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Chinese Painting: Plum and Snow

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials we need

    • 3. How to draw Plum petals

    • 4. Training to draw Plum Branches

    • 5. Right and wrong compositions

    • 6. Drawing Blossomong Plum

    • 7. Drawing with milk. Plum in Moonlight

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About This Class

I'd like to paint with you blossoming plum using traditional Chinese painting techniques. The plum is a classic subject in Chinese painting and one of the “Four noble Gentlemen” (四君子) in Chinese art.

The chaming and strong plum meihua 梅花 blooms in late winter and early spring, before other flowers.

The delicate white, pink or even red flowers are often covered with snow, creating an amazing contrast.

In Chinese tradition it is a messenger of spring, often its flowering coincided with the celebration of the Chinese New Year - the Spring Festival 春节 Chun-tsze ,

Moreover it symbolizes such qualities of a noble husband who like a plum, "behaves with dignity"

At the class devided into five parts we will chose the special materials, learn how to make different plum flowers and basik strokes for drawing branches.

Join us and finaly we will draw a beautiful scene of blossoming plum tree with snow at moonlight winter night!


You will study and learn:

- to draw petals, buds, branches using Chinese technique

- to make tone ballance with ink using the only one type of the brush

- make wet and dry streaks on rice paper

- to create a nice compositions with flowers and branches on colored background

-to use non-transparent white paint above wet paper

- BONUS: use pure milk for ink painting

This is a class for more advanced students taught by Olga Sumarokova.

The materials you will need:

-Brush for xe-i universal of middle size, wide flat brush for big spaces and tiny pointed contour brush
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat

-Small round plate
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors ( we will need four only), or another brand of mintral paints for chinees/japanees painting

