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Chinese Alternative Medicine and Nutrition

Greg Vanderford, Knowledge is Power!

Chinese Alternative Medicine and Nutrition

Greg Vanderford, Knowledge is Power!

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15 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Chinese Alternative Medicine Promo

    • 2. Lesson 1 Introduction to Chinese Medicine

    • 3. Lesson 2 Ginger Root

    • 4. Lesson 3 Lemongrass

    • 5. Lesson 4 Super Turmeric

    • 6. Lesson 5 Mint

    • 7. Lesson 6 The Chameleon Plant

    • 8. Lesson 7 Garlic

    • 9. Lesson 8 Boiled Rice Water

    • 10. Lesson 9 Cupping Therapy

    • 11. Lesson 10 Chinese Acupuncture

    • 12. Lesson 11 Lotus Seeds

    • 13. Lesson 12 Licorice Root

    • 14. Lesson 13 Ginseng

    • 15. Lesson 14 Conclusion

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About This Class

After moving to Vietnam over 10 years ago, I was immediately struck by all of the alternative medical treatments that are commonly practiced here.

Upon some investigation, it turns out that the Vietnamese practice Chinese medical techniques that have been used for thousands of years THAT WORK.

Over the years, I have observed, studied, and used a number of these techniques, from ingesting simple herbs to treat illness to the now well-known art of "cupping". 

What I have learned after living here for over a decade and undergoing all kinds of alternative Chinese medical treatments, is that these ancient methods of healing ARE VERY EFFECTIVE.

In this course, you will learn how the Chinese use the following natural foods and techniques to improve your health and longevity and even heal common illnesses and ailments:

1. Ginger

2. Lemongrass

3. Turmeric

4. Mint

5. The Chameleon Plant

6. Garlic

7. Boiled Rice Water

8. Cupping Therapy

9. Acupuncture

10. Lotus Seed

11. Licorice Root

12. Ginseng Root

13. General practices and philosophy from Ancient and Modern China


Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Vanderford

Knowledge is Power!


My courses are designed based on my many years as a teacher and student of education and business. I hold a master's degree in curriculum and instruction and have been designing curricula for over a decade.

The business, language, and chess courses that I have built are a reflection of this experience and dedication to education. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with my courses, which is why I have chosen the internet as my ideal mode of delivery.

The following is a little more about my expertise and background. I was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. I attended the University of Idaho where I earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2004. After a few years in the work force as an account manager I moved to Vietnam where I lived for over 5 ... See full profile

