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Chinese Intermediate 1 - Everything in HSK 3 (Course B)

Winkie Wong, Chinese Instructor-ChineseQQ

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83 Lessons (5h 55m)
    • 1. Chinese Intermediate 1 - Course B Introduction

    • 2. 11.1 Introduction of ‘把bǎ’

    • 3. 11.2 Borrow a book at the library

    • 4. 11.3 Use of words ‘end’ and ‘forget’

    • 5. 11.4 Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner

    • 6. 11.5 Let’s drink some beer

    • 7. 11.6 I’m used to using computers

    • 8. 11.7 Additional words

    • 9. 12.1 Introduction of ‘才cái’

    • 10. 12.2 Introduction of ‘才cái’ II

    • 11. 12.3 Introduction of ‘才cái’ III

    • 12. 12.4 The Manager got angry

    • 13. 12.5 Coming back not until a week later

    • 14. 12.6 How come you only came now?

    • 15. 12.7 Things need to bring

    • 16. 12.8 Additional words

    • 17. Listening & speaking L11 12

    • 18. 13.1 You’re finally back!

    • 19. 13.2 ‘一边...一边...’

    • 20. 13.3 I encountered an old friend

    • 21. 13.4 ‘Willing to’, ‘Should, ‘life’

    • 22. 13.5 Eat and watch at the same time

    • 23. 13.6 He’s dead tired!

    • 24. 13.7 non action verbs-下來/下去/起來/出来

    • 25. 13.8 Additional words

    • 26. 14.1 ‘And then’

    • 27. 14.2 How come you're not cleaning the room?

    • 28. 14.3 Watching TV programme

    • 29. 14.4 ‘像...一样’

    • 30. 14.5 Tell a story

    • 31. 14.6 It’s very simple

    • 32. 14.7 Additional words

    • 33. Listening & speaking L13 14

    • 34. 15.1 ‘除了...(以外)...都/还/也...’

    • 35. 15.2 ‘enhance’, ‘complete’, ‘other’

    • 36. 15.3 stay at home

    • 37. 15.4 not much problem

    • 38. 15.5 I’ll explain the requirements

    • 39. 15.6 He’s extremely satisfied

    • 40. 15.7 各 = each, every

    • 41. 15.8 Hosting beer festival

    • 42. 16.1 如果...的话, 就

    • 43. 16.2 adjective-得-information

    • 44. 16.3 I’m too tired that I want to sleep right after work

    • 45. 16.4 adjective-adjective-的

    • 46. 16.5 Your daughter looks chubby

    • 47. 16.6 It doesn’t have much use

    • 48. 16.7 The relationship between people

    • 49. 16.8 Additional words

    • 50. Listening & speaking L15 16

    • 51. 17.1 Can I apply for leave?

    • 52. 17.2 He has many hobbies

    • 53. 17.3 Flexibly use of ‘Question words’

    • 54. 17.4 Anyone can cure your sickness

    • 55. 17.5 ‘According to’, ‘situation’, ‘generally speaking’, ‘sentence’

    • 56. 17.6 Everybody can understand this phrase

    • 57. 17.7 Additional words

    • 58. 18.1 Introduction of 向

    • 59. 18.2 只要...就/也/都,只有...才

    • 60. 18.3 I want to borrow money from you

    • 61. 18.4 This period of time

    • 62. 18.5 不但...而且...

    • 63. 18.6 贵-company/person

    • 64. 18.7 adjective-ly

    • 65. 18.8 Each culture has its own specialty

    • 66. Listening & speaking L17 18

    • 67. 19.1 看上去,看起来,听上去, 听起来

    • 68. 19.2 I also recalled it

    • 69. 19.3 What I like is...

    • 70. 19.4 What he wears is sports clothes

    • 71. 19.5 He copies how birds sound

    • 72. 19.6 使,让,叫

    • 73. 19.7 I sat on the boat

    • 74. 19.8 Additional words

    • 75. 20.1 Introduction of ‘被bèi’

    • 76. 20.2 差不多

    • 77. 20.3 Don’t be sad

    • 78. 20.4 Start caring about P.E.

    • 79. 20.5 How to distinguish it? How to divide it?

    • 80. 20.6 What other identical points do you guys have?

    • 81. 20.7 ‘Have to’, ‘how’

    • 82. 20.8 When truly do things

    • 83. Listening & speaking L19 20


About This Class

“Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course B)”, produced by ChineseQQ is tailored for non Chinese speakers who are at beginner level and are ready to progress to Intermediate level. “Chinese Intermediate 1 Course” is designed to help you reach beyond HSK 3 level, and will include all criteria to help students equip with skills required for taking HSK 3 proficiency test. The full course is composed of Course A (lesson 1-10) and Course B (lesson 11-20).

Composed of 10 lessons / 82 videos, all lessons in "Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course B)" would include a set downloadable lecture notes, which cover the entire lesson’s content, a set of practice exercises. Regarding the practice exercises, they include speaking questions, reading comprehensions, short passage writing opportunities, and more. Additionally, supplementary interactive online study sets are provided, and each set would contain audio flashcards, quizzes, games, etc. Moreover, Chinese characters worksheets are attached, assisting you to learn and recognise characters by practicing writing them, which would enhance your reading ability as well.

Apart from education videos, Speaking & Listening practice videos are also arranged every two lessons. They provide more interaction between students and the instructor, as students are expected to listen to questions from the instructor, and answer by themselves. This also further hone their listening and speaking skills.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, with most content animated. It aims to provokes your interests and enhance engagement in lessons, while allowing you to learn more enjoyably and effectively.

What to expect upon completion?

  • Over 150 Vocabulary
  • Cover lesson 11-20 (50%) of HSK3
  • Hold a short conversation
  • Build more complex sentences
  • Essential grammar

What's included in each lesson?

  • Downloadable lecture notes
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Downloadable Chinese characters worksheets
  • Online interactive study sets (including audio flashcards, quizzes, and games)
  • A full vocabulary list

How's the course designed?

  • 10 lessons, with 82 sessions (6 hours in total)

How to study?

  • suggested to study with HSK 3 Standard Course Textbook & Workbook
  • suggested to respond with 2 or more sentences for each Speaking questions or topics

You've come to the right course if you are either...

  • reach entry intermediate level
  • have completed the remaining 50% / lesson 11-20 of HSK textbook
  • know around 450 vocabulary
  • are at intermediate level and would like to consolidate their knowledge


