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Cherry Blossoms with Round Brush

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Colour Swatches

    • 4. Floral Composition

    • 5. Basic Strokes

    • 6. Frontal Floral

    • 7. Side Floral

    • 8. Turned Petals

    • 9. Full wreath

    • 10. Final Details

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About This Class

This is a basic to intermediate class which I will guide you from colour swatches, floral composition and basic strokes to create pretty cherry blossoms. This is ideal for beginners.

Some techniques that you will learn in this class:

1) How to hold the round brush
2) How to paint the basic strokes
3) Wet on Wet 
4) Wet on Dry
5) Laying Glazes
6) Floral Composition
7) Blending Colours
8) Fine Details

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. I m is the pick on top of a back to Flora. What? And lash and loops today. And they teach you how to paint these cherry blossoms round brush. This is a basic to intermediate class and I will get you from college coaches. Basic strokes, floral compositions, five routines site pimples for pretty cherry blossoms. But at the end of the lessons, you will be able to pay one of these cherry blossoms. I hope that you would join me. See you soon. 2. Art Supplies: when I paint. I like to have the natural lighting coming in and very comfortable. Please, where I have all my things laid out on the table. So today I kind of do, ah, look upset thing to show you what other things that you should have Then you once that start a painting, that's what the calories we need. Our watercolor set our bleak for mixing pains. Our John of waters, the napkin and brushes that you need off course your book, peoples. And sometimes we need to have a couple off practice papers too. And off course. Keep yourself very comfortable. Good. That Okay, with this affect millions so that you can be comfortable. Anything? Meaning back and this cushion the next time when you want to stop painting. And I hope it's very soon since the beginning of 2019 I hope that you will start thinking about picking up this hobby and start learning painting with me. 3. Colour Swatches: we'll come back today. We are going to work on colors artists. So I have prepared this colors that we have been used participating coming in rows Caroline maroon upper roads and this other colors on my palette My smile, it and we also going to use a wash which I chose Lemon yellow. Let me put this this site I really got started. I'll take the participating from my palate and I'm using a number brush so that I can get more pins up joining old the to rectangle with a high value off the pain. And now, to get their lighter value I on more water for the pain to flow down. So if I want a very light there, you they re like color. I actually get more water. So the next color is women and rules. It's quite a bright color. Atwater Number 10 my paper to let the pain fruit and I'm getting Perlin Moon, which is from here. Pender and I add water. This is a darker color, so even though I add a little water is still as a a stuck I mean, it's like Sorry. So and I have, uh, last I looked from here. You can actually walk this way. Get this three bet to to see how they blend the other color I would like to use this uproar arose just here. A very, very bright color. So very bright color, Two colors And I would like to bring it to show you is participating. End woman and Rose. They're still colors. Probably. I like to have more Portis Ping. So this is the color. And at more water to this when I want, like to value one. Okay. And for this to Caroline Maroon and my spelling, Mr Color, That went, I went to show you. Then you get a lecture value again. Give you one more after mass. You just at you my smile it so far this class, I will let you to try out the shortest experiment different color mix and write them down in this week. This sinful What? This pain, Lemon and rose. Her removal must violet. And we have the A red rose and the mix. So one to 34 And this is one plus two. This is three plus four. So have fun trying out this color swatches and I will see you again. 4. Floral Composition: they come back today I'm talking about Flora Composition floor composition is the placement our arrangement of visual elements in a painting composition minutes put together. This is an important class for all. As I know many students who can pain after a few lessons. But they have no crew on how to compose a painting or to put a floor race together. There are two elements which I won't mention. Firstly is about unity. Unity is summons for your painting to look connected and nothing with feel stuck. So in this painting I actually use the branches to connect all my Tory blossoms together. Second, raise about balance the whole painting feel spellings and not lopsided. You will be able to feel a sense of calmness in your painting s balance. Certainly I like to talk about Mothman. Can you see