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Chess Opening Traps You Must Know

teacher avatar Viktor Neustroev, ​Chess coach & entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Good Trap

    • 3. Legal's Mate (Bad Trap)

    • 4. Stick to basic principles

    • 5. 2...f6

    • 6. King's Gambit

    • 7. French Defense: The exchange variation

    • 8. 1...d6

    • 9. Russian Game

    • 10. Traps in Filidor Defense

    • 11. 2 Knights Defense

    • 12. Italian game

    • 13. French Defense: 3.e5

    • 14. Caro-Kann Defense

    • 15. 3...Nd4 in Italian Game

    • 16. 2 Knights Defense after 1.d4

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About This Class

This course is about Chess Traps! Sometimes there are moves that appear to be following good principles but which are bad for specific tactical reasons. You make ordinary developing moves, but then you find out that you are trapped and your opponent gets advantage.

In this course I show a few traps that you should know not to be trapped! Of course, it's not possible to demonstrate all the possible opening mistakes here, but I tried to list the most popular ones. However, there are a number mistakes commonly made by beginners and novices in the opening stages of the game and I will show how to react to them.

This course consists of 15 lectures. In every lecture I cover a certain trap. Some traps are good and you can apply them during your games, other are bad and I demonstrate them for you only to learn how not to get trapped, if your opponent tries to outwit you. I designed this course for beginners and club players with FIDE rating from 1200 to 1700. But if you don’t have FIDE rating, this is not a problem and it shouldn’t stop you from taking this course. Learn them from this course! After finishing this course, you will learn some of the traps and may apply them during your games. I believe you will improve your performance!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viktor Neustroev

​Chess coach & entrepreneur


My name is Viktor Neustroev and I am a chess coach and a trader.

Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings.

The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9!

I'm 34. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk. I learned to play chess when I was 5. I regularly won prizes at Novosibirsk region Championship and Siberia Chess Championship among juniors. I'm a champion of Novosibirsk City Chess Club at 2002.

I got Master's Degree in Economics at Novosibirsk State University and also played for its chess team.

Today I am focusing on teaching chess online and offline. The reason why I do this is because I feel happy when see how my students achieve success.