1. Chinese Intermediate 1 - Course B Introduction: hot Neiman's and the young. They're happy to see all here again and welcome to new course. Chinese Intermediate Course. One B. You may already know my name is Swing Key. I'm based in UK, and I deliver Chinese classes to students there because of the passion for teaching. I started putting courses online so that students from other countries can enjoy lessons with me as well. Regarding Chinese Intermediate One course, it would cover everything here hs Cave three and it's composed by two courses, A and B, and here we are, in course, be for each lesson package. It would include a set of downloadable lesson notes practices and a full vocabulary. Lists for the course, as we know are efficient is very important. So in addition, were for five online study sets, which are engaging and Taylor for the course and, the study said, would include audio flesh carts, some interactive online quizzes, etcetera. Also, if we find some additional YouTube resources such as Saul stories that fit the lesson, we're going to include that as well. For your reference, our course basically covered everything in speaking, listening, reading and writing. But we focus so much on communication because we hope that one day you could successfully communicate with Chinese people. So if you're roughly intermediate level and want to take a Triscuit three proficiency tests or you already know the 1st 50% of HSK a three course, this is the right course for you. Sign up today and I hope to see you in class side CNN. 2. 11.1 Introduction of ‘把bǎ’: That's Yaha, Neiman's and the young Very happy to see all again. And this is Lesson 11 upon one way are going to introduce a very important would just back . Let's see this word. Uh, we have Lund. It could be used as a measure award for objects where they handle, for example, umbrella. But today we're going to learn how to use it as an initiate word that back, how bad is going to make an initiate, what, generally you would say a person, but the thing followed by verbs every so completion. Therefore, it indicates that the person get or half something done, which by kind of represent the get or half word. Also, because you want to say you're half something done, you would need to say the verbs of result completion in the sentence opposite Lee. If you want to say the negative form, here we go, Carson may back the thing, followed by verbs reso completion, and that indicates that you heaven get or half something done. So in what situations you would use back more than other normal sentences, actually, you tend to use, but when you want to emphasize that you initiate something to be done sample instead of saying you finish the homework you used back when you want to say you have the homework completed. Therefore it shows that you're more initiating to have something done. Let's put the BIOS structure into practice. I have your clothes washed. What? I need a year for Seela. He has the homework. Rive Iced habitats or year for Cilla. Younger sister has the milk finished? May may ban. You know who won? Mom has a meal. Cooks My, my bad. Take your holla Three more examples. I didn't have the school back brought back home. War May Bantul about. I didn't have the cake finished. Well, I'm a pat. Then go through one. I didn't get the newspaper finished. Or maybe a voucher to one. 3. 11.2 Borrow a book at the library: that Yeah Hall. Today's topic is borrow a book in the library. The first, where we need to learn is library to sure. Guan. In fact, you may already know Tool means picture sure means spoke while Guan refers an indoor place . Therefore library, as in two Sure want makes total sense. Tu shu quan to Xu Guan. Our next word is I see it, and very interestingly, it could mean borrow or land at the same time as a verb. Yeah, yeah, may think when CIA can mean both borrow and lend. It could be quite confusing, isn't it? However, it's not that confusing because when you see a person things, we just mean you land that person things. However, when you say you tear an object or things, it means that you borrow the objects or things. Let's see some examples for its here, as in borrow was young hotsy lagarde Shin. I borrowed some money from him and a literal translation is I towards him, borrowed some money and sent because it's towards. Therefore, this is me. One more example. What truth? Social quiet. I go to the library to borrow books, however, for its here as in land Nico et a war, not how trains Emma, Can you lend me that dress? CIA gamey Lend it to you with the day and make it more clear It's to you for you But of course, without gay is still makes sense now that we have borrow and lend how to say return one. Have you noticed this character? It has two pronunciations. When it is returned, we pronounce one when it means still we say hi When one let's see examples Well, Basan whiny I return you the umbrella. You can even say one game me Return it to you while the gay make it more clear It's for you to you next dictionary. So the end, in fact So means were a terms soutien Certainly n next Deng, which means lights or a lamp. Deng the turn off or close one and the character looks like it's closing us Well, Juan go on was since Ola I'll go first. Jim model she Naina this soon. Where to? Well, true Total quiet Bentiu. I have to go to the library to borrow a book. Bunuel by Jesse had Sudan Libya help me toe. Also get these dictionaries returned. Huh? Don't you heart nearly kite out further? Sure Hope Sida Tatem Wine Look Okay When you leave the classroom later, remember to turn off the lights. How the funds, Simba? Sure. Just relieve. Let's see the dialogues. But I'm orb actress yet Soviet, Your while Abba It is actually using the structure A but be followed by birth. The result Completion. It shows from what band just hits the debt One Look, let's see another dialogue. So don't you who are needy high tell for the sure hope Sida battle one look again. It's just using a back B verbs every so completion and it shows from bad the one look in fact knee is a hidden word before the whole phrase. So it is actually say you get the lights to be turned off within the sentence. Deng, you heart. Maybe something new to you don't means weight. You are a while, so the whole phrase would mean a while later you can say for example Well, don't you are true culture. I would go to the supermarket a while later. Water. You are cheats losing shop. I write the byte a while later 4. 11.3 Use of words ‘end’ and ‘forget’: Welcome back When you oil I This lesson is going to be quite easy and we're going to just learn to words and and forget. Let's start with end. It could be a verb or a noun. Yeah, sure. See a full CF shoe Now that we know. Yeah, shoot is end, You may ask There is a very similar meaning. Teoh End, which is finished one. So what's the difference between the two? In fact, Sierra sure would sound more official. For example, time's up. The exam is the air full? Our company cooperation is they're full. Yet when and see actual can still be enter changed often One more difference. One has the application of Ferb one which shows so verbs of reso completion. However, it's year sure cannot do it. For example, tongue when is finished watching so one is finished away. The final ward is forget one c In fact, one on its own already means forget and see which means see the to remember. So the sum if it suggests, forget to remember So you can always consider one as a short form of one c one c. Long see, as we have said one is a short form, which means forget a swell. Let's see examples. What's in here Won't see di t. Tula. I forgot to bring the map today. Well, but hash would Awan don't want Villa? I totally forgot what he said. Did he want t foresee? Toya younger brother forgets a revised homework. 5. 11.4 Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner: Hi guys. Neiman Hall. This is a lesson in length upon for Don't forget to turn off the air conditioner. Let's start with the first word meeting or a conference way. He Where is he? Way he. In fact, if you want to say half meeting, we often just say Chi, wait, which white is from Twiggy? You can imagine you open or start a meeting. That's why when you conduct her half a meeting its Thai way, for example, do me for woman say, I will eat in Cairo. Who it, the manager says, will have meeting edge 1 p.m. Knew what air conditioner comb? Teoh. In fact, coal is the word from cold See, which means air call. It actually means adjust. Therefore, it's adjusting the air. Cold, tall, cold call next the ts underground de as you know, it means ground, and here actually means steel. So it is like an underground metal deed. Here, the tear qui official whole be want TV icon Cal hooked on gondola after the meeting. Don't forget to turn off the air conditioner and lights. How there wanting the London? So your Lila Gadea sure manager wall made a call around 20 clock in the tidings Are Beijing llama Really? He already arrived. Beijing. Sure the para drones or DTs lie. What? Mengele's? Yes, he's taking the underground to our company right now. How? Don't find out that you were going so well. Okay, Let me know. Wait till he's arrived. Let's see what happened in the dialogue. How the one to meet Langdon. So your like a deer want Let's introduce when you say number followed by sore your it actually means around or possum it Lee That number therefore young Indian saw your means around 20 clock. More example. You guys seem Tito your around one week communions or your around next year. Great in the dialogue lie Look again. What Lila means cane good can want a call. Therefore the whole sentence implies. Had an incoming call finally Sure the hard drones. Or did he lie warm angles Jones or deep Here it is a short form move, John, say so what did here. Therefore it still means at the moment taking the underground 6. 11.5 Let’s drink some beer: Salha get afternoon. Our topic for today is Let's drink some beer. Let's start with the wood, a pair of which is and measure wet shong by looking at the character. Is it like doubling the same character? Let's see how to use schlong. E phone. Quiet's a pair of chopsticks. Use one yet you a pair of eyes. Sh wrong schlong. Next. PTO beer. For your information, CEO means wine or alcohol. He did you PTO bottle p o peons? It peels it He are. Hi. Trying form. Quiets it. What's your now? You see? I one to one Pair of chopsticks are still missing. I'll quickly get it. Tin can So much chula drama towards Heino How come you've made such many dishes today? Tianshan e bother Shania, It's your dad's birthday today. Uh, do a, uh, watch Heather by bad by the show. Younger longer. Oh, yes, I almost forgot Dad's birthday now woman thinking hood are PDO sent me young So let's drink some beer today. How is it Yusheng Shoni Bob I ico Jodo Bono. The doctor said her dad can't even drink a mouthful of alcohol. Quiet about your Fantine family beyond power candy and you'll quickly get the alcohol put into the room. Don't let him see the wine bottle. Okay, let's see what happens in the dialogues. Yeah, are. Hi. Try each one. Quite. Sit. What you now, Isa for a chance. We have learned and means differed by so kaii form quite so literal. Meaning is deferred by pair of chopsticks. Hence a pair of chopsticks missing for the dialogue. Oh, diarrhea Watch hotter by by by the stronger one look for child are the literal meaning is differed by a little hands. It actually means nearly or almost for example, watch had actually dolla. I almost got late separately within the same sentence. Ah Puea for ah, it actually is an expression word which is like Oh, great! Let's see another sentence each unsure Ni Baba e Coach Your toe call We know it means mouth and in fact we can use it as a measure. What to mean? Mouthful. So e codes, You'll a mouthful of alcohol and final sentence White gradual fanzine Finally for fun Actually it could be the short form for Fung CNN or found And obviously in this situation we are referring to Fung Tien which means room 7. 11.6 I’m used to using computers: that dads out how Hall. Good morning, everybody. Our new topic for today is I'm used to using computers. Let's start with the first word B C. It means notes because B means pen and C is to remember. So it's a notes that you write down B D B C. What about be deepened? It means notebook because, but is the measure worry? For books? Be deepened. Be deepened with knowledge. Now I can predict that B Deep Indian All it means notebook for a computer indicating laptop B Deep Indian all B c but didn't know next, then the yo Tien e Mail The end Elektronik, your 10 male and the short form for email is the end. You'll into the your 10 then the your 10. So how about traditional letter seen sing seem our final war for today? See Gwen. It has a couple of meanings, but all of them are related. First habit. Second, the verb hasn't used to or accustomed to seek one. Si Guan example. Sequin isn't habit Niyo Mayo Yuka Hardest Racy sequel. Do you have a good learning habit? Sequin as in used to ni Sequence out rates out sheet. Mom are used to sleeping early and wake up early. Drug bt Benty and no watch union. My the sure hope Yeah. Would 10 quiet sort your since I Pierre need wala Wasim Bad Joe Godino NYU Law side Matt, you go gung ho since I warm it can t hold the the Differ Geos, Reback, Heidi and no cantons Your 10 war you control associates sin Yeah, and show you'll be see etc. Eat young sequel you dear No lice. You see her? Bola Now eat 10 tour on May or Latino woman said in a band Not great. Now let's discuss about the first paragraph for Pierre need Douala If you remember when we say adjective followed by Douala it means much adjective Their floor she needs Douala means much cheaper Second paragraph for the T and shrewd it means first thing. In fact, CNN which is a measure word meaning a piece of is also the measure award for matters Sure or sure it's hell. What about back? I some back I didn't know uh hit Chi means open so that high often is referring to push open third paragraph from the last sentence even see Guan, Don't you no lie, sir. See her Gorgonzola. We have learned lie means come but the new function is it means to followed by achieve something other than lie to which we learned to means Go can also have the same function as in to achieve something Let's see example for lie or truth as in to achieve something one night trip Ugo lie or truth song a baba I buy this bottle of wine to give it to my dad while might drop on slip via lie or truth stressing you you I buy this dictionary to learn English The torture shriek, war lie or truth wrong Shouldn t gung tick hung You have to eat more fruit to make you more healthier Great Giving back to the last paragraph Now eat 10 tour on May all idea No woman said in a band for 90 10 we have learned a new way to interpret not as in whichever so not eat 10 Whichever day The look in the sentence actually refers to the change of state. Therefore May or Latino I mean a no computer anymore 8. 11.7 Additional words: Neiman hop thistles the last session for this lesson and we're going to see some additional wets. We know So it means what? So Odienne is dictionary When we combine the two to form so d n it actually still means dictionary. So at the end, so d And next you're in a dome sports way. He we know it means meeting and when we combine the two forming you're in Don't way. It's sports events. You're in gold away you go away Last one ty is to start where he meeting, combining the two forming Chi Wait. It means conduct meeting or half meeting, which we have learned before Kai Oy Thai way. 9. 12.1 Introduction of ‘才cái’ : that Jaha, When you liked how Sinica. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the new lesson. Today we're going to talk about a very important thing. It's the introduction of the word. It's high. Let's see the meaning for its high. It is supporting word and Scott so many functions seriously. It is, say, supporting what? To emphasize late nous or the difficulty in the sentence. So the meaning is similar to not until second application use that, as in would then but previously, you would say Onley. When the circumstance happens, another circumstance would then happen. The third function it access on Lee, and normally it would be followed by a quantity. Last but not least, it adds emphasis and often you would use it when you're doing me. But finally, tie can be similar to that's why where is the structure would be like because of it, cause that's why or tie lead to something happening. Hi. Hi. And today we're going to focus on ties first function, which is to emphasize and late nous or difficulty with meaning similar to not until, in fact, this function of Thai is an opposite of zoo. If you remember to, it emphasized early nous smoothness easiness to do something which demeaning is similar to as soon as or immediately. So how you put tie in the sentence is basically the same as how you put till Thus you can put it after a time expression second structure. You can start with an activity one, followed by Ty and followed, but another activity to which suggests that you would only do activity to not until you finish with activity. One. Let's start with some examples. Ni sag hasn t taik Holford We owned hydro etc. Do you not have exam until next week? No need to be anxious. Well, mana centuries say the sure whole high growth out thief angles Or my mom found her first job as late as she was 30. Well, while a either pans out for tight dollars si com I spent 1.5 hour to arrive to the airport . So with the tie, it emphasized that 1.5 hour is really long. Anyway, from a trauma wants highlight out Can you and no why? You only came to the cinema that late. Well, hello. Cafe tai chi. Sure going to war. I start working on Lee after I've drunk coffee. Don't you hate Allah? Woman's hired to continue. We go wash movie. Wait till you're back home. Neef, Lucy. One Tyco you want. You know, you always see it. Only after you have finished revising. You can then play the computer games. 10. 12.2 Introduction of ‘才cái’ II: that Dabhol following our last lesson way, we're going to continue with more applications for high or it in this lesson. Let's see the second function of Thai as a meaning would then, while high or two that you would normally say Onley. When this situation happens, that's high lead to another thing happening. Therefore, the whole sentence structure is like situation and then high and then caused a desire situation. And yes, usually the second situation that caused is a desired or positive one. Let's see how we do it last year. Short seal, high seal. It would then be okay Onley When the teacher said so drug geomancy its height away for this character, it would then be correct when you write this way. Final example, you can use it for a question boy out before 10. A wrong shin tear Contin. Connor, what do I have to do to make my body even healthier and huh? Let's move on to the third function of Thai, which simply means on Lee. However, normally it's followed by quantity. Therefore, it basically indicates Onley, a small number, short time young gauge, little amount, etcetera. It actually can be injured, changed with either Drew, You'll or Drew shoot. As we learned, Drew is only thats high from band younger, since you he only started work for two weeks. Needs highlighter you were. It's a month from a quiet to Yanni kind. You have only come for a short while. How come you're leaving so fast so early? Judge. How chains Taiwo's You're quite 10 neighbor. This dress is only 50. Redmond be just buy it. Finally, let's see ties last function for today, which is to add emphasis to the sentence. And usually you would be doing it when you rebut and the emphasis you re putting would be the statement after tie. So let's see examples. Maybe someone has said you're not smart, and so you would say, needs high, brutal Muna. You're the one who's not smart. Maybe someone has assumed that you're interested in something. And so you are saying what time is soon to not. I'm not interested. Wage contradicts to what the other person thought. Or maybe somebody is trying to act smart and tells you how you should do things. At this point, you would say, Need Nopadol Jones had helped. No, you completely don't understand. It's good this way 11. 12.3 Introduction of ‘才cái’ III: That's a hall. Finally, Finally, we're going to end a discussion about tie In this session, we have mentioned there are many different functions and applications for the word. It's high, and we're going talk about the last function this time, which it act says That's why, but it has to be used in the structure of because of something. That's why something happens. Therefore, the note for us that you would say because of a cause it's high and then cause an outcome. Example. Silver you any boot? Newly foresee Show receipts? How, when and I can. It's just because that you don't pay effort to revise your studies. Therefore, are this bad now for sure. Way Knee, huh? Tirosh one e the Bowsher. It's because the teacher has your best interest. Therefore, it would say your mistakes for your information, need the Buscher and actually can mean your mistake. Eggs, What you did wrong At what point you're not good enough, etcetera. Finally, you wayward lay type quickens outreach are because I'm tired. Therefore, I sleep early 12. 