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Chess Strategies: Learn How To Checkmate

teacher avatar Viktor Neustroev, ​Chess coach & entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Learn How To Checkmate Promo

    • 2. Lecture 1. Welcome to the course

    • 3. Lecture 2. Back-rank Mating Pattern

    • 4. Lecture 3. Puzzle 1

    • 5. Lecture 4. Game 1: James Magorian - Yasser Seirawan

    • 6. Lecture 5. Game 2: Lazaro Bruzon - Baadur Jobava

    • 7. Lecture 6. Queen & Pawn Pattern

    • 8. Lecture 7. Queen & Pawn Pattern 2

    • 9. Lecture 8. Puzzle 1

    • 10. Lecture 9. Puzzle 2

    • 11. Lecture 10. Rook & Bishop Pattern

    • 12. Lecture 11. Game 1: Vladislav Vorotnikov - Igor Ivanov

    • 13. Lecture 12. Puzzle 2

    • 14. Lecture 13. Puzzle 3

    • 15. Lecture 14. Puzzle 4

    • 16. Lecture 15. Puzzle 5

    • 17. Lecture 16. Game Example

    • 18. Lecture 17. Rook & Knight Pattern

    • 19. Lecture 18. Rook & Knight Pattern 2

    • 20. Lecture 19. Rook & Knight Pattern 3

    • 21. Lecture 20. Puzzle 1&2

    • 22. Lecture 21. Game 1: Delfino Gastaldi - Angelo Giusti

    • 23. Lecture 22. Bishop & Knight pattern

    • 24. Lecture 23. Bishop & Knight Puzzle

    • 25. Lecture 24. 2 Bishops Pattern

    • 26. Lecture 25. 2 Bishops Puzzle 1

    • 27. Lecture 26. 2 Bishops Game example

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About This Class

This course covers checkmating patterns:

  • Back-Rank Mates

  • Queen & Pawn Mates

  • Rook & Bishop Mates

  • Rook & Knight Mates

  • Bishop & Knight Mates

  • 2 Bishops Mates

This course really helps to see the whole board and to learn how to make your pieces interact and checkmate the enemy king with only 2 pieces!

I will demonstrate not only the concept of these tactical chess manoeuvres but also the logic behind finding these moves in your own chess games.

This course is broken down into 6 sections (one for each pattern). In each section you will find one or a few patterns and puzzles to solve.

Also each section contains an analysis of a game played between two chess grandmasters to demonstrate how effective these mating patterns can be. And finally I prepared a quizz for you to practice.

I look forward to seeing you in class!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viktor Neustroev

​Chess coach & entrepreneur


My name is Viktor Neustroev and I am a chess coach and a trader.

Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings.

The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9!

I'm 34. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk. I learned to play chess when I was 5. I regularly won prizes at Novosibirsk region Championship and Siberia Chess Championship among juniors. I'm a champion of Novosibirsk City Chess Club at 2002.

I got Master's Degree in Economics at Novosibirsk State University and also played for its chess team.

Today I am focusing on teaching chess online and offline. The reason why I do this is because I feel happy when see how my students achieve success.

I will teach you how to find tactical strikes in certain position types and h... See full profile

