Cherry Cupcake with Watercolors - Easy Step by Step - Professional Food Illustration for All Levels | Alexandra Ali | Skillshare

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Cherry Cupcake with Watercolors - Easy Step by Step - Professional Food Illustration for All Levels

teacher avatar Alexandra Ali, ARTIST, ILLUSTRATOR, ART DIRECTOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome!

    • 2. Materials You'll Need

    • 3. Cupcake - Drawing

    • 4. Painting Part 1 - Cupcake First Layers

    • 5. Painting Part 2 - Cherry & Syrop

    • 6. Panting Part 3 - Cream & Pastry

    • 7. Painting Part 4 - Cupcake Final Touches

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to paint delicious Cherry Cupcake or any dessert with cream. 

This class is made for beginners and for advances artists. I will show how to create food illustration with pencil drawing in few easy steps using wet on wet and wet on dry techniques.

At the end of this class, you will have the skills to paint your own painting using reference pictures.


Plastic palette or plate, 2 cups for water, round paint brushes for watercolor (big, medium and small), paper towel, watercolor block 250gsm cold pressed or any watercolor paper, watercolor paints set of 16 or 8 colors or just basic colors (professional or student quality), pencil HB, eraser.


Alright, let’s jump into the class, spend some creative time together and create beautiful cupcake painting!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Ali




Hi Friends! I’m Alexandra Ali and I am a full time painter, designer and art director. I started my studies in my hometown in Kazakhstan then continued in London, UK. 


I'm glad I had a chance to study arts since I was 5 y.o. and It helped me to develop my original way of teaching so my students wouldn't need to spend that much time as I did, however they will achieve advanced level of painting skills very fast.

I’ve been drawing and painting since I can remember and when I was young, I would get in trouble because I was drawing on everything I could find – books, photo albums and furniture.

I was lucky to have a great first art teacher when I was very little. She was in love with art... See full profile