12.4 The Manager got angry: hot. Let's start the new lesson topping is manager got angry. Great. Let's start with the first word The sun Hi young hi young hi young How to say angry or got angry Shung t look at her Shaun T Sean C. In fact, there are different ways to use Shown, See, as an angry for example boy are shown Wore that t Don't be angry with me Cash on the ward that she she got angry with me since the entire Thomas IBI and cool I llama What has gone wrong today? Send me a lot. What's up? Needs a McDermott out. So you are free to Allah. How come you're going to sleep this early? You tend to er shred yang you holds haIf retail. You would only sleep after 12 0 call previously warming King Fahd yet I'll have to arrive to the company by eight oclock tomorrow Your Sharma Is there anything Ting Li Xiang, Sheila tacos A war? The manager got angry. He told me, means being body and pulled out the whole chilled Delilah. I don't arrive by eight tomorrow. Just don't come anymore in future. They can, huh? Let's see what happens in the dialogues Cindy and Kai on Chauncey Being Cool i llama. The literal translation is The sun came out from the West today. In fact, it is a sarcastic metaphor, implying that is the world change as there's no way the sun is coming out from the West. Next dialogue eaten away all Friday and you holds high free tell the literal translation is previously totally half to sleep after 12 and with its high here, it is indicating for after 12 0 clock, it's really late. So you're emphasizing the late nous of sleeping after 12. 13. 12.5 Coming back not until a week later: Neiman Heart. Today we're going talk about coming back. Not until a week later. Let's see the first would luck Jake seemly eat singly. See? Only eat next word. The box. And often it's just not a small box, but a bigger one. Sounds sand young and now we're the previous two words combined together. Form a Seeing these young it would mean suitcase silly. So young Sealy's young final y For today bags Ball does bag sound like ball ball ball. We are consulting the white If I should mean kendo. If 80 I have to go work abroad with Manager Joe, it's tomorrow's flight now Will. You were bunny by you for fund outs in these young neighbor. Then I'll help you put the clothes into the suitcase. Later Show mushroom soil IA When there you coming back? Ego things You a lot. I'll come back in just one week. Uh, years since he holds her well, I Oh, coming back. Not until a week later. Do you New York City talk with hostility? Yes. You have to take care of yourself. Well, Haba, now be a Wallace Younger Waldron. But how true that sign then. Don't forget to first prepare food and drinks for me. What? Don't you hurt you about war? The job here? Fantini The Bali Oh, get my photo put into your bag. Very sued Fei Hung Hall Let's see what happened in SIA locks Verse one well controlled, urging me to Whitey Banker I mean Tienda fade See why d Why means outside de means place so together it's like foreign places or abroad for the sentence Uh, you know, since EU holds high Well, I for you go sincerely whole highway lie What happens with the type as it follows the time expression Therefore the function of it is to emphasize the one week later as in being really late So emphasize late nous Next dialogue do a uh the outside Chicago hot to see it for neo Zeon drug will halt Cincy There are two Cincy It actually suggests you have to by yourself Take good care of yourself This guy's a little bit long Wind it isn't it Moving on Hopper not be a one less young gay Wattret Berhalter True that. Let's talk about the luck in the sentence and make it Wong love for God in this situation it has the function of being a verbal result completion. So be a one loss. Suggest that don't have something before going to be done. Is it clear within the sentence? True, The whole Hooda. What is it? In fact, there's hidden word. It implies a true the stuff, huh? Heard the stuff. However, It's very old views that we're told me about the things that we eat and the things that we drink. Therefore the stuff would is just hidden and true. The hook Hooda just means the food and drinks. 14. 12.6 How come you only came now?: Welcome back When you for that. Today the topic is how come you only came? Now let's see the first word to discover five Sin For your information far this character is often related to something explode like five shawl which is half fever. Who is kind of exploding the heat. And for five since it's something appearing suddenly your face to exploding by sin 57 Next word passport Who? John Who? Jaw who job Take all si fe. See? As you may know, it means up se As you know, it means fly So T fe is that you fly up t fe t say se ho you get sit the last word driver city Sirti said See needs a much highlight How come you have only come now? Deputy jokingly I'm sorry, Manager Joe. Light it. Andalusia was high fives here. One day I hold Ola I realized I forgot to bring my passport Not until when I was on my way to the airport. Quite Arba Fe T to your T Failla. Hurry up! The plane has to take off soon. Nobody in the Yoshiyama. I'm sorry, Manager. Do you have money? Kansai City wards. Ondaatje town hall when the driver send me to the airport just now. Was high fives here won t change. Not until then I discovered I forgot to bring my wallet. Well, can't be Hyderabad going out? I don't see, though. Found out what you are about. I think you better put all the important things here with me. Fate hung, huh? Let's see in the dialogues needs a much highlight. Why? The translation is. How come you've only come now? In fact, there's a hint would which is need some sins. I Tyler, I. So it tells you why there is a now word in the translation. It's a mutual understanding that we all know we're talking about now as an at this moment, while the sentence want to focus the late nous, Therefore the word sin say now can be eliminated in the sentence. What's the function for Ty? It actually emphasizing late nous as the time now is very late. Already moving on. Let's see. No, I see. Come the Lucia. What's high fashion? One guy who Jolla in respect of Thai, What's dysfunction? It happened for size and late nous because by the time when he's on the way to the airport . It's already late. Great. Next dialogue. Anti city by war Soon doubt seek Honda. Sure Hope Woods High fashion Wanted that Tim ball up this tie again emphasizing late nous because the time when the driver sent him to the airport it is already late. So it suggests that not until event Not until that time he discovered he forgot to bring his wallet. The last dialogue well, can't me heifer but truly out. I don't see no fun that were jarba for war. Can the literal translation means I see. In fact, it suggests that from my point of view regarding high shit within the sentence as a reminder, it means you had better. 15. 12.7 Things need to bring: Welcome to the new lesson topic for today is things need to brain. We'll start with the first word. What? First it means draw as ever. And second, it means the drawing or picture as a now dry picture is what I want. What? What? When one. Let's see the second word Need Siri, Y'all you may ask, what's the fence between shoe? Yeah, and y'all Don't they both mean, like, have to or need to? In fact, you would use to yell more than yeah when you want to emphasize the need of doing something or you're in need of certain thing. Sure. Y'all show y'all final word for today like board Hey, band. As you know, hey, means black and band actually means board. Hey, man. Hey, man. War for regard Jewels your law for see illustration Bihar made since Yeah, cookin What, though? Way back. That's the situations you died. Don't see. See it? I hate banks. Wrong! Done Made So Sean cushier So why you association one that I can be so a year? War your darshan. See poor freeway comin Maathai 10 b Sure you wait. Hammond Mayo. How the stresses equal. Very good. Let's take a look of the first paragraph from the last few words. How far? What's the meaning if it for the 1st 1 it means draw as a verb. And the second plant. It's a noun, as in picture. Why it is followed by are at the end. In fact, the Northern Chinese practice is to add the are after the picture. Therefore it becomes Bihar. Finally, let's see, The second paragraph for the song it actually is, is a short form of soul. Sure, so it means all the time. 16. 12.8 Additional words: Neiman hot. Here is a last session from this lesson and we're going to learn some additional words form by some old wets We know CNN means money. Bo means bag. If we combine them together, it would become 10 ball. Which means while it 10 ball 10 ball Next, your 10 means male young box. If we combine them together, they would become yours young. Which means mailbox Your sound Yours young With that said dancer Yours young. What means email inbox Dance the yours young The end yours young. 17. Listening & speaking L11 12: Ni make a drone war sequence You know you are Ni make a drone war sequence You know you are uh watch harder won t that be Teepen cannot Law New York male die No Watch hotter Wanted that Bt But you're not Law New York male Dino Uh way fellow Schuerholz here Sure not wave my Schuerholz here? Sure not Ni 90 Awards a t Emma Ni 90 awards CMA Kneipp Well, from merely that Seela Kneipp. Well, from Ely that sealer, uh, hot summer Central. So it's hike out, out eager corns or no, had some central. So it's hike out. Out. Eager comes or no, uh, we'll fasten water singly. Patella New York, 10 Goma. We'll fasten water seen leap with you a lot. New York 10 Goma needs And the Dremel once high powered the sugar needs. And the Dremel once high thought. Would the sugar 18. 13.1 You’re finally back!: that Jaha, Neiman's and the young Welcome to our new lesson. You're finally back. Let's start with the first word, which is finally. And we would say going you And usually you would use join you as finally when finally something is achieved. For example, Joel Goo Finally lessons finished. Joel, you Finally! The exam is over. Finally, Jones, you I get promoted strong. You, Joan, you Let's see our second word gift. Something that everyone wants to receive. The war Lee Will Lee War Negro You Lila? So now I'm my Elijah Makoto CIA. You're finally back. From where did you buy back so much stuff? So she's home Jan 14. Nationality and my oil either. It's all bought from the shop nearby. Our house. So my high my home to Well, I know Shea Hyah! How come you're still buying red wine home? Who was drinking it? Joshi Okuda, Li Wu Ming Ken, When I eat, eat some court. You. This is the gift for Grandpa. Let's go over to give him tomorrow, Khankala. And nine that and visit Grandpa and Grandma Now, whether we wanna quite natural Ira. What canker. So how about my present? Quickly took it out and let me see or bushel eating quail dilemma. Am I not back already? 19. 13.2 ‘一边...一边...’ : Tom Sherman. Neiman's up high All fellow students Good morning Today we're going to learn something new . It's a structure called E p N E B in Let's see the word he be in it literally is translated to one side. However, Today we're going to learn the structure E B in E B in which is to express your doing one thing and at the same time doing another thing. Let me repeat that again. E being literally means one side, so you can consider e bien eep in this structure is in one side doing something while on the other side doing and everything e p n he be in great Let's see how we used to structure E B in e b n. Normally we would do E bien, the first verb followed by E. B. In the second verb, which is to express your doing first for while at the same time doing the second verb. Is it pretty straight for what? Now let's see some examples. Niecy why he'd be in Candia for Libya. Nodia Mama, do you like to wash TV and at the same time chatting on the phone tats or she being drunker it be a wire food. See, he always plays with this mobile phone at the same time. Having lesson Ty being conger It be Intel Wal Jen. How can she sings and dances at the same time? It's really good to watch. Do you remember the below structure first work, jump and then second book, which means you're doing the second birth while doing the first for. In fact, it is very similar to our structure this time. E bien e bien. However, just that eat B n e b in structure, it is kind of emphasizing to activities equally happening at the same time, while the below structure is more like you're doing the second Burke. While it also happens that you're doing the first book, so there's just a little bit of difference. 20. 13.3 I encountered an old friend: Neiman Hall when you highlight Hello. Welcome back. This'll s since topping is I encountered an old friend. So let's start with the would encounter you doll. In fact, your thought is originally a verbs. A result completion That saying you actually or a success weight bump into someone Your call you call apart from youth all you can even say you gin as encounter. This situation is just similar to Candian Kinton etcetera You CNN You see n next word for today The past or two we have learned that cool and shoot can be combined together to form verbs of result completion meaning go over to However this time the poor to together as a combination is has a new meaning Which is the past. Want to war too? Words in here Sabu candy Any her? You got nuta seem like Have idea. I saw you and a woman entered a coffee shop this afternoon. Tafur Shaya? Who was she? Pashawar. Dinkins. I Lucian you without a Yugo allowed home this year. She's an old class made that we met on the street today. Woman eventually eating Xinye. We already knew for 10 years. Neiman to et hook Avella. You guys went drink coffee together there after she are you being quick cafe e being ideology and go to the shooting? Yes, we drank coffee and at the same time chatted about the past Ni whale either Jim a one sure Shula, send or go to the firm. Um, you came back this late. Is it that you have talked a lot about the past? Bullshit. She away may organ going Tito a lot. No, it's because there was no bus anymore. Well, she did so quail either. I came back on foot. Fake hahaha! Let's discuss a live about the dialogues. Four. What's Indian Sabu candy Anyhow, Egan knew the Simla Cafe idea What is new? The new that is basically from the word new gun so new that is the female so new that addressing a woman is a short form This way it would sound more casual and sometimes it would sound a little bit less respectful. So you had used this word to address somebody you don't know. With that, said Nanda, would therefore mean the mail. Very good. Let's see the next dialogue. Tash. Sherwood's Indians are blue from your daughter. Eagle out homes Shit for loud, whole shit. The literal meaning is old classmate so really means. Old classmate, You can even apply this to other things. Like Lau tifa old place, for example, Let's meet our law. The fun, huh? Sega? Great. Next one Neiman to itsy hook half Ayla. This to in this situation means immediately. So it kind of suggests that so after you guys met you to or immediately drank coffee together Sino dialogue anyway, like the drummer one Sure Shula hunt Or go to the Sharma for way like a drum of one. It is actually using for the adjective structure which we learned and he chest k two so it literally means that returning this late 21. 13.4 ‘Willing to’, ‘Should, ‘life’: Hello guys. In this lesson, we're going to learn a few words which is willing to shoot and life. We'll start with shoud in guy in guy, you guy to use being guy. There is a couple of situations that would use it first. You would use it in a command or stating the fact. Second, you can use it when you're uncertain. So you are suggesting it should be that or I suppose, or probably that. So for situations when you're not exactly sure you can use you guy as in it's supposed to. I suppose that it should be is a troll. Very good. Let's see some examples about using being guy in the first function, which is in the command or stating fact. The Inga Yosh Raila. You should go to sleep now or since I mean gay out solo. I should get going. Now they can haul. Let's see how we would use being guy when we're not too certain about things using young Gazan should be that or I suppose tagging got Bouazizi's water. I think he won't like me so literally. The person to say he shoot, not like me. Next one tied Roma community in younger boy labor. He's so busy, he probably won't be coming tomorrow. Right? Jodi and Fritz, you tying aboutrika for this matter? He probably don't know it Jirga be Say how you get your Hortensia for this competition. He should be joining too. And huh? Now let's see the new what? Which means live or living. And this work could be both a verb and a noun. Shung war shung wa shung war so shung war as in lift or living is a word illustrates moments within your life. Example How do you Putin needed Johore Homa? Long time no see. How is your life or house? You're living Thanks for comin Band to you or from Hola her that they moved to live in the UK Uh, final word for today willing to you and ye look at both characters. They both have the radicals heart. Therefore it's related to your will, You and ye You're any examples? The u N you go war. It's citrine. Then function Homa. Are you willing to live in the south with me? Cash work I greet each day. Work had its the Sintra. He said he is willing to lend me his bike 22. 13.5 Eat and watch at the same time: that. Aha! They're happy we're new Bank did a new lesson that's eat and watch at the same time. Very good. Let's start with the first word. It means in general or generally E van, for example. Generally, my neck really hurts. What? The boards back Henschel quite hung. He'd been. He been knew What? Get up, Seelye. Look at the picture. It could relate to any action of getting up, so it doesn't necessarily related to get up from bed. In fact, within See, lie C means up. Well, I could show that the action ist moving towards your direction. Seelye. Seelye. Shally Needle more! He Bangles shotgun. Truchi, Candian! Shelly, Do you generally go out? Watch movies with Shell Gang in the weekend? Well, Henshall shooting in going, can't you? I rarely go to the cinema to wash movies. We'll go. You need Zaidi. Allie Can t inferno. I'm even more willing to watch TV at home condition and I o easa. How would it be? Meaningful toe watch TV. Your one could be in crew being can. There is. I can watch and eat at the same time. George Ola, hike Regency! Lie still, Caesar! I can't even stand up to rest for a little while after sitting for a long time. The young guy outdoor Truchi zozo You should go out more to have a walk. J a young team initial Hogan yo easily. Your life will be even more interesting in this way. Yuletide Say well, the show or you don't say your use of that with him being here. My life is already very interesting. Fake. Hahaha. Let's have a little discussion about the conversations from the line. Can dish Renai. Oh isa literally, it means watch TV. Where is it meaningful before it's indicating that how is it meaningful to watch TV Next line? George Ola Highclere Gents, I so Sisa in this situation, high kind of means still, but also it can mean even 23. 13.6 He’s dead tired!: name is J. C. That's and the young. How's your study going Way We're moving onto a new topic. Z and its He's dead tired. Let's start with the first word hat, Master. So, John, for his self, it actually is from sure cell, which is school while for the word John is like any junk would be any leader so south drawn together. It is like the school leader sell wrong. So wrong. Featuring hot at sea. New word, bad or broken? Why, as the word is a negative word So there is a full in it. So you've way You would use what? As in bad or broken To address a person Fruit going rotten or electronic device is broken. Why? Why gun t o in the sure hope. Well, I can't fool. Sure. Jones, Your Laubscher Tassi Where made hands out from t call whole e being crews out there It being can't culture Shenyang. Godzilla has he anxiety? Don't sure is hell. Gotland, You wait. Hi. Mom made hands out songs he called Hole. What? Don't camp without hands. When shall Ho want her? Oita would jump. Attaway lay Lila. See? One can long for you. see a year Toys says. You see creating Transco war Who hides It's eight c Very good. Let's see what happens in the dialogues for this second paragraph or chiller as what shoe means past Le is showing is the past ends which is gone So Sri Niang Kwacha meaning 10 years gone past Moving on to the next lying made stands out strong teeth hole What though camp without hand Have you noticed the combination of May? And though issues dhere and moving on to the next paragraph What? Jim Pata will a while ago for the pan It actually is coming from the word high pat. So it means scared while lay while, uh, what does that mean? Late is tired. Why is broken? So the two of them missed, like dead tired and generally you were put the look after the whole thing to make it lay Lila Ehsanullah represent change of state hands lay Why already? Furthermore, you can substitute the late to other adjective to make it adjective quite look meaning dead adjective. Mind you because of the wood. What meaning batter broken, therefore agitated. Why look, this combinations often used to make the whole thing become negative. For example, miles quite look Oh, holla, etcetera 24. 