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1. Learn How To Checkmate Promo: Hello and welcome to my car's chest. Countries have checkmate where you have to make any making only two pieces. My name is Victor, Mr Life on a Chess Coach, and the player is generating 2000. Today I'm focusing on just online and offline. The reason why does it is because I feel happy when I see Mr Brothers. I designed this course for any just player wants to prove his reforms. By then, of course, you will be able to complete the attack on checkmate Enemy King in your own gaze. More off these cars is completely different, and this curse on teaching how to make a piece is indirect. The chicken in the end, of course, is devoted to chickens empires. I will show how to a cage pieces to make it more dangerous for the enemy king in the Car. Spiegel allies such Barnes as back Quite a Ways, with old mates rook and bishop maids, broken night mates, Bishop and knight mates, hands to be shipmates. I designed the scores for poor beginners and card players, the ideals too little for this curse. A player wants to improve his attacking and technical skills. These cars is recommended, especially fost tutors who don't always succeed in completing the tech. But don't worry. There is no requirements. That surgeon role they want, I think you should know, is rules of chess. Thank you for your interest in my cars. Just struggling juice. You know how it legit, mate? Feel free to take a look at the court description and use preview function. Go ahead, hit and roll bottom and joined the glass. See you inside the car. 2. Lecture 1. Welcome to the course: hello and welcome to my course. Just rather just learn how to checkmate in this lecture. I will tell you what this course is about and what you will learn. This car's is about chess in this cars. I teach you how to checkmate your opponent, using only two off your pieces. Sometimes it's hard to give a check made to the enemy. King usually have to restrict his material, promote your bone, capture almost all his bones, and then you can give him a lion Lato something like these. In this course, we will in the light, such equating pardons as break rank mates, Queen and Paul mates, Rook and Bishop mates, Broken night mates, Bishop and Knight mates. To bishop mates, this car's really helps to see the whole board and to learn how to make your pieces interact and checkmate, the enemy kink with Onley to pieces. This course is broken down in the sixth sections, one for each bottom. In each section you will find one or a few pardons and puzzles to solve. Also, each section contains an analysis off a game played between two grandmasters. To demonstrate how effective these mating partners can be, and finally I prepared a quiz for you to practice. After finishing this course, you will be able to complete the attack and to find check mates during your own games more often, and I am sure that you will win more often. Thank you for interest. Let's start to learn. 3. Lecture 2. Back-rank Mating Pattern: Hello and welcome back to my chest course in this lecture, I wanted to meet back rank check mates. I hope that it's clear from the title that you will learn how to give a checkmate on the eighth rank. You can check, mate. Using the RUC or Queen First puzzle we're going to observe is pretty easy. Um, our first and most common checkmated. Parton will be the back rank mate, and it's shown in the screen in its most basic form, the back rank. Checkmate. Parton A. Cures When Black makes a mistake by playing, for example, Rook takes on Beach and Brooke E. Eight. Checkmate. Experience. Players will see this puzzle and smile how easy it is. But the main point for you is to remember the pardon blacks own. Phone shield traps the king. These bottom is virtually inexhaustible as it keeps cropping up repeatedly, even in the games off the world's best players. As I told you, back rank check mates administered by the major pieces, queens and drugs. Strangely enough, experience Blair's can fall into the background check mate, and especially when they're confident that they have taken precautions and have stopped the threat. Now you've learned the pardon. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next lecture 4. Lecture 3. Puzzle 1: Welcome back to my chest course. And this lecture. We will continue talking about back rank chick maids and I will show you more difficult example. Look at the screen. Black has been anxious to capture the A five bone and restore material equality. His reasoning for capturing the bone appears faultless. Both his king and queen protect the E eight square. So there is no chance that why can invade with either Queen ORAC. Therefore, it looks like he should grab the A five point before. Why can play Brooke e to a one to protect it? Rook takes on a five. Now you may pose this video and try to guess yourself how to mean if you're playing for white, Okay? We continue black solution off. Invincibility is shattering it by an introductory chicken move queen before check. And now breaking is first to abandon its control off the E eight square. King G eight queen takes on a five going takes queen and rook Ph checkmate. Let us take a second look at this position. For a moment, Black was an experience player. He had been looking at the different combination, all motives, and he was considering capturing the A five point biscuits queen. Okay, what if Queen takes on a five? But ah, Blake had rejected these capture because off a deflection tactic, Brooke E eight, it forces black to give up the protection of his queen. Rook takes only eight queen takes Queen Black had seen all of these moves and didn't immediately stopped looking through there. Despite the loss of his queen, blinker realized that whites king was also susceptible to back rank. Checkmate. You might see that, uh, the king is stripped by his spawn shield black also so that whites queen on the A five square prevents an important line of play. Brooke, you on queen takes on the yuan. It's no the checkmate. It is interesting to observe that when a player sees aberration that almost wins, it brings hiding feelings off confidence. After all, as Black is so close to win in one line If only the one square wasn't protected by the queen, then the capture on the five miss the Rukh. Somehow I feel safer. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next lecture 5. Lecture 4. Game 1: James Magorian - Yasser Seirawan: Welcome back to my chest course. And now I want to demonstrate you that even grandmasters can make such mistakes. Forgetting about back rank, I will show you the game between James McGauran and Grand Master Yasser Seirawan. This game was played in Montana in 1979 e. Four g six de four d six Night C three a six Bishop a three bishop G seven F four b five e five Bishop B. Seven Night F three Before attacking the night Night E to It is a mistake because no black bishop takes on that three bone has to take and wide God's double bone structure a six queen did night See six Protecting the Born on before night G three night G 2 87 Bishop D three night G five. Bishop Before night she to e seven c four. Poland takes Born things Rukh b eight she for Knight takes on e three. Queen takes night C five de takes on C five de takes on e five. Brooke View one Quincy seven F takes on the five Bishop, thanks to five night eat too. Council King Side F for a taking the Bishop Bishop F. six age for Brooke F to see eight h five and now Black played Queen takes on C five. It is a dick move. Black was satisfied. Friskies position looks like his position is better. An extra bone and a lot of frequencies on white side. Now you may pose this video and find it in and move for white. Okay, We continue white can in weight his work on the back rank. Look de eight Check. After this move, Black would be fighting with Onley. Rook for the Queen Rook takes and then queen takes on C five if King just seven in this position, age six is a checkmate. So black has to take Brooke. Be too 25 night F five age takes on G six when the head and material The guiding principle is straight pieces. The simplest line was to take on the five with the bishop He takes on their five and H six rookie eight Brocade stool. It's a 1,000,000,000 position for white, however. White played bone takes on G six h takes on G six. Brooke H three again Bishop of five was better trade in pieces. Night goes to D four Knight takes night. Rook takes on d four. The bishop is Canyon Bishop G three rook takes on therefore Queen a three. It was also mistake. White missed the chance to go after blacking Quincy. Seven was better. Route goes back to d four. Bishop takes on G six Bone takes Bishop Queen Age seven King with checkmate in attack, however, it was played Queen a three in the game Brooke G four queen takes on a six. Another mistake After playing rock F three, White would still be winning. But after Queen a six Well, it can play Bishop h four and Brooke has to take if King goes to do and then g one leads through. Checkmate. So look takes rook takes rook Quincy eight. Chick King G seven, Queen C six rook takes on a to bishop it too, Brooke. Age too. Bishop. Do one broke eight g two threatening to checkmate by playing rock Juwann King F one Rukh due to a taking the bishop kink Juwann Ah, King, Anyone was better. So I'm thinking Juwann Brooke goes toe h for Queen A for protecting the Bishop Brooke e four threatening to check weight on the one with the RUC King F one and E five, a powerful, quite move made in whites. Time Trouble Queen B three Brooke Age for King You on Brooke D two d four and white Lost on time. However, the position is meaningful. Black, for example, Bishop E to ruk h one check King after rookie age to check King a three Brooke, age three, Bishop F three and Brooke F four. Now ah, Black is threatening to take on their three and to trade his two rooks for the queen and the bishop. A bowling game is absolutely winning for black because black kink is in a square off these born thank you for your attention. Please don't forget about by crank mates or background checks, because even grandmasters conglomerates such tricky move. 6. Lecture 5. Game 2: Lazaro Bruzon - Baadur Jobava: Welcome back to my chest course. And in this lecture I'm going to show you another game. Example. Let's see a nice destroy taken advantage off our theme Back rank mates. It'll be a game between Lesra Bruise on and Bader Jaballah. Two grandmasters. The These game was played in Havana in 2000 and five. It was Trump Pawelski Attack D four night of six Bishop G five night E four Bishop F four Do you five e three c five Bishop D three. Knight to C six. Bishop takes only for bone Takes Bishop night. You too. See? Takes on d four. He takes on d four Bishop G four being in the night age three Taken The Bishop Bishop takes night Queen takes bishop and Queen takes on d four night c three white sacrifice the form, but before is a weakness e five Bishop E three queen before Castle Queen Side Defendant. The porn on me too. Bishop E seven Queen G four at Taken two points on G seven and on e four. King F eight. If black castles and this position instead of Kinga Fate. Then White plays Bishop H six threatening into checkmate of Bishop F 6 10 95 It's a folk. Ah, the only movies Quinn D six. Knight takes Bishop Queen has to take and Ruby Dee six attracting the queen. So now Queen has no squares. If Green takes Rukh, then 27 is a checkmate. That's why it was played King too afraid in this position. 95 anyway. Quinn. They five. Knight takes on the seven Knight Takes Night Queen D Sound. Brooke C. Eight White has sacrificed the bone for our home in attack. He's better mobilized as black skin and a change. Look, I'm misplaced Now is the time for a knockout. Blue, um, opposed this reader and find the technical strike yourself. Okay, we continue Bishop C five Explosion Blacks Week back Rank. The bishop is immune to either capture Roxy five. Oh Quincy five Because then Queen D eight will be played and, for example, after rook takes rooked eggs Roque and it's a checkmate. The night is beans and black has to play rookie. Eight. Look de five black now gave up in a few of the threats off Bishop takes on the Seven River Discovery, the Tech against the Black Queen blacks queen must keep the D eight square protected. For instance, if black grabs the A to bone, we have this position, and White can apply a nice combination. These potter, a cures frequently Queen, takes on the seven work has to take and rode. G eight is a checkmate. Okay, it's another