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1. Hello & Welcome!: Hi, my name is Alexandra and I'm an artist and I'm very happy to see in my class. And today we're gonna work with watercolors and we will paint the amazing, delicious cupcakes are going to try different techniques. And I'll show you all the supplies and materials that you will need. I will guide you step-by-step. We'll look pain this amazing food illustrations together. So don't worry if you don't have an experience. And also if you are already advanced artists, it must be still fun and interesting for you. Because in the end, your role paints fantastic delicious cupcake and I'm sure you will be very proud of yourself. So let's start. Take your brush and let's begin. 2. Materials You'll Need: I will start our glass with quick supplier and down, I'm using cold press paper is on block, which means all pages are glued together. And it's really nice for painting on. I'm using whites want 150 gram, but you can get Canson budget, but good-quality. You will also need a few brushes in different sizes. I'm using professional paints, but depends where you are located. If you're in Europe or US, you can get nice. Winsor and Newton said. And also on students quality watercolors will be good enough. You will need pencil and eraser, a color palette for watercolors. And please don't forget to glasses of clean water and some paper towels for blotting. 3. Cupcake - Drawing: Let's start our drawing. First of all, let's draw, outline one vertical line, and then we're going to make two horizontal lines on the bottom and top. So this way we'll define where exactly our cupcake will be located on the paper. So I'm adding up some horizontal lines and that's for the base, all cupcake. Then you can just repeat the shape of the cupcake. But with your help line in the middle, it will be very easy for you to measure and to make those two parts equal one to another one. Because cupcake is quite symmetrical. Then we can start painting the top part. And it looks like a pyramid. Like you have this first block, the second block. And then on top we have cherry. And you can just try to repeat, but it looks like digital hard. And don't forget to paint the stem of the military. Again, now, the most difficult part, we need to draw two round circles, but because of perspective, they will not be that round. Obviously. Instead of circles, we get ovals. Make sure that your ovals are equal and you can always measure and compare one part to another one. And that's why you have the vertical line right in the center of the cupcake. And same thing with actual cream. There also will be like small ovals. And then it's very round on the both sides. And you can take your time to build up that cupcake because it really has to be symmetrical. Okay, Then we're going with this little ruffles because you have this paper cover, usually own cupcake. With the simple straight lines that go towards the bottom side. You just make them equal one to another one. And you see nothing is really straight. All the lines are quite round. Jam and you can just repeated from your reference photo, but make sure that it will repeat the shape of your cream. Because when it falls down, like any liquid flow falls down, it just repeating the shape of the subject where, where it is located. And I'm making this round big drop. You see it drowned in there. And trying to blow where it's going to be, the parts where you're going to leave those highlights. So you will leave them untouched. And it's just like how pipelines for yourself. Also, you can put video on pause and maybe erase some mistakes or something like that. Don't worry if you cannot follow and with the same speed, It's completely fine because you're learning now and of course afterwards you will be like supervised. And also I'm gonna show where exactly the highlights on the chairing our so I'm in helping myself at the moment and I'm preparing it for my painting part. This way, you will not forget where to leave white parts, because as you know, with watercolors, it's really hard to fix any mistakes. So you should leave those untouched, white parts when you paint. And also there are some crisps on top. So we can just make this weird shapes like little triangles. Maybe. In general, it's quite easier to draw Cupcake. Because you see now, even though we have some drops, that may be a bit more difficult, but I think the drops are very fun because they have this very nice surface, the glossy surface. And it always attracts viewers attention and it looks very delicious. So now I am making this appliance because lower you have paper cover, it's not like super straight. It has slightly messy lines. And I'm also removing some extra pencil lines that we had before when we were looking for the right shape. And also tried to remove all the dark parts. Because as you remember with water colors, if you don't remove your pencil afterwards, course first of all, you wouldn't be able to remove it. The second thing that it will be super visible, very hard to cover it with watercolors. 4. Painting Part 1 - Cupcake First Layers: Now we can start with them, watercolors. And first of all, I'm just putting some water drops on all the pains. So this way, if your paints are wet, it will be easier. And I'm taking some water. I'm covering all the paper color of the cupcake with water. And then I'm taking some sienna. First of all, we can start with corners, with the left side and a right age. And in the middle, I'm trying to get light, so it will be quite dark on the right side. And you see I'm adding more intense color. And it will also be quite dark. On the bottom. Click all the way around the bottom. And on the left side and right in the middle who had tried to keep it relied. So this way we'll get the right volume for uptake. And also mixing some sienna with blue color. So this way we will show where the shadows are. Because shadows foreshadows, we usually use Payne's cold colors and cold shades. I'm also adding up some ground color to it. So have more rich palette. So I'm sure you've got the principal for the, for this part. And we have light coming from the left side. So that's why the right side will be darker. And now I'm covering all the cream with quite a big amount of water I'm using. And I'm taking some blue color, mix it with violet and just adding it up on the shadow part. As you remember, it was the right side. And I'm also taking some sienna and pegging it up to make sure that your cream is quite light. And also you see you have those blocks of cream like little steps. And every time, don't forget to show where the shadow is. Because like one block on top of another one. So there will be always shadow underneath. And now I'm taking small brush and I'm taking some water and covering cherry completely with water. And I'm making this quite fast so you can always put the video on pause and just take your time and work with your painting. You don't need to move with the same speed as me. Okay? And I'm taking some purple color, mixing it with blue. And I'm starting with Grace Potter and the bottom parts also. Because you see on your reference photo it's actually quite dark. Then I'm going to cover those parts. And when you go more up to see who I am using pink color over there and mixing it all together. You should just try to repeat how it is when your reference photo and oversleep, it is lighter on top. And then starker and deporting foreign and also taking some blood. Hello, don't be scared. You can use it. You can see that this cherry is like, there's very strong contrasts. So you can only reach it each Yuval, believing Jews, those colors. And they're quite intense. But don't forget to leave your wife by onsite to see. Now, I'm going to wait around our highlights. And again, I'm leaving some blood collared, swooned pink. And we're getting this beautiful burgundy color. And then go all the way around. Also adding some color. And closer to the center, It's amusing pinkish colors. And allow this broken the intermedium. Really nice since choice. Just going to add some more on the left side. And you repeat, adapt to the same shape of that highlighted. And I'm moving towards the drops. Also taking the crimson color or pin, but not too much water. I'm going all the way around the edges. The first layer could be quite light. Also, don't forget to leave a vital parts. Then I'm taking some purple and blue. So on the way around, some brighter pink color on both sides, again around the agents for sheets, fake lighter pink in the middle. And then it's getting darker and darker on two sides. Now in chocolate rate is