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Chess 101: Learn how to play chess for newbies

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Meet your instructor

    • 2. Board set up

    • 3. Pawn basics

    • 4. Knight basics

    • 5. Bishop basics

    • 6. Rook basics

    • 7. Queen basics

    • 8. King basics

    • 9. How to castle

    • 10. Play against AI

    • 11. Learn from me playing

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About This Class

Lets learn how to play chess. This mini course has been created to teach you the basics to learn how to play chess. If you are a newbie and never played this game then this course is perfect for you. Learn how the pieces move, how to set up the board and how to get started playing the game of kings.

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Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. Meet your instructor: however, want. My name is so gay and I'll be your instructor for the game of chess. I don't know if you noticed, but game of chance is thousands of years old. It used to be that kings used to play chess itself. It was result for them. Now, when you play the game of chance, not only these thousands of years old this to have a geezer woman in chest itself forcible . It hopes of your mind. It helps if you're development. It helps you think and creativity. Upstart Toby. And best of all, it takes your thinking to the next level. Just is a game that is great to own and teach your kids bring with somebody else and develop your mind toe a next level of thinking. Therefore, running the basics is very important to get started and therefore, this class that I'm gonna be teaching you right now is gonna teach you all you need to know how to start playing chess and get started with it. Now, the first thing I want you to do when you're getting started with this cross itself is of course, to listen to the actuals because going to show you step by step off the way for you to learn how to master the game off. Just so join me today and won't how to be successful as chest boil. 2. Board set up: to get started pointing chance, you need to know how to set up your board. So what you have to do is very simple. The point itself always goes in the second place and it goes horizontally across the board itself. Next thing you need to know is to put the wookies in the corner and what gives themselves always go on the corner itself. The horses are otherwise known esque night Go into a place that is very next toe the wookie themselves. This is well, the horses actually go after you put the horses in line. The next step for you is to put the bishops The bishops themselves go into a spot right next to well, the west of the pieces are with me. Move them right in here. So the bishops themselves, they go about and they always sit right next to the host themselves. The next piece that you have to put in line is gonna be the queen. Since this queen is white, it is going to go in the same course scheme as white itself. If the Queen is Brack, it's gonna go into the black area when it comes to the Queen you have to poise it in the same call as the queen itself is if it is white, it goes into the white area right in the middle. If it is black, it goes into the black area right in the middle. Off the board itself. The last piece that you need to post is the king itself. The king always goes right next to the queen, and it's always on the opposite call off the queen itself. So if the queen is white, it is sitting on a white spot that King is going to be sitting at the opposite call, which is gonna be black. So White Queen is going to be sitting on the black spot. So White King is going to be sitting on a black spot while Alice at Black King is going to be sitting on a white spot. And this completes how you set up your chessboard 3. Pawn basics: the first beast that we're gonna be warning her to use is gonna be the born. The point itself can only move forward. That said, it cannot move backwards. It can I both sideways. It can only move forward when it moves forward. It can continue moving until it which is the end. When it reaches the and then you get a promotion. Well, you can choose what ever peas you want for those four pieces, including the holes the wookie, the Bishop and the queen, The queen is the piece you actually wanna get because with the queen itself, you can donate their chest boat the point itself. Most of the time you can use it to move up and down, but you can only move in upon itself. Up. You cannot move it sideways. It's not gonna let you so keep on moving it up one at a time until you get to the end. Well, you can choose whatever peace you want. He was another thing that you can do with it upon itself. You can capture pieces just horizontally. You can't capture something in front of you. So if there was a piece that is horizontal you can go about capture and take it after you captured upon after you capture the piece itself, you can move to that direction. But then you can only move forward after you captured the piece itself. So if you have a piece right in front of you, you can capture it. You can only capture pieces that are located sideways. Nothing you can do is just create an attack mode with upon themselves so you can go about and you can create some kind off a defense with the ponds toe, actually defend your territory. This is the classic moves that are used with the points themselves. You're trying to the friend, your territory. If you move too many of your points up, you're exposing your wings to ah lot off attack