puzzle. I just want to show you the most freakin setting for the partner shown at the end of the Progress game. Usually it takes place against the F two or F seven poem. Black is a bishop and two polls behind and clearly faces a losing battle. However, the B six bone is on price, and Black is happy to cut his material losses and so grabs the basics bone Quinn takes on B six. Blake is not worried about back rank shipmate as his fate. Rukh stands guard, but it is a mistake, and it allows why. To use the opportunity to repeat this pardon Queen takes on F seven, Chick Rubio has to take Brooke E eight Checkmate. Thank you for your attention. I hope you've learned what back rank might is and how to oblige such a technical pardon 7. Lecture 6. Queen & Pawn Pattern: Welcome back to my chest cars and this section will be devoted to queen and bone mates. The two most common check mice with the Queen. Besides, the back rank will be shown in this section. Look at the screen. Blacks, Jews Seven Square is federally week, and he's unable to prevent Queen G seven. Checkmate. While Blood can give a few spite checks with his rooks like rookie, too, King takes another chick she can't defend against whites. Unstoppable threat. This pardon off queen supporting by phone or bishop is a constant guest in top chest. Why would Black allow himself to get in such dangle? Let me show you how it happened. So retreat Dwight's queen to see One square and Rodricks Black Spohn from G 62 G seven White would now play Queen G five, forcing black to create a fatal weakness. Just six quinyx six and we're back to our position. I wanted to learn this bottle and starts to look for ways to recreate it in your own games . I can assure you that every experience player has been both a reader and the victim with the pardon. It is equally powerful for white if the squares off Gwynn and F six bone are inter changed . For example, if there is a queen on F six and the bone on age six, black skink will be check mated to thank you for your attention. 8. Lecture 7. Queen & Pawn Pattern 2: Welcome back to the course and this puzzle. We make another shift between the Queen and bone. The queen teams up with the poem Protecting Vital Square in the King's camp. It's H seven, and black is helpless to prevent the invasion of the queen. It's black to move in this position, but he can't do anything because of his business position. And especially because off the Route 27 if there was no room on the seven, he could play Brooke F to E eight. And after Queen, age seven can give Fade and Queen hh Czech King goes to E seven Unfortunately, in this position, another route takes his escape square and black can't move this rook with the chick so that checkmate is unavoidable in this position, I hope you will know in this spot and to thank you for your attention 9. Lecture 8. Puzzle 1: Welcome back to my chest cars. In this lecture, I will give you another example off using the first Parton the ponies on F six. But your queen is still on the one. How would you play? You may pose this widow and think a little bit as we see Black is down the past bone and the Queen versus Rukh, of course, white means, but in this position he has a continuation that wins at once. It's Quincy one aiming to play queen age six. Repeating differently. Pardon What is not worried about the loss off the A six bone in view off the back rank mate , for example, Rook takes on a six Quinn age six, threatening to checkmate on G seven. The only move is to take the pony on F six, and now Rook takes rook. It's a checkmate. That's why after Quincy, one black boys King toe H eight squeamish six. Rook G. Eight. While Black has successfully defended to seven square, he trapped his own king. Now comes a surprising capture. Queen H seven check went in with a flourish. Now King takes on H seven. Brooke, age three is a checkmate along the age file. It is good to know that RUK age three here would also have produced checkmate. Now what is threatened? Squeamish seven end. There is no protection. If rules you seven. Then Queen takes on G seven. It's a checkmate. How were right? Winning by series of checks is much more forcing in different circumstances and move like Rubisch three might have allowed our appointment a defensive move, such as bringing a night to a fade to protect the seven poem. If such a defensive move wasn't possible, our point might be able to knock out our own king or give him a perpetual check. Okay, these buttons off. Forcing Brooke eight to G eight, immobilizing the kink sacrificing the queen, followed by a rook. Checkmate is a common one. I want you to remember it. Thank you for your attention. 10. Lecture 9. Puzzle 2: The next example features favorite glue in Spartan Black, played Queenie five and move off outstanding strength. Seriously like threatens the unstoppable Quinn from a five to a one. Just imagine White. Secondly, this move. Defense against whites. Threat Queen from D one to D five whites Position suddenly seems to be doomed. However he gets the option to save his position. How would you play? You might pose this video and think a little bit. Okay, we continue what needs to bring his queen to h file with the temple. He should sacrifice both the roots. The first in sequence begins Rocca Shade check. King takes rook Broke each one check kink G eight brocade shade. Czech King takes rook again. Queen H one Mission accomplished. White has brought his queen to the age file with Temple Gwyneth five. Queen takes, Queen King G eight and Gwyneth seven. Checkmate. As powerful as F six g six R h. Six ball. Maybe a bishop is even better. For example. For example, while white age six phone controls just seven square white bishop on age six does the same while also controlling the F eight square, these extra reach could prevent the King from taking flight. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next lecture 11. Lecture 10. Rook & Bishop Pattern: Welcome back to my chest course. And this section will be devoted to rook and Bishop mates in this position with an extra queen. And Bishop Black is easily winning. The surprise is that he has a combination that produces a force check, mate in three moves. Try to find it yourself. You may pose this video and think a little bit. Okay, We continue. Queen takes on that one. Chick King takes Queen Bishop H three chick kink. Juwann Rukh Iwan with another book Rank. Checkmate. Note that all of blacks moves came with the check and that each white move was forced. What? Had no responded? Please remember these Technical Parton. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next lecture. 12. Lecture 11. Game 1: Vladislav Vorotnikov - Igor Ivanov: Welcome to my chest cars. And in this lecture, I want to demonstrate your a game between two grandmasters. Ladislav forward Nick off against Eager even off the game was played in the illness in 1977 . It was really on a game e four e five night C three night of six g three bishop before Bishop G two she six night g two e two Castle castle d five de for he takes on d four. Queen takes on d four c five taking the queen and defendant The Bishop Queen Do you want G takes on e four Knight takes on the four night takes Knight Bishop takes night Queen is seven a taken the Bishop Queen D three Rukh E A's No Black Attacks the Bishop Only four Bishop takes on h seven check and the resistible bone grab and a mistake. Why should play Bishop a three acceptance in fairer position. King H eight c three See for if I take this phone then he loses his bishop and the night going see too Queen takes on a to see takes on before now Please look at the position. How would you play for black. You may pose this widow and think a little bit. Okay, We continue. Queen takes on. If one check check Mating combinations happened that way. White now resigned rather than a low. The conclusion King takes on that one. Bishop, age three Check King Juwan and ruk Iwan. Check made. I hope now you see that even strong players can blunder such a technical Potter. In the next lecture, I will show you a slightly more challenging example off these might in Parton. Thank you for your attention. 13. Lecture 12. Puzzle 2: Hello and welcome back to my chest course. As I told you and this lecture, I'm going to show you a slightly more intelligent example off the mating partner with a rook and bishop without any forewarning about our rook and Bishop waiting. Pardon? The position looks better for black. He is better developed because more control of the central and the safer King blacks position off the half open G file makes us alert to sacrificial possibilities. With these advantages in mind, black should be looking for and no coward blow. The first move to investigate is a check. We shouldn't necessarily move with the check, but rather that we should always analyze the consequences off a chicken move. Okay. How would you play for Black? You might pose this video and think a little bit. We continue how black should proceed as blacks Queen is threatened. The natural thing to do is to move the queen or capture the offending peace. In this case, the night on century cannot be captured. The prudent option is to move the queen away from the threat off capture where well, the most literal move would be check. Quinn D three. This appears to be a nice forcing move. What has to block the check with either a rook or night? Neither of which a text blacks queen? A very directive check in. Did the move King to G one would be a bad move. The capture Queens F three wins and night for free and continues their tech. So Brooke 80. The good news is that we no longer have to worry about the queen being attacked. We can now look for the next directive move. Piling up with Bishop C four is a really nice option. White species are being placed in an absolute bean, and we're sure to win the exchange in the near future. In short, bishops before is a very strong movement did before making it. We have to ask ourselves if black has anything better. Such a question causes us to consider a different direction. Off the bishop. Bishop H three looks mighty tempting. Much more crisp than Bishop C four. White position appears to be bad at threats include captures off the G two pon and if three night can wide defend the move night you want is annoying. White sidestepped the capture of the night while protecting the G to bone. Furthermore, the knights retreat attacks our queen. Now therefore, we start looking at more, forcing moves such as captures soon despite rook takes on G two a truly force and move blacks threat off rook from G two takes on F two means that this rook must be taken King takes on Jeeter Bishop H three another force in check Black is on a roll King G three rou GH check engage for Queen F three and black can be confident of victory Foreign exchange Black has earned a bone and most importantly, white skink has taken flight to the edge of the board where it is surely made It However, in this last line there dear off utilizing the rook on G file provokes another thought Can black penetrate on g file? Suddenly we noticed the right move Queen takes on left three and White resigned If the queen is capture it, we have our rook and Bishop Partum Bishop It three check King the one the only move and Ruth Juwan checkmate The best defense here is Queen E four accepting the loss off a piece in the long ground White's position is lost. Before we make these moves, you can ask yourself, Why not to start with Quinn F three. Doesn't the pardon work? One. Move faster After G takes on their three Bishop age three. King goes to E to the king finds an escape square. That's why first mission start ways Quinn, D. Three, who was invited to block the E two square with one of his pieces. Once the two square was blocked, The combination Parton worked. Thank you for your attention. 14. Lecture 13. Puzzle 3: Welcome back to my chest course, and we'll continue with Rook and Bishop mating partners. The two long range pieces Rook and the Bishop a deadly taken do. It is impressive how well they coordinate with each other. It's white to move in this position. How would you play? You may pose this video and think a little bit. Okay, we continue. Why? It begins by driving black skin into the corner. Brook G three check King H eight. And now he could continue by capturing the Ricana fate. But in doing so, White would miss the chance to checkmate Bishop G seven kink G eight and Bishop of six. Check Bishop G for rook takes on G four. Checkmate. A simple and easy Parton to remember. But there are two important elements in this bottom. The first was the year off, forcing their opponents king to walk into Discovery. Check by bringing in the kink to end up in G file. What was able to move his bishop to the main? They're gonna with the temper like these. Thank you for your attention. 