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Chinese Painting Basic Supplies and Strokes | YangTravelArt

teacher avatar Ashley Yang Liu, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Three Basic Brushes

    • 3. Other supplies You Need 3

    • 4. Summary

    • 5. Chinese Paints + Review of Maries chinese painting pigments

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About This Class

Learn Chinese painting basic supplies and Strokes with Ashley Liu from YangTravelArt. This class covers the three basic brushes, how to use and protect them with plenty of tips for beginners. Some basic strokes you should know.

Let this serve as your guide and reference to the basic supplies of Chinese brush painting.

This is a free tutorial for beginners taught by Ashley Liu. Follow along through her step by step instructions.


Combination Brush

Script Liner Brush

Goat Hair Brush

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Happy and Joyful Children by Michael Shapman

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashley Yang Liu

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang Liu is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the worl... See full profile

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1. Intro : flow is actually from young. At this, cars are turns brush pindi basics place. I'll show you how to use truth on the protect your brushes and they end out this class Our recommend my favorite materials for trans pending, so make sure to stick around for that. 2. Three Basic Brushes: you when you address the starting out with trans painting, it's best to have this. Three different brushes. Ah, wolf hairbrush, a combination brush and our script liner brush. Okay, let's draw into this three basic brushes. Wolf Hairbrush. Notice how the whole brush is a yellow, and it's not very long. About four centimeters. The hair comes from the yellow weasel. More for hair brushes come in different sizes, but I suggest you get one this big to start. You hear. Use it for calligraphy and painting. Since painting, we aware of the tape faster, it's better to use it for Kliger Fe First. If you're using it for post, you could get one for each to say how it looks After dipped into water, you can say house a hair's stick together and come out in the middle. First, I will show you use eight full Kovic warfare. It can make shop strokes. Will you use it for picking? It works. Wear a veil for Rob's drugs outline and a fate, Bice jokes. So how do you choose a good brush when you buy a brush? Make sure it's nice, and that's a metrical. When you open the hide off the brush should be flight. That's a sign off. Good quality. Okay, nest where we'll take a look and the combination brush. Once you open the brush, you were once done. Why it's called ah, combination brush. The inside is yellow wolf hair, and the outside is what goat hair. The out part observes water easily, and the inside is hard. This brush works for both calligraphy and painting you transplanting It's most helpful for outlying and the pending two colors as the same time. Combination brushes also come you when years sizes as a just use that weighs one the same size as your wolf hair. Brush four centimeters. How do you protect your brushes after washing up brush completely, It should be the same color as before. The Hyatt up our brush holder to dry. So corrupt liars what we append details. We need a brush like this. For example, P stalls off off lever birds, pigs and the small fighters or require or script liar 3. Other supplies You Need 3: when you are ready for intermediate or the worst trans painting you should have got. Ah, fear gold hair brushes, and you can't keep them clean and organized by Assani. Each brush a different color. For example. Ah, walk, color cold color blank and white. Choose different sizes, depending on the project. This average goat hair brush is made off our bamboo. I created my with a plastic piece to make the handle stronger. Here is another tip to protect your brush. Number it over when. What? This brush is a great for painting. You can also use some for cleric or script calligraphy. Compared this to papers, crawls, whips, jokes on each paper. The right one shows different. There's a pink Marias left, one not as much. Use the same brush with the same prayer and the speed depend to allies. Notice also right. Wine comes out wider than life to one. Now make two thoughts right should come out of a bigger This paper on the left is called sized shrimp picker. It is aged paper. Let's go to fall. Painting details. Paper right? It's called on sized shoe and paper. It is a role, people. That's good for pretty abstract subjects. So what do you use besides brushes? And they are always used. Charlie. Always our plot in Chinese painting limits on a Met. 4. Summary: Okay. Now then you know the basic. What heroes are chance painting? You can check out this class on the basic brush strokes Or if you are ready to get painting , then watch this painting. Pretoria. Our hotel penned a bad book there in the next class. 