Chess Opening Traps You Must Know

Viktor Neustroev, ​Chess coach & entrepreneur

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16 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Good Trap

    • 3. Legal's Mate (Bad Trap)

    • 4. Stick to basic principles

    • 5. 2...f6

    • 6. King's Gambit

    • 7. French Defense: The exchange variation

    • 8. 1...d6

    • 9. Russian Game

    • 10. Traps in Filidor Defense

    • 11. 2 Knights Defense

    • 12. Italian game

    • 13. French Defense: 3.e5

    • 14. Caro-Kann Defense

    • 15. 3...Nd4 in Italian Game

    • 16. 2 Knights Defense after 1.d4

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About This Class

This course is about Chess Traps! Sometimes there are moves that appear to be following good principles but which are bad for specific tactical reasons. You make ordinary developing moves, but then you find out that you are trapped and your opponent gets advantage.

In this course I show a few traps that you should know not to be trapped! Of course, it's not possible to demonstrate all the possible opening mistakes here, but I tried to list the most popular ones. However, there are a number mistakes commonly made by beginners and novices in the opening stages of the game and I will show how to react to them.

This course consists of 15 lectures. In every lecture I cover a certain trap. Some traps are good and you can apply them during your games, other are bad and I demonstrate them for you only to learn how not to get trapped, if your opponent tries to outwit you. I designed this course for beginners and club players with FIDE rating from 1200 to 1700. But if you don’t have FIDE rating, this is not a problem and it shouldn’t stop you from taking this course. Learn them from this course! After finishing this course, you will learn some of the traps and may apply them during your games. I believe you will improve your performance!