13.7 non action verbs-下來/下去/起來/出来 : Tosha man, huh? In this lesson, we're going to learn something special. We'll talk about the phrase is formed by non action verbs, followed by Sal I or Sad Shoe or Seelye or Tour Lay. Let's touch. Let's first for visit the structure that we have lunch before, which is action verb, followed by direction for and end with either lie or choose. This kind of combination would show how the action is performed and for light and truth. At the end, Lie was show that the action is coming towards your direction and shoot is often a direction moving away from you, for example, so cool. I come over to your direction se Shongwe fly up to here, cowed into jump into their now wait you bring back there. Yet today we're going to learn the structure format only non action Forbes and followed by either Sal I satchu she lie or truly if we use non action verbs to combine with the below phrases, the combinations, we have different meaning or indications when compared to using action verbs. Let's have a discussion about non action verbs followed by Sat Lay. First it was show that the non action Forbes has emotion of gradually slow down or gradually back to its original state. How is it possible, For example, man Sal, I slow down and since Ally calm down, which means previously it's noisy teen Sal I gradually stop. So what about known action verbs, followed by sad shoe? It was show that non action for past the motion of being continued to do it and not stopping until it's done. Example. Cruz at you continue to eat, so it's like eat it all up. And even if life is difficult, you would still show horse at you. Continue with your living and even time. It's late. You so want to so us at you continue to do it until it's done. If this concept is clear, let's move on to see what happens with non Arkan verbs, followed by sea lay. It has three different functions to show. First of all, it could mean that you start to do that verb. Second, you basically just mean you're doing that work up. And thirdly, it could mean that appears to be, However, for this application, the Forbis normally can't Seelye, Teal c like etcetera. Let's see the first function as in start to do that verb. Catchall goose out. See, Lila, he finally started to laugh. Needs a mullah treating punk. See, Lila, how come you've become fat recently for the second function, which is to make it sound like the Furbies up example War Sansa et unsure. I think of a matter. Santee lie is just like in your brain. You recall something or you think of something because in your memory something appears up . What city would see light had immune? I cannot recall its name. So finally, what about appears to be? But why non action Berg plus c lie when make it appears to be. That's because the whole thing appears up to you. I can't Eli Hunt Shaunti. He looks angry. Tyre t like both high go soon. She doesn't sound too happy. Fake a hall. Let's move on to the last phrase that we're going to learn, which is non action verbs followed by true lack. It would show that you either act or figure things out. Example the sure to leiber se out were kang for light Hypo. See? Why war? I can tell that he doesn't like me while can true lies in place. Just that I can tell by seeing it could be seeing his action or seeing the whole situation finally was young fool Isla I figure it out by thick gang. So this whole phrase indicates that you kind of think of a solution or think of an answer. 25. 13.8 Additional words: that Dabhol. Finally, Joan, you were going to the last session of this. Listen, we're going to see some additional words then, as you know, is class So, John, it means Hat Master, which is the head of school. When the two of them combined together, forming Ben Drawn it will in class, Captain. Which is this class leader? Ben Drawn Ben Draw. Next one home means red and by means white. While geo is wine. When they combined together to form home Geo or by Geo, it would mean Reg wine or white wine Home. Teoh Holmes, You by you by Teoh. 26. 14.1 ‘And then’ : that a hall. Let's start the new lesson. Kasher seen the Copa. We're going to lunch and then let's see, how do we say And then or after that ran hope ran Hope ran hole. So normally we would say we do something. Run hope we do a second thing. For example. Well, that's where he holds AG in Hungary. Rathole to Lila. I worked in a bank after university. After that, I came to this company. Please. They reminded that CIA can act as a measure, what for? Something with a roof, for example. Company they can call very good. So apart from just now as examples, we can go according to a new structure which is you say CNN and then ran Hope, which means you first do something and then you do another thing example. Well, wait a Hosea in sort of a year, Rahul went, Didn't know you will see I first dream a homework Afro and back home and then play the computer games Ni Century called for my freak walk were a whole life. Joni, you go to the supermarket to buy food first. I'll come find you afterwards. Very good. Hey, John Hall So how about adding some more things in the previous structure to make it sin something sigh or you? Something follows by ran Hope It would basically mean first do this through this again or further or continue to do this. And then after that, do it was something that was Let's make it more clear by seeing some examples Hi. Sentry dwelling in that treaty. Duccio rathole weight. Yeah, he went to work out first He further went to play football and then went home. You may ask how come sigh we loaned his for future tense, isn't it? How effort this time it means further, but not really again. So even if it is passed ends, we can So you stay Paciente. Lola, you could don't eat yet. Your solar. You where? Torture the whole Dallas. Your cell. He first took 15 minutes underground and he took a while of train again. After that, he arrived to school 27. 14.2 How come you're not cleaning the room?: polls. Yemen Neiman Though Hotman High class meats Are you all Good way We're going to start a new topic that's called How come you're not cleaning the room? So now we can start to learn the new what? Which is to clean or too sweet. That saw So this word that so is meaning that you tidy up your place or cleaning up the place. That's all bass. All after you have clean things, everything would become clean. So what about clean the adjective? It's called gang deal. Cantil can do next. Knew what the fridge beings. Young Bill, in fact, means eyes while see young. As you know, it means box. Therefore, being CIN is like a fridge or eyes box being so young beings young current to your Lila needs a MOJ. I put myself on Tia. Our guest is coming soon. How come you're still not cleaning the room? Be ideology Were young hides in that I saw? No, don't be anxious. I have asked the kids to clean. Could you enlighten a shareholder? Come and who, if I found you? And that's how Gandhi. When the guests arrive, they'll have the room cleaned. Nine. Me upon entre soc shot Matoba Toya. Then you also cannot just rest and not doing anything at all. You don't want to a shut up. What do you want me to do? Sin that Bates. A fun hall, a round hole but things any. The Sequa Natural plays the cups well, first, and then take out the watermelon from the fridge. It's too hot. I should instead turn on the air conditioner. First they come, huh? Let's see what happens in the dialogues Current light a shrew Hope time and wait back funding that salt gonzo as a reminder. It is using the structure a bat B followed by verbs. Reso completion. So in overall time I wait back funding That's all kinds you for there's outgun till Yes, it is a purpose. A result completion because I mean clean to become green. Great. Let's see the next one near around. What's Oshima? Literally? It means that what do you let or asked me to do? So it would meet? What do you want me to do? Moving on? Send that Bates that phone call Rat hole. But being sandy the sequa now, cool that again. The structure is using a bad B, perhaps a result. Completion. Why? Firstly, Sinbad bathes funk hot, get the cup first, put well and then But being Sandy, the sequel now Tchula for natural light. It is a virtual result completion because it indicates the action that you ticket until it's taken out. Next dialogue. Hi, Joe. Look, Well, have you seen back home cow that Khyber for high should as a reminder again, the old meaning is is still while the new one is suggest that you had better or instead, while the use of instead is that you're choosing unless preferred option. 28. 14.3 Watching TV programme: Why you like how Sinica? Welcome to a new lesson. The topic for today is watching TV program and we show Start with the first word which means to wash. See? Look at the character. It's got the three drops, which is the water heretical. See? See. So how do we say take a shower seeds all See, it's all See, it's all next word Program CME more and CMO often refers to a TV program performance or concert programs. See and more CME more needs and monk Shemonah gunsight. I need a short sea near airports here. What are you busy with? I call your mobile phone just now. And you didn't pick up. Also people see or cancel a guitar Made him Sorry. I was in shower and didn't hear. Need a wall? Yoshiyama Shima, is there any matter you're looking for me? Wasn't well when Nick closely That issue shirt You I want to ask you quickly. Something in the company. Indonesia. Wait a well. First I'll go Turn off the TV. Make one C You see him back? The intrudes here. More cow Emma! No worries The knish watching the TV program first, right? Hold! I get what we get. Why and give me a call back afterwards. Great. Let's talk about some lines in the dialogues. Neat. I monk Ramona, I can't hide. I need a short see mia boots here for needs among trauma the literal translation would be You are busying what Therefore it's actually asking What are you busy with next line do you put See what guns See? Look, it's are made teams yet as we know seeds all is take shower and see that's all. Therefore means take a shower. Finally for the line Ritholtz I k won't wait. You want it means and then further returned the call to meet So all of them are pretty straight for What is it? Sack Ulla, sat surgeon. We'll finish lesson here. See you next time. 29. 14.4 ‘像...一样’: when you Hoilett Welcome back in this lesson, we're going to learn a new structure that's called sent Something young. Let's start with C Young. In fact, it means similar to or like young se young and a reminder that young is the same. So the new structure that we're going to learn, which is sin something he, yeah, is actually saying similar to something. Let's go ahead to see examples has a scent time. Am I? Young told Mute the kid as smart like its mother. Waas Sandy Young, 29. I like wearing dresses like You May May Sound War young seat Wacker Kula, the low sister likes to drink. Cook just like me so basically sent something young. This structure is very similar to gun something young that we have learned before and today . We'll also learn to other new words. 1st 1 Why phone? It means wind blowing, which is the Ferb as gua, on its own means scrape or shave, and some means the wind to be more concise. Gua is a word. Meetings grape or shaped just like that. Therefore, waffle meanings, the wind blowing just like that again, watchful y flow. Sino knew wet the moon. You're young. What? In practice, we would say the young as no tone therefore Yeah, and young. Really young, Really young. 30. 14.5 Tell a story: Neiman's um Young. How are you guys today? Our topic is tell a story. Let's start with learning some words related to family members. That's uncle. Sure. Sure, sure, sure, sure. So next on Ah ye I You on you Very good. Let's see how to say story. Cool. Sure. Cool shirt, cool shirt. And finally, new would sound boys or noise Shong ing shung in Shung ing team Wonder you along Gen Kalyan the moon tonight It's really pretty. So by so the pens a young It looks like a white plate. Shia Waimea. Yet we're quite fun. Yes, it also doesn't have wind outside woman sorts. I y p and you been kind really are even true. Don't see. Let's sit outside to watch the moon and eat at the same time. Someone. Yeah. How is it? How uh was Simba drawer Year bank Hold true. My whole knee pantry. What? Nacua? Sure, I'll move the chair and the table at first and you bring the fruit over after woman team Shoo! Shoo! I eat young time and the until sure, hold the core share. Well, listen to uncle and aunt talk about the stories when they were young. Hola, Tita. That's great. Remember to give Dash on a call. Young Time Marchand July. Ask him to come immediately. Boy on that land need to. Why me? In the showing in. No need to call anymore the center. The noise outside you doing for your passion. It's definitely dash and very good. So let's see a little bit about the lines. How, uh, was saying maladroit bank for trip rathole knee bash. Gregoire Nacua and Georgie is actually draws the Yeats by presenting table and chair. It's just a short form. 31. 14.6 It’s very simple : woman Sean Cuba. That's has lesson the topic for it. This time it's It's very simple. The first word. We're going to learn this. Men knew its height. Then hi means. Dish, as you know, then actually means list. So it's high fans like a food or dish list. It's high, then hide then next word. It's a combined Where to mean? Simple CNN then. So this time CNN Dan is an actual word, So the done isn't referring to list. See end, then the end, then More words Banana young CEO. And for your information, young is an adjective describing smell. Nice. So next time you can try to praise other people, as in your fragrance. Hence young Santee all see Young Teoh Fine award for this lesson. Yeah. Oh, sure. The two of them together would mean if yeah, I for Yeah, sure. Let's see Example. Yeah, sure. Woman who can't hack was younger. How we shouldn't see the If we don't celebrate her birthday with her, she'll be angry. Yeah, if unique for that woman And you put on Neela, if you're late, then we won't wait for you. The true wash rig. What fan MMA needs a Frank went the tight end Wrong. 10. Gore Freak What Fama Knee's actually Asia Tour. ShouId What fama to you for two or three will find 20 it then Simba Me found so hard. Hold that back eat quite quite since in the shriek war funds into sugar or fan do It's your heart Lor Ni Creates or pyung War fan. Young gel fed Yeah, if we need you and you, we high Klay toe a sequel often two or tree Cincy Ensure equal duration T heart. They come hall. Let's see the first paragraph from the line knees and, as usual, your shriek or fama Syria, Asia to wash wake war sand. It's like making furch rice while learning. So it's a just that do you want to make and learn? First rice Moving on to the next paragraph. You quiet, Quiet since in the shriek What this e quite quick. It's just that one by one, in fact, it will say e and then double the measure Would or e measure would e measure what both structure would mean one by one or separately Example. Tomin Yuka, you go. So trust us out. A man call. They leave the school entrance one by one each year each. Yanko Archila days gone by the man ensure e good, true life. Speak slowly say the words one by one. 32. 14.7 Additional words: hot like it's so good. We're already in the last session for this lesson again, we're going to learn some add additional words. Let's start, we know means its name. It's high, then is Manu or food list? So the two of them combined together and form meal? Then is the name list mean? Then I mean then. So how about changing it to match, which is by again Thai? Dan means foot list while the ban means list. So the two of them combined together to form my done. It means pay the bill and it would be used in a restaurant. May then my Then finally dual is to read or read out loud shong in a sound or voice, while the two of them combined together, forming So he it was just the pronunciation. Great site. Ian the Wedding Ohene 33. Listening & speaking L13 14: need. Trainee, The show format Neema need Trainee The show format Neema Julia Jan Fritz Geo Ginga had group Alba Julia Jan Fritz Geo Ha Inga had group Alba Uh, Tim for me Treaty months Lila waste from my arm Tim for me Treaty Months Lila wasting my arm Chila needs on my guitar. Yeah, maybe a one. Yanko Chila needs a Mkhitaryan Maybe a ni maker since you don't that self fans Emma Ni magazine t thought that self fans Emma uh Jinky Intensity Hahaha Woman Don't you acquire torture? It's old open Didn't intensity hop woman, don't you acquire tortured souls open need rid our thinking in the culture Dama need rid our thinking in the call for tea and Dan MMA Joga from you for shade up jug opinion for shade up Neither towards up with high Gandhi Yoon Gae Out that assault that's outlaw Neither draws up would hug Antium the young gay out that salt That's outlaw 34. 15.1 ‘除了...(以外)...都/还/也...’: that day. Hall Neiman, Some young Hello, everybody. How are you guys today? We're going to learn a new structure that's called Trulock. Something you. Why followed by or high? Or yet? Let's start with the word to a lot. In English, it means a Pyfrom or accept Trulock. Truell that in practice we normally would do the structure. Chula something you what followed by, though or high. Or yet which actually means apart from something other things stale or also for the word you. Why is actually used to only to assist the meaning of outside of. Therefore, you can choose not to say it. And additionally, some people would just say what instead of e Why so either one with work. In fact, for the word E Y, which is in bracket, it is optional. The whole sentence would still make sense without E way. While some people would just say why all of them work for the structure. Let's see example, jugar funds troll a book gang Jeong gi wear seat high year boards, whore this house. Apart from not being clean, others or other areas are also quite good. Tired troller Hunger, hunger, heart. How we tell will not. Apart from good singing, she's still able to dawns Kula soundly, Woman thought you serious? How do you seal apart from Sally? We all go to the school trip for this sentence. We can interpret it as not only soundly. So, apart from Sally, we also go to school trip while Ford's second meaning it is. Except for Sally. We all go to school trip, so going to the school trip without soundly. 35. 15.2 ‘enhance’, ‘complete’, ‘other’ : Welcome back when you were like Today we're going to learn a couple of words. Those are enhance complete and other First we are going to lug other or the rest seed, huh? She got she, you may ask. We have learned be Edda. What's the difference between See time and be Edda? In fact, they are pretty much the say when you want to say Averse Dove. Other things we can say See time something or be air. That's something Both are the same, but there's just only a little bit difference is that when you use teeth, hello, it could mean others, but also the rest. While if you used be Erda alone, it not only means others, but more often it would be used as another one. So basically seat hat and beer that are very similar. For example, do you have other friends Neo cheat, huh? Or be at the polio MMA. We've been to this restaurant before. Let's go to a verse or another one. Joga Thank went woman shoe, Kuala Woman treat seat, huh? Or B ed a bath. As today we're focusing on seat, huh? Let's see more examples on that. I'm not too. Sure you may ask other people or both heights in control. Anyone want see Italian back Apart from America, I also went to travel in other countries. Truly, I make war. We'll hide true. Let's you have what values you Vaca Hall? Let's move on to the next word. That's complete. When Chong Yes, one Which means finish. So that's why it is within the word complete as one chunk is complete. So is often used for big thing or important stuff that you want to say You accomplish it or you complete this task. Wenchong When Trump, for example, were drawn you wench on a drug going soar, I finally completed this task warm A single war, No wind Hundreds ensure I haven't thought that I could accomplish this thing. Final word for today t go meaning and hands or enhancement while for your information t means to lift for go as you know it means high or tall. Therefore, a mixed sense that lived high is Keigo You go she go How to use Teagle? Well, the hangers Tracy, your hunt that a Teagle My Chinese learning had a big enhancement. Me numb bat Wait! Tick ou sama, Can you lift your like a little bit 36. 15.3 stay at home: that hall today, our topic is called Stay at Home. So how do we say stay? It is a word that means that leaves something or stay in the same spot. Leo Neil Neil, for example, wore leotards. Tights? Yeah, I stay at home. Bash short. See the old I Polly. Leave the phone in the bag. So what would happen if we say Leo's year? In fact, it means to study abroad. That's because you stay at that country to study. You'll see it use yet next would shwe peel standard or level sample, you can say Chinese level. Hang U Shwe keel or service Standard woche rape. You show rape. You shape you more wets to come to practice or practise as a noun me and see, May I see? May I see how to say a sentence? So it's druids. It's a final, wet send out son. That is a verb. That means send out. And normally it's for Elektronik. Stuff like email, short text. But, uh 37. 15.4 not much problem: when you lie. Shaun Gorda. Welcome to have lesson with me. Topic for today is not much problem. Wow, She will I Jungle Ocio Vilonia Teacher I've come to China for overseas study for almost two years Financial Where the Hallyu Shuping p go There he diable prayer But my Chinese level doesn't enhance quickly at all Ni Maytag and Jenn Stress See So in this sea Wang Chong So a year you study seriously every day Do your practice is complete home wag each group will Toya It's been quite good all along Jewish You would So I can until a year mean Bangla can Conde broadly, This is my homework yesterday. Please help me to see if it's correct. Um said the boots or it's quite good. Troller drug toots Easter Your support soon Troicki by except the meaning for this sentence is a little unclear. See, Tando may from a went T There's not much problem for the rest CC allows you. Thanks, Teacher He ho Yoshiyama boom um by the defense. If there's any areas that you don't understand in future, could you get what? That Why 45 again? So your 10 you can give me a call or send emails to me. She the sure very good Vega Hall. So let's see what happens in the dialogues for troller drug A juicer Isso your support tune Troicki way. In fact, the long form should be cooler. Drug chewed, sir. The yes, your CIA ports. Hugely. Why so many accept this sentence? Meaning is a little bit unclear. Moving on C can't formation my 20. The literal meaning is the others or rest. Oh, don't have much problem. So you may ask What don't have much problem is May Schimmel 20? Yes. In fact, when we say may shut month, something ID equals two half. Not much. Something for example? Well, a major Emma Polio. I don't have many friends. Jogo. Thank one Me'Shell McGhan There are not many people in this restaurant Woods interior Major Almost punctual. I don't have much I want to do today. Finally, for the dialogue the whole Yoshiyama boom You better defund thieve from it means a physical location. However, apart from that, it could mean a place or area that's not physical. Therefore booming by the thief from is referring to the areas that you don't understand. Is everything clear? Those seem true llama 38. 