-Any type of pure milk
-Paper for xe-i/sumie



Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: I'd like to pay into the EU blossoming plan using traditional Chinese painting techniques. The plan is a classic subject in Chinese painting and one of the four noble gentleman in Chinese art, the charming and strong firm may whore blooms in late winter and early spring before they other flowers. The dedicate wiping or even red flowers, are often covered with snow, grating in amazing contrast. In Chinese tradition, it's flowering, considered with a celebration of the Chinese New Year. And the class divided into five parts, we will draw a beautiful sun, all blossoming plum tree with snow at moonlight, wind tonight. 2. Materials we need : Hello. Let's start our course with a review of tools we need to make pictures of glossing plan. First of all, I would like to talk about ink and colors, Inc. we need common Chinese ink, any kind of ink or it may be Japanese one. Then colours, any kind of mineral colors. Any brand you want, this one or this one, or may be. Or it could be Japanese paint. For this picture, we really need only for it, yellow, blue, and red one. Then brushes. The most popular brush I need four. I used for drawing. It's the mixed brush. It could be different, different sides, bigger or smaller. Then we need thin brush for tiny details. And the special brush for background. If you have such a brush for the background, you can take the big mixed brush. Then we need the carpet and especial rice paper, Chinese or Japanese. It doesn't matter. But it is necessary for paper to have a middle fluidity. You see when you make something on this paper, it must have enough fluidity. Not very big, but middle one. Then something with water somewhere to mixed colors and ink. And for the last composition that we need some milk, pouring milk. That's all. Let's start working. 3. How to draw Plum petals: Hello. Let's start drawing from the flowers over plot. For the flowers, I used this type of red color. First of all, I need to take the paint into the brush. It is necessary to fool the full body of the brush from the base to the TPP inside that paint. This way of moving. If you have got too much water into your paint, use the common napkin to dry the brush. Not very dry. We need the paint to be fluid enough to draw flowers. First, Be careful it whole DO brush always vertically. Now, this is a flower, BOD or kudzu has five petals. Then try to draw this flower from different sides like this. And this. And another one. Next, we will take Inc. We need very bride dark ink for this type of drawing. And taking very thin brush with a tiny cheap to make the smallest did deals like stamens and sepals. Sepals looks like points like this. Three for each, but always dry your brush to draw a Z. If you use a pencil, statements look like this. Small strokes with dots around the center. Then we will come back and flowers we have already drawn with the statements. Then try to draw a glute good group of flowers. We need to show how one flower is upon another one. Something like that. The first flower and another is unknown. This one more. And the flower at another position. And some bots, they could be bigger or smaller. Then I take another brush to make leg details like statements, small dots and strokes from one center. That's fine for now. The next lesson is about branches. 4. Training to draw Plum Branches: Hello. In the previous lesson, we have started how to make beautiful and alive flowers. Now, let's study how to draw branches. Let's begin with the lioness and strokes. As before, I need to feel the full brush by inc, the whole body. Then I hold my brush vertically, making a common line. Then another slim line using this same brush. The next success size to make steps while drawing the line. Like this. Step by step, step, step, step, step. Do it with a different gaps. Important that another line have to look different with another gaps between the parts of the line. The third is to change the direction of your line. You make different lines of branches. Wide, L, All theme using the single brush. Three exercises. Please try to repeat before you make the hell composition of branches and flowers. 5. Right and wrong compositions : The first thing I'd like to tell you about composition is that we could do the good and the bad. One. I want to show you two wrong compositions of branches you try to avoid in your drawing. The first bed, wrong composition is two cross three lines in 1. And another is to draw a few parallel lines like a grep. Let's try to draw a branch with the flowers. It is necessary to draw it with the gap to place a mass of flowers in IIT. If you do not do it, the flowers wouldn't be bright and colorful because of the black branch on the rate. I will start with a thick one. Here is the GIP necessary as a few branches comes to this gap. And from IIT like this, then you can make flowers. If you realize that TO composition needs extra branches, you may add it later. After that flowers are ready. Here I draw the main, the most massive group of flowers, one under another. Add flowers from different sides in different positions. Don't forget about butts. Juanita finish with flowers. You might add something to decorate leg details. But first, that settles to the flowers. Then small bodies, small branches or shoots, sepals free for each bud. For this day months, you may use the smallest brush, all the normal one. Don't forget to drive carefully. At some points and thoughts. It is essentially enough for Chinese painting. Don't forget to dry your brush carefully to draw like a pencil. This is the final exercise before we start with the main composition, the blossoming plan with no moonlight, win tonight. 6. Drawing Blossomong Plum: Before to start with the composition, let's check what we have prepared for drawing. First of all, paints, white, blue, red. And if you want to make flowers scarlet mixed red with yellow. Next, we need a plate to make a shape, or the moon disk and some pyramid milk for our sky bare ground. And the wide biggest fled brush for the background. Let's begin with a main branch. Some ink mix with the water, full your brush, and dried using the napkin. That branch wouldn't go from any central point of this side of your paper and not from any corner, right or left. Keep your brush always vertically. And remember a belt, the gap for all flowers. Most of the branches also had the same gaps. The main one to space for the flowers and snow. Later upon, it. Use more solid like ink to reveal some branches. Some other may be more transparent. Branches are not equal. They're interesting and different, and it's tone and shape. It is not necessary to draw a lot of branches. At tiny details. Take a red color and now withdraw the flowers one-by-one. Let's start with a main group. It's the main group. Some flowers are under the service. Then draw the flowers on the side branches in different positions. And don't forget, involved bots and lots of flowers and lots of robots. Do not forget to hold the brush vertically. Don't be in a hurry. Draw your flowers properly. Here is the composition. Now, we need to do carefully all the details in black. Stay moans, sepals, small bads and shoots. Let's start from the sepals. Free. For each bud. Your brush is dry and always in vertical position. Please do not forget. You can out small shoots and the stamens. If you've satisfied all the composition, you may add more branches, but not forget, that's no, well they eat at the next lesson. Now, if it is ready, we have to dry our picture and water have to be changed to clear. Dry the paper properly. A common head RIAA could be used. Leaf NOW with blazed before to go to the final stage of our drawing. 7. Drawing with milk. Plum in Moonlight: Now my picture is dry and I can find a good place for the moon. These round plate is my moon. And I will try to find where these have to be. The worst thing you could do with the composition is to plate it to the center. Not at the very center. Not the central line or the page. Batteries here or here. Really nice if some will, the flowers are upon the moon disk, so covered by your plate. If you have chosen the place, I have chosen to place it here. Now see how I will mix the paint to make a good night, winter sky, right? Take blue color first and water and mix it properly to make it less dense. And little bit black to make nice guy more natural. And then some milk to the same mix. Mentioned that milk spoils hail brushes. And after use all the brushes have to be washed with using any washing liquid. Now, I see that my mix for the background is perfect. And I take the wide brush and try to color the health space around the disk first. Then using horizontal movements to cover the hell picture. It is getting very wet. It's okay for now. Some of the strokes you do, make more dance, some more transparent. So use more water. The background is not the same as every side. Do it different and interesting. Do not afraid to paint, write it. Bonded flowers and branches. Wonder, will come later. Sky color is transparent and flowers will mix. And surely. That's fine. Have a look. If you'd like to add clouds upon the moon, do it by the dry brush like that. Now, we need white color. Very important to prepare and begin drawing foster while the background is still wet. I take white paint, one more brush to produce snowflakes, NYC in slightly one branch to another. Some white dots are bigger, some smaller like natural snowflakes. Now, while your paper is still wet, Let's draw snow on the branches. It always on the top of our branches, it lays naturally. White paint is solid and concentrated and have a look. How dissolve slowly to the bad paper. That is how ours no, have no sharp shape, but soft enough. And not to contrast. It may be a born the flowers and smallest branches to. In China, some may have loans in late winter and early spring before other flowers and it often covered with snow, creating a remarkable contrast. In this case, the picture have to dry slow naturally. We need to let white-collar to dissolve. With other pains, you will see how wide details that you can add a living, its own life, changing ONE trusts and forums. Now, the picture is perfect and be ready in 1015 minutes.