15. Lecture 14. Puzzle 4: Welcome back to my chest curse. This position is certainly appealing for White. He has the more active pieces, including the rock on the seven Frank. He can take a poem with Broke a seven, for example, Bishop of Five Bone takes on the five. Okay, eight. Rook takes rook. Rook takes on a eight a three, and it's in ending with healthy extra poem. But it's not easy to realize it. Instead of taking on a seven hour eyes are cast towards blacks. King 1/2 a poem shield with no Huettel. Weaknesses give stalwart protection, but why it's powerful. A five bishop occupies the main diagonal and makes a few threats. How would you play for White? You may pose this video and think a little bit. Okay, we continue. Isn't there a way to take advantage of the bishops presence? Well, one try would be Bishop takes on G seven. Rook takes on D seven. Bishop of six. We're setting up our rook and bishop pardon, but black then has the know and looking Move Gwyneth five. If ruk g 4 10 26 and now White can capture the queen for two rooks. Such a sequence is not a bad deal at all. Considering the vacant dark squares in the blacks Camp White can continue this operation H for H five. Look G five, Bishop E seven and Blake seems to be holding on. White would suddenly have a superior position following Bishop with seven rook takes only seven and Queen itch five. Okay, let's check again. Our capture Bishop G seven bullet complete F five. When things are confused, the farouk is attacked and suddenly all white species seems exposed to capture. Ah, we know that Bishop takes on their fate. Rugby seven leads both the e four rook and F aid Bishop to be taken. Therefore it's necessary to glance back to the original position and think again. Brooke takes on d six. Broke takes rook. A forced recapture. White has won control over the long diagonal. Excellent. Now the move through G four draws our attention, but F six blocks the dream off correction G seven square. Suddenly our recon bishop pattern is recalled. Quinn F six. That's the ticket and Blake resigned in this position. The conclusion would be G takes on F six rugby four Czech King get shade and Bishop takes on their six. Checkmate. Our mate pardon is on the board. Black could play. Queen takes only five. In this position, it's the best move. But after Queen takes Queen White, there's a queen for rook to the good with the one position. Thank you for your attention. 16. Lecture 15. Puzzle 5: Sometimes the long diagonal is blocked and forceful means and necessary to break the clog. In this position, White realizes that he means if only he could make the long diagonal opened in this position. Whites battery off rooks on the defile makes a pleasant impression. But after the powerful looking Rudy AIDS Bishop of Fate White this time it the attractive five year off Queen G five g seven is foiled by the being on the file so the bone can't take the RUK You can pose this reader and think a little beat. How would it play for white? Okay, we continue how our white found a nice continuation. Queen takes on G eight. King has to take Brooke G to check. It's a vital move as black skin kiss first back into the corner Because after Kinga fate rogue G eight is a checkmate. So King goes to H eight at this point but gave it up, not alone White His thrills white intended to play Rukh g eight check be shipper fate Brooke digs Bishop Chick Rook takes rook and F seven Checkmate. Mission accomplished. The long diagonal has been opened and black skink is checkmated In fact, the final position is an important part in off chicken made with the bishop on Lee. So G to rook is not needed in this position. Thank you for your attention. In the next lecture, I will demonstrate you game between two grandmasters where you can find the classical example off Rook and Bishop mating Parton. 17. Lecture 16. Game Example: Welcome back to my chest course, and this is the game between marks you are against rutile Florman. It was played in Rotterdam in 1923. It was already opening night of three d five. See for D four, be for just six. Bishop, be to Bishop G seven, defendant, opponent before night, a three e five night see too Bishop G four e three 97. It takes on D four. It takes on D four what can take on D four immediately because of the pain. Age three and Bishop has to take. Queen takes Bishop C six age for Castle H five, Brooke E. Eight, Castle Coincide. A five age takes on G six h takes on G six and Queen H three A takes on before going. It's seven is not a checkmate because King can move too. Afraid as we see in this position, White's position has many possibilities. He has successfully opened the H file and given him a queen and rook battery. We've that B two and G seven bishops fighting for the long Dagon. Now the president's off combination alarm o tive must exist. You can post this video and think a little bit. How would you play for White? We continue. Knight takes on D four White sacrifices a night in orderto open the long diagonal White now threatens to play Queen Itch seven. Kinga Fate Queen takes on G seven. King takes queen and night a six. Checkmate. Therefore black should take why It's night on D four. Bishop takes on the form. Actually, it's a terrible move. It allows whites to conclude a classical X roi combination resulting in a checkmate qui made shade. We mustn't forget that even though there be to Bishop doesn't directly see they change square. Its influence is ec straight through the long diagonal. Blake resigned. If Bishop takes on the change, rook takes Bishop. Checkmate. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next section. 