Chef Knife skills: how to use a chef Knife like a pro | Tobi Youtube | Skillshare

Chef Knife skills: how to use a chef Knife like a pro

Tobi Youtube

Chef Knife skills: how to use a chef Knife like a pro

Tobi Youtube

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8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. INTO

    • 2. What we are going to learn

    • 3. Fundamentals of Knives

    • 4. Tomato concasse and how to use a knife

    • 5. Vegetable Cuts

    • 6. Cutting onions

    • 7. Making stock

    • 8. How to prepare garlic

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About This Class

After 6 years of working in various hotels, restaurants, and fine dining I have put the fundamental Knife skills that every chef, budding chef or home cook needs to know to be comfortable cooking. 

This class is a must watch!!.

Its the difference between good and great

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Tobi Youtube


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1. INTO: guys before we start the course, I wanted to give you an introduction into who I am. My name is Toby. I'm being prepared for approximately six years now. I started working at the Gardens. Many people just get some experience they lost that preceded Teoh. 10 closed for genius. Chefs that Westland University able from their from their have the passion toe apprenticeship. I really feel displaced to be a friendship. One of the great 12 livery, probably in the UK I love of them. It was challenging. But at the same time, what I did was stuff in that Western university I finished with will avoid a counter your everyone, which was amazing. Spread polling booth. Still that with you, I'm going out. Smooth. Three. I was What? What? You get intense us instead working as a free shit. Which meant, well, people to be inspired every day. I appreciate it. So I really enjoyed this course piece your father doing. Of course. I see. Okay, 2. What we are going to learn: What are we going toe Learn within the score. So we're gonna learn about the fundamentals of knife schools on destructed in a way that simple and easy for you to go back to previous villages if you're structures laid out with the fundamentals of knife. So the point things you need to know about using the life. Then we go into the tomato concussion. How to use a knife to carve efficiently and safely cast basic vegetable cuts that you need to know to be a good cook or chef Andi. Lastly, how to make bread stock. So we're gonna use up for these bridge. So what we aim to achieve that end is confidence in the knife skills that that we don't have any trouble with the knives that we don't cut ourselves. You will always cut yourself, but not as much on do you know. We just want you to feel comfortable in the kitchen. I feel like you know what you're doing, and it starts off with your knife because the knife is basically the most important tool in the kitchen. So is good toe. Have it down in hand, dude. So I hope you find this course useful. Andi. Enjoy 3. Fundamentals of Knives: so the knife is quite simple, really. This is the tip this point. This is the edge on this is the hill off the blade? Obviously, you wanted to be a stroke as possible because not nice may slip on actually cutting the more dangerous than shock laughs. The handle is where you have to make sure the handle is clean on whichever handicap my sources always clean. So we've notched their various place of shopping, so I have the skill are saving was still like this on this one isn't as high quality. You could get better ones for 50 or so pounds, but they're very peaceful and many subsidies them toe refined the eggs. So how stopping it is slowly. That's an angle every chef has, and this is little being in the kitchen. It's like untold room where you don't start in the north chefs now because they have a natural feeling of how the knife stopping on does that end. Do you need to soften this? But with time and practice, you know they must tell you to do this way. I would like that. I think it's safe. I think Stavis this way on this way. I think it's simply better toe down on if you're unsure. Put down on the boards stopping. There's also other ways to something. They're still like this so you could see the still it's there is in here with my maids. So stop that actually set foot here. It was so good. What's does you need the tough people? Some water on a named fresh fruit? You only do this when the latest don't get really. So it's good to see this necklace that often, but not too often, because they start to the edge on then you just have a long life as well. He's a speeding car, serrated knife, serrated life used to useful things like Brett. You can also use the full Carvin and some chefs we've been using for General Colin. But for general chopping, I suggest the original Mac facility. If it does the job on it's easy. You can also use this for Coffin. It's up to you what feels best as you go through them. You you get a feel of what fruits Nice to you. What kind of blades you