5. Chinese Paints + Review of Maries chinese painting pigments: What is the best it meant for transit? Plenty. Today we'll show you we will go or considerations tohave when picking with heroes. Which pens use photo transplanting classes on my channel on the why I recommended this plant or as a higher price. The ones also stay to the end over this, waiting to hear the difference between transplanting Peckham is on the regular. What color was spoiled? This is a Marist chest. Pending cover. Let's see how they look. There are four different sites that sites are from a risk 18 to 34 the 36 colors each tube . It's a 12 Miller leaders. The trial side cowers the basic colors, but another. All are useful. For example, I use click roofing ink instead of the black tube. The 18 side has oa light yellow, which are used allowed one painting flowers or animals. It's what I used my with classics. It has changing ultra marine wish. I used a landscape, my still off trans painting. It's more than so. I recommend that you get at least 24 side off wrist, so to say that it's the most accomplished on a community because you don't have to make as many colors back mixing. By that, I mean that you can combine the colors off the 24th side to get the same color range. Answer. 36 Sect. If you want to learn more about mixing colors, I have a separate class. All that topic linked in the description below. When purchasing Marie spent, make sure you don't accident the late get what a callup it. It's not the same as the trying depending colors in general. Make sure here's a pack age size Joe. What you know, not shreds English. It I should say something like transit pending not what Skylar wait about. Trust what? It's a Chinese face. That's all that the pence coming in to you. Just the press out the pent to use. Now let's talk about the consistency of this pen. It won't make a difference in the quality off your panties. Here as a two consistencies, you may fund first liquid second dry liquid. The pent can be used. Rectal Wait. I saw a review video off Maurice that claimed that the pant coming out liquid with babbles was a bad. The reviewer didn't understand transplanting on the probably missed took this product. Former risk What color pants Maurice Chance pending her were become this consistency. If it's being start for a long time, especially at higher temperatures, what it is is a pigment on the glue separating nothing that this can happen. True, better quality transplants as well. So it's not really a son off quality premium pence like this one. We are keeping its consistency longer because of its natural materials are your explain is a little later Dr Hand request some water before use. You can even use Oh, depend on paper. But I knew water like this. Of course, this isn't is a vessel way to pet. Now let's talk about ingredients off this pick Ament. Another consideration were purchasing Chinese painting materials is a sauce off material. There are both synthetic and the natural sauces. Father pigments. The Marie's pigments that I use come from both. Actually, Morris. Pending colors are past the foot off motors there, while traditional transit painting pigments are made off solely plants, minerals, water on the gelatin. The transparent colors come from plants. There are Kouachi, Funai tongue got boat, you injured route. Young, old magenta. The OPEC colors come from minerals Lera path I titanium. What? Russia Sing about Jewell Bill remaining Dresher Burn to sit on. No Should see you balloon Label three. Should it current label three. The transparent colors are not like what color the opaque colors are Think so? This Grigg covers a black. This is a special feature off transplanting. What color can't do this? Maurice does. How are traditional our master set off pigments. It comes in a dark blue box with 12 colors. Each tube isn't nine milliliters. This all natural at the baker that the cheaper sets the brilliant colors off this pent old change for 10 years or more on the l admit if you want the best a pigment you must come by the water at the glue by ourself. This colors all the change For 1000 years, I only used this pigment for professional work, sofa in committed and the other one's artists and people with a dedicated our studio. This name exists to NYC. Otherwise, anyone can get started with a set off my Reese I realized this is allowed off information. So to sum it up there as a benefits off Marie's transplanting colors one. They are also taken with cereals from China to you can all the one. So it's an easy way to start practicing transplanting Right away they come in either free or low me now tube, which is better for your health. They are not our most expensive options. So die Oppens, our core dry place for the best performance. Oh, I almost forgot. I promised to explain the difference between transplanting pick hammers on the regular What color wants since ah, What calipers are saying? The room you miss the or pick colors off transit painting pigments. So every you wanted to jazz depends the like apart off this flavor, for example, you could they use what color pants You will need a chance. A painting pigments for most projects. Ok, now you know what kind of opened two years You are probably wondering how to use the eight and the hold to mix different colors. How is in that class hole to use Transplanting pediments on drink? Oh, maybe you needed to see my basics Jokes off transplanting playlist live here. So you means our next weekend