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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

90 Lessons (6h 15m)
    • 1. Chinese Beginner 2 Course Introduction

    • 2. 1.1 Travelling

    • 3. 1.2 Additional Notes on ‘要yào – have to have; need to’

    • 4. 1.3 What sports do you like?

    • 5. 1.4 Buy new chairs

    • 6. 1.5 Which part you think it looks the prettiest?

    • 7. 2.1 I rarely get sick

    • 8. 2.2 Use of ‘Every / Each’

    • 9. 2.3 Take the medicine

    • 10. 2.4 How tall is he?

    • 11. 2.5 Take a rest

    • 12. Speaking Practice L1-2

    • 13. 3.1 Reply with: 是/不是 (yes / no)

    • 14. 3.2 How much is it bought at?

    • 15. 3.3 Delivering

    • 16. 3.4 New ‘side’

    • 17. 3.5 Colours

    • 18. 3.6 This room is really pretty

    • 19. 3.7 Did you see my cup?

    • 20. 4.1 Happy Birthday!

    • 21. 4.2 The phone call is made by who?

    • 22. 4.3 When did you start playing football

    • 23. 4.4 How long have you been working here?

    • 24. Speaking Practice L3-4

    • 25. 5.1 Just cook the fish!

    • 26. 5.2 It’s not bad

    • 27. 5.3 Thinking about my exam

    • 28. 5.4 Drinking too much coffee isn’t good to your health

    • 29. 5.5 Seasons

    • 30. 5.6 Eating utensils

    • 31. 6.1 I saw his bike

    • 32. 6.2 I’ve been eating lamb every day

    • 33. 6.3 Do you swim often?

    • 34. 6.4 Go to school; Go to lesson

    • 35. 6.5 Visiting

    • 36. Speaking Practice L5-6

    • 37. 7.1 He’s still studying

    • 38. 7.2 Arriving in 20 minutes

    • 39. 7.3 It’s far from here

    • 40. 7.4 Introduction of ‘过guò’

    • 41. 7.5 Spending birthdays

    • 42. 8.1 Let me have a thought

    • 43. 8.2 What’s the matter?

    • 44. 8.3 Servicing people

    • 45. 8.4 This clothing is a little expensive

    • 46. 8.5 ‘verb-verb’; ‘verb一下’ & ‘verb一verb’

    • 47. Speaking Practice L7-8

    • 48. 9.1 Binary question – Past tense

    • 49. 9.2 You called the wrong number

    • 50. 9.3 ‘From’

    • 51. 9.4 First time to dance

    • 52. 9.5 Who were you with?

    • 53. 9.6 Can I learn dancing with you?

    • 54. 9.7 verbs: results completion

    • 55. 9.8 [Applications] verbs: results completion

    • 56. 10.1 Good for your Chinese learning

    • 57. 10.2 Watching TV is not good to your eyes

    • 58. 10.3 The doctor asked you to listen to me

    • 59. 10.4 He’s on the way back at the moment

    • 60. 10.5 Have you seen my cell phone?

    • 61. 10.6 Saying ‘and’

    • 62. Speaking Practice L9-10

    • 63. 11.1 He’s sung for a long time

    • 64. 11.2 Comparing

    • 65. 11.3 He's 4 years older than me

    • 66. 11.4 It’s cheaper than yesterday!

    • 67. 11.5 You probably don’t know her

    • 68. 12.1 ‘得dé’

    • 69. 12.2 ‘得dé’’s Application

    • 70. 12.3 Minus 10 degrees

    • 71. 12.4 He wants to live closer

    • 72. Speaking Practice L11-12

    • 73. 13.1 verb-‘着zhe’

    • 74. 13.2 ‘着zhe’’s Application

    • 75. 13.3 She’s smiling while speaking

    • 76. 13.4 Use of ‘长zhǎng’

    • 77. 13.5 ‘一直yìzhí’ & ‘往wǎng’

    • 78. 13.6 Go straight ahead

    • 79. 14.1 But I’ve watched it

    • 80. 14.2 I’ve been to China for a good few times

    • 81. 14.3 次cì – times (measure term)

    • 82. 14.4 Go by yourself

    • 83. 14.5 I’ve bought once from here

    • 84. Speaking Practice L13-14

    • 85. 15.1 The New Year is coming!

    • 86. 15.2 Time has gone so quickly!

    • 87. 15.3 It’s already 8:45

    • 88. 15.4 It’s soon raining!

    • 89. 15.5 See you in a short while!

    • 90. Speaking Practice L15

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About This Class

“Chinese Beginner 2 Course” is tailored for non Chinese speakers to learn Chinese, starting from a complete beginner level. Composed of 15 lessons / 89 videos, this course will move you beyond Chinese level 2.

In each lesson, there’s a set downloadable lecture notes, which covers completely the lesson’s content, and a set of exercises will be provided. Regarding the exercises, they’re in various formats, such as ‘fill in the blanks’, ‘rearrange the words into right order’, translation, comprehension...etc. Moreover, Chinese character practices will be attached, which helps you to learn writing, reading and recognising characters, despite speaking and listening. 

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, all content is animated. It aims to provokes your interests and enhance engagement in lessons, while allowing you to learn more enjoyably and effectively.

What's included in each lesson?

- a set of lecture notes

- a set of lesson vocabulary list, exercises & Chinese characters practice

How's the course designed?

- 16 lessons, with 81 sessions (6 hours in total)

How to study?

- suggested to study with Hangyu Shuiping Kaoshi Standard Course Textbook 2 (provided as E-version) & Workbook

- suggested to respond with 2 or more sentences for each Speaking questions or topics

Who is the target audience?

- Beginner level

- Students who have slight Chinese language background

- Students who have completed Chinese Beginner 1

- Students who'd like to revise or consolidate the knowledge from Hangyu Shuiping Kaoshi 2