more money? This painting I will let you from the right to the left. The branches in this pendant actually lets you from here to here. Another pointer like to mention is about contrasts. In this painting you can see that I paint front of flowers. Some cite flowers. So contrast this summons about different shapes, different angles different Kyle abs, different sizes. And in this case, my sis. About different sizes, different angles of flowers, different shapes. Yeah, So this will add a run off interest in your painting. Last but not least, I'm going to talk about focal point and Rule upped its in rock. Let's divide your image into nine. You call segments by vertical lines, two vodka lines and two horizontal eyes. The rule of saves it. You should position the most important elements in this picture along the lines at the police. Where the interesting look at this other painting that I have picked earlier business again . And so this is the focal point for me. You can see that this is the place waste in the sec. And this is the full cook point. And when you're looking at this painting, probably your eyes were stick away. Look at this. Right. And for this one, when I show you this, do you look at this trickery? I'm sure you did right. So in this painting is the lunch cherry blossom here that has a ton, Patil. And from here your eyes were just bring you. And then the whole painting will come together I have taught you six elements on how to compose a glory. And maybe now I can show you some off the glory that have done before. This is a terrible sick one for beginners and I only have two flowers here. The two men flowers. So your focal point stuff already here. And as you write a pain raw, you can pain more flowers. Read this pre flowers and branch out the leaves. These are basic in another one. May I have of the many bouquet like this. I have a mean flowers mean focal point and I branch out cool, having site flowers, different shapes, different colors that we talk about and I gained for this one. I have a a crescent shaped brief and for this one, that's contrast of colors, different sizes. You can try out many bouquet side these off longer. Reflect this for beginners and another one which has done some time back. And I really like the color combination off this and not a Florida reef that you can work on is over shape around Flory. And I'm sure most of you have been doing this for this. The focal point. ISS this bunch of flowers year and I have a balanced with my site flowers and I bring them all together connected beef, different angles, flowers and leaves. The next one I have this not to complete in the sense that I didn't complete the whole thing. And my focal point is here. Refer the men flowers here and connect with Yes, you can see the collection connect the leaves and different other flowers. So I hope that you're able to work on this floor. Aries, please. What I have taught you earlier on about the six elements. Before we start on our painting, I see you again. 5. Basic Strokes: we'll come back today. We're going to work on basic strokes and there are two basic strokes for cherry blossom. One is the leaf stroke and another is common strong. So if you have my book a guide to flow, what color is some pitch 19 and I work on the strokes to show you I'm using a number a brush, and with the colors that we have prepared early on, I'm using the mix and pick up the pain. I would like you to hold your brush About 75 something. Surveys begin from the tip off. The brush pulled to us you and slowly release pressure. Let me show you one more time. Press and release the pressure. Slowly pull down Teoh. Let's do one more time. One. And this time I'm going to combine two off the leaf stroke, one from right to left, another one from left to right, and I form a simple petal mescal looking one turning to the site and another one. So you have a simple PETA. It's when you get something like this is because just that I press their heart. So all the pins they here the next stop like to work on this Call Compost for commerce strong. You have the whole your brush about 30 degrees from the surface. And I tried to pick up a bit more pin at Preston the brush so that it could create a Rome. Hey, like this key? Sure you're Motome is the same thing that when you press, you need to slowly release the pressure so that you were let go slowly. I'm showing you a few more. Call my store, Chris. It's a bit more difficult, as I see. But as I as I mentioned, you don't need to have very perfect she all right, Because I'll show you right now. So this one, this is what I mean, one to a judge's. I made that for the better because I need to close up. So once I close that you can see this. I would like you to practice a little bit more on this basic strips the leaves stroke and a common stock practice on the single bullet and the double to fund this battle and for the common stock to petition the single and then the double. So you will have some Petr that is more on the longish bomb and some that is shorter and rounder. So do practice on this, and some of you might take a bit longer, but it's OK. When you're ready, I'll see you again. 