Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed | Greg Vanderford | Skillshare

Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed

Greg Vanderford, Knowledge is Power!

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15 Lessons (2h 58m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Chess Notation

    • 2. Lesson 2 Special Moves

    • 3. Lesson 3 intro to tactics 3

    • 4. Lesson 4 Intro to Openings

    • 5. Lesson 5 Pins 2

    • 6. Lesson 6 Forks Double Attack

    • 7. Lesson 7 Skewers 2

    • 8. Lesson 8 Dreaded Discovered Attack

    • 9. Lesson 9 Must Know Opening Sequences

    • 10. Lesson 10 Open vs Closed Positions

    • 11. Lesson 11 Trading Pieces

    • 12. Lesson 12 Chess Psychology

    • 13. Lesson 13 Defense

    • 14. Lesson 14 End Game Considerations

    • 15. Lesson 15 The Joy of Chess


About This Class

This course is for aspiring chess players who know how the pieces move and understand how to use some tactics such as forks and skewers but have never had any formal chess training.

Through easy to understand diagrams and chess positions, I will take you through the thought process of a master chess player and teach you everything you need to know to go from a mediocre player to a very strong one.

In this course you will learn how to find tactics over the board, make a strategic plan, and setup up your pieces for maximum effectiveness in the opening.

I have condensed information that took me many years of hard work into 16 powerful chess lessons. If you want to improve your chess in as short a time as possible, this is the course for you!





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Greg Vanderford

Knowledge is Power!

My courses are designed based on my many years as a teacher and student of education and business. I hold a master's degree in curriculum and instruction and have been designing curricula for over a decade.

The business, language, and chess courses that I have built are a reflection of this experience and dedication to education. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with my courses, which is why I have chosen the internet as my ideal mode of delivery.

The following is ...

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