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winkie Wong

Chinese Instructor-ChineseQQ


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1. Chinese Beginner 2 Course Introduction: Hi, Welcome to our Chinese beginner to horse. They're happy to see you here. And thank you for the interests in their Chinese beginner. Two coils in case you have missed out are a beginner one course, let me have a short introduction about myself. So as you know, my name is Twinkie and I'm a native Chinese based in London. I had been in currently still teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the country. And I also do online Chinese teaching mainly through Skype. And because of my passion for this, I have also started doing this Chinese online course now. So here I am. Going back to our Chinese beginner to course. You may want to know a little bit about what you will achieve after completing the course. First, the course aims to lead your firm and entry beginner to upper beginner level. Secondly, within the course, you will learn more than 150 vocabulary and also essentially grammar. With certain speaking practice. After the course, you are expected to be able to hold a short and basic conversation. And of course, this course is preparing you to move up to intermediate level. So you may ask, how do you teach? Well, let me tell you. Firstly, all the content will be animated. We believe that teaching with animation is more fun and engaging, which helps you to memorize even better. Let's see an example. We show my new bottleneck. Why don't you move? Great, moving on. You may want to know what's included in the whole course. Apart from the videos, we have a set of lecture notes and a set of exercises tailor-made for each lesson. Because we believe that we're efficient cannot be like, Do you agree with me? In addition, there will be a list of all the vocabulary in the course. So it is more convenient for you to study. Also, online study sets, including flashcards and games are provided, which helps you to memorize the vocabulary. Finally, if there are any YouTube songs or a short stories found and fit the lesson, they would be included. So who would be the students to join this course? If you're a beginner level and looking to move to intermediate level, this would be the right course for you. Feel free to join us and I hope to see you in class. 2. 1.1 Travelling: Hi guys. I'm very happy to see you all again in this Chinese coins for heat chest are less than one. Topic. Let's first start with our new word. It kind of means want, but in fact it's more than one bond. So it means you have to, or you need to, or you have to have. In Chinese, it is yellow. So yellow sounds more determined than just want Yao. So now let's first start with the first function. Have to or need to. Yell, indicates there is an urge for you to do something or you really want are determined to do something. So, in this case would be followed by verbs. For example, why? Needful? So it means I have to buy clothes. Another example, warrior elites who are Ponyo. I have to be friends with Lily. Mine to you this time. Doesn't just mean end. It means with because you want someone to, you and someone. Now, let's see how we use Yao seeming have to have it shows that you are determined to want something. Therefore, in this situation, yeah, usually would be followed by nouns. For example, what it means, I want this clothing. In fact, it also shows that you really want that determines who have this clothing. Does that make sense? Let's see you another example. When kids are at school, they miss their moms, right? They would say, Well, yeah, What the moment I want my mom. So it also shows that they want moms fair badly. Now that we know Yao means have to meet to ornate urge that you want something. How about its opposite? Boy, boy, boy, yeah. It doesn't mean you don't have to, but it means you strongly or absolutely don't want. We will talk more about this next session. Next word, it means travel, and it has a verb, travel. In Chinese, there are two characters. Yo. Let me give you some more information. The word yo. Yo actually means swim. Therefore, you can't imagine that US women around the city when you have all, as we have said, yo mean swim. So what makes the character looks like? It swims. Have you noticed from the left-hand side of the character, there are three dots. It is a radical of water. It looks like what a jobs. So whenever you see this radical and maybe related to water, do y'all. Y'all. Let's see our next new word. We have learned. I think, in a way, when you think rationally. So now let's see what's the new word for it. I think when you give opinions or a, it also means feel. We say. Please note that when in practice, we usually would make at the end no tone. So we would say 01 more note. Hope you don't feel too surprised. The character actually is the same character from tweets Yao, which means sleep. So it is like the same character but with different sounds. In fact, this is not new to other Chinese characters. To serve as a reminder, we have previously learned another steak, which is sijang. However, for this, Thank, it only means you think rationally. Therefore, there is a difference in use between CRM and see you as a stink is when you give opinions. Let's see the first example of sciatica. Voids. Yeah. I feel so code. Another example. I think she's pretty next word. It means most. Let's see how we will use it later. To say it. It is. In practice, we would put, say before the four elements that we discussed before, which includes adjective, senses, ability, and condition. If you think they're too high to remember, just can see there are, these elements are just intangible elements. To better understand the four elements. Here are the examples. Adjective, consider how true, which is good to eat or a tasty. While for senses, it is a way to show your feelings and your thoughts. So it includes AI, which is love. Next, ability. It means you know how to do something, you can do something. So would be the example. While for condition, it means you know or understand something. Though we haven't learned any Chinese relate to those we will in future. Now let's see our first example with the use of most. So a fun fact. What's head say how this restaurants French food is the best. Next war. It means my dad loves driving the most. Finally, what CIA did say. It means my older sister is most capable of cooking. Finally, we will learn the word wi to say it. There are three characters, which is way Shen. Note that is what? Sh'ma, Sh'ma. I have to travel to Beijing. She'd say how when do you think is the best time to go? Coache? September is the best time to travel in Beijing. Why? The weather of Beijing in September is not allowed, no hot. 3. 1.2 Additional Notes on ‘要yào – have to have; need to’: Welcome back. This is lesson one punch. You will discuss more about this. So remember, from last lesson, we learned that ya'll have to meet to you or the earth she have or want something. Oppositely. However, boreal doesn't mean don't have to, but it means absolutely don't want you. Therefore, it's time to learn to reply to the questions. Would yell. Let's see an example. Knees Salvo, way warmer. You going to buy fruit this afternoon? Or a Denise who buy fruit this afternoon? When replying to the question, you don't necessarily have to say yes or boil unless you want to sound like you have to or totally don't want to. So now I'm going to give you suggestions to reply, to say yes. You can simply say, HA, which is sure to say No. There are two suggested ways. First, you can say wore boots, Sulla. It means I'm not going. You can say, I don't want to go. 4. 1.3 What sports do you like?: Welcome back. This is lesson 1 and our topic today is, what sports do you like? Let's learn our first word, sports. It is a noun. While it can also be very wet, it means exercise. And we say Dong. For your additional information. Actually means moves on its own. Next word, it means Kick. It is a verb, and in Chinese it is t. T. Now that we know Kc, what about football? Football, it has two characters. In fact, sue means food, while to you means ball. That's why football is towards you. What's heel? Let's combine, kick football together. It means play football in English because the action for play football is set, you kick the ball. Now let's have a look of the character, which is food. The similar, like someone's King Football. Next, while the character tool, Compared to be a radical, it would look like something on the left-hand side of the character. So whenever you see this radical in future, it may probably relates to suit. The MCU one soldier million-dollar. What sports do you like to do? Or to ECU 1 P 2, which oh, my favorite sport is playing football. Woman SIO2 ETP through Toba. Let's play football together this afternoon. How are you? Sure? 5. 1.4 Buy new chairs: Hi guys, welcome back. This is lesson one punch. And today's topic is we have only got one new word for this lesson. In Chinese. It's now that we have learned another new adjective. Let's see the formula of using adjective. When you want to say adjective, noun, you have to link in between. For example, new clothes, you would say, seen that before. Another example, tasty dish. How true that Tei. But there's plenty more information. When adjective that you use as just one character. Usually can be omitted. Unless you want CMake emphasis on the adjective. There will still be there. So for example, usually when you want to say, he is my new friend, you can simply say, Asher. Pong your Wyman. Yeah. Do we need to buy a few new chairs? Hello. When shall we go by? The young? How about tomorrow afternoon? What time will you be able to come back tomorrow? Shall fibers in the afternoon. Some dialogue. Woman, Yap, well maybe they're doing a TBI. Few new chairs. The firm seeing that can actually be omitted because we have said the adjective is one character. Also because the whole sentence meaning does not stress or tried to emphasize on the adjective new. 6. 1.5 Which part you think it looks the prettiest?: This is our last session for our lesson. One. Lesson. Topic is, which do you think it looks? Let's start with learning a new word. I. In Chinese. It is, yeah. Have you noticed from the left-hand side of both characters, have the same radicals. It is actually family character called mole. Well, by looking at the character more, does it look like an eye? Yes, it is actually imaging and I in a vertical way. So in future, if he's a C characters with this radical, it may be related to ice. Yoga Chicago. There's a dog under the chair. It's yours. National what that goal? Yes, it's my dog. It's called cell HA Parkland County. It's pretty neat. Yes. Which pie you think it looks the prettiest. Had a Yang Jin. Yeah. I think it's size or the prettiest. How old is he now? The yoga. Six months and more. Ready. As a reminder, from what we learned to now HSK cores, the dialogue, sure. They are. The character when used in question, has a curious sounding. You may ask, how come they, yeah, there's a sound there. Well, that's because when we link everywhere together, we may kind of link a little bit of the last part of the previous character. Therefore, when we link the two, it can produce yeah, kind of sound. Next, wire we have learned where Seminar Dialog she needs. It is not talking about location or place. It actually means where or which part of the dog you find it most pretty. 7. 2.1 I rarely get sick: Hi guys. Welcome back to our lesson. Ends. Our topic today is, I rarely get sick. So now let's start with our first new word, gets sake. We say Xiang. Xiang actually refers to grow and develop while being on this omens illness or a disease. So what does that mean? For example, War II, it means I got a serious illness. So you can interpret Sheng as grow are developed and mine that not just mean size but this sign, it means big, serious illness. Shang being great but smooth to next word, every or each. We say Mei. Mei. Mei. Mei is used in the sentence. It is often used in the combination with though it is not compulsory to use with though. When you use ME and those together. It has the emphasis on each and every. So the May and the whole combination is more like you want to emphasize each and every of that scenario. You still do certain activity. Let's see a concrete example to understand more. What made him though Yao Shang Ben, I have to go to work every day. So with the toe here it is like emphasizing every single day, you totally have to go to work. So without the dough, the sentence with feel more mild. And now let's see another new word. R1. R1 is Paul. Paul. Paul on this ONE already needs to run while full. Actually mean step. But together Paul fool still means through R1. Have you notice from the left-hand side of the character, Paul has the radical that we mentioned before. Yes. When you see it, if he's often relates to food, paul bool. Bool. Next part, Let's have an overview of have to use Paul fool run. We have mentioned Paul is actually the short form from Paul fool, which is the main verb for R1. So what's the difference between pulpal and Paul? Well, Paul bool is often used at the end of sentence, while Paul is often used in the middle of sentence. That's because the main verb for R1, which is pop, the main thing, it has to be followed by something either full or it could be POL for a long time for anything. Does that remind you of the situation? And CSE, which is learn. So both of their situations are pretty similar. Now let's see an example. Lungs, he went helpful. I like running fairy much. So you can notice when running is pit at the end of sentence, you would use paul pool instead of Paul. However, let's see another example. La por La Jolla. I have run for a long time already. So when R1 is in the middle of sentence, we use paul. Is that clear enough? Now let's see another new word. Get up. It's twang. For it see, it actually means up. While twang on its own means bed. So it can if means get out from your badge. For our final word for today, it's out. We say two. We have already learned two means go. So let's combine with true means go out. The concerto shall be. Why don't you rarely get sick? Is it that you like doing sports? While may cans out of town? Hall bull? Yes. I need to go out for a run every morning. When do you get up every morning? While made here new again. Thanks. He Cong I get up at 630 every day. Now let's go back to the dialog Ni Jiang Bian Shu first see when you don't. We learned that means vary or so. Sha means few. So head shots together means very few or little where this is in terms of quantity. However, it means rarely when you're talking about time or frequency. 8. 2.2 Use of ‘Every / Each’: Hello. Welcome to Lesson 12. It would be a short lesson. And the main thing is to talk about the use of the word similarity English. For example, every day or every KG, or each day, each KG in Chinese, you would say May, followed by a measured home. Let's see our example. Every person or each person may go run every month. Each month. May, yeah. Let's see some more examples. Every week. Each week. Make scenes. And finally, we say, every year, each year may neon. 9. 2.3 Take the medicine: Yes, Neiman ha, finally, we are at our lesson two upon three. The topic today is, take the medicine. Great. Now we should start with learning how to say medicine, pills or drugs. In Chinese, it is to familiarize yourself with how to write the character. The top bit of the character, which looks at two crosses, are actually the radical referring to plants, flowers. And if you see this radical in future, it may probably refers to those S because traditionally Chinese medicine are made from plants or flowers. That's why Yao has such radical ya. Yeah. Next new word to be discharged from the hospital. The action is called test because we learned tool is out while yen is actually the UN from the hospital. So that's why it has such meaning. Have you taken medicine yet? Has your health now? Sheila, since I do a law. Yes. It's much better now. Known, true? Un when can you leave the hospital? The doctor said next week. Now, let's have a short discussion about some dialogues be learned. Have you taken medicine? So in English we may say take the medicine, but in a cheap way, we say eat medicine because to action you take in the medicine is you eat it. So it only refers to pills. But if you're talking about some medicine, you drink it, you would say, wow, Is that clear? So for this case, we would say, Wow, great. Let's see another case. True law. Since I hold dollar from the dialogue, how door LA, what does that mean? How we learned it mean skirt means a lot. While LA, it has a function of change of state here, so it is comparing two before. So it kind of means now. Therefore in total, how door law means much better now. 10. 2.4 How tall is he?: This is lesson two upon four, and the topic is, how tall is he? So let's start with our first word. Tall. We say, go by looking at the character, the set look like a tall building. Cao. Cao. Now let's look at the next word. Me. It has two meanings. One, uncooked rise. Second, It's meter. Does me look familiar to you? Yes. It's actually the meat from me Fen, which means Coke rise. So without sun, which is rise, me alone would be the uncooked rice. And today we will focus on using me as meter, me, me. Now we will learn the final word for today. No. We say, Oh, we also learned to another no before, which is true. So what's the difference between friendship and drew? Well, we mentioned that it means no. The ultimate refers to knowing someone. Then flora, the news know, can be used in any other thing else. Like, I know it, et cetera. How old is David? I shouldn't say 20 something years old. How totally see me? Amy, body 180, and a few needs and recruit on them. And how can we know that nudge? Cashier? He is my classmate. Great. Now it's time to have a short discussion about the frame since we learned in the dialogues. Let's see, meats and I drew it on now as a reminder for drama. And Nama means this and that. But it is not referring to location. It means so or vary. And also the reminded that drama and Nama can be used interchangeably. For example, drug Mahal can all hence young man. This outfit looks pretty, I really want to buy it. 11. 2.5 Take a rest: Hi guys. Welcome to lesson 2, punch size. And today's topic is take the rest. This is your Chinese teacher. Chinese kids. So how do we say our first word rests in Chinese? It is C. Great. Now let's look at the character seal. Have you noticed a day composed of two parts, the left and the right side. The left hand side would be the radical for the character, which means that it provides a main meaning for the character. And it his theoretical of human. And we have talks about this radical before. What about the right-hand side? It is actually a counter called mole, which means wood. So by looking at the characters seal, the set look like a human lying next to a tree. So he's actually taking a rest. For your inflammation. Can actually be a radical. For example, you can see this radical Fram Chair, twang, bag and draw a table. Id not all word related. Coc, COC. Let's move onto your next word. Restaurant. Fen Guan. We have learned another restaurant, but this one is a new one. And be reminded that sand on its own means rise. While Guam is actually a word related to place. In case you're interested. According to northern Chinese people style, they would like to add our after sun to make it sent Gua. Which style do you like better? Fang Guan. Who assume Shia, teaching young desk and give a break on Saturday to Kn have man. Yes, he is very busy these few days. Many oceanic TOC. He has no time to rest. That will be tiring. Isn't it? Made him when he comes back to school time every day? Again, it with the eye discussion time, which we will talk about the dialogues we just learned. Let me give you a reminder of how we use the character. But it is an expression word and it's always use at the end of sentences. When it is used in question. It's used when you want to bring up assumption and asking for confirmation. Therefore, it is like when you are producing, is it right, that kind of tone. Next dialog, way, CSER. Have you noticed there is a combination of May and though, again, yes, the existence of DOE helps a sentence they emphasized that the teacher comes to school very tired every day. So it is actually adding more emphasis to the sentence. 12. Speaking Practice L1-2 : To provide you with an opportunity to practice speaking. I have created a Conversational Chinese practice for you. For every two lessons. The video clips will include the grammar, the sentence structure, and a new words within the two lessons. And the conversation also imitates a real life conversation, which will have to use scenarios. And each scenario there will be a few questions. The question would be spoken out by me and you would try to listen and respond. Here, what's the question is? That's fine because there is a slide that tells you the question in opinion, in English and also in Chinese characters. After that, you can then respond, but only look at the slide when you don't know what the question is. Okay, great. So let's start our speaking for lesson one, N2. Yeah. So I can't say no. 13. 3.1 Reply with: 是/不是 (yes / no): Good morning. This is Lesson 3, 11, and we'll focus on how to reply with today. Let's start with a reminder. We have learned before. She has two meanings. One is S are M or r, and q, it means yes. So today we will learn how to use yes to reply to a question or a statement. While we have also learned before replying. Sure. As Yan's is used when you agree or confirm on a question or a statement. For example, when person a says, jug for this clothing is pretty willl be on say agree on this statement. He would say sure. Yes. Let's further discuss that more. With that said, you would use if you want to disagree on something, right? Let's see our example. When person a says, Nia, true, but you don't like watching movies. Is that right? Or isn't it? Person B, when he wants to agree on the question, meaning he doesn't like to watch movies. He would say sure as yes. And oppositely, if he doesn't want to agree on the question, which means he likes watching movies, he would say board. So you can notice there is a difference between how you reply on such questions in English and in Chinese. Because in English, if you don't like watching movies, you always say No, isn't it? And now it is your turn to do the practice. If person a says, you're not coming to my house today, how are you going to answer? Now? Let's see the answer. If you agree on the question, which means you are not going to ace house, you would say sure. Oppositely, when you don't agree on the question, which means you are going to present a house. You would then say, for sure. 14. 