6. Frontal Floral: Welcome back for today's lesson. We're going to learn about how to paint a front of flora. I hope you have done enough practices off this that I've taught you in the last lesson. Basic stops. And because so with this basic strokes you are going to learn how the pain frontal flora like this without a 10 pattern. Some samples Someone said close here. And you you have my book. A guide to Flora. What color? Its on pitch 46 47. I have my colors. But pet from earlier on I'm looking more on the common stock for this. But first of all, maybe I start on the leaf stroke. So started base FYI, spokes like this. Then we've stopped his district. I'm doing the to break one. So one to 212 So this is fairly equal. In a sense, Yeah, get the color space and is that you may want toe on a ducker or one with a height. How your value permanent common in rose, higher value one. And you put it que the stuff from the start off the flower and you see that the pain but adjusts Dispose up. I'm going to paint a few more. This is a slightly smaller one, as you can see in a bit more. Ah, higher value off the pain in this case, at on Putman and Rose. So you can see that I have a bigger flour and a smaller one. No, I'm going to pin another one little bit of over election. You, This one here. Right? So I have one look. So from this three flowers, you can see I'm trying to have a variation off sizes which I put you in my earlier class on composition Flora composition. So I'm gonna at some higher value off women in rows here, continue from here. I'm showing you some also, that you would know how depend this one more time. And if I'm looking on the leaf bleak one to right, turn your people so you have, like, color. And you can bet on your how you value again and let the pain spread. Spread up Sometimes you can adhere to if you like it to have a bit off, but get more interesting. All right, if the currents did not kind off spread nicely What? I suggest that you wash your brush, make sure that it's just them. And then you do a bit off manual blending yourself so even you feel using very good people's this piece them using a swindles before and his cotton paper. So I do. A bit of men were blending, too, and I bet on again you see that I will one toe on a lot off tackle colors here to give to show the radiance, which I'm going to pin a few more to show you. This time round, I'll be using a bit more participate because this one looks a lot more woman and rose. So variation of colors helps to make your painting more interesting back to our room. I will. Flora composition rules, good thinking, So there's a bit of over election to make it interesting. So even though to these classes just on brunt of flora, you see that I also talk about the floor arrangement or your floral composition to give it a lot more interest. We have big, bigger flower, smaller, different sizes, right, and I have a bit off different Carless, not two contrasting. But at least there's a different sheets, so I want you to practice with this. They saw what you have learned earlier. The basic strokes, the form open flora. And we've yet you will come back again to learn the site flowers. I hope to see you very soon. 7. Side Floral: I'm so glad that you're back with me. So for this lesson, we're going to learn site Flora. It's so important to learn site flora for every Flora Reece Because if that's not your glory, a lot more interesting. Just like this one. This is a site, Flora this and over here se flora. So I'm going to show you how you admit your floor is more interesting with the Cyprus. So with the colors that I have early on, I'm showing you one to 34 the stroke a polo one, Smaller one again. So basically, they are like a crescent shipment that again we have this week and the last stop, Yo yo Brash will be going horizontally this week. What's up? And we, uh, Dr Color I heard in my room and must violet, which I have a did to Brendan Karlis together, right? Yes, I just at over here and this. Thank you. Okay. Give your colors turn out this way. Not to worry. I always have my brush wash. Make sure that is just them with less water. I do some manual blending. Sometimes I'd like to add a bit off that the Carlos at the end of my petal. I can do that too. Let me show you a few more turns off this site, petal. So for us that you might like to cried these how you want Krusa with the uppercut? Loki? Just on this year. So this is what we will probably get. And if you think that you went at one more petro, you can too. Yes. So with the attitudes, when you edit on, it will look very much like a cherry blossom right now. It probably doesn't look like one, but I'm going to show you off a few more times. You notice that I didn't draw the sport? You have to learn. Start with this and go. Without that. She