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Chinese Painting: How to Paint a Forsythia

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ink painting Forsythia, class 1

    • 3. Ink painting Forsythia, class 2

    • 4. Painting Forsythia in color

    • 5. Painting color Forsythia in a vase

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About This Class

Another early spring flower is forsythia - the next object for my classes. Forsythia is a bush wich attracts attention with it's sunny shining yellow flowers on the branches, with almost no greenery!

Using the basic methods of traditional Chinese ink painting we will try to make an unique beautiful black/white and color picture of blossoming forsythia

You will study and learn:

- how to draw forsythia in ink with correct contrast feeling

- to make flowers with orchid stroke

- to combine them into groups

- study a few techniques of chinese painting for flowers, branches and glass (vaze)

- to combine ink and colour in the composition

The materials you will need:

-Brush for xe-i universal (goat hair or mixed goat+kolinsky hair).
-Wolf hair brush for contour 
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for chinees/japanees painting
-Paper for xe-i/sumie




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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: The subject could take proposed drew is a MOOC of beautiful and sophisticated forsythia. Flowers EPR needs earlier than beliefs and totally covered the full bush, like the yellow cloud on darn branches. In this course, I will focus on the ton solution of the picture. And the most important who will figure out how to draw the branches broadly. This is a really complex but interesting. The skill of sij drawing is useful in Oriental painting. At the end of the course, we will draw a gloss or race with the facility of branch. It will be a symbol of spring and Saudi mood. 2. Ink painting Forsythia, class 1: And now green rows that I want to show you is for psi here, for set him, unlike all the previous ones, into sharp or bush. So there are also branches and its combination in addition to the flowers that I will now show. Now, let's start with the flowers. If you look more closely at the photo, you will see that the far side, their flowers have four petals. They're quite long and there are lots of flowers on the branch. For Satya is as far as I know, only yellow. So because of this, we will draw with light. The yellow color isn't strong Anton. So just like gray tone will reflect the right color of this bush. So the flowers of facade here could be an absolutely different angles. Began they almost completely deployed towards us. We can be deployed sideways like this. But the most important thing, whatever tones and angles you take for the flowers, he should play them into decomposition quite tightly. Now, I will show you how to do this. It is better to mark the middle with a small dark dot in cases where we can see it. So the composition of flowers, it's very important to tune itself to the fact that the flowers intersect with each other. Don't draw with separate from each other as it is not, right? And this is how a group of fossil flowers look. Some completely intersect with each other. Some are apart to lead them. And they are all slightly different. And Tom, You can put the dark dot in the middle. Note into all of them. Button saw. That is, we need to try to make this kind of intersecting Cass with each other. Now, as for the branch, the branch is facade. There are very elegant note 300K and they won't be drone with a stroke with top. Now I will show the stages of drawing. I put the brush vertically and draw a line with a stop. At the moment of stopping, I don't brace on the brush. Here, the line I drew and stop but don't press. This is the line we drew before in the basic less. 3. Ink painting Forsythia, class 2: Now, how does the branch grows with this slide? When I draw such a line, I changed the direction of drawing the branch in some places. And most importantly, keep its thickness the further to the end of the branch, the theme there it's most become. So I put the brush vertically and drew, sometimes changing the direction, nuts radical. And then place this where I stop. I can make the next branch. It is how the sharp grows. I can complicate it, but Branches must intersect with each other. It is important where the branches are thick enough because see there dots. The ducts are bots or bark peeling and all sorts of Father nature things. When we combine branches and flowers, we start drawing from the branch. I will make a denser tone for the branch because the flowers are yellow. Hence, it is lied. Whereas a particularly tied compensation of flowers so that they can overlap the branches. Link is solid. So mine that light flowers. If you don't and throughout the branches won't be able to cover it in tone. So I may comprise the branches of facade is you saw in the photo are quite long. Some intersection balls. And now I will make the most dense clusters, flowers inside that intersections. And mind that here are quite a lot of flowers on a branch. So I begin to draw here in these cluster of flowers, which in general has scoured the branch. You don't need to draw each of the flowers in details. It is important to reflect that general sense of mass of flowers on the branch. After all, we're following the sea painting. None the botanical, The most important thing in this space is to convey the feeling and the impression that you get by looking at these particular sharp. If this smooth exist, then you will achieve the result that the most important thing that the flower you draw shouldn't be confused within the thing similar or almost similar. Now, I will lead more flowers here to make this place the most solid. When you draw a small compensation, makes sure that the groups of flowers are different in their number. Everywhere. You have a group of flowers that their largest and they're drawing a smallest grew. And some little islands of one or two flowers. The flowers everywhere. Heaven be equal and similar. This is certainly happens a lot, but it doesn't look very good. Composition Lee, here is a small decomposition of the facade name-brand. Now, I will put dots in the middle of the flowers. If this is a dense intersections and there may be branches. You can also put those into the whitespace, mocking the branches that best through here. Here are the branch of facade. I would be glad to see your own training work like this. 4. Painting Forsythia in color: So now we are going to do branches o plus sadly in golf, as you can see in a photo, there are bright yellow flowers. So we take yellow paint here, 218, color of the narrowest spout. And in order to make at least some more or