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1. Chinese Alternative Medicine Promo: I have a great banter forward. I have lived in Vietnam for over 10 years, and one of the first things I noticed when I first moved here was the difference in how the Chinese and Vietnamese approach help and wellness. They have an ancient tradition of treating common ailments with natural remedies, and at first I was very skeptical. But as a live your longer and I watched the locals use these different herbs, spices, roots and treatments to treat illnesses and ailments of all kinds. I realize that there's something to this. These things really work, from an acupuncture to cupping and all the herbs and spices that they use. Western medicine now backs up a lot of this stuff with empirical research, and it's even being used commonly by Western medical practitioners with MVS after their day . So this stuff really works. And so I wanted to make a course to show you guys what nutritional benefits you can get from Chinese spices, herbs and roots and what health benefits you can get from some of these common alternative medical practices, like cupping and acupuncture and things like that. So that's what the course is all about. I hope you guys get a lot out of it and I will see you inside 2. Lesson 1 Introduction to Chinese Medicine: over the course. Natural Chinese medicine that works Chinese home revenue secure. Common ailments It's very interesting, you know. Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine have historically kind of being at odds with each other. As you know, Western scientists took a research base approach and kind of looked at these Eastern practices, especially the older Eastern practices from China and elsewhere, that I'm going on for thousands of years as quackery as some sort of sort of weird voodoo type stuff that doesn't work. But ever since I've been living over here in Vietnam, which uses these Chinese practices in their everyday lives, from an actual professional doctors to just common practices that families have been using for generations. What struck me immediately after I started living here over 11 years ago is that these remedies that they use from the different herbs and concoctions that they consume to the different techniques they use, like a cupping and different types of acupuncture is that they seem to really work. People seem to really be cured about them. Originally, when I first got here, now I'm from the US. I've got a very traditional sort of upbringing and Western education at first, I pretty much just chalked it up to being a sort of placebo effect. It seems to make him feel better because they believe it. But it turns out in the time between then and now, not only have I seen these common practices very effective or a huge range of different ailments, from the common cold to physical pain and actually serious illnesses in many cases, but now Western research is supporting a lot of these different techniques, especially specifically acupuncture is now being used by Western doctors Very commonly. It's kind of like how meditation was once viewed just kind of sort of a weird Eastern Buddhist thing that is now being prescribed legally prescribed by doctors in the West to help people with anxiety and stress and things like that. I don't actually talk about meditation. This course I'm geared more towards actual things that you can ingest, consume or things that are more physical, like cupping and acupuncture. But Western medicine now very strongly supports a lot of this stuff, not every single one of these different techniques, and a lot of it is just nutritional azul, See, as we go through the course, I actually have a very good friends. A doctor in Maine in United States is an M D, and he uses acupuncture as part of his practice to heal his patients. So it's becoming more accepted because now being backed up by hundreds of studies, I'm not going to link a whole bunch of studies and research and stop to this course I make no through. Things I have learned is I have researched it, as I have seen it here on the ground in Vietnam, where they live, where they practice it. So anything that he claimed that I make your first of all, I'm not a doctor. Any claim that I make here, you know? Go ahead and look it up yourself. But these are things that I have seen with my own eyes. Also, I researched and I have used every single one of the things, this whole type. Of course, I have, uh either ingested or used myself, and I can say without a doubt that they are effectively, they at least been effective for me and people that I have seen in my actual life. So Western research confirms a lot of these things that Chinese healers have no nothing for centuries. But it's something 1000 years from These practices literally go back 5 6000 years, and they're also being used in places like India and Egypt and and all of the Middle East as well. But they were developed, seems in China, and China was the place that began using them, the earliest just like how they first invented gunpowder. Some of the earliest writing techniques and stuff, turns out, came from China. A lot of these home remedies you'll see have overlapping benefits that reinforce each other so you don't necessarily need to use them. All but a lot of them have on I've inflammatory properties tend to promote longevity are good for your Koreans, are just generally good for a lot of, uh, aspects of health and your body if your skin good for your hair if you're right and so a lot of overlap and a lot of our different. So in general, if you know how to use these, you can consume some of them. You can use all of them. It's really up to you, but it's really interesting to see how you know, using these herbs and spices and foods and techniques. They generally convent health hopefully so that you don't get six. You don't have to have a disease. You know. They can even help to prevent things like heart disease and cancer and very, very serious illicit. So this old saying that you know, announce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very much the philosophy of using these natural organic home remedies. So we don't have to visit the doctors. It will have to take a synthetic chemicals and sort of aggressive medicines that Western science has made for us to use in a hole. And I'm not getting the whole pharmaceutical industry and all the money that is behind that . Hopefully, we don't need to put chemicals into our body in order to be healthy. And that's really what this class is all about. It's much better to ingest organic natural herbs and foods and take man of eight chemicals prescribed by doctors, if possible. Even if those chemicals have been produced, you know, with billions of dollars behind them and all the research behind it, that Western medicine it has now developed over the years it's better again. Amount of doctor. I think it's common sense that if we can maintain a healthy body and mind without playing chemicals in your body, that that eyes ideal. And that's at the heart of these ancient Chinese, um, remedies that we can all and use at home. And a lot of it is just really good nutrition. One of the things become trendy recently, which is very interesting. And I observed, my first moved to be anonymous by complex by never seen before is called cupping. It's become famous now because a lot of Olympic swimmers are now starting to use cupping as a way for rapid muscle recovery during and after training. So it helps them to you recover quickly so they can work out and compete at peak performance. And so once on, Michael Phelps and others started doing this. It became a famous thing, and people began looking into it. But it's something that I've known about for a really long time, and everyone over here in Vietnam and China. They use this when they're sick. When they have flu, the coal, when they're tired, just have general fatigue in the hope when they aren't sleeping well, they use this cupping technique that I'm gonna show you guys in this course, And at first I was very skeptical. But it really works. It really seems to work. I use it on a regular basis and without exception. I always feel better after doing. It's very interesting. Certain forms as a set of acupuncture. They're not being common music. Western doctors both M V and O. D. Doctors different types of positions because there's so much research that backs up how effective acupuncture can be. And so it would be irresponsible not to follow this research and not to use it. If you're a professional medical practitioner and you know you're reading literature that is saying, this stuff is effective, you pretty much have to use. Otherwise. You're not a good doctor, right? It's acupuncturist, something that is going very mainstream across different areas of the medical field and really is just a general philosophy that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This seems to govern natural Chinese medicine, you know, obviously, thousands of years ago, they didn't even have the chemistry that we have now to make all the modern medicines that we have so I don't think I mean, what I'm saying here is not that we should never, ever use Western medicine when I talked to prescribe something to us or when we are really sick. But obviously, if we can prevent those things by being healthy by consuming really natural and powerful herbs and different things that I'm going to show you guys in this class, that is better. We want to promote longevity and help out having to resort Teoh Western Medicine, which, because it is quite aggressive, right? We're taking chemicals we're putting into our body and are forcing, you know, our body to do things. We're kind of at war with bacteria or other sicknesses that we might have. Whereas the philosophy of Chinese medicine is very much more preventing these things in the first place and promoting a natural healing, a strong immune system and overall strong bodily functions, that's his course is all about. We're gonna jump right into it by looking at a few herbs in the beginning. And then we're going to look more into some of those techniques that cupping and acupuncture, etcetera. I like this quote here. I wanted to put this in here says, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. This is an old school from the Greek doctors. Now, things for the Hippocratic oath is there was a pocket ease. He was kind of like the authority on a healing and medicine in ancient Greece. And I really think that this statement here is what it's all about. The food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. If you eat healthy and you are healthy and you understand that what you're putting into your body is not just food and nutrition to give you energy and stuff like that, but it's actually medicine. And if you understand what booze have the most nutrients and have the most antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, then you can maintain very, very strong health throughout your life and live a really long time to finding out that a lot of Asians are living longer. Now that a lot of people in the West we had a longer life span for a long time. It kept going up of the decades as we became wealthier. And because of you know, more wealth, General means you're gonna four more healthy food. It's starting to reverse itself. Now, as more people in the West are obese, consume too much sugar, consume too much fast food and too much bad fats and things like that. Whereas metal see from this course and from following an ancient Chinese medicine is not a mystery, how to reverse that and how to not only be generally healthy, but the Expo Jordan, very healthy. We're gonna learn about foods and herbs and nutrients that you can consume to promote general health, to heal large variety of ailments, to promote healthy body weight, to promote a strong immune system and very healthy organ fund function. And so that's what this force is all about. And so we're gonna jump right to do it. Start out with very common food that we are all aware of in the West, not just in the East. And that is the very amazing healing properties of ginger root 3. Lesson 2 Ginger Root: So it's interesting when there's a food that we think it was being a common thing. We probably all had ginger tea and didn't think too much of it. It turns out this is one of those super foods that has a lot of health benefits to it. It's got an active ingredient in it called ginger role, which