potentially by your enemy. So try to move on you a few points at the time to try to get over the way to the end and to get a different piece. In case you do wanna promote your pawn toe another piece itself that's gonna be useful in your battle against your enemy. Another thing you have to know is that the force move with upon itself. You can only move up either one move at the time. All you can move up to moves at the time. It's up to you to decide how you want to move your force move. But you can only do this once. You can only move to moves at a time once after that, you can only move one move at the time for the West off the play itself. Another thing you want to do is when you're eating your own line of defense, you want to build a certain kind over wall that's going to make it so much harder for people toe penetrate it and to get food your defenses by building as sorting kind of a wall . Using pawns is going to be much harder with somebody to go about an attack. Your pieces, because what they have to do is attack the pawn. That is the weekends, which is gonna be the pawn on the bottom. This one has the least amount off defense to it. In fact, it has nobody defending this specific piece. This beside here has something defending it on the bottom. This beside out has another piece defending it on the bottom and so does this one. This piece right now is defenseless. So by building your own defense strategy with bronze, you are setting yourself up to cleaning a very powerful chest opening. And including for yourself. Really powerful way to the Fanjul Castle. Justin Keys. Somebody goes about and tries to attack you. 4. Knight basics: the ignite themselves. They are very versatile pieces that Stephanie is going to bring your game to the next level . In fact, to make the most use of York nights, you have to have two of them. If something happens to one of them, your light is a lot more week. Oh, because you can only use one of them to attack your enemy Now ignite itself. He moves in a very interesting kind of way. It is. Two moves up and one move sideways to moves up and one sideways. In fact, this ignite itself can reach a wide variety off Alias. With this combination off a move itself let me show you what it means So you can eat a move it like this one down and two forward Oh, 24 world and want to this site and you can choose which are beside you Want so to forward Want to decide all this side? Same thing Over hell Forward down. Well, are we heal And over here now, when you use those moves, you can go about and move to the next place. When you move to the next location. Now you have the same identical vied variety off moves that you can do. This is a very important and powerful piece in your arsenal, because what's gonna happen is when you attack your enemy. It's very easy for opposing not to see. Well, exactly. You'll be attacking because this piece itself, because of the wide variety of moves that it can do, it's gonna make it much harder for your enemy to figure out exactly what you're doing. So if your enemy is not paying much attention, you can definitely go about and win them, because this piece is so tricky and it covers so much different territory. So let's move it one at a time, que Bill moving into to a direct spot to it, he'll and the next, but right down. So let's go and show you how complicated and interesting their hosts itself can actually do it. Hosts is otherwise known as Deck night, and it can move in a wide variety off situations and over the board. This is why this is such a powerful piece is because off the white variety, off moves it can actually do over the bullet itself and its flexibility because it is so flexible and how to predict the move itself and because it can go and cover such a wide variety off. Tell a toy. This is one of the most dangerous pieces outside off the queen itself, and I love to use it as a piece toe attack. My enemy ignite itself is a very powerful tool that you can use in order to attack different enemies. But he'll is another cool thing about ignite itself. It can even jump over obstacles. So if you are trapped with your night, you can definitely jump over an obstacle itself just to escape. Form your enemy and you can go forward. You can go sideways, you can go backwards, you can go to the side. You can go any way you almost want, as long as you do the classic move off to up and one to this sign, and it doesn't matter which side you pick. Ignite itself is a very powerful think that you have to master and won't how to use it because they ignite itself is the ultimate way for you to be successful in playing the game of chess. 5. Bishop basics: the bishop itself is a very powerful tool that you can use to attack your enemy. But because it is restricted in the way it actually moves, it makes it very tricky piece toe actually use and to attack your enemy. It is best to use it with the queen itself. Using it off another bishop is not gonna make that much of a difference. Because one bishop is only going over the white area and the other bishop is controlling the black area, which means that you can't actually in them up together. Toe attack One specific target, but you can use both of them in order to checkmate your upon it. The bishop itself can only attack sideways, and it can only move sideways and move sideways all the way up and down the whole board. It can cover a wide variety off area. If you have tow, it can move one step at a time or two step at a time. If this is the desired outcome for you, it doesn't matter if the bishop reaches all the way to the