less dark shades and take the 684th veins or the memory spelled or senior of any other colors or Groupon. Here from these two colors, I will form the flowers of society. The main color, of course, is yellow. There will be much of it. Don't be afraid to take enough veins. And on the tip of the brush, I take elites killed 684th pain. With this scholar, I will now show you how to draw, recite their flowers. There is a Osaka flower on this side. When it draw a whole bunch of these sluggers, then of course, I start with such inactive almost orange colour. Slowly. The 684 scholar Lee's line brush in bright yellow columns. This is how from almost brown orange flowers become, this is how from almost brown orange flowers becomes yellow. Like this. Look, this was floors worst to orange and all others are already quite yellow. This method will make it possible to draw a node, all the flowers the same, but some more active colors in the foreground, some even more weak in the background, yellow. This is how the group of flowers MOOC. I'm also linked to make the needle would the 684th column this way. And here, I mean the fragment of the Gloucester of flowers. I can make a branch only within. Or if you look closely, you'll see that the shade of mood is lead narrating. So you can mix a little 390 or all 400 colors of the marries ballot with some ink. And you can get a very good shade of branches in combination with the, Whereas more ink and less of the space like this. Another small feature. And the time when foresight they blew, it has no leaks. But we see that the cell places where abouts another small feature at its end when Prosite loosens, it has almost no lease. But we see that in some places there are bots. So you may if you want such the curation, small dots of stone, green color over black, like this. Now I will draw larger prominence here. I start with branches, the branches as a headset. Our drone with a shade of red mixed with ink. And as it were, the last branch I draw will stop. In places where our plan, the large number of colours, I interrupt the branch. And I can put together a few branches to this place. So that is clear why there are so many flowers here. I didn't forget to grow the branches. It is very important to remember that when you draw branch, the branches should be thicker at the bottom and the higher they are. The theme there, there have to be. So always tried to start drawing the branches from the bottom up where it's peaker and finish with thinner branches. I made matures branches. Now I give Ed flowers to them. When they add flowers, making the largest space for flowers, smaller clusters, and some single walks. After I've put flowers in the right place, I can always add branch if it necessary for decomposition. So when you make branches, always remember that it's rather note to finish drawing them. Otherwise, it may happen that there are too many of them. So I enjoy the flowers. Flowers in the third act of Gloucester is here. We need to start drawing ECT and the mixing the 684th, yellow and brown, orange. Here I have such a place. This blog has a local flowers on the bush. So don't hesitate to draw a sufficient novel on death. And thus to have Joan domain flowers and do come just a yellow color left on the brush. The rest of the flowers with the justice soft yellow color match. They, they don't conflict with the central watts. Now, I draw the needles. Note to all flowers. Let sound where in some places I can add some extra Raj. It's very important when the branches are darker than the flowers, like this. When the hand-drawn and not elements, I can end these green dots first and then brand ground from the thick ink. Then i m is Stone Brewing paint on the top leg. This still NHGRI can be taken strong, cannot to call the. Here. I have drawn a branches of a sighting. Now, I will try to draw composition where the branches will reboots inside a cop. 5. Painting color Forsythia in a vase: So I will start with the grass. To do this, I will take indigo, this 495th paint from the marriage pellet and mix it into ink. My glass will delight blue, so won't make the glossary dark. On the contrary, I will try to make it as pale as possible, but I need to stretch the color on my brush. Now. I take a bluish gray color, note very bright underbrush so that the brush is soaked completely. And now I take a brighter color on the TPP. With this mixture. I draw the gloss. To do this, I press the almost entire brush on the paper and draw a gloss. In this way, the shape may be more complex or simply. But right now, it's now just to make a very detailed valves through branches will grow right from this gloss. Now, I'm making composition of branches, not forgetting that I need to leave the space for groups of flowers. I will not draw many branches because now my tasks to make a sufficient number of flowers. So everything that I have here on the sheet is filled enough with elements. And at the same time, enough air left as it have to be in Chinese and Japanese painting. Now, the main thing is not to though the work with elements. So I leave the branches and this condition for now and start with the flowers. Now, I will try to make quite a lot of flowers, both in the foreground and the background. But first, I make the main group of flowers by the brightest orange shade. Then they'll move on to more yellow light colors. Now the flowers will become lighter. If you think, for example, that it would be good to add a flower here, but there is no branch here. You may draw the flower and a bit later in final, when they will collect branches, you can add some there. In addition, you can return to the bronchus and the flowers several times, complimenting them. The only thing to remember is that you can add everything in the painting, but no to remove. Therefore, you must be extremely careful with each of the issue. Now, I've led to lethal more branches so that there is no feeling that the flowers are floating in the air. So that each flower, how where it grows from. Don't forget, when withdraw branches, the brush has to be hold vertically. This is how the branch in the glass looks like. If the paper is still wet, you can add a branch to the gloss. In other wars for long it there it should dissolve out and create the feeling that the gloss refracts. And as a final conclusion, it can drop a couple of flowers from the floor. Here. The have fallen. When you do things like this, remember that they don't lead to remind the triangle composition. It is good when the flowers that have fallen are all celebs and bigger file and the smaller pile. So avoid the feeling of identical flowers groups that are together and at the equal distance. You can make one Broken Branch here at the composition of blooming branches and the gloss. And that this less.