Children's Illustrations : Drawing Gucci Dolls

Sharon Mapuvire, Anything Is Possible

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Intro.

    • Drawing Accessories and Features

    • Drawing Your Illustration

    • Coloring Your Ilustration

    • Coloring The Skin

    • Drawing A Dress

    • End


About This Class


This is a Quick and Easy class for illustration beginners. In this class, I will demonstrate how to illustrate any image as a children's illustration. I am using Gucci's SS16 collection as reference images to illustrate and dress up these little characters. The supplies used in this class are markers but any other medium would work perfectly. Once you get used to drawing these illustrations using the techniques I will show you, you will be able to illustrate your own tribe of characters using any reference image. 


What You Will Learn :

*How to draw children's illustrations

*How to color with markers

*How to draw accessories

*How to create animated characters with easy to draw expressions


What You Will Need :

1. Pencil. I am using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, but any size or type will do.

2. Eraser

3. Markers. I am using the Manga Prisma Marker Set, but any type of markers will do and once you know how to draw the illustrations, you will be able to use any medium you prefer.

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A nice idea for a class. The production is a bit lacking - the classes aren't in a very logical order, e.g. drawing a dress comes after colouring, and there are lots of times where the artist's hand blocks the camera view of what is being drawn. It would benefit from being re-recorded properly. But I think the idea is very cute and can see myself using it in future, so I'm still glad I took the class.





Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible

Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed ways of creating designs through computer programs in easy ways applicable to anyone. Making it possible for anyone to design whatever they have in mind without ever knowing how to draw.

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