18. Lecture 17. Rook & Knight Pattern: how and welcome back to my just cars in this section. I will tell you how you can make your oak and unite interact with each other when you are taken as the night is a short range piece for it to take part in checkmate in attacks, it has to be nearer the enemy king while a bishop hidden away on the A one square can check a kink on the opposite side of the board and night must be close, at least within hope in distance. This means that foreign knights to participate in checkmate in the tech two likely advantages have to be in the Attackers favor. First, the defender has a vital square weakness. Reach the night can occupy or the night is protected against capture, just as we see in this position, the magnetic squares for nights are F three F six in case off work inside counseling and C three and C six in case off Queen Side Counseling, the most common night and rook made. Also called the Arabian Mate, it is shown in this position. Whites Night has taken roost on the most directive F six square, and the RUK has occupied the seventh rank king goes toe a change and rook age seven is a checkmate. It is a standard finish in case if faith Square is occupied or covered by white piece force in black skink into the corner. Moreover, this position features an equally important pardon for another reason. Our patrol chick. If Black is able to play Kinga Fate White has night each seven king eight night goes back toe F six given get fade Meritage cell with perpetual check and the draw Please keep it in mind Thank you for your attention will continue in the next lecture. 19. Lecture 18. Rook & Knight Pattern 2: Let's add a few pieces that the position from the poorest lecture the common Parton that experience players will know best is automatic night of six. Check bringing the night to the ideal square of his check. King G seven, Brakhage seven. Checkmate. I want to show you one more position this time. The kink is made it from the eighth rank. Why? It starts with the ideal ricin Move. Night of six. Check kink. G seven, Brooke Edge seven. Check King a Fate Brooke H eight and now Black can choose his poison If King Deuce seven then Ruggie eight. Checkmate. If King G seven, then rookie eight. Checkmate. Thanks to the D six bone that blocks and escape square for the king. Please remember this mating Barton to thank you for your attention. 20. Lecture 19. Rook & Knight Pattern 3: Welcome back to my chest course in this lecture, I want to show you completely different form off coordination, which is also quite common this time. Whites night is denied the idealistic square. But thanks to the block in the faith, rook and open age file white has the checkmate in Coop Night E seven chick kink h seven and Brooke age three checkmate these border and demonstrates that somehow the knights control over the gist. Six square is key to the checkmate and easily missed. For example, I can adds black bone image seven and the White Queen on C two and you can use this pardon again. Night E seven Chick King goes toe h eight queen takes on age seven. King has to take and Brooke age three. Checkmate, Please. Always remember about these technical Parton. It often works. 21. Lecture 20. Puzzle 1&2: Welcome back to my chest course. Look at this Korean whites winning combination in this position is over this, right. You may pose this video and think a little bit. It's white to move, and your task is to find the best move for white. Okay, we continue. The correct answer is Rukh one takes on D four e takes on D four. Queen takes on age seven. Check. King takes queen and Rook age five. It's a checkmate in this lecture, I also want to demonstrated to different partners. And it's not only about rook and Knight in direction, you should use your queen in this position. In this position, we have a really classic black begins the checkmate important off rockin night. So it's black to move. You might pose this widow and think a little bit. We continue Brooke a one chick rook takes rook queen G five check kink be one night D to check pink C one night. Be three check kink be one Quincy. One chip rook takes Queen Night G to check King A to Brooke Aid Queenie for rook takes win . It's a checkmate in this position. White had a better defense by declining the queen Sacrifice King a to and like has to take the poncy too. Black wins, although not as beautifully as in the actual game. For example, Queen takes on B three Rook aid Queen A three Quincy for King be one Queen E four King A to queen takes on d five Check King be one queen takes on H one King Gato Rook takes Queen Bone takes Rook Quinn Gee to check and black his decisive material gains in this position It is also possible for White to play night takes on c seven to take a square under his control Knight takes only one night a six Now it goes back to be three queen takes on B three queen See six It's a double attack The night and the Rocca Hannigan rogue Duan Queen takes on a six It's a winning them game for black Another option was the Blake win be seven 95 Quincy six Brooke be eight taken on b two Brooke A to be one Quincy four. Check King a one night be three Chick king a two night. See one double check King a three Queen Aito. Checkmate. Thank you for your attention from this lecture. I want to remember these made in Parton with the RUC and the night. 22. Lecture 21. Game 1: Delfino Gastaldi - Angelo Giusti: Welcome back to my chest cars in this lecture. I want to show you an example off. This maiden pardon happened in the game played by grandmasters. It was the game between Delfino Castaldi and Angela Giusti. It was Slough Defense G four d five c for C 6 93 night of six night C three. Do you take some C four a four. Bishop of five. It's a classical line. 95 E six F three be ship before e four. Bishop takes only four two X sacrifices. Hippies Born takes Bishop night. They explained Bishop D to Queen takes on d four. Knight takes on the four Queen takes on the four. Check Queen E to Bishop Takes on G to check. King takes on D to Queen G five. Chick King C two Castle night based on C four Be five night E three, Quincy five. Check King Be one Knight to G seven g three. Why it wants to develop his bishop. Night B six. The only scan can A takes on B five. She takes on B five. Be subject to take in the ruk Brooke A to B eight. Look see one taking the Queen 25 rook takes on a seven night C four. What can't take this night because of the pain. That's why he plays rookie one Queen D for taken the ruk rook a six night due to check King A to now it's black to move and your task is to find the best move for black. You may pose this video and think a little