bottom. The only piece that can reach all the way to the end is the pawn itself where you can get a reward for which, in the end, the bishop, if it which is that it doesn't do anything just as any as a peace that goes there except the bone itself. Now you don't have to move all the way up and all the way down with the bishop itself. You can move a little bit at a time, And if you see a piece that is frightening you, you can go and take it. You can take it to the left side. You can take it to the white side. You can take it any side that you actually want. If you move one step at a time and somebody's attacking you, you can take the piece. That is frightening you. If the pieces for the new all the way in the bottom, you can go over there and you can take it. So we took one. I dealt. You cannot jump over pieces with the bishop itself. It doesn't actually let you have to go and take the piece. Informed of your forced. When you have two bishops, it's gonna be much better for you to go and try to checkmate your upon it itself because now you can threaten multiple aliases, and you can restrict them for moving. This is great to check. Meet your opponent. If used to basics, you're more likely to go about and flatten your opponent and put him into checkmate. Because the bishops are lined up, want to the black and want to control only the white area. You cannot use them together to go about and flatten the same upon it. Because of this, the bishops are considered a little bit weaker pieces than some other attack pieces that you can actually use their best use not combined but used with another piece in order to dominate the chest boats such as the Queen Oh, even something such as the pawn and a wookie. 6. Rook basics: the work is a very powerful piece that is great to use in combination with a second work with one look your power for but knew Not powerful enough, It is great to use it with another piece, especially another work all the queen itself, for even better combination with the work itself. You have a wide variety of moves that you can do horizontal only in a straight line. You can move backwards. You can move to this side both sideways, and you can move all the way down if you have toe. If there is a piece that is frightening you all the way to the top, you can move all the way up there and take that piece away. You can move any way you want, as long as you're within those parameters that I was showing to you right now. If there was a piece that is far than you that is standing in front of you can go about and you can take it Now you don't have to move all the way upto if you don't have to, you can move a little bit at a time so you can move to squirrels at that time. Nothing restricts you. You can move backwards. You can move forward. You can move to this side. You could move all the way down. You can move all the way up if you have to do it. The work itself is a very versatile to that you can use and it's even better for you. Toe have two different looks that you can use to attack your enemy with to wookies. You can go about and you can check mate your opponent and you can use it in a powerful combination toe attack your enemy two looks is so much better than using one because it gives you the ultimate control over the boat itself. You can attack it your enemy. With the Wookiees, you can cobble a huge amount of talent. Oh, and you can cover it pretty quick with the walkies themselves to walkies is way better than one and it's gonna give you a lot of masterly in control over the chessboard itself. And you can use them to attack your enemy by whining there up together by lining them up together. You can go about and you can create a powerful attack with them. with one work put with one look protecting the other one, and it's definitely gonna give you a lot more powe when you're attacking your enemy and you're trying to checkmate him. 7. Queen basics: one of the most powerful pieces you can use in order to attack your enemy is the queen herself. The queen can move a wide variety off spaces. Because of this, the queen itself is a very powerful piece that you should always challenge, and you should do whatever it takes. Not to. Was this piece when you're just starting out. If you was the queen, you might as well have lost the game. It is that powerful. Although some people can play with the queen being lost, it makes it so much harder for you because now you have to go and capture your opponent's queen. And then most of your focus now is on trying to capture your opponent's queen. While house, your opponent is trying to checkmate you with the queen itself. The queen is as if you have a looking in a bishop combined in tow. One masterpiece, which is called at Queen So the queen itself can do both moves overworking and a bishop in combination, which means it can move backwards and forward. It convinced the sideways, horizontally and the Agnelli and can move one piece of the time if it has toe and take the piece that is right next to you. If that peace is frightening you off course, you can move all the way up all the way down on the chessboard itself, horizontally and vertically. Because it is such a powerful piece, you have to use it with another piece, such as they were key. But you don't even have to. Sometimes you can Connell and check meet the king itself with using the queen alone. If you are capable off doing so, it is how to do it. But it's not impossible, especially if the king gets trapped in a place and it can't get out. So all you really need is to use that queen itself toe for it and and tow win the battle. So make sure you always use the queen with the queen itself. You can totally dominate their chessboard. 