. Exactly. So simple taste, bud taste, but they have a lot of money. So you told me you don't love stories where you've seen like, Oh yeah, like a grandma walking into like a Ferrari dealership ad with a bag of money and trying to buy a Ferrari, this kind of thing. So clearly a lot of money but no taste validation. I think that's quite, I think that was talking about was actually real in China. It's very real in China. Yeah. We'll talk more about why people are rich actually in this lung cause as well. You can just get rich by owning the right property and the government buys it, you make money. And they can go into a shop to a Ferrari shot with a big bag of cash and buy it and liking Inner Mongolia, they used to be people who would, for example, they have a house and have a backyard and underneath the backyard there like a coal mine or something that lobule can't reach but yeah, yeah, yeah, excellent stuff. Yeah. So there's different ways to get rich in China, but that's a new course for you and that's a course. Excellent. So that's how I used to haul quite a useful term, isn't it? Yeah, this is quite common, especially recombinant, so common that we have a UI for it. 57. Cute lit. young sprout: Okay, now we have the word Mama. Why is it Mum? It's just cute. Cute among means like a new lake Spirit. Yes, Britain sprouts are very Yangtze brought. Yeah, so it's very young and very cute. Exactly. So he's proud out. So you could say collide, but that's not as a slang eyes. Not as q it also yes, among just as cute. So you can say among sounds very funny as well. But we can also make it into a verb. And this is people like this, madmen, my mom. So you sell yourself to sell your cuteness where suddenly kit, yeah, you've played you, you sell it, you make it into a business deal. You didn't have as many people as possible by it or buy into it. So there we go, my mum, yeah, girls who play play around with their selfish girl who do everything to look good. Yeah, what's the new you need to tell them. I think if you watch this video, I don't know, six months later it might hit the trends might be different. But in China I've realized, I've noticed that they do this a lot. Yeah, it's like scissors, stone, paper. I didn't know this stone. So you can do either of these. Yeah, I can do scissors stone as dong and people. But then what would you mouth? There's all you can do this. Yes. So weird Chinese people, I see that everywhere. They just mammal now. But why do you do this? Because like it's like babies are. So another few things I've noticed is that we're not supposed to talk too much about the word is moan, moan. I just get carried away is when we took a photo before date my my people I took photos for they start taking photos from underneath, you know, maybe look taller. Yeah, they want to look taller. And it's taking selfies from here. You didn't cuter, like bigger and all that. And it's like the Chinese have figured out all of the angles to take the best selfies were very good at it. So my mug now I think I'm proving the point why my mom is such an important word in Chinese culture, contemporary culture at least. Do you know how to enable this trap? 58. Soooo sad! : Helium guys, Felix here and Steffi loop that. We're going through slang. And now in this video in today's episode, we'll be going through some negative expressions and words. And unfortunately, there's plenty of them around that. So let's get started then. To start you off with, we wanted to give you some like adverbs so that you can use these width. What we teach you later on as. So adverbs being like very or something. But these adverts are usually used in a negative situation. Yeah, exactly. So do you wanna go glad and teach them the first one? The first one will be turn goal. So you use it after an adjective and negative adjective, for example, later goal or our Earth and goals hunger. Literary means become a dog is like view, view, say late Django. It means like I'm so tired I'm becoming a dog. Like I'm tired, I get dog, I'm hungry like a dog. And realized, oh, we're going to mention that later on in the course is honest. A lot of things that have to do with a goal not to do with God like Chinese, weird. Now, yes, like in our culture traditionally dogs are not like good, good, good day and it's quite dark. Tin is rather low around like yeah, it doesn't have a lot of the status. Now make sense. So yeah, your examples there was moose would be later and go home, go quick turn goal, or this would be ten, got drunk, got fantastic. So just any adjective, usually negative ones like you said, put Tom got and you get children go towards pleasing, pleasing what children goals. So no, TIM. Yeah. Okay. And that was one word, not the second one is tall. And this one at what does it mean to start with? It means like means like extreme. Yeah. Yeah. Like exceeding the extreme event. So it's the very, very end of everything. So we have resonant. If you don't know the word yet, you just have to add the mean which is clear or bright or white. And then you said told me and that means there is something yeah. Transparent across town and he told me, so anyways, we've got toe there. And now using the toll, that is sort of an advert that you put at the end of something and you say an adjective and these a taller? Yeah. Yeah. And then it's like it's so much it's so extreme and it's also quite negative. Yes, or inactive here. John, I give them some examples of this. Well, now we're focusing taller, transient told, shunting taller. So hurt, talk. Yeah, sad. Cert. So fantastic. When you boyfriend broke up with you, what else is there? We can say 2u land tall and champion that land, Paula. Yeah, that's good. So you can hear all these expressions, which is LAN or the first, the first one was Sunstein, very negative expressions that were using together with Paul. And that's how you use them. Give us your analytical expressions here down below in the comment section and see, and see where you can come up with and will be very excited to read them. You'll help other people as well as yourself. 59. An ugly person: Okay guys, so now we're going to give you the word for being extremely good-looking. I think I meant okay, so what is it then? It's literally told Bagua, eight, ugly eight monsters. Agree, buys eight and twice monster. You give them inquiry like UML glyphosate monsters, tobacco. Tobacco. Okay, so just give us an example, this nightmares cuz it's just an unknown, isn't it? Yes. So we could just say you are too worldwide, which are more Latin, or Tokyo, or you generate your toolbar, Gua hot Jorja, articulate whole Baguadao Apollyon. Wonderful. So it's just Monster looking. So who would you describe as that? What would oppose it looked like a classifies a tool logline described this person? Yeah. Someone with like, you know, a lot of people all his face is also professional. It's nothing to do with his behavior. Yeah. Yeah. It's just like he's okay looking at me, looking periods. So we have ballpark white and that means ugly-looking person, I believe. Yeah. And if you are not necessarily ugly, but if you're like if you dress or ugly, you don't have a sense of faster anything. We use a very simple character, just a one character to describe that as an adjective taught tool, which means rounder Earth. From the Earth, everything is simple. Everything in simplistic and primitive. And so as your fashion or your taste for fashion. So yeah, not really wearing nice clothes or anything. So that's told no taste. So dated. Yeah, very outdated, unfashionable. So for instance, me felt young, hot. Hot. Yeah. So it can have to do with clothes. Can you have to do with anything else? Put clothes, behavior and yell. Very simple. Similarly, very, very not aware of trends or yeah, very simple character you just add on to your chinese vocabulary. And good sucker. Okay guy. So the character now is I. Yeah, yeah, yes. And what is I mean, I means obstacle. It doesn't mean love. Not that one. Sounds exactly like love though. So if you got it now and don't worry, it was meant to be and then he ended like this. Yeah. So to be an obstacle to the eye, basically to the end, dizzy, I literally it means annoying like, you know, you're, you're in my way and just get out of my way. I see it again in English translation would be annoying. Annoying in a way or, or just like looser because they I guess, yeah, all of those things could be an idea and I think you can definitely understand if someone's in your way, you just call them an ion and you solve, understand what that would mean uncomfort or to look at some that are very uncomfortable to look at. So we can use it as an we used as an adjective. Yeah, yeah. So we would say Nihon I any theta, I am me, I am polar. Wonderful. And those are three expressions, guys. First of all, we had the ugly monster, or eight AGI monsters. Then we had simple as in the earth. And then we also had a nuisance to the eye. Those are three words that we think are particularly useful. Good objectives, good negative ones as well. Not too difficult to remember either. Hopefully, Which one do you like the most and let us know and let us know how you how you would use, how let us know how you would use them. 60. Drama queen: Helium guys. In this video, we're going to learn 44 little expressions. And these are ways you can call people. Describe people to describe people, yes. Go ahead with the first one. I like this one a lot for XYZ seating, seating. So what did it mean to start with? Literary means? Savings, drama, stings like a spirit, a ghost. You can use it when you see a Latin name for largeness, jiao Tingna. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, housing. Housing. And so anything of it until you have a spirit or a ghosts or something. I also like the things you said, the things which are Azure actually know the name of it. But maybe you can comment below and let us know guys, the things like the little things that fly around, almost like, almost like ELF, so fairies but one I get negative ones because they're quite evil out there. Yeah, yeah. So if you are a spirit with a lot of drama, you're like basic, like a drama queen. So you always put a lot of drama, you know, draw a lot of attention to yourself and you're sitting, that's quite annoying. Yeah. So you can clearly understand it from the shear as well because the x0 is just to play around via an act. Yes. Yeah. I see something there and you can actually isolate it and just use the sheep saw about its own Assad. Because again, it means like to play around with, so we can say is you can just say on the ticker on honey OC or she handoffs those. So you play around a lot. You have an act, basically you on trauma, such a drama queen. Fantastic. So that what exists in Chinese as all. Okay, next expression now, it's quite funny. The literal translation is smelly, bought, smelly fought hopefully, many thoughts. And what is, what is the word in Chinese? Tolkien? Yeah, and that means arrogant. Arrogant, makes sense. Nothing else to talk about it. No. You're yeah, you smell. I don't know. Yeah. You're arrogant. You don't care for anything else. Yeah. And you use smell and yes, it has to do with your book and knowing that it's not dig deep into that. But let's give us an example. You can say, hey, the bench and hot hopes. How top here, p, fantastic. Please enjoy that. You use it to now forever, forever. Remember it as the God's word. They obey, bought was malleable. But now this next expression is by doubt lysate, by Johnson. And so literally means to like hang up or to put the frame, to put to proper phrase and up a frame or something like that. And that's literally what it means. And it actually means, means to be difficult to deal with or to pretend to be someone important, scientific, or for others. Yeah. So if I go up and I go, Can you can you do me a favor and just like Help me help me do that by that thing we were talking about. Can you please do that? Thank you. I'm busy life, but if you like, buy me dinner, maybe I will help you. Okay? So what you're doing here is you're hanging up frames, making it difficult. It's like you're pretending to do something else. So