3.2 How much is it bought at?: Lehman HA, this is Lesson 3, pumped topic. Let's first start with our first word. Hand. It's show, show, show. Next squared. It's watch. We call Biao. Biao. So what about show hand plus BL watch? Show VR is so wij, you can't just consider it as hand watch in a Chinese way of saying next word. It's why. What does that mean? It's very familiar. Actually, we have learned before for the first meaning, it means Renminbi. Now, for the second meaning, which is new to us. It is a mesh at home. And how do we use it? Well, it is quite similar to English, a piece of, so it is best to use for a small objects or flat objects like watch, small cake, board, et cetera. Is this new wash. You know, it's my dad's helmet usage. What I want to buy one TEU require more than 2 thousand Renminbi. Now, it's time to talk about some of the dialogues we learned just now. As a reminder, these still remember we have learned the combination between shrew and in our HSK 1 course. This combination is used to emphasize the information or content between true and the actually from the dialogue. Blow outs handmade means. Sure. At this point, it's just omits it because you want to speak faster. Also, just another reminder. One function of the to produce a confirming sound. Therefore, putting the end using the after a verb is often used to indicate past actions which are confirmed to be done. To elaborate more, Let's see some of our examples. Jug, full. While I found the CTO wore Magda, it this last Friday that I bought this clothing. And the emphasis here would be Shang since last Friday. Next one, Neely sure. Wall. It is back years ago when that new allele. So the focus here is booleans yen, five years. So from this example, why can we not omit the Shrew? That's because Lily and war are both subjects. It would be quite confusing if you don't have to divide the two. Next one, giga Deinocheirus. Is this at 4 thousand RMB that this TV is bad. So can you tell me which one is the emphasis? Yes, sir. Chin. Finally, targets, hey, shade, so other tomahawk. Sure. Who that meet this dish. It's so tasty. So here the focus is shade. Who made this. Therefore, getting back to xy log door shots, yeah. Yeah, actually suggest it tests how much that's Edge. 15. 3.3 Delivering: Hi guys. This is Lesson 3, 13 and our topic today is delivering. Let's start with our first word. It means deliver. Gif, or for. When it is used as GIF or four is just not the same as gay, which we have learned before. As this time, you will usually use this word for giving someone a gift. Which means that it is the action for giving someone something, but it's for free. Song. Next word, it means newspaper. For your information. Alone means paper. Another new word. It means cow. It's new. By looking at the character New, does it look like a cow with a horn? This PSC, remember we have learned in their shoes k1 coils, which means milk. Now let's see a new word. Knew. It also means milk, but with the new at the front. It's specify the milk is from cow. So the cheap way of saying it is cow milk. Nil. Nil. Next board, let's learn a short while. It's formats you known characters. And now together we say, well, we will also discuss how to use it later. Now let's see how to use ISA. To use it. You would say for thus, and then followed by. This would make the whole meaning do that verb for a short time or it quickly. And the most common words that would be used, L-O-G, ask, think, and et cetera. Great, Let's see some examples to you familiarize yourself with verb xiang isa. It means have a clot or it have short thing. Next one. When you see at hones, it means heavy as quickly as my classmates. Other examples, few, csa, have a rest, have a short rest, rest for a short while, etc. Next one. So it means quickly have a visit of that store. Should think Ian's our shown the man is the newspaper on the chair today mornings? Nope. It's yesterday's. Sure. Buffer is somehow listen is it that the ones delivering newspaper has come how that works? Yeah. Sure. Let me have a look. Sonia Oneida. Know, it's the one delivering milk. Now, it sounds very short discussion of a few dialogues we just learned. True Boucher has some voucher that it actually equals to true. So x, because we all know we are talking about ren person. So we can just omit it also from the other sentence. So new, neither it actually equals 2. So new and that they ran again because we know we are talking about red person. So we can just omit it. So great, It's your turn. Now, let's try. The scenario is, given that we know there are a number of cups or a few cups on the table. And you would like to ask me which cup to you like? How are you going to ask with that? The use of cup. This suggests the answer. You like, which one? The answer is C. That's because this is equal to, you. See, while we all know we're talking about cups here, so they can be omitted. 16. 3.4 New ‘side’: Lehman Hall, Welcome to Lesson 3, pump for and today we are going to learn another way of saying side. Let's first start with learning how to say side. If you still remember what we have learned to know HSK 1 course, we have learned another way of saying side, which is Min, actually mean and b are interchangeable most of the times. We also have another new word for this lesson. It's next to or a B-side. We say palm. Palm. Great. Now it's time to learn how we use Bn. For example, top, we learned Shang Mian. And now we can also use Shang BN. Next for bottom, we used to say. And now we have another option which is bn. How about left-hand side and right-hand side? We learned that left-hand side is, I mean, now we can also say bn. While for right-hand side, we said, Yo man. Now we can also say bn. So it doesn't really matter. Bn, or when you use, either one will work. We used to say front as. Now we can also say skin, BN. How about the back? We said home mean. But now we also know that whole bn is also fine. Inside. We learned mean. And this time we can say the bn for outside. You can't say y min, but also why bn? So while me and can be used to indicate direction. Why do we have to learn bn? Here's is the answer. If we want to say beside, we have to say Pong Bn, but never to say mean. Is that fine? Remember Pang bn? So let's see how we use Pang began to form sentences. Basically is just the same as how we use the other directions like Sean mean. Yeah, me and saw me in and et cetera. We'll need the tongue bn. I'll be by your side. And if it is in short form, we would just say, well, it's any palm. If you don't remember how to form these direction relate to sentences. You can always go back to our HSK 1 coins. 17. 3.5 Colours: Hi guys. This is Lesson 3, and today's topic is fairly exciting. Colors. Let's first start with the word color. In Chinese, it's among the two characters. Would be the important one. That's because on this ONE also means color. You will notice later for every color that we say, it would end with the character red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, pink. Friends. Friends. 18. 3.6 This room is really pretty: Hi guys Lehman. Welcome to our lesson three pumps sake. And today our topic is really pretty. We can start with our first word, house or a property. Next squared, room. Similar to fund. The boat had the character. It is CN. Some additional information as because CN relates to space. So Fang would be about a space in the house are final and the most important word for today, real or really, it's gem. Now let me introduce you. Jen. Jen, that is the same as Gen, which both mean really. However, that provides more emphasis in tone compared to gen. As we also learned before. Actually we produce a confirming sound. So therefore in this case, it's actually making the whole phrase more emphasis. So what's the difference between gender and gender? While actually for most cases, Jen and gender can be used interchangeably. Let's see the following examples. Was Xiang is the same as what? That Busan, which means I really don't want to go next one. Generally see one goal the same as what? I really don't like. Dogs. As we have said, Jim provides more emphasis. So in some cases you can only use gender, but not Jen. For example, gender. Really. So in this case you have extra emotion in their next agenda. Ig moving it or what I said is true. So you're also actually emphasizing on gender. So there has to be there. Therefore, I nature, if the sentence emphasizing on real or really, then you would use that. Great. Now there are also some more information about using Jen and gender. For adjectives. We normally just use Jen. For example. Biao, general hall. Can that wash really doesn't look good. Next, just yet. These apples taste really good. Getting back. Unless you want to emphasize on the adjectives. You can use gender by then. But see how we use it. While agenda fake hung, will Gaussian, I'm really not happy. New Ponyo. Jim, his girlfriend really looks very pretty. You can notice the sentence has the word Han, Fei, Chang or etc. Therefore it is always used. That's because these voids by nature are already adding emphasis to the sentences. Whose room is this? Joshua? Florida? It's me and my husband. Tambien. One, you either the small green beside is my daughter's woman. Two. Let's go and take a look at your daughter's room is really pretty fun. Soda. It's all pink. Yes. Fences is my daughter's favorite color. Now, it's a discussion time of the dialogues. From the dialogue. It's all pink. So now I'm going to introduce you a new meaning of though we launched that it means all or both. But because DO means all, it can also mean completely or totally. Therefore, when you use, though in future for something not countable, you can use those as holy or a completely to address that. 19. 3.7 Did you see my cup?: Hi guys. Good morning. Here Comes are less than 3.7. And topic today is the GC, my cup. The tangent debates dilemma. Have you seen my cup? Julie? Here are a few cups. Now I could show me that. Which one is yours. So being like a whole, so that should work. The red one on the left is mine. Here you are. Now, again, it's the time for a discussion about the dialogues we learned from the dialogue. So UPN nigga homes. It actually implies. So a, b and I go home. Why beads it is, omits it. That's because we all know we are talking about beads. So it can be eliminated to make the whole sentence quicker. The next dialog, Gagne, here you are. For J, we learned it means give or four. So it actually means for you, it's for you. 20. 4.1 Happy Birthday!: Neiman Bogan's are less than 4.1. And today we will learn how to say happy birthday. Let's get started with our first word, birthday. In Chinese, we say, Do you still remember? Can mean day, means grow or birth. That's why birthday is shown. Great. Let's now learn how to say happy for a happy birthday. It's quiet. And final word. It means yes or a correct. Another meaning is to or towards its delay. And today we are going to focus on using as yes or no, correct? Happy Birthday Gershwin song. This is for you. Asme. Thank you so much. Josh, you felt like, what is this? Ebay f2. Is it a bokeh? The way tertiary woman here that yes, it's written by us. Thanks so much. Now it's time for a little bit discussion of the dialogues we just learned. You have heard shown is happy birthday. In fact, for saying Happy festivals is used. For example, Happy New Year. We say. As a reminder from the dialogue, Joshua's some gain EDA. This is for you. The shoot and combination is here to emphasize the content in between shirt and that, which is some gain. So why some Gagne means for you, as we have said, some beans gift or four. But it's often relates to free giving. And gay, we know it's give or four or a two. So gay is give it to you, but for free. In case you want to go for short, when you want to say, give you something but for free, you can say Sony. While on the other hand, if you want to say to give you, but it's not for free or it didn't specify it is for free. You can just say, gay me for you. Now let's see a word that we just learned which has a couple of meanings. And one of them is yes and correct. So the use of DOI is pretty similar to sure. Which means yes. For example, Joshua need. Is this yours to say yes. You can say Sure. Or a DOI. Which suggests yes or a correct. Next example. Jen Hall, can this movie is so good. So if you would like to agree with the statement with an exclamation, you would say, which is yes. Similarly, you can also do as in correct. Finally, about the last dialogue, draw ocher and woman CAN. It is written by as. And I've repeated myself for so many times about the combination of shirt. And so this time it's emphasizing one MEN CA, in total, the sentence would mean this book. It is as who wrote it? 21. 4.2 The phone call is made by who?: Welcome to lesson four upon two. And today's topic is the phone call is made. Let's start with our first word and the last word for today. Pick up or receive. In Chinese we say ca. Ca. Ca, as it means pick up or receive. How do we use it? Let's see. We can use CSS to mean pick up the phone call, for example. Another example, you can also use CST mean, I pick you up from work. So what are you more familiar with how to use CNN logo? Seen that yet? Hubby, there was a call for you this morning. Is it that the call was made by whom? I'm not sure. Sure. Eyes. It's picked up by our Sun. Hao Xiang. Okay, I'll ask are some tonight. Great. Now it's time to have a short discussion about the dialogues we learned from the dialogue scene Qiang Sheng Wu Han, DC. Remember we used to learn a place. Your something mean there is something in that place. So the same structure can also be used. In this case. We'll make it sound like in this morning there is dot, dot, dot. Now let's move to the same sentence, but another part. Ha, it actually means neither IGA again, what that does is just omitted. Which an overall means you're a phone call. But you may ask why there is. Well, is it just to specify the number of phone calls for you? Therefore, in reality, if you don't want to specify the member, you can just eliminate. Moving on to next dialog. Harsher shade that. Some of you may be confused of. Why not use DAG, but use that. Let me give you a reminder. Do you remember when we say make phone calls or make a phone call? We say that. Therefore, washer shaped Bader. Direct translation actually means the phone call is who made. So what the word made here, you would know that is a right character to use. So what about that gay? How to use that gay? So here's the reminder. With links few someone, because they're gay, someone's means call someone. So don't mix up bag a would be for people. That would be for DNA. Does that make sense? 22. 4.3 When did you start playing football: Welcome to lesson 4.3. And today our topic is when the kids playing football. Great. Now we can start with our first word, start. We say This PSC. Remember, we have learned the word Cage Hall, which is drive. In fact, the K is from casher, which means died. So catch-all can also be interpreted as study car. Does that make sense? Okay, for sure. Our next word and our final word for today is already we say, the key to which all. How much do you like playing football? Thetas here. Very much. Near future. I'm not sure how treasury of heat which hold that. When did you start playing football or policy that you hold high? Sri Akito. I started playing football when I was eight. Heating paella tenia la. I've already played for seven years. Now it's time for a discussion about the dialogues we just learned again. So from your dialogue, need 22. Which hue? Hue is a reminder means many or much, but it also means how or how much. So in our case, need to see when T2 CIO would make it. How much do you like playing football? Great. Moving onto the next dialogue or pathway, the Shrew hope caches TD suits you. The focus for now is the function of the firm HSK 1 cores. We mentioned that there is one function of the, which means that or when. So how do we do it? In this case? When you want to say the time when I was eight years old, which is a time in Chinese is hope. And when we said it means and I was eight years old is water bath, say u is simply put more bassy as a friend. And then follows by the end finally, home. If this is too complicated for you, I have a second way for you to form these sentences. As we all know, is a possessive word, right? For all fancy. You can just imagine it means I eight years old, It's time. So it basically means the time when I was eight years old. Is it much easier? Which way do you like to familiarize yourself with these kinds of sentences? I have a few examples. Let's have a look. What true fan that should help. Imagine. You're saying, I eat meals time. So it means when I was eating. Next example, one made the SRE go up. You can just think it means I buy fruit, which means the fruit that I budge. Next one was seen when they don't. You can just imagine it means I like sport. So the real meaning is the sport that I like. Finally, boy, should run the directions. Relation is I knows Person. So it basically means the person that I know. 23. 4.4 How long have you been working here?: Good morning. Welcome to lesson. Today's topic asked, how long have you been working here? Let's start our first word. Long. We say C. Remember in the previous course, we learned another law, which we say seal. But don't forget, SEO only means long time. However, can be used for anything that means long. So if you want to say long time with Chong, instead of using seal, you have to say, CAN longtime. Next word, help, which is a verb. Chinese, it is bom, bom. Bom. Finally, our last word for today is company. In Chinese. How long have you been working here? It's been over two years already. Why should consider? I entered a company in 2015. Nina, What about you? I came last year. Do you know Miss Jang? Will measure Jones your tones here? Yes. We are secondary school schoolmates. Year fifth happen. What CFO that this job is also referred by her. Great. So now again, it's time for a discussion about the dialogues we learned. Let's start with the dialog. Needs I dragons or Deutsche 100 CAN Law. How long have you been working here? Firstly, do so remember the sentence structure rules that we learned in the previous course. When you want to put all the information in time in one sentence. The below would be a general overview of how the sentence is formed. According to the rule. The sentence with Skype, with subject, and then time, and then duration one, then how one, then place, then how to then action. And finally the duration two. So what subject? Subject would be about who or what time it is, when? Duration one. It would be the time needed to get to the place for how one it means, how to get to the place. For the place. It's obviously means where and how to would be, how to perform the activity. Action would be the activity itself. And finally, durations here would be how long to activity lasts. Therefore, from the dialogue, it's actually based on the sentence structure rule. You can say ni is the subject and jar would be the place, means the action. And finally, door chunk. Sure, it's yen, which means how long? So meaning the duration 2, which is the action duration. Finally, let's quickly have a look at the dialogue. Jogger CFO that this job is also referred by her. So avoid CAFO. It means helped me to introduce. 24. Speaking Practice L3-4: Now we're going to do a conversational practice again. Chapters. Let's get started. The game either We are. 25. 5.1 Just cook the fish!: Hi guys, beam. And now we are going. Next lesson, which is lesson 5 on one topic for today is just cook the fish. Let's first start with our first word, which means prepare or plan to. We say join, join, join. Another word which is fish. It's simply called the Sea. The psychiatry of fish resemble a fish. So now let's see our final word for today, which has a couple of functions. First, it means just that it makes emphasis on the sentence. Second, it acts as a supporting word, which we will learn later. C0, C0, C0. In this lesson, we are going to look at how to use Joe as injust and make emphasis. As today we will focus on using X2 as just which makes emphasis on the sentence. Let's see some examples. Cynthia, she drag a fan quarter, but let's just go to this restaurant tonight. Next example. What job was young? I just don't want to learn driving. Another example. What would you ask me do it? I just don't do it. So do you get the feeling of has a huge deal to make it just and also making emphasis on the sentence. One tip for years that it sounds like you're determined without much hesitation. He just wanted to do something. Also is an adverb which you put X2 before a verb. She went to thank while true fan. Let's go eat at restaurants tonight. How does that sound? I don't want to eat outside. I want to eat at home. Made soy fema. So what are you planning to cook? Them? Just cook your favorite fish. Great. It's time again for our short discussion about the dialogues we learned. Let's start with the dialogue team when she thank, while true fan, regarding what it actually means. So it means tonight. In fact, there are even more short forms that we can learn for other time-related terms. For example, tomorrow night, we used to say neon T01. So the short form would be mealworm. Next one, the night after tomorrow. We used to say when Zhang and the short form with B. We can even use short forms to address some of the mornings to you. For example, this morning we used to say Jin Shang. And the short form now is ginseng. Next tomorrow morning. We used to say Zao Shang. And now the short form would be meal. So great. Now let's see another dialogue which is 90 drawn based solution. For now, we use to learn, it means that. So now we will learn not as a new function, which means in that case or so, to express this function. Now, we'll replace at the beginning of sentence. Therefore, non-issue and bade to osha would sound like. So what do you plan to Coke? So now let's see some examples about how to use NAT as in that case or so. For example, Person a says, Well it's NTNU, they are shown below. I feel a little sick today. And person B will reply. Then you have arrests at home. Another example, Ubuntu. Ubuntu. You're not going, then I'm not going to. Finally our last dialogue. She was true that for say, egg through the year. As we have learned last time, we can just imagine it means most liked to eat fish. So it means the fish that you like to eat most. 26. 