getting its shape. So the first layer is light pink. Then you can cover all those areas that supposed to be that way. And then we're going to add more layers, more intensity overall with bright pink leaving white parts. And also his Muslim bright pink on the previous one. Now we can actually do it because you just, you can try with the first drop and then you see it's still needs more intensity. And the second draw peak and just go with the right contrast from the very beginning. It's actually a very nice with watercolors that you can always take tries once and done Second, Samuel, eat more sugar and you can just shake them the brighter color. And now I'm covering that white little light pink color. Removing some extra paint, swatch will be still quite light. And then I'm also thinking like light pink color. And I'm calling around. And where are you supposed to hold those highlights? Now, I'm making this slide transition from white-collar to the right and strong veins. So you're making this light transition all the way around. Also there are like some pink parts and top of wide. And you can just repeat it as it is on the reference photo. You might take some time but of patients, It's okay. It's quite complicated. So I'm going to need to work on the surface. And then I'm making that part a bit wider. You see all subsonic highlights. On the right side. Then you can remove extra paint with tissue. Then make sure you're using clean water. You can also change it sometimes in green, you 5. Painting Part 2 - Cherry & Syrop: Okay, We can continue with the drops. I'm using very intense pink color all the way around. And then fixing the cherry and making it longer. Propose. So trying to smooth main quake transition is more smooth. Then you can come back to it whenever you feel like there is no strict rule that you have to pay cherry, then you have to pin this. Now you can basically print everything in the same time and with the penthouse more comfortable for you. Ending up some Perkins color by mixing pink right on top of cherry. And I'm making all the lines nicely mix together. They come try now to go from pink color to white in a nice gradient. And I'm also going to be the right part of the cherry a bit wider. In gain, hazardous kinda reference photo. You can always compare it to fix wherever you need to. Furman, I'm also adding some highlights from topic for the right part of the cherry. Then making transition from the left vitals twice MOOC. When I'm hitting up on the screen, on the bottom part. We can continue with those drops in the 0 power. So I'm taking some pink color and mixing it with purple or blue. And you can get this light purple color. And I'm gonna define those places where public, the darkest places close, we can add up flat color to it. And under the cherry you have make dark part. There are definitely a shadow over there that's falling from cherish. You can make it darker. And then go all the way around dangerous. Because you always have some shadows over there. Then the same thing could be snip and drop in some darker color and go home the way around. And gradually adding a contrast can start to look more realistic. And I'm also adding some more purple color. Like making an even darker. And where you have the trope. I just added, take some black color on it. Closer to the right side. Then some dark color in the place where you have a shadow under the cherry. And you can also make some breaks between lessons tends to be easier for you to paint. 6. Panting Part 3 - Cream & Pastry: And now I'm taking some sienna color and we can work with pastry. And I'm just filling it up completely with the CNO. But just make sure that bottom part will be darker. And the sides as well. And plays on the screen. Also, I am going to add up some sienna on Cream. Where are you supposed to have shadow? Just take some water and blend it in gently. So you don't have this nice transition between colors. And I'm taking some water and trying to make smooth blending everywhere. So our book very light just with water. And I'm taking some sienna and putting it on the left side of the green blocks. And also on the right side too. And you can take some even darker and brighter, stronger color and mix. It was legal title black. And you can add it under the green dropping shadow. And also with just simple lines. You can change the brush into the smaller 12 will be easier for you this way. You can make those little ruffles on the paper cover just straight lines. They don't have to be exactly same. Some things and making lines from the bottom towards the upper side. And you can link them together. The very artistically would say, because they really don't have to be exactly the same. This way. It looks much more fun. And yeah, now we can continue with the bloke of clean. And again, you can fix everything with the smallest brush. So you can take some sienna, mix it with black, and add some more lines. But mainly it will be on the right side from half shadow. And on the left side. And then the middle, it will be lighter. And I'm also taking some brown color all the way around and to add up some more contrast. With small brush, It's very easy and comfortable to do that. And I'm making the same lines. And now we can continue with the string also because we should fill up all the places between the pastry and paper. And I'm taking some burgundy color and making sure that I make all the shadows quite dark and with the same color. Or you can actually take some brown color and you can paint those crisps. Now I'm just making I'm just going all the way around the ages, just repeating the lines that we already have in pencil. And then you can end up some water and just blended it. Then you can leave some parts quite light. You see I'm not feeling it completely and just leaving some and touched areas. Also mending up. Some were brown color to make it slightly darker in some areas. Again, not everywhere. And I'm going to use that paint also to add up some more shadows and the cream. And I'm taking some also black mixing with sienna. And quite a lot. What are adding up some blue-collar and trying to paint a shadow on the screen. But this shadow will be 0, sleek white light, but cold. 7. Painting Part 4 - Cupcake Final Touches: And we can name them stem of the cherry way that green color, dark green on the right side. Then I'm going to use is yellowish on the right side and then ending with the stem. The stem, you also have like on the right side, it won't be much darker because it's far that it is in the shadow. It gets less light. And the left part will be ladder. That's why I used a bit of yellow. But as you see on the reference photo, it's actually darker than it is at the moment on my painting. So I'm going to add some green color. You can always make things darker with watercolors, but it's quite hard to make things lighter. So it's always rise to start with lighter colors and lighter pigments and then add some more layers. And there's very nice coordinator. So don't forget to paint. I'm taking some sienna and also teaching some brown color and some volume and again, working with them, shadow, part and paste trim. The paper cover. Okay. Okay. And now I'm ending up a bit of more brown color on the bottom part of our cup. Also some more darker color all around the cupcake. So when I'm adding some mixed to a cnf Theme and carefully. And also under those crisps, and of course goes hub some shadows. Blue color. And you see that shadow that was really missing. Now. And I'm reading up some water and just dragging it all the way down. So now our cupcake and then cream actually has shaped. And it's very like fluffing beautiful. You can see that this has very light color. And I'm adding some more shadow. Altogether. Proper cupcake. Work can be more, but looks amazing and look at them cherry part. And I'm going to add up bit of highlights on the bottom part. So I made it slightly lighter. And now I'm taking some sienna and I'm making some dots. So we will get the texture of that cupcake. Then I'm putting it anywhere like small little dots. You can create cute. And also an ending up a bit of purple color. So it will be more visible shadow part. And also ending up some dots of those crisps. And we'll see you in a small ones next to the big ones. Let's make some dots. Super easy, but looks really very impressive. Some brown color. And I'm going to finish them. Stem from the Cherry, just two simple lines, one round and one straight, straight horizontal line. Just try to repeat the same shape on the reference photo. And I'm taking some black color also admin up In part. Also trying to define them.