helps to treat many things to help the street nausea, especially in morning sickness. So for those of you that may be pregnant right now, apparently ginger and ginger to you really helps to treat morning sickness. It's an anti inflammatory and we say anti inflammatory. A lot of people aren't really sure what that means, basically, at the root of a lot of illnesses and sicknesses and diseases, even tumors and cancer is some sort of inflammation of the cellular level. Or on another level, our bodies become inflamed for various reasons. And a lot of the food in the Western diet caused information to do its high sodium and sugar content. And so these foods that are anti inflammatory really promote help for us in the West because of our diet and the food so eat that are high in sugars and salts and fats, so anti inflammatory properties are very, very important. And all of the herbs and foods in this course or almost all of them, have very strong anti inflammatory properties. They also promote fast healing and a reduction of pain and soreness from working out and better sleep in things like that. So a lot of these attacks, that kind of said in the intro, they kind of reinforce each other, and they have a lot of general health benefits that you know what kind of invisible we don't feel them. We only feel pain or illness a lot of times no when we are sick. But we don't think about our health very much when we feel healthy and in order to avoid being sick or having other ailments, we need to have the habit of consuming these types of foods so gingerly reduces muscle pain and soreness and also helps with osteoarthritis. So if you have our writers consuming, Ginger can help with that and I don't go into a great deal of detail about all the different ways even consumed these things. Most of these can be ground up into powder and put into food and smoothies. Ozzy, Ginger. You can get with T, most of them you can have with tea. Or you can mix into smoothies or juices or soups and foods like that. I get some tips about that kind of thing. Mostly, I want to go into the health benefits and to make you aware of these different foods and herbs and practices so that you can begin to use them and, you know, in order to use them. There's literally dozens, maybe even hundreds of ways that you can consume these things in terms of. You know what your knowledge level is as a chef as a cook. So that's not live in. This course is about of all the like any tips there. It's mostly about raising awareness about these foods, these herbs, these techniques so that you can start incorporating them into your daily routine that into your diet ginger also reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers blood. Sugars are lowers your chances of diabetes. Diabetes now has been identified as an epidemic in the US and other Western countries, countries because we consume so much sugar and because we are more and more inactive people are starting to get Type two diabetes as a very common ailment. This is a serious disease. I mean, diabetes, if not treated, can kill you, and it's very, very seriously can cause all kinds of problems. My dad has diabetes, and, you know, I probably was at risk of diabetes because of genetics. My dad has obvious that your parents have diabetes and you're at higher risk of diabetes for these types of foods can significantly lower the risk of getting diabetes. A lot of these things also help with digestion, and this is one of the big things that kind of open my eyes and I first moved over here to Vietnam a long time ago is that there's a big emphasis here among the locals on digestion, and so a lot of the ways that they consume their foods. Not this what food they consume. But the order in which they consume is geared towards helping you have good digestion and have a healthy stomach, which, of course, it is obviously important when you think about it. But I was never really taught this when I was a kid growing up in the States I mean, you know, we take health in high school. We think a health class which may or may not be very beneficial, depending on your teacher and how much campuses is put on it or whatever. But they've been a lot of emphasis year on foods that promote a healthy digestive track and a healthy stomach. And ginger is one of those things that helps with your digestion, and it's very, very important. It also reduces menstrual pain. So in addition to being good with morning sickness and reducing nausea, apparently, ginger also helps to reduce missile pain. So that's kind of a benefit for you ladies out there. It can lower cholesterol. It may even help prevent cancer. So some of these things there's not a lot of research, you know. You can't say Okay, eat, ginger prevents. Can't really sure about that. But it may help been cancer because there are some poor relations. There are some states that seem to indicate this so again, some of the stuff is just general and tend to support healthy, you know, cell function healthy immune system might help to fight cancer in the growth of tumors in general is just going to consume these things. We don't even know all of the health benefits that they have. A may improve brain function and help to fight Alzheimer's disease. Also, his research is still really limited. There's no cure for Alzheimer's is not much treatment for it, but a lot of these really good foods, the so called superfoods they seem you have anti Alzheimer's anti dimension dementia type properties because they promote healthy neural connections and growth of neurons and generally are like, good for your brain. And ginger is one of the ones that it has been identified as doing that. And because anti inflammatory, it also could help to fight infections. S. So that's that's That's a lot of stuff that ginger conduce. So my practices, I just tend to try to drink a ginger tea every day or almost everyday. And then over here in Vietnam, where they have a huge range of food. A lot of times, when people think of Chinese food or Vietnamese food, they think of the kind of food that we consume in the West. For example, Vietnamese food people think of fun, which is the beef noodle soup, or they might think of banned me because there's a certain type of Vietnamese sandwich. It is actually a huge range, very huge, raining, diverse, viewed far more diverse than our Western dishes. Actually, most people are surprised by saving girls for Chinese food. In the West, we consume Chinese food is basically fried fat, being food, you know, general salads, chicken and all that type of stuff. But actually legit Chinese food is not like that at all. That's over here in Asia. They call that American Chinese. That's not real Chinese food. Most Chinese food is not fried Sinuses, fried meats and greasy noodles and stuff like that. That is not really Chinese food. We've Americanized it and we changed it. So it's kind of an interesting thing. So Ginger has tons of health benefits. They put ginger in a lot of different foods. Obviously, in Japan you have ginger. When you have sushi, it kind of cleaned your palate or whatever. But over here they use it in salads and in soups and lots of ways that they actually you've ginger in cooking in lots of different Asian dishes. But for me, I mostly used ginger in tea and in different juices and smoothies and things like that. And next, we're gonna look at a lemon grass, which is a really common herb leaf that's used over here in Vietnamese and Chinese cooking . 4. Lesson 3 Lemongrass: so living grass is one that a lot of people probably haven't heard of. I had never heard of lemongrass when I lived in the States before I moved over here, and it's kind of very distinct, sort of spicy flavor. The first thing I thought if I started eating ah, dishes made of lemon grass was it kind of feels like an Indian sort of food because it's, Ah, it's spicy, but they also use lemongrass and steam rooms here. Or you can breathe in the air from which really helps Teoh clean out your nasal passages and promote. Tell me breathing, especially give a cold or you're having some sort of a congestion. They will boil lemongrass and breathe it in and over here, a lot of the spots. When you go in the steam room, we'll put limb aggressive from the steam, and it really helps. Your lungs helps to clear you out, but they use lemon grass over here and a lot of different cookie. You can cook it with chicken with stir fries and soups and all different kinds of dishes here with tofu or with your rice. They use lemongrass, and if you don't know what? Give this, Because you probably your local Safeway probably won't have. It is simply to go to an Asian market. Every city in the U. S. Or in any Western country think we'll have an agent market where, you know, agent immigrants have moved there have opened up a market for all the Asians that live in the area. And they usually have a food that you know, everything that you need, whether you're from a China Korea idea or or Vietnam, every Asian markets a little bit different. But even where I'm from in northern Idaho, you know the city nearby called Spokane. It's about an hour from where I live. They've got a really good Asian market. Also in southern Idaho, in Boise, they've got a two or three different good Asian markets, another pretty small city. So you basically you'll probably have to have to go. Teoh, a medium sized town, defined a good agent market. But if you're a big city, is getting tons hopes you don't worry about that at all, so it lemongrass again good for digestion. It's full of antioxidants and regulates high blood pressure, but basically it lowers your blood pressure on a boost your metabolism and to help the bird fat. That's really nice. Being ginger kind of does that to, actually, which I don't think I put on the slide. It's also lemongrass is good for your skin and your hair. The agent, in my experience over here at East Asians, are really into keeping their skin healthy and inherent hair healthy in Vietnam. One of the reasons for that is it gets really hot here, and there's a lot of sun, and so they want to keep your skin out of the sun, and so they use a lot of lotions, and they tend to think a lot about how can I keep my skin looking fair and healthy and smooth. And lemongrass is one of the foods that promotes that. That's interesting to know it helps to heal the cold and flu again, relieves menstrual pain. Not sure why, but says that it does. I know that a lot of the girls here that I know they use this my extended family, my wife is Vietnamese and so a lot of the stuff I was exposed to you through my wife's family, and I just saw in in action How they use a lot of these herbs. Watch how they cooked things. They usually don't go to the pharmacy billing usually cook something up when they are sick or have some sort of pain or some sort of a new injury. They will use these practices. And this is what got me through a lot of this stuff. Originally, it wasn't from study everything. Yours from seeing the stuff he used. And I mean really serious that I started to use at first. Like I said out there, skeptical. And then as I started to eat amore Asian diet and use these remedies for what I was sick of , what I've found personally my experience is that they worked very, very well in most cases, better than when I go to the pharmacy. Take Western medicine. These things are very, very effective partially because their natural and I think our bodies have just evolved, you know, to be consuming these and organic things, there is better for you in general. Lemongrass helps with insomnia, which is pretty cool. So you have trouble sleeping, which I do. Lemongrass tea helps you sleep. It's like a better camellia LTE. Basically, I know that it helps me again. It also helps treat Type two diabetes a bowl. Ginger and lemongrass have a lot of the same properties. I think it has something to do with the fact that the ultimate spicy and they have this, what this is, heat to them. And so it has to do with their. They're kind of like a cleanse for your body for anti inflammatory or antioxidants and help to clean out your system. They're good for your digestive tract and things that guys a little bit. Spice studio lemongrass also helps to fight TD anxiety and even body order, which I thought was kind of interesting. So lemongrass is really good one. It's had a very distinct flavor. So this is one of those things that you may or may not like. A lot of my Western expat friends over here. They