5.2 It’s not bad: Hey guys, welcome to our new lesson, which is lesson 5 pi on 2. And today the topic is, It's not bad. Let's first start with our first new word, which is a measure term. We say cn. The use of GM is quite similar to English, a pizza. So what kind of measure term is at four? Well, it is used for small objects like clouds, small cakes, etc. Cn. Cn. Next word. It's still actually we have mentioned in our HSK 1 course, but not really officially. So we say, hi, hi. Hi. Next word, which is an important word. It means can go. Sure. Okay. We say and we will talk more about that later. So now let's have a look of how to use CAN. What's the difference between known as CAN, which we have learned in HSK 1 course. Well, both of them mean can and they have the same function. Both of them aren't really used to mean can as doing a skill. We have mentioned. No, it's sometimes still acceptable for most of the times. Is used to mean can, referring to a scale which we have also learned in HSK 1 course. So I'm not going to talk about weight now. As clearly and known. Both mean can, for things other than meaning can do weigh scale. The difference between code. And none is that coal is used more carefully than null. While both of them can actually be used interchangeably most of the times. Let's see an example. When person a says, Minos might seem shriek warmer, Are you able to help me buy some fruit? That's because when it is asking people for help, you may want to be more formal and more serious. So use null. While when person replies, he says, sure, because he wants to sound careful and relaxing. As actually known and can be used interchangeably most of the times. Let's see another example. Person a says Nico K10 that yeah. Can you give me your phone number? And Preston be replies? Cool. Okay, great. Now let's learn another new term. As we have learned. High is still, is, CAN are okay. So hi, together with mean, just fine. So basically it means just right or it's not bad. With that said, this term, high current is used to address two things that are not very, very impressive to you, but it's just not bad to you. Let's see an example. When person a asks me, What do you think that this guy or this man? If you reply, hi Clay, it actually means, well, it's still all right, not bad, but it's not really impressive. Let's move on to our new word, which is wrong. We say, Do you realize wrong is the opposite of correct? Which therefore it's HA, is the opposite of tall. Moving on, Let's learn another new term. While bull means not, means wrong, the two together would mean quite good. So the use of it, it's better than haiku. Let's get back to our previous example. Me together. What do you think if this guy, if this time you say, it actually means quite good? Could you bow with me for the Myanmar? Can you help me take a look of how is this outfit likely future Yoda at that. The color is alright. Just that, it's a little bit bake. Judging shadows and beyond. How is the small one? This one is quite good. Seo matrix. You just get this one. Now let's have a small talk of what we have learned just now. Let's first start with the dialogue. Hi, clear to you. So you may notice your all that means a little bit bake. In fact, if you want to say a little bit adjective, the formula would be Yoda. And then the adjective. It is actually from your adjective. Therefore, yo, either adjective or yoga are, adjectives are both fine. Let's see some more examples of how to use Joe Dart adjective. Example one, YOU dire shown below. I feel a bit sick. At this point, the SEC is an adjective. Example two, she's a little bit tired. Finally, let's see the dialogue. Jazzy and Zhao Ziyang. Well actually Jedi and the long form will be Jersey and they fall is just eliminated because we all know we are talking about E4. 27. 5.3 Thinking about my exam: Thou shall ha, Good morning. Today we are going to talk about Lesson 5. The topic is thinking about my exam. So now let's start with our first new word, exam, which is a noun. But this word can also mean take exam, which is a verb. In Chinese, it is called col. Sure, sure. Next, we are going to learn another word, which is a noun. And it means, meaning Cynthia and which we attach how? You're going to play ball today. Fill down here, yo Les. I feel a little tie these two days for toothache whole lot. So I'm not going. The thigh torture, murder. What are you doing? Precise sounds, audience. How sure? Are you thinking about yesterday's exam? Pr team who assured hiker? Yes. I think listening and speaking are not bad. Dude who are reading and writing were not good. Handoff the word overjoyed our shisha, my youth. I didn't know the meanings for many words. Here comes the, our discussion again about the dialogues we learned. Let's start with EGN 2 would shoot them to you. For that tissue that we learned, it means hit. She'll means ball. So that's u means play the ball. But normally it refers to play in the ball that needs the action of hit. So it didn't specify the type of the ball, but we can imagine it can be like baseball, tennis, table tennis, etc, that meets the action of Pitt. Next dialog. Sure. They swam toward the end the call. Sure. Mom, as shrew means as the whole sentence actually means, is it that you're thinking about yesterday's exam? Let's see our final dialogue. Though we drew the crescendo. So remember, though there is a new meaning for it, it means completely. Therefore, the whole sentence, Hen Duo app. For many words. What DO withdrew the outer shell, the ISA. I totally don't know what's the meaning. 28. 5.4 Drinking too much coffee isn’t good to your health: Hi guys. Welcome to our new lesson, lesson by 14. And the topic is, drinking too much coffee is some gets your health. Let's first start with our new word. It means in the past or a go. In Chinese, it is needs yen for its yen. Does that sound familiar to you? Yes. Cn is a word that we have learned before. It means front or a Go. In fact, though we said means in the past or ago, when it is used as a go, the function is exactly the same as CAN alone. Having learned yields Yen, Let's learn. It means in the feature or later. If you still remember, hope alone means back and also later. In fact, again, the use of hope and hope as later is exactly the same Hall. The Hall. Great. Let's see how we use eats yen to mean in the past year and likes to eat fish a lot in the past. So how about using as a go at, as you are shown us, a university student five years ago. Again, as we have mentioned before, to mean ago, there's no difference between using eats or just CAN. Great. Now it's time to learn and revise the words for ye hope. Let's first start with E. As in future. Also allows her, I have to be a teacher in future. How about you saying WHO S later? Even sure what senti un The doctor said, I can leave the hospital three days later. So as we have said, meaning later, using whole alone can also work. And for now, let's talk about the word bay. Is it's an old word which we learnt before. It means cup. But today I would like to talk about Bay, the new function as a measure term for drinks. For example, day what eBay knew. It means, give me a glass of milk. Another example. Here's a cup of tea. Moving on, let's have a discussion about the word delay. Previously, we learned doing has two meanings. First, yes or correct. Second, it means to or towards. And today I would like to talk about US as to or towards how to use it. Let's see an example. While outgoing. My husband is good to me. Another example, watching too much TV is not good to eyes. Susie Sabbath. Take a rest. Yeah, we are Courbet cafe. Want to drink a coffee? No. I've already drunk two cups. Yes. Cafe hurdle Ulla to ancient here, Baja. Drinking too much coffee is not good for your health. How the borehole. Sure. I don't drink less in future. Made him through eBay. One cup a day. Great, Now it's time for a discussion about Dialogues be learned. Let's start with have a tuition. For means drink means a lot. While for it is a change of state, so it means already. Therefore, her do a lot together means drink too much. Moving on to the next dialogue, how, why you felt. So for a shock, it means drink a little bit less. With that said, let's look at the structure of saying shot followed by a verb, which it would mean, do that for less. For example, nice shout are true, chew. It means go out less. So what about the opposite? If we say door followed by a verb, what does that mean? It means do that for more. For example, need to do some more sports. Hi guys. Welcome to our new lesson, lesson by four. And the topic is, drinking too much coffee is some gets your health. Let's first start with our new word. It means in the past or a go. In Chinese, it is needs yen for its yen. Does that sound familiar to you? Yes. Cn is a word that we have learned before. It means front or a Go. In fact, though we said means in the past or ego, when it is used as a go, the function is exactly the same as CAN alone. Having learned yields Yen. Let's learn. It means in the future or later. If you still remember, whole alone means back and also later. In fact, again, the use of E, WHO and WHO as later is exactly the same. How? How? Great. Let's see how we use to mean in the past year and likes to eat fish a lot in the past. So how about using CN as a go? Fast? You are shown us a university student FAQ years ago. Again, as we have mentioned before, to mean ago, there's no difference between using cn or just cn. Great. Now assigned to learn and revise the words for ye hope. Let's first start with the WHO as in future. Also allows her. I have to be a teacher in future. How about she was saying whoa, later? Even sure what senti un The doctor said, I can leave the hospital three days later. So as we have said, meaning later, using whole alone can also work. And for now, let's talk about the word bay. Is it's an old word which we learned before. It means cup. But today I would like to talk about Bay, the new function as a measure term for drinks. For example, day what eBay knew. It means, give me a glass of milk. Another example. Try your eBay. Here's a cup of tea. Moving on, let's have a discussion about the word. Previously we learned doing has two meanings. First, yes or correct. Second, it means to or towards. And today I would like to talk about use gouache as to or towards how to use it. Let's see an example. White logo and my husband is good to me. Another example. Watching too much TV is not good. So your eyes. Susie Sabbath, take a rest. Yeah, we are Courbet cafe. Want to drink a coffee? No. I've already drink two cups. Yes. Cafe hurdle Allah, tuition here, Baja. Drinking too much coffee is not good for your health. How the borehole. Sure. I don't drink less in future. Made him through eBay. One cup a day. Great. Now it's time for a discussion about Dialogues be learned. Let's start with tuition. For means drink means a lot. While for it is a change of state, so it means already. Therefore, her together means drink too much. Moving on to the next dialogue, how why you felt. So for a shot, it means drink a little bit less. With that said, let's look at the structure of saying shot followed by a verb. Which would mean do that verb less. For example, Nietzsche's are true, chew, it means go out less. So what about the opposite? If we say do all followed by a verb, what does that mean? It means do that for more. For example, need to do some more sports. 29. 5.5 Seasons: Hi guys. Welcome to lesson 5. And today's topic is seasons. Spring and summer. Can tn, tn, tn, tn, tn, tn. Hi. 30. 5.6 Eating utensils: Hi guys. Welcome to our lesson. Today we are going to talk about Let's start with spoon. It's shot, shot, shot. Nice. Bowl. When? When when. Fork. Chopstick. Finally plate. For the below exercise. I will speak in Chinese and would ask you to find the certain eating utensil from the picture. By doing that, please try not to look at the subtitle and listen to what I say. The subtitles are just there to support you. If you don't understand what I mean. The Kantian thoughts. When you open your mail. Pens. 31. 6.1 I saw his bike: Welcome to lesson 6 poem when the topic today is, I saw his face. Let's first start with our new word, which is door. We say men. By looking at the character, the set look like a men, men, men. Next new word, it means spike. It has three characters. Why there are so many characters? Well, actually relate. Self, seal relates to move. While char equals 2 vehicle. We learned that before. Therefore, it's Zoom, call me drew the Shema. Sure. How do you know when we'll they've come to school. He has already come needs and they drew that highlight. How come, you know, he has come. When I came to school, thymine way, I saw his bike outside the door. Grade. Finally, let's have a short discussion about dialogue we learned. Let's remind HE a little bit from the dialogue. Said No way. It actually means men the y mean malware is just a short form. But they both mean outside the door. 32. 6.2 I’ve been eating lamb every day: This is lesson 6.2. And today our topic is, I've been eating lamb every day. With that said, let's start with the word goat, sheep, or a lamb. In Chinese, it is. By looking at a character, does Yang look like a lamb? Yang Yao? Now let's see how to say meet its row, row, row. Therefore, Yang Bo Lan meat would be the meat that we eat. So what about the beef that we eat? Cow meat, which is new role? Does everything makes sense? I find new dose. It is Mian Cao. Cao. Cao. Today's lamb as such, tasty. Needs a mom. How come you don't eat? While Jagger? Tnt and poetry, Django. I've been eating lamb every day this week. I don't want to eat anymore. Bu Xiang, true le. Nanny high sounds usage amount. So what more food you still want to eat? Live without me and coulda? Let's have some new dose. Now it's time to have a look of dialogues. Let's see. The first one seems kinda Yangzhou drama has true. Today's lamps such tasty. Do you remember we have learned, just means this, but it is not a direction while it serves as this to make emphasis. And usually it will be linked before an adjective. Therefore, Joe Mahoney means this tasty. Next dialog. Drag. Assume T, tn, tn, DO tree Yangzhou. I've been eating land every day this week. So what is tn? Tn, it means every day. In fact, when you sample a measure term, it equals to every that measure term which we use to learn. It tells ME which is every followed by the mesh at home. So it is actually a new way to say Every something. Let's see some examples. As Cn is a measure term that usually used for clothing or small kids. Therefore, CAN means every, so possibly referring to those. Next one measure term. But usually is for books. Therefore means every highly possibly for book. Next one, we know they can be measured term for a glass or a cup Earth. Therefore, Bay, Bay means every cup or a glass. Sino example. As I can be a measure term for many things like people. So Gaga can be every person. C further see how it is used. Let's see how we say every person we use to learn, we would say Make. Now we know we can also say, Good. Next one. Every month. We use to learn, we would say, make a year. Now, what can we say? Which way do you like it better? Moving on, let's see the dialogue. Nanny high sound true association. So what more food esa wants to eat? What is y is in front of the sentence. Do you still remember when it is put at the front of the sentence? It would mean in that case or so. Therefore, a mix, a sentence meaning, so, what more food do you still want to eat? Finally, let's see our dialogue, like me and hell, but let's have some new dose. Why there's lie, lie, cone. In fact, it is a very common way that when you order food or buying stuff in his shop, that you would say lie. That food or product. It is equivalent to IL hat, that thing. So like food or product, it is like I'll have that product or food come to me. So when you get a chance, you can try it in a restaurant or a store. 33. 6.3 Do you swim often?: Hi guys. Welcome to our lesson 603. And today the topic is, do you swim often? Well, let's start with our first word, which is basketball. And we say lands. For your information. Land means basket, while to mean spawn. Therefore, it is land, new land, lands here. So how do we say play basketball? These two remember the word bat, which means head? Yes, That's for meaning play basketball because you use your hand to play it. When that is linked with land, she'll then it would mean play basketball. Great. Next word that we're going to learn today is swim, which is yo, yo. It's as a verb. And by looking at the character dissimilar member, the radicals water, we learned both the characters yo, yo have this radical because they are related to water. Yo, yo, yo, yo. Great. So now it's time to see how to use yeoyo. Well, the situation is pretty similarity. How to use par and powerful, and CA, and CAC. So yo is also the short form for when Jojo. So what's the difference of application between Joe and Jojo? That is, yo-yo is often used at the end of sentence, while yo is what often used in the middle of the sentence. Let's see an example. Why eating your la. La. I have already swam for 2.5 hours. Next example. While it seemed to your yoga, I don't want it to go swimming today anymore. 34. 6.4 Go to school; Go to lesson: Hi guys. Welcome to our new lesson. Six, pump. Go to school. Go. Great. Now let's start with our first word, which is go to school. How to say go to school? Do you remember how we say go to work, which is shang ban. So pretty similar, goes to school would be ca. While c is a character from CASEL, which is cool. So what about finish school or get off school? We don't say CSCA. We would say for your information means let out. So funds, yeah, kind of implies students are let out from school. Next word. How do we say go to lesson or a go to class? Well, pretty similar to go to school or go to work. Go to lesson would be Shang. Which actually means lesson. This time, when we want to say finish class or a finished lesson, we can say celiac. While Sierra color. It's so good. I finished lesson. Shema, the Shang Shama koala. Is it like class didn't have? While I felt I had English lesson? Great. Let's look at dialogue. Or Shuang. Do you remember? Means Chinese language, therefore, is from yield or which means in wind and you, you, it relates to language. So which mean English lesson. Mom, I'll go to school now. How the shore? When are you finishing school today? I will go to your school. 35. 6.5 Visiting: Welcome to our last lesson for this chapter, which is less than 6.5. And the topic is visiting a mermaid handy and sha-1. How come I couldn't see Jiao on these few days. Country Beijing, LA. He's gone to Beijing. Then the fuel to your mom. Really? Is it for traveling? Bullshit. No. Oh, she can't hand I heard it's to visit his grandma. 36. Speaking Practice L5-6: Hi, Sony Xiang, CMA, medium. Counsel, you in DM, me white balance, human needs or cannula towards Yona. So Gemma Hama. 37. 7.1 He’s still studying: Hi guys. Welcome to our new lesson, which is lesson 7%. When the topic for today is he's still studying. Let's start with our first and final word for today, which is classroom. In Chinese. It is. For your information, means t, which is the verb, is always use whether it is about worms. So sure would be classroom. While I Lama. Has Dave come back? May yeah. Oh, no. He's still studying in the classroom. Aging body and bulla. It's already a dish. How come he's still studying? Piano call? He has exams tomorrow. Yeah. How how Green Bay? He says he has C Prepare well. Now let's discuss the dialogues we just learned. The first one, Mayo. For high decile member. It can mean still, which we have mentioned before in our level one. Moving on, Let's see our next dialog. Bay. So what is how, how, how means good? Does that mean good? Good. So well, there is something new for you to learn. If you see a structure, that's how HA plus a verb. It means do that very well. So how how trim Bay means prepare well, you may ask is how is third tone? How come how, how the second is first tone? Well, actually, this is just the way it is. So if you in the future, I want to say, do a certain verb. Well, just say how hall, and then plus the verb. Great. Let's see some examples. Ni hao house, you see it means take a good rests. Next one, walkway haha CSE drawn. I'll study kinase well, and mind you with the, the, at the end, it produce a confirming sound. So the sentence we want to say, I'll definitely study Chinese swell. And final example. This is what I want to say. Well, who's the CFO? Teach my students well. So I wanted to say, I'll pay good effort to teach my students. 38. 7.2 Arriving in 20 minutes: Hi guys, Welcome. This is lesson 7, pond to you. And today the topic is arriving in 20 minutes. So we have a couple of characters to learn today. Let's first start with the first new word, airport. C. C. Do you notice it's from fade C, which is airplay and Chong. It's often a place related. Usually it's an outdoor place. Next word, it means road or a route or path? It is. Do you notice from the character bu, the left-hand side, which is the radical of the character, is a radical of foo. We have talked about that before in our topic of football law. Where are you now? On the way to the airport? Have you arrived already? Got off the plane already. Knee high. How long time do you still need to arrive to here? In 20 minutes, then I can arrive. Great. Let's see what we have learned today. Some of the dialogue to hunger, Lu Zhang. You can't just consider that as a possessive. So Kang is go to the airport, the possessive on the road. Therefore, it means on the way to the airport. Great. Now here's something new for you. From the dialogue or Salah feed sila. It means I've got off the plane already. And yes, I would like to let you know. Doesn't just mean down. It can also mean get off. Well actually we have learned before in our words. For example, we know it means get off work. It means get off class. And actually, we can even further to use as get off for many different words. For example, Seattle, you can consider it to mean get off a transportation, which can be any transportation That's vehicle related. For example, to do taxi. Also, let's see another example. Ci twang. It basically means get off bed. Now that we know celiac can mean get off, what about its opposite? Shang? In fact, Shang can also mean get on. So let's see some examples we have learned before. Shang ban. Go to work or kind of like get on to work. Shang go to school. Or it can inflate, get onto school. And we can see some more examples. Shang, it means get on and transportation. While Xiang Tong means scale and seabed. Moving on. Let's see another dialogue. Me hi outdoor Chong Shruti, known tau char. In case you don't understand what it means, Let's dissect. High means still. You all means have. Therefore high o means still have. While we know Deutsch home Shruti n would be How long time and not able to tau will be arrive here. So in total, a means, how long time do you still need to arrive to here? As it actually means, how long time you still have to make you able to arrive to here. Moving on, we have come to a very important topic. The new function of Q. We have learned before. Zou means just a. Now I'm here to tell you, Sue has a new function which is to make a sentence sounds early or soon, or immediate. So how does it do? From the dialogue are Usher Syndrome, Seok. Azure ventral means 20 minutes. While could means can arrive without a geo. Are sure FanDuel would simply mean 20 minutes can arrive. But if you put the CEO in between and make it our Azure syndrome, so you could see you were produced an immediate effect. So it would make the whole sentence sound light to 20 minutes is short, and I would be arriving soon. To familiarize yourself with this function. Let's see some examples. Was Andrew ventral horn. After 30 minutes, I'll arrive your home here. 30 minutes. Sign sheriff and Jerome. Some people think it would be a short time. Some people think it's a long time. But with the seal, it makes it sound like a short time. Let's see another example. Watts out from free to teach Huang LA. I woke up 11 this morning. In fact, 11 AM to quite a number of people is quite late for waking up, right? But if the sentence put C0 after it, it makes it sound like it's an early to that person. Similar example. While truth and how she afraid to our law. I went says The right after I finish eating while true fan Hall, I finish eating with the CEO after it. But before she waits Yao sleeping, there is an immediate effect. And it makes the sentence sound like pretty soon after eating, you go to sleep. Or that the time between the actions. Eating and sleeping is short. Great. Final example, warming chants, use your Diyala. Algos, have old tomorrow. If without the CEO want to do yo it's quite play and normal. But if you add CEO after noon, tomorrow, it would make me NTN sound early or soon. So it kind of makes the sentence mean. It's so soon. Tomorrow I will be going to travel already. So I hope you would understand the new function of x2. But if you don't, don't worry, because in the future we will come across more examples about the new function of zeal. 39. 