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Chess - Learn How To Find Tactical Strikes: Stalemate

teacher avatar Viktor Neustroev, ​Chess coach & entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Stalemate: Puzzle 1

    • 2. Stalemate: Puzzle 2

    • 3. Stalemate: Puzzle 3

    • 4. Stalemate: Puzzle 4

    • 5. Mikhail Chigorin - Carl Schlechter, 1905

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About This Class

This course covers tricky chess motif "Stalemate". I will demonstrate not only the concept of these tactical chess maneuvers but also the logic behind finding these moves in your own chess games.

Learn how to get Stalemate and finish the game in a draw.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viktor Neustroev

​Chess coach & entrepreneur


My name is Viktor Neustroev and I am a chess coach and a trader.

Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings.

The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9!

I'm 34. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk. I learned to play chess when I was 5. I regularly won prizes at Novosibirsk region Championship and Siberia Chess Championship among juniors. I'm a champion of Novosibirsk City Chess Club at 2002.

I got Master's Degree in Economics at Novosibirsk State University and also played for its chess team.

Today I am focusing on teaching chess online and offline. The reason why I do this is because I feel happy when see how my students achieve success.

I will teach you how to find tactical strikes in certain position types and h... See full profile

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1. Stalemate: Puzzle 1: Hello and welcome back to my course chest strategist Long Trickett. Technical chest maneuvers And today's Electra's topic is stalemates. A stalemate is a position where the player having the move has no legal moves, and that player's king is nothing. Check. Although this situation is relatively rare in grandmaster practice, you should be a rare off this scenario. That's why I want you to learn how to use these last opportunity to save your game and make a draw. It can be your last chance, especially if you play these majors in the major games. You can meet stalemate more often due to the fact that young players sometimes I n able to checkmate quickly. Sometimes they won't clap. Players can't checkmate you in time to rubble, and you may take this chance. Now let's don't a concrete chess puzzle and learn how to get a stalemate. And this position black has an advantage. They have a rook and knight and three bones for White Queen. Moreover, black pieces are attacking the F three bone and there is no way we can defend it. If you try to do it with your queen, then the black rook will attack and win this bomb. The last chance for white is to get a stalemate. How would you play it for right in this position? You may post this video and think a little bit. Please take into consideration that the fight bone is booked. But the Viking kiss only one move the age for However, the White Queen has my any moves. Do you think we could sacrifice of the queen? In this case? Our second task will be to block the opportunity for the White King to move toe age. For how do we make Blake pieces attack the age for square Queen to G five Check This is the only move. And after blacking takes the queen, there are no moves for right stalemate the game and it is a draw. Thank you for your attention. Let's go Future in the Nets lecture 2. Stalemate: Puzzle 2: Hello and welcome back to my course chest strategist. Long, tricky technical chest maneuvers. Our topic is stalemate. And let's explore more difficult chess puzzle. And this position white is to move. How would you play? You may pause this video and think a little bit. It's obvious that, right? I in trouble in this position, the most they can hope for is perpetual check and stalemate. Black has two extra poems and they at distant past bones. Please know that what has no moves except moose with their queen, The age three bone is blocked. Wow, that G four point is beaned. But why? Kink has only one square g three. That's why our task is to sacrifice the queen and force black pieces to attack three square . How can we do this? These can be done with green F four. Check attacking the blacking and like queen at the same time. If black replies were the king move, they will lose their queen and, of course, lose the game. The only rational move for black is to take white Queen on F For that G fall upon is still pinned, but the G three square is on the black greens control stalemate. Thank you for your attention. Let's go further in the next lecture 3. Stalemate: Puzzle 3: Hello and welcome back to my course Chest started. Just learned Trickett Tactical Chessman Yours And today's lecture is topic A stalemate And now I would like to demonstrate you slightly more difficult example And this position White has to move. How would you play? You may pose this video and think a little bit. It seems that fight has many pieces and all of them can move. How then can they get a stalemate? Believe me, they can. From a fleeting glance, you might consider that black has a huge advantage. Three extra bones but White has account of play that leads to a drop. The only way to do it is to sacrifice all the pieces and the bone. It seems to be a complicated task. Let me show you how to play Bishop two F two being in the Black Queen off course Black doesn't want to lose his green in this game. That's why I, like, moves a bone to a three covering the Do you want a seven Dag And now Bishop takes a three queen takes a three and white green two F two being in the black win again. The only move is to take White Queen on F two. And you see now that right King has no moves. The only move, what has is a five chick And after King tastes a five or kings be seven, no matter what has no move. Stalemate. Thank you for your attention. Let's go further in the next lecture. 