you'd playing hard to get basically. And so you can imagine if you walk up to someone who's hanging up frames. And then they pretend to be busy, but they're actually not doing very much. Maybe that's how we can think. So that's, yeah, you put up an arrow being busy or are being built over Master also solve like, arrogant and difficult to get into. So by gelato, Very good. So you can say, and he put out by job or integrins and by Joshua Bell, by John. Hmm. So just like I did if I said, can you please help me with this? And then you said No, no, no, I caught then I would say, you should go back yards. Go more by delta. We are down by Jaffa. Perfect. So it's three characters, but it's not that difficult to remember hopefully because if you know, to hang up or to put something and then you've got this word already. Now there's next. And the last word here is one of my favorite ones, one of the first ones I learned as well. First, let's go. Or drawn B means means pretending to be something else, pretending to be someone. Yeah, exactly. So you puts up an air of being someone else quite similar to the ones who were the ones we've just been going through. First of all, we have drawn and pretend. This means to pretend it's quite an interesting character if you want to dig into it, because drawn could mean also to install something or put something on. But if you put something on to yourself into your complex, onto your complexion, then it becomes like an air that you are maybe unusually, that's like you lost for say it. So it's the it's the one you showed towards the outside or maybe it's a bit fake. So you're pretending. Hence, you use the same word to say your pretentious. I mean, that makes all the sense in the world. So you can't actually say Nihon Zhuang. Can you say that? You can Nihon drawn and you control nitty-gritty drawn away today. But we've added another one. Which is very awkward to say. Yes, sorry that you had to say it. B is again the female genital, but it's actually used quite a lot. This B, even though it, we wouldn't, we wouldn't use it. We won't use it on its own, but it can be used quiet or quite often in in other words, yes, but when you use it on its own, it's kind of like a dirty word to describe the female genital. So you can't use that on its own, but it's not, it's not, it's not elegant, elegant adult anyways, but yeah, you can put it into any women to love words, and this is one of them. So you can say drawn or you say B. And again, that just means pretensions, pretentious, hand-drawn. Yeah. So b can be used on its own, like you just said. But what's interesting as always, you can use it just like this or throw it into many, many words. You can throw it into many, many, especially negative ones can be very different examples. Tommy, zombies, so, so poor. All like to be like I'm so simple or like anything else? Yeah, you get it. So you can put any adjective and then put a b at the end. And it just describing a person makes it a bit stronger zygotes and a bit more colloquial. Yeah. It's like like ugly car. B. Right? Brooke. Brooke. It's okay. You're allowed to say everything here. Beep it. I don't know why there's a B that one of the theories was that. And this became from the one B, they just wrote B in English. I've heard of this theory be in English and that came from one pitch. They just drawn bitch. So it was initially, you can also write drawing and then just let it be in English. But, but then later on they wanted to make this Chinese. So they just took the what B because that sounds like the letter B. And so initially it was actually drawn bitch. And maybe, maybe it makes sense. Yeah, makes sense. Wonderful. So those are four f, four watts that we find. We hope you find useful, particularly for any useful, there's drama queen sitting and we have arrogant, choppy. And you have like a person who hangs up shelfs, hijabs. And you have someone who's pretentious, drumbeat. Enjoy. 61. Seeking out trouble: Guys, have you seen a woman like this before? That in Chinese would be called x4 and so on. So it's a, what is it, what we call in English, it really difficult woman, a princess. A lot of drama as a lot of demands. And the volts that I would say that the roles between me coming from Sweden, especially the roles between males and females are quite prominent area in China. So you'd mail has to be a male and female, especially if they're cold. So up there super females they like so is the term for it. And it's even like especially because we're in Shanghai now, yeah, you said there's even a term for Shanghai people like this. What would the Shanghai tune? Triads on you? Ok. But the only thing we're going to focus on in this video is so on. So I think you understand it already. So it's just an adjective to describe people like that. And so you can say, and again, from the previous video, if you watched that, we added B at the end, which means count. Hopefully we beat the other. And Don we can say either, you can say, is that we're going to say, yeah, yeah, soybean is a queue. Is it offensive? Is it? Yeah, it's negative. But you don't have to be ashamed of saying it. When you see someone who's store, you can call them or being taken and thought, well, anybody with a b is slightly is slightly 30. Decent? Yeah. You can send out with friends. So secant it taking a little bit further than it was initially perfect or soil like that. Now if you understand how to use song-like, basically a drama queen were lacking better words here, but basically saying a drama queen like and so on. She has drama basic, yeah, princess, princess. As an adjective, noun, we have an expression which is source, by the way, the store, by the way, there is just a character thought which is like gongbuhada to all. And that is the same character as in to make something, yeah, what's toilet to homework. But if you say saw instead, then it becomes something completely different. So what would that be? Why means like you cause a lot of troubles to yourself because you're being difficult and because a lot of trouble to yourself, you'd get yourself into a very bad situation, sadly. So there's a lot of words in Chinese. If, if you, if you're hungry, very hungry, you can say the end. And if you, if you are searching for the end because you have you've caught yourself this trauma you just explained. So you'll notice that slow is very prominent in Chinese here. Isn't to die. So you have source. So do you start in the sentence? Well, close the outsource. Outsource, perfect. So don't, don't be like that. And then using that we have lost expressions as always uses a bit longer, but still makes so much sense in its very common job voice. We'll toss. Meaning, meaning that if you don't cause trouble to yourself, you won't get yourself into a pretty bad situation. Exactly. So those are like the wise words that we teach these drama queens in Shanghai. Especially if you don't do that, then you won't happen to you. And it's quite funny because I was on a TV show. Facial moral. Well, one of the biggest ones, I used to be the biggest one. It's not anymore, is it? Not anymore now? And it was and then they actually said because they thought I was weird, which I probably was. And the newspaper the next day they wrote lymphatic as Yahoo or puts us. And so they thought that I wasn't weird and I caused it upon myself, basically my own demise. And now it's funny because you can say a puzzle. You can say that, but you can also say it in English because on, again, Chinese people love to use English. So they expressions you remember its nodes or know that at nodes or no di, yes, no, it's all know die. They didn't know how to translate sources. Again, because we lack better words. Foots always off, so they just kept thought. But then all the other words turned into English words. Don't all know dy. So if you meet a drama queen, just say nodes or no di, nodes all know dy y you try. I don't know that. Notes or no, dy y you try. Excellent. Why you try? Like why would you try? If you say that to you friends, were they understand it and they would enjoy it. Yeah. Wonderful. Those and those are a few expressions, but all deriving from one tiny little word which is so on, so on. Fantastic. Please enjoy. 62. Unfaithful: Hello and welcome back. In this video, we're going to go through two different expressions to describe people when they, Dave but Sleazy because they want to get you hooked on them, because they're ultimately trying to flirt with you. Ok. So the first expression would be flour hot. Yes. Why seeing Huashan flow ha is in you are being very promiscuous almost like you? Yeah. You fluffed around a lot? Yeah. Yeah. Not loyal, not low. Ok. So that's why she makes all makes sense. I think it's quite nice. We actually record a video where I explain this. So you can see that we have flowers. And if your heart is like a flower, it just belongs to everywhere you so romantic, fantastic. So there was a, an adjective. Gets, Yes. Hello the Milner. How colorful guy that didn't know how to work with you to get the half from Intel John human that, okay, and then we have another expression which is what's waging. Okay, so Junzi would just be a gentleman. So you can call someone Kingsley, leafy greens, Josie, good students that wonderful suggest the students that was a gentleman. But now way would be what? Thick, fake, Exactly. So way Junzi is effect implement almost like a, like a phony, phony, phony. So you need to appear as a gentleman, but you're not actually. Maybe I would use this or when would you use this expression? All children would like passion, legal way genes. Because he came off us quite nice. Yeah, at first we thought he's really good guy. And the later we discover that he's actually not pretends to be. So that's a way to answer. So now I have two expressions quite similar to each other and yet quite applicable in the same manner. And in context, we have flour hot and we have faked gentlemen. And that's promiscuous person or an ongoing person or a like a fake gentleman, a phony, phony, fantastic. Nian Shu, Wei Jin CSMA Nuwa, you'll put all that time with me. You should then use sharply, hm, hm, Wiggins Amma. You're kinda allow her to do anyhow Law. You can actually then should the whole Agile Fukuyama. Definitely. Good girls are trained to remind me, remember the word that's good, that's good. Okay. Because okay, it's not that everyone cheats and Jonah. Good. If you enjoyed that video games, you know what to do. Hit that says, Can I button if you already watching this on our website to ignore what I just said. 63. Salty pig hands…: Okay guys, in this video we're going to go through three expressions. One of them is OK. Now we'll turn. Now means brain and tile means disability. So I think you understand what it means translations here. But you think you think it's quite okay to say this on cock you sometimes, sometimes, yeah. But it's not, it's a negative word and it's not a dirty word. Not too offensive basically, not as deobda to that we're about to teach. Yeah. Sometimes you could joke with their with their friend chicken the Holt hadn't. And that's completely accepted. If you do that, however, if you do it to new people, strangers, likely. Okay. So that's now Tn again, brain damaged and literally, OK. I'll bring disability. Now. We move on and first of all, we have so and so just means on its own. Wow, you took a tomato, tomato Messiah. Yeah, that's not Lima, horny. Yeah. So it's quite funny here because the word Sukh means color, but also really corny. Oh, I mean, I think that's quite beautiful. Actually. Say You've got so much. College is con control. If black and white, everything's boring and dull. If it's colorful, you're horny. Yeah. Okay. So and then lung is what was literally a cholera had wolf, but it translates to a I get horny person and dangerous. Yeah. Same time. Horny or dangerous? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Standards to any female, Especially yeah. This is the thing because I was going to say solar. I've only heard this used towards men. Would you ever call a woman or solar? There are rare, very rarely. Okay, because this also, like you said, it implies so danger and they might they might, I don't know, there might be dangerous to cause sexual harassment each year, TOEFL if you know that. And if you count also cause if they're really, really hard, if you come up to take him up to your eye globe. Yeah. They'll be very harsh though. Yeah. Yes, I would like everyone everyone be careful. What would you call someone in a club them. If they walked up to you, you rub themselves. When you say salon. Yes, sound very harsh. You would say. And that leads us to this one. Selling is quite harsh, seemed to show is a horny man. Yeah. For example, if someone harass you in the office, like sexual harassment mobilized by malicious Khrushchev. And again, literally nice. Chavez was salty, salty, true? Pick, show, hand, salted pig heart. So imagine like they basically thought, oh, this is so gross and so discuss the issues like he's got salty pig heart and he's harassing me here. Socioemotional show is a wonderful expression, an adjective or a noun. And then another last one, almost the worst of them all is if you are a BNP, didn't pay it over, it's a perverts perfect for this initially, I think, correct me if I'm wrong, but this initially it's just because beyond pi is change your attitude and change your who you are. It's just means you're different and you're you're like, yeah, yeah. You are a bit weird, normal, abnormal. But then this had grown into just becoming a pervert. Yeah. So I hear all the time like Chinese ladies or a girls on the streets usually add F1 u. They usually go out on the street and they shout. So yeah, that is shouted out to someone. Yeah. Basically a pervert. And also almost like would you translate as a freak is on it? Yeah, you weren't there. So wonderful. So now you have four different expressions to call people out on. And if you don't like the way they act, again, I'll do the English, you'll do the Chinese. First of all, we have brain damage, novel ton, which is rent disability renders ability or a big damage, brain damage ship. Okay, but mentally disabled. And then you have a colorful Wolf. So as an opponent, then you also have salty pig hunts, sinned, crucial. It's an a guy who yeah. Horny dude. Usually a dude, yeah. Yeah. Just shut off with Uber. And then the last one is bn towers changed your personality which is a pervert, herbert. Yeah. So I did all of those have been for the last time. Sorry. Yeah. And that is it. Please use these ones wisely and hopefully you'll never have to. But unfortunately, we think you might have to use these words. And a couple of times if you interned, at least understand these words, at least understand them. So you know, if you've been called this and that's probably the most important lesson here. Excellent. I'll see you in the next video. We'll see you in the next video. 64. A greasy old man: Okay, in this video, we're going to go through the different, Where does this make adjectives to describe people, different people in society? We'll have four different people would bring up to you. And then we'll pick and choose which one you prefer two years. And first of all, we have what young young on the on the Army just means go do like a woman? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It can use the unknown sonya, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. And then Sonja now can use on it based on its own. And then xiang jiao means Chunqiao, which means style, which means how you carry yourself, how you would behave. So Chung, yeah, by the way, that's really useful to learn to start with. So not just a teacher, there's wild, but also maybe we can step aside and just teach the word Chung, which like is that the way you carry yourself there? And then we say Chung del, that means the way you carry yourself. So if you have a lifestyle, you dress really nice, you talk really nice. What would you say about me that Chang Dao Joshua? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. And now coming back to this chunk is we know what it means. So in the onion chunks, so you carry yourself in a female manner. Yeah, we used that to describe a man who behaves kind of in a feminine way. Exactly. So now, now Chang is that assembly. And then we have next word which is what's your your knee. And so this is literally then grazie? Yeah. Grease. It means yoke means oil. Yeah, there we go. And N0 means what by the way, means it's almost like too much uncomfort boys, too oily, too crazy. So that makes a greasy. And so because they're your knee. And this is interesting now because this particular, particular expression towards and males, Yeah, I especially like order male, mid age mill or above my like a grazie older man. It basically behaves with not a very good taste or sleazy, cheesy. Yeah, very good. So you gave an example just now where they walk a banquets? Yeah. I mean, sometime if you go to a banquet with like the order these older men, middle age men, and they will be talking about their achievements or were they know who they know? And also there will be like, I'm not respecting girls, making them drink alcohol. Be like touching their Rogers Center results centrally? Yeah. Being piglet that increasing and like bragging about who they know, bragging about how much money they may come much more than they can drink than you think and they own. You think they're much better than you. Those people are greasy and there was an article, the other I think where they, where they, it was very controversial and it blew up in China where they talked about the greasy old men who think they're so good and such and such. And that article spotted a lot of controversy about this. And so there was actually people online storage listing things that these men do that they don't like that would consider greasy. Yeah. Your your knee so you can just call them. Did it bashful? And usually you would say, like you just said, does sure. We actually so this would be your your uncle, your great uncle, your big uncle. Because DM, meaning like the older one, dash, dash. Or you'll need additional. Wonderful. So use those expressions together as a settle expression there towards these greasy Old Man and the like. 65. Dominant wife lit. tiger man: Okay, wonderful. And now China deals with spirits a lot with China, Chinese culture us of that and that is Jing. And basically we talked about that ECG as it's a spirit that you carry around with you. It could mean fairy can be translated to ferry, but let's just call it a spirit in this case. So in the process life, if you were like if you're a fox in this case, yeah. You're reaching, reaching. And that means now you're in past life you were a switch means that Fox him OK, now you're a fox spirit is still there with you in your Fock spirit. So that means you're like You're foxy girls. You a Foxe's attractive woman month like not in a good way, is kind of like a slot and you attract the man, you shouldn't be attracting that kind of thing. So these men would there near you, take other women's Men Zhi and imagine all the other women hating you for it. And they would call you a who'll eating slot. I said. Okay, wonderful, that's one expression. Now the next expression is the opposite of that, which is what? Moore's Law, what Mora, who is a female, female tiger, exactly Law, who is easy novel was Tiger and Moore's Law who just female tiger. And so this just means you can imagine tiger being strong. Yeah, tiger woman. A woman. So no one messes with the tiger woman. Yeah, but not in a good way. It's LIVESTRONG, but almost too strong, too aggressive, and to controlling. Now we can say someone's wife is Moore's Law who he's scared of her. Negative word. But that makes it makes all the sense in the world, I think so, yeah. If you meet someone, if you see someone with a weather, man is very weak in the relationship. You can imagine that, that woman right there, she's the woman, Tiger Woods. Fantastic. Let's sum this up. Now we have for-expression so far, particularly useful indeed, at first of all, we have a sissy guy, a girly guy was there. Yani Tseng Chow? Exactly. And then we have a greasy man. You'll meet them. And then we have a foxy girls steals men who didn't exactly. And then the last almost a dominant lady who controls her man will allow who, you know, who, why isn't there a word like that for men by the way, maybe people with considering more acceptable for men to be controlling. And so we don't have a male tiger counterpart. Yeah. It's been like that radius. So you never had to use a word like that. But then instead, when reason is when a recent generations, at least when females have started like learn, becoming punter than tigers themselves, then you come up with a word for that is Yeah. And also like Yang Yang Chuang, when you describe the men as, as Gurley and CC and it's a negative word. Mmm, so yeah, but it's only a negative situations. It's actually very good. Use these words wisely, like always. 66. A rascal: Okay guys, this video, we're going to teach you some negative terms about people you can describe with fat fun, which is not fun like an English word, but it's actually fun. Rice, rice. So Ries, You'll notice that lasted it with a lot. For instance, if you later on, if you, if you want to say, I've, I can't make a rice spin-off myself. I just want to make rice for myself. That means making enough to survive the day. And now you want to say phantom, phantom Tommy is a bucket. Bucket. Yeah. So you are a fun Tom you just saw. What does it mean? That means you are a rice Bucky like all you do is eating. I don't know how to do anything else. Close, useless, useless person. So if you see someone sitting around just I don't know, on the computer all day? Yeah. You call them a rice buckets. It's quite funny. I think we'd be racist if we came up with it and call them starting to people call themselves rice pocket. It's not racist that so please use this and don't feel like a racist when you do it. So Fun. Phantom is that the ticker run each other instead of phantom. Phantom Federal Hall will get what Earth until eventually you go fun told Nero's refund Homer branch. Udl, doh, doh, doh Bu Wei diagnoses rebel. I'm no no offense intended IV and likes to play games. The last the next one and the last one is really to in this video is what? Sharad fat one quite a lot. So eat soft rice. Exactly its authorize. This means you're living off your, your woman, thank girlfriend or your wife like makes money or you don't, you're living she supporting you. So you're not, you know, useful man. Yeah. No. Usama. It's always men. Men. It's always my Exactly. So I think we have an expression for this in English. Yeah, when a relationship you have a woman who's a sugar moment and then Monday, the guy would be a she could maybe. Yeah, if you know, please let us know. We just need to turn easy and wonderful. So then you can say that or taker then ticket none should assure I'm Vanna, she gets richer. I'm Fonda. Touchless, Ventura, fatal heart. There's our two expressions, guys, for you. Let me enjoyed those again, 30, either that you eat, right? You're right. Bucket. You use less phantom, useless, so useless, or that you lift them, live off a lot of people he turned achieve anything in yourself, which is Xi Wang Fan. Please don't eat too much rice when you're in China. 