7.3 It’s far from here: Hi guys, Welcome. This is lesson 703. And today the topic is, it's far away from here. So with that said, let's start with our first word, which is a wave from. We can use it as a verb. In Chinese. It is. Next one to match up with the topic. Let's see how to say far. It's an adjective. It is un, un, un. Next one. Let's see how to say bus. It's wow, there are four characters. Let's see what means what. Well, actually means public, while it means car. And in short form, people would just normally say, goal isn't much easier. We have a couple of more new words today. Let's learn fast, quick, or slow. To say fast or quick. We say, Have you noticed the character and the sound is sounds like quite the currency of Renminbi that we learned. Exactly at the same sound and look similar. Next one, slow. It's men, men, men. Finally, our last word, walk or go. It's so, so, so all gray. Now it's time to learn something very important. You will learn sentences like a is far away from B after this. And the critical word in here is li, which is away from before we start. The structure for this whole sentences would be a, B plus some information. While for the information, it can be things like adjective, the time needed, transportation needed is cetera. Let's learn how to do it by seeing examples. First, s1, say Kang Youwei. To direct translated, it means my home away from company very far. Therefore, it means my home is far away from my company. Let's see another example. Jolly least suicide. Two directions late. It, it means here, away from school, need to take the bus. Therefore, it means from here to school, it needs to take the bus. Let's see some more example with other information. Do I leave Fenghuang? The direct translation is here, away from the restaurant, takes five minutes. So it means from here to the restaurant, it takes five minutes. And finally, this example would tell you, you don't always have to talk about places. Cynthia Lee Sheng, Kurdish routine, high-yield funds wrong. So it means now a wave from the lessons time. There is still 15 minutes. Now, how about we upgrade or information by including more than just one information? Some of the structure it a DB information. So let's see example. If we want to say it takes two minutes walk from here to the fruit store. How do we do? There are two ways. First, jelly the frame layout. So low, drone for its old rule, it means on food. And this sentence structure is actually based on the sentence structure rule that we learned in our course 1. How to, let's look at so Luoyang for its own law, it would be the action from the sentence structure rule. And Down syndrome. It would be the duration for the action. Therefore, the sequence actually matches with the sentence structure rule. How ever we have also mentioned in our level one course, action and duration 2, which is the action duration, can actually be mixed. How to do it? Let's see the second example. Jelly leaf rake or at the end. Let's look at the loo. Basically you would separate the word soul and then put down Fen Zhong in-between. This will make it sound, walks you minutes Road. Let's see some more examples to familiarize yourself with these new structures. For example, if you want to say it takes 10 minutes taxi from the hospital to the bookstore. The old way with be sure if and drone as soy Trudeau would be the action while sheriff and drawn would be the action duration. However, the new way is Zhong, the tool do. So again, you have to put the action duration right after the verb while put the data, which is the possessive word after the action duration. This would make it take 10 minutes. Taxi. One more piece of information. If you want to speak faster, the can actually be eliminated. Therefore, we can actually just say solo sure if hand-drawn 2D. So now it's your turn. How would you say the two ways for the below? It takes 10 minutes, buzz from his house to my company. So Monte Carlo, Sharif and drawn goes down. The drain. Is your home far away from the company? Very far. So you take sovereign hours bus generally, I really saw a control drama man. Bursts, it's so slow. Neat map. Okay, Colonel, how come you don't try? Driving is not fast either. The vehicles on the road are too many. Great. Now let's have a look at some of the dialogues just now. To our control drama man. What it means this? So it means the bus this low. So it kind of means the best such slow. Moving on to the next dialog, bouffant. It actually means Lu Shang, they taught high school, just that the data is eliminated. So for direct translation, it means on the roads, cars, too many. Therefore, obviously, it means the vehicles on the road are too many. 40. 7.4 Introduction of ‘过guò’: Welcome guys. This is Lesson 7. Today's topic is introduction, that the character will discuss how to use it because it's quick special. Here is our new word, which we say it moves passed through or go through. So in general, this character or can be used in two ways. The first way is it would become a verb. For example, or meaning pass-through can be used to mean pass through and bridge. So all the bridge. Another example, or lie as wall means pass-through, lie means Km. So it means come over or lie. So you can see that can act as a direction and linked with another verb to form a new therapy with more information. Next example. If you would like to put more information to go a lie, as in how to quote. You can put the verb before them. For example, sole means walk over to here below for these kind of combined verbs, we will talk about that in feature. So don't worry too much for now. And we need to take note of the other example which call as past, who can use to mean call a festival or a holiday, or a season. So basically, you can take Cool As spend or celebrate the festival or holidays. With that said, we mean spanned or celebrate birthdays. Is everything clear? Hear me the shoulder. If your birthday is soon coming. Knee joint Bates at mic one. How do you plan to celebrate it? When you go swimming with you? Now, it's time to learn how to use or as another function which all will be used to express past experience. And to do that, we need to put all after a verb, which is quite similar to how you do with XLA for showing past tense. So what actually is past experience? It is when you want to say you have done that thing. So basically had experience doing that thing. Let's see some examples. While true, Guan Zhong was high, which means I have eaten Chinese food before. Therefore, it focus on your past experience. Now let's see another example. Watch Yo. It means I have traveled to Beijing before. So basically it wants to tell you he has been to Beijing. Fenghuang Gua. So for this restaurant, I have been to, so it means I've been to distress Shawn before showing the past experience again. Why should I have already eaten? So the focus is not already eaten? Because score is used to show past experience. The SAT makes sense. Is this movie good? How can Very good? Well, I found cosine t ten. I have watched it last week. 41. 7.5 Spending birthdays: Hi guys, welcome to you. Me. Here comes our last session for this lesson. It's less than 7.5 and the topic is spending by the days shall Let's see dinner together tonight for celebrating your birthday. Today. The one shoulder higher. There is still one week more until my birthday. Shanghai, Beijing. I have to go to Beijing next week. Georgia Indian gaba. Just celebrate it today. How? Okay. The job with UN, your ICA, Gua, gua. There is a French restaurant not far from here. So it's the federal law. A few minutes wall, then we would arrive. Great. Let's have a discussion about the dialogues we have learned. First one, DE10 or shoulder. As Ganey is for you. All means band or celebrate, passthrough. And sugar is birthday. So in total, it means help you to celebrate the birthday. Does that make sense? So this saying is quite nice gesture to offer for the birthday person. Moving on the way the shoulder, hail, eat at the lesson. Well, just to remember the structure, which is a, B plus some information. While a at this point would be now it just didn't mentioned here. And B is obviously the Shang her finally information is higher. And some the next dialog, it also has the structure for you and your back wall sign. In this dialogue, there is no a. It just simply skip to the b, which is JAR. And finally, information is full, you add. Great. The next two dialogues would be a reminder of how we use ceil. Let's see. The first one would mean just, so just celebrate it today. While for the next dialog. So it's eventual Toyota Corolla. So this still doesn't mean just the function is to produce an early OR immediate sounding. Do you see the difference? Finally, we have something new to learn. Replying with how well, similar to ha ha. How would be used to agree on a suggestion. And it means okay or sure. But a little bit different from Ha, ha, ha, but has less enthusiastic sound. So sometimes when you are unwilling to do something that people suggests, you can use Hao. And remember the tone, you have to make it like how Barr? Yes. Let's see some examples. While many THE can name them. I am. Let's go visit grandma together. How does that sound? When you apply? Okay. You can say How back. And note that because my tone sound like enthusiastic. So it doesn't sound like I'm unwilling to do it. Next example. Great. Yeah. Hall gala that give me a call after you're back home. Let's see the response. How bang. Okay? So we can hear that the tone is neutral. But because we use how instead of how it would sound like less enthusiastic. 42. 8.1 Let me have a thought: Welcome. Here would be I less than 8.1. And the topic is, let me have it thought. So let's start with our first new word, which is, let it wrong, wrong, wrong. So let's see our next new word, which is again, or if further. It's psi. Psi. Psi is actually the character from the word side, which means goodbye, as psi means again and see him as you know, it means C. That's why say good-bye actually implies, see you again. Great. Now let's get into new stuff, which is the use of CE, which means again or further. This time, we'll learn by examples. Chug a Fenghuang TTM, full Kamen woman in shebang. So it means this restaurant is not open today. Let's go again tomorrow. Next one needs what suits or law. For any it means you still don't arrive or you still further don't arrive. And what suits or law is, I'll just leave. Therefore, the whole sentence can have means. If you don't arrive further, I'll just leave. Okay, let's see another example with using Zoom as again. I'll come back to the UK again next year. Final example, ceilings. I was in South Africa. For Walpole was young, I found it means I don't want to further have lessons. While for the next sentence, it seems yeah. Corolla means I have had five hours of lesson today, are ready. And some additional information for that structure is it's actually from UGA. The curve. Is everything clear here. Therefore, in conclusion, the use of say will always be placed before a verb. And finally, our last word for today, tell it, go sue, while, when we say it in practice. So we'll be in no town. Therefore, it's Gao Su Dao. So Gao Su Shuang Sama, yeah. Let's go eat in the afternoon. How does that sound? Syncytia war while I don't have time this afternoon. Mean client-side shebang. Let's go again tomorrow. So where do you want to read that? Wrong? Was Xiang Yao Sunni? Let me have it God and further let you know. Great. Now it's time to see the dialogues. For Cuba. You would notice that, say actually in here needs again, and also it kind of implies continue to do that thing. Therefore, the whole sentence means, Let's go again tomorrow. However, psi would be use as further in other situations. Let's see, the dialogue. Was Zhang Zai Gao Sunni. It means let me have a thought and a further let you know. You may want to ask why Xiang. Xiang means half a thought. So let me introduce you about using verb verb together. So doubling a verb. And that means do that third for a short while, which has exactly the same meaning as the structure verb ISA that we learned. With that said, equals f2 can, can, which both mean, take a look or look at that thing for a short while. And also sijang ESEA equals two, which means half a thought. Some more examples. Equals to COC, COC, which both mean take the rest. And finally, t equals to t tilde, which means listen for a bit. Are these new structures interesting? 43. 8.2 What’s the matter?: Welcome. Welcome to our lesson, a pond 2. And the topic is, what's the matter? Great, Let's see our new word, weight. It's the next one. It's find. By looking at the character, it looks really a light to the character of me or I, which is wall. Do you think so? Our final new word for it today, it's matter or a thing. In practice, the character, it would be said in no tone. Also, sure alone is often used as short form. Why me and the weather outside is very good. Why don't you in Dongba? Let's go out. You have some exercises. How Neiman? Wait for me for a moment. One law firm, groundwater, Gabi, the DAG, teach allying, asked me to give heat of combat later and call again. Draw BDA yo shut mushroom. Is there any matter you're calling p heard the PTC? Well, he told me and my classmates wanted to find the time to visit him. Great. Now let's see how the dialogues, where the first one, woman. Do you remember the structure? It means do that verb for a short while. Therefore, you don't actually implies have some exercises. And this verb, verb structure also applies to another dialogue. How Neiman dung the law. Dum, dum. It therefore means wait for a short while. So wait for me for a bit. Also from the other dialogue, wall hook, Hosea, mesangial Friesian can compare for a CAN 10. It therefore means have a look or heavy VisIt of him. Moving on, let's discuss another dialogue, which is one Lao Shu around Watergate be the Bagua. Wrong. We learned that means let. However, in this situation, one Lao Shu wrong what do something right? And wrong kind of implies that let me do something. Therefore, wrong in this case actually means. So remember there's a new meaning for wrong, which is asked. Next dialog. It's a reminder about the use of say. The dialogue is that it means come back later and call again. In this situation. Refers to, again our final dialogue. Job be the osha mushroom mom we have mentioned sure. Is a short form for assurance. He'll airfoil the long form of be JOB be the Oshima. Sure, it's Hillman. And now let's dissect this dialogue. As you can see, there is shut, which is what? A question word. And also at the same time, there is mom, which we also use as question. So you may ask why they are to question words. Yes, the answer is, it really does have two questions. Do you remember for any question, you would use a statement plus a minute at the end to form a binary question. Now, assume your shirt is the statement, which means signed Peter. Have what matter? Yeah. Now, let's add the month after it to make it the boundary question. So it would become Is there any matter you're finding Pete, does everything makes sense to you? 44. 8.3 Servicing people: Welcome to our new lesson, lesson 8.3. And today's topic is servicing people. Great. Now let's see our new word which is servicing people. We say. So what is fooled me? On its own, it actually means surface. While for UN, it often refers to people when you're talking about an occupation. Therefore, for voice is often described as being people who are in the service industry. For example, the waiter or waitress in the restaurants are so it can include any hotel staff as well. For un. Un, for you and somehow found gender mandible. Okay. Excuse me. How come? I cannot open my room's door. Sir, may I ask which when and where is it? Where do our yeas and it's remembered 213. How they're showing. Ask someone to happen. Look great. Now it's time to discuss about the dialogues we just learned. Let's start with formal un, cinema war. Will k? For k, What does that mean? We already know that means strike or a head, and chi means open. So that actually has an action of push open. And you would notice the whole verb is actually verbs of result completion. If you put the negation word ball in between the two words, making it, that would change the meaning. Two cannot open or it cannot push open. Moving on, let's see another dialogue named Julie. See how fun for z. Z means what number or how many. We always know it's a short form for a number. And Fung actually is a short form for a room 2, which is sung CAN. So altogether, it would mean which room number. Next, if you're answering what number or building number essential that you are living in. In practice, you don't say the whole number, but Satan the number by numbers separately. So you can see from the dialogue, it's room number 213. He says, what true. Now we can see a little practice. For example, the room number is a 123. What would you say? You would just say, which all numbers are separated? Isn't that easy? And finally, there's a reminder about the word that we knew. It means call as order or you shout. Therefore from the dialogue. How can it means? Sure, I'll ask someone to have the logo. 45. 8.4 This clothing is a little expensive: Welcome, See you guys. This lesson. A pump for the top big. Is this clothing expensive? Let's see our first word for today. Expensive. We say, can't just say, set my yarn. Please come and have a look of how these clouds, judging by the yoga edge on this white one is a little long. Nudging home the yoga. That red one is a little expensive. Jazzy. And hey, the nerve. How about this black one? This one is newly arrived today. Let me further have a look. How I see. No worries. Great. Now it's time to look at some dialogues. Again. We will start with the structure when we want to say a little bit of a particular adjective. Do see, remember when we want to say and intangible things such as adjective way we want to say a little bit of fat. We have to use yeol. If you don't think you remember, you can always go back to our level one last lesson. So with that said, if we want to say it's a little long, we have to say And also if we want to say a little expensive, we would say Yoda. Is it clear? Moving on to our next dialog, judge. Well, there's a reminder about the structure and the again, between shrewd and the content is meant to be emphasized. So in the dialogue, the emphasis would be seen, which is today newly arrived. Finally from the last dialogue, Rollo et seq 10. It means, let me further have a look. Well, it's quite a nice way to reject people. For example, if people asked you to do a favor which you don't really want to. You may want to say, well, what's I see Yongzheng? Let me further heavy thought. So you can take your time to think about it. And it's up to you to get back to that person or not. You can try that also in future. 46. 8.5 ‘verb-verb’; ‘verb一下’ & ‘verb一verb’: Welcome. Today is our lesson. And this topic is about, we are going to discuss all of them. Great. Now let's do a revision. We said verb for equal silver ECN, which means do that verb for a short while. Examples are here. Sought soil or soil. Both mean. Take a seat. And here we are going to introduce you a new set, which is called the ether. While it also has the same meaning as the previous two, which is verb, verb and verb ECR. So it means do that for a short while to. However, there's a slight difference. The only difference is when we use this structure for ether, we can only use single character and verbs. Let's see The Below Forest sets of where it's at each set we have the same meaning. Set one. Ca, ca, ca, ca, all mean learn a bit. Now set to one when you went. All mean heavy, ask or ask quickly. Set three. Ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, all mean kicks lightly. And finally, set for thoughts or soy saw. All mean a bit. Great. Finally, let's see some examples. The tiny Ci Bian. Have a look at this side. Wasn't truly Quetzalcoatl. I want to go and have a walk. Nika. Can you quickly read out my name? Finally, while a young man, I have to quickly by food and tight as you know, it means dishes. So sentence actually means buy food for making dishes. 47. Speaking Practice L7-8: Now we're going to do a conversational practice again for the previous chapters. Let's get started with that. Woman. Yoga off and go. Are we now know that woman? Hello, Can can pad type of GI. 48. 9.1 Binary question – Past tense: Hi guys. Welcome to lesson 9, part 1 for being long chapter. But for now, let's see our topic. In this session, we are going to look into different ways of building questions. Before we start. Do you see remember there are two key words that would make a tense past tense. First one, it's LA, it's learned from it just k1 course. It helps us show an action that's completed. Next keyword, it's all. It's learned in this course, and it is a way to show past experience. Now let's see how we build a binary question with the two keywords. And our first way, which use at the end. I assume that all of you would already know how to build such question. So I would just go straight to give you examples. In respect of law. Did you play football Ulama? In respect to or have you traveled to Beijing before? Needs to go up baits in new Yeoman. Great. Now let's introduce a very important concept. As you know, when we want to say a negation word in past tense, you would use may or may owe, right? With that said. For affirmative sentence, you can actually use may JOS opposite, which is yo inside the sentence. Now let's go back to see the examples. Now, you can just say the GI play football, knee, heel, T2. As y'all already implies the past tense. Therefore, Law is not necessary. So literally it would mean you did play football. Next example. Have you traveled to Beijing before? You can say Ni to Guam? Well, as, or it's just there to show the past eggs variance. So even with the Yo, which shows past-tense, can still be there. And again, the translation is actually you did half-full to Beijing before. Next part. The new way is to ask, did or did not. Using your old may yo. As just said, yo. Yo means did or did not. Therefore, it implies it is a question. With that set is not necessarily. Getting back to the question. Did you play football? Now you would say Mayo TD suits you. Again. Yeol mail already implies did or did not. It shows past tense already. So LA is not necessary. So actually the question is asking The Jew or not play football. While for the next example, have you traveled to baking before? Now? You say, yeol may owe to go up. So again, the question is actually asking, have you or not travel to Beijing before. Finally, some people would like to change a structure a little bit to make, may owe at the end, which she asks a question and finally add or it did not. Okay, let's see the examples. Did you play football? You say needs. Sheila Mayo. Oh, why does time Law is here? Well, because it sounds like need heat through its eula, you went to play football and plus or it did not. Mayo was just like that. Another example. Have you traveled to baking before? Now the new way is need to go up. Yo, yo. It just meant you've been to Beijing for traveling or a half not does everything makes sense? So basically this lesson is trying to familiarize yourself with different ways to build question. So in future, if you see the structure is a little bit not in the right position that you have lunch before. Don't freak out. It may just be one of those that we just covered. 