bit. Okay, We continue Queen B six inviting the continuation Rook takes on B six rook eight check. Bishop takes rook Brooke digs Bishop check. Okay, six rook takes rook. Checkmate. White, of course. Refuses this sacrifice. He plays a rook a three before taking the ruk look a four queen default with the transparent threat off B three King a three and Quincy five with May to follow King a one Brooke after she ate. Look, do you want B three? Yet another offer of the queen to set up our rook and knight checkmate in Parton. So if rook takes, then locate Bishop takes and again we see the same checkmate in pardon. That's why white blaze broke a three rukh C two devastating invasion. White now resigned. Bijou is Hankin. A police and final would have bean rube you One queen takes on B to check. Rook has to take Roxy One chick, Ruby one and rook takes rook. Checkmate. A fine combination that maximized our rook and knight mating motive. Thank you for your attention. We will continue in the next section. 23. Lecture 22. Bishop & Knight pattern: Welcome back to my chest course on in this section, I will tell you about Bishop and Knight mates, the bishop on the night of very different pieces before many different tasks. Personally, I found it much easier to have my two bishops or two nights working in harmony. As we can easily guess. When the pieces coordinate, they cope well together as usual in such an opportunity waiting. Pardon? The bishop struts its stuff on the long diagonal. In this lecture, I want to show you two partners when the bishop on the night interact with each other. Checkmate. In the enemy King, This is the 1st 1 in first position. The night gives the checkmate. In the second position. It is the bishop. Now we take these parents and give them a can be native setting. We will continue in the next lecture. 24. Lecture 23. Bishop & Knight Puzzle: Welcome back to my chest. Cars, please. Look at this green in this position. What has a nicely disguised combination? You may pose this widow and think a little bit. The task is to find the best move for white. Okay, we continue night G six threatening into checkmate with Quint. Ahh. If bone takes night, then Bishop takes only six fork. That's why Black has to play night, age seven to block the age file. And now Rook takes on E six. Bone takes rook and Queen takes on G eight queen takes and Bishop he six is a checkmate. Very nice combination. I will show it to you once again. Night goes to G six, threatening to play Queen H eight night, age seven. Looking the H file, then Rook takes on e six. Forcing like to take and Queen D eight destructing. The Queen Queen takes queen and Bishop of six is a checkmate. Thank you for your attention. 25. Lecture 24. 2 Bishops Pattern: Welcome back to my chest course, and this section will be devoted to two bishops mates. The two bishops, with their sweeping powers, work where we well together in great Inmate in nets, the standard made is to drive the enemy king into the corner, as it's shown here. White moves with Jack forcing the black ink into the corner. Bishop D six Check kink G a Bishop six. Czech King H eight Bishop E five. Checkmate. While it is fun to adorn the final position with very species, note that the long diagonal was again the key. We will continue in the next lecturer. 26. Lecture 25. 2 Bishops Puzzle 1: in this lecture, I would like to show you a combination motive known as Borden's Made, which is usually reserved for King, which has castled on the Queen side. It's whites to move. You might pose to this video and think a little bit. Okay, we continue. The element here is to control the age to be eight diagonal for isn't the black ink and then to give a check on the A six square when black skin gets blocked from escaping along the defile with D eight and D seven, escape squares blocked, White begins for the police and capture Queen takes on seats. Six. Check bone takes queen and Bishop a six. Checkmate. These Spartan is also winner when White controls the defiled with the RUC. 27. Lecture 26. 2 Bishops Game example: Welcome back to my chest course. And just to show that the pattern that I showed in the previous lecture isn't exclusive to the Queen Side Castling, I would like to demonstrate you the game between two grandmasters. Pair off, start explain for white and Wolfgang Human is playing for black. It is a French defense. Be four a six de four d five night G to C five. He takes on D five queen takes on T five night G two f three she takes on d four bishop C for a second queen Wendy six Council Nycz C six, Brooke E one A six a four Quincy seven night E four be shipped. G seven Knight takes on D four. White means that bone back Bishop E seven night F five e takes on their five night You're six. Check ginga fate Knight takes on their seven. The ship e eight queen D five. Defendant The night on the seven Queen a five Black wants to trade queens. Gwen, your six night D for a ticket pick Queen night, G five. If now Blake takes the queen, it will be a perpetual check. Knight takes on the six King of seven. Neither fork in get frayed. And 96. If King goes to F six and disposition, then rookie six will be played. King G. Five night, age three. King G four Bishop to check. Kink age for and bishop of four threatened to give a checkmate by playing. Ah, Bishop G three. There is no protection. The best option for Black here was to take the queen ends to force a draw. But he played Bishop takes on g five and it was a huge mistake. Now you may post this video and think a little bit. Your task is to find the best move for white. Okay, we continue. It was windy. Six. Check if 97 then we take the bishop and its civilian position. So the best move is Bishop s ever. Now what begins by helping black to immobilize his king and taking away a flight square Rook takes on e seven and like resigns The bottom is completed after night takes on e seven . Queen of six check bone takes Queen and Bishop age six. Checkmate. I will repeat this combination again. Rook takes on e seven. Knight takes rook Queen F six Bone has to take and bishop age six. Checkmate. Thank you for your attention. I hope that knowledge of these mating partners will help you to checkmate. You're appointing more often, which also means that you will become stronger.