I will teach you how to find tactical strikes in certain position types and h... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my cars. Just opening traps. You must know my name is Victor News Drive and I will be your instructor for these course. I am a chess coach and the player is FIDE. Rating. 2211. This car's is about chest straps. There are two kinds off drops and chest good and bad traps. If it's a good trap, then you can apply in your own games. But they're also bad drives, and you should know them at least not to get draft. It's not possible to demonstrate all the possible opening mistakes here, but I tried to analyze the most popular ones. This girl's consist of 50 lectures and in every lecture, like our a certain trap. I covered traps in United's Defence, Italian gay Russian game, King's gambit, French defence, American defense, Philidor defense and other popular openings. I designed this course mainly for beginners. Everything is explained in details, but I'm sure that if you are an intermediate club player, you might also find this course useful. For example, human known some of the traps that you don't know yet. I believe after finishing these cars, he will improve your chest performance. And at the end of the course, I prepared a quiz for you so you can check yourself. Thanks for your interest in my curse. Chest opening traps You must know. Feel free to take a look at the course description. Go ahead and hit these enroll button and joined the glass. See you inside the course. 2. Good Trap: Hello and welcome to my curse drops in chess openings. And today, who will be speaking about good and bad drops? A drab in chess is the situation when one of the players is expecting a mistake from his opponent in order to win the game, applying a tactical strike after that, there are some when it drops in the openings, starting the game, you should be attentive not to get trapped. At the same time, you can try pure point into yourself. We can classify traps into bed, and good good trap is set on the way during the game. If you made a trap and an opponent didn't get into heat and opposition didn't get versa, then it's a good trap. If an opponent didn't get trapped and our position worsened, then it's a bad trip. Hair is an example of good drip Defour. Do you five see for a six? This is Queen's gambit declined Knight to C three, Knight to F six White attacks on D five and, like protects it. Bishop G five, Knight to G seven. Strong move. This is a good drab Black doesn't deviate from his opening plan and offers white to take the five boom She takes on d five e takes on g five. It seems that White Knight can take on d five because the black one is pinned Knight takes on the five Knight takes night Bishop takes Queen White one the queen for the night. But Bishop before check and White has to shield his skin. Quiz his Queen Queen Defour Bishop takes queen. Czech King takes Bishop and King takes Bishop on d eight as a result. Like got an extra piece. But if Why it hadn't get wrapped and had responded For example, a three or night of three then black will have just continued his development by bishop of seven Watch your six with the beneficial position Thank you for your attention. 3. Legal's Mate (Bad Trap): Welcome back to my chest, cars, traps and just openings. And in this later, I'm going to show you a bad drab. Here is an example. Its name is Legos, mate E four e five night of three de six. Bishop C four. Nighty six night. See three Bishop G four unexpectedly White lives. His queen under attack Night takes on e five. This is a trap move which is designed for a very greedy opponent. Bishop takes on the one bishop takes on that seven chick kink to e seven and night d five. Checkmate. This is an example of bad drip because it's not obligatory for Black to take the Queen. However, if Black responded with night takes night, then the white would remain without his night. So Queen is hanging. Bishop is Hentgen. And one of the possible moves here is Bishop E to offering to trade bishops. Bishop takes Bishop Queen. Thanks, Bishop. And now Black has an extra piece only for one phone. Please. Never tried to apply such a bet. Drops. But now I hope you know this opening and you wouldn't take queen in this position. Thank you for your attention. 4. Stick to basic principles: Hello and welcome back to my course drives in just openings. It is very important to stick to basic opening principles, not to get into a trap. First, you have to occupy the centre with your polls. Then you should develop minor pieces and make it castle. And what shouldn't you do? It's dangerous to move your queen so early because it can be attacked by re capricious, forcing it to move and lose tempers. Hair is an example. E four e five, Quinn, Itch five and attractive Move. Beginners like to make white threats to take only five with the check, and he also attacks of seven. Poem protected on Lee with the King Knight to C six. Black protects on the five Bishop C. Four. Now why threats were squint of seven. Checkmate. This is called Scholar's Mate G six Queen F three again white threats to checkmate on if seven expecting that point to make a mistake. Night F six. Queen B three. Instead of developing his spaces, White moves his queen across the broad, hoping to be an opponent of seven Herrera. But I can sacrifice it. Night D four strong Move. The night here is in the perfect position. It attacks the queen and the bone on C two at the same time. Black sets a trip. Bishop takes on that seven check. It's hard to keep yourself from taking the ball with the Chick King Deuce. Seven. Now White has to protect his bishop on of seven. That's why Quincy four and be five Queen Hester Threat from A to G eight Dagon out and White loses his bishop. For example, Queen the Three King takes on of seven C three night E six, Queen B five de six and, like God, an extra piece for two bones. Thank you for your attention. 5. 2...f6: Hello and welcome to my chest. Cars drops in chess openings. And today I'm going to tell you which plan to apply when your opponent place F six on the second move protecting his bone only five e four e five night of three. There are three moves susceptible in this position. 