67. Too young, too simple/naive: Okay, so we have two expressions in his video to sort of teach you how to describe people and how to, or you can feel as good as an adjective for an instant as well. We can start with a very cool 12. We onto some four, okay, so say that many times now we can see if it sounds like something in English because it actually is supposed to too young to simple. When I say it in Chinese, tool yanked, who's important? Again, we aren't 2m port and no in English, too young, too simple. Chinese does this all the time when, especially when you have names for celebrities, they just take that name like messy for instance, I watched the other day and you call them. They're exactly you just take like we have BR guides will be our guides, a bill. And you're all of those highly border Trump or Trump where you take all of these words and you just make them try and make them sound Chinese. And when you do this again now, but why this word? It came from a celebrity interview. And she does something really naive and she said I was too young, too simple. So it became a meme. And so we just see like I was too young, too simple. And when we say many, many times and he was making to Chinese, that told me onto a simple, very, very funny indeed. So you can use this, you can probably understand if you're too young, too simple, basically to naive, wonderful. No, the second expression is what you feel when you feel suffocated inside. Blocked here and your heart stifled. Now the expression is psi. Psi is aiming sage ruler blocked. It's blocked, yeah, exactly. So she insight is blocked. I think you'll understand the rest of this. So it means that you feel suffocated. Something's terrible at art, but yeah, my heart feels blocked. Very uncomfortable. You live in anymore because it's so blocked. And so let's give some examples. Listen. Yeah, would Shambhala I0, I0 Mona Lisa Needham, whether it's what Yen poverty and but the Euler was a Agafia feet under siege, warfare, Tang and pathetic and so empathetic. My heart is also stifled. Okay, those are two expressions for you. Today. Young, You want to read it to get well, young tells them what to do is input. And if she loses her wallet, we can say. 68. Old driver: Okay guys, so we have three expressions where you're coming up right now. And they describe people who are a bit slick, the deceitful, and plenty of experience to go around with. This section of the course is called Weird. And that's the best we could dig on. Okay, so we start with a weird driver, lost. And what does that mean? Lao Ming's old or experienced or aged city is the driver. So velocity is experienced driver. Exactly. So we used that to describe someone who is very experienced, very good as something. You've done this for a very long time. You have a lot of tips and tricks. Yeah, I did a video on this, by the way, you can probably watching here. And yeah, I'm Adela. Menu contains any of them. I said so yeah, I didn't know her phone numbers, I wanted it so I knew a trick and that would be an awesome thing to do. Okay, velocity doesn't only work with flirting, but also work if you're in the I don't know if you just know you know, your thing. Moving on to another way, which is very similar. So we will compare these two as well, which is what? Allow your cow or allowing still same aged, seasoned old yo tau is a food actually is like oil stick, we call it, let me put a stick of flour and you deep fry it. And thus, like a yo-yo lawyer, Tiao means someone normally experience but also like nosed the shortcuts and knows where to cut corners. Like for example, if you work for a company for a really long time, for ten years, you will know where the shortcuts are, you know where to cut corners, you know, when the boss is not watching. And you sort of do things your way. So it's not, it's not positive, it's negative. That can be used. So we have done very good than there were how velocity, which is just a go, no strings. And then we have low, you'll tell which Sergei also knows tricks, but it's a bit more negative in this case. So it's definitely negative. Yeah, he's a bit maybe he knows the trick, so he's lazy and he's like dirty tricks. Yeah, dirty tricks. And so those are the two differences. And there's also two very useful words at Lhasa D and low your towel. They both have low in them, so yeah, it's all it makes sense that they're both experienced. Now, if we move on, we earlier on we have Chaldean law. Yes. Which is like me. It's like a fit guy who's really unattractive and attractive. Some Q very much the opposite of that would be that allow something la la row or what does the allow what's the La, la, la arrow is like manner rated and dried meat. So people use that to treat meat so we can keep the me for longer so it's a food. And worse allow narrow. You would use that to describe the older guy and unattractive as opposed to something like the opposite of Chalcedonian. Exactly. Very good, excellent explanation. So now we have another lab and that is, yeah, it's someone you don't really want to date with. Maybe you are with a low lateral and then you you found this cell Sandro when you go all ones, if my heart is full of flowers, wonderful. So those are three expressions, all starting with low. And also we put in Shelton law if you haven't heard that one before as well. So Yeah, it's either you're an old driver, meaning you're experienced, laughs Exactly. You can also like if someone does something really nice or experienced in O log all I can think of it like that. You must be very experienced. Then you can just say or she lost and she lost. You got yes. Thank you very much. And then the next term is the log law law tau is the same, which is the same but just a bit more negative. And then we have La, La Rock as opposed to shelter under your feet and enjoy those expressions and let us know if you feel like you are any of these things or if you feel like you know, anyone who either these things give us a centres as well in Chinese, but you can't. So, yeah, these expressions are very extreme. We apologize for that. Hopefully you don't mind Chinese still. Yeah, it's just the way things are. It's much easier to come up with extreme words and make them into slang, Ben, just ordinary words because they're not fun to work with. Yeah, yeah. 69. A slick person: Okay, this video will teach you what and a lot of things we can do with first of all, it means goods that wherever you are in some quiet year yeah. You will order, you will talk about the whole hawk products, Hawthorne numerical table where blacks. Okay, wonderful. So hormones, however, in addition to goods, what could also mean? I could drugs or a person? Yeah. So two things. Drugs, just on its own. Drugs, but what we're moving onto known as videos, people, okay, so a person who doesn't fit. Now earlier we've gone through our silly, stupid, silly, stupid, funny. And so now in this case, oh, what are Hall is like a silly person. Yeah, it's silly, stupid person. Knee-jerk are whore and timber are hot. So now we're taking the art taken up from an adjective megaton into noun, into a person who is, who is aid or what. You're simply a product of projects of are simple and simpleness and stupidity, or hot or hot, fantastic. Now if you eat a lot, what would that be, true? Hot. They're really very useful if you have someone who likes to eat a lot, yeah, just call them a foodie. Yeah. Someone who's leading food junkie. Yeah. You would call them millet. Swartz was eating, produce, basic greeting person. So there's, that's actually in this video. We are, first of all, we can somehow up again, we have a whole drugs or people. And he gives what with particularly two words are what are who are true, HOT, wonderful. And you didn't show Homer Asana, which again, you don't have a page on how are hot shot. Please enjoy. 70. Vegetable bird: Okay guys, so now in this video we're going to go through different things you can call people by. And it starts very easy whenever loci or a beginner of something, what does that? Tinea? Well timings, vegetable, Bihar all means bird. But put together it means someone like experienced a beginner. Yeah. I don't know what we can start with Ty and that actually means something else than just vegetables. Yeah. Means unskilled or are inexperienced. So you can say I play basketball and you are very bad at it. I would just say that what lunch with other habitat that has high fate on the type and tissues in soda anti phase on the type. I'm not using that type on its own, it's slang, but we can put it together within ya'll, tinier, tinier. And you'll be beginner. I don't know why do you know why it's a bird? I think maybe because a bird is like tiny. So you'll only when you are not good at something you feel tiny and weak. Tiny, Yeah, I'm worthless. Yeah. Yeah. So Neil always as a cow and that's the greatest thing you can ever be in. Yellow is tiny, tiny, tiny, ah, there we go. A rookie or a beginner. Okay. Can you put it in a sentence or two in shipping, washing the tiny tiny out was so yeah, thank you. Just say whatever your time out to Kuwait. And the next one, tom, true, which means like gay person or homosexual person. Exactly. So if you know the proper term for it, they do not the proper one, but the one we've been throwing around all the time, it's Thomas exactly. Thomasine labs. And that means gay or homosexual? Yeah. Same-sex. What 1020 years ago. I I it's not a good term to be, to be gay or homosexual. So we came up with a new word to be slightly more respectful, to call these people into, which is Tom Thompson, and it's Tom drew actually comes from the word and is still means comrades, right? Yeah, yeah. So you can just call to anyone here who's a comrades war or in the state or the government or wherever there, comrades at Hunter. But then you've made that develop another meaning to ionize. So start saying that one instead because Thomas Chilean, it's almost like saying the word gay as opposed to Tom, true, which would be saying like homosexual, Exactly. So you have that so difference there. So you feel offended when someone says gains that are homosexual, then you might want to consider saying Tom drew because there's a bit more nuance to it. Fantastic. Now moving on to a third way, which is also the last word in this video is one. Yeah. Yeah, multiple. Or you can use freely amalgam or texture or your mother tongue shall Ju. And I persons because is night and Mao, Mao is a cat. So usually cats are more active at night. So if you are a year Mozi, you are like a cat. So you are like a night person, you're more active and neither in the day? Yeah. Exactly. Very correct. And that's the end just to make sure that we get that this is a thing or a person gets EM outlook and the sugary amounts among wonderful. This is the equivalent of night owl in English. Ok, so in Tony's, it's sort of makes sense because both owls and cuts are there. Night animals don't work during the night. Excellent. 71. Foreigner lit. old ghost: Head over there, Felix and Steffi here. And in this video, we're going to go through how to address a foreigner. Exactly. So whatever you called, thats what we'll find out in this video. We'll go through, first of all, we start with Y quarter. And if you don't know that already, that's the most standard thing. It just means, means like a foreigner literally then y outside. On the contrary person. Why Gausian? Yes. Quite fit a person from another country. Yeah. And if you're from China from another country, you just replace Y with whichever country of wrong. Yes, Goran fiber and Warren were Dongara, This one. Wonderful. So that is why boron, and first of all, that's not slang. But we can actually, we come up with a slang term for this. Why gotten already, they asked why Gordon plague wherein you might tell it that. And I'll say the first one. Why Gordon? And you say why Gordon, why Gordon? Why Goran is tiny, tiny bit of difference. It's okay if you can't tell if you haven't studied Chinese for too long. Now, you upset this this correct. But yours is also solve, correct? Yeah. It's just the nickname because it's the same pronunciation, different tones and emits cute internet sometimes. Yeah, I've noticed that Chinese is like, that's what's cool about the language as art because there are so many characters that sound exactly the same. Yes. Or sometimes the tones change little bit so that you can just replace them with different things and choose, choose another character. In this case, it literally, what does it literally mean? It would be a skew skewed fruit. Fruit nuts. Yeah, it's kind of a fruit nuts and it's quite weird. And yeah, anyway, so that's why I got him. And you can write it in either way and they're all fine. Ok. Now, the next one is very communism. The most common one, probably even more common awake or it's just law, white noise. So low old person and learn why. Yeah, foreigner, foreigner outside allows refers to like someone holders and he's not young and inexperienced, he's old and we respected. It's also absorb light, respectful. Yeah, Wonderful. So we know that Y and now we gradually move on to more and more difficult. Well, it's the next one would be one way law, Greylock. Again, now the law is there. We know that almost the way, way is a ghost, a greater way. And it came from Cantonese. They call foreigners quite owl because they look different from us. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, they're different. But yeah, we also use that sometime, like wait out. Yeah. But that's usually for for men or a guy. Yeah. So for women, we would say we made we met me is just system a system younger sister. It's quite weird concert. So if you're an old foreign woman, yeah, Muji Calder. Oh good. Now grey. It's all weird. Anyways, that's not a very common term. And let's go with gray law. And gray, MY wonderful, that's very good. Now, the next one and the last one is actually one young your. So we've gone through, if you've taken our course before, if you've seen some new videos and new means, a baby or a young chick. Yeah. So you can say Noor or Xian your use on its own if you'd like to, otherwise. Well, we also do is we are the young in the beginning which comes from the ocean. Yeah. Yeah. Young. It also means foreign. Yeah. So yeah, because it's funny because in the word Haiyan, that means ocean, that word you have young, which means ocean. So it means anything that comes from the ocean. It's not that there's not domestic basic needs, an action that not from our own country. So you say young and you say, Yeah. So that's how you can address me if I was a female. Now, the last term is also just a foreign person which any Yangon. Good. So now you understand what young means and there's just other agenda at the edges. And those are all the different times that we considered useful and very common and necessary even. And so learn these and you'll know plenty more than any other law. Why? Why Gordon? Young? Fantastic. We have enjoyed that video. We certainly did make it into. 72. Rich second generation: Okay guys, we're reaching the end of our slang cause it's been wonderful, wonderful to have you. But we wanted to save a little bit for last. And this is one of my favorite parts because it's not just words that you learn, but it's also WASD are common and they are the culturally related as all. And we're actually also able to tell you a little bit and share with you a little bit of culture along with this long history is up. So let's start with the word. I want to take it from a place. Well, it means second-generation. So in China we don't have a long history of the new China, maybe like 70 years. So basically the first generation was like the earliest stage of this country. And some of them became rich and some of them became government officials. And their kids are called the second generation. Are that, for example, if you have a friend who was a floor, that fluid means rich. That means his parents, the first-generation, are rich and he's there second-generation. So before that, we also have a type of people that were we refer to as squander, that Guam means government officials. So they are very powerful and very resourceful and their kids will be Guam or that wonderful. Say that's a lot of information to digest that. But yeah, basically it's interesting because you've all Chinese people, old China, this, they usually say it's 5 thousand years old and they're really proud of it. But then you also have this new expression which is a die, which is a second-generation. So you mean one generation was 2500 years old and that makes it raises another 2005 years and years old. No, it's instead sort of the new China we can call it, which started 19501949. Exactly. With what? With the People's Republic of China? Yeah. Communist Party through multi-document, not exactly sounds for 1949. And from that point and on which start finding a new, new expressions that culture related as well. And so yeah, that was a bit of history for you and a bit of our time, what it means for a day, just to repeat it, to reiterate a little bit for a die means you are rich. Parents are rich, yes, second-generation over rich family, exactly. And then guano diets, a second generation of like a government official family. Exactly, exactly. And you must be very Lynch actually. You'll notice that join up along with a lot of other countries as they cope. The government here controls a lot of resources, so it's excellent to work for the government. It's like the best job you can have a gives you a lot of pension, law security. So much more so than in Sweden, for instance, is very, very privileged to work. And you're very lucky if you get to work in the government. And that's why we have these expressions, yes as well. And so we have four though, we have guano died, but we also have a third expression which is very interesting. It's got chair, that chair that chai means to dismantle something, cation, which means dismantle your housing property because the government may need this land for other purposes. So there would need to remove your housing, whatever it is, house, apartment, and they will compensate you finance. So and you get compensated generously, yeah, generously. You get an idea what to buy you a new house or not? Yeah. Yeah. But a few yeah. Sometimes a few apartments. So you actually have written notice that Chinese people are like they really hope that the government will come through and say, I'm come up to you, to your front porch one day and say sorry, we need this Pell place and then you also all please please be amigo. Yes. They're building a railway straight through my house and it makes me so happy. Yes. It's funny because the atoms in the USSR, Yeah. And then so annoyed about this because obviously you don't get compensated. But in China everyone really wants this to happen. It's quite fun, yeah. And what happens when people get rich? Because, yeah, because of fortune, the F0 because of luck, because it's quite funny. Yeah. They just woke up and knock on your porch, knock on your front door, and then you get lucky and you get rich. And this is like Triton. And if you are a kid from this family, the second generation of this assembly, you are chiral that you're very lucky to be chai our debt. That's funny. It's like the most lucky way except for maybe winning the lottery to get rich by. 73. To buy on sb’s behalf: So in this video here will come before different terms that you'll find particularly useful. You probably have seen or know, or even are one of these people. So let's start with de Gaulle. What does this? Well, Diigo means buying something on behalf of other people. So there are lots of Chinese people living overseas. They will buy things overseas and send it back to China on behalf of their clients. Because these things are either cheaper on a oversees or they're simply unavailable in China. So this is a very, very big community in overseas Chinese MIMO, chances are one of the Chinese friend they, you know, are doing, are doing Diego. It's very, very common and people do it as a full-time job. Just sit there answering the phone and then ship things from the country that are making a profit and make a lot of profit for me. I've been asked so many times. Felix, do you have this fish? Do you have, especially as fish in Sweden there, would you have this thing? The other thing, I wanted to buy it, I want to buy it. Can you help me with that? Day, God, and they want me to call a dipole. So yet, and that's a very profitable job result, very common. That's hence why it's very common as well. Now the next term is yellow color. Yeah, huang Yo. Yeah, it's similar to Django, but it's more like buying something and reselling them for a profit. Buying something very, very popular and very, very scarce, and resell it for a profit. For example, when a new iPhone is released, the Hongyu would go and buy hundreds of them and started him like a New Populist sneaker or supreme pronoun is released. The Han, you'll go there and buy a lot of them in Southern it also, if you go to a concert or a sports event or any kind of this kind of big events in China, it's very likely you will meet a lot of people outside of the stadium trying to sell you tickers and these are called Hongyu. Sometime you need their help. Sometimes, yeah, definitely. You can also is good because the day they don't decide the trends, but they follow the trends. So if you don't know what to wear, what to buy and you've really, but if you want to be aware, they just follow one meal and you always know what's the most popular? Yes, by whatever their salary, even though it might be very expensive, because they want their own value is all they're worth per year by whatever they're selling. And you'll be trendy at least. Why Hong you'll buttery. Meaning, let's stick to that. Now, we have another one which is, which is what I heard from don't. And this is particularly useful now if you are a foreigner, because this will most likely happen to you. So it's good that you're aware of it if you live in in China. Because R It means to our second thumb, Don means the landlord. And why is it called the second lender or land or number, number two is because they rent the poverty from the original landlord and they sublet it or density you use sometimes most of time making a profit, or sometime they would decorate or renovate the apartment and rent it to someone else and make a profit? Yeah. That happens quite a lot in especially if you're afforded in now because Yeah, it might be difficult for you to you for you to get a contract on an apartment. So instead, it's also blended to you and you called them a Arafat Dong. Very good. So if you're renting an apartment now you are very likely to have an R funds dong. It's good that you know about this term. You might want to know about the legalities about it as art, but that's boring. So we won't talk about in this video. We don't know much about it, at least not me. And now the last one is what is fundable is foundings, housing or property? Nu is slave. So it's pretty straightforward. You become a slave of your property. It's like a lot of people, they buy a property with the mortgage and they have to pay mortgage for the next 30 years. So they become a slave of the property. And the mortgage. Soulful, exactly. Property, slave is quite literal loan. So wonderful. We have for-expressions then that sort of have to do with property or trends or things that you can by business? Business, I guess. Yeah. So we started with a person who buys things for you that I got. Then we also have a person who follows trends and buys everything in a cell to tear huang Yo. And then we also have a second tenants or like a second landlord, RFM dot exactly. And then the last one would be a house slave, someone with a lot of mortgage funnel. Excellent. Did you find these words useful? We tried to pick up the most useful words that we can ever think of and find and share those with you. We hope we managed to anneal it. You will impress people. Yeah, definitely if you use these words, you'll definitely impressed me. Not just by knowing advanced boats, but also the Chinese culture behind it as loss. Because yeah, it's impossible not to learn culture if you, if you know these words, Fantastic. 