15.5 I’ll explain the requirements: that hall when you were like, Hello, everybody. Welcome back. We're going to start a new chapter, and the topic is explained the requirements. So the first word is requirements or requests. It could be a verb. And now at the same time, Yeah. To have you noticed at this point, this character originally is Fourtou. Yeah, has changed to a first tone. For example, I require you to do something So I would say war. Yeah, Chone so or something. For example, the company has requirements. Guns. Yo, yo, Teoh. Yeah. To yeah to you. Next word. It's pay attention to or attention Joyce. Yay, Judy. As in pay attention to is the word when you want to say you have to be cautious or be careful of Drew a year Drew a year. Lau Sure Tulis out Urine teacher. Except for a Salyan See Tyron toe. Lila, All the others have come Be said Julie lk Shula. Cans of a high may lie. The competition is soon starting. How come he still hasn't come? I don't like it. Had that one had I law shall No. I gave him a call just now. He was on the way now Bhutan, Pala, Washingon. That John John John Jets will be said a young show not waiting for him. Then I'll explain this competition's requirements first. Who you say she onto either the fun and areas that need to pay attention to Laufer Mean funk? See, Teacher, you may relax. Just a piece. A woman eating though. Maggie, we definitely can get number one in this competition. Great hung heart. Let's take a look about the lines for now. Put on Tele was saying a that that young hundreds be said the yellow T O for Judd's bees. I, as you know Joe, is this. So is time for a frequency bi se competition. So the whole thing is this competition as we know Ulitsa meeting this time. So that's what mean that time. All understood. Go to Ming Bielema. Next. Line her, he says. Cereal truly the G funk. A reminder in this situation, the fun is not the physical place, but it's just like an area or eight point that you have to pay attention to. And finally, lastly, just a piece. A woman. You don't know that the the year as we know it means first, So it is referring to the first place champion number one in the situation 39. 15.6 He’s extremely satisfied: we have come to a new lesson topic is he's extremely satisfied. So now let's start with the first word, which is a activity or evolved to mean Go online Shung long. It's a verb or action that describe that you served the Internet while shung, as you know it, means up. And Wong actually means net or Internet. So it makes sense that you're going up to the Internet. Also, if you look at the character of want, does it look like a net? Sean? Want show one Next word news seem one we already know. Scene is new, so seem. When is news sing one Seen one and final word for today Extremely See a lot. How do we use it? We normally would place additive follows by zeal to make it extremely adjective. For example, how Zilina It's so good Night night calls in Silla. Grandma is extremely happy. See a lot. See a lot. Cinzia Indian Ocean, Wang Jin, Zambia. It's really convenient to use computers to surf the Internet nowadays. Sure, Kula can see one. Yes, apart from watching news, German haiku eat. I want wrong finger. Continue. I don't see People can also listen to music, Watch movies, buy things on the Internet. Baylor need someone Show Made a 90 he Fiona. Oh, by the way, where's that clothing you bought from Internet? Summum? Agen, You trying? How come I didn't see you wear it now? Didn't you fool for 20 old are still They were d d love that clothing is a little bit small when I wear it. I gave it to my brother now Tom a Huma. So is he satisfied with it? Well, quite yet. How senior for 20. No need to spend money and still have new clothes to wear. Pama eat zilla. He's extremely satisfied. Very good. Now let's take a look of the lines. German Hiko, you'd I want counting. Go continue. My don't see what is Wong Shrunk Wall. The Internet. Sean is on. So Guangxiang is suggesting Wong the Internet is a place while you're on the Internet With that said, we normally would put say, before long trunk to indicate it's a location. So just remember, we have learned NHS K one have to tell the locations. Wang, Sean and Sean Wong is totally different things as Wang Shun means you're on the Internet, while Sean want is a verb saying you go on to serve the Internet. Moving on. Layla, I need someone found made the night. Thank you for not for two inla. It actually means. Oh, by the way, Layla is normally used when you're talking to somebody and you suddenly think of something else. So with Layla, you would then changed the subject of your conversation. And finally for the line. No, I didn't. You for 20 old are so gay. What de de la we have learned for a job equals. So you're doing that verb in a still state while 20 years old I saw is like when I'm wearing it, it's a little bit small. 40. 15.7 各 = each, every: that's Yeah Hall In this lesson. We're going to learn a new word that's good, meaning each or every. As you know, each and every isn't knew. What? Let's practice how to say it again. Good, good. Go thus good. Remind us, Nate. Yes. So what's the difference between good and may? In fact, both of them mean each or every, but for good it shows every or every different of that thing. So it has a little emphasis on each different, given the billow. Examples gone. CEO Chode Hammond, Gregorian Bath. Full shaping Teagle. The company requests each of them to increase the service. Standard jug according Kerger, defunct in this country, each of its different places is very pretty maker and Tokyo. Your city theater Ph. D farm Every person each has their own special points. Next word festival. See Egger, the Aether see ever next one to host Ju Seal. In fact, there's another way to say to host G Man because you know Ben meaning to deal with or to do some important things. True. Seal J seal Japan. Gee, about 41. 15.8 Hosting beer festival: join your thought. Let's say Ho ika Finally arriving to the last session, the topic is hosting Beer Festival. Let's start with the first word. The world shirts. Yeah, for its here. Sure it's Yeah, how to say Street, See a doll. In fact, without the thaw, which is CIA still makes sense, it would still mean Street. See it all. See it all next. One culture. When? What, When? What? When one as dear means festival. You realize a lot of festival would end with the word siete, for example. Well, what's yet one more example? Dan Young's yet twins Yet it means Spring Festival or Chinese New Year twins yet twins yet gold shields yet Mid Autumn Festival gold to its yet Don't shoot yet Cooler twins Year drawn to tear you away Paedo, dear Yeah, should really control the other eager ta Drew Drug defunct mania Zakia Doyal juice Unita PTO It's year di Pjotr Zhang Nico he could our surety shall boat home defund the PDO troller Her PDO the hiker eat I ta da Liam Pia Candour Shruti from put home defund The girl needs some wish out loud audio Sure is your Gerger defund the pH your will lie Journey the peas. Oh dear can come back. Very good. Let's see the first paragraph from the line P chose here. Yeah, sure. Druggie hunt throughout the IGA t error. In fact, the is hidden after agility. That's because otherwise there would be too many. Thus hand spinning beer Festival is also a very important festival of here. Moving on to the next paragraph di p two a. D s home. It means on the beer festival Next surety I found it means on the world board Home defunct , different places. So the whole lines actually saying different places on the world. Next paragraph for the line that I tear down young PN In fact, there is this hidden would the which should make it the idea without a young beer So the two sides of the street from the same paragraph What is Go cool It literally means singing and dancing hence mean a musicals moving on to the last paragraph for the line Shruti Gogerty phone It simply means in the world different places therefore different places in the world 42. 16.1 如果...的话, 就: that hall. This time we're going to learn a new structure. That's war something don't find and you something. So what's the meaning of you? Go up. It's if no rule Gua, you may ask. Is it the same if, as in yo, sure, the answer is yes. There are two ifs getting back to today structure that's called rule or something. The one and then do something. It means that if or given that something happens, then the results follow with the structure. It is quite interesting that you can remove rule cool or removed the what? While the whole structure still makes sense. In fact, this is the long form of the structure. We can also say rule gore something to results happen. On the other hand, you can also say something happens. The what? Two followed by the results. A little reminder that if you have any subjects put before the jewels, for example war too. Me too. Let's see the overall examples. Rouhani. Heiple. I want woman to put on Neela. If you're is so not coming. Well then, not wait for you. De no! Go on people and see the Would you call this a Mamet. Little brother. If you don't practice, then I'll tell Mom Rubio Knee pussy One not to be a member. If you don't like it, then just don't buy it. In fact, for Google something the want it doesn't necessarily have to be followed by Joel. If you're not looking to say any consequences resulted example Rubio are named Pullman either. Want well, could be bunking one. If you're not satisfied, I can help you to change. Juego need high among the hot work. Hurry around. She had home. Sure, Obama. If you're too busy, I can ask other colleagues to help. 43. 16.2 adjective-得-information: Why New highlight? Welcome back do They were going to learn another new structure. That's call adjective duh, followed by information. So what is adjective? The information? It actually means that you're to adjective that it leads to some other things. For example, war later Drew sound Sri tell I'm too tired that I only want to sleep war girls in the Chelsea Like I'm too happy that I jump up warmonger either Polio here poor sounds yet I'm too busy that I don't even want to meet one friend. 44. 16.3 I’m too tired that I want to sleep right after work: that hall Neiman some young Hello, everybody. How are you guys? Let's see today's topic. I'm too tired that I want to sleep right after work. Let's start with learning the first word. Which means city or town? Home? Sure. Chung shirt tone fruit. The next word we're going to learn is to think which this thing relates to you. Give the opinions runway. You may think the way and Judah are very similar. Is that right? Actually, they are similar because they felt mean. Think while the thing It's like giving opinions. However, Zuleta has one more meaning Which is to feel, for example, feel cold jet alone. I feel tired. You're late s ETRA drum way young way. What do you see? Why did you do that home? I don't like to live in the same city the whole time. Sound cheesy time Chunxiu, Can you cut? I want to go to other cities to have a look one inch in this. Your whole yet? Drill Masson. I also thought this way when I was young. Dan for Magas. Your whole may your 10 but I didn't have money at that time. Rule you 10. Your trailer. If I had money. I didn't go Nannan Shen's away. Shame Obuchi. Then why don't you go now since I Tim Paul Sherwen Teela. Now money is no longer a problem. Coolio from a fruit CNN mainly is that I have no time valuations. Annan. Yoshi's in your book. Wait what you are, I think even if you have time now, you'll not go out for fun. Still Ni sure the way war Since their leader Saleh, bans your sanctuary, you're correct. Now I'm too tired that I want to sleep right after work. They can hop. Let's start to see about the dialogues for the line. We'll pull. See where? A true true, That whole *** Chong shirt. Let's look at Tony Ca as a reminder whole means saying we also learned that from Hitch sk one. When we say whole e something ID equals two same something example. Same school tone. Biggest reissue saying interest told you concealing True. Therefore same city home. Eager Chung. Sure, lastly in the line need for the way was since I later Saleh ban Jews. Young Sri. This line has used a structure adjective the information as there is later Saleh banned Jews. Yangshuo two tired that I want to sleep right after work 45. 16.4 adjective-adjective-的 : That's hard when your oil at Hi everybody welcome back today. Let's look at the structure. Adjective, adjective. What is that? Let me give you a reminder. We have learned before we would say adjective link with the before describing the now, for example, why I love the hides. One more example. How can the sure by so the trains from the previous examples where using agit if duh. However, in this lesson we're going to learn adjective, adjective duh would set. In fact, this structure would make the whole edges sound more acute. Or it has another function that put more emphasis to the adjective. However, to use the structure you would need to use single character on Lee. Let's see how we use it. De de parter u N u n The brother runs far, far away. Josh Zitel, Home holder Courts This is a pair of red trousers Need a show. TsUM along lunga shown below. How come your hands are cold? You got sick tagged wrong. The Iida. She's short. Very good. So now you may ask, what about those averages with two characters? What to do? How to put it in the way as an adjective, adjective. Uh, in fact, there's also away which when the double character given its a B, you would do a BB duh In this way you would make extra emphasis in the adjective example Steenland. A showing her way. Well, twin the longer for tonight's birthday party I have to wear pretty tuning in your way. Yeah, I Antin Tinga boy actually want you have to be quiet when watching the concert. Don't speak you can t quite Qala Lada Candra Wijaya Kuala Look, our son is fair Happy I'm also happy looking at this Ni panshir away from muscle Pull down Genderen change in that Why you always can't be serious at work. 46. 16.5 Your daughter looks chubby: teeming. What? That Samia Has your life been in this lesson? We're going to start a new topic. Your daughter logs Chappie. Very good. Let's start with the first word. Leather shoes. Peace yet in fact, P is leather. CIA is it is shoes PC it peace yet next one hat, mouths, mouths, mouths How to say cute or lovely? Could I actually you can consider could that isn't Could he I 10 love therefore lovely. Could I cook a Let's learn some facial features. Nos be for be be It's Ah moving on hair Colfax, you should already know Toll means Head told that. Hold that and a very important wesh to be born to Shong. As you know, Tool is out show with mentioned that it is related to grow That's why towards young is born true shong true Shung she said you like how one you are Thanks for coming to see my daughter He soon they shall models the who shall PC Jim the little hat and leather shoot that she gave a really pretty b a could see I mean you are drunk the by biter Pampanga Door K. You're welcome. Your daughter looks white and chubby. How? Keat? Since I adore Guolla. How tall is she now? Buddha? He me, she Gorgonzola. Not even one meter. En weighs over 10 kilometers already. You can't. Happy to cells? How? The Colfax. Hey, hey! Duh! Lug her nose. A small and her hair is black. John the son. Shane Who does she look similar to? Shanta Baba? Looks like your father Contusions shoot. Kabob goes Bill, you go. I shall domain When she just born her father was so happy that he didn't sleep for the whole night. They can't How now? Let's take a look of what happens in the lines. Don't troll, Sean. Shrew have babba goes in The eager went wrong door may sway for eager When Sean What does that mean? Does that mean one night? Actually, it is referring to one whole night. That's because sometimes when you say e plus and measure what this could actually mean One hole, for example. What's in here? E t handle Hunt Lay? I'm tired the whole day today. Is everything clear? Don't assume full Emma 47. 16.6 It doesn’t have much use: woman you Jenna, we're meeting again. Today's lessons called. It doesn't have much use. Let's start with the first word check. It could be the verb or now CNN car The end time. The intact next one. The action isn't brushing teeth. Sh y yeah. In fact, Chua means brush. Yeah, means tooth. Sure. Yeah. Fly. Yeah. However interestingly, when you swapped the two words Make it. Yeah. Schwab It would make a toothbrush. Yeah. Schwab. Yeah, sure. Uh, next word day full. It means, Dr However, it's a quite a tradition away In practice, you would say the full as in no tone guy full by full with the yeah high for hunt home. It's, um a ban na my teeth still hurt. What? To dio? No go. It was for a year. If you're not feeling well, then go to the hospital to have a check up. Thank on hold seats. Cilla. Dangerous may from a your check for a good few times, but there's not much use my fault. So much for that. How did the doctor say made so young? Ultra Shicoff. Every time. The doctor only tells me way too harsh. Y yeah, Go back and brush the teeth properly. And how? Let's see what happens in the line. The in car holds it. Cilla. Nansha Nation. Let me introduce something new. May FEMA, it means have not much. Therefore made from my own is Doesn't have much use. Next line Di Foods, Amash, WADA. In fact, this is actually from sure. And the combination How to for day foods that much water. In fact, the original way should be die for schrute Marsh wada. Just the shirt is cut off. However, the whole thing still makes sense. Final line. Way too harsh. Y yeah. Do you still remember the structure? How hard? Third, it means do that for properly. Or do that for Well, So how harsh? Y yeah is actually saying brush the teeth properly. 48. 16.7 The relationship between people : when you hear like welcome back today the topic is the relationship between people. Let's start with relationship one c Therefore, when people say sorry to you, you say Mei Kwan si which means it's okay. However, the literal meaning is doesn't relate So Oh, it's not related. It's ok. Why didn't see guanine c next What? We have mentioned that before other people be edge in Although I have learned be ETA is like another one or others. However be Aaron is like a term saying other people So therefore no need the in there be Agon be Agon Final word for today A word or a word term So you see you. So you Honduran dodgy ETA since Arjun Holdren the Quincy long, longer joke. But no Should you wake homes What? Hi, Mom. Among the May free tank in period T m e n later for you and you will appear in social. What? See for woman you got to do appearances outsell show Flasher Ruble known Tor you Isa Ning Hot CSE young. That's so you hope here And the Wannsee to wake up in the gun hall. They come, huh? Let's see what happens in the first paragraph for Drill Holdren, the Guan See the literal translation is people and people's relationship. Therefore it is talking about the relationship between people. In fact, you can also say war, honey, the Guangxi, the relationship between me and ju tone treatment. The Gwen see the relationship between colleagues. Great. So now let's see the other paragraph for sure slash Should it is actually saying? Sure What the Sure hope so whenever it's something sure is actually the short form of something the Sure Huh? Finally for door um Isa Mean Haar sees a drowned that So you're How are we going to dissect it for You're your own easier. Use some more and nine hall C etc. Hello. Thanks. Finally k young that sue these kind of words. So the whole phrase would be you some more. Hello. Thanks Thes kind of words is everything understood though to immune by Lama 49. 16.8 Additional words: welcome to the last session of the lesson. When you lighthouse in the cook again, we're going to see some additional words as we know you don't sports See et's shoes. Therefore, the combination of the two with form your indulgence Here it's what Hughes your indulgence . Yet you don't see it next. One shouldn t body or health the end car to check. So combining 22 they would become shouldn TT and track Body Check. And actually, there is a short way to call it. That's heats yet. Shouldn t t enchant shouldn t t enchant. 50. Listening & speaking L15 16: Nissan to Frida Gurgle Put holding the found new Yoma These aren't your freedom Gurgle Put holding the found new Yoma Uh, jugar truths New York Sitaula Soon to Isa jugar truths New York sits Hola seem to isa into equation Now, Schuerholz, you seal into equation Usher hole to seal, draw more in the fancy ones I jolly high for torture. Why, man drome or the fancy ones? I jolly How should torture? Why, man need to it on man New polio The yacht. Yo, go Google. Need to it on man. New polio the yachts Yoko Google George in transition needs. I want from Madama George in transition needs. I want from Madama the new Arts. I not crucial the new arts. I not true, Sean. Uh way Sherman. Need social. Later equator Douchevina way, Sherman Etosha. Later equation Douchevina Uh, way for money. Dinky and wonder. Calculate longer way for money. Dean, Can't wander calculate longer. Uh, Negroni from the Wannsee. Help Ohana Negroni from the Wannsee Help! Ohana! Uh grupo! Anyone will eventually see Sham Ban Neat quits in the band Rubio! Anyone special, etc. Sham Ban Neat quits on the ban. Uh, 51. 