don't like the flavor of lemon grass, but I like a lot. It's really spicy, just has a very distinct flavor to it. And so you might like it or not. You definitely you should try it and see so ways to ingest it again. You can make a T you can have a steam room were just breathing it from boiling in, putting a Taliban hand breathing it in, especially if you have a cold and just any kind of a stir fry. With that age of tofu or chicken you can cut up into small pieces. Could stir fry. That's what my wife always makes it. That's really good. You can put it in. Soup is really good with things like squash, super tomato soup, and I give some spice and also the distinct flavor on you. Be even shoe it wrongly all this stuff, you can chew it, Rod, you want to go. I mean, it's not as good, you know. It's not gonna be a lot of it enjoyable, like, as used to say, to chew these routes or these herbs rob, you can if you want. Teoh, it's up to you and a lot. Of course, they all have extract you can simply by the extract, and you need to take pills or you can put it in your juice. You can put it in your smoothie. You can put it in your tea. I think the extract is the easiest way to consume large amounts of it. So if you want to increase the enough you're taking, then you can actually just go to a supplement store and buy the extra. You should be able to find all this stuff in a Genc or some stuff like that. I prefer to actually haven't eaten raw or cooked, you know, and food were mixed into food as opposed to is taking the pills. But if you like to take supplements in that way, then you can do it that way as well. You're going to get, um, higher dosage when you do it that way. Usually next women look at tumeric. To work is really interesting. It has a whole huge amount of beneficial properties that really surprised when I saw how many help convince the rock to tumeric. My wife is always talking to me about how important the spices. She uses it in a lot of food. I mean, it tastes really good, but it has way more health benefits than I realized when I started actually looking up. And since we're gonna look at next 5. Lesson 4 Super Turmeric: so to Rick contains this a chemical called curcumin. It's a natural anti inflammatories, a very strong national anti inflammatory. And as I said before, he emphasized, the main points. This is kind of key to these natural remedies is that they fight certain common problems that we have in our bodies, especially due to our bad Western diet like things that cause inflammation. So again, low level information. It plays a role in almost every disease, according to research. So these anti inflammatory foods are really, really good for you in terms of running general health. They strengthen the news to Merck's Strengthens your amuses event. It's a powerful antioxidant, so it protects the body from free radicals that cause cancer. That's one of things that antioxidants do. They reduce the chances of you getting cancer because they reduce the chances of tumors growing your body and having yourselves reproduce in a way that will lead Teoh cancerous tumors. And so that's a pretty powerful health benefit right there, I think, by any measure again, and improves brain function similar to what we saw some of the other ones that I already talked about by stimulating your connections or pathways basically makes you sharper. One thing that actually did learn when I was back in college was kind of a rumor. And looking up, it appeared to be true. Is that eating a mince when you're taking the exam, it tends to give you a little jolt of mental alertness due to men fall and the properties of minutes. That is something that is actually true, and we actually going to go over Mitt in this course as well. But it's used a lot of these other ones, like tumeric, have a scene sort of property, stimulate your mental acuity and they kind of sharpen your mind. We might think of something like caffeine as something that makes us alert that wakes us up but kept caffeine. Is that sort of a very strong, uh, drug, if you will. And a lot of these more subtle chemicals that are in our foods, you know, may not feel them as strongly as we feel Jolt of caffeine when we drink coffee, but they're they're working in your body, and so it's very powerful knowledge tohave. It's really important to try to integrate these into your um, diet in your daily consumption of food improves brain function, increases the number of New York connections and may even help to fight Alzheimer's. And dementia similar to the others, improves memory and can lower the risk of heart disease is a lot of health benefits of tumeric and has a very distinct flavors. Well, I really like the flavor too much, so you don't use this in your cooking now. You know, look up different ways that you can add it to your cooking. I mean, general, over here in Asia, we do a lot of stir fry thought, soups and salads. And so we used to work in that. When we do a lot of this general reeling of meat, you can use tumeric and all the different kinds of food, just a matter of whether not you are going Teoh like the flavor or not, I think it tastes really good. So again it helps to prevent cancer. It can reduce the growth of blood vessels in the tumor is, I guess, which is one of the reasons why it helps prevent cancer and using tumor with pepper. It helps the body absorb it. I guess that acts as an answer so when you use tumor also used black pepper, and that will help your body of sore more of it. So that's a good thing to know, and it also helps to reduce arthritis. Obviously, arthritis is a for inflammation information of the joints. And so these types of foods they helped to reduce not only the pain if you already have arthritis, but they reduce the chances that you will develop arthritis and generally reduce the chances that you will develop a lot of different illnesses. And a lot of defensiveness is so. It's interesting because, you know, you can't see a lot of the benefits from these things. They prevent you from getting sick. You can't say all this because I I always eat a lot of tumor or a lot of ginger or whatever . You don't see the results. You you avoid sicknesses, and that's what it's all about. And so it makes it harder to pinpoint. Western medicine is all about treating the symptoms after someone's are a sick or has disease, you take a medicine you can see. Look, it it healed me so it seems very effective. But actually, wouldn't it be better to not have an illness or a disease in the first place. The the answer there is obvious, but it's not so obvious to see the connection between your diet. And these remedies do the results because the results are just being healthy, just being generally healthy. Interesting. Lee Tumor also helps to fight depression, studies have shown, so that's really cool. A study showed that curcumin reduced depression even more than Prozac by helping the vein brain produce serotonin. You just looked it up on Google. I was just reading some articles about this, um, the other day, and this is true. So if you or someone who's prone to depression and maybe even you've been prescribed by your doctor chemicals, no antidepressant medications to take, maybe try high doses of tumeric instead. See if this doesn't help you mawr. Most of those antidepressant drugs out there they have a the side effect, which always perplexes me. You may cause suicidal thoughts. Always find it be very perplexing that an antidepressant medication of the side effects may cause suicidal thoughts. It's very interesting, our pharmaceutical industry on our western medicine, but hopefully you could do something like this. Consume spice like tumeric instead. Maybe it will benefit you. It can also even help delay in agent. So again, the general benefit a lot of these remedies. They promote overall health and they promote longevity. Obviously, you are healthier. If your body is operating optimally, your organs are healthier and you know your digestive tract and your heart. Everything is working better than you're probably going to live longer. I mean, it's just logical. So a lot of these things promote longevity and living a longer life. The tumor is one of those things they helps. No way you can eat it with is really good with eggs, all because of stir fries with democrats of soups with tea and smoothies. Almost always, you can grind them up and put it into tea. Or some people actually don't like cooking. So if you want those people that doesn't know what a cook very well, you don't even like cooking. A lot of this stuff need to be taken as a pill for as an extract, or it can just be mixed in ground up and mixed in you tease or smoothies, and in some cases, you know you don't have to taste them. You don't like the taste, but you want to have the health benefits units makes him into things like that. So to Mark is a big one. It's definitely considered superfood, and it's one. That's all I had never even heard of before I came over to Asia. My family didn't cook with this, and no one I knew really used it. You may already be aware of it, but maybe you weren't aware of the total breath of all the health benefits of tumeric. So now maybe it'll be more on your radar and you guys can use that integrated into your diet. Next. One is very common. One that, of course, we're all aware of. We all have had things that are flavored with mint, but mint is another food that has a lot of health benefits. It may have been aware that's a really 6. Lesson 5 Mint: So Mitt tells indigestion, and with gas, that's a nice benefit. Your suffering from that it lowers cholesterol. It's another anti inflammatory. And antioxidant has agent cult Rose Mary Nick acid inside of it, which is the reason that as an anti inflammatory antioxidant properties, and it's interesting because, you know, I keep mentioning how some of these foods are anti inflammatories, anti oxidants, but they have different chemicals inside them that caused them to have these results. So it's kind of interesting, and you combine them and you generally consume all these different forms of anti inflammatory antioxidant foods than you. You're probably gonna get a lot more benefit than just taking your the one that has this particular asset is particular chemical. You combine them together, you're gonna be kind of attacking the problem from multiple different angles and sort of supercharging thes effects. So it's good to try to incorporate as many of these in your diet as possible, not just thinking why, like ginger, I'm gonna take a lot of ginger tea, and that's going to solve the problem of anti inflation. For example, if you can try to integrate more of these into your diet, Interestingly, mint helps relieve seasonal allergies, so if you suffer from allergies than some minty may help you a lot there or psychologist you meant as well. It helps bring up mucus and generally help produce symptoms become cold. That's basically why certain things like, uh, what is it? Vicks Vapor Rub is basically made with spearmint as its ingredient, and it's just ground up in high doses and put into this oil that we call Vicks VapoRub. It's a product that we're all familiar with, but it's basically just a really strong mint inside that so that medicine is based on this Earth. You could just basically make that oil yourself. Where is consumed, meant yourself or make a tea or whatever and have similar types of effects over here in Asia than use sort of an oil that they put on everything. It's really similar to Vicks VapoRub instead of a gel like Vicks, this takes oil and it's kinda hot, and it kind of opens again. Angel nasal passages is very Asian. I'm sort of a cure all that they used for lost different things. If you're feeling muscle soreness or if you're you have a cold or congested. They use this mint, spearmint based oil that seems to relieve a lot of those issues. Mint tells of irritable bowel syndromes with really good for your digestion. And over here I've seen people that basically just take huge wants of mint leaves having stomach issues, and they will just solve them all those eat them and it seems to relieve the problem or you're having diarrhea and eat a bunch of mint. It helps with that, but also the general pain relief mint causes a little bit of numbness, and so, if you apply like peppermint extract, for example, externally onto a wound, er onto a sore muscle that can reduce is like a natural, icy hot. Basically, so a lot of our Western medicine we have