Chinese Cuisine: Sweet and Sour Prawn | Jessica Lim | Skillshare

Chinese Cuisine: Sweet and Sour Prawn

Jessica Lim, Cooking make my life interesting

Chinese Cuisine: Sweet and Sour Prawn

Jessica Lim, Cooking make my life interesting

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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction about class

    • 2. Tips

    • 3. Useful Info

    • 4. Ingredients

    • 5. Sweet and Sour Prawn

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About This Class

In my class, I'll show you how to cook sweet and sour prawn. Other than that, you also can find some useful information and tips on cooking sweet and sour prawn.

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Jessica Lim

Cooking make my life interesting


I'm a full-time housewife. My daily job was cooking. I love to cook, especially when I saw my families enjoy eating the food I cook. This brings lots of joyful and motivation to my life.

If you love cooking, please sign up for my class and I'll share with you with my experiences and types of Chinese cuisine.

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1. Introduction about class: Hello, my dearest friend. My name is Jesse Carr. My hobby is cooking. When I have time, I will try to create my own fish. My husband and kids like my cooking very much and therefore every week, and I will call for them. Today I will cook Street as our problem, which is one off the dish. My husband and kids like it a lot, so I hope the fellow Cheerios over like this dish. 2. Tips: here are some keeps about sweet and sour LeBron. First, you need a pill off the shelf off the front, and you have to make sure the promise freshly. But from what market, if not in my taste, differently as the probable have fishies melt, and you also have to make sure the always hard enough before you like the prom. If not the promise, stick on the wall. If you let to taste most our, then you try to at some very eager to make the taste moss our if you want. You can many name the problem if salt on soy sauce before you fly so the prawn have some tastes. If you like tomato, you can add fresh tomato in the ingredient as well. Other than that, you also can be no fresh ginger to get off the free. She's mail from the prom. Some people like people. If you also one off the friends off paper, you can add in paper as well, so your problems have some paper tastes 3. Useful Info: 4. Ingredients: ingredient needed to cook street and sour prawn cucumber onion other than onion. You also can put some fresh tomato, then actually body or you can call it smartly. Smartly can get in supermarket other than the ingredient dimension. Just now you also the chili sauce and also tomato sauce, which also pocket. Thus far, at least, you need the most important and the mean one, which is the problem, and I will suggest you to get the fresh run from that market. This is because using the fresh front, it will make this dish tastes differently, which is much more young. He sex, then this ingredient. You also need a generating ingredients such as I, Salt, Sugar, Ajinomoto and also the Cali. 5. Sweet and Sour Prawn: well in some I in the hot walk and ponder the ice usedto flight the so you can fly So you just fine and cooked us a prawn on Do the promise cook the reason leaves like the promise because after we fight the front of probably more nice and more slowly If he doesn't didn't flight the front right Probably like race off. Not nice when the promise coat Then we can take up the front from the walk after Victoza prime from the wall. Then we at the college in the walk and cook it who and do the Daleks become a yellow color ? When the gully become yellow camera ready, then we add in the ingredient, which is to cumber, onion and chili. We cook the ingredient for a while. Then we thin the fire to low heat. Then you can add in water. Depends how much sauce you want If you want more sauce than you anymore Water. If you don't want that much off sauce, then you don't add too much water. Then you let the water tow boy when the water spent a boy, then you can get in tomato sauce. How much tomatoes also at this. Depends on how much would you that in just now? Just now. You at more water then? Now you have to add more tomato sauce. If not, then you don't need toe Too much tomato sauce. Then you can call it so the chili sauce and water mix When the sauce boy again, then you can add in chile sauce. Then you let the sauce and ingredient the boy fault well before your at issue girl. Okay, so now you cannot in sugar for my case. I trees, but you can taste it and see how sweet you want. Then you can add a some salt and also Ajinomoto. After that, you can get in the promise like just now, and a sauce are mixed together. Then you can try to taste it and see the face. Is it okay if the case is good when you convict on the run from the walk and off the fine, you can serve with rice or you can just like that paced video