96 night of six and d six. As for F six, it is a week move. Even such a simple move as bishops before leads to a huge advantage fight because it will be hard for black to make a castle king side. However, there is a technical solution Knight takes on The five. Breaking became so weak that why is ready to sacrifice the night Born The X Night Black with better play Queen it seven to away the trouble and after Bone takes night Guimet five . Chick, Let's go. Unfortunately, Black is unable to respond to me is just six because off queen takes only five check Queen is seven and queen takes on a change and Black loses his work. That's why the black ink is going to have a trip. King to e seven going takes only five. Check King of seven Bishop C four Chick with the fair Smooth Bishop attacks unprotected king here Black and prolong his resistance with d five move protecting F five square risk His Bishop Bishop takes on d five chick ginkgo G six age for with the idea to put the 0.0 H five h six and Bishop takes on b seven Taken the ruk if now Bishop takes Bishop than queen , the five is a checkmate. If Black doesn't take his bishop on the seven but place, for example, Ken Gage seven. Then Bishop takes rook And what has a huge advantage? If in this position Black place King to G six then it leads to a quick check mate. When the five engage six d four and another Bishop Joyce the rear tech G five age four the RUC joints as well King Just seven Queen of seven. Check can gauge six and bone takes bone. Checkmate. Impressive wipe out. Thank you for your attention 6. King's Gambit: hello and welcome to my course about chest straps. E four e five. Therefore, this is King's gambit. White sacrifices opponent to remove like bone from the center and to open a file to attack the black ink. But now what has to be watchful to his king Bishop C five and natural developing move and the tricky trap at the same time. White ought to play night of three taking the five bomb and protecting age four square against Gwyneth for check. But if he is greedy, then feels this rapidly bone takes on the five Greenidge four. Check. We have already seen it somewhere after G three and Queen takes on the for black takes. Why Druk on H one So black has a next to RUK and absolute living in position. So if someone plays King's gambit against you, you might play Bishop C five from the second move and great trip 7. French Defense: The exchange variation: Hello and welcome to my course about drabs in chess openings. Now I would like to show you drive. It's gonna happen in French defense. The exchange of aeration e for a six g four g five my i d to C five. With this smooth Black agrees to play with isolated bone, but develop your species faster. It takes on d five e takes on D five and d takes on c five. Bishop takes on C five Now Why? Its task is to occupy d foursquare whiskeys nights. It's possible to play night G two F three or what can start ways Night to be three Bishop B six night of three and then night B to D four. But what if White plays night e to just before what was all right? But Queen B six threatening into checkmate with Bishop F two And if night B three all night the G three. Then Bishop takes on there too. King a to and Quinn the three. Checkmate. This is a very popular position, and the personal who plays for white can trait bones in the center and then play against isolated born. But I really doubt that Many of them would play night to eat too. Night Jeeter three seems to be a logical, but it started probably for you. You can just stick to your plan and develop your pieces. Foster, Thank you for your attention. 8. 1...d6: Hello and welcome to my car's drives in chess openings. E four g six de for white occupies the central. Raise his bones. Knight to D seven. Rare but possible development Black lives. An option to move on to a few little defense after a five all broke defense after G six night F three g six. It would be better to play night G to F six. First Bishop C four Bishop G seven Black sticks to the plan but allows a tactical strike. Bishop takes on left seven Check. Very typical combination. King takes Bishop and 95 check now King Gate or Kinga Fate leads to 96 When the queen, for example, in this position queen is stripped if can go stuff six. Then go. In the three checkmate black was defeated because of the thickness off a six square which was caused by night to G seven. Thank you for your attention 9. Russian Game: Hello and welcome back to my car straps in chest openings. And this lecture is about Russian game E four e five night of three night of six. This is called Petrov's Defence. It is considered to be solid. Opening for Black Knight takes on the five 94 is a mistake. A common mistake off all beginners. The best move. Waas d six and on Lee After Night goes back to F three but can take on E four if he takes immediately, then queen to eat, too. Black Knight is under attack and it's against retreat. For example. Night of six. For example. Night of six oh, nights to any other square leads to 96. Check When in the Queen like us to play D five in this position D three going to seven. Bone takes night. Queen takes night bone. Thanks. Phone going takes Queen Bishop takes queen and White has an extra bone in this position. Thank you for your attention 10. Traps in Filidor Defense: Hello and welcome back to my chest course about trips and this lecture. I'm going to demonstrate you drops in Phil. It'll defense. There are several craps threatening black and Philadelphia Defense e four 85 93 de six de for 97 Bishop Toe C four blacks. Plan includes making the Castle King Side. That's why he wants to play night G to F six or Bishop Toe E seven. Both these moves lost the game night G to F six. De takes only five. If black responses D takes on e five, then 95 and F seven is Hannigan. There is no protection if he plays 94 than 25 simultaneously a taking on F seven and E four . So night takes on the five. Knight takes night Bone takes night and Bishop of seven. Chick King takes on their seven green d eight. Why it gets an extra green. But in this position, blood can play Bishop before check. And now White Queen on D four is handgun. That's why he has to play Gwynn D do Bishop takes Queen Knight takes Bishop and White is one phone up in the end game id like plays Bishop with seven in this position instead off night G to F six. Then de takes only five If de takes only five, then 25 taken in this seven. And there is only one protection NYT, age six. But then white can take this night and then take on a seven if night takes only five. Then night takes night Bone takes night and Queen H five n taken on F seven And on the five , for example, G six queen takes only 5 96 and white has an extra bone and better position. I hope now you know how to play against feel it'll Defense. Thank you for your attention. 11. 2 Knights Defense: hello and welcome to my chest course about drips. And in this lecture I'm going to show you how to play against two nights Defense E four e five night of 3 96 Bishop C four and Night of six To lead Defense is a sharp combination opening, but what has to quite continuations in this position? D three and 93 too aggressive D four and night G five. So 95 is considered to be the best F seven. This canyon that's white Black has to play d five e takes on D five. Now the correct move is 95 0 night can move to D four, but most maters take on the five their night and then you have to play D four Protecting your night on G five with your Bishop. It takes on d four. Gasol Bishop is seven. It taken the night and now it's time to sacrifice. This night night takes on F seven King Text. Night Queen F three check. It's a double attack after Bishop F six. White takes on D five, keeping strong attack If Black wants to keep his knight on d five, he can play King to e six. But this move loses the game 24. Check if 95 then f four. And now both nights I beaned. If King goes to the six, then Queen takes night. Checkmate. Let's go back after you played D for in this position, but can probably take with his night. And after this move, you can play C three. And now if night goes to anywhere, then you take on D five great queens and take his night on G five. You have an extra night in this position and it's absolutely brilliant for white. This position happens very often. Try to learn it. Thank you for your attention. 