8. King basics: one of the weakest pieces that you actually have is their king itself. It is almost as weak as the pawn, except it can move wide variety off alias. It can move backwards. It can move sideways, but it can move on the one square at a time. The king itself photo It's not a powerful piece should always be left protected over here as much as you can protect it with some powerful pieces because if somebody goes about and checks meet you, the game itself is over. Therefore, you should never take the king out of its protection and try to go about in a tank. Your opponent? What does some people could potentially do this It is very risky move because now you're exposing yourself and exposing your most wonderful piece to your enemy, and he can easily checkmate you. Going all the way to the top is not gonna play. I capture the flag. It's not gonna do any good for you. And in fact, you're risking everything by moving in the king itself under its protection. The best allergy for you, if you have the king itself, is to try to get him to be protected by the west of your pieces because the last thing you want toe happen is for somebody to go about and check. Meet your king because then the game is over. You can take pieces, Dato Sideways next to you all in front of you all. Of course, if it is backwards, form you including sideways as well. You can only take pieces one piece at a time so you can go about and jump over a piece that's not allowed. But you can go oval the piece itself and take it. That is how they keep, goes about and does it. The king is slow and it doesn't move fast and it is one of the most powerful pieces you have. And it is powerful because it is what the game is all about. If you check me to upon it, you automatically lose the game. So protective King, because it is the most fighter and most important piece that is available in your arse. No, it is not an attack bees, but it is a piece that you have to do whatever it takes to defend it. 9. How to castle: castling is done by the king itself. It is a special move that's gonna put tactical king form an impending attack. You cannot go about and castle if an attack is already in progress. In fact, if your king is getting checked, or any of the squares is being frightened by an enemy peace, you cannot go about. And Castle Castle is a special move designed to protect the king from harm. You can only do castling once in the game itself, and I dont move. That you have to keep in mind is that when you castle, you can move your keen and you can move it toe pieces, toe the left or two pieces to the white. Another thing to keep in mind. When you're canceling, you can move your king to pieces to the white or two pieces to the left, which ever way you move. You have to be able to be able to move the piece itself with the freedom off actually moving, you cannot go about jump over pieces you cannot cancel. If there's a few pieces already sitting them and not reading, you do the castle. In fact, you have to move your horse and your bishop away. So you can go about in Castle. What's castle right now? This is how you castle. Now, if you want a castle on and the other side on the queen side, you can move the same exact way forced off. You have to get your horse out. You have to get your bishop out off the way. Then you have to move to moves to the left, and it automatically castles that for you. If there was a piece that is standing in the way, you're gonna move it at off the way before you go about and Castle. So I moved it out of the way. And now I'm gonna actually go about in Castle. If there is to pieces already standing in the way, you have to move all of the pieces out of the way so you can go about. And Castle. If you wanna go in castle on the left side, you're gonna move all the pieces out, forced as well. Otherwise you cannot go about in council. In fact, you have to move the Queen out to before you can go about and successfully proceeded to Castle. You cannot Castle If one of the pieces already moved, then it's not gonna let you go about and castle it over. Hell, this piece did not move. So you can go about in castle if one of the pieces is under attack, all one of the squares right here is being attacked by an enemy. You won't be able to go about and cancel until this piece is going to get blocked. Now you can go about in castle. If those pieces that are going and attacking as spot for you that you potentially when a castle, you got to go and defend the earlier force before you can go about in the posi to castle. With the Wookie itself being under attacked, you can still go about and proceeds to castling. Same thing like here. We have one piece being attacked. We have two different pieces over there that are trying to go about and preventing you form . Actually, castling. The first thing you have to do is the wheat and destroyed their friends that are actually preventing you form castling have to keep moving the pieces out of the way. That's gonna let you defend yourself for being attacked by the enemy itself, and nothing that you can do is just move the pieces out of the way. Forced. Now all those quells that have been frightened by enemy pieces out no longer pointing in you. And now you can proceed to go and castle. 