17.1 Can I apply for leave?: that hall Neiman's and the young. Hello, everybody. How are you? Let's start a new lesson. Topic is cannot apply for relief. First word apply for leave. Hell, yeah. Seeing actually is asked which is in the polite way. As you know, while CIA, it means holiday. Therefore, it's you Dad is asking for holiday. Hell, yeah. Tunes? Yeah, that season example. What? That's why I can't go on suiting. Yeah, I plan to ask for Lee from my company. Next one in total. You go, You go. You go. How do we use Eagle? It issues for suggesting amount of things and to use it you would place it before the number. Woods in key An eagle while a century choir I spent 30 went in total today Woman since the war. Trillion Kouadio, you go on true Pat Yen, We'll go shuffle in UK on Friday, going for a total of eight days coating the Sacha Sinti was on. Since you can't Karima, Manager Joel, I like to ask for a few days of leave next week. Is it okay? Neosho machina. What is it? Well, the eager Lapo, Yalta one an old friend of mine is getting married woman heating young inmates in law where you haven't seen each other for two years already? Nani Sanctions Ninja So how many days of leave you'd like to ask for was answering Santa. I like to ask for three days of leaf They come heart Very good. Let's take a look off the dialogues Doting the saga Cincy wasn't since he can Jack Cogema. Let's take a look of the word soon. Yeah, as we know, CM which is the ass or apply for is the main berg. So we can put something in between the two to make it soon. See Kenya as in apply for a few days leaf. 52. 17.2 He has many hobbies: when you highlight Welcome back. Jay's topic is he has many hobbies. So how do we say hobby or interest? I Hall. Have you recognized the usual word, which is hard in this case, has changed the fourth tone. As you know I is love how in this case it means to like so hobby or interests. Something that you like. I hall, I hope moving on. How do we say neighbor lean Teoh. Look, the into is the person that be next to you. Lean Teoh Lean Teoh. Final word for today Later on Hold life, Whole life whole I as a whole I means later on. So it is not exactly like afterwards because they would imply a longer time spent between two incidents. How do we use whole life later on in Chinese? Well, let's see examples. Woman, That's your whole to May Thiele Whole lighting sure happened to make water. We haven't met soon after University. I hurt later on that she moved to America. Georgia was really the show Anger way drill Eola, You are whole I joke Wojtala. I only stay a while at Lily's birthday yesterday and I went home afterwards. Jin Jin home in Nagata and she Neiman going Cinema gentian is the doorman at the back from your company needed halyard Iemma Do you know him well? Woman What? You surely into whole life for it. That's your home this year We were neighbors in the past. And where? University schoolmates later on When c e group Which war? Our relationship is quite good all along Not how you buy an issue when social Mina So what does he like to do? Generally your front door, huh? He has a lot of hobbies. Hunger See to it Still balance you so far. Shame on the way! Singing football, basketball drawing He knows anything Gender Nanny Daschle Woman Really? Then introduce us to know each other Passion and I don't know where they come full up. No, he's already my husband Now you're the heart Well done. So now let's take a look of what happens in the lines Hunger Tito A chill that an actual Hawar Shamma Go away! What is Shamma? Go away Literally. It means anything he can do So it means he knows anything or everything. Great! See you next time. Shazza 10 53. 17.3 Flexibly use of ‘Question words’ : when you lie. Sean Cook. Welcome to have lesson. Today we're going to take a deeper look of how flexibly use of questions Weds as we know what our question. What's See examples like Shay Sima, some young schoeneman no are not Warshaw See etcetera, revisiting of what we have learned before. The's word can be used flexibly, for example, Shea Meaning who could me? Whoever some. How could also mean, however, some media. How is it, however, Sonoma? What? But it could also be whatever now are where wherever that which is where or which could mean wherever, whichever door sharp, how many or whatever amount, see how much or which number, whatever amount or whichever number we have learned to make thes flexible use of question. What's work. We would use them in the structure. Question would to and then question would. And this time we're going to learn a new one, which is to use a question. What followed by, though, or yet? So what would it become with so or yet after the question, what's it would have the emphasis making the whole thing as an any question. What suggest Annie number, anything, any amount anywhere etcetera. Please, please, please note that this any in the situation is not talking about like Do you have any apple s and do have at least an apple? However, this any is talking about all of the any. For example, anything will be all the things anywhere, everywhere or all the places anyone. So all unit, etcetera One more information. So and yet usually would be followed by verbs or adjectives. Let's go back to see examples starting with shape. Nobody likes you, Szeto, Bussi, Wanni. That's because it's coming from the sentence. Antibody doesn't like you moving on cinema. You can say any way you like nisi once a mature talker, he for some young Why I can't get number one in exam with anyway, I revise way from my words and my young foresee Don't cop without the year again. Some and some young can be interchange as they are both meaning Oh, any kind of way he's smart and knows everything. Ta hunts home you Shana Dodo The literal meaning is he smart and he knows anything in my body. I feel painful everywhere. What a shouldn t now I thought hung the literal translations actually and my body anywhere is painful. Next one, any luggage in this shop looks pretty jirga Frankie and the signees. Young neca. So how can, in fact you could see the literal translation ISS for the luggage is in the shop. Anyone looks pretty further examples I'll buy for you. Any numbers? Not a problem. Well, my Gainey back these are my social dope pusher Won t In fact, it literally means I'll buy for you. You want to buy any number? It's not a problem. Final example I can have meeting on any date would see how. Okay. Wait, though, could he? 54. 17.4 Anyone can cure your sickness: Neiman Dull. Haldeman. Are you all good? So let's start the new lesson. Anyone can cure your sickness. Let's see the first vocabulary method or ways Van Sant. As you know, bent means to do or to deal with. While fine. It actually means the way of doing things. And you would put in this way like something fat would be the way of doing something done that Thanks. Next one. How do we say full when our tummies full, we call? Wow. Uh uh. Next and final ward for today. Decide or decision? Dread thing. Do you deal? Do you deal when you want to say you make a decision? It's torture thing. More example. I don't want to make the decision. You help me do it or pull Sansores Radium. Nie Bao Ward Swapper 13. What yet? And are awful? I feel unwell recently. What? Two year and 10 charge And how ba bring me to the hospital to have a check up. Poor young tree Chez toi Open fact can hold Need the field. No need to go to the hospital. Anyone can cure your sickness. Well, when need need torture May you and Donna let me ask you How long have you not been exercising you guys onion? Maybe. And do not, I suppose, for three years I haven't been exercising. Shea, don't Rida. You're known tuition t heart antibody knows doings. Boards It's good for health, Dan Shirt need true about locked yosh way But you sleep soon after your full from meal. Well, a teen conch nature Indian guy toward 20 Antonella In order to have good health, you really should work out more. Oh, told me you can see. Okay, starting from tomorrow What's your teammate can shoot home, Paul I decided to go for a long run every day. So the heart well done. So let's see what happens in the lines trade seen were driven our toe brochure for for not door was sure for the literal meaning is anywhere not feeling comfortable So it actually suggests that anywhere in the body not feeling comfortable Next line boiled to, um Shadaloo open fan can How need the bill? You may ask what is can haul need the bill? What does it mean by well, seeing your sickness? In fact, let me give you an over few when you say kind usual it means to see the doctor, while from the doctor side it is usual kind bill, which means the doctor diagnose ones illness. So get back to the lying can't haul meet the beauty actually refers to, well, diagnose or cure your sickness. Next line in guys Sandy and may you in don't law for the young guy here. It means, I suppose, or it should be that so he's not very sure when he say it for next line. Dan for any true bottler. Jewish Way for true ball thes. Two words are actually the verbs reso completion. So it's suggesting Eat until your tummy is filled up next line, but a very important line Ha told me you can't see four whole something t It is actually the same as its whole something. Kasher equals two from a time on so you can say tone sag wasn t t From next week on, Toensing can see well how I make angles or from today on, I work every day. Sign no. One or drinking May 10 to come. Pop Chong power. It means long run 55. 17.5 ‘According to’, ‘situation’, ‘generally speaking’, ‘sentence’: when you let thou seen the ICO Welcome to our new lesson way. We're going to learn a couple words for today. They are according to situation, generally speaking. M sentence Let's start with situation or condition. Teal Clone Seeing Kwong Soon Kwong, how do we use Tinh Quang for example Jean Pierre and the TNT Tim Kwon would Ha ha! The weather condition today is not too good Next new wet according to or based on then too Then too again Teoh, for example You shouldn't fall Woman awakens your tradition teaching Kwong So what radio the doctor says will make decisions based on his health condition. Next one, How do we say? Generally speaking, he banned life for as you know, meat ban means general or in general, even life for keep in life for for example, you would say even an actual woman bangle. Sure scintilla ball Quite Kaiman. Generally speaking, our office won't open on Saturday sign award, which is a reminder. Do it I mean sentence. But today I'm going to let you know two can be the measure Word meaning a sentence of for example, Did you wash your Shannon? What does this? What phrase mean to dissect Gillette's You Want Joe means this to I mean a sentence of what ? Meaning horrible What? So it means this phrase. Another example. This sentence. We simply say Jugraj, Utsa or George cheats as easy as that see next time, SAT says dear. 56. 17.6 Everybody can understand this phrase : I told him and hop Hello, all fellow schoolmates. Let's start our new lesson Cacheris seen the Copa the top against Everybody can understand this phrase. We'll start with the first word, which means choose or the choice or the option. CNN's uh, since, uh, CNN's, uh, for the foot. Apart from students, huh? The short form can be student, so both are fine. So to use Suen as choose example Washington LaHaye. So that means I pig the black dress, the outside its or censor. You have to make your own choice. Next one must be suit Be sue. Be Sue How to say thirsty? Could, Could could. In fact, there's also another way. Which is Cole Cook now Thirsty cold Kolka. What about location or the new? That's the d n. Why the means floor or ground? And the end actually means point or dot So it's like the ground dot deed The end D d n you don't hunt really all just you hire Szeto doll done for me Drew that summer urine doma be you? Yeah, she enza way the fridge in Keep an actual South County audience should hold a treat yet Then don't Here Yeah, So when you see it, they are Dow stanza Trade the DDN Go ahead, Shannon From you will go on Just defund docker Urine tall, he said PCR country city The tea and counting Quanzhou in dull rube war You hand your mail Pasha, order your yola. You condone you heart. You also see hi out see the canyon The one coal could assure hope Boil Mashal Hush. They can haul very good. Let's take a look of what happens in detect for the first line. Urinal 100 drool Ya'll judge a whoosh a don't don't What does that mean? It is saying that anybody understand the phrase exercising is important Next one in the second paragraph for Cy it actually refers to further Therefore it's I want easier together means further Later on the next page first paragraph Xiangxiang it actually saying on the mountain, while your your want could be a new white to you it means swimming center for the last page , a reminder that you, in this case, means immediately. Next. Hi yo teeth. The hi we have wanted means still. But in this case it could also mean also because still, also, they're pretty similar so in total high Yat CDA Also I still have to remember and gondron don't want coal could assure hope, it is saying when just finished exercising and feel thirsty. 57. 17.7 Additional words: Welcome to the last lesson of lesson 17. When you light out thief Richie Copa hold again. We're going to learn some adage in awards for by old wets. Firstly, we know feel means illness. It's Hume. Yeah. Apply leaf when you combine them together, forming being Yeah, it means sick leaf as a noun being. Yeah, being Yeah. Next I see one Like I means love. We add them together to form See I which equals to like or a door See a see a 58. 18.1 Introduction of 向 : when you let out. Sinica thief through backup. Welcome to a new lesson. Lesson 18 Today we're going to learn a new what? Which is to introduce a word young. What does that mean? Young means towards San. So the sound remind you of Wong and delay. All of them, we learned, is towards so what's the difference? In fact, sometimes they can be used interchangeably, while sometimes they have different applications. Let's have a deeper look about it. So now is a good opportunity to compared differences between while do A and sang. First of all for what it's on Lee for directions. So it's pretty straightforward and for the way, If you use two way most time, it's directly towards or aiming and immediate focus, which could be a person or object. So basically anything you want to focus on while last see for Sam, it could be used for directions, while at the same time it could be for actions, 1/2 directions or goal. They sound pretty abstracts, right, But let's see some examples want, which is for directions on Lee. One tens all walk straight ahead, do a, which we said it's directly towards or aiming an immediate focus. Todd to a war cell. He smiles at me back to a mammoth and hall. Dad is good, too. Mum had to a wash what they would see, he says. Sorry to me. What do a good 400? It's you and passionate toe. What's my job? So you will notice for three years, for example, to a person to a drop or two a thing. They're all aiming at. A focus. Great example was four Sam in directions, which is pretty straightforward. Xiangtan Soul. Walk straight ahead so you would have noticed in terms of directions. Wow! And some can be inter changed. We also said son would be used for actions. 1/2 directions or goal. What does that mean? Example. Pass Young war cell. He smiles at me. Pasanen, Wash. Watt would see, he says, Sorry to me so you would notice from the past. Two examples three and sung can be inter changed. That's because when you use the way, you're directly aiming at a focus. While for some, because the whole activity has a direction or leading you to a goal was sent past U. S. C. I learned from him past young girls platoon. He asked for Lee from the company car sound wards it 10. He asked to borrow money from me. You notice from the past three examples you cannot use three, but only Sam. You cannot use day because you're not directly aiming at the person or thing, however, because you are going a longer direction or trying to lead you to gold using the person or thing. Therefore, san can only be used. 59. 18.2 只要...就/也/都,只有...才: Neiman Helpful, huh? Are you good in this lesson? We're going to learn to structures. 1st 1 Drew Young followed by two second one drill and then tie. Let's start everything from the beginning. Drew. Yeah, It means as long as Why? Because Drew is on Lee. Yeah, it's knee to soas. I only need to do something as long s Drew. Yeah, Drew? Yeah. The structure is called Drew. Yeah, something. And then you something which equals two as long as And then let's see example DRI Yani Newly need to eating sort the town As long as you work hard, you definitely be able do it. Do ya need justice car for to you do You may want tea as long as you study seriously. The exam definitely is not a problem Dri Oni c went What? You're my gain Me as long as you like it. I would then buy for you Hanhardt. Very good. Now let's see the next word that we have to know drew your Onley when or only is we can still understand Low from its literal meaning Drew on Lee, your is half Drew. You'll drew. You'll getting back to the structure That's Drew. You're something. It's high something. It is actually saying Onley. If for only when would then do you still have any memory about the Thai function? One of us function This would then and normally for these situations, the result would be the positive one. Drill. Newly Gondor needs hand on your heart the war Only if you work hard you would then be able to have an even better life drill A clear yards here comments How Boise One woman before Onley When we re passionate to our customers, they would then like our services. Guillotine Fritz, you drill needs hand on through it all. There's only you who can do this thing. 60. 18.3 I want to borrow money from you: Why your oil? I Welcome back. Let's see a topic today. I want to borrow money from you. Damn you! We're going with that. So my fans a lot dime ing. I'm finally planning to buy a house. Chyung Sand meted out 10 Cogema I want to borrow some money from you. Is it okay? May when he gl Well yo, Joe Eating Whitty a Kenny. No problem. As long as I have, I will definitely lend to you. You hide hot door shawl. How much is it? Still lack? Hi. Can one quite You know I still need 50,000 renminbi How Chan was How would I need? Sure. I'll transfer you the money in the afternoon. You sounds I learned my phone. Where do you want to buy house? Do that woman comes or the u N 10 Yet it's just at the front of the hospital that we were get Now you hold you join funky Angela Then you just be convenient to go to the hospital In future they can hop Let's see what happens in the dialogues for Nie hag Hot Gorsha. It actually means you still differed by how much So how much do you so need next, huh? 10. Was would that gave me for its Chen war Salvo. That Gainey, we can interpret it. As for the money, I'll transfer it to you in the afternoon. You may ask. That means transfer. How is it possible? Actually, when we say transfer money, we can have different ways. For example. That's yet or the other ways by 10. However fine. Normally it's ascending, but using electronics last line ni sends And on my phone, a little information for you. Song is a short form of funds, so meaning house. 61. 18.4 This period of time: cold salmon hot, high, all fellow schoolmates. Let's start our new topic this period of time. Let's start with a new measure. What? Which is often used for small animals. It's okay. Look at the character is a character meaning Onley, while at that time its third tone, which is drew and for now, as a measure of war for small animals, its first tone drew Ah ah, having learned the measure warrant for small animals. How do a say animals don't war don't actually suggest move and who it means. Object. So the wall is talking about moving objects. Dawn War don't wore next would. Which is the main word for today. It isn't measure what meanings segment, oris section or fragment the one do one. The one. For example, Mamma's Shula. You don't fire, Mom said a speak, and it is actually say, Oh, Mom said a bunch of words. He won shoots again a period of time warm and out. So you two and Lou, we need to walk a segment of road last war for today, which is mouth. It's a way so a so a So we have lunch cold before, which means mouth so What's the difference between soy and coal? Basically, both of them are the same. However, if you really want to find the difference, Cole would be more like including entire Met part of the mouth, for example, the outside and inside. However, so way it's more like about appearance for the outside of the mouth. My man, we cannot go. So could I, Mom. Well, how cues that dog. Yeah, June that that the way south out woman My Trouba. Its eyes are big. It's now that small Let's buy it back no more. Who saw her Young? Those yellow and john animals and little Children are the same. Both need people to look after them. My agent You shade junk would huh? Buying back home. Who takes cares if it what? Go where I look after it. Children should need city that you fall. Don't, Macy in this period of time. You didn't wash your own clothes at all, Nina. Jungle, help Hama, Can you take good care of it? Drill Nikkei. Womack. What? June on global Whole time. As long as you buy it for me, I can look after it. Well, they call Hall. Very good. Let's take a look of the dialogues for Don't also sell hard young So see Arjun Garko from the first part. So for sell hard young It is actual using the structure a gun or huh be Yeah, which is talking about a is the same S b So it is meaning animals are the same as little kids Next one, just one ship needs certainty that you foot dome a c How do we interpret need city The You fought so may see Do you still remember We have learned the structure something so or yet followed by full or may which is talking about not even something at all In this case, it means you didn't even wash your own clothes at all. Let's see some more similar examples passer and century sway law. Then you'll find yearbook way Although he's 30 years old already he can't even Coke c inside CD in law Art Zuma Sore year yet make hundreds war What time is it already? Now How come our son hasn't even started doing his homework? Ni can't eTour yet away. Finance is eager to New York You can't even read maps. It's difficult to go shovel on your own 62. 