taken these natural things that actually do a coronation. But then we have to serve, weaponized and made a way stronger, turn him into a product that we can charge a lot of money for and then sold it as this powerful medicine. But most of them actually have their roots, no pun intended in natural extracts and actual roots, so it's kind of interesting and and may even increase his brain activity. As I mentioned a little trick, I learned that university to suck on a mint while you're taking an exam and it gives you a slight extra extra mental Q T sort of stimulates your neurons and helps you to focus a little bit more. And Teoh, help your memory a little bit more. I think we can all agree that something on amid while taking a test is preferable. Teoh, you know, at a role in one of those drugs that students have been know to take one study or with taking exams. Try Try meant instead before going to Adderall about that. So I think we probably all know ways that you can ingest men's. But again, you can put in soups and salads. You can put it, and he's grind it up and put it in the sauce is This is one of the ones that you just eat raw a lot of the other ones, and you don't want to eat a lot of ginger raw or a lot of ah agency raw. Those senior spicy, you know, hurt your mouth when magic Penis eat believes raw. And of course, you can always put these things in tea and two smoothies as well. So meant is another one that you probably consume from time to time. And maybe you didn't realize that it actually really good for you, and it has a lot of benefits. So if you have minty from time, time maybe increased the regularity with which you consume mentee and try to put it into your food as well as next. One of the very, uh, Asian sort of plants called the Chameleon plant, as oftentimes decided to be a week because it grows alongside flowers and people love to cut it, but they don't realize that the community plan is actually really good. 7. Lesson 6 The Chameleon Plant: I have never seen or heard of the chameleon plant before I saw over here in Asia Africa. See from the photo was kind of pinkish and green combination to the leaves. It's something that helps to regulate blood sugar on offers on Bai diabetic benefits. So again, if you're someone that suffers or has it at risk of suffering from Type two diabetes, Or maybe you just even like to eat a lot of sugar, and mixing a chameleon plant in your diet will help to counter Act that it provides anti histamine supports. That means again, like if you have allergies or you have a cold than the community, help you toe, stop sneezing and have and and stop running nose. It also promotes weight loss. A lot of these herbs tend to promote weight loss because they promote basically flushing out of your system that good for your digestive system, and it's good for overall health. It tends to help promote weight loss, and a lot of these also reduces your appetite, which is, I think, kind of interesting. A lot of these herbs, anything that is really nutrient dense that has a lot of nutrients in it for calorie actually helps to reduce your appetite, which really interesting because you're getting all these U turns that your body needs in your body. Kind of recognizes that it's getting where it needs, and so you stop being hungry. But the food that we eat in the West especially like fast foods that are really high in calories and sugar and fat your blood that actually give you nutrients it needs from those . So even though you're consuming massive amounts of calories, you still feel hungry. This is why people get addicted or one of the reasons why people get addicted to bad foods like fast food, because you continue to eat it. It tastes so good. It's addicting. But then your body is not actually being satisfied by because of not doing those nutrients . And so the opposite is true. You take these so called super foods that are super high in nutrients per calorie, so they promote weight loss largely because they reduce your appetite while also giving you all these health benefits. So it's a sort of big double whammy you get when you incorporate these foods into your diet . It's not that hard to do if you're actually focus on it. I know when I grew up, nutrition just wasn't emphasized that much in my household in my childhood, and I play sports my whole life when I was a kid and when we generally just sort of follow the regular food pyramid, the regular food groups, you know, we ate steak and potatoes and no meat and potatoes type of things. And, you know, everyone knows that vegetables are better for your England's of fruits and vegetables are good for you. But I never learned how much of a difference it could make to eat certain foods, especially the so called superfoods, these herbs and these spices and mix them in here diet. How good it could be if your overall health. And now that I'm an adult now in my mid thirties, this is increasingly important. As we get older, it's increasingly important to try Teoh, stave off disease and diabetes and have healthy heart on things like that. So, you know, if you didn't know about this stuff before or you generally thought that you were being pretty healthy and you're getting older now, it's definitely time to start incorporating the stuff into your diet more than ever before are young Bodies can handle a lot of abuse. But as we get older, we need you know, about this stuff because it will make all the difference. Really. So the community might also provide diuretic effects, so it helps detox and flush out your system. It's another reason White House weight loss obviously kind of like, uh, diet pills, and mostly to flush out your system. So it seems like you're losing weight because stuff's going right through you. Within you, you tend to gain weight back. You take synthetic pills eating diet pills. They have high concentrations of diuretic properties in their, whereas these ones that are natural will be less intense. But help me if you actually have better long term benefits. So they help to remove toxins from the body with antiviral and antibacterial benefits. So that sounds pretty good. Antiviral antibacterial helps you to not get sick. It improves respiratory conditions and fighting respiratory infections so they're good for your lungs. So that's obviously really nice. A lot of different benefits that this chameleon plant seem to have some of the other ones didn't have and and generally boost the immune system that helps fight against infection. So the chameleon plan is another really big superfood that in the West normally used. But you just kind of going to Asian market. Get some of this, even just put it on your salads, put it into your soup as an ERM, mix it in somehow, making put in your T. Put in your smoothies. Somehow incorporate this into your diet. You get a lot of health benefits from, and it seems like a lot of the benefits from this one a little bit unique compared to some of the other herbs and roots that we've looked at. So this one will give you some benefits that on the other ones won't. So we never heard of the chameleon plant. This is one of the ones that can make a big difference for you and even inhibit the herpes virus. So, I mean, hopefully don't worry about having herpes, but it's just interesting to see that, you know, is general antiviral properties. It can help when you have ah, virus, even a virus, a strong as a herpes virus, and you've ever had any virus. You know when you're the doctor that basically just say, well, something to do for you. You could take anti viral medication, but mostly doesn't do much. You just have to wait it out. And so you get a virus and doctors have waited out. Go find some communion plan and start consuming it, and it will help to fight off the virus. That's a pretty cool benefit from a leaf you maybe didn't even know existed before. On there's no medicine, you know otherwise to treat viruses. That's pretty cool knowledge to have, I think, even protects against poisoning. So people have been poisoned. They can take Communion Planet really high doses and absorbs the poison. It helps to fight off the effect of the poison. That's pretty cool. I I've used primarily, primarily over here in Asian salad and spring rolls. This is one of the things they cut up in little pieces. They put him into their spring rolls over here in China and Vietnam, and it tastes pretty good. You can put some minutes and some chameleon plant both together in a spring roll and mix. It takes very fresh and very light, and it's really good tasting. It can also be used, Of course, as with all these other ones in T or in smoothies, when in doubt crushed leaves and put them into your smoothies. And that's one way to put the into your body. So the committee plan is a really good when I hope you guys will try to go out there and get some of that and incorporate that into your diet as well. And so the next one and get is more pedestrian. All of us probably eat some garlic and our diets. Or maybe you avoid don't like because you know that it gives you stinky breath like a garlic is another super food. It has lots and lots of health benefits, so that's we're gonna look at that. 8. Lesson 7 Garlic: historically like going way back hundreds, even thousands of years, Golic was used more as a medicine rather than a flavor enhancer. Part of the reason might be because it is so strong. And as I mentioned in the last lesson, a lot of us might want to avoid garlic because we're worried that it's gonna give us bad breath. But it has such strong medicinal properties that for a long time it was used primarily as a medicine rather than as a flavor enhancer thought that was pretty interesting and so on. The health benefits from garlic apparently come from his various sulfur compounds that are in the clothes, and these certain soldiers are really good for our body to promote a lot of general health of our organs and of various aspects of our bodies. And so it's highly nutritious with very few calories. So the garlic is another very nutrient dense food, so consuming a lot of garlic in your food. It will help to make you feel full and will help to make you lose weight as well, and you cook all that you bake it. I mean, you can eat cloves whole, and it tastes pretty good. A lot of times people eat garlic, don't cook it long enough, and so a little bit of it tastes very strong, even a spicy and pungent. But if you cook it until it's soft, then you could eat a lot of beauty and bake close of garlic and eat a whole like that. God helps look about the common cold. It helps to reduce blood pressure and those that both do really good things that it does and you may not know. But garlic has a lot of vitamins and garlic. It has 23% of the recommended daily dose of manganese, 70% of vitamin B, 6 50% of vitamin C. So even just one clove garlic has like a huge chunk of the vitamin C you need for the day. And so you think of vitamin C. You might think of oranges, mostly because the, uh, the orange you know the industry. The orange lobby has promoted that very well. It's kind of like I'm from Idaho, and every time meets a woman and a telephone. Finally think potatoes. And you know I don't need a lot of big Idaho spuds, but I was going on. Most of them were actually farm down south and then exported. But every time you some when I tell them I know they think potatoes. So a lot of that is just really good marketing campaigns by these different farming lobbies and stuff. But garlic has a lot of vitamin C. It has a lot of selenium in it, and it even has fiber in it, conditions that have decent amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and eating vitamin B one. So you probably didn't realize that garlic had so many health benefits. Eating a lot of garlic will benefit your health, so maybe you can find a way to overlook the potential bad breath. Maybe you can get some garlic event. Have a minute afterwards, and you get the benefit for both the garlic and events in combination. One of them will give you bad breath and a lot of these vitamins, the other little Take away your bad breath and give you some other health benefits as well , so that might be a solution to that problem. I don't know. It lowers cholesterol, which, of course, then lowers the risk of heart disease. Similar to a lot of the other ones that we look that it contains antioxidants that may help prevent Alzheimer's and venture similar to some of the other ones. We look that most longevity helps you live longer. It's good for your heart. It helps fight infections, and it even reduces to T. And so garlic is good for athletes. It helps athletic recovery. So if you've gone and played in a really tough match in some sport afterwards, consuming a whole bunch of garlic will help. When you go to sleep. When your body is healing, a garlic will help to promote faster healing of your muscles and general fatigue of your body. So I think it's interesting that both minton garlic or two things that we eat a lot of or release pretty common in the Western diet. Most people don't realize how good they are for you. They're sort of something that's there. You might think of Garlic is something that you eat with spaghetti, no garlic bread or something like that. And think about it is something that causes bad breath. Garlic is really, really good for you, and so I hope you guys will start to eat more of it. Next one Look at one that seems kind of interesting and maybe kind of strange, and that is boiled rice water. 