10. Play against AI: Hello and welcome back to our class and right here, I want you to do something for me. It is to go to the website. It's called Reaches Dat Dog reaches that all that's right. Now, when you type it in, it's going to give you a menu that's gonna look exactly like this, and you have a few choices here for you. Quit the game, play with a friend or play with a machine. It's up to you to decide which one you want to choose. And I highly suggest for you to play against the machine instead of pointing every wipe a point. Now, if you get a real wife opponent, you don't know what level they are on. So it might be totally intimidating for you to play somebody who's so good at it. He's gonna automatically beat you and you're not gonna want much from it. So what we're gonna be doing is going in here present, play off the machine and now remember one thing Before you get into this, make sure you master all the basic moves, how to play chess, because then you want to go into it and you want to play against the computer when you're ready. So knowing the basics set up and knowing how the pieces move is gonna help you a lot. But now it is time for you to go on how to play against We are point. So the first thing you want to do is to check which kind of game you actually went a point . Now I do suggest for you to start with standard. There's a few different choices here. A few different kind of chest games. But you went alone how to do it with standard time controls. That's the next thing you want to do is unlimited. There was a real time right here, and those correspondents now correspondents takes like, two days photo that's gonna take, like, forever. So we don't do this. The best choice for you is, of course, real time. Now. Real time gives a special cork that counts down home many minutes. You get Paul game itself. That's like you get only five minutes in total for the whole entire game. Five minutes. We're thinking the game itself when you asked five minutes and you can start any level you want. Now, keep in mind that you're playing against the machine and you can change the minutes they actually get so you can get, like, only one minute and 40 like power chest, which is really fast, and you're not gonna want anything whatsoever. Oh, you can go and give them a huge amount of time to think 180 minutes total. And this is not poor moved. This is pull the entire game itself. I highly suggest for you to do Olympic star, which is around five minutes or so. You're playing power just now against you appointed. And here is the big thing about playing apologist. You want to go and you want a window, but for you to master winning you down when you have to start losing, that's like it is okay. And it is totally cool for you to rules the game because that is the way you won't have to play the game of chess. Initially, you're not going to be good forced off. You're gonna be losing. But then you're gonna run from your mistakes, and you're gonna get to the next couple off thinking once you do this, you'll be most successful and you can progress the web. So forced your stomach one then you go to if we and so on. Now, keep in mind the more time the machine gets to think they're small, though it is, the more definite moves it goes about. It works it its memory and sees which moves should I do and go against you. Now, by starting at the world level, you're gonna master it and then you keep going until you get all the way to the highest level. I don't know if you get all the way to eight, but that is the book passionate level off course. Now the machines, they make mistakes and you can go and see the mistakes of entry and you'll be winning them . So the game of chess is really about thinking it is about mastering your opponent, figuring out what are they going to do next in the shortest time possible? You got a think it over. You gotta try to figure out what are they thinking? And then you're going to try to counter it either defense or offense. You got house alone, your style off plane, some people with a good offense, and they need to work on the defense, other people very good at defense. And they need to walk on the offense. So you have to figure out which one are you really good at? And eventually you're gonna start playing the game. You're gonna be good at it. And adventure, you get available good at the game of chess. It doesn't matter what age role you can start age, but eventually you will get better. There was no age women hell whatsoever. And you can start it seal and become totally professional. It's all up to you. So see you in the next lecture. 11. Learn from me playing: Welcome back, Everyone in this video we're gonna start and they're gonna point and match against the machine. So the first thing you wanna go is the witches that oak and press on play with the machine we are placing on time control, which is gonna be real time. And now we're gonna give it five minutes. Pull thinking. Now we have a few different choices for hell for us to choose form. Which one do we want to play? Ass. And I already pressed on who I want to be now. Black voices white. Which one should you pick? If you start off white, you get one. Move up. That's what you get forced Move Advantage against your opponent. With starting black, you're missing out on the move. And of course, your point. It gets who want extra move here. So now you're starting to play the game off chess against our computer wise opponent right here. First thing I suggest for you to do is to start your attack and getting your point out of the way is the initial thing I suggest for you to do. Now. We have an attack that we can start with the queen itself and get him out of the place. So we're already too automatically check. Meet your opponent potentially. Now we are actually