18.5 不但...而且...: consummate hot. Hello, all fellow students here it comes here, a new topic, and we're going to learn the structure. That's then all rights yet very good. Let's start from both. Then it means not only both. Then board, then the next word arts. Yet it means also or furthermore, arts yet arts. Yet in reality we often put the two together, forming board that arts yet which means not only but also Gerger both and drunk the girl rt a gun in the home help can not only is my older brother tall, but he's also good looking. Sell up with that. I thank you will be area I chipped. Bash your gun. John Cela not only loves to help others, but he also works seriously. The intention t put onto it in Kandahar. I tear Hanyu. Easy. Working out not only is good for health, but it's also very interesting. Very good moving on. We're going to learn a few words for today. Also, let's start famous or well known, your meal. You can see that you'll means half meal is from unions, which its name. So it's like half a brand name your meal yo meal next what agree or approval tone de comb means saying he could be the word from yeasts, Which ISS meaning. So when you say a person have to say meaning so it's agreeing. Told me. Call me last word for today to believe or trust sang Scene Sang's Sin sang's scene. 63. 18.6 贵-company/person: Welcome to the new lesson. When you light thou seen Leica in this lesson way have to topic called weight company or person. It sounds strange. Let's see. What is it about? So how do we say about Guan Yu when you, Guan Yu, for example, WASI? Why can't when you really? For the sure I like to read books about history. When you juggle 20 way Abboud Ridha about this questions, I also don't know. Next would John's or Opportunity Seaway See you do it. See what when you need Welcome sensual Show me wish emotions are live woman daikon circles . Or please tell a little bit why choose to come to our company to work arts Yet Google 20 in her heart, your company is not only well known. The work environments is also good talk. Togokahn Toyota Lay she art in County Whitey. Doing this job is a little demanding it needs. Traveling to foreign places often need Italian FEMA. Well, your family agree. Andrea, what you're in year. Well, it's sensing time in yet Whitehorn either. As long as I wish. I believe they also agree. How now? Great. Then start working next Monday when you took i e high Oshima 20 MMA about this job. Do you still have other questions? May Allah says Indian gay wardrobe, etc. Where No thanks for giving me this opportunity. Well, why New leader? I work hard. Very good. Let's see what happens in the lines. Great goes Buddha Hyo Mu arts yet? Koonjul Weinsier, huh? What is weight? Golson doesn't mean expensive company. No, not at all. In fact, you can always say go away before a place or a person. And this would refer to your place or you get it would show that you're extremely polite and very respectful to the person or the place you're referring to. So for example, squiggles, it means that you're respect the company. Quain. New sure meaning you The respect. Sadness. Next line. So a jirga guns or your that lay she out in come true. I d For your information. Why? D means outside places. It could be across cities or countries. Need a Fahrenthold, Jima and everything that you have to take Notice Jagan referring to family people. Final line. Andrea. What? Your year? What sounds in Hammond? Yeah, quite home. Yet you may ask. We have already learned the structure drew. Yeah, would be followed by a Jew. However, in this situation, there's no Jewell. How come? In fact, as long as the sentence makes sense, you can also use other what's such as Drew. Yeah, followed by yet boy so or high etcetera. So please note that it's not a rule that you have to do this way, but you can mix and match other words to form reasonable sentences. 64. 18.7 adjective-ly: Neiman some young. How are you guys in this lesson? We're going to learn adjective Lee. Let's see how to do it as a reminder. De. This character means place. However, in today's lesson, we're going to learn the same character but different pronunciation. Uh, it is a supporting wet, and it would also act test only eat after the adjective, for example, Happy Lee quickly and so on there, the clean heart as we know that recently from Additive Lee. In fact, the additive in this case at least needs to be two characters. For those that single character, no worries. You have to double it to make it to. And in general, you would follow the structure saying additive and then, uh, followed by a verb. Let's see examples Why go, man, man, that's so law Grandpa, Walk slowly Did the quiet quite a paltry use your cell Little brother runs quickly to school may make goals in the hunger Little sisters things happily th air gun, gender, go on tour Big sister work seriously. Usually the sentence would go according to this sentence structure, which you would say adjective, uh and then followed by vote. However, many times just like the possessive, the when you want to go quick. This the would also be cut off, so it would just make it additive followed directly by look. So when you see this kind of structure, don't worry. It's just that the lee that the being cut off very good Vaca Hall ready to move on to the next phrase we're going to lead and knew what that's a measure. What? Which is a type of or a kind of John Drawn Joan. For example, Eagle will flat a kind of culture woman showdown drone done. We're two different types of people and hot. Let's see our final war for today, Do you? Or it means passed by or go through Seeing war. Seeing Gore to use this word. Normally you have to function the 1st 1 You would use it as passed by a place. Yet the second function is that you would usually use steam wall to say you undergo or gone through a period of time or an incident how to use it. Dont entrance here the sure hole What do you eat? Yeah, Shantia. When I go to school today, I passed by a shop knees up a whole team culture, the sure hope could you my way jacket our new NEMA When you finish work and passed by the supermarket, can you buy back home some milk? Single tone and a newly tycoon use eyepiece analogy year. Having been through many years of hot work, he finally got first place in the competition. Single Sandy and the Gun Store Past Sins IE Don't Regina Neela Having been through three years of work, he's now already a manager. 65. 18.8 Each culture has its own specialty: Neiman Hot. Hello, guys. This'll would be the last session for the whole lesson. Topic is each culture has its own speciality. Let's start with a new what strange or weird Segway Seek way See why next specialty took the end bean special And the end actually means spot or point. So today in kind of refers to a special point two at the end Put the end Put home the kwacha Toyo put home the one fine major. What toy would city that hut yet dolla You guys see why Indio the waiter The sham ago hell ccn arts here Hi. Would you rather your darts Segway? You'll see what other Young Eun sits. I assume 10 year you're sick. Watch added your immune said I soon home here, Dan. Sure Drill team wore you'd wind shifts again need yo, I'm Amanda Sequin Hanhardt. Let's see what happens in the lines for the first paragraph. For both home, it means not the same. So in this case is like different second paragraph literally. It means anything is fresh. So anything it's new for arts. Yeah, as a reminder, it means end also or furthermore, so in this case, I Furthermore, moving on to last paragraph, it needs some attention. You'll see a quart. Yeah, there are some countries or half some countries, so it actually means some countries. If you're starting, get confused. Let's see, whenever we say your CIA or your followed by a thing, it means something. For example, your NC went How your in C when conquer. Some people like to dance. Some people like to sing good the culture t your CIA tones. Year. Judd 100 a year. You'll see it through the hunt. Nine. For the exam. Question. Some classmates think it's easy, something. It's hard. Congo only Joe grins. I can't fall drew your wins. I so see in the park. Some people are reading newspaper. Some people are resting. Is everything clear? Now? Let's get back to the text. Gen meal people's name, while for sin you mean surname. So this whole thing is talking about some countries. People's name is written at the front of surname. Some countries people's name are written at the back of surname, but as long as you have gone through a period of time, you would slowly get used to it. 66. Listening & speaking L17 18: the general betrayed your pantry. You wash informa, The general betrayed your pantry. You wash informa me If you told Shannon Schuerholz see casualties here. Where you ilda me if you told Shannon Schuerholz. See Cacheris here. Where you Awilda? Yeah, The shanty team Quantum A young yeah Edition t team Quantum. A young gun to drug a TNT team. Kwan me how? Sure. Wait Yapa gun to drug a TNT team Kwan me How? Sure. Wait Yapa Uh I need you to the drug war Yoshiyama Hadi Anna, I need you to the drug war Yoshiyama Hadi Anna Way from MCATs Ultrasound The cell way from a cattle Sure sound The cell The white Ashiru waiting Go to shul Juanma known bowel Find Bensch UMA The white Ashiru waiting Go to shul Juanma known Powell friend Then Schumer drill Nina Lei todo eating Matty Drill me newly So you didn't know that you would You rather drill Laubscher Tannenbaum woman said you want here Woman will allow Shuba Would you rather drill Laubscher Tannenbaum Woman Ted, you want here? Woman won't love Shuba Neto Need had done time for the farmer Neto Need had done time for the farmer 67. 19.1 看上去,看起来,听上去, 听起来: that you're Hall When you were like Welcome back in this session, we're going to look at Cannes film to cancel a Hugh Found True June July. The's four Main Faces. Great. Now let's revisit the structure. Non action verbs followed by T. Lay. Do you remember? It's got three different functions. First, it implies that you start to do that job. Second, it implies, said, not action for up. And third, it implies, appears to be which often, we would say can t lay till she lie etcetera. Getting to can't see lie. It's a jazz appears to be like Looks like example. Cancel a had drought. See, he looks desperate. How about Teen Seelye? It means that appears to be or sounds like. Let's get to see some examples. Carte insula had money. She sounds satisfied with all these warmups. Let's see what we're going to learn today. It's about non action verbs, followed by Sean Chu. In fact, it also means appears to be, Therefore, the common ones would be can found true teams wrong, too. Half you notice can found you basically equals to cancel I. While team found two basically equals two teen Seelye. It is just like when you're saying you're looking or listening to something and the thing appears up to you. Let's see two examples for a kind found true and can't see lie I can't hold true or cancel I boot. How you any bomb war? He seems like he's not too willing to help me. Georgian for tune can count you or cancel. I both Haijun Dan. This matter doesn't seem to be that simple. Great. Another two examples for Team Trump to and tilled Seelye Tired to puncture or 10 July do with the Guns or Hammadi. She sounds like she's satisfied with my job drug. A good team found true or Tinti lie on how teen this song sounds nice. 68. 19.2 I also recalled it: Neiman dating some young How are you guys recently? Here comes for a new topic and it's I also recalled it. Let's start with the first word ear, our door, our door. All right door next word, which is also face related. And its face Lee and the end the end. How to say short when we're talking about length, the one and that system is not for height. It's for Link, so you cannot say a person had want It would sound weird. Do one. The land next what two costs, Which is like to cost something happen or to make something happen? Sure, in fact, sure and wrong are very similar because wrong meaning to make or to ask to let it is like to cause as well, therefore wrong and should can be inter changed yet sure as to costs is rather more formal . Sure, sure. New are three teens. He went about whole file funds at our door home. Yet our daughter likes to put her hair behind her ear recently. Just your way of Shin Lena. This is for what reason Gronk. Liipfert Hardly in kind. Found sure this way can make her face. Look prettier wasn't injured at hard to reach it with high yella. I recently think she's not the same as before. NEWR, Apia, Habbush All Paseo throws, he went, went over our daughter's changes Quite big. She like short hair when she was little saying that hides a young like a boy. Well, year talents, Delilah. I also recalled it. Now tachyons. I'm I'm under years Children Neuheisel a she now slowly getting to be more like a girl. Fake a hall. Let's see what happens. And dialogues. We're sand. See Lila, do you remember? Throw it up which Sansa lies using. So it means that the think or memories coming up so means recall. Next line passions are man Amanda's yetsenga New hide Zilla. What is man Amanda? Have you noticed it is actually from the structure additive Li Like English Lee for the English Lee, the Chinese is the for the additive. Do remember we need at least a double characters. Therefore, men alone is not enough. You got a double it to make it men men. So overall man Manda means slowly 69. 19.3 What I like is...: Neiman's and the younger Let's see our new topic. What I liked is let's start our topic with examples. Was it one a year for sure? Drugs yen The clothing that I like is this one. And when we already know we're talking about clothes we do WASI, Wanda Free Kurds Yen The one that I like Is this one example Two Well, for the young shirt, huh? The person I'm talking about is him. Yet if we already know we're talking about people we can do before the fruit hat. The one I'm talking about is him. Example. Three tiger out. All the cold sore. Trust yourself, Law. Sure. The job that he found is score Tekere again. If we already know we're talking about jobs, we can cloth the world and do hatch out Daalder. Sure. Serious. How? Laws? Sure, the one he found his school teacher. So here we would notice There's this structure we can follow, which is, like, whatever or something. The sure means what? Whatever is Let's see more examples What Tracy went so other Sure shreds. Yeah. What I like to do most is sleeping that either gonna Sure wall, who he loves is me Thai Sound cool that the foam Sure. Fac wall The place that he wants to live is Franz Did a candle for the an frontier move was older. Sister watches is TV program 70. 19.4 What he wears is sports clothes: when you lay Sean Cook. Welcome to have lesson. Today we're going to look into top big. What he wears is sport clothes. Let's start with flooding and measure what? Which is a measure. What for? Flat and thin object. Strong, strong John, for example, E juncture. A piece of paper e junk towards a table. Egan strong a bed. Great. Another word would be a measure would again, which is for people. And it's a polite form to address people. Way, Way, way you would say you weigh Knew you sure? A woman Joe away. CNN shown this. Sir Chung's the Woman's hon jockey. Margie Side. I don't for the photos of us participating in horse riding competition Bush and let you come to you for Lila. I choose a few ones to print. Wash the Mount. Quiet day. Well, can can quickly give me to take a log. See, that's required to draw away for Shay. Who is this one who rise the quickest you may control? Lima Passionate shell Ghana. Did you not figure it out? He's Joe Gang. It's a mechanic rancher consent. I put her young. How come it doesn't look to the same from now Passion van. 24. Tension. When he goes to work, he wears suit and shirt beside a shareholder trying to show you don't for when he was in competition. What he wore was sport. Clothes were cannot hunting him. 29 c. Four. I saw he wears a blue sit today can run to send social towards say, he appears to be like over 40 years old. Have your 20 and don't full wrong Tacconi until it's still wearing sports clothes that would make him even younger. Very good. They call Hall. We can take a look of the dialogues. Washington Let's see John seek full isla for C Cool I What does that mean? It means wash out. In fact, see really means wash. But that's because in the old times people would really go to thought room and print out the photographs while the processes like washing it out. Of course, nowadays you don't really go to dot room and see the photo. You can simply just print it or safe and in your phone next line. See, that's required it away. Foucher. We have been shunned, whatever the sure it means what whatever is So I see that Quite a joe way. Sure, it means the one who writes the quickest ISS moving on Ni make Hank Colima half herself. Gagne can true or lack, it means figure it out and you wait. It's with site Next line. It's a mechanic around you're gonna see and I both high young a reminder kind found, she means seems like we're appears to be like last line tantrum bank twice See full you can find. Can you guess what's see full, as you know, see, is west or western four is from leave for which is clothing, So C four together is suit. 71. 19.5 He copies how birds sound: that Ha Ni mints and the young. That's their new topic. He copies helper. It sound So how do we call Bird me? All we'll get the character Does it look like a knee? All a bird Neo Neo Next one cry. Cool. Look at the character. Does it look like a pair of crying eyes? Cool Cool woman Union May djellaba We haven't met for a year, right? Usually neither. Yo New Arla paddle Adala heard that you already have a daughter. How old is she now? Patch unions Sachiko Shonda. She was born last year Summer Gung ho. When you say sugar, she has just passed her one year old birthday. Pasi High Shama was some gate, huh? What does she like? I'll give it to her, Todd Juicy wanting pap Abbas, You know, she just likes to listen to his dad. Copy Helper. It sound cool. The Schuerholz when she cries Drill tap, bypass us. Young out. Yell time I found you, Angie and Salalah. As long as her dad copies helper it sound. She immediately comes quiet. Uh, jiggly wore May Banzai song. Oh, for this gift, I have no clue how to give, huh? Let's see what happens in the dialogues. Pat unions sacking crucial in the sentence. Actually, there's a hit. What? Which is sure to make it up. Asher Jr sat intrusion on the so it's actually using the shirt and the combination, which overall it means that it says that she was born in last year. Summer next one gun or when you say, sugar as a reminder, cool as avert means past or spend. So this whole sentences saying she just finished passing the first birthday. Great next one. Todd Juicy wanting by passion. You know what is she in your hotel? It's literal. Meaning is learn Burt's call or shout. So in overall, it's saying, Copy, Bert sound for the next line. Grilled happen. Pass us so no jail time. My phone, your engine cell Isla for engine Sal, I Do you remember for the structure non Arkan verb followed by Sal I, meaning gradually slowed down the motion or back to its original state. Exactly So And seeing Sal I, it's saying, becomes quiet. Last line, huh? Juggle Iwu will may pen fire, so may plan sign as a reminder means do no have method. So this sentence means that she has no way to give this gift 72. 19.6 使,让,叫: that data. How Neiman some young Let's start a new topic. We're going to compare it a use of sure wrong. See all. Let's recap a little bit about their meanings. Sure means to cost wrong could mean let and ask CEO means to call or ask something related to verbal speaking Very good for sure, meaning to cause. And because of it, it could also mean to make because you call something happen equal. See make something happen next one wrong. It means let or ask. It's because you let something happen. It could also mean to make or to cost something happen. So how about the last one? See how which is to call or ask? Well, it also could mean to make Why is that imagine? You ask them. They happen as the same concept as to make something happen, isn't it? Therefore, we have concluded that all the three words sure wrong in cell could also have the meaning as in to make or too cause. So let's see some examples Guardian fruity. Oh, sure or wrong boy. See how war Sean C. This matter makes me angry. Next tied round tour. Sure or wrong or tell we'll hunt born that year. He does this way, making me very dissatisfied. Yes, I feel sure or wrong with Joe. What can don't see to you either. Glasses make me see things clearer yet sure, as to costs is rather more formal for wrong and tell their both less formal. And they could be used for both speaking, inviting and unsuitable. When you want to communicate with others, you can use rum and seal. 73. 