49. 9.2 You called the wrong number: Hi guys, welcome. Here it comes a reluctant chapter which is less than 9.2. The topic is, you call the round number. Way me ha, hello. May I know if when weighing is here? I'm sorry. Need bands. You've got the wrong number. Woman GI. When there's no one called Wen Wang and here, then it's all right, Thanks. Great. Now let's have a look of how the dialogues are formed. First one, need that. You've got the wrong number for it. Dad saw, as, we know, it means call, which is the verb for making phone calls. Tall means wrong. So basically bad saw means call wrong, hence, make the wrong call. In fact, if we say a verb and then followed by tore, it means do that for wrong. Is it pretty clear? Let's have some examples. The CH holla, what that means. You wrote my name wrong. Need bands full again when you make the wrong call. So this would be the long form for a knee dads who are law. And finally, while made solely year, I bought the realm English book. Or a can be interpreted as meaning, I wrongly bought in English book. For a final dialogue. Warm and dry male 1 when the long form is actually woman, jog, Mayo, ETC1 when the brain is just omitted because we know we are talking about the person to dissect to sentence. While men is we jar here. Don't have one called when one person. Therefore, basically it means in S here, there is no one called when one. 50. 9.3 ‘From’: Good morning guys. Sarah. New lesson, Lesson 9, Part 3. The topic is just one word, which is, let's see how to say from in Chinese That's tone. And again, we'll learn how to use this word by seeing examples. I came from China. Watts home drunk walleye. For my home to company needs to take 15 minutes. Bus syndrome. The goal. I started learning Chinese since primary school. While tones Shao CH2O cashews, USC john, when. As a reminder, the Jew from the sentence this time would make things sounds early or soon. And as you learn Chinese since primary school, it sounds early. Great. Hopefully, you have some idea of how to use tone, and we'll have more chance to use tone moire later. See in the next lesson. 51. 9.4 First time to dance: Hi guys. Good afternoon. Welcome to our new lesson, which is lesson 9. For today, our topic is first time to dance. Therefore Ci first word, dance. In Chinese. It has two characters. Tau. For tau on its own, it means jump, while. It is a noun for dance. Great. Now let's have a look of the word shall. It means jump. Have you found a radical or Phuc? Let's see how to use the word tau. Tau is a main verb. Therefore, it can be used in the middle of sentences. While tau together, it can be used at the end of sentences. So the situation is pretty similar to other words such as Paul ball, CSE, jojo. Do you recall them? So now let's see an example. I've dance for three hours. You can't say. But wait, something happens. On its own means jump. This would sound like I've jumped for three hours, isn't it? So what do we do? Unless everyone in the conversation already know the topic is about dancing. Otherwise, it's better to add some warts and make it more clear. To avoid confusion, It's just to add the whole word for dance before tau. The meaning is still, I've danced for three hours. But what sang as Saussure is more clear in the way that I danced and have done it for three hours. Great. Now let's see another example about using Kelvin. At the end of sentence. I like dancing very much. Next word, It's a word that used to indicate an order. It's E, D. Moving on, let's see how to use D as the word indicating sequence. Using this word, it wouldn't help change the numbers to ordinal numbers and to use it. It will be placed before that number. Let's see a couple of examples. First, we say the thousands. The first time. The 100th person. The bag. Isn't this wide, convenient and easy to use? Now let's put it into your whole sentence. This time is my first time to dance. And for our final word, is this a measure term which is time 0. This as in time with mean, one time, two times, three times, etc. 52. 9.5 Who were you with?: Hi guys. Today we are going to talk about Lesson 9, five. Topic is, Who were you with? There are a couple of new words for today. First one, hope, or you wish, C1, C1, C1. Next word, it means follow or a width. When referring to when it actually can be interchanged with the character. Which also has another meaning and that we learned. For example, I want to dance with you. You can say, why or how. Does that make sense? By looking at the character, do you realize there's the radical of food? Yes, exactly. And scan also means follow. If you follow other people to a place, you would use your food, right? Great. Now let's see some examples relating to, again, may make antiwar to ufuncs year. My sister follows me to school, or it goes to school with me. Next example. Again, why poets who you might hey, I follow my grandma, she buy food or I go buy food with my grandma. Here's a little reminder about the character Tay, which means dishes, vegetables or a QC. Therefore, walk and she might say, can it refers to food for making dishes. Next example. Tagging would say, he's together with me. It means speed together. And it can mean both physically being together or use in terms of the relationship. Final example. Once again, calcium and I want to watch me V together with my classmates. Our final word, it means question, problem or issue. It's Wen Ti. Do you remember? One means and in fact, T means question, which often refers to exam question. So they together form when T one, T journal one, cc, how come you back displayed in shapes a TIA. Who were you with today? My mom. How can you ask that many questions? 53. 9.6 Can I learn dancing with you?: Good evening guys. Welcome to our new lesson 9.6. And the topic is, can then learn dancing with you. The now sure. He truly, when did you start learning dancing? Hall? The first time I danced with at the age of seven. Well then you are my daughter is soon going to be seven to C1, C8. How? I hope she can learn dancing with you. See one BN know if you can teacher may went He Fei Chang Kuai. No problem. You're very welcome. Great. Now it's time to talk about the dialogues we just covered. First one, the law firm, New Hampshire CAC, for nims home cc. It means you from what years old started learning dancing. Therefore, in total it becomes, when did you start learning dancing? From the other dialogue, which said, What the hell war for that he say that sure hope for sure It's aids. He say that hot. It means was add seven years olds time. So the sentence implies was at that time when I was seven years old. Moving on to the next dialogue. Well then you are yet quite C-suite law means also means quake or soon. Law is change of state. Therefore, it means my daughter is soon going to be seven years old, two. And finally, dialogue can see it how it's translated as learning dancing with you. But it also actually implies follow you to learn dancing. As Ken also means follow a part for a meeting with. 54. 9.7 verbs: results completion: Well, can you guys, This is lesson 9, 17. And today we are going to learn about verbs that showing yourself completion. Let's see our first new word. Understand. Dong, dong. Dong. Next word, finish. Why? Why? Why? Moving on to our important section, how to form verbs I express results completion. Well, normally it is formed by two parts of the words. Now let's see some examples. Can it means able to see or saw properly? We've actually launched that already. Next one. Keel CAN. Similar to Kantian. It means able to listen or hear properly. Next batch. It means successfully see doll immune successfully here. So whenever you see a verb followed by thought, it would just mean you successfully did that verb. So basically, these two words are the same as n and p. Therefore, saw doll means successfully do. Sijang. It means successfully think of. So what is successfully thought and in what situation you would use it. For example, you can say doll and idea. So it means you have come up with an idea successfully thought of an idea. Does that make sense? Next batch, J1 ba ha, we know it means well-prepared. Draw a doll. Successfully find CA1. Finish writing my Hawaiian, finish, buying. Next. Tilda. All understand by hearing. It means understand by seeing. Let's see an example about the two. What Tindall has schwa Shambhala. I understand what she's saying now. You would use heal as a verb because you listen to someone's saying, right? For a candle. Example. Walk handle task. I understand his writing now. And in this situation, you would use can as a verb because you would look or see someone's writing. Great. Now, while we know how to say these verbs showing results completion, what's their negative form? There are two negative form. First one, it means you did not complete that verb. Second, it means that you couldn't complete. What does that mean by the two? Well, for the first one did not complete. It sounds like you less care about the situation. You simply just did not complete. And while for the second one could not complete, it shows that you care about that thing more. Suggest you want to complete that, but you could not. Is everything clear? If so, let's see, our first negative form did not complete. What, what do we have to use? The answer is, may. Do realize, May we have mentioned that edge is used for past-tense exactly because you did not complete something. It is also a kind of past tense, right? Here are some examples. Wall may seem Ponyo old. I didn't meet any new friends. War made so hot, hey, I haven't finished cooking or well finish cooking. Will make sure the car. I didn't understand the teacher's lesson. In this situation. Keel is used because in the lessons you use your hearing. Moving on, let's see the second way of showing a negative form. That means you want to say you could not complete, that's our I0. You want to complete it, but you couldn't. So how to show it? Basically, you would put the bowl, which means not, in between the two words within the whole verbs. Here are some examples of what syllable one. For today's exam, I couldn't finish. So it means I couldn't finish doing the exam today. Next one, drug a when t was Xiang Bu Dao. It means for this problem I couldn't solve it. So why do we use Xiang Yao as CNG Tau Min successfully thought, so it's Xiang Dao 1 t would be successfully thought every solution to solve the problem. Does that make sense? Final example was drawn when it means I cannot understand Chinese-speaking. 55. 9.8 [Applications] verbs: results completion: Hi guys. Welcome to our last session for this lesson, 908. And today our topic is to learn how to apply the verbs expressing results completion. Do you know it? Isolating? Our son has found a job already. Then the AMA. Really, then it's nice. When will you start work? Starting from next Monday. Attack. This is his first job. Really help heal like it. Right? Let's see the dialog. Are you able to find the verb that shows results completion? Yes, That's jot down, which refers to successfully found. So a T in the culture it's sending young. He was yesterday's exam. Don't understood all you heard. Three, Tolkien, don't lie. Yes. All understood. The bourgeois male. What about you? Did you finish doing all Lorna? So when I couldn't finish it, there are too many questions. Let's have a look at some words from the dialogues. So Apple, when do you remember I saw one means you've finished doing it. When you put ball in-between two words, mean couldn't finish doing it. Therefore, it shows that you want to finish doing it, but couldn't. Let's see our final dialogue. There are too many questions. What is t in here? Actually is from 1 t, which is question or a problem. But t alone means question. But more often refers to exam question. 56. 10.1 Good for your Chinese learning: Here we come to our lesson on the topic is good for your Chinese learning. Great. Let's learn the two words that we can say for an adult. First one, though we know for means not. While Yao means I have to. Oh yeah, we totally become don't. Now let's see another way of saying Don't. That's ba, ba, ba. Finally, let's learn another word referring to help. This time, this help not only refers to just verb, but it can be a noun. We call bound. As we have learned before, which is help and it has a verb. What's the difference between Bang Zhu and bomb? Let's see the details. Both boundary and bang mean help. While Zhou can be both verb and noun, and bound can only just be verb. When as verbs, banjo and bang can be interchanged. Let's go see some examples. Nicea. It equals to draw my CO1. Can you help me by some ball's downward CFL Jagger CMI goal saw it equals to sin gone. So she helped me to introduce, see this new job. Great. Now how about using health as a noun? Note that we can only use thumb rule. Css rule may all need the boundary wall. Zhao saw things for offering me help. Without your help, I wouldn't be able to have found this new job. Boyle's law, don't sleep anymore. Call sure. You still have Chinese exam tomorrow. I'm already well prepared for Hobbes nanny tool. I can draw one key and Sheba. Fine. Then come out and watch some Chinese TV. Dog hand-drawn one theater. Sure, Duany. Draw. Watch more Chinese TV is good for your Chinese learning. Great. Now's the time to have looked at the dialogues to see if you understand. First one, boy at Safeway LA, for it, say it means again or if further. So Boyle's law means don't speak further or don't continue to sleep. And it's just there to make it change of state. So asking you not to sleep now. Next dialog, door can't draw when you're doing your Bang Zhuo. For DOI is toward or two and your jewel, it means half help. It would become an adjective. Therefore, the whole sentence meaning is watch more Chinese TV is helpful to your Chinese learning. In fact, when you want to say is helpful to something, it's often used as a combination that you say DOI something, your jaw. But nine, you don't mistake that you can use your Bang Zhu as helpful in every other situation, such as she's very helpful. You cannot say your Bang Zhu. Yeah. It can only be doing something your Bang Zhu. Otherwise, if you say, ooh, it would sound like she has help. And oppositely, if you want to say it doesn't have help to something, you would say. Something. May rule. Is everything clear? Now let's see some examples as using DOI as to or towards war. Do a war. Manmohan, ha, my dad is very good to my mom. Saw you don't do any additions. Doing sports is good for your health. 57. 10.2 Watching TV is not good to your eyes: Good morning. Welcome to I less than 10 days. Our topic is watching TV is not get to your eyes. Bs, I can't give Sheila don't watch TV anymore. Can assure to ENT will hall. Watching too much TV is not good for your eyes. Wow. I mean, kinda quickly go prepare for your lesson tomorrow. 58. 10.3 The doctor asked you to listen to me: Welcome back. This is lesson 10.3. The topic is the ducky asked you to listen to me. Let's see our first word. Speak. It's a third. And we say, why. Sure. As we know it means speak. While actually refers to verbal wets. As I think we all know what is sure. So what's the difference between 0 and 1? Well, the both of them also is verb for speak, but it sure is the main verb. And it's normally put in the middle of sentences. While Shuo Hua together, it will be usually put at the end of sentences. Yes, sure is the main verb. Therefore. Does this situation reminds you of other words, such as yo-yo? See, pulpal, tell, wool, et cetera. They both share similar situations. Now let's see the example. Can he speak Chinese? Pathway? You please stop talking to young boys. Can you give me the newspaper? La don't read the newspaper. Even for the outdoor COC. The doctor said, You need to take more rest. How that now we're Bukhara. Sure that I'm not reading it. Can you give me a cup of hot tea? Issue for trial, whole this young boy alcoholic higher. The doctor said, Don't drink tea within the two hours after the medicine. Now tie. Then what else did he say? That he asked you to listen to me. Now it's time to take a log of the dialogues we learned. First. Even for sure, boy, Yahoo China. So I'll hold it actually equals to that. Which means after the medicines two hours. Therefore, it means that two hours after the medicine next one. High flow shut. Lila. Do you remember Foy, hi, I mean still. So high for Shambhala. One by one a which mean? So Ky still sat. What? So it basically means. So what else did he say? And finally, for the dialogue around what we know, RAM means latch or allow. But often people now always use ROM as ask. While. Actually there's a hidden word which is not revealed, which is what the law is just omitted because we know we are talking about one, which means words or variable weights. Therefore, this sentence mean he asked you to listen to what I say. 59. 10.4 He’s on the way back at the moment: Good evening. Why in Shanghai? Today we are going to talk about Lesson 10 for the topic is on display. At the moment. Let's start with a couple of food. First one, a, C, Then actually see means Chicken, while means egg. So if say a certain kind of Ben, that would make it that kind of AIG. Then. See you. Then. Next one, watermelon. We say C for your information, means melon. And our final word, this is the word expressing right at the moment. Zhang Zai. When you use it, you would normally say Zhang Zai do something or any activity. Zhang Zai ground. May until my door don't see. You bought back so much stuff? Yeah. Okay. Let me have a look at what's their young girl teabag, Coie, meal count 10, bourgeois eggs, watermelon, noodles, really a lot for me. For sure. Sure. My eyes. Now it's spot for our son. He's on his way back home at the moment. Great. Now let's have a little discussion about the dialogues we just learned. First one, my daughter. For it. Do you still remember what's the function of it? When it is used in statements, it would create a sense of exclamation. Therefore, this whole sentence has a feeling of, wow, you've bought so many things back home. Next dialogue, young row. C then C, guar, gum. For your shop. It means not little. Therefore, it actually also means a lot. Therefore, John Shaw kind of means That's a lot or that's really a lot. Next one, I would like to remind you about the structure of shirt and the the function is to emphasize the content in between. Therefore, from the dialogue. Those your MyGateway, true? The man, the emphasis would be megawatts. Sure. But for me, also from another dialogue, boy, shut my eyes. And the focus would be mag. But for our son, our final dialogue. Zhang, What does the whole sentence mean? Zhuangzi? It's right at the moment. Is back homes. Zhang is on the road. Therefore, the whole sentence means right at the moment, on the way back home. 60. 10.5 Have you seen my cell phone?: Welcome to our lesson 10.5. The topic is, have you seen myself film? Great. Now let's start with the word cell phone. We call it, show it. Show means hand, while C is referring to device. Therefore together they would make it cell phone. Isn't that interesting? Show it. Show it. Next word. Wash is a verb and we say, see from the character, Have you noticed there is the radical of water because washing needs water. What are you looking for right now? Have you seen my cell phone? Pay soda? It's black. Diego LA. Don't find it. It's on the table next to the computer. Then how? That's so good. Not evil or male. So have you seen my clothing? Home so they're not yet that red one. Well, balcony seat law. I've watched that clothing for you. Why? It's outside. Great. Now let's have a little talk about the dialogues we just learned from the dialogue, saying, hey, slip. For a reminder that a function of it is to add own confirmation. That's why it's often put after a fact or after something that has confirmed to have happened. In this case, he wants to say it's black. So adding after Hayes will make it half the confirming feeling. Moving on. Next dialog. Federal law law. Do you remember what's the function of it? It can make it change of state. Therefore, Viejo law has a feeling of don't fine now or anymore. Don't continue to find. The set makes sense. Next dialogue. Scene. In this case, homes. Red color is not a noun. It would be considered as an adjective. And do you remember if we want so Lincoln adjective to a noun, we usually would put in between. Therefore, in this case, linking homes to we have to put the in-between making it homes. While the whole meaning would be that one in red. Moving on to our last dialogue. Nadia, you for Albany seat law. For Natty. Any full for that clothing will only see. I've helped you wash it. So the sentence structure would have sounded like for that clothing, I've helped you wash it. 61. 10.6 Saying ‘and’: Good morning students. Here comes to our last session for this lesson, Lesson 10. And the topic for this time would be about, there are a couple of ways to say. Let's see how they are. Let's first start with the basic one. We all know we can say which means end. While in fact, you can also use as end, which they can both interchange. But please bear in mind. And as end can only be used within a sentence. So you may ask, then what can we do if we want to connect sentences with? And here is a suggested way which you can say, Hey, yo. High means still. Yo means half. So hi, yo, instill have. And you can also consider it as also because it's always fine when you want to connect two sentences with also as if you take it as an end. Great, Now let's see examples about using and within a sentence. I like dancing and doing sports very much. We'll have to see when Cao Cao, who saw me and my parents lived together. What Four more good AT or what Galois for more. Drew was 80. There is a BAD, a desk and a chair in the room. Your twang or your twang jewel. It's great. So what about using n to connect sentences? Let's see the below examples. I hope to go travel in China and x here. And I plan to learn Chinese to go Wadi Joe, hey Joe, washroom base year ago when? Next one? I went to learn dancing today and went to see a movie together with my little brother. What Jenkins, sheila. Hi Logan, DD, THE final one. My name is Tom and I mean Chinese. Water means more. Hail washer. You go to war again. Are they all clear? I'll see you in the next lesson. 62. Speaking Practice L9-10 : Now we're going to do a conversational practice again for the previous chapters. Let's get started. I am sure la, la, la, la. Hi, I'm sure will be the cash rate for man. What's a needle? Woman? Kingdom? 63. 