12. Italian game: Hello and welcome back to my car straps in chess openings. And in this lecture, I'm going to tell you about straps that you can credit in Italian. Game E four e five. Night of three 96 Bishop C for Bishop C five say three very common move for this position. Night of six. D four. He takes on de force. He takes on d four bishop before check and now you can play night to see three a bone only for his hannigan and black can probably take night takes on the four young light this beans Ah, that's why you can just castle King site and sacrifice another bone for initiative. It is very attractive for black to play Night takes on C three and after Paul takes Knight , Bishop takes bone, but it leads to failure Bishop A three brilliant in black from castling and involving the bishop to the attack. If Bishop takes on the one rookie one check and what can we net queen after this combination? If 97 in this position then Queen B three a taken on F seven and on C three. Bishop takes rook Bishop takes on that seven check can give Fade and 95 with the first checkmate. White's idea is to move this Bishop Deutsche five, for example, or to G six and then check mate with the Queen on F seven or F three. That's why black can play D six in this position. Roxy One taken the Bishop Bishop a five Quinney for a six bishop D five. A tick in the night. And then these bishop will the hanging. We should be six. Brooke takes on C six. If pawn takes rook, then Queen takes on C six and Queen takes the route when I ate. Why? It has an extra piece in this position. If Bishop G seven rookie one check can get fade and rugby six. Bishop takes queen. Rook takes queen. Checkmate. If Bond takes rook Bishop takes on d six. Check King Djate and night G five is made in attack, for example of Bishop takes Queen and Bishop tastes on their seven. Checkmate. If green takes on G five, then Bishop takes on their seventh. Alec King has to take queen takes on d seven. Check if King Jade, then a rookie eight rook takes rook and Queen takes Rook. This is a checkmate. If Kenji six and disposition, then Bishop of seven attacking the Queen and ah, rookie six rookie five White is much better in this position. He is able to be the queen. Thank you for your attention. 13. French Defense: 3.e5: Hello and welcome to my chest course about straps. And in this lecture I'm going to show you another trapping French defense. E four e six de four d five. This is French defense and white plays E five c five trying to destroy the center. C three 96 Night of three green B six black attacked Defour bone three times and white makes this move. Bishop T three An ordinary developing move and a small trap. If black is greedy, then see Takes on d four. She takes on d four. Knight takes on d four. Night takes night Queen takes night and Bishop be five. Check now. Blacks Queen on D four is Canyon Bishop T seven. Bishop takes Bishop. Czech King takes bishop and Queen takes queen so black is left without a queen 14. Caro-Kann Defense: Welcome back to my course about just wraps, and this lecture is devoted to Kerrigan. Defense E four. She's six de four d five. This is called American Defense. Black gets a little passive, but solid position. There are three moves. What complete 93 e takes on D five and E five night C three de takes on 84 night takes on the four night D seven Blacks plan is to play night G to F six, Avoiding double polls. Queen it, too. It's not a quite natural but possible developing move. White can develop Hiss Light score Bishop to G two. Oh can make a castle greenside night G to F six. According to the plan, it is, surprisingly that even strong masters have caught in such a simple trip. 96. Checkmate. Thank you for your attention. 15. 3...Nd4 in Italian Game: welcome back to my chest course about traps, and now I would like to show you another drop in Italian game. You can apply it when you are black before he five. Neither 3 96 bishops before Knight to D four such sharp thrust as seen, for example, in English opening or Rule opus. But in this position of this move has not been official. Black makes the second move with same piece and legs in development. White outs to quite the blade C three Knight takes on F three Queen Takes Night What leads to a huge advantage for White. But if white chases for for the ball only five, he is destined to disaster. Queen G five Black text the night and the Poland G two in case off night G four like, um Plate D five and white will be left without peace. However, he can take the opponent of seven with a fork, and black should take on Judge Ito. A taken. The ruk unpleasantly night takes on the chait Quinn takes on each one. Check Bishop. If one Quinn the four. Check be shopping, too, and nights Ito winning the queen because after can give fun. Gwyneth one is a checkmate. So that's why Why can play Rouco file in this position? Queen takes on the four. Check Bishop P two. But night of three is a checkmate. I don't recommend you to play. Ah, this trap Duren your classical games, but so you can try it during your bleeds games. Thank you for your attention. 16. 2 Knights Defense after 1.d4: hello and welcome to my just course about drops. And in this lecture, I'm going to show you another trap, which starts with D for move. Do you? 4 to 5 night See three. It's not a common move for such a position, because night stares ahead that bond Night of six. Bishop at four noticed. Six. It seems like two nights defense, but after White played d four, it's ah, mirror image position Toe. Tonight's defense night to be five taken on C seven e five. They only move. De takes on the five Knight to E four 86. Why it wants to take on C seven. Risk is night, Bishop C five. If night takes on c seven, then Queen takes Knight. Bishop takes queen and Bishop of two is a check. Might. That's why after Bishop C five, you can just take on that seven with the Czech King takes bone and play e three. We should be six And why it gets a good position. There is another line. For example, What if Black Place night, age five. From this position, you can play bishop to G three. Knight takes bishop age takes on G three night takes only five, and then queen can take on D five. After Quinn takes queen, there is a fork like takes on C seven. And now why these two bones up and much better? You can try to apply this plan in the our Games. Thank you for your attention.