74. Single (slang): Okay guys, so we're into this segment of the course called relationship-related. Yeah, so these are all culturally related and now is relationship was on. So we'll start with something that, well, if you're, if you're single, you'd be what? Tension goal. So you can just say you can just say done Shun. Yeah, you, Kirsten said venture, Venture Law, dashing goal is kind of we'll make fun of yourself. Usually. We've seen the word goal before actually already. We've used it many times throughout this course, but know, again, instead of just saying functions, just like you said, you make fun of yourself and ridicule herself a little bit to call yourself a dungeon goal. And it's quite you actually. I walked around with a sign the other day. We did a video and I think don't think never anything happen with it because it was so it was so awkward. But the idea was you can see it here. Anyway. Yeah, it didn't go very well that day. And hence the video was never published either. Okay, so that's the function goal. And now we can move on to Jane, you are a get_int. J means house or home than beans. A female boy or girl out. And basically means these are the type of boys or girls who likes to stay home a lot because soul comfort where home and they don't want to go out. So okay. So you can always have someone just doesn't wanna go out with you one night. You can just say are high or new Denim Day or GI new dynein if you interrelationship and you never leave the house really. Yeah. That's because you are become Joni or Dina? Yeah. If you are single when you are on your agenda and chances are you will stay single for a very long time. That's all. You won't find much new in your house or any new partners in your house. So now talking about partners, we want to move on and go through a little bit about marriage is 2t times in particular here. One that is Trey Hoon. Yeah, it's way means three means rush someone to something when these marriage. So if you stay single for too long, people around you start to get worried and they will start to say, Oh baby, you should find a boyfriend or girlfriend soon and you should get married. Very common in China. Unfortunately, yes, I'd say goodness, quite common here and view experienced yourself personally? Yes. Yes. Yes, of course. Scarily was a scary scary on x2. Yes, of course. And everyone else has pretty much. How how does it happen? How did you feel? For example, if you go, if you go home and during Chinese New Year and you will meet a lot of your family members. And people will start asking, oh, have you found someone this year? And if not, they will start to say, oh, maybe you should hurry up next year. And they would even go as far as actually trying to find your set you up with someone. Exactly. And so that's one. And then we have another expression which is when you take photos, when your camera was flush called Shang Guan Dian Shang Guangdong. And from the flush it should basically Shang Sheng. So we can say Sun Han nows flush marriage, exactly flush marriage than being exactly what it is. Yes, you meet someone and you get married after a very short time, like for example, one month or three months and you get marriage so quickly. But that's usually what you see movies when people are in love and like, oh, I love you so much. Yeah, yeah. Or would you call a tray one a CUDA end up at as a son whom yea could you, could you just say, yeah, it doesn't necessarily have to do with anything positive. It could also be something that you're forced upon by your parents. And I just have to get married in two weeks by just oxygen meeting the person. Okay. So those are 24, sorry, 22 terms for you. We have single and we have genotype. And Dan Xiang Gao by the way, was single and the velocity ones where I had to do with, had to do with marriage. Say call it nouns, Shank When, Excellence. By the way, if you don't know the word t yet, it's good to know. But also if you know the word 2A, which you'll see on all the doors, way it sounds almost the same. It almost looks exactly the same as tight as well. So that's a good one to make you remember that one. Maybe those are forwards. Wherever you find them useful, you don't get take-home too much. And even though you might be shiny, and therefore dungeon goal, but you will not be single for long and maybe you'll even be happy through a Shanghai romantic. 75. Angry youth: We almost done with this entire course now, we only have two expressions left. We didn't find anything else to put them, which is dragged on to them until the very bottom and the end of this course. It doesn't make them less worthy though. The first one is culturally interesting and important. I think. Where does it fed Ting, financing softened could be like from fun. It's actually a short form for fun. Knew that Kenya, which is annoyed teenagers. Yeah, fed node is like angry. Kenya is youth, young people. And if you think of it, it's quite interesting like you had the umbrella demonstration in Hong Kong goes up to probably five years ago at this point, many, many years ago. And you have a love that we can't talk about here because we're in China. A lot of different revolutions and demonstrations, and they actually demonstrations are illegal here in China. Now by the way, if you didn't know that most of these are actually like galvanized by young people, like students. And that's why some of them are even called the student revolution and so on. So it's quite interesting. It's like, I've started thinking of this like it's when you're young, you have so much yeah. Ideals, Yeah, so much more than you believe in so much. But then the older you get, and many of Chinese people have actually told me about this, the older you get, the more you just realize that this is never going to happen. So the more you just start thinking, okay, I'll just make sure I provide for myself and then I'm happy and I don't care for anything else. And you won't be Apollo any revolutions I imagined them. So therefore we have this expression, again, fetching, fetching, perfect, quite interesting, I would say. Now the second expression is also fun, but in this case is what? Funds. So, so different tones are tone fence. And this word comes from literary means I, rice noodle. But because he sounds like the English word fence, which means, you know, fans or followers. And now he means the fence of followers of a celebrity or an influencer. So you can see, I have, I have way boy, for instance. You can see it here. I just started a few months ago. And here you can see the number and underneath you can see France. And that means my fats levy or endorphins. Not Brando. Way on mama. Younger palm your hands. Okay. Excellent. So yeah, as another word and it means fans. There's quite funny then what, what we're using before we, for us newDish. Now what we're using, this is quite interesting. And what were you using in China before you had the word fence for your English with me that I thought I was before me. Before year. Yeah. Either care for that, either need to be responsible. You have like a like it's shown me. Yes, you would you say to me instead that's a follower. So when you follow something, but it's not at all. There's communists. Yeah, every few are like internet influencer, like wound you. Gummy Nubia, irrelevant. Yeah, I would say I guess fancies acquires is Islam module generic for any, any kind of influencers or famous people? Exactly. Okay. So you can say for, and you can also have fencing, fantastic. Those are two words for you that are quite common and especially in today's life. And let us know if you find them useful. Also, that's the end of the course. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. And thank you. Camera to did an excellent job there on the site. We hope you enjoyed that course. Yes. So through a lot of research and asking Chinese people in reading online and all of that. We have come up with 0s terms for you. Hopefully, you'll know any other slung ever again. If you ever do that, please let us know and we bubble chromite into this course as well because we want this course to have everything fantastic and thank you for appearing excellent aphasia. Definitely a lot of things that I before went through this course that I didn't, that I didn't know about or didn't know so much about it at least. So yeah, I definitely think this will be useful for you because it was useful for me even Fantastic. Thank you again and thank you. 76. P*n*s: This part of course is a penis part of the course and that's why I'm alone is OK, because there's no one who wanted to join me on this one. Okay. So we're going to go through and it becomes 12345678910, little expressions. And they're all used to say the same word, penis. Fantastic. Ok. So it starts quite easily and they will have a scale. It will scale up and become more and more gross. And that's what we'll be using on the porn sites. And if you really want to offend someone or anything other, excellent, let's get started. So first of all, we have a few terms that we can use for kids. As your moment, I don't really want to say that was built instead. Just say little chicken or little brother. Actually nice. Shall DD, She RDD or shall Tt. Tt. Okay. You can also use hCG or dd, not with the shell but the showers, a little bubble communist say, okay, so then actually notice all that TG could also mean chicken or DD cross Jasmine, your younger brother. So if you point at someone and say that's my younger brother, beware that you're actually just pointed out a person otherwise that the person you're talking to my thinking. And if you get it anyways, shall GG and see Ltd. excellent. And now we have a few more illiquid terms, but we could, for instance, say Shimon Shamir, not just means you're downstairs, Xia Mian, and that's quite nice. And after this video, we'll go through a little bit about female genitalia, but that's not as interesting, unfortunately, because there's just simply not as many words to discover there. So however, one of those words that will discoveries Shamir and that works for both men and female. Female because it's just down to status, it is referring to anything else. So Sh'ma, it's quite nice actually. And the other one will be minconf. Lincoln's mean means your life. You're gonna show me now means life. And then we have Guns and Guns was just a route. Okay. So we've got a root that holds onto your life. Yeah. That's that's that's your, again, penis mingled. Last. Quite nice actually. You'll see it in literature a little bit actually. And you can say it as well, and it's, I think it's quite innovative, so please go with that one if you don't want to offend anyone. Now, I was just talking about literature. And one that you'll see a lot of literature is just now H4 now. So it's not that speech now what? And that just literally at that talk, basically, the one that does the talking got very awkward. They're very fast. Yep. Now, who are the one that does the talk, that talk basically now hard, but you'll see it again a lot in literature to please enjoy. And now we have another one which is quite cute so you can use it without being afraid of offending anyone. It's simply low R. Okay. So you are old law and then it's the second one who's following you all the time. Now are this guy again? Okay. Okay. Now, are, now means penis. Quite funny. Okay, now, I need you to be aware here because this is definitely why I'm alone here because we are moving on to awkward territory. The next one is C bar cheaper. It actually means cock, ok, as in a chicken or a rooster or a cock. Okay? And it's interesting because in English you can call a chicken rooster without the next one would be a cock. You can call the coke can mean two things. It can mean that and there's other cock vague. But I don't know if CO CK is a sensor where the word we'll see, I don't know. Okay, anyway, so we have G bar and so it means literally and coconut because the CI, we used it before when we said Shall GG, which quite Q. But in this case, it's quite, quite messy and dirty actually, but it is very common however, so teapot, please start using that if you want to be a bit tatty, still common. Now we're moving on to London. And it's actually something that, I mean Shanghai now. And it's something that we use a lot here. So it's Luan again penis, but it's actually from Shanghai. Nice. So may other people know about it, but they don't say it as much. But here in Shanghai you'll say l1 all the time one. You can also use more and later on we'll do that as well to say like fucking, what's the DOM use of this or this, or this. So what is the damn thing you're talking about? So in order to just solve, emphasize your point and make it common across, you can put a little one in places like Baltimore of a lot later. Please remember to watch that video as well. And now we're sort of at the end of the scale, and in this case it's d o, d o, and the alchemy, many things. But in this case it's just going to mean, yeah, that one again, they are excellent. Okay. So there again, it's quite messy and it's all at the end of the scalar, collects data, but it is also very common. Okay, and now we move on to the last word of this excellent video and very informative one. We have low bug and this is actually one of my favorites even though it's the end of the scale, because this is what you'll see, like porn sites or if you go into sex shops, you'll see this written everywhere, robot. And it's quite funny because rho means meat and punctures means a stick or like a, like a baseball bat. But we're talking about that's been baseball by the waste punctual. So if you take away that show from baseball and then you other row in the beginning, then it gets to become a penis instead. So real bang means again, a meat steak. And I think you can figure out the rest. Fantastic, isn't it? Those are, I think there's ten terms for you. And I'm sure that even though you knew some ways to say penis in Chinese before, we've definitely taught you a few new ones now. And let us know which one you prefer and which one you've been using so far, if any. And yeah, that's it. And also like always, if you're watching this on YouTube, subscribe, there'll be a wise choices. Yes, indeed. Excellent. I'll see you in the next video, guys. Next video, again now will be discussing the female genitalia is, or how very interesting. It's going to be much shorter though, because yeah, it's not that much to discover. Sibley. 