11.1 He’s sung for a long time: How Long time no, see comes to our lesson 11. And the topic is, let's start with our first word, which is seeing it is a verb and we call it Chong. On this ONE actually mean saying while. Mean song. By looking at the character Chung, do you realize on the left-hand side there is a radical of mouth? That's why Chang is something related to mouth. And to help you memorize chunks, you can call it sing song. But mind you, it is a verb. Great. Now let's see how we use Chang. Chang is actually the short form of seeing. But chunked together is often used at the end of sentence, while Chang alone is often used in the middle of a sentence. Do you realize the situation's quite similar to what we have learned for CSE. Yo, yo. Paul, Wu, et cetera. As all of these words, the first character will be the main verb. Now it's time to see some examples. I've sung for a long time. What is he singing? Singing very much. How are you recently? Hypo swap. Quite good. To conquer the Usha. Who is that person went to sing with you yesterday? A friend. Shen Ponyo. What friend? Polio. It's boyfriend, right? No, no. Gender bushier. Honestly know why? He's introduced by my classmate. So again, the easyJet. We met the first time yesterday. Great. Now let's take a look of the dialogues we just learned. From the dialogue. Need seating Sam Yang for it. So we learned sway means most. While seen means close. Well, for its 18 together in terms of distance, we would use it as closest. But then if we use it in terms of period of time, CT would become the meaning of recently. That's because recently is the closest time period, two now, next one. High as high means still. And if you remember, we have sad means, quite good. So high boots all together we become, it's quite good. Next dialogue. So what are they ready for? Huge hunk. How should we dissect the sentence? Well, I think we have covered this kind of structure for a lot of times, but it's still good to refresh your memory. Yeah. So basically, for hunger means go to sync with you. We can consider it as a possessive would be person. Therefore, the whole sentence would be the person who go sing with you. While we also learned another way, which is to consider the as who or that. And we'll start with R1, which is person is who or that huge hunk is go to sing with you. So the sentence would still be the person who goes sync with you. Which way do you think it's easier for you? Moving on to our final dialogue, wall at home CAT, and it's actually means war at home CATIA trial data. And do you remember for sure? And the combination, we are emphasizing the content in between, which is war at homes j th. Therefore, it means this person. He is introduced by my classmate. 64. 11.2 Comparing: Welcome guys. Here it comes to our lesson 11 pontoon topic is comparing. And in this lesson, we are going to learn how to compare things. Let's start with our critical word, which means compare it to we say, b, b, b. So how do we use B? Well, when you want to compare things, you would say a, compare it to be about the adjective or a description. Is that right? So here is C structure about this. We would say a, b, b, followed by adjective. And then we would describe by how much, if you like. Let's learn my examples. Gcg abuse. So it's older brother compared to me, older for two years. So it means my brother is two years older than me. Next one. So my older sister be compared wall to me, go taller either by a little bit. So it means my sister is a little taller than me. Another example, man, mad so had before hub, true. My mom cooking is better than me. While drug offense, the Bateson be nega homes the way her door. So basically it means this pink cup is a lot more expensive than the red one. Great. What about if we want to say something like not as in English? For example, I'm not as tall as him. So to do this, we would say a male bee adjective. And by using this structure similar to English, there is no indication of how much of that adjective and instructor, why US mail. That's because a, not have the quality that B has. Does everything makes sense to you? Great, Let's see some examples corresponding to the previous ones. I'm not as old as my brother. While mailed CATIA call. I'm not as tall as my older sister. Wore male madman, so it's high. How true? My cooking is not as tasty as mumps. And finally, Nika home, so that beats Mayo drug offenses or the way that red cup is not as expensive as this pink one. 65. 11.3 He's 4 years older than me: Let's learn some new words. The first one, a child, or children, or a kid. High. And by looking at the character, we have mentioned that is actually related to baby. And high on the left-hand side, you also notice there is a radical of which it is a radical relates to babies. That's why it makes sense that high means kit or a child. Heights. Heights. And infection with HIV. We can also say girl or boy. Simply put, knew before high. New highs would be girl and men, heights would mean boy. But then actually different part in China would like to have different practice of saying in the North spot, they tend to say New, hard to mean girl, and then Haar to mean boy. But it is all the same. Next word, photo or a picture. Draw PN. Let's take a quick look of the character. Draw. From the bottom of a character. It looks like there is heat. In fact, these four dots are the radical of heat. Because when you take photo, there is flash may be. So it's kind of related. Job, job. These are all photos from long time ago. European Jew that Tunisia GMR. Is this girl on the right dancing your sister? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Sure. What? This boy on the left Learning writing is my brother. How old is he now? He's 20 years old. Now. I'm four years older than him. He's still at university. Great. Let's go over the dialogues we learned. Just see a doctor hands you can't law. For C2. It means these are all. While you eat yet. Actually means long time ago. Head is very seal is longtime. Espn is in the past or a go. And we all know jaw pain is photos while the LA is just to make it change of state. So these are all long time ago photos already. The final dialog. Okay. Do you remember? Means go to school. Therefore, Xiang Jia would be go to university. Therefore means he is still going to university. This sentence would imply that his younger brother is still young and still a university student. But not actually saying he's at the university right now. 66. 11.4 It’s cheaper than yesterday!: We are going to talk about Lesson 11. Pump for every topic for today is cheaper than yesterday. Let's see our first word. We already know by. So how about cell? To say cell, It's when comparing to buy, which is mad. They look pretty similar and they sound pretty similar. But you have to remember by its third tone. Y0 cell is fourth tone. Moving on, let's see how to say cheap. There are a few characters and they are PAN. Didn't practice, is normally set in no tone. So next word. It means 500 gram, which is half of one kilogram. And we call it a reminder that we have learned kilogram which is gone. That's why it makes sense. That is half. Seem kinda hoping goal. How is the price for a red apples today? Renminbi, 50 per kilogram. It's cheaper than yesterday. Tolkien PIE. Yes, green apples are also cheaper than yesterday. The Ariba. Quickly get some pantyhose. The appeal. Great. Let's see how the dialogues where from the first one seems kinda home Hume quad. According to the direct translation in which become today's red apples. How she sell. In fact, it means how surprise for red apples today. Because I'm actually asking how you are selling these red apples. Moving on, let's see the dialogue. Down quite wall eating. What does that mean? What is Dan? Dan Kai means to renminbi and actually down quite wool would become to Pune five or 2.5 Renminbi. Is it pretty straightforward? Next one, beads or PNG? For beads, what he had piano. The dialogue just didn't say, it actually means seeing the home Hugo, beads or tube is it's just too long. Therefore, it still means Today's red apples are cheaper than yesterday. Next dialogue. Ne, quite either by quickly get some, well, lie. We know Lie means come. That means a little. So it means come and little. In fact, because it has two indication that have some apples come to you. So it means half a little. So this scene is pretty similar to how we learned in Chapter 6 when we order food. We said Lidar, but it means have some. And finally, last dialogue. Now boy, yeah, pantyhose Gua. Gua. For a yao, it means need to or a half to half. So in this situation, when you're buying, right, you would sound like you're determined to have that item. So therefore, we can use yellow to make our half. I have to have this or that. Is that clear. 67. 11.5 You probably don’t know her: Good afternoon. Here come see our last session for this lesson, lesson 11.5. And the topic is, you probably don't know. So how do we say probably? It can mean maybe, possibly or probably. The Chinese is. Now another new word, which is sir name. We call it seal. So how do we use them? And how do we ask, what's your surname? In fact, we just say, nice seal Sharma. Sharma. And when you apply, you want to say my surname is that would be water seal, followed by your surname. To sure why I've drawn one love. That woman who is speaking at the front is just my Chinese teacher. Mom. Is it that one outside the dollar will read through ten? Guess. You probably don't know her mom. She she came last year. Passed. Her surname is Zhang Senior, I should say. She's 28 years old. Really happy, warm and sway. She's four years younger than her teacher. Great. It's time to have a look of dialogues from the first dialogue. Champion. A new CEO. Sure what the goal when love. Sure. Let's dissect the sentence. We have chalks about this kind of structure many times. So believe this would just be a reminder. Considering the essay possessive word cn, vn means in the front. Law, the speaking nag and new Ren batch woman. Therefore, in total, it would mean that woman who was speaking in the front. Now you see another way considering the as who or that. And it would be easier for us to start at the end of sentence. Then is batch woman is Who speaking began in the front. So it still means that woman who is speaking in the front. Great. Now let's move on to the next dialog. True men, why the NAG, umma for sure Of Men? Why the NACA? If you use one of the two ways from the previous dialogue, you will know the meaning is, it's that one outside the door. Next dialogue, scene, light the man. For sure, and the combination. Do you remember it is used to emphasize the content in between, which is c. So what is seen? It means newly come Asher seen light among Kenneth means is she knew Lee come. So basically asking, Is she a new teacher? 68. 12.1 ‘得dé’: Good evening. Here comes to our new lesson, Lesson 12.1. And today we are going to learn a new word and learn how to use it, which is the heavy ever thought of how to say the sentences in Chinese suggest she sings well, they didn't study too well. I didn't swim too fast. He runs slow, is cetera. The common point for these sentences are that you would say the verb phrase and then end with the adjective, which is used to describe the action or the firm. To learn how to say these sentences. Let's learn how to say the below character, which is a supporting word. And because there is a supporting character, usually we would just see it in no tone. The, the, the, so what is the to do with the sentences that we have mentioned? So basically you would say the verb first and then end with adjective. Mind you because the, the here would be the supporting word. So it would be a no tone. Also, there's a piece of information. The verb used is normally, is just one character. That's because we tend to only pick the main verb. And usually as a main verb is just one single character. Okay, let's see some examples. Show that Zao mean sleep early. Paul that runs quake. Drew the UN, doesn't lift 25. Ca the boots Hall writes quite well. Yoda, with high man distance, when to slow the high clay. You did. Okay? Or deaths. Okay. Great. Getting back to the structure for the adjective, because usually we use just one character. Sometimes there may be confusion cost. For example, what as Coke, you say to a tie. But the main verb is x4. Therefore, if you want to say cook really well, you say true. Which saw also means do or make. So it is not too clear, it's specific for cooking. So in these situations, what do we do? So the normal practice would be, you say the whole verb first, for example, towards high, and then the main verb, which is Thaw, follows by the end adjective, hen house. So the whole verb that you say is to use, intending to provide more clear information in order not to cause any confusion about what the activity is actually talking about. Therefore, let's see our first example. How to say she dances very well. Well, there are two ways. The first way would be go according to the new structure rule that we learned, whole verb, verb, adjective, wireless. Second way is actually based on that while using some other techniques that we learned all over in the lessons. First way, Fei Chang ha. You would say the whole verb tau, which is used to make it more clear. Otherwise, tau, it means jump. Second way to tell the phage hall Ha, because who is dance, which is noun. So with the doll, which is a possessive word, would make it her dancing, dance, fake haha. Does that sound clear to you? While also, when you speak faster, the possessive word can be omitted. And she can actually say, Great, let's see another example. You speak Chinese quite well. So it means you're quite good at speaking Chinese. The first way, me for sure, the boards Hall. The second way. Sure. The boards Hall. Next. He doesn't write Chinese characters well. First way. Second pad CAN also mom doesn't cook very well. First way. Man, I saw the true second way. Ma'am, I saw that. My sister sings very well. Cha how to heel or heel. Great. Now that you should be familiar with how to use the in the sentence, right? So what about adding a comparing elements? So you can use it to compare with others, such as he does that thing better than me. So how do we do? Basically, you would just have to combine that, the structure as well as be structure which shows comparison into one. Let's recap a little bit. For the structure. You would say whole verb and then verb, adjective. While the comparison be shrunk, trial would be a, B, B, which is a, compare it to be adjective. And then by how much, which we have learned in the previous lesson. Now, let's combine them. That would make it a, B, B, whole verb, verb, the adjective. And finally, by how much? Don't think it's difficult, because if you see the examples, it would make total sense for you. And eventually, when you get familiar with all these applications, you can totally forget these kind of formula. Let's start with a examples. She dances a lot better than me. The first way. How one door. So actually it says. 69. 12.2 ‘得dé’’s Application: Here comes to our new lesson, Lesson 12, Pontiac. And in this lesson, we are going to talk more about the use of here you would see more examples and applications. This special character, which is a way to familiarize yourself with the use of the male. How was your sleep last night? Show that boards who are pretty well the median Shang with GD&T from when do you get up every morning. Tdn door 7, 8. Maybe you want your one hour earlier than me. Why Florida yet? So I also sleep early. 18 TO why you shouldn't use Rachel. I sleep at ten every night. South rates outs here. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy. Very nice. Let's have a talk of the dialogues that we just covered. Want ME TOO, I found true then CO3 Zhao. Here's a reminder. One function that SEO is to provide a sense of earliness or make the sentence sound soon. So if the sentences with that CEO, which is wall main takeaway found free dance suites, yell, it would be quite plain sounding. I sleep at ten every night. However, with the CEO after sure, at the end, which is 10, it wouldn't make ten o'clock sound really early. So it kind of implies that every night at ten, I go to see already. Next dialog. So a phrase out here. What does that mean? Well, it is like a Chinese Lang, which means sleep early and get up early. Mixture health good. Does that sound interesting to you? Lidar me and Taliban. Have some more noodles. Need through the law. You a2 little push ALA. It's not literal. Ready? Boys engage you that high dollar. I've eaten too much today. Now what a woman to Yo-Yo, Ma. Then let's go swimming later. Mi yo yo yo man. How is your swimming? Pool them? Yeah, I'm not very good. Well, May be why Yoda acquire door. My sister swims much faster than me. Great time to discuss Dialogues now. Okay, satellite army and shall be a reminder it means again or further. So in this situation, we'll use as further. For a direct translation, it would become further comes some noodles, which basically means have some more noodles. Next dialog. Now why you die? A woman, she Yo-Yo Ma. What is one? As one means late while he means a little bit. So as the time it means later. Next one, you will realize there is a dialogue. When that person replying, she says boots. In fact, when people ask you how is something like sent me young Andrew applies for, would send me on it, which means nothing special. You can actually apply this reply to many different things. Like, how is your day, how a sphere exam, how's your work? When you say bullets and me on, that would just mean nothing special. 70. 12.3 Minus 10 degrees: Let's start our new lesson, Lesson 12, 13. The topic is minus ten degrees. What's our new word for today? Snow, which is a verb and we say CEA. Does that recall you of which is ray would be down, which is the verb, and C would be the snow, but it is a noun. Next word, degrees, which is a measure term for a temperature. Sino word, where this square is a verb, but it's not used for accessories. So you can say you wear clothes, HA pair of socks, jeans, skirts, etc. But not for hat or watches or scarves or any kind of accessories. We call it. Yes, you can't see. It's knowing the weather, it's so code. Yes. It's got minus ten degrees, right? What's yada? Yeah. Oh, I think it has the trend that drama shot. You're wearing this little one main quieting funds in the bank. Let's quickly go inside the house. How about sure. Great. Do you understand all those dialogues? For now? Let's see a couple of them to make sure you understand all of them. First one. Yeah. Oh, yeah, sure. So what is legal means? Directly translate it. It means below 010 degrees. So it means 10 degrees below 0. Therefore minus 10 degrees. Now have a thought. How would you say minus five degrees? The answer is, yeah. I bet you got it right. Moving on, next dialogue. How bad? It means. Sure. Here's the reminder. How to use it. Usually you use it when replying to a suggestion. And remember, it has a neutral tone. Therefore, it sounds less enthusiastic than how, which provides an exclamation feeling. 71. 12.4 He wants to live closer: Welcome to our new lesson. Lesson 12 percent for the topic is he wants to live closer. Great. Now let's start our new wide, which is close. The adjective clause. And we call it seem. There's a little reminder about scene. When you say scene, which means nose close, in terms of time period, it would become recently. Seen. What are you busy with recently? What? Galois bank hydrography. My younger brother asked me to help him look for a house. Csi UN. Currently his home is a little bit far from company. Judah yet Tinto who have had it be really tired living far. Sure. Hist1 known Troodon, CA. Yes. He also hopes to live closer. 72. Speaking Practice L11-12: Now we're going to do a conversational practices. Hi, Hi Sinead, Mei, Mei, yo, yo, yo, they're quiet. 73. 13.1 verb-‘着zhe’: Welcome. This is Lesson 13. The topic for today is followed by a new line about what is and how to use it in the lesson. Great, let's learn the character. It is pronounced as dry with no tone because it's a supporting word. And the function for it is to express a state. Let's have a little discussion about this character. First, draw is used to express a state of an activity in a certain moment. So what state is that? The answer is a represent the English tense, which is I-N-G form. You may think I-N-G form isn't that present continuous tense? We already use that to our present, present continuous tense. How come now that there is another character jaw? To reply this question, we don't have to consider draw as a present continuous tense, but to consider it as an I-N-G form, expressing a peaceful and still state. This might sound abstract. So what does that really mean? Great. I'll show you some examples which can help you understand. While before that, remember we often put jaw after the verb. Given the English sentence, I'm wearing a purple overcoat. In Chinese, how you use say and jaw with the verb will make the sentence meaning change. Let's start comparing. Use of Zai Di Yi. Next, use of jaw. Watch. These pictures clearly illustrate what's the difference. If you say, say, the meaning emphasizes on the action of wearing. You can see from the picture that the girl is wearing her coat. However, if you say it shows that the state, the code is already on the person's body, so she's wearing it, but literally in a peaceful and still state. So here are a few notes about the differences between psi and jaw. You say, which die shows a current action more while jaw shows a column and still state for the verb. Also, for its, that you would focus on the verbs action, which is wearing in this situation. Jaw. The verb is not the focus within the whole sentence. Great. Shall we see some more examples about the use of drugs? Drugs. She's listening to songs. He's looking at me. He's thinking about the exam tomorrow. So you would notice these verbs, RSV done in a peaceful and still state. For now, since you already know how to use Java, what about its negative form? The factors, it's quite similar to use of, say, when you want to express the active form, you would either use or may. Let's go back to the example. She's not listening to songs. You can say or may till he's not looking at me. Or may tangent wall. Finally, he's not thinking about the exam tomorrow. Or may Sandra immune kinda call Sure. 74. 13.2 ‘着zhe’’s Application: So, good morning. Here comes the eye lesson 13, pontoon. And today we are going to see more about the application of the character. Mankind cannot come in, the door is open, which are, well, I'd like to ask if Mr. Jones here is out already. Neisseria would say Come again in the afternoon. How that may Wednesday. Sure, No problem. Great. Here's a little bit explanation about the dialogues. For men. As men means store, while means opening. But as we are using jaw. So the meaning would be door is in an open state. That's because the door is opened in a peaceful and still state. Does that make sense? 75. 13.3 She’s smiling while speaking: Hi guys. This is Lesson 13. 