don't practice a lot more on your site petals. So from a site floor, I'm going to just at on some of the site flora here to show you. So I would like to have a site floor here. Time money. People remember, you don't need to draw your spokes after much practice tall Owen and this site and get bet you'll Dr Corvis, one site and let me just see how I want to arrange them. OK, maybe here one. Sometimes you don't even make a very obvious one. It should be just something, right? That and a few more. If you want to let me see over here. So I'm not going toe overdue. So much of it. Maybe a lot. A lot more later. Which means more water. So I have a few. I would like to drop one over here. Very like one. Okay, so I would like you to practice really a lot on the site, Flora and I want to see you back against see you. 8. Turned Petals: for today's lesson. I'm gonna continue with teaching you how depend. Turn petals like this and refuel colors were just ready so that, you know, as the really rich colors group the pain B. And before that, it's always good to go back to practicing again. I was just looking on this before I started. Steve, you so have a little bit of warming up again before you actually pin something because our hands get a little bit stiffened if we don't pay for a while. So it's just a little bit of warming up. So I try on this, I'm quite happy, and so I don't have a warm up that much, so let's less less that with this. All right? For this term petal here. Some of you may have difficulty off painting it. Three hen Did this Free him. So if you if you are like, um, scared to do this, you can actually draw it up. Free him all. I can actually send you a pdf file off the drawing. Yes. So how to draw? This is basically just make it into a little bit hardship in drawing. We tried to look at the sheep, so this one looks a little bit like a heart shape. So firstly, you have to work up that How many, pet Those one through 345 So you have to space out. So one I'm doing very lightly. So you may have some difficulty seeing these Because for watercolor, we cannot draw too hard reading one to really show the pencil marks that much. So 1231 here that I wanted to be a bit close. And this is the one that has the Vampeta. Perhaps this is the one that you need to draw it out. Very likely. Okay. So just in case you can see on July the harder doctor to show you. Okay, So because my paper here, it's slightly smaller, so I'm, like, drawing it a little bit smaller. So I'm going to show you how you paint this Us Tom Peto. All right. I hope you have done your practices because with your earlier practices off frontal peta Oh , the site petal and forming them into Flora right now. You were You will have less than 30. All right, let me revise again. Firstly, one to these, uh come on, stop. That's ton from right to left. Usually right to left. I have difficulty to be there on it's because as a right hander, it's easier for me to go this way then this week. Yeah. So anyway, I hope you have enough practice of that. Is not. You should continue to practice this because this common stock is very is really They're useful for many other flowers for my peonies. Or so I'll be teaching. So stay tuned. Do that because I probably will be teaching another pureness cross. All right, so this one and let me see if this any I think for this one, you don't have to practice much your but let me just go for more time to recap. - This story is basically just this week, okay? All right. Don't has the work to hard earned it. Okay, up with this off site, and that's going to my color swatches and my reference. I, uh I talk about a reference in our one of our first class. Your reference can be the book, the color reference, or maybe the the way you want to design your flowery. All right, so I have a kind of use my for this color. I were used my protesting mixed with permanent rose. So this is protesting. This is Pamela and those I mix it and I have lost of water, and I try again. This is the color like that. Like, or you can just make it. Yeah, I think I kind of quite like this color. Maybe a little bit more porters thing. Maybe it is a bit more. Yes. So I tried again. Yeah, I think I like this color one to So you see, I have a little bit of a heart shaped like that, right? I find that this color is still a little bit that Yeah. And after you have late this color, you want this portion that is a little full here and you can get out a bit more. Dr Cutler Que Oh, by the way, if you are using just paper, it tend to Its tent is up your colors a lot. So if you are, like using very, very light color, you would turn even light lights up. So I think this way I'm quite happy now. You know what I mean, Right with the pencil months, I don't really I like to do free him. But if you are not comfortable re hands, it's better to draw. So sometimes I don't follow. My life's OK. I'm going to book another one. You don't really need to have Zach Two strips. Okay? Sometimes do this so I