19.7 I sat on the boat: That's hard. Neiman though. Hama. Hello guys. Are you all good? Let's see are a new top bake I said on the boat How to say boat 20 20 one. You will be expecting to sail your boat in the river, right? Have to say river Huh? Hood, huh? Next would un forget to bowl none. Wong, As you know, Nan is difficult. Long is forget so none one. It's like, difficult to forget no long men Wong Next one. Go son. It is another way to say Take photo John. We already know it means take but for photo, san could be new. It is a what related to photo. We have learned that job Galpin is take photo so the same action now could be used for Joe's young draws Young grouse young Just solu yo watch chiller bushel Defunct May Gertie farm to run war Fake How nine long Wasn't you, like half on her? What's so as I 12? Huh? E being can e being callous Young You Lucia team Go Hunt Doherty Fung Meger defunct Toby Young was an quite are by girl kin back a bad young kalpoe. UMA Yeah, cause you calcium very good. Let's start with the second paragraph for long, huh? It's actually the Yellow River, which is the famous river in China. And you know, Sean, it means on the whole way. Remember, we have said that he means one, but it could also mean one hole on the second page. A reminder far means sent. And usually it's Elektronik Lee and finally Yapo. Yeoman. Yeah, Gaussian go Soon The literal meaning for it is make or cause my friends to also be happy. But why go soon? Gotta assume Well, do you remember We have learned for for equals to do that for lightly or casually? Yes. In this case, we have to consider go soon as a firm so Gosse and got assume it is like happy for a bit. 74. 19.8 Additional words : the mental me Anna. Here comes the last session for this lesson. We're going to learn some additional. What's let's see the 1st 1 Don't war animals go on Go and puck. So when we combine them together to form, don't war u N it would turn it into a zoo. Don't, would you? In whoa u N Next one. I see self or own sang's scene trust and belief. If you combine them together, forming seen it means confidence or confident to the scene. Seen next 10 front or ago me and year. So combining them together. Forming CNN Me n it means a year before last year. Jinyan Kenyon What about CNN, Meaning front and ago? 10. Meaning day. Combining the two there would be 10 10 so it's pretty straightforward. Means a day before yesterday. TNT n Centeon. Next You didn't Dong sports you for clouds. Now combine them together. It would be your intoned year or your income for they both have to say meaning as in sport clothes. You're in Taunggyi. You're in. Don't fool, You're in. Don't heat. You're in. Don't fool. Next blue road zinc ore pass by If we combined them together forming new gore. It would mean pass by, But because Luke means road lukewarm could only work when you're talking about passed by it place No war, Leuco. And how exactly do we use Google? Was sap and the sure hole. So, Luke Georgia tagging, huh? When I finish work, I've passed by this bank all the time. Tinky walk a kosher Goichi Frank. One can't see. Like boots. Whore. I passed by restaurant when I drove. Today. It seems quite good. 75. 20.1 Introduction of ‘被bèi’ : Why you life honker Welcome to have lesson Today we're going to learn the very important word introduction of Hey, what's the meaning of bay? In fact, it is a passive would Bay Bay. What does that mean? Do you remember? We have learned back which is an initiate would yes, Bay is the opposite of bat, which is a passive word. Let's revisit a little bit when we use bat, the whole structure would become a that be followed by verb serie so completion. So what about they? Yes, it has the same structure changing to bay. So you would say a thing Bay normally a person verb So free, so completion which indicates that a is done by B which the bay is like by opposite Lee you would say May s and don't have so thing Nay bay person Ferb Serie so completion indicating that a wasn't done by B. The structure used for bait is basically the same as back which is the initiate would let's see how to use it. My mobile phone is taken away by someone What the showed see paper and that Sola My car is driven away By who? What the char bache, a kike Sola. Some additional knowledge if you say Ferb followed by So it means the for a way and total. It is a verbs every so completion to remember. But so is a result Completion. The cakes are all eaten By who? Thank God to obey Shea Trulia. Why was Little Brother was hit by Mom today? Did the way from Martine Kemp a mammoth that the dot wasn't brought back home. Sell! Go May paid that weight. Yah! You may ask, Why bay? This time it's not followed by anything. There's no subject. Yes, When there is nothing, It would assume that it's somebody. The money hasn't been completely spent by me. Chen made. They will. Why one? My bed hasn't been moved to the room by then. Whether Truong made Bay Time and Bantry Fontina 76. 20.2 差不多 : Hi, guys. Welcome back, Neiman Hall. When you boil it in today's lesson, we're going to learn how to use door. Let's start with this. Would what's the meaning of car four door? Well, as an adjective, it means similar or pretty much there. Second, it could also mean about or around in practice, we would say the bull as no tone to make it car boot door. The meaning of tribal door is coming from meaning differed by boom, not door much because Chapel Door has a literal meaning of different by not much. Therefore, it could mean quite there or similar, and also because of the literal meaning of chapel Door is deferred by not much. So it commit about or around, for example, about 30 clock cabin door travel door. So let's see some examples for chop wood door as an adjective, which is similar or quite there before we start. Please note that you can put chapel door at the end of sentence, which is like, Oh, it is similar or it's quite there, and a president this you can put chapel door before an adjective. This woods just that it's similar level in terms of the adjective They look similar calm and can't see like hobbled door literal meaning is they appear to look similar. My job has been done quite there already. What the going toward So the capital Allah? It means that I have almost finished doing it. It's quite there now. We have exercise quite enough. Now let's take a rest woman to on Lend the chapel. Douala Cocu Sabah! It means that we have almost finish training, so it's quite there now. My little brother and I are similar in height. Well, Hurtt Capital Ago thes two movies are both as good. Julianne Guardian, Young Capital How can and the literal meaning is thes. Two movies are similar in terms of good to watch Moving on. We also know Chapel Door is about or around. Now it's about time to finish lesson Since I Kabul Dosa Cola Let's meet about four or five PM tomorrow Woman Indian crap Waas Woody and see a member so good I'm about to be able to get off work. Gin, huh? War Chapel Door Cleese happened Love 77. 20.3 Don’t be sad: Neiman. So it's in the Hama. Are you guys all good? Recently? So let's start our new topic. Don't be sad. Those word camera draws young see, actually draws son is another way to say Teg photo and C We have mentioned it means machine or defies. Therefore draw Sensi is like a ticking photo machine Dross NC Joe Sand Sea Next would then cool Very sad. How is it very sad as none difficult while cool is that passed through? And because you are difficult to go through or difficult to pass through, it means that you're having a hard time. Therefore, man poor is very sad man Cool nine Cool Next one shopping center It is formed by old words as well. Shung Kong Look at Shawn Khan. Isn't it big? We have learned shong from Shong tiene Shop and Sean is what meaning commercial. Chong is often used to refer to large place Cheung Kong Shung Kong Next word credit Seeing young sing is trust and your issues, so it's kind of related to credit. Senol, seeing you own next word card. Uh and the wood can't meaning card is actually an English translation. Can't can't with all these said how to say credit card bingo. Seeing Young can't seeing Young can't seeing Young Can't with Trump sent See Machine That's ola. My camera is taken away. By who? It's a my job with all, uh, how coma couldn't find it needs ideology Shoe polish Umeda Layla Find again Is it that you didn't bring it in? Watch Allah make Alitalia. I looked for it. I didn't find it. Be an angle. So my Gerba don't be upset by one again Saddam and wipe with socio Alma outside the east door of the company Isn't there just a big shopping mall? Thanks for each other you air But this month we'll see him Candy that send You don't want to trap Douala. The money on my credit card has been spent pretty much they come. How very nice. So let's take a look of the dialogues. Whether Justin see machine, that's Ola In this line it is using the structure a bait being followed by verbs. Reso completion. So it's like night camera by who? Ticking away and she may ask, that's all equals two taken away. Yes, Whenever you say for soul, it would automatically form effort will result completion meaning the for a way. Next line. Also, Tom, why put you through each time? Hama. Just a little reminder. No men. Why the long term is the Roman the Wyman, meaning the company's E stores outside last line was seeing county that Sen. You don't want the trap door law. Just a little reminder. This chapel door is used as an adjective, meaning almost there pretty much there or quite there. Therefore, the sentence would just mean the money. My credit card has been spent pretty much or pretty much spend. 78. 20.4 Start caring about P.E.: Taj Mahal. Hello, all fellow students. Our topic for today is start caring about P E. Let's start with the first word, which is care or care for. It's both a fug and the now When seen Gwen unseen one scene, for example, Sister Neat. The ones seeing thanks for your UK half a hunk. Waseem Fruits Yes, seem one. He cares a lot for the world news. Next, what results? Strong? See? So this chunky could be used for many things like school academic results, company results, etcetera. Trunks. E. Chauncey needs a mature and grow in Sin City. Delilah, How come you're suddenly starting to care about P or the Nampo Sea? Why cancer? What you'll be say War bait. Hallion Sander. My boyfriend likes to watch football games. I was affected by him. Carli Geo, I Sino younger utopia Looks like only love can make a person have changes. Sure, well again. Tie that I How young? Yes, and orders you have the same interests as him. What t intent Or can't you say I was football games every day? Shula's hotel Peiyan, Salhany, Shamila. Apart from football, what else has he affected? You, Jade, See what Tinian from Want Why are you see? Recently I go online to play games every day. Were the chancy Kala My results gone worse. The team don't Mama all understood? So now we're going to take a look of the dialogues. Needs a mature on quizzing tt you, Lila, for Guan since t t you lie as we have learned for t lie is used when you want to say start doing the verb So was seen, Seelye would mean start to care yet If you want to put something in there like Guan since e t you lie, it would mean start to care about the p e. Let's see some more examples with object in there. Can't see girl. I start to sing a song. So what? Seats or year lie? Start doing homework hood. She could lie. Start drinking coke. So remember, you want to say you start doing something with the foot, then you say for see something like moving on to the next line? Can't like drill I 10 around on your PS choir we haven't exactly learned can light. In fact, it means that seems that or appear to be example had the bill sent drawl Car rides in camp along True fear cell His illness is severe. Seems that he can't go to school today collides India. I saw you seems that today will reign. Additionally, in this sentence it is using the structure. Drew, You're something Hi which means Onley when something would then last line What 10. Tendo can't you would say You say to you It's ball sat from bees that is competition. So to your sad is that ball games so usually it could be football games. 10 is basketball games s central. 79. 20.5 How to distinguish it? How to divide it? : woman thought I've seen the IKA Way have arrived A new lesson. The topic is how to distinguish it. How to divide it. Let's learn our first word, son. It means separate or defied son fun. The years of fun is a little bit tricky. Let's see how to use it. The first common combination is to use fun as a result. Completion with Chi making fun Ky Azcuy means open so fun. Ky means separate. And to be more specific, it's separate out. Sally Ho, Tash, Kyla, Sally and fashion separated so it means they broke up. Nico Rebar holds so whole Answer the youthful friend Kai cdma Can you separate the red and blue clothes to wash Next? Come in Verbs. The result Completion Using fun is fun Traore lay We have mentioned where we say fork tour lie One meaning is to figure it out So fun True lies like the friend she ate to distinguish Jolan. Cremo can't see life since young Nino. Thankful I now crucially Nuta now crucial Ananda Thes Two cats look similar Can you to friendship Which one? This female Which one? This mail war fund Ultralight trillion gang GOP and go from a boat home. I can't differentiate. What's the difference are for thes two photographs, apart from the previous first Serie So completion with fun Now, fun can also act as a vogue. Well, as we said fun, it's related to separate or defied as a fun. It would mean a sign or distribute. That's because your separate or divide existing things and give to the others. For example, Ni Groom among So you see a Condor Gay War per you're so busy past some of your work to me , then with fun, it's implying that divide your work and give it to me or you work with about your good. That then call Sunday that, yeah, I'll divide this big cake and give to everybody later. 80. 20.6 What other identical points do you guys have?: it's alcohol. Good morning. Way have come to the new lesson. What other identical points do you guys have? We'll start with a new what? Recognize then the do you recognize run from the would run? Sure, which is to know. So run this like you're kind of recognize or know something. Run the ran. The in fact from Brenda run is the main fuck. So what does that mean? It means that it could be followed by another word to form a verbal Ri Sol completion such as run but cool. I can't recognize out runt for recognize wrongly, etcetera. Let's see some examples with those good Xenia and happy and Hunt. War would see who run boots. July Macaroon shirt, huh? Yes. Changing lot. Thes for years, I almost can't recognize that person is him War guns high by one lost trillions. Horse Your gun, Loescher. I just got Tiefer wall wrongly recognized as Tiefer Jong. Next would it means the same or identical young Cole. We have learned that whole means the same and normally it won't be used alone. So here it comes Young home, as in the same or identical San Cone Young Calm Niagara Niagara Wandering Baker Fund The New heart for neat May May Mom, That girl who is holding a bowl preparing to eat? It's your little sister, honey drunk, their guns sound. She looks really similar to you. Woman team tongue baby. Aaron Gensler. We often get recognized wrong by other people. Drill neat bapa. Mama tiene offend the tulay. There's only your dad and mom can tell Schafer. Deity Shea from Mei Mei Bak. Who is the older sister? Who is the younger sister? Right? Shula, former U A woman says. Apart from parents, we ourselves continue Neiman. The younger cooler drank the sand. Hi Oh shut myself, told a defunct you two. Apart from looking similar, what other areas are the same woman tools at home Eagle. 00 ego function. We live in the same building, same room they can hot. We can take a load of the dialogues drew me Baba Mama tiene often the true lay well son tour lie. We said it means the friend shade out. And now if we put the the in between it to make it fun, the cool I it's got the function to emphasize can differentiate next Tuller for more you a woman 60 years younger for woman T Yeah. Long It has followed timeline structure rule which start from subject time, place and activity. And you also know if you want to say how to perform the activity, it would be put before the activity. As such for the sentence war men would go to this subject. Yeah, no would be the activity. So I said, Let's see. Is that how to do the activity? Next line Neiman Younger Troller Congas young Hi O Chama Sandholm the defunct In this line thieve falling here is not talking about the actual physical place. It is talking about the areas or points. So he's asking what other areas or points if you are the same The final line woman cause I Tony Galo oiga function Do you remember in hey tres que one We have mentioned that if you want to say saying something, you have to do Same one So same one in Chinese is tone guica therefore same building poem, gigolo, same room Tonique a function. Is everything clear? Don't assume full Emma 81. 20.7 ‘Have to’, ‘how’ : things are getting more exciting. Now we're approaching the end of the whole session and today we're going to look at some What's half to how look at this character is a familiar. We used to pronounce it as, uh however, today we're not doing it. We have a new pronounce station for it day, and it's got new meaning, which is half to they day. Let's see examples. Nine. I don't feel no was like a whole day to, um, kind can't hire grandma. I got sick. I have to go to the hospital, See her after lesson need. They went home for year through a brochure. Knee Boyardee Katele Sure you have to complete the homework. If not, don't leave the classroom. Was that Wilhite Day? True. Kykuit gin. Leah. I still have to have a meeting in the afternoon so to hiring and you would realize the function that they is pretty similar to Yeah, next word for today. The War month. It means how with exclamation. So basically it's equals two door. So the function of dorma is basically the same s door as in how, however dwell. MMA can only be used in a statement to make exclamation or emphasis, but it cannot be used in questions. The war mark the warm up, for example, can good crews out mall? One more could I. Logue, how cute is this cat needed? Holscher comes to Moriah and John. How serious your colleague works. Patrick Teoh. Wait. You're Wal Mart's home. Una he even do this question. How smart yet, as we have said to Alma, is not for question. So you cannot say path warm ago, as in How tall is he? The correct way would be had to ago. 82. 20.8 When truly do things: Neiman's and the young uh, How are you guys? This'll basically is the last session for whole Hey tres que three top biggest. When true, we do things. Let's see our new what? Nan t Difficult question. 90 90. How to resolve it Resolve is CS yah Did you it here? Do it next would True Riel is an adjective. Gen gung, as we have learned, Gen means really, really, you may ask, was the difference between Gen. John and Jen? In fact, Gen John has more emphasis, as in true Riel, while Jen is just like Riel given that said, Let's see examples. Pasha motto. Google Sunni Buscher, ginger on the Ponyo. He doesn't tell you anything. He's not a true riel friend. The true question. Younger Drew. What's high MMA? Have you eaten the rial, authentic Chinese food? Gen. John Gen. John next to try. Sure, you would realise call Sure, which means exams or tests also has this character shoot. That's because you're testing true. Sure. Final word. But Google, in fact, buh bye wall and then sure both mean but And they are exactly the same. They have no difference, just like an anguish. You would sometimes say but and sometimes say, however. Book Nantou knowing Grew down Anti conquer and drought See truth outs in the bad See for put home the won t Your Put home That's a trip I'm fat you'll say went He can't run to you , hon man. Then do it, Seelye! Quentin, Dan! So eat They sure your daughter you always say went he can drawn to surrounding then then what? Serai? Nancy. Sheila. So, yeah, drew genuine tour shirts Young This your whole Taina notes here, your doorman bouhlel one mentee Diyas young sing tone and the wouldn t go away PE teacher Hi Holla! Let's see what happened in the text for the first paragraph. Some not Ben a reminder it means what to do. Boot home in the second paragraph means different because it means not the same in this box from you'll see when t can't run through a man, then George Hill I hunting, then it simply means some questions appeared to be very difficult. But when start doing it, they are simple. And for the last sentence in this paragraph, sure you're sore tour. It just says you have to or must do it while trying for a next page, Drew Gooden goingto efforts in there for hope. It means Onley when you truly do things and you might have noticed. Truly, it's formed by Jinjiang. Just that the the ISS hitting here we have set that that the is no always appearing and for the final line do one than the one t toe high beta Giaretta. It is using the question. What followed by, though? Or yet which suggests any question would so torn and the wen t. How difficult the questions so high. Bates. Yet dread a will be resolved. So you may notice in this sentence the question. What is door? Which is how followed by the combination of the whole Is everything clear, though it seemed for llama, So here comes to the end of the course. Chinese Intermediate One course be. I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful. If you want to further practice speaking or listening by scheduling a sketch lesson, simply email to hello at Chinese q q dot com. Otherwise, I hope to see in the next course 83. Listening & speaking L19 20: need reading guides on the tour 10 and round today Going go to the scene. Need reading guides on the tour 10 and rounds a day going Go to the scene Ni I bump here and Joe's Youngman ni I bump here in Jos Youngman. Full u N was that night, then four U N What's that night? Then? Uh, we heard 80 eurochem ascent whole hope Who sent home the defund? We heard 80 eurochem ascent Whole hope Oh, sent home the the fungal. The shoot was idea the trunk shirt Juma Ni Shoop was idea Tatang shirt Juma me. You won that special for the 19 a me you born that special for the 19 a. Yeojun drawn the help on Yoma. Yeojun drawn the help on Yoma. Uh, woman he didn't Sure. The capital Allah could You might Then look, woman he didn't Sure the capital wala could You might then look neither going towards Hong seats and the young neither going towards Hong seats and the young uh Rouhani Contrary. In the Guangxi Pouha nitwits a Matija Rouhani conspire in the Guangxi Pouha. Neat white Samantha Julia Uh