like? What kind of bills? I'm very lots of Toby in los finalised. My nerves are from the victory last spring because I think they played really good on the edges. Must where is this will before this compa ny? This is specific example carbon needs. This is a filleting knife because the weight bends that way When you're going through the fish and you're kind of fist who bend alongside the fish that were, you get as much of the fish is possible Not just not kind of me on, you know, some meat on the bone, which you could also use the birth for stock. But you know, you want to get as much out anything as you can because anything with these foods, someone's put their hard work table farming or animal have sacrificed its life for So I was believed that we should treat the food that we get respect, appreciate, and you do it 4. Tomato concasse and how to use a knife : with tomatoes. Room. We just got in line. Don't cut too deep is slightly over the toe. Mata. You could use tomatoes to test on life shock. Your life is because if you like his blunt, then it won't be ableto cut the tomato as well. But if you can likely caught delivery and it does the job of your life. You know you can cast a martyr's what you should do. You want the water to be simmering. We put in for about 30 seconds. What would happen is the skin off tomorrow will separate from the tomato itself. Therefore along, Mr Peter. Okay, so it's being about 30 seconds. Now take tomorrow. Put in a container you could test. That is what is coming up. As you see, if you look close where we call it, the line has actually expanded even more fences. Sanda is ready. And now we're gonna put in some time to stop. I saved money on the cold water. Or if we have some ice in what time? With some artisan. Leave them in on my back. So now the martyrs are nice thing. Cool. I'm going to see it start to kill them. And as you can see, that coming off easy. So we're going to cut the tomatoes into petals. As you could see, they look similar to petals. What we do is we get the blade on. We get the blades just in between the flesh off the smarter and seed on. We just call the seat your hands. This is how you has meant to be your from behind your finger. No fun, even lose a phone. We hired the fingers. Your fingers must be a straight as possible. So in the cup, knife crimes down cutting. If you do slip you nice slides, then it's less likely to cut you as well because your names are protecting. That's why the search say, like this. You can go, said Violet, guards for your finger if you're really scared when I get this down in practice of more safe went and advise you to do that. But it's quite simple, really just like this. And you do this to hold down what you're cutting off my system everywhere I keep your life history. When you cook, you do a rocking motion up, come down like a boat. In fact, when I was learning, the CCF told me. It's like walking a baby to sleep, just entirely working tonight. Two motions had even under rockin the working allowed to play the whole blade to cut free. We don't want to be doing this. We don't want to. Just you from off with this part like this. We want to use the whole place. So we cut the Comcast like now we cough one free, Just little Truman We could, anyway, so you could see how to size their roughy, just saying That's what, as close toe each other as possible. Obviously, there's room for human ever. So a number two seed with office. 5. Vegetable Cuts: I like to pick the large cast with easy to cut. Now, what you do cookies just makes you mind your fingers. Hope that covered tight in position. And if you're new to Korean called flat side like I just did put it down, then hands tightened positions I showed you before. Then you call love and then network site on the side can Enough. What you're trying to achieve here is a little look. So this is where your life needs to be shot and cut us fearless. Possible. Remember, he's in the whole plate. So if you slice like that in love with one try and keep them the same size and you keep going being hard to get them perfect. But fine. Your best, especially practicing is good practice. You have means like this. It is becoming too difficult in this world in about kind of fun site. You don't want treatment. So then you do Very fine, Julian. Thank you. Could save size. - These are resilience. You can see that roughly about the same size. Next time I'm gonna teach you is a very simple cook slash. So, as we mentioned before, hands from behind the fingers fingers straight as possible. And then I used the hope. Late. Okay, so we're going back to the palace to so you from the blood Sweded earlier. You can also cut it into three. Arce. From these free, you could make about another free. These are about chip sizes. An often useful potatoes. Often protesters are Handcock, but they're still don't know these. No, I'm gonna keep some of these four medallions. These are cuts, useful potatoes as well. And it's quite a nice deep fried, actually labor. There you go, battalions. Now you like our old thes trimmers