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Chinese Painting Class - Red Crowned Crane

teacher avatar Ashley Yang Liu, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part One

    • 3. Part Two

    • 4. Part Three

    • 5. Part Four

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About This Class

Learn how to paint a Red Crowned Crane in this Chinese painting tutorial. I'll show you the 5 easy steps to paint this scene. We will go through step-by-step how to paint detailed cranes and their surroundings.

This Skillshare video is a class for beginners. Painters of any level can learn from and enjoy this Chinese painting class.

In this Chinese painting tutorial we will learn to paint that something with a special meaning —long life. Don’t worry if you have never tried Chinese painting before.

This Chinese painting class will be broken into five parts: part one is sketch, part two is outline - the main focus of the class - and parts 3 and 4 are adding color

This is a free class for beginners taught by Ashley Liu.

Techniques covered in this class:

中鋒行筆 vertical stroke
側鋒行筆 stroke with the side of the brush
壓筆 press the brush
提筆 lift the brush
掃鋒 sweep the brush

For materials you'll need:

1 mid sized and 1 thin brush
Chinese painting ink in various colors
A pallet for your ink
A pencil for sketching
Rice paper

I would love to see your questions and constructive feedback in the comments section!

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Gentle Theme (Piano) by PeriTune |

Morning Light by Keys of Moon |
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Happy and Joyful Children by Free Music by Michael Shapman |
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashley Yang Liu

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang Liu is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the worl... See full profile

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1. Intro: he ancient China. People believe, then any most. That special means picks, for example, means happiness. And the egos means courage. The subject of today's class, the right crown green means a clown life. Can't people like to give these spendings toe old people toe? Wish them a long life. After you watch this class, you'll be able to open our read Koran cream and give it as a gift to your parents. 2. Part One: well this cost. You'll need the fall. Different size brushes use the smallest brush depends on details. Abrash depends. Rise only and the two others for black. Use the smaller one to Penza clan. First, use our pencil to sketch get Ah, fearful. Hoping your pen your red corn grant Start with a little circle for the height were you draws. Unlike pay attention to the way with as shape I use draw two lines one by one to make the O have live off the body. We'll give it the ship off the rat grown Corrine No, pens are big, nice and alone and the so called for I besides a big it still is a short off the bag. Oh, it's body draw few triangles. It's like as large as its body draw to less the space and the middle off the lax for its knees drawn four short strokes for the fit bike and forced 3. Part Two: dipped a brush into talking. Use your smaller brush. The one past four Potenza details Penn two. That's first and then around to form. I repents Learn about I so it looks more natural news. Talking to Penza Outline and try to leave our later wise space. No penned hours. A pencil track. Use just a tape off the barrage. New Campins Apart that goes out. Father is all tarted Line the upper section off the big should be bigger than the lower one . Don't forget. Ah, nuts Trail Nice. Use your brush for right and the pens a top of the head. Don't add too much water to the ink. As a wise, it can be difficult to avoid Pentti or words. I Okay, switch back to your small brush for talking, but you pens a heart. Use my as a reference so you know where to leave. Our wife's based McCall feels jokes here. We were penned over it later, but you can say houses. Jokes are painted toe match. How feathers group use The same brush depends up out A After lunch. Make sure to put Nike in front off the body. Penza line across like this que paintings, the chest and the leaves space to penned another line. Try to show its character. Visa. Athlon Sweep the brush and depends on left of wins line. Now it looks like it's looking backwards for the tail. Sweep the brush and a use black ink. Next, using the tape off the brush to Penza likes but tracing the pencil lines. Don't forget the space on the middle off the legs. Penn. Two lines for the fit. Make sure the fit Make your Karan look. Study. - No use a taper off the brush to pen the details of the faith and the legs. Well, don't now. You learned how to paint the outline of red crowned Kareem. It's like a talker, so you use light ink. Repent. Um, I guess you can penned eight by yourself. Let's use what you learned to Penn. Another one dont together and write needs its own clean brush. This one is lies. Walk to pent because it is covered so you can just spend half. But it is harder to pin down the first, so the sketch is a potent. You can always come back and depend over parts as needed. 4. Part Three: It's big. It's blue eyes, uh, yellow When you opened this details, keep your brush dry. Penned right around the eyes. Use a NATO base of yellow as a side of its body don't has take. It's bother is white, but use yellow to shadow it yellow Mix up painting colorful. Trust me. Yeah, okay. 5. Part Four: No, I spent Ah, beautiful batter. Koran. Now I will show you. What does that translate your late Penn with our right crown cream? The country can live for a long, long term. So it has ah similar mean to the run the pantry. It's a good choice. It's important now. Depends on a tree to ST and to be patients. When paintings Nieto's at the blue and the prom. Now you got a beautiful painting. It makes a great gift for your parents.