can do to stroke. So to form this better. Don't worry. Nobody's gonna record that that you have three stops, the former better. As long as you get that I'm adding in more. I'm heading in Dhaka, Carlos, every time. If I want to do a bit off blending. Yeah, this one I was in my class. Is that if you want to do a little bit if the blending here don't think that it stood in that and you want to do a little bit of blinding wash your brush. Type it, uh, make sure that there's less water and so that your brushes just called them. And then you do a little bit off manual blending here if you want. If you're brush is too wet, you might cost a different Peter. What? You you might be picking up the pain. All right, so I turned my paper a little bit for these stroke here, China to make it too hot. Ship doesn't look so pretty. Okay, again, if I want to get in the mixing off the color here, any of this just in a little bit mix of this, Caroline. And mass violence for the doctor colors, which I were in from the center. See, I keep giving that to this center center area much my brush again because I want to do a little bit off the manual blending so pulled its up. You see, ultimately, I have this design, so I'm gonna pull out some lines. Very likely. Okay, Now you're left. This let us three more pet those, but we haven't. We haven't go to the compactors yet, so so it in again with this color with this color, you just kind of it on Washington every time you need to wash, and it's just calls them dually to be a mentor blending. And this is the last battle, Justus in color gin. Just be very careful that this pattern this pattern doesn't really touch that much because I didn't want the color to blend into one. Another center is going to touch is fine. And I give a little bit off tackle color and okay, here, just lift this putt on paint. Don't pen. Don't penned up that competitor there. Leave it to dry and just a tinge of the darker color. Okay, for your info. If your colors that re blending toe one And don't worry, don't start cleaning because it's intriguing. Get a very natural color tone. Sometimes I actually use a mix of three colors. Not all the time I used to. Carlos. All right, so here, this is the portion. This is the time factor here that you need toe shared or which means you tackle color. Most students have difficulty, and in these they always ask me, See as the where do I nowhere toe in shades. Where's the highlight? So basically, just remember Just remember these which ever plays that has over left for example, My caper. This top paper is over this paper there would be a shadow. Can you see a shadow here and a shadow here? Yes. So when this battle is over, this better There will be a shadow. And over here the flower is open like that this week. So whenever is the top is lighter. And this inner is DACA. So the here is that so? Just remember that simple illustration that I show you. Okay, so I had this done waiting for these to dry. I would be painting some more flowers to complete my glory. Yeah, Okay. Sceptic is the site. Cholera one. I'm making a big lights on. How to, Which is the hot Ulan? The site. One of how you the mixing of the colors? White onions. I get more water for the value. And I don't say that I have some yellow here, so if you want to have some yellow Okay, I'm gonna makes in a yellow color here from my palate. Lemon yellow. Just a very, very like team. Make sure that your brushes clean so that you won't get oranges. Didn't. All right, yellow. You can actually just glaze over or you can brace Means Oh, when it's dry just over. But okay. Our just paper. As I told you, you hold the water very long. So in actual fact, sometimes it takes quite a while to dry. Instead of that, I just makes a little bit he one more year. One, it's not gonna be exactly the same. Yeah, Sometimes being students are kind of that. So it looks different, But the thing is that no two paintings can be alike. Just now, I mentioned about the the site one, just one like you, right? So I'm gonna add in a bit of Dr Carla here. So, you see, I just very well, and over here, some very, very color. So I think I can get back to this. A compactor. Now it should be dry. And I use my very light color. Some like color. You and I just pain. I think I prefer to be even lighter. So I just use more water. And you Can you see that? You said whenever does off for that turn in. Okay, this But that turned in right. You add more color here. Right? So it was Sure. So this is the part That more I keep my brush dry again. I wash it, and I kind of under keep it just then because I'm doing man hopeful ending. Yeah. So I hope. Yeah, this Thank you s okay. So this part And right now I think I wanted to in someone color here to bring in the debt for this part. And look at this. The color has kind of defused. Go over. This s so I'm gonna on some more colors. Received us a lot off leering. That's a lot of Leary. And make sure your brushes dry. It's not likely. Too much