4. Stalemate: Puzzle 4: Hello and welcome to my course Chess strategies learn Trickett Tactical Chessman Yours and today's lectures topic is stalemate And now I'd like to show you a longer line in this position. White is to move. How would you play please post this video and find a chance for right not to lose this game ? You might try to take H seven poll, then black place a one queen and controls H eight square. That's why it has no opportunity to promote his bone. Another opportunity in this position is to play G seven and after a one queen White Place G eight queen. But Black place green H one check and the only chance to make a draw for right is the movie asking to G five and H six King to five Green Juwan check King age six. Queen takes queen and White has no moves. The age five bone is blocked and what King has no legal moves. If Black decides not to take the queen, then why can't take H seventh goal? And in this case, Black would have to play for a draw. Let's summarize it. How can you understand that you should first your opponent to make a stalemate. Firstly, you have to establish that the draw is federal result for you. For example, if you have an unfair ER or even lost position. Secondly, you should have not many pieces and guns which legal moves dry to block your bones. Sadly, you clinched have no legal moves or all available squares should like on one file rank or Dagon. Now, fourthly, your place should be off. First nature calculate the whole combination. Otherwise, if you sacrifice your pieces, you will help your opponent to be in the game. Thank you for your attention and I will next lecture. I will show you an example off using this motive in the rial game between two grandmasters . 5. Mikhail Chigorin - Carl Schlechter, 1905: Hello and welcome to my curse. Chess strategist. Long, tricky technical Chessman Yours. Today's lectures topic is stalemate, and in this lecture, Aral analyzed a game between me Heil jiggering and Couch letter, where Black had a lost position but managed to escape with a stalemate. Despite the fact that white pieces were played by triggering the strongest Russian chess master in the beginning of the 20th century, this game was played for the classical time Control. Let's start before you five if for White Place. The King's Gambit, a very popular opening at that time, this game was played in 19 and five. But nowadays, this operation is not considerate to be dangerous for black if he plays. According to modern theory, the most popular move in this position is to take on F for but Blake Place Bishop to C five Knight to F three de six, Bishop to C four, Knight to F six d three. Knight to C six night to say three. A six if five night toe a five. This is one of the main lines. White played F five and obtained space advantage. His plan is taken on the King side to this purpose. He is ready to give up his White Square bishop for the Black Knight. Bishop to G five. Knight takes Bishop Bomb Takes night be five black, took the bishop and played Be five. But it's risky. Provide to take the bone vis his night. For example, See takes Ba 58 takes be five. Knight takes be five c six night to say three and queen basics and like has the bishop air and very initiative to compensate for the bone. His queen is also attacking a bone on B two queen toe eat too she six protecting the bones on B five Castle coincide. Why? I decided to castle Queen Side while black keeps both casting options You Black Castle King Side His king may come under attack But if black castles Queen Side Hispanos will be too far from his king and won't defend it. Green to see seven Knight to D to Bishop Toby seven Night, Toby three Bishop Toby six h for nevertheless black castles Queen site. This position is same Closed black skin is defended by bishops and the queen so that it's relatively safe at least why has no over this plan to attack Black King Rukh toe age three b takes see for green Thanks bone do five black. Take change insofar and move his phone to d five green Ito It would have been better for him to keep the pressure in the center, but he preferred to push his bones to D four Night a four c five Bishop takes night A bond takes Bishop Brooke Iwan King be eighth green to see for Roxy eight Rooked doj three This position is approximately equal. Black spawns have moved a lot But why? Its blockade seems to be effective at the same time. Why wants to invade his rook to G seven group from H A to G eight Rook takes root. Rook takes root. Knight takes Bishop Green takes night Knight takes c five The position has simplified but using these easy manure white means the C five bone and threatens with the folk on G seven green a five attack in the ruk Look Do you want rook takes Giteau Why? I decided to return the extra bone Maybe hit but exchange his night for the Black Bishop and then take the F seventh form. But in this case, White weakens his king and the A to Poland will be hanging in the long run A for kinked a seven c three queen to be six before green to see seven c takes d for Bishop takes before and White Knight on C five is bean Queen takes a six check king to be eight green Be five Check king to a seven. Rook to D To now the white kink is safe And why decides to exchange looks At the same time , the Black Queen is first to defend his king Because off check my treats by the white knight and Queen White bones on the green side have also moved to the fourth rank. Brooke takes the two King takes rook e takes de for knight takes e four green F four check King to the three green 83 check King to see for Queen takes night Black extended the minor pieces and got in and fairer position. That's why the only chest for him is to make it drop by means off stalemate Queen to the seven Check. I think to be eight King to C five d three b five. Queen B seven queen takes the three Green Sea seven Chick King to before h five the key moment in this game. Black push his bone toe h five and has no pawn moves. Queen to D four between seven. Check King A five Quincy seven. Check Why it lost His chance to mean basics means the game, for example of black Place Green toe. A five check green tech screen going take screen. White can play F six and why King Catch the five poem, But Chigurh in mistakenly played green basics. Check offering this change off Queens. His idea was that Black would take the queen on basics. King basics and white bones would move. Fill their How do you play in this position for black? You may pose this video and think a little bit Letter played kink a eight and it became clear that if White takes the green on C seven, there will be a stalemate if I It doesn't take the Queen and play King a six black replies Res Green sea eight Check and after king toe a five. But I can't wait. You mean to say three Check. It's a perpetual check. Thank you for your attention. Please don't forget that the stalemate is your less chance to make it draw in lost position . Do not neglect it.