13. She's smiling while speaking. Let's start our new word. Smile or laugh. This is a verb and we say CL. Does the character is cell, looks like someone is smiling. Cao. Cao. Cao. Next word. It means hold or a take. We say for the character, Have you noticed there is a hand there? Exactly. It's because hold or take relates to hand. Next word, pen. And we say B from the character be the top bit is radical of bamboo. Also the bottom part. It means fur or hair. Why is that? Just look here. In the old times, that's how I pin looks like. The longest part which you hold the pen is made of bamboo. While in the tip which you use ink to write is made a fiber. That's why B. B. Next word. It means pencil. We say CAN BE for it because it means lead. So while in New Hampshire, Shama. Do you know who is that girls speaking while smiling? I know her surname. Pacioli. Her surname is Lee Tada. Her sister is my classmate. In Azure TMP than men heights. So what about that guy holding a pencil in his hand? I don't know him. Great. Let's have a short discussion about the dialogues here. The true class and new hire Shama. For. Ah, it's noticed there are two verbs or activities, which is cell, smile, and show. One speaks. And here is a reminder for the verb That's links withdraw. The focus will not be this activity. And flow within the sentence. Would be the focus while cell is just at a still state. Therefore, the whole meaning for seizure sure. Which mean speaking while Smiley. Moving line. Heights. Reminder for the first man. As it is placed at the beginning of sentence, it means in that case or so. For the second part of the sentence, surely magic b, it means holding a pencil in hand. The situation actually shows that the action is in a still and peaceful state. So you simply just hold it. That's not really getting it or fetching it. To do, imagine the picture. 76. 13.4 Use of ‘长zhǎng’: Good afternoon, class. Comes to our new lesson 13. And today we are going to learn how to use this character called Create. Let's start with our first squared, which is a character from Shang Ban. Used alone, the meaning would become class. Next character, which is the focus of this lesson. It's dry. And it means develop or grow, which is the verb. Jiang. Jiang. If you're familiar with the characters enough, you would definitely ask me this question. Is, this counter is pronounced as Chong Jiang? Now, the answer is it has two ways to say it, which also refers to two different meanings. For we know it means long, which is the adjective. While for Jiang this time it means develop or grow, which is a therapy usually referring to your body growth. Let's see some examples to learn how to use Jiang. You can't say jug and then tos drawn Gaul, which directly means this boy grows so tall. So it's simply just means this boy is so tall. Additional information. What is known as nan means male. And tones means classmate. So hold J equals to school boy or male classmate or a male fellow student. Next, ETL, drunk. So my son has already grown. For Jiang. Please note that it is a term which means grown or grown up. Next. Jumping ahead, Heather knew I drank the how how can this is Jiang starter logs fairing pretty. As we know, Jiang means grow or develop. When describing look as pretty. You can also consider it actually means grow CB pretty. That's why in such situation, we can use John T4, neo new York. Heard that you have a girlfriend or do you? I know her. Now, go down. It's just that girl in our class who has big eyes, feet high, and also loves smiling. And know who is it for. Her appearance is quite good. I don't know. Wait a minute. Isn't that she has a boyfriend? Male? No. She hasn't. Eating. That one is already her ex-boyfriend. Great. Now let's see some of the dialogues. 17 for New York law means girlfriend. Well, new York will be short form from home. So it also means girlfriend. While nano would be the short form from non polynomial, which also just means boyfriend. Next dialog. Jewish or woman drowned. I saw the new hire for it. Jiang. Jiang. Jiang means grow. Therefore it's growing on her body. Was show is still stayed. Therefore it is Jiang. Jiang. It doesn't mean the action of growing, but it's grown there as a fill stage. For the dialogue. We means her parents is quite good. Job, means grow. So we also can use this as a verb to describe a period of great. How about this dialogue? Done the manual? For the second part? It is actually using the shirt, the combination. And we all know this function is to emphasize the content in between. Therefore, in this situation, it's emphasizing your Nan has boyfriend. In a question. It would become nano, the mom. Is it that she has a boyfriend? Y0, if you want to say, is it not that she has a boyfriend? You would add pool before shirt to make it happen. I'll show you the moon. Does that make sense to you? Finally? Law that one's already her ex-boyfriend. Or it would mean eggs, boyfriend or girlfriend. This use can also be applied to eggs, husband or wife, which we would say tin foil or CNC, which full is from John. While t is fine. 77. 13.5 ‘一直yìzhí’ & ‘往wǎng’: Good evening class. Comes to our new lesson 13 palm phi B are going to learn. Let's start with E. It means all along the whole time, all the way. As Drew for your information, it means straight. Great. Now let's see another new word. It means turn or towards, but usually just use for directions only. Wow. Wow. So how are we going to apply these two weights? Let's see some examples of them. Starting with Drew bourgeois. He hasn't been speaking the whole time today. War II drew C11 team. Last year. I always hoped to get into this university. So you can consider E true as all along, all the way. So the sentence also means, I've all the way all along hope to get into this university. E grids all need to. I can now CASEL go straight and you see the school. So the use of eager is pretty straightforward this time, because he drew is I go straight ahead, goes straight on, etc. There's also another reminder about the character 0, which makes the sentence sound like early or soon. Therefore, it implies that soon you'll see the school. Also we have mentioned, means successfully C. Great. Now how about the use of one? Let's start with some examples. Need to further go straight for 10 minutes. You would be there. There is a reminder of the character LA, which is function is to change of state. So it mixes sentence sounds like you would arrive a ready after going straight with further ten minutes. Is that clear? As Wong is used to show direction, we can use in this way. One saw can look to the left. Huang Shang can look about. 78. 13.6 Go straight ahead: Hello fellow students. Here comes the our last session for this lesson. It's 13 P6. The topic is, go straight ahead. Let's start with a couple of new words. First one, it means hotel or hostel. So basically it's smaller kind of hotel. We say go for it. You know, it's always a place related character. Next word, a crossroad. And we say call as Lou means road, while kol means mouth. So it is like the mouth of the road. Like this. Coal. Coal. When Jelly Bean quite excuse me, is Beijing Hotel far from here? No. It's only 10 minutes walk me non-goal. So what can you tell me how to go? Songjiang Kai Shi Huang, gentle. Walk straight ahead starting from here. Dollar Jamie and the local Taiwan yodel. When arrived the crossroad at the front, further to the right. How? Csea. Sure. Thank you. 79. 14.1 But I’ve watched it: Welcome to our lesson. For it seemed a topic is, but I have watched it. Let's see our first word. Although see ran next one. But then, Sure, sure, sure. These keywords are really important because they are a combination. When you say it, normally you would start with saying although then, but Sui Ran then. Sure. I'd say couple of examples. So your antiseizure, John Warren. Thanks. Sea hands. Other He's a Chinese. He can't write Chinese characters. Saran Warp will I do shoe downward when the shanks yet? Although I don't like to study, I like to go to school very much. You may have noticed the sentence use ban instead of Dan. Sure. What happened here? In fact, then is a short form of Ben. Sure. So in future, if you hear anybody using done, don't think it's a new word. It just means Dang Shu. But next one. Sir, I was drunk, double hug, can glom the gall. Although I'm not good-looking. I am tall. Daniel. This movie is very interesting. Have you watched it or not? No, I haven't. No woman shadow. Then let's go watch together next weekend. But I watched it before already. Great. Let's have a short discussion about the dialogue. Jirga Daniel. What is yo? Yo directly with mean half? Means, meaning. So yo ys together is an adjective saying meaningful or interesting. 80. 14.2 I’ve been to China for a good few times: Welcome to Lesson 14. And the topic is been to China. For a good. Let's start with our first word. Play it. While. In Northern China, people often say why instead of when. Do you notice there's an r sound after one? In that case, it can help distinguish between when we finish one and play one, which they have the same sound. When the bushy. Isn't that you've been to China already? Yeah. Hi, Satya. You still want to go? Yes. Although I've been to China for a good few times to wildlife. But I still want to go again for some fun. Now, what do Yao ET tube? Then I'll go together with you. How? Sure. Now if you gave me that, I will give you a call die, then. Very nice. Let's have a talk about some dialogues around where to go or how far, how seeds. How means good, means few times. So it means good few times. In fact, we can use the structure for how C and followed by a measure term. Example. How can a good few people? How a good few months, how soon see a good few weeks, etc. Next, dialog to wildlife. For wire, wire. We know y means play. Play, play decision member. We have learned when verbal each other. It means do that firms for a short while. In that case. Why? Why would mean have some fun? Finally? Gagne dad. Yeah, one for a dao. Sure. Who as tao means arrive or reach. O means time. So it means when the time arrived or by then, or by that time. To use it. Remember, it is used to indicate future. 81. 14.3 次cì – times (measure term): Welcome guys. Here it comes to our new lesson 14. 13. Here we are going to have a discussion about this. Remember, in our level 1 course, we have a sentence structure rule which helps you to know how to put the times and activity into the right position in a sentence. Let's go back and take a little look of it. We start with the subtract time, the duration one, which is the time needed to get to the place. How one, which is how to get to the place, the place. And then how to, which is the way you perform the activity. And then followed by action, which is the activity. And finally end with saying that duration 2, which is how long to activity lasts. So what is it to do with the Mesha time for a time? In fact, it would be put also in the duration 2, which is the duration lasts for the activity. Or can be put in duration one, which is the time needed to get to the place. Let's see some examples. What Shou Gua, gua sensilla as been to the UK for three times. Next one. Nicu, who are eats among? Can you say it again for one more time? However, there's also a reminder about this rule. The action and the duration can be mixed. Provided the action has a main verb and a supporting verb or extra information. For example, yo, yo, surely it's Yao, Paul pool. So Lu, slogan, et cetera. Do you see their similarities? As for all of them, the first character would be the main verb. As we have already learned, how to mix the action and duration two. Now let's see how it makes the action and sue. For example, Watson to Leontes the Bayesian, I want to go to Beijing twice, which would be the main verb. While Bay would be some additional information. Therefore, you can split to two and put in between them. Does that make sense to you? What seen cancel. I have chicken to buzz twice today. 82. 14.4 Go by yourself: Good afternoon. Here comes the new lesson 14. Topic is great. Now let's start with our new what, which is on one's own oneself. We say, See next one, sunny day. For its yield. It actually means sunny while Tn mean stay, therefore together It's tn, tn, tn, tn. So how do we use energy? In fact, when you use it, remember to put the for the activity and it has to be after the subjects. Let's see some examples. May seem that weight, Susie 20, Pula. My little sister can now wear the clothes by herself. Sites, yeah. I was home alone yesterday. Why there is IGA after it's actually IGA means one. But as a function here to emphasize, to focus, I was self alone, self one person on my own. So people often like to use z eager to emphasize that yours so alone. But of course, if you don't use IGA using fancy, it's still all right. Therefore, the sentence can make it wards audiences. And just batch. Next example needs you watching the movie alone. Well, this time we use EEG again to emphasize that you do this alone, self alone on your own watching movie. How is tomorrow's weather? Although it's a sunny day tomorrow. But it will be cold outside. Now, women high cookbook. So can we still go out to run? I'm sorry. You may have to go on your own because I still have lots of things to do. 83. 14.5 I’ve bought once from here: Good evening. Here it comes. Lesson 14, 15. The topic is, bought one needs Asiago, Shangdi, Silla Mayo. Have you ever bought things from this store? My leaves. I've bought once. Chart. I don't see the Things You Are Not bad. Just the service is not too good. For. I like this clothing very much. But I think it's a little expensive. 200 Riemann views still quite good. When Joe, my bar. If you like it, just buy it. Great. Let's have a low talk about the dialogue. See ocher for war. Both haha, just that the service is not too good. Do you say remember we learned for UN, which is a servicing staff, for example, a waiter, a hotel customer service officer, etc. Therefore, for war means service. 84. Speaking Practice L13-14 : Now we're going to do a conversational practice again for the previous chapters. Let's get started. I wasn't maybe its own jelly. How the CSU hi. 85. 15.1 The New Year is coming!: Let's first start with our new word, which means fire. We say, there's a character who looks like it's on fire. Ha, ha, great. Let's see our new wide train, the transport train. And we say For we know means fire and Cha, means vehicle. But together is train. That's because the old times probably use coal and fire to operate a train. Is it? Next one? It has a couple of meanings. One instead, which is the verb. In second, it means station or stop or a stand. And we call it Jen. For example, we will call train station as watch her Jan. While bus station or a bus stop. Does that make sense to you? Jan. Jan. Finally, our last word for today, which is ticket. We say, wow. So for example, how do we say train to get that wish be? Cao. Cao Shi. Law has of December has gone by already. Seen in the new year is soon coming. What do you plan to do during the new year? While c1 xi fat glob, glycine me and I hope to spend the new year in France. Hand Hawaii. Head that it's fun there were made to go. But it hasn't been there before. Have you bought a ticket yet? Hi, May. Oh, no. No. I still have my PR. I'll go to buy the ticket at train station tomorrow. Great. Now let's have a look of some dialogues. For Ben. It means a half. While. We know it means pass through. So the direct translation, which mean December, has already passed a half. Therefore, a general agents means half of December has gone by already. Next scene in the new year is soon coming. For x2. We know the function for it is to make sentence sound early or soon. And it basically means have to. So the whole sentence would mean the New Year's soon has to come. Great. Let's see. Next one was C12 fat girl who I seen yen. Cool. We know it means pass through. Therefore, we also have said you can use it as bent because you pass through a day or a season or a festival. So what C12 FAQ wall or CEN, would make it, I hope, to bed the new year in France. Great. Let's see next one. Tissue finale, hung Hotwire. What is Hotwire? Hall is sqrt. Wire is play. So how wire would make it good to play? Which is an adjective. While we also can interpret it as sun. Next one. The, my hope for my HA, do you remember the verb plus a half at the end structure? It basically means, well finished doing that thing. So my HA is well bought. Therefore, he's actually asking, have you finished or have you already bought a ticket yet? Finally, our last dialogue, mean can't use your target and my PR. You again. This time, the function is to make sentence sound early or soon. So with warming TEN CEO to which how I get my PR in which bake tomorrow mean Tn, sound early. Hence, it means soon by tomorrow. I will go to buy ticket at a train station. 86. 15.2 Time has gone so quickly!: Good morning guys. Here comes to our next lesson, 15 onto the topic is time has gone so quickly. And see our first word, it means everybody or all parties at that. While mean spake means family. They together with mean everybody. Bad. Bad. Yeah. Great. Let's see the next one. Even more. We say. We'll also learn how to apply this word later on in our lesson. Gun. Shooting for the January. Time is gone so quickly. Seeing the Darla. The New Year is soon coming. Hey count CSU rule. Thanks for the help in the past year. C1 warm and the goals. Gung ho or a company would do even better next year. Great. Let's have a look of the dialogues. Seen. The quiet Dao law. Why do we use instead of what's the difference? It would have the implication for the whole year. While for CNN, it means new year. So when we say it, it is more often used to describe the new year as a celebration or Festival. Hence, the 1st of January instead of the whole year. Therefore, comparing seen the union to CBN, seen the union will imply the whole branch New Year. Wireless CBN would be just the new year as a celebration. Next dialog. Hey, Kang CATIA rule. We use Joy. Why is that? Using the logic from the previous dialogue, it would mean this whole year. So the dialogue just says, thank you all for the help in the past Hj. Does that make sense to you? 87. 15.3 It’s already 8:45: Hello everybody. Here comes to our next lesson, 1503. Already. 45. Great. So for now, let's learn a new function. Though. We have learned before it means all or both. But the new function, we have a new meaning, which means already. Unlike meaning all or both. When you use this function, you can put though at the beginning of sentence. Don't quite get it. No problem. Let's have some examples. Dd though, bass, sweet law, high bulk weights and Z 24. My brother is eight years old already and still cannot wear the clothes by himself. And you would notice, though, as already, can also be interchanged as E, which means already. Since I law, it's already 50 clock now. And from this example, you would realize though and he jiang can be used together. So with to our readies in the sentence, it will even emphasize on already 50 clock. But remember, when you use though and eating together though is used before ETL. Next one, though, drama, CEO law. It's already been so long. How can we still hasn't arrived? So bad in Suzhou Wardlaw. It's already 845. The polio, it's a Mohamed. How come your friends still hasn't arrived? Let's wait for a few more minutes. Though. Federal law. We have already waited for 15 minutes. Woman bushier. Sure. Hotline, bad embed C and the mom. Did we agree to meet at 830? How about fine. Let me give him a call with the SEC. He has come. Ha I can hear him talking. Great. Now let's have a look of dialogues. Do bad in sushi law. It's already eight 45 for guiding social war. Now that you are at level two, I would like to let you know. Bad in social war will be the short form for bad in Suzhou wolf sun. So basically you can just omit the fan, but can still make sense for expressing the time. Moving on. Woman pusher show holla. How do we dissect the sentence? For Wolman bush? It means is that we while hall law, it means well said, suggesting that we have well confirm that. Therefore, it means agreed. For benzene is simply says meet at 830. While for the day at the end of sentence, it has a confirming sound. In total, the whole question would be, is that we have well said well confirm that we are going to meet at 830. 88. 15.4 It’s soon raining!: Good morning everybody. And the topic is it raining? Great. Now let's start our first and final words for today. That's cloudy day. We say on its own means cloudy. While 10, we know. I mean stay. By looking at a character. Do you notice there is this word which equals to moon or a month hidden in the word. Exactly. You can relate in a cloudy day, the sky with turn dagger and the moon would be coming out. The sky is starting to get gloomy. I have to go home now. How that? Sure. It soon has to rain. Let me accompany you home. May see. It doesn't matter what Sandy it's all controlled way to TIAA-CREF is just fine. I take the bus home by myself. The blue shall be careful on your way back. How shall see next time. Great. So what's happening in the dialogues? Let's have a look. In LA. The new meaning for a TN is it also means sky. So the sentence would mean the sky is turning to be gloomy or cloudy. Next was Sony, which Uber. For some, we know it has a couple of meanings. First, which is to deliver. Second, it means GIF for three. So for now we use some SN2 liver. But meanings the liver, we can also refer it to mean giving someone a lived or accompanying him to his destination. Therefore, was Sony, which indicates that our company you back or get you home. Great. Next one was easy way to do your clay law. For ward synergy to wage shoe? It means I take the bus back by myself. With mean. It's just okay. So in total, it means it's just fine. The outtake the bus home by myself. This sentence is quite long. So when you say it, you can give it a break between the two Watson's eat. So control which you puke. Moving on. The Lucia Bandar, what is luge on Bandar? Knee is Yu Zhang is on the road or on the way. Men, that means lower. What does that mean? Does that mean you have to be slower on the way? In fact, it implies that you have to be careful on your way back. As walk slower with suggests the idea of safe. Because when you walk slower than less, accidents would happen, right? Grade our final scene. Ha being sure, See you next time. So next time, while Chanson means last time. So these are the new whites, which he can take a note. Great, it's time to see you next time. 89. 15.5 See you in a short while!: Hi guys. This will be our last session. I hope you enjoy the previous lesson and learn something useful. Great, Let's say our lesson. We are going to learn a new term to say in a short while or later. We say, Great. Now let's see how to use it then and see some examples. Now, Yangzhou polio like to go to my friend's house later. Next one. Uniquely them or can you wait me for a while? What soil you control? And have taken only for a while of bus before arriving to your place. Okay, so now we can go back to the sentences. Let's see how you can act differently in the sentences. But before we start, do you still remember the sentence structure rule that we learned in level 1? Great. For the first example for you while Xian to Ponyo, it's yeah, For you. It would in this case become time in the sentence structure rule because I later want to go to my friend's home. But for the second example, you require will become duration 2, which means a time that an activity lasts as NICU don't want you with me. Can you wait for me for a while? Do you see the various use of new choir? While for the third example, You would become the duration one because it is the time that needs to take you to a place. Next part, we're going to see some examples about GMB, which is even more. So usually when you use it in a sentence, gang is followed by some information. War beneath guns, see when balance you. I like playing basketball even more than you need. Saw the TA, true, then pads or the tag gang culture. The third that you Coke is tasty, but he cooks are even more tastier. Ddb, Tn. Compare to the past. My brother likes to go to school even more now. 90. Speaking Practice L15 : Now we're going to see them. Now we'll shoot the wall. How woman?