going to go now and see what that does. And as you can see, they got one of the bones up against you. So he wants to take my point. And if I don't do anything and I decide, let's suppose imply, decide to check him. He's not gonna eat my point. He has to defend himself. So I'm gonna do this. So he automatic he went and he defended himself. Now my next more, of course, is to take the point would be a smart move, because I now he might take my point. And I don't think I want him to actually do this because if he takes my phone, I'm gonna take, he's born. It's gonna be even by the out. But I'm not gonna get anything out of it. So we have two different choices we can do here. We can go and take his point. Oh, we can do nothing, and we can go and do another move against him and see what's gonna happen. Is he gonna take my phone or not Either way. I'm gonna lose upon off course I can go one move up right here. If I move one, move up, I'm going to get stuck here. I can't move the point anywhere else. But if I do this, I'm going to save my point or were not move. In fact, as long as my bishop with hell is potentially check mating my opponent, I mean, checking map one in that check meeting. What's gonna happen is that he can go and take his hosts and actually eat my Paul. So you have to always try to think what your opponent is going to do next in order for you to be successful in the game of chess. So I'm gonna actually go about and it his bond, because I think it is the good move to do so Now he's trying to frighten my bishop. He rent one, move up. He wants me to get out of here so he can get his horse out of the way. No, I can actually go about and and take his host lay down. But that's gonna be Justin even exchange. And I don't want to do that, so I'm gonna go just one move right here. So I'm gonna be saving my piece. Form that now. He's pretty smart What he did, he went in and he put my queen in danger. And at the same time, he put in my bishop in danger as well because he used this move in order to frighten to my pieces at the same time. So I'm gonna lose, you know, this piece, all of this one so I can easily escape. I'm still potentially are gonna whose want peace, and that's not good. So I have no choice. Like now about to star in the one piece toe him. Oh, I can check him right here. But if I check him, he's going to just eat me. We have two point itself and I accidentally made the wrong move. And in fact, he made the wrong move as well. Now, the reason I mean there won't move is that I will show you the moves that I was gonna do and accidentally moved the one way and he just ate it. Took advantage off my silly mistake here. Now you did a big mistake because we're playing a trouble. One he took my piece, but he didn't take my queen. That was a major, major mistake for him to actually do so. I'm gonna go in here and I'm going to check him again. He moves the host down there. I'm gonna eat his peace again because I'm kind off pissed off that I gave him one piece for nothing. So now I have to go out, and I have to get my queen. And I have to get my queen to attack him eventually. And now they want to do is to get my pieces ready to Castle, because there's new, you know, defense for my king itself. So now what? He did he move the host out of the way, But he kept the point. That's like he had me have the point in the walls Position Pastor, you don't know. You don't want to get the point here. You don't want upon toe reached through this rubble. You want to get it out as soon as you can. And he didn't do this, so he kind of just giving me the horse for free. And I'm just gonna take it. Another thing he did is in a second mistake. Now he goes about, he eats this piece and my queen can go all the way. He'll I'm gonna check him. Let's do that. So he's moving with his queen Ida, and now I'm stuck in a bad position because he put his queen in front of mine and I either have to eat his queen. Oh, I can't move. I can't move out of hell because I'm gonna check myself because of this move. And if I'm exposing myself to check, that's not gonna walk for me. So what I have to do next is either go and move this piece right here. So I'm doing exposed myself to check, and hopefully he's not gonna do anything foolish against me. All I can go and take his quick, so I'm gonna do this. And right now, he didn't take the awful He could have just went about, took my queen and did an even exchange he didn't do is he just moved here he is next piece and next movies potentially to move to this piece here. If he gets this piece, I doubt he gets to check me and to get my work which I don't want him to do Have 24 seconds who have to make a move, or I'm gonna automatically Who's the game? And he gave me this one for free, so I'm just gonna take it. So he checked me. I'm moving because I have no choice. He didn't take this piece, which is wheeled. He could have just went about and took it right out. And he didn't know what is going on with him. I have 27 seconds to make a move. Oh, I'm gonna actually was the game. So like you now, 28 seconds debt clock is ticking on getting always arm might be rising. This just because of the time out. So he castled. I gotta move quick. I got to do whatever it takes to try to win him. He gave me the Queen my del free piece. Wow. So I'm at advantage in one way in another way. I have to play it fast. I have to just come up with moves. My queen, I think is new is stuck in here. You can get it out. So let's keep moving. I think he just gave me the way out for my queen. Did he Let's do it. It's getting out. Finally, I