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Chinese Painting Sunflower | YangTravelArt

teacher avatar Ashley Yang Liu, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Materials and Sketch Part 1

    • 2. How to paint flowerhead Part 2

    • 3. Petals and leaves Part 3

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About This Class

Learn how to paint sunflowers in this Chinese painting tutorial. I'll show you the easy steps to paint the flowerhead, petals, stem, and leaves.

Anyone from a complete beginner to advanced practitioner of Chinese painting will find this tutorial a useful.  

I would love to see your questions and constructive feedback in the comments section!

Techniques covered in this class:

中鋒行筆 vertical stroke

側鋒行筆 oblique brush

壓筆 press the brush

提筆 lift the brush

掃鋒 sweep the brush

Follow me on IG and FB: @YangTravelArt

Music :

a-little-fantasy by Keys of Moon 

Happy and Joyful Children  by Michael Shapman 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashley Yang Liu

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang Liu is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the worl... See full profile

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1. Materials and Sketch Part 1: Hello. I'm Ashleigh from young chart. How do you like flowers? Because today, out to you how to upend beautiful some flowers for months. Heroes you need the ink. Ondas are flowing pigments that here low camp Burge Scarlett Okay, Sienna on the indigo for the Leafs. A precious maybe on either one large competition brush and the ones correct the lander brush and off course. Rest paper. Let's start sketching. If you are a beginner, it's pastor to use a pencil to sketch the flowers outline Draw Oh, for the flower head Think about the direction you want a floured face when you do this No draw four lines for the stamp. It is not hard to paint this lines, but making it now in pencil. We'll make it easier to pay later. 2. How to paint flowerhead Part 2: Picco on small size, the combination brush and the deep into letting and touch the paper. We want to keep it. Try to cover the pencil. Lies, lies. I can show the texture off. Lover had pants light and slowly Marine. Six nays. It's killed and a smaller circle toe out. Let the that part way now have your pencil flower states. That's why hasn't my truck So pen Data weighs up next jokes, but be careful. Depend on wiry shops. Jokes. Make your strokes in the same direction than the say screw. Also make some spread out. Leave spaces between some. Another role. Houston's at seven techniques but shorter name space around za dock circle you start carrying, and the last Y space is a center circle to make a local concave dip. The tip of the brush in talking. Keep a too dry and the use up leaks. Jokes depend. Our second layer toe cowards. The first layer don't kill every part off first layer. It is more colorful, with two mayors repents. A left side lighter because of some comes from mashed aside Penza inside first. So it's a crash on the maker. All jokes toward to the center way. Next use are being a combination brush into gumbo Church on the pence off West space between the two layers touch a little bit off ocracy. Anna covered the side off the yellow part way. Next, the color with a lot of water to make A to spread fast. You can say that the mix where, though, hope that your Pantene looks so far now we were punched. The other two flowers. - Thistles reminds me of one god's work. Practice hard enough in the U campaign. As good as him. Short strokes shows the direction of the flower head. No, this flower faces some word way. Spread your brush like this, then keeping into talking and then towers the lighting. Leavitt's aside, facing to some lighter. I think you're sliding yellow to pent. You can add a little bit off ocracy. Anna on the side to wear is a cover. Now finished the flower house, not a dry eye in the pens Op ed does 3. Petals and leaves Part 3: choose us most size. The brush on the DP's ah whole brush in tow can poach. That's the deep with light yellow Toby corroborative. You can also dipped the brush into light yellow on the taping toe Scarlett, because they are all warm colors. When you are ready to pent, you saw operetta water. Call stroke depends a paddle light to heart way or go from right to lighten yellow gives a panto volume by, I think later paid off. Oncor Sienna and the top off the pattern and the end twice. The bottom off the brush wiring less of each pattern holds up a lot at the some shot some scenes of Franz and the Sun, but he had the West best returned Pat House way. We'll have another phone number behind this one. It's better to Penza paddles with different way opened. Eight. Attacker makes okra, sienna and indigo with yellow. Then we get our Dr Patil Yellow at the indigo become Corinne. Naturally, venture off lovers are fighters. Product. Pensa, Sunnyside Woman. Let's say how depends the flower towards tonight with warm colors, it's important to note that the pedals covers flower head what way we can cover The flower head is like this. Make sure the pigment doesn't have a lot of water as a way is to leave this part white and the beginning. That's why you can't use water colors instead. Off chance painting pigments, old color a lighter. Next, Penta pus cells in different directions to make the off lovers look happy on the assumption that the one here, Boeing's a brush back and a false depend along one a longer one. The axe are so beautiful. Now finish painting the happy flappers. Take out a big size, a combination brush deep, the whole bash into Nadig and the tape off. It's a brush into talking. Use a police joke toe pence, thus them. So brush becomes try at the middle. That's a good joke because it shows the Stam's texture. Don't worry about a deep ing. More ink on the Cape NT all stands. Do you want to make your flavors look shiny? Use ink to print. It leaves around the house. Notice how to contrast mixed off numbers. Look, Shannon, you don't have to just depend. Blanks. Jokes between battles. You have penda leaves. Instead. Be careful off too much water in the ink kept us jokes. Joy. I kept the pat house. Kareem Penta. Some pet house lights are receptacle used. The tip of the brush, the space between the blood leaves and the pat house. Now I want to repent the blank part off the flower head. These three strokes on the some thieves need a fall Now. I realized that those three leaves are too orderly, so I extend the middle ones. Keep a painting more stance. Just a path, um, to the papers. Age to show that there are more flowers. Grow here. Don't forget to pants. Later lives coming off the step. Use ink to cover the white part around the penthouse. Be careful toe Justin. Use the taper off brush. Now the flowers look schenning. We can also add some lighter lives. Be hands off lovers. Try to use different comes off ink. Uses talking to repent some part like the stalker part off the way way. It's also going to makes Okecie Anna and ink you this darker oak Asiana to repent the flower head. Then, before the leaves become dry, we should use the table. The brush they pretend to talking depends up thief wants its defense. Can I come with? Finished their two pence off some flowers. Beautiful. Some slumbers finished. I really enjoyed this class. If you did that to place leave are revealed. If you like 24 hours, you can see some off my other classes On my proof l pitch like Holt opened up pne. Okay, See you next class.