77. Younger brother/sister etc: Hello guys and welcome back, Felix here and we're back for another episode, not male genitalia. That goes because I was covered in the last video instead now it is female genitalia. Exciting stuff, isn't it? Certainly going to be three times where it really, I've asked around a lot and about my brain Law, and I've researched a lot. And we can only really come up with these three. So first of all, just like the equivalent of shell DD as in little brother. And now you can actually little sister and there'll be Mamie. Mamie, and that's actually a very good term for it. Again, that is also the one moments and dots will be using shout mimic Xiaomi Mi as it to their kids whenever they want to talk about that downstairs, talking about those steps, we can also say chemise. And if you followed our previous video, you know that from before already, Shania wise for both girls and boys, exciting stuff, isn't it? Now there's those two, and those two are very common. And that's just simply a third variation of it, which basically translates to the word there. Hopefully be centered that one, um, and that one is just yeah, I don't have to say much more about it. It'll be used later on for swear words and so on, which you can probably imagine it just like it does in English as well. However, if you just want to call it something else and more dirty, you can call it that as oh, there we go. Those were three terms of how you can talk about female genitalia. Again, enjoyed it and see you next video. But I don't think I'd forgotten about UK Amritsar by to you too. 78. Loser: Hey guys, welcome back. In this video we're going to cover one word, but with three different meanings. Very interesting indeed, it's going to have three vastly different meanings as well. So it's important that we go through it and give you some examples as well. Here we go. The air means penis, and that's the first meaning if you watched a video from us before then you know that the owl means peatlands and that's it with it. But however, if you move onto the second meaning, it would be deal so and that means penis, but then sill have actually been shredded. You can have told us shredded potato. But yeah, don't think too much about it simulates something that we added at the end of things and it doesn't have to do with shredding anyone or Eddie. Things. You stick. So I didn't either anyways, it's simply something that were put at the end visit funds and Johnny says the word funds and now it's the word the or so. So it's just something that we added. They don't think too much about it. Ok, so the also means a looser. So it can be a loser, doesn't have any friends. You could say, oh, this guy is actually lose Are. You can also use it in sort of a funny contexts, but you need to be aware of that than maybe just use it to watch yourself and say, I'm such a loser, I do such and such. In that case, you can use the alt, so sort of ridiculing yourself. I think that's quite funny. However, he views it towards other people, beware because they might get offenders. Anyway, that was the OS and that means looser. So now so far we have penis, we have looser and the last one is actually awesome and cool. Now as they are. And they say Paula, Oh, actually means to explode like a bond. Wow, it sounds like a bomb, doesn't it? So del Paula means the penis. Yeah, actually, let's not go there. So what we have is just the expression is such means. So cool. Okay? So for instance, if you watch basketball, for instance, if you do the same if scene, for instance, James Harden last night, you did a terrific job. And instead of saying too graphic in Chinese now we can say or 40, any kinda heartened that showed other tie, the whole Paola, tidy Apollos or not. And there we go. That's how we can use it. Dealt ball up. So now we've loved one tiny little word, but three different expressions using that timeless award already. Penis, looser and awesome. It's quite funny that we can get these three vastly different words from just one tiny little penis. That's it we can cut now. 79. Stop right there, Mr. 18+: Hello, my name is Felix and your welcome back. If you watch the video before. Now it's me on companies, unfortunately, because these words are built too awkward to have any Chinese person wanted to sit next to me with. So instead it's just us and that's the way it is. And so this is the first video of the segments of swear words slash 18 plus watts. Okay, so make sure you sign that little closure before we get started here. And now we can get started. Fantastic. Now it's basically just terms that older people, 18 plus people should know about. So let's go through them then. We can start with some p. And that's quite funny actually, the Chinese language or Chinese people maybe I should say, loves to use English words or just letters. Sometimes for Photoshop, they just say PSP s, And then they put Chinese characters in front and afterwards. But they still say PS Just with the, with those two letters that similar to that they would say some p. So sun beats three and p means people or person. But then we cut out everything else and just keep the p. So some piece of Chinese son and then the letter P from English, somebody actually means a three. So it's quite funny. And yet quite easily what salon actually. So use that one and you can practice your number three as all that crazy, isn't it? Now, we can say DNA for moving. But there's another term for movie at which if you've done a course that you might know about this, which if you've done a course that you should know about this one, it's Pn, Pn, Pn, it's pn, pn, pn, pn. Wonderful. Simply means movie night. We can simply say APN, APN. And a, again, just like the sum PA comes from adult. So it's just an English word and they call it signals, and they just kept one letter at the beginning. So APN, adult movie, simply API. Api. So you see, I've taken that what completely from Lynn English actually and just Chinese who find it a little bit. Now you can also call it Huang. Huang Dissolve means anything, sort of dirty little bears all actually. So one pn is also worked for it. And the words don't stop here. Mlb pn is actually another way to talk about it mal, mean TO farming's hair. But Mau also Solomon's hair, but it also means you're far. So yeah, it's also a time for other sort harris, OK, it's not talk about it anymore. It's interesting here because in Chinese movies you have grading systems. You are basically Level one and that is just ordinary movies, level two, which is b, is off a little bit naked, but still ordinary movies like Game of Thrones. And then level three would simply straight off, just be poor knows, okay, so that would be sun, GPM, Santi, p-n. So g level, Sunday PM. Wonderful. Now one of my favorite times for it, which is very illiquid and you don't have to be ashamed reusing it would be IT Don's opiate. So basically just saying love, action movie and don't talk can be used as a action, but also like movement or anything that happens. So it's not just love is not just roman, but it's actually moving robots or in Romans with actions. So I Ching dongle here, I think Don's OPM would also mean porno. See how many words they have. Now we're not actually done with was for Paul Erdos yet. We have one left to go. We have children yet. So turner And just means an adult's tone means to become engine beans persons or you become a person. And you can put pn at the end of that. And that just means yet a movie or a film for, for an adult. So yes, an adult movie chunk down here. By the way, you can walk around the streets and there's plenty of sex doors to go round in China. They're not ashamed of that at all, which is, I think it's good. And then you will actually see outside, you see children Pitman and pin means products and terminate is again adults. So I dot products. You'll see that guys. What those a lot of words for just the very same thing. It's been a long video, but I've only taught you really three different words in English. It's been threesome with hard. Also adopt products is in sex toys, but have also just gone through a lot and a lot, and a lot of different terms for yellow movies or romantic action movies or level three movies or whichever one you prefer from the ones you just hope for me, let us know which ones you prefer to let us know which ones you knew from before and let us know wells you'd like to hear us talking about in our next video. If you're watching this on YouTube, like always, subscribe. My name is Felix. This is dominant Chinese. And even though you can't see it, it's yellow enough to beat China. I just realized that I shouldn't say that because that's a bit lasers maybe, but you know, it's an inevitable jerky if you're sitting in a yellow room. But if you're in China, feel free to come back at anytime and visit our yellow room. And we'll talk much more about some other interesting things about China and Chinese. My name is Felix. Thank you for watching. Bye bye. 80. Still still 18+: Hello there. Felix is my name if he didn't know it already, another segment of the causes of adult words. So make sure you're above 18 before you start watching this video. This video starts in 321, and that's actually three. So let's get started and NO3, What's this video? It's just words you can shout out if you want to make sure that people understand you're upset, okay? So first of all, if you're getting upset by so on, then you can say pizza. Pizza B means to close something which can be used to just close something. So it means your mouth. So literally close your mouth or shot the mouth as in Shut up and is quite rude if you used that one in Chinese, pizza, pizza, pizza. Now another very common and cute and very acceptable term, if you use it in your daily life would be shut. Charges means silly. Oh, neon shock on niche. Where you can even say sharp Schwab, which means silly person, okay? But if you wanna say sharp, but a bit more offensive, you can add a b at the end. If, and if you went through our female genitalia, then you know that B means hopefully remember to sensor that one is up. It's actually quite funny because the English word you want to replace, it would just be a beeping sound for sensory. But there's word and itself in Chinese is pronounced as B as a sensory example, which is quite funny, isn't it? Okay, so then you can say shot is a B sharp B. And that just means, yeah, I think you've got it silly, but a bit more offensive. Simply serve silly, silly bitch, maybe silly, silly, silly, constantly bitch, silly. I just enjoyed the sensory exam so that one's false. So that's that expression. And now if you just feel like, no, this is not going very well, then you can say what she, what she has in I go literally, but sometimes you can actually transform the tone from what to what, what, what you watch or you can actually hear. Sometimes it's quite flexible in this case, you can either say what shoe or watch it. But if you say watch, if people know that it's a swear word, it just basically means like, oh shit, damn it. But it's a bit harsher than that. It was just like damn it. We will put it earlier in the course with acute swear words, but in this case it's above 18 swear words. So yeah, watch is not that nice. Well, yeah, you know it know at least those were three times for you. Let us know the ones you knew, the ones you denote, and let us know which ones you'd like to know. Thank you for watching. We'll see each other in the next video. 