have nearly no time left and you never want to get into the position that I'm in right now. But the clock is sticking against you. I have toe make moves. I gotta move quick, or I'm just gonna lose the game off chest. So I'm making mistakes because the time is going like crazy against me. So it's keep on checking what you have to do. Hell, we're gonna move it some. Well, I mean a little Thank you. Okay. Sweating you my piece. He has the advantage of time. I don't have the advantage With time itself. I have some advantage off pieces over him. I gotta move it quick. I got 22 seconds to make a move to try to win this game. This is crazy, but I have to try to do it. Okay, So I'm gonna Dapple freshener that I can go about and when human activity saying I got extra time. I doubt so we keep on trying to move. I don't want to lose my queen. That's my main piece. Like hell, I got more time, which is good. So let's go And for the one piece pieces. Like down. Now, if I win this, I'm getting almost no time to think with the game itself. Oh, man, I lost a piece that's happens when you're not paying attention. Toe. Watch your doing. So now we go. You decide to check me. And he got me in a very bad position. I doubt now. I don't want him to take my queen, but working at he didn't take my queen. This guy is queasy. So let's check him and do what it will be can to defend our very bad position. Check again. Now else we can do. We got extra time on the time. All that's foot and bubble his pieces right here. He checked me again. This guy doesn't give me a bleak does. He doesn't Give me a break. Okay. This piece right here is potentially what I'm gonna go for. It's moving back. I got more time to think. What time to potentially win the game? Moving it like hell. I'm still now losing, which is a miracle. You check me out again. This guy is really getting to me. But he just left a huge amount off off his defense open. Very, very bad mistake. Checked him again. I got my queen in hell. Nope. If I put it in here, he's just gonna take me Band Aid deal. He's defending this place like a castle. Not good. So he was what I'm gonna dio. I have to get one of my pieces in here somehow to check him, and the best place is to put it right here. So let me put my piece about why Del Oh, perfect. Right here on the foot. And he's Look, man, he just doesn't want to let me go, does he? He's up attacking me like crazy. He wants to get the host himself, but he's opening himself up to an opening, which I'm gonna go straight for it. Check me again. That got clearly wants toe win me. He's getting close. But I think in one move I can check me this dude, if I get lucky and I don't know if I will Oh, he's checking me again. He missed another opportunity to take my work. Then take it. So we're gonna be moving at light about you checking me again. He's getting He's just getting there. He is taking a list. Every move. Now heap. Michael wants the game because I'm going to go for it. I'm gonna go and check him again. So for staying move or it here Objecting. It's OK. Oh, that's Nobody can mess me up. Track him next move. Worry about hell. I need my mom movin. He's giving me. He's pawned. No, not at this point. He's giving me one piece. I don't What is this piece? He's giving me that look because I'm gonna check. You might hear he escaped, man. He knows no limit. If we seconds left, I'm always up. Time is up. Quick thinking, quick thinking. 18. 17 seconds. Checking him again. He's getting on the location. Not good. You don't want to get out of those. No, no, no. Big mistake. A big mistake so I can take this piece. I think in the walk. I got to check him some weight. I don't have a piece. And can we take it six seconds? I checked him. He's checking me back. I think you just took my queen. I didn't see that man. 13 seconds. I'm just gonna attack. It cools this game. Those that's no way I can go for it. Six seconds left. I'm checking him again. This game is tight, as tight as it can get. I gotta go. I gotta get to his pieces. Gonna take it. And he is just 25 seconds. It keeps giving me time. He gives him playing me like that because he he knows my time is limited. I can't do much checking him. I doubt he knows that he might actually win me. And he's just going crazy. The guy is just making one mistake after and not all. That's like he's making mistakes, too. I just checked him wade out and I'm tryingto win by just getting all my pieces out by a draw. That's I want to get a draw. There was no way I can win this. So maybe a drop of victory help. So he's he's going for his masterpiece now. He gave me extra time. They got he's I doing whatever he can to go about and try to win me. So anyways, what I wanted to do is to show you an actual game, how to play it, analyze it, and to show you how time pressure works totally against you. It does, because what's gonna happen is that he goes about. He has You have five minutes. You can give your opponent extra time in this game itself, like a few seconds because you think he's gonna play a lot better. But as you can see, that time goes against you. Once you don't have enough time to think about moves, you make mistakes. And when you make those mistakes, it's gonna go and walk against your favor. So don't make mistakes. Think, although as fast as you can, the last time you have them or of a skillful you will be. But the more you play the game, the better you will get. And eventually you'll be winning your opponents. So and that's one actual last. But that's a white. I'm just here to teach you how to play the game of chess.