water just blew it up. This is almost a botanical away off painting. So let me just recap a little bit on four petals again because I will let you to practice, And then we will come back again with the next session. So all right, firstly, you need to draw either. Yeah, You need to draw it like you've pencil for those who have no confidence to do free hence, but for those who have been, like painting a little bit more, I think it's better to do free head. Yeah, as I said, because I draw in pencil. Right. So you see, I didn't really follow them the pencil line, and you should start with all the other petals. And, uh, you come with these temperatures and you work on this portion the area where there is a full, you will have a shadow, which means you get more darker color here. In this case, it's my show sheets color for Caroline and Mass Pilot. So always have your color swatch in front of you so that you'll remember what color you can use and wait for it to dry. This part is very important for it to dry. All right, so what waiting? You can pin another flower to more yes of humor and what it is completely dry. Then you on this battle and the putt that's has a den indention here is the part that you in a darker color again. You see, the whole small Patil here is very, very light in more water. The pin that has more a lighter value. Regions at your more water less Pete and I create that like color. So and yeah, after that in this sheet. So I hope you'll practice none of these petrol. See you again. 9. Full wreath: we'll bet again in this final lesson, I'm going to show you which is food anymore. Off history, I'll be showing you how I, uh, from the Reese they decide petal with, uh, Cheatham Petal hidden floater like this and some smaller one. So today I'm going to show you a fool Them off my painting. And so I may be using a number six. Yeah, for the medium size what a medium size in the smaller one. But for this, I was still look on with my number, So a so you can see my my palate is getting quite messy in the home. This is the color I have been using participating and prominent rooms that mixing up the two colors go back two days, colors very light and all right, I'm just following this a little bit. But here, here is a little bit close, but little try to fix it to make a bit monitor. So one que my colors looks a little bit too much. You can always pick up the pain. Icky Retained that. Too much water. One more here. Too much water so much What? They just getting off work? Yeah. So I would like it to be you, but a bit joined, actually more. He looks nicer. So I have one here and actually be that I want to just get in line the flowers. So with my darker color. So over here, just joining up with my doctor, just kind of joining up. He just used a tip off your brush to paint this. And I'm just thinking how I should connect it to make it a bit more natural, because I come follow this now. Right then that continue with this. I had a little bit off rose because barrels leave it a little bit brighter. Tour a bit brighter, too east. If you like bright colors, you can add more off course. So this is actually this Petters that should be high behind. It is so later I have to in shading. So one more You can turn your people one more. Here. Remember your stripes? Yeah. I hope you have been practicing because it will definitely be a great advantage to your painting. Other colors, other flowers. Okay, Right now in the doctor colors I have here I am in a little bit off the feminine rose. Soc uh, this is where I need the shadow be doing men well, blending her kid. So this thing is very important. So what's your brush? Make sure that is gallery off the water. Excess water. Just a them brushing me. So after washing, you just make sure that your brushes then and you get in backer colors again for the debt. I keep adding because I wanted to really show that that Okay, I will move on two smaller flora. So I'm using this smaller brush. My number six, We'll see how I make and I go back to number because I actually prefer number a lot more. I find it is really Jr So on Mom. So I am going to have it. Okay, This part is a bit a lot of flowers, so I will move it here. If you have difficulty again off like controlling, you know the flu. Try to just use a pencil. That here is my flower. Here's my flower. Here's my flower One. So when there's a some patter, you know that here you need to add a little bit darker. Yeah, if you are using the rapid, but you probably cannot get a good result like this. So which I discuss in my first few lessons that people is very important. So unfortunately, we can really say much on that. Yeah. So cotton paper is really way to get this because they hold the water. Very well. If not, you probably get this kind off months like these ladies. So I have one here. Something like this. And one more here. I actually like my Flora reef. Yeah, to have a bit of over election. But if you want to have over election, this one, that's a