9. Lesson 8 Boiled Rice Water: so bold. Rice water is not necessarily like a super healthy thing to do. That's gonna have a lot of health benefits, like the other herbs and roots and things looked at so far. But it's interesting. It's, Ah, common practice over here. Among certain aspects of the population is an ancient method of religious fasting, and so it helps people that want to fast to basically not starve themselves while they're fasting. They still can consume some nutrients and get some hydration. And so they would boil rice water in order to help them fast and to reach a religious state , especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. And it also helps when you're on a cleanse or trying to lose weight again, because it helps to satisfy a little bit of hunger giving nutrients while cleansing out your body's. You might drink full rice water and take a few of those herbs that I mentioned before, like a ginger and others were. Look at Jin seeing later it will help to promote will cleansing out your system and also losing Wait, and it's typically good to use a little bit of salt or pepper with it makes it taste better it. Also just tend Teoh. Help the flavor and help it go down. Good few digestion, people, a little pepper into it and a recommend you do this two or three times a day. If you're fasting, remember, not fasting. I mean, if you just doing this for general health or to help clean your system out, um, it could add to your diet used by yogis throughout both India and China, A. Said it provides energy to the body without having to adjust food. So it's an early form, kind of of a very inexpensive energy drink. Because rice is very, very cheap. It's one of the reasons why it's the staple food over here in Asia. It's easy to grow, and it's very inexpensive, is kind of like potatoes are back home. You could buy a giant back potatoes like a dollar, and they last a really long time, and they provide energy a very low cost. So another thing that they use it for here, which is what first turned me on Teoh looking at up is that they use it for their hair and their skin, and so they'll make some the bulls and rice water and they'll put their hair. It will soak a hair in it, and it makes their hair really shiny, and it protects it from split ends and things like that. So if you're not in delight cleansing or doing a fast and using rice water for that, you may be interested in putting it on your skin or, um, putting on your hair and having it give you extra glow, I guess very, very common thing for them to do. Over here. You can also simply mix in other herbs with it for a peace health benefits. And they had a small amount, maybe of sugar. Teoh. Help the medicine go down as it were. But if you boil a bunch of rice water and then you grind up some mental communion plant garlic, lemongrass or whatever and mixed in for rice water, a little sugar and there it may not taste all that great, but it might be giving you some really good health benefits, something that you could do maybe once twice a week or maybe once a day to get into a routine dummy. If you get into a habit of using these things like every single day or every other day. That is really the best thing you can do. It's getting to a habits. You're not even thinking about it. Mixing this stuff into your food or makes you get into your routine or having a smoothie every morning for breakfast that has some of this stuff in it. It will go a long way to promoting your general health and well being. So that's one of the ones that thinks a little bit more out there. It's pretty interesting. I never thought about boiling rice water before, but it's something that they do over here. And it seems to have some nice benefits, depending on what your goals are. And next, we're gonna start looking at some of these therapies, move away from the foods and the herbs and is one that has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years due to some Olympic athletes using it in order to promote the fast healing of their very sore muscles. After competitions of this coming here, you know we're gonna turn to next 10. Lesson 9 Cupping Therapy: I think this cupping one is very interesting. At first blush, it seems like Quacker. It seems kind of interesting. I mean, the basic premise is that you are sucking toxins out of your body, and the way that it works is you take cups and you heat them up. You to put a little bit about calling them is a few different ways. They do it one of the ways that people calling them you like them heats up the air inside and you place it on the skin and then increase suction. And so it sucks your skin up into the cup, and it it polls the toxins out of your blood. It's kind of like having a really deep tissue massage, basically is to get the toxins out of your body. And so it creates. Is you Ford, feeling it makes you feel like you have had a really long massage. It helps generally with inflammation of the blood flow. It helps just be relaxed. It's like a spot treatment and helps with well being. But the Vietnamese and Chinese over here that use this whenever they have the flu or fever , they're sick able. It would do. Cupping is to see a lot of people over here have these big red marks on their back shoulders and neck and stuff from doing this. My first get over here that is very strange and falling Western medicine. It seems like his normal signs to back this up, but it seems to work very, very well, and at the very least it gives you a sort of feeling of euphoria, similar to after you've had a really good massage. You feel super relaxed, and you just kind of feel like some toxins that come out of your body if you ever had a tattoo. A lot of people talk about after they get a tattoo, even though it hurts. They sort of feel this euphoria afterwards from the pain on the skin. And so I think it might have something similar to that. You know the pain of sucking the blood up into your skin. It gives you a certain euphoric feeling, which is kind of interesting. This is used as early as 15 50 BC in Egypt, but it's not to be even older. Use even longer ago in China, maybe even 5 to 6000 BC So we're talking about seven or 8000 years ago. This is a common practice that you can see the picture here of a swimmer that have gone through the cupping process. Um is something that is used now on a regular basis for high performance swimmers, and they swear that it helps them feel better in between competitions. And it helps them muscles, hell, and stop being sore very, very rapidly. So that's very interesting. I mean, if Olympics women's using in this swearing by it, there must be something to it. I mean, that's not exactly scientific research, but I mean, it is empirical evidence that is working, that people are using it, and it has efficacy. It's also used to treat kind of Azeri mentioned the common cold, regular aches and pains. And so you know there's something to it, whether or not you believe it or not. If you only believe in Western medicine, this is up. I've seen use on a daily basis. I do it every once in a while, and I love it feels really, really good, and you just put these suction cups on your skin. Make sure you have an Asian that knows what they're doing, do it because they heat up too much. You could burn yourself, but they just use a little bit of put on their creates assumption. You just put him on there for, like, two or three minutes and then take him off so you don't do it for a long time. You just throw them for a few minutes and you take them off and it gets the job done. So it also helps with chest infections, inflections but infections on congestion. So you've got a bad cough, a lot of mucus trying to get that out of your throats. Using cupping on your back and your friends, it will help Teoh decongest you. It will. The heat and the suction will pull on that stuff and help get it out. Often times over here is used in conjunction with acupuncture or massage therapy. So they will do will do some cupping and they'll do acupuncture or they give you a massage first and then we'll do cupping afterwards from a double whammy. And sometimes people just do it just because they're stressed out and they have a lot of tension, and instead of doing a massage. They will just do some cupping at home without having to go to massage therapists and pay money. And it helps them to you to feel better and to relax when they're stressed out. So it just for general tiredness, fatigue, soreness. They do this. I know soccer players that I play with. They do this on the legs they put on their calves and their quads for a few minutes, and they say that it helps them recover. Uh, with that as well. So pretty much any athlete could use it, even though it's become famous from swimmers that have been have been using it. You know any physical activity that creates soreness in your muscles. You may benefit from company, so there's a lot of stuff now being written a minute about This is research being done about it. So interested in this, you know, look it up. But it is a really common practice over here that's been being used for literally thousands of years that I can say from first hand experience that it seems to work really, really well, at least that's been my experience. And next we're gonna look at another very well known procedure which has now become very commonly used by not only alternative medical practitioners in the West but by mainstream doctors, and that is. 11. Lesson 10 Chinese Acupuncture: acupuncture is now very well known procedure that, at least when I was growing up, was considered kind of be like on the fringe of medicine or some weird Chinese things ended over there. Now it's becoming mawr well accepted, but only in general. But amongst the medical community. Like I said, my good friend, who is a doctor in Maine, he's nd he uses acupuncture in his family medical practice because research shows that it, in fact, works. Over 3000 years ago, Chinese started doing this, and some research even shows, maybe even as long as five or 6000 years ago. That's something that many records to go back that far, but basically they've been using it for thousands of years because they found I don't know how they originally figure this stuff out. But they found that it works by targeting our nervous system. So hundreds of Western medical studies now confirm the benefits of it. It improves the body's functions. It promotes natural self healing through increasing the strength of our immune system, and basically just involves placing of find chip needles into the skin at certain acupuncture points or AC. You points that practitioners have learned control various functions of the bodies. They can heal you. If you're certain ailments, have you have pain? Or they can also just make you stronger, Make your immune system stronger, make you feel better. You have things like having kinky neck or back pain like that. I keep wonder, sometimes Onley thing that will help you. So have you ever been, you know, skeptical This Not only have I seen it firsthand have I undergone acupuncture now many times and see how well works felt, how well it works. But research now is abundantly clear in the West that backs it up. It relieves pain. It can improve your sleep. So again, I know a lot of people who suffer from insomnia. I'm one of those people who have suffered from insomnia than past and still sometimes have problems sleeping and acupuncture can help with this Help ST