81. Still still still 18+: Okay guys, this is a very informative, dominant Chinese video about breasts. Okay, there's actually plenty was to go around for breasts. I think it's just about fair because we've talked in a previous video about female and male genitalia. Male we realized has so many more words for it. But we can compensate to that fact by just adding a law of 2pi words in Chinese. So yeah, moving on to me cubes. I hope you'll enjoy it. Okay, so we can start off with just chest, but that's also the same. What does a boobs as in breast CAN BE breast for anyone male or female as embraced in English or chests. So it works for both female and male and that makes it just very neutral. So we can say Xiang, Xiang, Xiang, and then we can say Xiang Yu Zai Xiang just on its own or we can say Xiang Bu Gou just means a part of it. So whenever you want to talk about parts of the body, you will notice that we can add up all the time as well. So Xiang, Xiang, But we can say either works completely fine. Xiang Wo Xiang. We have another funny one and that is NY. Ny comes from the word NIH, which is actually like your grandma, but night. So that actually means you're not your grandma's breast but just breast in general. So now it's yet again breast and that is quite common. It's not that dirty, it's just rests simply night. And now we have another one which is o actually means breasts as well. And it's a little bit data if you recognize the scale from, for instance, penis from before in one of our previous videos, we had like a scale or we started there and we went from here. And this was nice and light and this was harsh and not that nice and dirty. And we repeated that same scale and this video then. So we started here with Sean was shampoo and then it's night. So now it's actually just means breast. Fantastic. And everyone has a nipple is actually quite funny because it's rude. Pole Ruto, just the head of the breast. I think that makes all the sense in the world. Root whole, fantastic Tony's, aren't you? Just delightful. So here you can just say what you want others to like her breast or was you want other root whole nipples? Yeah. Okay. Moving on now, it's quite funny actually because we can say to draw cars, especially in like porn sites and so on will see like big boobs. And then in that case, not that I've ever been on any because there are blocked in China. Very innocent person, Don't worry about me. So it's two and that's the same two from like giant, we can say to them is giant or the hole because actually the big green person nutrition. So that means the Green Giant, the hole can, that's actually quite funny. Lu julian. Fantastic. So keeping that to means big or enormous. And there was a Jew rule. And then we get huge bibs, Hickey, there's actually a few more words were huge. Tate, so you'd beeps and we'll talk more about that and you'll learn about them in this video as well. 82. Still still still still 18+: Now this is straight up slang. We have Mimi and that means secret. But if you pronounce it like me, me, than it actually means 2xh again. Okay. Oops, I should say Mimi, wonderful. And so that is a little bit more dirty. And now we get into the dirty as though the dirty, okay, it's born more, or Porges means boobs on its own. Boid sounds like boom, I would spells almost like boop, just b o and then just as another OB and then you actually good, poor borders means that wonderful. And that's actually the last word for boop that we can learn. We can actually add a word, but, and budgets all means king or the best of everything. But, so we can say poor bar, and that means, yeah, big, big boobs again. So, so far we have two watts already to save huge of this thing. So it's rule or it's poor power. Fantastic. Now, we've gone through a lot of different words and it's quite funny, Hello, Chinese has thought of so many different words for the same word, boop. I guess we have a lot of words for that as well in English. Let's go through them again. And meanwhile, you can choose which one you prefer, which one you think sounds the best. Shown. Shampoo nights. Mimi, poor, wonderful. That's it guys. I hope you enjoyed that video thoroughly if you did so Tatas is great. But if you're on our website already, don't do that. Just simply keep watching and see you in the next video. 83. Still still still still still 18+: Okay guys, this part of the course is called like sex terms or 18 plus words. So in this video is just going to be straight up about sex. So the best and the most adequate time for sex, or just be to ISO, to make love or to do love literally. Do I. Wonderful. We can also now actually Ce Shang Sheng to get on top of someone. That's actually a term for it is all. Now we can also say in the same way, but that's actually a lot harsher. Okay, so we're already moving on to the end of the scale, which is a Dutch as part of this game those. So it's actually quite, it's very common just on a daily basis. Whenever you wanna say Sunday, for instance, you have to say sourcing seizure. You can actually say scene she TNS or no. You don't have to say it. Anyways, that's irrelevant. Now we have heard them. And just like with Sheng, we can just say OR Shang and then person. Okay? And that's simply to fantastic. Now, a funny little time which is actually quite messy as well as to make fried rice with someone. And that's troll fun. You can imagine the action of a, you can actually see me here demonstrating it in another YouTube video I made before, where I told you about the word fun. You're gonna walk pants together. It is, throw yourself around and it's hot and you've got rise everywhere as well. It's probably the most Chinese metaphor for sex that I've ever heard. There we go. So telephone literally to fry rise, but now it actually also means to make love to so on. Fantastic. So you're next time you might want to be a bit more innovative and asked you wanna frighten rise together and see if they want to try some nice together. All good luck with your own fried rice and the future. Now it's quite funny because the literal translation of this next one is to hit Done year as in outside or wild year and then trump war. So to hit a war or to be in a war basically to fight a war outside. And it doesn't have to be there with war anymore or fighting, or fights, beating. It just means simply means to have sex outside in the public. I attract the Ayatollah. Now the last one that we're going to learn here is, I've just learned that there is an abbreviation for this. And S. O and S one night stands simply and it's just literally the same word in Chinese heritage, e, as in one year as a night and then seeing, which means love or affection or feelings. Eating, eating just means one night stand will pursue a year teaching degree in Rio eating. So similarly had to Shang, like it's something you do to someone who's a one-sided affair, it sounds like now you can also do gun. Gun is more or less slammed Z22, but also then to do with some one. Okay. So gun like that. So you can use a gun, someone, a person then, fantastic 3i through intense research and asking around and living and experiencing Chinese, these are the most useful terms that we can think of for you. They have to do with sex in Chinese, hopefully find them useful. And again, like always, thank you for watching. 84. Still still still still still still 18+: Hello there, Felix here from dominant Tony's. Now in this video we'll go through just different expressions with the word gun. If you know about it already, it means dry. But more the slang term means to do. We can even mean to. So galantamine love things. And first of all, we can just say can't walk. Yeah, if you want to do me. Who talked about that in another video before where we talked about different ways to say it. Sorry, I love saying that because I know it will censor it out. Okay, so gun can be used as a verb to say default. But you can also use it as a swear word to say. For instance, can India, Tanzania, Kenya said it too many times now feels a bit awkward. Yeah, I think you get a Ghani and then neon actually refresh the mom. Okay. So in just like in English, you would say like an actually want to pronounce the whole world. And we refer a lot to moms in English, and we still use the same thing actually in Chinese here. So Canyon, yeah. Yeah, that's a pneumo readings for your noun and not talking about moms. And we can actually just say Hamada, Hamada and can actually remove that doing powder fornication part and just say tomato, or you can say in my madder. And this again doesn't have any factors in it, is just Hamada when the mother. So it's the same here where we talk about English. We use MOM terms in Chinese. It's the same. Fantastic. Now we can actually also, if you want to make the data a little bit rude it we can say B at the end, yes, which means it could. Now we can say comma b, comma b or b. So it's actually quite awkward to read tomato because it's only first toes all the way. Are the b or pneuma that be fantastic and those are terrible. I don't know why I'm sitting here saying these ones too, you know. Okay, fantastic. Now we've gone through that, the last word actually, which is also the westward, we learned in an earlier video. We can say walkout, which basically means, oh, dammit, or bugger or bomber or something like that. But that one actually comes from the word tau, okay, and that's how it's not very good at all to say sounds almost dirty, just the sound of it. Ok, so the cult comes on top. So while cow is okay, but what tau is just and that's really harsh. Okay? So using the town that we can use, use it as a standalone swear word, but we can also use it with moms or you whatever you'd like to swear towards. Okay. See, yeah, the worst one here and that you'll ever come across die can think of at least do a lot of intense research that we've come up with is to10 ma. And that's the last one. Then we'll finish on that wonderful accord. Tony, ma. Ok. That is it, guys. Those are different ways to affect each other. And that was the end of this very awkward and very offensive parts of the course, which is called 18 plus over enjoyed it. And if you did, will be sought to see each other again, if you haven't already subscribe, if you're on the website, don't subscribe, just ignore that and we'll see each other in the next video. 85. Any skillshare course end video: Well, hello, there you've been fantastic. You finished this entire course. And here's just to say you are fantastic. Type on a type on, really type on. Now, go out there and get some ice cream, gets some being ceiling gets some chocolate, gets Intel CALEA, maybe some cafe because you know that word in Chinese as well. And contemplate what you've done. You've been fantastic simply. And once you're done eating and snacking, then you come back and then I hope you're ready for some more. Now at that point, you can go to our links in our projects and resources it's called. And that little section you will find links to different courses here if you want. More of what we have to offer, By the way, amongst those links, you'll also find one to a website where if you click it, you can get one month completely for free and then you'll get to access everything on the website. And that doesn't only stop at all the courses, but it also gives you all the features like flashcards and more than 1000 dialogue so you can practice what you're learning, amongst many other things. Wonderful. I'm done talking. Again. Remember you are type AMA because that means awesome and bye for now.