little bit. You have to have the meat for before. Too dry. So I want country first. Then I come back. Come back for this better here, in case it kind of because I don't think this is just yet for brighter colors. Go back to participating Are permanent Rose. Very direct. Okay, one more. Here, open and a bit off. Look in the darker color for the depth. Okay, they book you have one done, and at the same time, I'm going. Just show you how to paint these, uh, Lawson. But it's smart. Smaller than one to common strips. And we for you to dry this one. We need to learn patients. And then I just you que looks a little bit duck. Let me tried to bring back the colors. So in my in all my workshops, weather is, uh, on a night like this or whether is in person workshops. I will always do trouble shooting. So if there's any problem, they show how you can rescue so that when you're on your own, so you have to really learn how to fix it, right? Lending to paint the site. Hector, like this site flower like this. It really, really very helpful. Yes, a su C. It makes very interesting reef. Instead of all the open open, only this one is open. And this one is a site letting it a bit brighter colors to give the festive look. Okay, in another one more month. Okay, Now is January for me in another one moment is the Chinese New Year, and some of you we want to pin this for your home. Yeah, I kind off has finished this, and I'm going to just wait for this to dry, and I'm going to Seaney shut the I thought right. So I would have a kind of Ah, bring them together Over here, Kenny. Here. This should be dry. So some of this don't Don't make it too strict not to cook it. Of course. So I have something boating up Where is supposed to grow another flower. So the colors have to be, uh, yeah, this more water, some sun off you. So I'm showing you this water is like you have something. They re dry your campaign. Small flea. So with this, and then you can turn it to be more comfortable printing this and then where it's coming now the branches Let me try to imagine a little bit here, Sprawl. One more is all right here in some maybe feeling. Let me see if I can. I would like something more. A little bit orangey. So I used a bit of my captain in yellow here. Kettunen yellow mix a little bit based my Caroline Maroon. So Okay, it's so a little bit orangey. So cool. This is the least that I teach in my book, which I hope I can kind off teach these or so. But right now I'm showing you how to do it. This Well, if I want my thesis fiddle used to be narrow. Off course I hold my breath should be higher. So maybe I just cite track a little bit in this injuries so that you can learn how to so high this this. But if I wanted to be bigger, which I'm richer for this brief, ideally 12 So you will press a bit more, would press it. And to your brushes a little bit lower. All right. OK, let's see. I think because right now, my Revis moving more on top and I should have one more here. Yes, because I can follow exactly this Good. But my colors makes a game. So I think I would like to have one. Maybe another time, maybe another. So I think I would like one. A bigger one. So I changed my number eight. So some time student asked me what sizes do I use? So you're use eight for your bigger flower and you can actually use eight for your smaller flower like this. But sometimes you want up in even smaller. You can use number six. What? You just do it. I was in these sheets, so I have it. My floor. Aries! Done. And the last session. Hey, this is a This is a various laws coming. And it The last lesson on painting cherry blossom will be the final details. The fine attitudes I keep adding on. But for the debt I hope you enjoy the session watching me pay. I see you again. 10. Final Details: This is our last lesson and I'm going to add on the finishing details for the details I'm using number six brush. If you wish to have very fine attitudes, you can use number two brush. I use pearly, maroon and last violet that be 18 fire lines with irregular lights to create interests ed on small dots on the end of the film and in depth on the center off the cherry blossom with Dr Carlos, too. This tightening that you are learning now is called wet on dry. I will finish up the cherry blossom, but second, the brunch and the two leaves. I would like their lines to be lighter, so I don't believe with more war anymore . Leaves for the cherry blossom doctor on the branches to make them stand too bright. In this piece, I use make wash, which is an opiate color. Watch drives up so easily, so I take them out on you when I meet them, paint randomly and do not at too many dots some special effects. I would like to police my cherry blossom taking, apparently from my pen. I mixed with some water and they placed them on my floors. - I really like. How this for a very stern do practice on this cherry blossom pieces and Technion my i g as the pack hedge tech as the Peck students hope to see you in my other dress is so