Depression. I know people who are depressed to tried antidepressants, and none of them worked, and they haven't seemed to be able to find anything. And so I recommend to Everyone is suffering from depression to at least try acupuncture because I know it can work, and the great thing about living over here in Vietnam, and I know I have friends who live in China and the two cultures very, very similar. The diets are very, very similar. And if lots of life are very, very similar is an acupuncture. And a lot of these treatments were here very inexpensive where this might cost you a lot of money in the in the West. Or maybe your medical insurance won't cover it. It is really inexpensive here. Anything that is labour intensive, you go to a professional acupuncture place and pay like 10 or $15 for treatment. So it's really, really cool. And you could even travel over here. And in order to just have some of these treatments done, the biggest expensive. How will be our plane ticket? You'll save so much money on other things that it's sort of ah, good way to do sort of, ah, Western medical travel. And also because Southeast Asia and East Asia General are awesome places to come visit the Southeast. Asia, especially, is really inexpensive, so not only can help improve sleep and treat depression, it also can improve digestion. And again, his common thing that we keep seeing is that it reduces information so acupuncture can do a lot of things for you that other types of Western medicine medicine can't do and what first it seems like it's kind of in choosing. You're putting a needle into your body. You actually can't even feel the needle. In most cases, everyone's well, you can feel go in, and sometimes it might hurt a little. But usually if they're good, you don't even feel it at all, which is really interesting. You just feel the benefits of it. You'll have pain. Go away or you'll start feeling really good. But you won't even feel the needle. So it seems weird to be sticking needles in your body. You know you're not putting chemicals in your body that messing with your brain or otherwise messing with your body chemistry. So it's actually much less intrusive than a lot of Western medical practices. Especially received is like surgery, even though it to us. At first blush, it seems kind of intense. Sticking yourself with a needle, get help, cheat nausea and vomiting again. It was considered a quack therapy for Western medicine until 100 studies repeatedly show respect nous more of these studies continue to come out showing its effectiveness. I mean, just Google some of these studies. Google Acupuncture read about it by yourself is very, very well accepted now in mainstream Western medicine medical literature eso Thousands of Western doctors treat dozens of ailments with acupuncture. Another are different types of acupuncture, and the type that is practicing the West may be different than the type of respect over here in Vietnam and China, because they Onley will sanction procedures that have been totally backed up by thorough empirical evidence and research following the scientific method. Right, like all of our Western medicine. But eso, it's limited what is used in the West compared to what they do over here to do Ah, much larger range of therapy and in general, how they practice that over here in the East is much more all encompassing than how they would use like in the US, for example. But nevertheless, it is being used as an accepted professional procedure by doctors and is really too many ailments. Toe lift that acupuncture can help with me. I can live like 100 things, so go ahead and read up on it yourself. But if you are suffering from anything at any time of a health issue that is chronic, that you have not been able to successfully hell through traditional means by going to your traditional Western doctor, I heard you do try acupuncture, consult with a doctor of acupuncture, even if it's something really serious, like chronic pain, neck or back pain or something like that. If you tried everything, come over here to China or Vietnam and try some acupuncture over here. Tell them what you're stuffing from and see if it doesn't help you. Because, I mean, if that if one trip over here and one or two treatments or a series of treatments can help to cure chronic pain, that will increase your quality of life. Extraordinary amount. I mean, obviously. So I've used it for lots of stuff, especially neck and back pain. It helps. It helps me sleep when I go through issues of not being asleep again. I go get acupuncture and it helps, and it only cost me 10 or $15 depending on the place that I go. My wife and I have a favorite place that we go to. I think with a tip. It's like $15 with a tip for the treatment, so it's very inexpensive. But these people know what they're doing. They're good at it. It's something that they train for, and they have a lot of cumulative cultural knowledge about this that has built up over the centuries, and so they know what they're doing. And so acupuncture is not something that I believe in. Something that I know for a fact is very, very effective. And depending on who you go to and where you go, it can help them to cure all different kinds of ailments so highly recommend it, especially for you skeptics out there that you know I don't really believe in it. Look it up, do some reading up on it and realized you'll realize that it's some very, very effective thing. And the next they're gonna look at all the health benefits of the lotus seed, a very common seed as used in Eastern Cook 12. Lesson 11 Lotus Seeds: the lotus seed is another one that's pretty unique over here to Asia. You don't see a lot of Lotus see being used in Western restaurants of Western cooking. I don't think I've ever had one before. I traveled over here to Asia and live here, but it promotes a lot of different types of help. It promotes a healthy spleen and kidneys, which is a kind of a unique one. You don't usually think about promoting healthy spleen, but explaining kiddies are obviously important organs in your body and the lotus. It helps to promote health. Of those again, we see a link Teoh digestion of fights against the diarrhea. So if you're having diarrhea or any type of digestion problem like that, consuming lotus seeds can help actually stimulates the appetite, which I think is really interesting. So for whatever reason, if you are suffering from lack of appetite may be due to depression or for being sick, and you need low to see that stimulates the appetite. It's generally really good for your digestive system, and this is something that I think that in the West we really underestimate is one of the first things I noticed when I started living over here in Vietnam, the culture that emphasize good digestion present One thing that I noticed they do right away when I first moved here is that at least the way that I was brought up and I think in general is something that we do in the U. S. Or in the West is we will drink whatever drink were drinking, whether it's water or milk or juice or whatever with our food will let wash it down with something. Whereas over here they sort of have this unspoken rule. If they found it strange when they saw me, um, drinking my drink with my food at same time on the bottom. I really don't drink my drink and I said, Well, that's not good. You should eat your food first, finish your meal and then whatever Is your drinking washing down with that afterwards? And they're very explicit about this. They're very they're very emphatic about like, Oh, it's very good for you. The justices annual digest food. Better by doing that and let's see, like a small thing, it just shows you the way they think, and the emphasis that they put on on how having a healthy stomach, healthy digestion, it really goes a long way towards overall good health and making you feel good. Another reason to do that, actually, is because it helps. Do not have, ah, big stomach. So if you first if you drink beer with your meal, it helps to eat your food. Gonna let it settle and then drink your drink afterwards at most having a smaller stomach, which is interesting, something I've never, ever even thought of before. And now I have that have it where I do with a D while in my food I'll finish that will make my drink and that order. It does notice we make a difference. You feel full, you eat less and your stomach feels better. You have less heartburn, and you will digest your food more naturally. Eso that's ah, pretty cool thing. So lower seeds has is low in sodium high in magnesium, which also that's one of reasons. White House with digestion. Magnesium. It helps with your digestion. Magnesium is one way, like a few are constipated on you. Take magnesium pills. It will help you to go to the bathroom. I didn't I never knew that before you sadistic couple bismol and take over the counter drugs. That's how I was raised. You know you have a problem. You take drugs, you go to the pharmacy. But you can't just take magnesium instead of taking those other drugs, and that will help with that issue. And magnesium horses is natural. You're not putting a pharmacological chemical into your body, so in general it seems pretty obvious that it's better if you can take something that's organic that will help with these things. Lotuses. High magnesium, good for your stomach. It helps lower blood pressure and help to support weight loss. A lot of good things of the lotus seed can do at anti aging properties that helps repair damaged proteins. It's high in carbohydrates, good carbohydrates, so provides low calorie energy boost. Again, we see this this theme high nutrients, little calories, nutrient dense food. That's what we want to consume. And a lot of people often wonder how it is that, like a lot of celebrities are always in really good shape and they get older and they seem like so super fit, skinny as they get older, it seems almost impossible, and The reason is because they can afford the higher, very, very expensive expert nutritionist that know a lot about the diet and how to eat certain foods. A lot of these foods, you know, they're gonna be eating them every single day, falling actual routine of getting nothing but the super foods and nutrients Dance foods. Some of them were kind of expensive, it being kind of an expensive diet Most of us can afford to take, you know, not let alone the money to pay for all this the paper nutritionist. But even just a time to organize your diet and your schedule enough to be able to follow this. But it's so in general, I hope that this course helps you guys become more aware of these foods that you can eat that will help to promote all of these these general health benefits, something specific but specific health benefits. But if you can make a habit of and using all of these together in conjunction with, you know, real on ways, not only making you feel better, have more energy and live longer. But Teoh be thinner and fitter, as as well. And the Lotus C is one of the things that promotes those things. It's also high in potassium, also anti inflammatory. So that's a really good and again lotus seed can be purchased at on Asian market. Probably you won't find them at a regular Western super market. And next thing we're gonna look at is also common. Over here is the liquor shoot. 