Chinese Dessert: Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake) | Kelly Lee | Skillshare

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Chinese Dessert: Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake)

teacher avatar Kelly Lee, Enjoy Dessert Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Prepare Banana Leaf

    • 3. Green Bean Filling

    • 4. Prepare Dough Skin

    • 5. Grab Ang Ku Kueh

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About This Class

In my class me and my mom will teach you how to make the Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake) with simple steps.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kelly Lee

Enjoy Dessert Life


My name is Kelly. My mom is a dessert lover. I help my mom make dessert since childhood. Therefore, I inherited my mom's hobby. Every weekend, I'll go back to my parent's house and make the dessert with my parents together with my mom and sister. We enjoy the time we get together, making desserts together. This has become a habit.

I hope everyone will like my class and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question/doubt.

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1. Intro: good day. My mom loves to make visa. So it seems Lol, the only shop My mom make that visit. I will not be very greedy. So we can go back to my parents house and do some days it. So this is a one off the way we get together and do something together. And we really enjoyed the time and have fun to get there. Good, Good, good. I'm going also toe these feel free to go in my class. Give me some fit but no. 2. Prepare Banana Leaf: this time is to issue how to cut the amount. Listen, you can't the banana leaf in those way after. Then you cut the site to round shape, compact size off the leaf in the morning and see whether they are roughly about the same size. If there's nothing about the same size, always slightly be good that it's okay that you can, but it's like you can continue to couple next one. 3. Green Bean Filling: to prepare the green beaten feeling. First I buy 500 split monk being And then I saw for overnight in that state you put the split along being into a pressure cooker and co photo minutes do the being itself. After that removed the abundantly from the big After you have moved out of London from the split among big. Then you can start to drink the water using spread after Really? Then you can put it into a plastic But and Sylvie then we use a gold up to really go and do this long become self and some off when dance off Then you're kidding in the people. No, you need to fight the pace. It was some I in the hot war and then you hated for 15 minutes 15 minutes later report the pace in the world. Then you stood a pace constantly while flying so it becomes sick. And from after you have still for around five minutes, then you can be sure good something you do still. Then we can try and face it and save it sweet enough when they are form and the enough then you can off the fire 4. Prepare Dough Skin: the beginning did make a belt one Katie off quitting rise some hot water, plant water and also make a table. Or other than that, it was only the cover. Miss could rise gradually after some cover. If you do, under here is covering. You also can use the ST boarded the kind of people only if you want, but the country you can use. But people The reason I think water is to make the and then three to what the then the water maker Vita toe over a water to make it about sicky, - something you do need to go if it still to drive them at some water, continue to get water. Here is for but all right, continue. Don't need to adult. If the door is so sticky that came at some flour and a small, then it's time to read in oil. So some vegetable oil and then I used to make sure it doesn't state. After a while, you can continue to meet when the door is shiny and smooth. Then you can set it aside for 15 minutes to rest 5. Grab Ang Ku Kueh: Okay. This is to block the way beauty and among off the enoughto fit into mold. And then you threaten, eat. No, Put an amount off green bean feeling onto the centre, off the flat and dull. No, and then grab and see the ages to enclose the feeling. After that, put some I to avoid to stick on the moor after a plan on over the dog that press it into the more, then the more over and knock it likely does this launch the compressed? There's a piece off banana leaf and then placed adult on top off it. After that, apply some eye on the door, then nine cent beauty for uncle Great at that on Radio State.