There. Isn't this a waste of food? Well, that's when we get into the next cup called Millipore. Live for us stands for and it's useful. Springs like stuck with vegetable isn't being sure into customer or for soups. So just scythe could I want I just hear This usually consists of onion. Leek as you conceive got difficult 6. Cutting onions: some kind off the end, and I'm gonna get off the end now you just enough. Some sexual like this, Making it easier to say. You know what? This. I'm just going to take the first night off. Quick. Okay. Okay. So that as you can see this similar to the garlic degree, this will give you indigestion. So we're last off. Same his. She should have to end here. No, we're gonna do a fine bus. What you do under here? A small slice. Lockwood way. Three topside. They need to again slightly higher. Then one more. Some sisters do free. Elected to focus. Make sure his friend. I had to learn to be very meticulous vegetables. I'm kind of looking for quickly between the person. Fine details in the kitchen can be Very so Then again, no way. You could see I think a good way to end. Just want justice. Justice Chris Hackett, Your pistol for love? No. Just remember the locomotion Hands your hands. Well, what you should do here? Just some places. What restaurants will furthest away. See, what I like to use is rock on extra bits to be just acting stuck 7. Making stock: Okay, So you had to, you know too much for you. First you had your garden. You could see because we got cooking. No way. What happened when you cook? The natural strip is a foods like meat, vegetable. They start to cook on the surprises. They start cavil in life. And that's why you get Connor winning for free. So that's what we want happen in what they said, Caroline, that limits upon this is learned at the mail order as the other cards made from. That's why we're trying to get a doctor to get that you can put some water from. Really? If you're getting to drive, you can water the bottom of this or some to get some. The latter is when the calumnies supers taken from with corporate's. Okay, now the marked a few right has put we're gonna add water. You could double check by tasting the car. If it takes kind of stilted who gets off from the promoters, they need to cook it more. If I know how you get a nice brown ISP labor permit when it's ready. Yeah, I would cold with us a Z. You could see the stuck is just taking away announces. Good. Just circular motion. No way fishing this discomfort to the site, and I just give it spending late slightly under the water. I'm It's important to skim it. So what's the world? This is, in fact, 12 C Makes your stock nice and clear brain, you see? Uh huh. I was just gonna leave it to get a particular way. If you could use a fine Shinhwa if you have one. I just have to break this up on we do. You just put the stock look okay. Alarms, prison and presidents. Make sure nothing is coming out with this book. Beautiful stuff. 8. How to prepare garlic: I suggest you use the spin if you're not a skilled and the press it down, get nice and more stuff like that. This makes it easier to kill on Makes it easier. So now we leave the skin. This one's nice to have a little bowling. Decide to put your wasting and to keep tight. Festival. Okay, so now you you feel the garlic. Try, make sure you take every bit of the skin. A little tip of the garlic is sometimes you. Garlic might be a bit old's Andi. It's still usable as long. It's not Russian, of course, but you need to watch out for green line. Now. This green line is where the garlic is starting to grow and sprout on. If you eat it, it usually gives you indigestion, especially for older people. So I try to remove that before you prepare. The no we're gonna lead is some tables you put quite a bill, so maybe he's one tablespoon Teoh. One hand. Need the tip of the place? No, on the actual tape. I don't con yourself. One hand on the handle, Of course. On then, as we said earlier with rock immersion, you come back, back and forth, back and forth with this. You could slam down the handle, didn't track it down, and I was. You got roughed. Istres removes the excess radical displayed on. Then I called. This crossing makes you think any unwanted bits of garlic off guard thing just first found . And what happens is this. So flues out the moisture from the garnet and also helps the garnet breakdown is required. Now we continue toe tractor cut from different angle, sick as finest possible. Then we go back and have it nice in front. On this, you can use too many things. Frequent visits to cook. You know there's no God. It now is fine, Cook says. I have this. Have gone on for my favor. Guard different? Yes, going to print if you let me know. Made it before. This is what we do. Makes you get a nice and finally they exit of some melted foot starts president on any kind of bread first in the oven. No, I was myself fried. There's many off different quest that we could do what we either need to get that these are moved from the mental cuts that you would use in the kitchen