13. Lesson 12 Licorice Root: So as we've seen so many of these other superfoods, the licorice root has anti oxidant properties to an inflammatory antioxidant. Helps you to live longer, helps you to fight illness. Helps to boost your immune system. So because of that it helps to fight cold and flu. It fights specifically hepatitis for some reason on fights in general fight infection. So it's got the same problem. You see a lot of these other superfoods have again. It fights depression. It fights. Heartburn is really nice, even helps the healing. Can your sore so you could make like a pace and you put on canker sores and it will help to relieve the pain and take absorbs and helps him to hell And again a Z See, many of these superfoods is really good for year digestion. Anything. It just makes sense. A lot of these foods are good for your digestion. I mean, if they're good, healthy foods are high in fiber and they're gonna be good for your overall digestive system . I mean, it just makes sense. And as we evolve that we would eat these natural foods roots these herbs, that they would be good for stomach and for our guns. A huge part of our overall health is having helping gut bacteria and how having healthy digestive system is one of the things that our western diet really bad at promoting. Especially you eat a lot of red me and fast food. A digestive systems get clogged up with a lot of junk in there as really bad. The city's gonna flush you out. They help to keep your got really healthy, and they help to fight a lot of things because of that helped like cancer. Because of that, help just make you feel better. They make it so you have less indigestion and heartburn and all of these things. You notice that there's a big overlap with all these foods and the things that they treat. And a lot of these are really common Western ailments now that didn't use to be so common. So it shows you that our diet is playing a huge role and how sick we get. And this one I put a picture of a supplement ball because you know almost all of the you can just get some things for again. You don't want a coconut like cooking and you want to take him in a higher dosage. You can just buy the extract and take him that way, and so that makes it easier. Or you can. You can make tea with licorice root, going to just do the roots if you want to and get raw. Usually, if you can eat this stuff raw, it will be more potent. It just usually is harder to swallow bitterly. You know it's not. Doesn't taste is good, but if you can eat it raw, then that's usually best in terms of the medical effect. Another thinking do liquor Schrute is You can grind up in a pattern, garble the powder water, and it helps to relieve a sore throat even more than salt water. So I know it's a home remedy that we've probably all known about since we were little. It was so 30 Go Carl salt water. But if you got no liquor, shoe powder and much more effective than salt water, as long as you have access to liquors route, you could make him liquor. Shrewd lotion will help with many skin conditions. You getting by just by looking through lotions. They have them here supermarkets and Asian, and I know you can get him at Asian markets in the U. S. And other Western countries of you have things like rashes or hives or other skin conditions. Rubbing licorice root on It is a way to treat it without having to buy over the counter skin lotions, a lot of which have a lot of chemicals in that. This is one of the things that's coming out with a lot of lotion. Toxic bad for us. Sunscreen is actually bad for you and can actually cause cancer. These natural organic roots will not do that, so it's obviously better if you can use these. It promotes weight loss again. As we see with most of these, they helped promote weight loss. They promote a healthy weight and again, one of the reasons for that, in this case is just because of the high nutrient density. You, you. It suppresses your hunger when you're consuming so many vitamins with such a small number of calories, you don't need to consume very many calories if each calorie is giving you tons of nutrients and vitamins, and that's what it's all about. And again talk about how we see, like all these celebrities are not. All of them are super healthy. A lot of them probably aren't. But how is it that they see this space was skinny and fit and really, really help you looking? It's because they have these nutrient nutrition is working for them, telling him, Eat this, take this. He's gonna prepare. Here's how to cook it and they have these people managing all this stuff for them. When you eat high nutrient dense foods, you will not gain weight. There's no reason to gain weight if you eat these foods and you have lots of energy will sleep better. And you'll generally, you know, the stronger music, since he won't get sick either. So this stuff I mean, we talk about how these air ailment these remedies for ailments and things. But mostly you get into the habit of consuming this stuff. It's mostly preventative. You mostly what? Just avoid getting sick or having a lot of issues because you're eating in a way that is so help enough really what it's all about, Okay, Next, we're gonna look at one that's a lot more famous because it's used energy, drinks and such, but actually as just a regular remedy or using it in your diet through cooking. Jim Missing is another very powerful eastern soon. 14. Lesson 13 Ginseng: so, like some of the ones that we saw earlier. Gin seeing actually can leave some symptoms of menopause, which is interesting, actually. Don't think we start up. You know, we talked about like men, vengeful pains and things like that. And I think it is the 1st 1 that releasing is a menopause. That's kind of you. That's what they use it for. Over here in a jumpsuit. Ladies that take juicing for that reduces on blood pressure. I obviously known for boosting energy. It also can fight hepatitis so hopefully nothing. You guys have hepatitis. Don't worry about that. But over here in Asia, the rates of people that have to perform hepatitis or higher and they take ginseng to treat hepatitis kind of interesting. It's a very potent antioxidant, which one of the reasons why they put in a lot of drinks and stuff in the West. Known for being antioxidant, it's stronger than a lot of the other ones. It benefits brain function similar to mint and some of the other ones that was solid tumeric. It promotes rapid thinking, connection of neuro pathways and general neural activity. So do thing is a good thing to take in a small dose, maybe before taking a test or before an important meeting of presentation, etcetera. It boosts the immune system. All of these things boosted new system because all of these things air our nutrient rich in India's nutrient rich is going to boost your immune system. So these all promote avoiding illnesses by boosting your immune system, which is obviously super important. May even help fight cancer and specifically juicing apparently also helps with erectile dysfunction. Hopefully, you're not suffering from that, but it helps with that. You, I guess, can lower your blood sugar. So this means that it helps fight against diabetes as well. Reduces tiredness and fatigue, obviously, if it's an energy boost than it reduced time. Is that the tea? But I think this one means more like tiredness from overworking or from exercise. It's not just like, you know, taken energy, drink and wake yourself up like caffeine. It, like, genuinely reduces tiredness and helps you to feel more alert in a way that is more natural being. We're not talking about drinking an energy drink here that hasn't agency, and it along with a whole bunch of other chemicals, not talking with that. We're talking about eating this with food or making a T or in a suit, or even just the extract itself. Just agency pure juicing by itself. So don't get this infused with the energy drinks that are loaded up with sugar and a whole bunch of other bad stuff that's inside of those. Those things were well known now to not be good for your help. All those energy, James like Red Bull Monster All that stuff, those things are not good for you. I mean, a kid in the U. S. Even died from drinking a whole bunch of different, and it is drinks like overdosing on caffeine and all that stuff. Actually, his heart stopped from drinking a whole bunch of that stuff. So we're talking about using this stuff and food in a natural way and in a, you know, reasonable dosage is as well. So you convergence in your diet once again by putting in the T in the smoothies and juice in a suit, all these things and ground up. Most of these are roots or herbs, so you can really put them into neat. You can grind them up and put them into anything. And so again, if you're not a renowned chef, I'm not very good at cooking myself. My wife is the chef in our family. I heard with all this stuff just into a smoothie, into a supernova salad, and you could put as much as you want to into it. You do it that way. It's just an easy way to consume them. Case, I hope you guys have learned a lot from this brief courses crash course on alternative Chinese remedies and general nutrition that is really blocking over here and know that this stuff it's changed my life. One of the reasons why it inspired me to make this course I knew or excuse me. I wish I knew a lot of this stuff. You know, many years ago when I was younger, I would be a lot healthier than I have now. Finally, have been using this stuff for the last 10 or 11 years, and I continue to get healthier even as I get older and just had a huge impact on my life. So the next lesson we're is going to kind of wrap it up and go over some of the main points from the course 15. Lesson 14 Conclusion: ancient Chinese medicine, as I said, is now supported by Western science, used widely by doctors throughout the western world. This is, you know, something I didn't really need in order to believe in it, because I live over here and I see it worked. But I know a lot of people will be skeptical when they hear about the benefits of these foods or treatments like cupping or acupuncture and things like that. So it's kind of comforting to know that our system of empirical research is now supporting these things. Natural herbs and organic foods are far healthier for your body than synthetic chemicals. Okay, I mean, yes, what medicine works? Bubble Best Wasn't. Medicine Does is uses the approach that we will treat symptoms or we will treat sicknesses and it's having aggressive approach. We will take chemicals that you know, took us many, many years to develop and a lot of money to develop its very sophisticated yes, but it's much better, obviously if we can to avoid having to put that stuff in your body or having you know, surgeries or other procedures, or getting to the point where we need really sophisticated Western medicine if we can solve these problems with natural herbs, roots, spices and treatments like this, which you can do in the vast majority of cases, obviously it's better we human beings evolved to consume these natural superfoods. We evolved to hunt and gather and consume herbs and roots and these types of things. They're just good for our bodies. That's why they're so good for our digestive track and for our stomach. A lot of the illnesses that we suffer now have to do with our that just effect on our stomach and being overweight and having heartburn and all kinds of things like that. These foods promote help of that system. They've been used for 1000 years for a reason. They are affected. They were. These things are all very, very effective, and even something like cupping, which at first people are usually really skeptical about these Large on your body doesn't seem to make sense that simply by pulling the blood to the surface, you're gonna like release toxins, but actually similar to something like massage therapy. Whereas, you know, basically, when you rub the muscles of the heart, the toxins that could trap in our muscle tissues they get pushed out into the bloodstream and they leave the body to leave the body through urine, actually, or through our pores. We just sweat him out, read or re PM out when you go to the bathroom and it comes out of our body as waste, so cupping, basically it uses that same system again. Is this philosophy first spoken by Hippocrates, father of medicine? Right? Doctors will take the Hippocratic oath and they become official doctors and passed on board exam, They say. First, do no harm this philosophy. Let the food at that food be medicine and that medicine, that food. That's really what it all comes down to. You have a really nutritious diet, and you're not gonna have the need for a lot of medicine. And if you do have a need for some medicine, let's make it be natural remedies. And if natural Western remedies are doing for you, I hope that these Eastern ancient Chinese alternative remedies will help you. You can use all these revenues in combination, or you can just use one or two. That's all that you want to use that that's all you need. It's really up to you and, you know, knowing your body and knowing what it is that you need. There's no one size fits all approach. These are all of those tools. You know. Knowledge is power, and having more knowledge about your health and about nutrition is powerful, you know, and hopefully it'll make you live longer. It'll have give you a richer life. Do do whatever suits you. But I hope that you guys gained a lot from this small course and maybe raise your awareness about some nutrition and some of these ancient Chinese medical techniques. Thanks for taking the course.